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Work Isn’t All Business

“You smell like roses.”

Those were the first words that Brad said to me when I met him.

I had known him for almost four months at that time but our “relationship”, if that was the word for it, had been limited to phone calls, e-mails, and the occasional meeting/conference. It came to me that he possessed the kind of dry humor that appealed to me. The first time that I saw him laugh, part of me began to pray that he wasn’t in a relationship. Then again, that had not stopped me before. I was relatively new to this new world of dating, having just divorced my husband of nearly twenty years, and was a bit of a chicken when it came to making it known that I liked someone. While my affair with John had brought me out of my shell and awakened me to the desires of my own flesh, this was all very new to me.

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Vikas and Niyanta first time

Today after reading lot of stories in last couple of years and a long altercation in last couple of days with in myself I am writing down my sex experience with you guys, it’s about me (Vikas) and a lovely girl with whom I got involved for the first time in life, named Niyanta, obviously names are not true and except names everything is nothing but a truth.

Niyanta and I came in touch through my cousin, Meghna. After a long time I heard some news from my uncle who was living far from my city (I live in NCR), he was sending Meghna here to work in one reputed BPO and he needed my help to settle her in this town. On a decided day I went to pick Meghna to railway station and I knew that Meghna was coming with her very close friend; it was none other than Niyanta.

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Anita’s Breastfeeding

Anita was standing in the kitchen looking out of the window. She is working as a maid in the house of a rich landlord. She is on this job for past few months and apparently facing problem as she is having a six month old kid, which feeds on her breast which drains almost every time. She is a dark complexioned woman who has taken up this job due to dire necessities. The child of her is born due to an illegitimate relationship with a drunkard who rapes her one night when she was alone in her home. She got the job due the sympathetic corner of her story and the kind nature of the landlord made it very easy. While she was busy finding a life she wish looking out of the window, suddenly her baby lying on the sofa of the dining room started crying aloud.

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Nothing Between Us 02

after part 01

We sat silently some time, trying to get used to this, trying to make the shift from friend to more. I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t think of anything to say anymore. Or, more accurately, I could only think of one thing. My hand had fallen on her bare knee and the only thing I wanted in the world right then was to caress that skin. I dared not, though, for it could mean the end of this hug. The clock ticked, as my mind went back and forth, not sure for the first time in a long time what Thuy wanted. Finally, after she had not moved for some time, I whispered by her ear, “Are you falling asleep?”

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Horny aunty fucking college boy

Dear readers, today I am going to confess in front of you all of a sin I have committed in the rage of sexual emotions. I am Shobha. A very simple housewife in my early forties. I have a loving husband and a daughter of 13 years in age. I live in a Mumbai suburban area called Malad.

My husband Anil is in his mid forties and works for a leading bank as a branch manager.

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কিংকী লাভ গেইম (download pdf)

———-সিনথী এদিক ওদিক তাকিয়ে আমার মাথাটা ধরে ঠোটে একটা চুমু দিল, ভেজা—————-

পুরো গল্প পড়ার জন্য নিচের লিঙ্ক এ গিয়ে ডাউনলোড করুন

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