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My Girlfriend’s Rival


When I was twenty, I worked at a really trendy restaurant. It was pretty big: it also functioned as an in-house catering facility for companies and such.

I was lucky enough to have a job there when I was working my way through college. And by lucky I don’t really mean that the work was so awesome or the pay so great, though both were fine. What I mean is that the employees were basically made up of two groups. There was the “established” (cooks, management) in their thirties and forties. Then there was the “help”, which consisted of college students putting in their time. Of the latter group, I was one of two guys with the rest all female.

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Waking Up to Dawn


It was a Saturday night and I was just lounging in my apartment. Zach, my roommate, had insisted I go out to some club with him. If nothing else, at least I could meet his new girlfriend who, by all accounts, was a fox. Not being in the mood (rarely ever in the mood), I declined. I was watching some mildly entertaining movie on cable when I heard giggling outside the door and down the hall.

Glancing at the clock, I realized it was fairly late. The voices came closer and I heard the familiar sound of a key in the front door’s lock. Ah, I thought, he brought her home with him. Great.

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