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A Dream Come True

It was another beautiful day in south Florida, it was about 5pm and I was waiting in the car to pick up my sister Meghan from dance classes, which she has been taking since she was 3 yrs old. Several months ago I made a show with my parents about not wanting to pick up my sister especially on a Friday but they said I could use the car on the weekend if I picked her up. I really didn’t mind because I was able to see several beautiful nubile goddesses dressed in spandex tights showing off their bodies in detail.

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Words on Skin

*~*~* Part I *~*~*

Lizzie watched as her best friend Jessica brushed past her brother again on her way through their kitchen. The house was packed full of people and there was plenty to eat and drink in every room but Jess still managed to find a reason to swing through the kitchen every fifteen minutes to flirt with her brother.

“Heya stud,” Jessica smiled, “it really is nice to see you back around these parts again. I kinda missed you.” She winked, nodded at Lizzie and wandered off again with a few gratuitous wiggles of her curvy hips.

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Feeding the Boys

I’m a 29 year old woman, who’s been married to a great man for just over 6 years now. We got married after college, and then had our first child 13 months ago. We’re always enjoyed sex, both intimate coupling between two people in love, and just hot, nasty sex between two lust-filled sluts. Sometimes we make love, sometimes we have sex, sometimes we fuck. I love all our different modes to pleasure each other.

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Quarrelling with Kaylee


I don’t know if you’ve got a guestroom or a spare bed. If you do, maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about. So you have the bed there, right? Nobody sleeps in it. It’s there, just in case, you know? So, the sheets are clean. Maybe the one on top has some dust, but who cares? So why is it, when that rare circumstance comes along that somebody else does come to stay at your place, that you’re forced to change those sheets out for a fresh set? I swear; people just have sheets on the bed for the sake of it looking nice. Same reason why the apartment complex keeps the pool filled with water all year, even though you only have access to it three months out of twelve.

Anyway, there I was, changing the sheets out in the second bedroom (previously the “office”). Melissa, my girlfriend of some years, was driving out to pick up her younger sister from college. It was spring break, and Kaylee (the sister) apparently had no place to go. With no car, and no surfeit of cash, but a definite desire to get away from her dorm while all her friends went on beach holidays… Well, her and her sister apparently thought it’d be fun if she stayed here. Oh how “lucky” to live in the same state as her school.

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A New Found Love

He reclined in his bed brooding. Sleep would not come to him and his mother’s words were ringing in his ear eerily.

“Ranga,” His mother had said, “If Aruna does not get pregnant soon her hubby is going to divorce her and marry again,”

“But ma, it is only three years since she got married, what is the hurry?”

“Ranga, Aruna’s in laws are angry. They want an heir to their family and they are not willing to wait. They feel that a young girl like Aruna should have conceived in the first year of her marriage itself,”

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Milking Laura

Hi, I’m Danielle. You may have read about me in ‘Danielle’s Day of Debauchery,’ which is published here on the Literotica site. If you did, I certainly hope you enjoyed it, that it intrigued you to want to know more about me. To tell you the truth, as I read the story, I almost didn’t recognize myself—I was a real tramp that day! Oh well… Just like men, a woman has needs, and sometimes those needs get so out of control that she will do anything she can to achieve that feeling of total satisfaction. I read a story on this site where the guy told the slut who was furiously riding his straight-up cock, ‘the cream ain’t free—you gots to work to get the cream.’ And, that’s my problem now… I needs the cream. I know it’s gonna be work, so I’m on my way to work for it. C’mon with me—I know you wanna watch. That’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it?

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Milk My Full Breasts, Please

Since my baby was born eight months ago my sex life has taken a turn for the worse. My husband doesn’t seem very interested, other than an occasional quickie, which leaves me feeling low, not wanted and sexually frustrated.

I have worked hard to get myself back in shape and I think I have succeeded very well. The only difference in my body, compared to pre-pregnancy, is the fact that my breasts are much larger and full of milk. I am still breast feeding my baby once a day.

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Work Isn’t All Business

“You smell like roses.”

