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Quarrelling with Kaylee


I don’t know if you’ve got a guestroom or a spare bed. If you do, maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about. So you have the bed there, right? Nobody sleeps in it. It’s there, just in case, you know? So, the sheets are clean. Maybe the one on top has some dust, but who cares? So why is it, when that rare circumstance comes along that somebody else does come to stay at your place, that you’re forced to change those sheets out for a fresh set? I swear; people just have sheets on the bed for the sake of it looking nice. Same reason why the apartment complex keeps the pool filled with water all year, even though you only have access to it three months out of twelve.

Anyway, there I was, changing the sheets out in the second bedroom (previously the “office”). Melissa, my girlfriend of some years, was driving out to pick up her younger sister from college. It was spring break, and Kaylee (the sister) apparently had no place to go. With no car, and no surfeit of cash, but a definite desire to get away from her dorm while all her friends went on beach holidays… Well, her and her sister apparently thought it’d be fun if she stayed here. Oh how “lucky” to live in the same state as her school.

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Life – Slavery or Freedom?

I am Prabha from Pune. I am just a common face girl nothing great about me other then being a girl born in a poor family of 4. I had an elder brother Dinesh who expired due to TB and elder sister Shweta married with two children’s and another younger sister Rekha.

Also my sister in law Renuka stayed with us after my brother’s death for 2 years and then went to stay with her parents. We both are still unmarried me at 32 and Rekha my younger sister is 29 today as on May 2010. Continue reading Life – Slavery or Freedom?

From Cousin Sister, till her Friend – 02

Part 02 (final)

What I did was running in my mind since evening that this is how can I get in Niyanta’s touch in this context and I just thought about doing this when I was covering my penis with Condom. Anyway I moved out of house just then after giving instruction to Neha and Neha did exactly what I said. She knocked Niyanta’s door right after my exit and spoke to her in bit rude tone saying, “tu wahan kya karr rahi thi? (what were you doing there)”
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INTUITION – A Tale of Lust and Betrayal – 03

Part 03 (final)

The letter addressed to Aunt Veena came a couple of hours after Renu had gone. When I opened it and read it, the head of the cat, at least, was out of the bad. The letter was from the president of a large hotel chain. He wanted to know if Aunt Veena had reconsidered their offer to purchase her property.
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INTUITION – A Tale of Lust and Betrayal – 02

Part 02

The next morning, Lalji told me that I had had a close shave last night.

“Pino came snooping around asking about his wife,” he told me grinning.

“Pino? Oh, brother! What did you say to him?

“I told him I had not seen Lois and that I did not know where you were either. I am not sure if he believed me or not. But I did not want him nosing around the Blue Star. I know you and Lois were there, and my imagination supplied what you might be doing. I know what I would have been doing with a good looking woman like her.” He winked slyly.
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INTUITION – A Tale of Lust and Betrayal – 01

Part 01

At last I reached my hometown on the Mumbai to Goa coastline of Maharashtra. I got off the bus and lifted the heavy bag on my shoulder and carried the other dangling in my left hand. On the main road I was thinking to myself, here I am, your own long lost son, Sanjeev Bhalchandra Mohile popularly known as Toni. Throw out the red velvet carpet. Wine and music – but for god’s sake no women. Not yet anyhow. Your returning hero is pooped in that field of endeavour.
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My Girlfriend’s Rival


When I was twenty, I worked at a really trendy restaurant. It was pretty big: it also functioned as an in-house catering facility for companies and such.

I was lucky enough to have a job there when I was working my way through college. And by lucky I don’t really mean that the work was so awesome or the pay so great, though both were fine. What I mean is that the employees were basically made up of two groups. There was the “established” (cooks, management) in their thirties and forties. Then there was the “help”, which consisted of college students putting in their time. Of the latter group, I was one of two guys with the rest all female.

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