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Sarita’s Horny Young Devar

I am Sarita Choudary a happily married lady till last year. I am a house wife and have strong sexual desires and have been masturbating secretly even after I got married. My husband who is a marwari would just love to squeeze my breasts(it would pain a lot) and just put his thing inside and fuck me till he got his satisfaction. I cursed my luck because I wanted a lover who would kiss me, pleasure me and give total sex like I used to see in porn movies.
I have a friend who used to come with me to the stitching classes called Rohini. She introduced me to some of her friends Kamini, Nisha and Manjula(NAMES CHANGED).

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Naman having sex with neighborhood bhabhis – 2

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I am writing it down that what happened next, and moreover I am writing it more for myself, because I want to make these moments of love and lust immortal.

I would like to request those who have not gone through that experience they should go through that before reading this, because only then it will make them understand the whole thing. As I said earlier (in the previous post) these days I am living in heaven with two of my Bhabhies, Kiran Bhabhi and Radha Bhabhi.

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Naman having sex with neighborhood bhabhis – 1

Believe me friends it’s a true incident and it happened to me just couple of months back and I remember everything and I cannot forget all this till eternity.

Before this happened to me truly speaking I never believed on the stories which get published here and on few other sites and that is why my interest never developed for such sites, but after this incident I have started believing on such stories and moreover I am writing one. This whole episode has changed me so much that I cannot believe that I am the same person what I was before this happening.

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