Those were the first words that Brad said to me when I met him.

I had known him for almost four months at that time but our “relationship”, if that was the word for it, had been limited to phone calls, e-mails, and the occasional meeting/conference. It came to me that he possessed the kind of dry humor that appealed to me. The first time that I saw him laugh, part of me began to pray that he wasn’t in a relationship. Then again, that had not stopped me before. I was relatively new to this new world of dating, having just divorced my husband of nearly twenty years, and was a bit of a chicken when it came to making it known that I liked someone. While my affair with John had brought me out of my shell and awakened me to the desires of my own flesh, this was all very new to me.

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Vikas and Niyanta first time

Today after reading lot of stories in last couple of years and a long altercation in last couple of days with in myself I am writing down my sex experience with you guys, it’s about me (Vikas) and a lovely girl with whom I got involved for the first time in life, named Niyanta, obviously names are not true and except names everything is nothing but a truth.

Niyanta and I came in touch through my cousin, Meghna. After a long time I heard some news from my uncle who was living far from my city (I live in NCR), he was sending Meghna here to work in one reputed BPO and he needed my help to settle her in this town. On a decided day I went to pick Meghna to railway station and I knew that Meghna was coming with her very close friend; it was none other than Niyanta.

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A Very Bad Girl

Cassie Stevens was a stunning woman. She kept herself in amazing shape, particularly for a mother of two, and for someone her age. At over 40 years old, she was still able to turn heads, and she knew it. Her body was a testament to the many hours she put in at the gym and in her yoga classes. She was slim and toned, with an ass women half her age would kill for. Her breasts were not exactly enormous, but were a decent size, and lacked the sag many of her friends experienced, again thanks to her commitment to physical fitness. Her facial features too, did not betray her age, as years of high priced facials and her natural beauty kept her youthful appearance intact. And her golden locks always looked perfect, whether tied back in a simple ponytail or cascading down to her shoulders in a waterfall of voluptuous curls. Indeed Cassie was a sight to behold.

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Breastfeeding Me

Erica and Jim, and Karen and I have been friends for a long time. Our families go to the park together with their children, celebrate holidays together, and only live a few miles from each other. Erica married Jim right out of high school and they have been married for 6 years, while Karen and I have been married 3 years.

One summer during our high school days, Erica and I dated a few times. One time, Erica had me over when her parents weren’t home. We decided to watch “Happy Gilmore” together, and then headed into town. During the movie, it became evident that Erica was willing to get physical that afternoon. However, I did not take advantage of the situation, as I was nervous. After a few dates, we decided to go our separate ways. Neither of us had any regrets about this decision until a few years later.

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Unusual First Time

There are thousands of men who fantasize about their wives having sex with another man, but very few will experience it quite like this.

Anyone ever had a younger man just take a liking to your wife? Surely some have, but I mean quite literally a guy who developed a serious crush on her. One who would have bathed a cougar if she asked? Well, my wife had such a fellow in her very recent life. He adored her. This infatuation was well within reason too.

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Life – Slavery or Freedom?

I am Prabha from Pune. I am just a common face girl nothing great about me other then being a girl born in a poor family of 4. I had an elder brother Dinesh who expired due to TB and elder sister Shweta married with two children’s and another younger sister Rekha.

Also my sister in law Renuka stayed with us after my brother’s death for 2 years and then went to stay with her parents. We both are still unmarried me at 32 and Rekha my younger sister is 29 today as on May 2010. Continue reading Life – Slavery or Freedom?

Emily’s Xmas Milk

I still hope that you take the time to vote (and comment) on my story.

This story involves sex between consenting, 18 year old and older, family members (siblings). It also features female lactation. If this is not what you were expecting please click away.

