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My strict Aunt and Mom – Part 04

(Part 04)

I was perspiring like a marathon athlete who was still running even after running for 15 miles. My face was soaked with the oily sweat that you feel only on the day you shave you beard and mustache. I was pretending to be normal but my heart was pounding in my chest uncontrollably. I was wondering if would get a heart attack.
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My strict Aunt and Mom – Part 02

(Part 02)

I came out of the bedroom stretching my arms. I rubbed my eyes and went to the sink to wash my face.
Bubbly was making a dinosaur in her drawing copy.
I went into the kitchen. Aunty was clad in a shawl. I was surprised. Shawl in such a hot weather?
“You woke up sweetie. My god this cold!” She exclaimed.
“What happened, why are you in a shawl. Are you fine?”
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My strict Aunt and Mom – Part 01

(Part 01)

Year 1999

It was when I was in 9th grade that I had started masturbating. My friend Raja, one of the perverts in our school, told me first about what sex is. I was kind of shocked and puked when I first heard him explaining cunts and cocks. I really didn’t like the idea to be of something to interest me at first. He used to tell me that, his elder cousin brother who stayed in Kolkatta (Calcutta then) sometimes visited them. He was almost 20 then. And it was him who taught Raja about the human reproductive system, how its done, its benefits, etc. Later he described him that, it was, apart from being a duty for sustaining the human population, its one of those necessities of humans like food, shelter, clothing. He added sex to that.
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Aunt Rina’s Milk

Apu as child grew up with his aunt Rina. When Apu was just 5 years old his both parents dies in an accident and there was no one accept aunt Rina to take care of him. Rina adopted Apu to fulfill the longing of her 9 month old son Jack who died of jaundice. To lessen the weight of tragedy in her day to day life she treats Apu as her own child and even Apu treats her like her mother. Both of them shares a very deep understanding for each other. Rina is a female of 35, whitish complexion and have long black hairs. As an Indian female she wears saree and blouse which makes her look more sexy than in any other outfits. Her bossoms are really huge and her blouse seems to hold her two beautiful breast with real difficulty.

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My Best Friend’s Son

“I’ve got two weeks vacation comin’ so I thought I’d come visit you for a few days,” I told Amy when I called her. Amy is my best friend, we’ve known each other since high school. We don’t get to visit with each other that much, she lives in the thumb area of Michigan and I live in a suburb of Detroit.

“Sure, Michelle. C’mon up! We’d love to see you!” she told me. “Rob was askin’ about you the other day, how weird is that?” She’s the only one besides my mother who can get away with calling me Michelle, I preferred most people to call me Shell.

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Horny aunty fucking college boy

Dear readers, today I am going to confess in front of you all of a sin I have committed in the rage of sexual emotions. I am Shobha. A very simple housewife in my early forties. I have a loving husband and a daughter of 13 years in age. I live in a Mumbai suburban area called Malad.

My husband Anil is in his mid forties and works for a leading bank as a branch manager.

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