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Vikas and Niyanta first time

Today after reading lot of stories in last couple of years and a long altercation in last couple of days with in myself I am writing down my sex experience with you guys, it’s about me (Vikas) and a lovely girl with whom I got involved for the first time in life, named Niyanta, obviously names are not true and except names everything is nothing but a truth.

Niyanta and I came in touch through my cousin, Meghna. After a long time I heard some news from my uncle who was living far from my city (I live in NCR), he was sending Meghna here to work in one reputed BPO and he needed my help to settle her in this town. On a decided day I went to pick Meghna to railway station and I knew that Meghna was coming with her very close friend; it was none other than Niyanta.

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Till Dawn

Cal saw her first as a silhouette, there on the bridge, spotted under a streetlamp.

He paused at the sight, his heart thumping. His response was two-fold and embarrassing, as it always was when he saw something female and beautiful. A mix of painful, hormonal yearning, and terror. Shyness was his bane. It vied with every desire in his heart and groin, and had kept him bound and gagged most of his life.

He was a lean twenty-two year old with tawny hair and eyes blue as the morning sky. His features were neither strikingly handsome, nor unappealing. They were often, however, mistakenly described as cold and distant. His shy nature kept him apart from people, and he rarely met their gaze when he was forced to speak with them.

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One Blissful Night

I was frustrated. I had been dating Sandra for three months, and while she gave it up like a hooker at a Shriner’s convention, she absolutely refused to fill her mouth with my dick. She had told me how, one time, she had been all but forced by a friend of her brother’s to suck him off. He had been crude and rough and had not warned her when he was about to shoot, making her gag on his spurting load. The experience turned her off so completely that she never wanted to suck another cock for the rest of her life.

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Nothing Between Us 02

after part 01

We sat silently some time, trying to get used to this, trying to make the shift from friend to more. I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t think of anything to say anymore. Or, more accurately, I could only think of one thing. My hand had fallen on her bare knee and the only thing I wanted in the world right then was to caress that skin. I dared not, though, for it could mean the end of this hug. The clock ticked, as my mind went back and forth, not sure for the first time in a long time what Thuy wanted. Finally, after she had not moved for some time, I whispered by her ear, “Are you falling asleep?”

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Nothing Between Us 01

It was my mother who told me.

“Jennifer, I mean, Thuy’s back from Yale for spring break, Jacob.”

Thuy’s our neighbor and an old classmate of mine from high school. We had been friends since we were children. One day when she was eleven, she had randomly decided her new American name would be Jennifer. I argued for something like Thea that would be at least close to Thuy, but she stuck with Jennifer and in time only her family and I were left using her original name. My mom sometimes accommodated me.

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