Milking Laura

Hi, I’m Danielle. You may have read about me in ‘Danielle’s Day of Debauchery,’ which is published here on the Literotica site. If you did, I certainly hope you enjoyed it, that it intrigued you to want to know more about me. To tell you the truth, as I read the story, I almost didn’t recognize myself—I was a real tramp that day! Oh well… Just like men, a woman has needs, and sometimes those needs get so out of control that she will do anything she can to achieve that feeling of total satisfaction. I read a story on this site where the guy told the slut who was furiously riding his straight-up cock, ‘the cream ain’t free—you gots to work to get the cream.’ And, that’s my problem now… I needs the cream. I know it’s gonna be work, so I’m on my way to work for it. C’mon with me—I know you wanna watch. That’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it?

My friend is Laura, and she’s kinda wild (yeah, I know—you’ve already called me a slut). She’s younger than I am, and she’s been alone since she and her husband split several months ago. I spend some time with her—we go out together, just to keep in touch with the social goings on, and ‘things.’ We dress provocatively… well slutty—you know, the short skirts and cheap makeup that tell men what we’re really about. We sometimes ‘get lucky,’ one or both of us ending up in a seedy hotel room pounding down on (a) hard cocks.

I admit it—there are times when I want to end up in bed doing Laura, instead of us doing the nasty with strangers who were just a means to an end. We’re good friends, and I can tell her anything (yeah, I told her about ‘Danielle’s Day of Debauchery,’ too). Laura is very sexual, and can go from one sexual situation right into another… In that sense, we are a lot alike.

She’s medium height, kinda plump… especially since she had the baby. She is a very attractive woman by anyone’s standards, though. Her reddish-blonde hair is usually all over her head, and her impish green eyes can melt me instantly, even when we’ve argued. Her hips and thighs are to die for, and I slap her on the tail sometimes, letting my hand linger to cop a feel of her sweet butt cheeks. Laura usually wears short skirts or dresses even around the house—she says it keeps her on the edge of a sexual high, and she likes that feeling.

What gets my juices flowing though, are her breasts. Laura’s hangers are just that… they hang from her chest, full and pendulous, seemingly offering themselves to lecherous eyes, even when fully concealed in her D-cup bra. And, since she breast-feeds her son, her breasts constantly ooze milk. Not to a point of soiling her clothes, but she does seem to change bras often.

And she knows the effect they have on me. Though we’ve never talked about us being bi-sexual, Laura has been more suggestive around me since I told her about ‘the day.’ Now, it’s almost as if she’s taunting me with her sexual promiscuity, not bothering to button up after she breast-feeds, or seductively licking her lips as she recounts some Literotica story she’s read. Yesterday we went grocery shopping together, and she ‘playfully’ held two melons against her chest, while her eyes asked the question, ‘want some?’

She’s rented a couple of movies, and asked me to come over for awhile after dinner. I don’t plan on DVD’s being part of the evening’s entertainment. I’ve got alternative plans—to milk that bitch. And, you get to watch… Let’s go!


I’m wearing my shortest, most dick-hardening dark grey miniskirt, one that I know Laura likes. Under it, a flowered black garterbelt but no panties. My sheer stockings are shimmering, all the way down to my three-inch black pumps. We never dress like this to hang in and watch movies, so when she sees me, she’s got to know that I plan for HER to be the entertainment for this evening. She’s expecting me, so I don’t have to knock. You guys be quiet, like paintings on the wall…


Ohh, there she is… What’s she doing?? Let’s watch for a minute.

Laura is in the den, admiring herself in the floor to ceiling mirrors that run along the wall.

Laura’s got on extremely high spiked black heels, with stockings cinched tightly to her garterbelt. Her skintight miniskirt, which, even though it barely covers her pussy, has a slit right between her legs. Her blouse is partially open, and I can easily see that she’s not wearing a bra. Laura’s titties are swollen even larger than normal, and the nipples are jutting straight out.

Laura is massaging her breasts, looking at herself, moving them suggestively back and forth. Her eyes are glazed and she occasionally juts her ass out, a move which brings her butt cheeks clearly out from under the mini. Damn, I feel so much like eating her pussy right now!!

