Work Isn’t All Business

“You smell like roses.”

Those were the first words that Brad said to me when I met him.

I had known him for almost four months at that time but our “relationship”, if that was the word for it, had been limited to phone calls, e-mails, and the occasional meeting/conference. It came to me that he possessed the kind of dry humor that appealed to me. The first time that I saw him laugh, part of me began to pray that he wasn’t in a relationship. Then again, that had not stopped me before. I was relatively new to this new world of dating, having just divorced my husband of nearly twenty years, and was a bit of a chicken when it came to making it known that I liked someone. While my affair with John had brought me out of my shell and awakened me to the desires of my own flesh, this was all very new to me.

We both worked for the same company, contracted to the government, albeit at different ends of the country. He was born and raised in San Diego and had never left the west coast before coming to Washington. A new contract would bring us together, his “street” experience and my technical know-how seemed to have made for a very good business relationship. I was relatively new to the DC area myself, moving to the region from Tennessee only eight months previously so our awkwardness would have been another thing that should have drawn us together. However, after four months, scarcely a word was said to each other that wasn’t business related.

That would change when we were sent with a group to North Carolina to investigate a claim. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that as I sat on the plane to Raleigh-Durham International that I was hoping we would become better acquainted with each other. Unfortunately, as fate had it, he sat four rows back of me. I did look behind me a few times to steal a glance at him. On one occasion, his blue eyes met mine. His short, curly auburn hair was perfectly trimmed and the faintest shadow of hair on his face gave him a very Gerard Butler-bad boy look that I am sure any woman would find desirable. His half-smirked smile was one of his most alluring features, carrying with it a hint of mischief that only added to the allure. I brushed my hair behind my ear, returned his smile, and played it cool by turning around slowly before exploding into school girl giggles as I raised my book up to begin reading.

We’d arrived at the airport and dropped our bags off at our hotel to freshen ourselves up before meeting at a coffee shop that we had been asked to come to in order to meet our local “contact”.

I saw Brad through the coffee shop window, talking into his cellphone, as I walked in. He had not purchased anything yet and thought if I bought his coffee that it would be a great ice breaker. I walked up to the counter and purchased two coffees before walking to where he was sitting and I waited patiently as he continued his phone call. While I spent the first minute or so trying to think of a witty opening line, I became distracted by the t-shirt he wore. His dress was very casual, that damned t-shirt was dark grey, very fitted, and accentuated his chest’s features well. It was obvious that he worked out and was in shape.

I noticed that his conversation had become quite tense before he realized I was standing within reach of his voice. He hung up and looked at me with a look of both annoyance and mild frustration. “Yes?” he asked.

“Uh,” I stammered, not prepared for this response to my presence, “I bought you a coffee.”

He stared into my eyes as he stood up and took both cups from my hands, his right hand brushed mine very slightly, not that he noticed. I certainly did. As he stood, I smelled him. It was a combination of Irish Spring and Drakkar, both of which drove me crazy for some reason. He proceeded to set the cups down and pulled out the chair for me. As I sat down, I looked in his direction trying to catch a glimpse of those gorgeous blue eyes.

His mouth curved and broadened into a smile as he took his seat. He shook his head and apologized to me. I knew him well enough to know that he was troubled and as I asked him what was wrong, I was not prepared for his answer.

“My daughter misses me.” he spoke thoughtfully before pausing for a second.

My heart jumped into my throat and sank instantly. Of course, he’s married. He also has a daughter. Just as disappoint began to set in, he continued.

“Her mother won’t let her come to visit when I get back to DC.” he growled, “She’s playing hardball, playing with my emotions unless I agree to get back together with her.”

“So you’re divorced?” I nodded in acceptance of what he was saying.

“Not nearly,” he joked, “Never married. We were together for seven years, through college and my three years in the NFL but she accepted my proposal. After my daughter was born, we stayed together for her.”

“I see.” my lips pursed. The NFL? Interesting. That explains his physique and intimidative mannerisms. Even his dry, sarcastic, locker room humor.

