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A Dream Come True

It was another beautiful day in south Florida, it was about 5pm and I was waiting in the car to pick up my sister Meghan from dance classes, which she has been taking since she was 3 yrs old. Several months ago I made a show with my parents about not wanting to pick up my sister especially on a Friday but they said I could use the car on the weekend if I picked her up. I really didn’t mind because I was able to see several beautiful nubile goddesses dressed in spandex tights showing off their bodies in detail.

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Words on Skin

*~*~* Part I *~*~*

Lizzie watched as her best friend Jessica brushed past her brother again on her way through their kitchen. The house was packed full of people and there was plenty to eat and drink in every room but Jess still managed to find a reason to swing through the kitchen every fifteen minutes to flirt with her brother.

“Heya stud,” Jessica smiled, “it really is nice to see you back around these parts again. I kinda missed you.” She winked, nodded at Lizzie and wandered off again with a few gratuitous wiggles of her curvy hips.

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A New Found Love

He reclined in his bed brooding. Sleep would not come to him and his mother’s words were ringing in his ear eerily.

“Ranga,” His mother had said, “If Aruna does not get pregnant soon her hubby is going to divorce her and marry again,”

“But ma, it is only three years since she got married, what is the hurry?”

“Ranga, Aruna’s in laws are angry. They want an heir to their family and they are not willing to wait. They feel that a young girl like Aruna should have conceived in the first year of her marriage itself,”

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My Story With My Didi

My sister is 4 year older than I am. We had normal brother-sister relations. Since I am younger in the family everybody loves me very much. Always treating me as a kid only.I also started to take interest in girls. I would feel electric currant in my short when I see bare flesh of any girl or women through there cloths. At that time I hadn’t known what is that exactly but I liked what I feel.
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Sissy Got Something

Mom and I were both stunned when we finally heard Sophie was pregnant. After just one year at the University of Illinois she was coming home to have her first baby, a husband or boyfriend nowhere in sight.

She had left our modest home on the South Side of Chicago in September 2003, a full 4 year scholarship to their School of Applied Science in hand. She had always been a success, straight A’s in high school, valedictorian of her class, All-State softball player, volunteer with the United Way, President of the Student Council etc., etc. The kind of person you’d love to hate, jealous of her successes. But she was popular. And beautiful! All through high school the boys had chased her and somehow she had dated many of them without becoming very serious with any of them and without angering or hurting anyone. There were probably ten or fifteen guys who graduated from Daley Senior High with their date or dates with Sis being among their happiest memories.
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In Sara

David is about to graduate from high school and almost 19. Sara is in college living at home and is almost 21. This is the second part of the story and I would advise reading the first – In Sara’s Pants – to get your hand in so to speak.



“What CAN we do?”

Sara sat fidgeting with her robe, lifting the hem from her knees and letting it drop.

“We shouldn’t be doing anything.”

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Big Sister In The City

Here’s a new storyline. Sorry to those folks asking for the continuing of other story lines. I have to go where my creativity takes me. Hopefully if you liked the others, you’ll enjoy this one. Mind you, this is a bit different than my others. There is far more exposition and it takes quite some time to get to the ‘action’ as it were. And, while definitely fantastical, it is not near as over the top. And now the typical disclaimer about how this isn’t meant to be realistic, so no need to post messages about “That would never happen, blah blah blah”. And lastly, thanks for all of the support from folks who enjoy my work. Your comments and emails are what keep me going!

Josie, Sister – Josie Davis

Esther, Roommate – Esther Baxter

Denise, Roommate – Denise Milani

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Mandy’s Kink

I desperately needed to use the bathroom. I always drink a big glass of water before going to bed, and in the mornings, I always wake up with a full bladder. Normally, that’s not a problem, since the house in which I live with my mother and older sister has two bathrooms between the three of us. But the master bath was having plumbing problems. So that left the hall bathroom.

Mom had already gone to work. My nineteen-year-old sister Mandy was in the bathroom, taking her sweet ass time as always. Normally, I wouldn’t care how long it took for my sister to get ready, but today was different.

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One Blissful Night

I was frustrated. I had been dating Sandra for three months, and while she gave it up like a hooker at a Shriner’s convention, she absolutely refused to fill her mouth with my dick. She had told me how, one time, she had been all but forced by a friend of her brother’s to suck him off. He had been crude and rough and had not warned her when he was about to shoot, making her gag on his spurting load. The experience turned her off so completely that she never wanted to suck another cock for the rest of her life.

