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Aditya fucking Reena aunty

Without wasting much time, I simply want to start off with my story.Sex and lust is an innate and essential part of the human body and mind also.There is no one who doesnt experience it in their lifetime.And I only want to share mine here.Not for you or me or anyone, but I feel that the ‘genuine’ stories here,help understand such complicated and intense feelings and what we crave for.And this is more than ‘genuine’.

My name is Aditya and I live in Mumbai.I am 21 years of age and am currently doing my post-grad from a college in Mumbai.This story refers to my hooking up with a female called Reena, who incidently was also my teacher at one point in time.I was born and brought up in Mumbai itself.My parents being working, I had to start taking tuitions at a fairly early stage in school.

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