I notice the huge vibrator on a table next to the sofa. Laura bought it one evening on a whim as we ‘investigated’ an adult toy store. It looks to have been getting some use.

I’m beginning to feel myself wetting wet, too!! I wonder what her plans for this evening really are… Is she getting herself hot to seduce me??

Laura lewdly sticks one finger into her widely splayed slit, moaning as she sees herself in the mirror. She pulls her thick thighs apart wildly, and grabs at her ass cheeks with her free hand. I’m still watching, turned on by my very close friend feverishly digging her pulsing cunt. I’ve never seen her do this!

Laura gets up and goes over to the chaise lounge, one with the end sloping close to the floor. She hunches down into it, masturbating herself wickedly, trying to fuck into it as if it were a human lover. I’m quietly encouraging her (she doesn’t know I’m in the hall), because now I’m almost sure that she plans for ME TO BE HER entertainment!

Laura’s her legs are splayed wildly apart and high into the air, jutting off each side of the lounge. Her miniskirt slit is right at the level of her pussy lips, her hair disheveled from the self-fucking that is consuming her. She is in heat, in glorious, mindless, cum-fuck-me heat.

“Oh, fuck me! Do it to me, baby! Aggh! I need it s-oo baad!” Laura sobs quietly, in rapture!

I’m cu-umming, too!! I look down to see the pussy juices running down my inner thigh, as I crouch in Laura’s hallway.

“U-ungh!” Laura is still cumming, her asscheeks lifting off the lounge. She is in a state of perpetual orgasm, and seeing herself in the mirror is still another turn-on for her.

Oh, dammn… she sees me!!

“Oh… Danielle! Hi! C’mon in!”

She’s smiling at me, just as if this is so very ordinary. I wish I could steady my nerves. Between watching her and finger-fucking myself in this hall… Damnn, I wonder if she saw me masturbating too?? You know, the way she’s still laying there, I can see almost six inches into her pussy hole!!

I’m still kinda numb! This is a helluva way for her to act… She knew I was coming over now. And she certainly ain’t dressed for us to sit and casually watch a coupla ‘R’ rated flicks! I know something’s up! I got an idea this is gonna be a night we won’t forget!

Laura gets off the floor and straightens herself up. She walks towards me as if I had just seen her routine exercise program. But I can see her wobbling steps, she’s bow-legged, and her cunt is oozing fluid down her thighs!.

We move to the bedroom lounge and I sit down alongside her. “What was THAT all about?”

“Nothing much at all. I decided to dress kinda special for you, but when I saw myself in the mirror, I felt so good… I know we don’t plan to go out, so I just opened my legs and looked up my skirt. My nature took over from there…”

“Well, you certainly got ME hot, too! I think I left some pussy juices of my own in your hallway! I know you love masturbating, girl, but that was… WOW!!”

Damn… Laura’s teats are really swollen, stiff with milk–masturbating has caused them to swell, obviously from the hot blood coursing through them. My need to watch her won’t not let me calm down, not one bit! Her breasts are still heaving, and my clitoris is beginning to pulse!!

And she knows I’m leering at them, too…

“I’m gonna’ have to go into the dairy business, if little Johnny doesn’t start taking more milk soon… I use a milk pump to try to drain the excess, but it doesn’t begin to do the job. It certainly does seem to get me aroused, though.”

“I’ve just finished feeding him, and he wasn’t very hungry. I’m going to have to use the breast pump. Do you mind if I do it now, while you’re here, Danielle? My breasts have more milk than I can handle right now.”

“Of course… I don’t mind.”

Laura gets up, her enormous milkers waggling pendulously, and goes to get the pump. She returns to the room, fidgeting with her blouse, finally unbuttoning it and pulling it from the hip-hugging skirt.

I watch as she places the suction cup to her teats…

‘Squish-squish-squish…’ Laura begins to express the soft, warm liquid into the bottle.

Umm. I can just see myself suckling from one of Laura’s milk-laden tits. Even this is turning me on… I didn’t breast feed Randy or Judy. I shut my eyes.

