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Milking Laura

Hi, I’m Danielle. You may have read about me in ‘Danielle’s Day of Debauchery,’ which is published here on the Literotica site. If you did, I certainly hope you enjoyed it, that it intrigued you to want to know more about me. To tell you the truth, as I read the story, I almost didn’t recognize myself—I was a real tramp that day! Oh well… Just like men, a woman has needs, and sometimes those needs get so out of control that she will do anything she can to achieve that feeling of total satisfaction. I read a story on this site where the guy told the slut who was furiously riding his straight-up cock, ‘the cream ain’t free—you gots to work to get the cream.’ And, that’s my problem now… I needs the cream. I know it’s gonna be work, so I’m on my way to work for it. C’mon with me—I know you wanna watch. That’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it?

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