“I got into law enforcement and she didn’t agree with my decision. After all, it’s quite a drop in pay from pro football.”

I smiled and met his gaze, “I can certainly understand.”

I deduced that he upon his leaving the NFL that they seperated and I was correct in that but was surprised to learn that he moved up the “ladder” quickly, applying for several state government jobs before landing one with the feds. I hesitated briefly and lifted one hand to cover his, which was on the table. He looked down at the simple gesture and smiled. His fingers were long and very strong. Definitely a man’s hand. I could also feel through the calluses that he did a lot of work with them. I felt my cheeks redden as I wondered how they would feel brushing across my nipples.

His hand took mine, clasping it, taking my support. “Thank you, Angelica” he smiled. This time his smile was not half crooked.

Our assignment went well, very easy, with no trace of any wrong-doing. During our time in Raleigh, Brad and I were paired together. As expected, we worked well with one another. It would be three months later when we were paired together again, this time nearing the end of the project. I had managed to get an apartment not far from our office, just a few miles closer than where Brad had ended up. He would pick me up on the way to work. We kidded and joked, like we were old friends, at work but it was always done with respect and professionalism that did not turn the heads of our co-workers and superiors.

With the conclusion of the joint venture, his return to San Diego was emminent. I was crushed. We had a lot of good times together in the few months that we were co-workers. I didn’t want the good times to end. On his last night, a going away party was thrown. To say that copious amounts of alcohol were consumed would be an understatement. Oddly enough, neither one of us drank that much. We spent the night huddled together, teasing the others and makin our own commentary of the night’s events. As we walked out to his car, we did so arm in arm, something that had become quite commonplace for us. He stopped and looked up at the night sky. I looked at him and wondered what captivated him so.

“The sky…. it’s full of stars…. not a cloud in sight.” He spoke softly. Even on a night clear like that one was, there was usually too much commotion to see the night sky. Tonight was definitely different. Odd for Washington was that the sidewalk was quiet. Strangly I become aware to the fact that we were the only two people in the world at that moment. I felt the desire to kiss him right there but didn’t. I cursed my hesitation as we continued to his car, where he opened the door for me.

When we got to my apartment, he turned off the car and walked me up to my door. There was so many emotions bottled up within at that moment, I wasn’t sure on which I would listen to.

“I guess this is good bye?” he pursed his lips, brows raised.

I sighed and answered him sadly. I wished him luck and thanked him for everything.

“No, Angel,” he smiled at me, “Thank you. I was a stranger here and you became my friend. You got me through some rough times. I appreciate you.”

He leaned in and wrapped his arms around me. I did the same. Our embrace was long and for me, filled with longing. I felt uncertain about the next few moments, torn between my desire. Up to that point, he had made no mention of an attraction to me. I should keep it personal.

“I should go,” he whispered, his body still clung to mine.

As he began to pull away, I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him down to me. My lips touched his. The meeting of our lips were pure heaven. I closed my eyes, praying that this moment would last. My prayer’s were answered.

The next moment, his tongue parted my lips and I wanted nothing more than to become lost in pleasure. I felt my center become moist as our tongues circled each other while we continued to kiss. Pure deliciousness as it was, I didn’t want this to stop here.

The more we kissed, the more lightheaded I became. I was unaware that I had unlocked my door and pushed it open. I was even more clueless that Brad had guided me inside. I opened my eyes when the door closed behind us. I reached for the hem of his t-shirt and tried to pull it up over his head. He stopped kissing me long enough to help remove his shirt. His response was to take the bottom of my tank top and pulling it over my head, tossing it aside. My flesh shivered at the suddeness of the movement.

I moved to get closer to him, my skin aching to touch him. His firm arms wrapped around my body, holding me tightly. As he unhooked my bra, my heart began to race. I was sure that he could hear and feel my heartbeat. My fantasy was coming true. Those damned sparkling eyes, combined with his naked torso, and those tantalizing kisses caused me to melt in his arms.