2:00 p.m December 18th 2009

“You’re staring at me again.” But there’s no real complaint in my sister’s voice as she utters the words. In fact, her eyes show a mischievous delight.
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Quickie… and Extra


I call my friend’s mom Mummy. Mummy wears only saree at home; Mummy never wears bra while at home; Mummy’s figure is short, sexy, right size breasts and correct size ass. Her color is white and texture of the skin is amazing; she’s actually around 50 years old but her body doesn’t show the age. Her hair is pure black and she doesn’t dye her hair at all. Since she was 37 till 48 she didn’t get fucked much as her husband was working at overseas. But I’m sure she’ll get fucked every once in two years when her husband comes back home for vacation.
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From Cousin Sister, till her Friend – 02

Part 02 (final)

What I did was running in my mind since evening that this is how can I get in Niyanta’s touch in this context and I just thought about doing this when I was covering my penis with Condom. Anyway I moved out of house just then after giving instruction to Neha and Neha did exactly what I said. She knocked Niyanta’s door right after my exit and spoke to her in bit rude tone saying, “tu wahan kya karr rahi thi? (what were you doing there)”
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From Cousin Sister, till her Friend – 01

Part 01

Neha is my first cousin residing in Rajasthan with her parents, nearly 3-4 years younger than me, she is my maternal sister and we are more like a friends, and Niyanta is Neha’s best friend who also lives in Rajasthan in the same city. Nearly from last six months from the time Neha had finished her graduation in computers she was in my touch through sms, chatting and FB and all and gradually our sms es were getting bolder and bolder, non-veg and dirty jokes and double meaning questions and answers sort of things. Coming back to point, after graduation Neha was looking for job in her town but as such there was no such scope for her with the kind of qualification she had in that city.
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Dominating Wife Became Slave

My 36 yr old Bina was quite dominating over me. We have no issues even after 10 years of marriage and our married life was just for the name shake. Her wishes and desires were unlimited and and I was a person with limited hopes and desires. After living 9 yrs in our joint family finally Bina compelled me to shift to another house to start a new life. It was not easy for me to have a big house of own instantly. My school days old friend Zaheer who was 3-4 yrs senior than me then offered me two rooms in his home with a nominal rent. Continue reading Dominating Wife Became Slave

Blue Eyes Crying

My wife of forty-five years was lying there on the bed. I was resting in the reclining chair right next to her. She had taken a turn for the worse, with only days to live.

I wasn’t going to let her die alone. I promised her from the day we were married that I’d be by her side, till death us do part. The extended care unit of the hospital told me I should go home and get some sleep, but I let them know I wasn’t going anywhere; I was staying with Mary.
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Megan’s Mom

Megan opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling of her sunlit room. She stretched her arms out as she yawned, contemplating if she should go back to sleep. She got her answer from her growling stomach and rolled out of bed. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was 1:34 PM. She tried to think of a good excuse for why she slept in so late as she got dressed and headed downstairs to get herself a bowl of Crazy Sugar Explosion-O’s™.
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INTUITION – A Tale of Lust and Betrayal – 03

Part 03 (final)

The letter addressed to Aunt Veena came a couple of hours after Renu had gone. When I opened it and read it, the head of the cat, at least, was out of the bad. The letter was from the president of a large hotel chain. He wanted to know if Aunt Veena had reconsidered their offer to purchase her property.
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INTUITION – A Tale of Lust and Betrayal – 02

Part 02

The next morning, Lalji told me that I had had a close shave last night.

“Pino came snooping around asking about his wife,” he told me grinning.

“Pino? Oh, brother! What did you say to him?

“I told him I had not seen Lois and that I did not know where you were either. I am not sure if he believed me or not. But I did not want him nosing around the Blue Star. I know you and Lois were there, and my imagination supplied what you might be doing. I know what I would have been doing with a good looking woman like her.” He winked slyly.
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INTUITION – A Tale of Lust and Betrayal – 01

Part 01

At last I reached my hometown on the Mumbai to Goa coastline of Maharashtra. I got off the bus and lifted the heavy bag on my shoulder and carried the other dangling in my left hand. On the main road I was thinking to myself, here I am, your own long lost son, Sanjeev Bhalchandra Mohile popularly known as Toni. Throw out the red velvet carpet. Wine and music – but for god’s sake no women. Not yet anyhow. Your returning hero is pooped in that field of endeavour.
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