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A Very Bad Girl

Cassie Stevens was a stunning woman. She kept herself in amazing shape, particularly for a mother of two, and for someone her age. At over 40 years old, she was still able to turn heads, and she knew it. Her body was a testament to the many hours she put in at the gym and in her yoga classes. She was slim and toned, with an ass women half her age would kill for. Her breasts were not exactly enormous, but were a decent size, and lacked the sag many of her friends experienced, again thanks to her commitment to physical fitness. Her facial features too, did not betray her age, as years of high priced facials and her natural beauty kept her youthful appearance intact. And her golden locks always looked perfect, whether tied back in a simple ponytail or cascading down to her shoulders in a waterfall of voluptuous curls. Indeed Cassie was a sight to behold.

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Sexual Liberation

It seems that everyone wants more stories about my affair/relationship with John. Luckily there is not a shortage of encounters to write about even though our sexual relationship was quite brief, lasting not even a year. The following story takes place in Durham, NC where he lived during this time. Being the horny, middle aged woman I was, sex was not far from my mind. I knew that he, being a young man in his early twenties, was always thinking about sex. My car ride to Durham was filled with lusty thoughts that completely took over my mind and body. There were a few occasions of masturbation. I attempted one while driving which did not work out well. I wasn’t able to maintain focus on the road and got caught up in my orgasm. Three times I stopped to the side of the road. Once in Virginia, just past Richmond, I stopped into a rest area and pleasured myself in the evening hours. To the man in the Heartland Express truck, I am sorry but I hope you enjoyed the view!

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My Awakening Sexuality

For all intents and purposes, this is a sequel of sorts of my first story. Those who read the first story know about the affair I had begun with John and how it helped liberate me from the shackles of my life. It takes place after my lunch with my daughter, Beth. She had gone to tell John about the man she had met and how she had already slept with this man. John reacted in bewildered amazement, according to my daughter, cursing at her before leaving the apartment. Beth called me immediately in tears, upset that she had made a mistake. I told her otherwise, that it was for the best. She wanted to follow John and take it all back, hoping that he would give her another chance. Translation, to me it meant that she didn’t want to give up the sex. I told her to leave him alone and let him be. She would spend the rest of her weekend gathering her things and leaving, moving in with one of her friends from work. It turned out that John would finish the month at the apartment before leaving himself. After hanging up the phone with my daughter, I felt a flame flicker within me which aroused more than just my suspicions. I didn’t know where John had gone, but I knew exactly where I wanted him to be.

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My Best Friend’s Son

“I’ve got two weeks vacation comin’ so I thought I’d come visit you for a few days,” I told Amy when I called her. Amy is my best friend, we’ve known each other since high school. We don’t get to visit with each other that much, she lives in the thumb area of Michigan and I live in a suburb of Detroit.

“Sure, Michelle. C’mon up! We’d love to see you!” she told me. “Rob was askin’ about you the other day, how weird is that?” She’s the only one besides my mother who can get away with calling me Michelle, I preferred most people to call me Shell.

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