My nipples were quite erect by now. They had been nearly all night whenever I was near him. Scratch that, I thought back to every moment that I had stood near him. His hand slipped between us and he gently massaged my breast. He had driven insame from the caressing and when his thumb brushed over my nipple, I moaned deeply.

I felt lips kissing down my neck. Deliciously wicked flames began to ebb under my flesh where ever he touched me. I arched against him, giving him better access and cried out his name as his mouth approached my nipples.

Brad continued to tease my nipples with his tongue while strong hands roamed over my denim clad hips. I felt those long fingers trace the edge of my jeans. Unfastening the button of my Lucky Jeans, I heard the sound of the zipper seemingly echo in my living room. He pulled them down my hips in one swift motion as I shifted so he could slide them down with ease. I felt kisses continue down my tummy. Lips explored my belly button and below. Panties began to slide down effortlessly as forearms began to spread my legs, making my lower lips vunerable to his touch. His fingertips lightly touched the smooth outside.

“I have wanted to do this to you since the moment we met, Angel.” He moaned against my thigh.

“So have I.”

It was all I could muster.

Fingers slid in between my slick folds, stroking slowly. His mouth nibbled around my sensitive bud, shivers escaping my body as his thumbs opened the folds and his soft, wet tongue began to lick me. I moaned, squirming as his tongue lapped up my juices. My brain went frothy as I became dizzy. Desperately, I braced my arms on the back of my sofa.

I wanted Brad badly. I needed him. I tore myself away from his attentive kisses and reached for his pants. I unbuttoned them and moved to pull the denim down along with his boxers, though my efforts were not as eloquent as his. When he saw my grin, he stood up and finished freeing himself and kicked them aside.

I had wondered about his cock for so long and here it was now, free to touch. Except I wanted to do more. I wanted to taste it. Opening my mouth, I drew his cock deep. My fingers wandered to his backside and I massaged his thick ass. Using one finger, I began to tease his crack. I felt bold, I felt unhinged. Damn you, John, I thought. But thankful at the same time that I became aware of my desires and needs.

I felt his fingers in my hair as my lips slid up and down his shaft. Pressing my tongue flat and squeezing with my lips, I continued to suck hard and deep. The head of his cock tickled the back of my throat and I felt a pounding in the center of my being because of it. The only certainty I had that he was enjoying my mouth riding him was his primal groans and my name on his lips.

Brad would pull his cock out my mouth and guided me to the front of the sofa. I positioned myself on my side and he slid up beside me. His arms wrapped around and pulled me near!

His hands seemed to everywhere at once and they touched all the right places. Brad guided the tip of his cock to my entrance and slowly slid in. I felt so wicked in his arms and wet from all the foreplay and the realization of many months of fantasizing that entry was easy. Once inside me, he stopped and asked me how I was. I tilted my head back and told him delirious. He kissed my nose. I felt him slide out slowly then back in. He was so gentle with me, slowly moving in and out. The love juices flowed like water from a tap. He continued to pleasure me with a steady rhythm. In a few moments, I felt my muscles contracting around him. He knew I was close and picked up his tempo.

My body started to shake and he knew my orgasm was coming. “Angel, cum for me” he whispered and kissed my neck. I felt him shaking as I shuddered with his arms holding me tight, sharing this amazing experience!

We were still for a while. I loved the feeling of him still inside me. He kissed the back of my neck, lightly stroked my tummy and my breasts. This was not heaven, but it was damned close.

I needed to kiss him so I turned over. As he slid out of me, I snuggled up to his face. I licked his luscious lips. I loved to feel his tongue. He wrapped his arms around me and slid his leg in between mine. Our legs were all twisted together. We kissed and I closed my eyes, thinking that reality had been better than fantasy.

I woke late that morning, to an empty sofa. Brad had left during the early morning hours. He left me a note, saying that he enjoyed meeting me with the hopes that we would keep in touch. We have spoken to each other several times since then and I have visited him in San Diego, where we relived this night both in conversation and action several times during our visit. He had since married another woman and has two beautiful little girls and while the thoughts of our two nights of passion are ever present, they are never spoken of except in dreams.

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