“You know, you can watch if you want… I can’t blame you for being curious.”

I turn my head and stare. Laura is pressing her tits lightly, and the milk is running in rivulets down the inner sides of the bottle. Laura’s jugs are heaviest in the bottoms of her tremendous, creamy-white globes, the soft flesh stretched by the squishy load of milk in her udders. I’ve got to taste them, tonight!!

My face is beginning to squint as I watch the sensual pressure Laura applies as she expresses the milk. Damn, it’s almost like she’s masturbating them, just like she was her pussy when I was in the hall! Her free breast, the one she hasn’t yet expressed, is as wide around as a large grapefruit. It’s got a dark red, lightly pebbled areola with goose bumps, surrounding a stiff, inch-long dug that’s swollen and tight… Milk is leaking out of it, little white droplets of milk, dripping out of the little pucker in the cap of her fat, crimson teat.

“Umm, that feels so good…”

I can only sit here, trembling, staring transfixed at her colossal jugs. And, she’s smiling at me. This bitch is playing me!

“It really does feel good when I do this. My breasts get warm, even hot sometimes, and my nipples tingle so good when I express them like this.”

“I don’t know if I should be telling you this, but my husband was really into my tits. It’s the one thing he did well, sexually. He wanted to suck them so much. It seemed he always had his hand in my blouse. In my fourth month, when they started making milk, like wow, I guess I wanted him to do it even more than he did.”

As she talks, I’m watching her legs begin to open slightly, jerking nervously. It’s obvious that milking her tits has gotten her sexually aroused.

Wow, it’s getting kinda tense in here. She’s looking at my partially open blouse, and eyeing my thighs, too!

Laura completely fills the bottle, and takes it to the refrigerator.

She returns, but she hasn’t bothered to button her top. Her enormous hooters slap together as she comes back to the sofa, the teats are still stiff and wet with oozing milk.

Laura slumps down onto the sofa, and sits right next to me. I can feel her body heat.

“My tits get so sore when they’re all filled up like this. I mean, my nipples will be all sore and tingly, because they want more milk sucked out. It’s not fair!”

She slides low on the sofa, pressing her shoulders hard on the back cushion, her milky boobs rolling liquidly on her chest.

“Ohh!” My jaw drops in disbelief as Laura slides her fingers up over her short skirt to her slim, taut belly, then filling her hands with her hooters. She’s rubbing them hard, kneading downward from the upward slopes to the wide, crimson areola.

“N-Ng-ghh!” I gasp loudly… Large showers of milk spray into the air from Laura’s big, distended jugs.

“Oh, shit, they’re so full they’re squirting! Look!! Look at all the milk shooting out!”

Laura kneads them again, staring down at her spectacular milking show, as her breasts again squirts out showers of milk.

“Danielle, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?” She’s looking at me hornily, with that deep green-eyed stare that she knows I can’t resist.


“Is this making you horny?”

I’m just staring at her. She is still pulling on her jugs, and now she’s sitting with both legs tucked under her, her knees on the sofa. She seductively raises one knee off the other… And showing me the pussy lips that she was pummeling with her fingers about fifteen minutes ago.

Laura moves one foot to the edge of the sofa cushion, in a brazen, come-fuck-me position. The action makes her hips buck up, pushing her pussy out in a pouting motion.

I can see she’s not wearing any panties either, and my own pussy is again coming rapidly to an engorged, needful state.


“That’s what I thought… “Well, it’s making me extremely horny, too. I guess I was just using examples before, when it said how it feels to get the milk sucked out. It really just makes me super horny, that’s the only word for it. I feel it right here, in my cunt. The minute my husband started sucking, I swear, my cunt got all wet and hot. Sometimes, I’d even hold his face in my breasts with one hand while I played with my pussy with the other.”

“I mean, I don’t know how I’m going to get to sleep tonight, when I’m as horny as I am right at this minute. If I don’t get some fulfillment, I may have to use the dildo on myself—again.”

“O-oh…” And I was gonna’ seduce HER??