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A Sister’s Love

Growing up I always admired my older sister, Debra. When I was younger I admired the way she handled my parents, which made things a lot easier on me. I always admired how she treated me; I was never the annoying little brother to her. We have always been very close. I think it was a result of all the moving we did growing up. Between the ages of 5 and 15 I lived in seven different towns. Any time you move as a child it always takes time to make new friends, but wherever we went we always had each other.

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Sisi fuck

I am regular reader of this site and I have read almost every story that has been submitted at Human Digest. Today, I am going to share my story with you. Before this incident, I used to think that it is fine if a boy fucked her friend, or someone else to whom he is not related with but how can he fuck his own sister or mother and I thought that they only make up the story by their own imagination, as this is site for Fantasies! Nevertheless, after my sex experience I found that it could be possible that they might be right as well. I do not know about them but my story is true. This happened a month ago.

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Brothers & Sisters (last part)

So the next morning it was Saturday. At the breakfast Sana was still looking like she hasn’t had a proper sleep at night. I asked her later “Hey what’s the matter. Both of you slept at 11:30 last night.
Sana: We have woken up a monster. Hina’s sex drive is much more than all 3 of us. I woke up 6 AM in the morning and found her on top of me sucking my boobs. She kept me awake for next one hour and after cumming twice she still wanted to go on. I hardly convinced her to let me sleep

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Brothers & Sisters (part 09)

So the next night came. Bilal was very excited. As soon as Sana eneterd the room he jumped her “Aapi raat bohat wait karwaya tum ne” Sana smiled “Koi nahin meray pyare bhai. Aaj dil bhar ke enjoy ker laina” Saying this she started to get undressed. Bilal removed his trousers too. His cock was already rock hard “wow we are really excited aren’t we” Sana commented on his erection. She wented near Bilal and held him by his cock. “come her little brother” she dragged him by holding his cock from the door towards the bed. It looked really funny how she was holding him. Bial was following her like a slave follows his master. She took him to the bed and asked him to lay on his back then she held his cock and started to stroked it.

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Brothers & Sisters (part 06)

Sana was very excited as we saw her cum twice. she was getting more and more bold everyday. With her top body naked and her legs spread wide she gave us quite a show today. When she started to get dress both me and bilal were so disappointed that she started laughing looking at our sad faces.

“Oh you poor guys. You don’t want your sister’s boobs to go away do you”

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Brothers & Sisters (part 01)

I’m naveed. I’m 27 years old. This is the story of how me, my brother and my sister got into incest. This is a bisexual story so if you guys are offended by it. You should leave now.

We are a family of four siblings. 2 brothers 2 sisters. Naveed, Bilal, Sana and Hina. Sana is the eldest then me, then bilal and then hina. I started when i was 18. I was too much of a porn freak and always wanted to watch porn and jack off. I used to watch magazines. even a girl in a bikini was enough for me to jack off. One day i got a CD from a friend. I came home and PC was being used as usual. I cursed my life for having so many siblings as to never get any privacy. I hid that CD in my school bag and waited for the night.

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Kanika – Hot encounter with brother

Hello to all the fans of this site. I am Kanika from Mumbai and I am going to tell you my real story of lovemaking with my younger brother. It happened, oh, about five years ago, but it will remain in my memory forever.
My younger brother Gaurav and I were always very close to each other. He used to be very naughty when he was a little kid, and always got in trouble with mom and dad. I used to try and protect him often because sometimes dad would get real upset, and smack him when he did some mischief.

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Manish having sex with cousin sisters

Today I am narrating my true fucking experience, with two sisters. It is been quite long since then but thinking about that day I can still visualize every single details and recollect more or less exact words we had at that time mainly because I wanted to write down my experience from the day one,and for that I have recalled those moments and conversations countless times in my memory till now, and even today I get very hard while thinking about that incident, and surely for me writing and posting that incident on this lovely site is a best way to make those moments immortal.

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A Close Family

Mike almost fell out of bed still suffering from the excess of drink from his usual Friday night out, his head was thumping as he glanced at the window, it was still dark, a quick look at the clock told him it was just after 3am, he was dying for a piss. In his semi drunken state he stumbled naked to the bathroom opened the door and walked in. Linda was sitting there a wide eyed look on her face.

“Oh! Sorry.” Mike said, and stumbled back to his room closing the bathroom door behind him. At 21 Linda was several years younger than Mike and knew what a man looked like, maybe that’s why she looked somewhere other than his face. In a drunken haze Mike waited for the sound of Linda returning to her room and then stumbled, still naked back to the bathroom.

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