We stare for about ten seconds, realizing that we both have the same desires for each other. I’ve been so feverish, almost sick with lust, so obsessed with Laura’s tits, that I have hadn’t seen that she wanted me in almost the very same way!

I want her so bad! I put one army behind her neck and begin pulling her to me. I start to kiss her open mouth, and she responds, her tongue flicking out, stabbing at mine.

Laura leans into me, kissing my neck, and whispers to me, “You do look so good to me, and I love the way you smell, too… We gonna watch movies, or ‘what?'”

“I think I’d rather do ‘what…'”

“Me, too!”

I kiss her again, this time deeply, making no pretenses about my intentions to have hot, unbridled sex with her tonight.

“Unnghh!” Laura is leaning back now, making deep guttural sounds as she makes sure I’m taking in all she wants to give to me, all she wants to be to me…

She pulls her blouse completely open, as if offering me the delicious meal contained beneath it, and pushes her ample breasts outward… “You want these, don’t you? I know you do…” she whispers.

I respond by guiding her onto her back, my lips making unintelligible sounds, as my mouth plunges into Laura’s milk-laden tits. This picture is what I’ve been fantasizing about, masturbating to almost uncontrollably for months!!

“Oh, yes-s, Danielle!” Laura sprawls sideways on the sofa, her thighs opening to force her short skirt up onto her hips. She cups my head, shuddering as my mouth squashes her enormous right tit.

“Yes-s, suck them for me… That’s what I’ve always wanted you to do to me… Suck ’em really hard. Milk me, baby!”

I’m still moaning, smothering my face deeply into the crevice between Laura’s giant, creaming jugs as if I have to fulfill all these months of tit worship in one moment. I grab both of Laura’s globes, and begin to roll and knead the resilient flesh, gasping as the milk droplets squirt out of the long teats, right under my mouth. But, it’s too much, just too much.

I open my mouth as wide as I can, and suck in one fleshy pebbly areola. The crimson tit cap floods my mouth with so much milk that I can’t drink it all in. But I’m trying, puckering my lips around it, still suckling Laura as hard as I can.

Laura’s milk spews out in one continuous stream, cascading across my tongue, spraying onto the roof of my mouth. I’ve fantasized for a long time, imagining what it would be like to do this, and now I know. It’s hot, and sweet and delicious.

I’ve never tasted anything so good. I continue to knead Laura’s breasts, milking them, moving both hands up and down to cup her watermelon-sized milk feeders, while pulling the squirty nipples up to my suckling, slurping lips. I’ve become an insatiable, horny tit-milking bitch!

“Oh, Danielle! Oh, shit, that feels so fuckin` good! Keep sucking on em!”

Laura has dug her fingers into the back of my neck, holding my head in place, grimacing, writhing in passion underneath my ravishing body. She shamelessly humps her pussy against my leg, giving pleasure as good as she’s getting from me.

“Un-ngghh! Oh! Fuck, you’re making it squirt so hard! U-nnh, I can really feel it! Ooh! Suck the other one!!! Suck ’em both!! S-s-s-sss… O-ooh baby, just suck, suck!! Damn, I feel so fucking good!”

I’m sucking and swallowing, slurping and gulping—my stomach is rapidly being filled with the endless rivulets of milk spewing from this hot lactating mother’s moist, mountainous, juicy jugs. I’m lost in a sea of raw lust, unable to tell whether I’m suckling on one nipple or the other… I know only that applying succulent pressure on her wondrous nipples rewards me with another cascade of mothers milk.

Then, Laura stops humping her pussy against me.

I reluctantly look up at Laura, questioning her with my eyes. As I do that, I realize that she has thrust her hand underneath her skirt, and is frantically finger-fucking herself.

“Oh, Danielle, fuck me now-w!” Laura pleads loudly, sobbing out the words. “I’m so fuckin’ horny, now. Aw, just fuck the shit out of me-e!”

I sit up, dazed, looking at my new lover, not really wanting to relinquish the tit-worship. Milk is still dribbling down my chin, and Laura’s teats are swollen purple now from my suckling, the tops of both her jugs shine with a glistening mixture of saliva and milk.

I make my way up, on unsteady legs, and Laura slides onto the floor, lewdly raising and opening her legs, blatantly inviting me to service her. I look down between her meaty thighs, into her miniskirt, and then step between her outstretched legs. I’m so hot for Laura… To have her begging for me to fuck her was beyond my wildest dreams!

I do a little fuck-dance as I stand between Laura’s legs. I don’t say anything, but slowly pull my own miniskirt up, as if doing a striptease. I know Laura can see right into my wet, soaked pussy. I squat obscenely down onto Laura’s legs, and grind my cunt lips right onto Laura’ s wide open hole!

We stay locked in the cunt-to-cunt embrace, barely moving for a minute. Then, Laura, moans softly, and starts to fuck herself obscenely up at my pussy. I grind my lips down in response, working deeply into her. I look down at her, unable to speak, so my hips work against her intently, making her understand what I’m feeling right now. She knows—she looks back at me, her face a mask of passion and sexual need.

“Unnmf!! Uu-ngh!”

She grabs my skirt, and pulls it towards her, trying to get my pussy even deeper into her. So, I reach down and grab her garterbelt, trying to bring Laura’s pussy into even firmer contact with me. Our legs are scissored together, and the smell of sex coming from between them is like an aphrodisiac. It seems to loosen our sexual inhibitions, and heightens our sense of sexual need at the same time. Laura strokes her breasts, and milk geysers from her still full tits right up at my mouth!
Laura reaches onto the table and grabs the two headed dildo, about 16-inches long. It’s rubbery and jelly-like, with an artificial nut sack in the middle.

“Get up for a minute, honey—I want you back on the sofa!”

I lift up, looking questioningly at the rubber dick, visualizing the possibilities. As I scoot onto the sofa, Laura sucks one end into her mouth, wetting it. As she pulls it out, she gives the head a loving tonguing, smirking seductively at me.

“This is you, baby…” She whispers.

Her face close between my thighs, Laura probes the wet end into my waiting cunt, and I raise up to meet the thrusts. Only a few strokes later, the cock is jammed as far up my pussy as any dick has ever been! Laura licks my thighs alongside the cock, just as if she was teasing her man before greedily taking him into her mouth. Then she sucks on the bulging phallus, holding it in one fist as she takes it into her mouth. But sucking on a rubber cock, even one embedded deeply in a wet, steamy pussy, isn’t going to hold her attention for long.

Laura gets onto her knees, and flexes the rubber dick upwards. Then she straddles my thighs, facing me on the sofa, and screws herself down on the head of it. She holds onto the sofa behind my shoulders and begins to ride me (I mean, the cock!), slowly at first, then increasing the rhythm until she’s humping me furiously. I wondered what Laura’s intention was when she bought the dildo—now I know!

I can see the toy, disappearing into her gaping cunt, again and again, as Laura works herself against me. And, I can feel the slippery cock completely filling my own pussy with each downward thrust. We hump/fuck our bodies against each other, with the dildo providing the penetration.

Laura presses her breasts against mine… Nipple to nipple, the feeling is intense, and she pushes herself hard against me. The combination of the dildo deep inside my cunt, and her breasts massaging mine, is too much. I can’t hold out much longer…

Laura pushes her breasts up over mine, and I can feel the milk, dribbling down into my cleavage. It’s warm and sensual, and I’m gonna’ orgasm… I know I am… Laura pushes her face to mine, kissing my mouth, then my face. Her own face is full of sexual tension as well. I don’t know if she can hold back, either… I’m kissing her, loving her, the dildo is working it’s magic in our cunts… And the milk, the warm milk is running down my stomach towards my clit.

The orgasm, it’s deep, and as hot and powerful as a volcano… I CAN, FEEL IT!! I… can’t… stop… IT!!! I’m Cum-ming!!! And Laura is there, too!!! Our orgasms come in waves, washing over us, endlessly. We collapse, holding each other, breathless in submission to our spent passions.

And, I can’t wait for the next one… Hopefully, it’s only about fifteen or so minutes away. Sorry, but you gotta go now… Me and Laura… we gotta talk, about ‘things.’ See ya!

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