Vikas and Niyanta first time

Today after reading lot of stories in last couple of years and a long altercation in last couple of days with in myself I am writing down my sex experience with you guys, it’s about me (Vikas) and a lovely girl with whom I got involved for the first time in life, named Niyanta, obviously names are not true and except names everything is nothing but a truth.

Niyanta and I came in touch through my cousin, Meghna. After a long time I heard some news from my uncle who was living far from my city (I live in NCR), he was sending Meghna here to work in one reputed BPO and he needed my help to settle her in this town. On a decided day I went to pick Meghna to railway station and I knew that Meghna was coming with her very close friend; it was none other than Niyanta.

I saw her on railway station and in the first glance she seemed very ordinary girl to me, bit shy, bit hesitant to talk to me. We came out of the platform and settled down in the car with the luggage and moved towards residence and through out the way Meghna(my cousin) was talking to me while sitting beside me and asked me lot of things,

like when I bought this car and why I bought this car, why not that one and all, as she knew that I was having bike some time back. Couple of times I saw Niyanta casually in the back mirror, she was silent and seemed uninterested in our conversation. Most of the time she was looking out of the window, may be looking at the new town in which she was suppose to live now.

She was here with Meghna to work in the same BPO, as both of them were appointed after interview which was held in their town. Later in conversation I came to knew about the friendship of Meghna and Niyanta, they were best friends since there childhood and it was pre decided that anyone of them will accept the job only if both of them will get selected, and fortunately it happened.

Niyanta and Meghna lived in our house in my room for 3-4 days (I use to sleep on the couch in the drawing room) and joined there jobs and by that time I looked forward for their accommodation on rent. Truly speaking I was very casual in those days when she was living with us in our house and like Meghna she addressed me Bhaiya, and I was ok with it,

I never thought about her in that way, rather I must say that she was having nothing in her gesture to appeal a boy sexually or otherwise. She was ordinary looking girl with bit of pimples on her cheeks, bit overweight and seriously I never gave my glance to her body in that way. Finally on weekend in the morning itself, nearly 11 AM I took them to there new accommodation with the luggage and after throwing in the stuff

we moved out to shop basic things which was urgently required, like bed, mattress, bucket and kitchen utensils. While shopping these things, Meghna and I were looking for the product of best quality immaterial of the price but on the other hand I could see that Niyanta was thinking a lot about money and she was and inquiring a lot about the options which was precisely

focused on price of the product and somewhere I was getting irritated because of this as we were spending lot of time in small things because of that. Once I spoke to Meghna about this while standing bit away from her that why she is thinking so much about all these things, and Meghna spoke to me about her financial condition, that her father draws very ordinary salary

and he was not willing to send her out of town because he was not capable of the sum required for that, but she insisted and convinced her father that she will be earning from next month, so for the time being she has very less amount and she has to cover more than a month with that amount.

Suddenly I realized that my irritation vanished, and somewhere I became bit sad, seriously I have never seen any sort of shortage in my life till now, though I am born and brought up in middle class family, even then I will say that my parents provided me whatever I needed and assuming myself at her place bought tears in my eyes.

Seriously friends from that instant my perspective for this girl changed, but truly speaking even then I was not thinking about her in that context, I started noticing her gesture and tried reading her brain through her face. That day we ended shopping around 5 and had lunch in between and finally came to their flat and I remained there for some time, nearly hour and then I

asked both of them for the movie on the next day, which was Sunday. Meghna, my cousin sister agreed readily but Niyanta for whom I was doing all this said no to it, and gave us an excuse that she want to do some household tasks on Sunday, like washing clothes and all, Meghna insisted her but she refused.

From her gesture I could see that she was thinking about money, or may be it was my assumption because now I knew this truth of her life that she do not want to spend on these types of things at all. For me it was a strange feeling, once I thought about saying that I am going to pay whole expense but I stopped myself and tried to read her eyes.

She remained silent most of the time after that and got bit conscious whenever she noticed me looking at her. I took a leave after fixing next day’s program with Meghna and first time in my life my brain was occupied with a thought of a girl, I was restless through out the night.

Next day on fixed time I came with three tickets and simply ordered her to get ready by saying, “Niyanta just get ready, tumhara bhi ticket aaya hua hai”. She looked into my eyes for 2-3 seconds with strange expressions and turned and went inside the toilet after taking out her jeans and t-shirt.

After sitting in the car she tried to give me money for her ticket which I refused to accept by saying that “it’s my treat of new car”. After movie we sat in a Mac D and had junk food in the dinner and finally dropped them home. After that for next few weeks I was in touch of Meghna through phone only as her accommodation was bit far from my home rather it was further 4-5 km drive from my work place.

Though I was not in touch of Niyanta but she was present in my thoughts and couple of times casually I asked Meghna about her that “is she fine”. Once Meghna called me and informed me that she is going home for a week’s time. I went there on that day when Meghna was suppose to go, to pick her up to board the train, that day I met Niyanta after around one month,

and till now from the day I saw her last she was in my thoughts, I use to think about her, I use to memorize her face in my free time like when I was driving or something like that, and when I saw her this time after a month she seemed beautiful to me, don’t know what was that, she was looking as she was looking on the first day, but my perspective for her was a changed.

She said hello to me and remained silent most of the time while helping Meghna to prepare her for the journey. After doing everything she asked me for coffee and we all had coffee together and just after that I and Meghna took a leave for station. Through out the way to Railway station Meghna was listening music and changing track as she was busy with my car stereo and I was thinking about Niyanta,

and casually I stated talking to Meghna and in that conversation I asked her about her best friend and Meghna told me everything I asked about her. Niyanta was the eldest child of her family; she had one sister who was studying in 12th standard and one brother who was youngest child of the family who was studying in 9th standard.

Her father was working in one private company’s accounts department earning nearly 15-16 thousand per month and in this salary they had to pay rent of the house. For me it was really difficult to think her living condition with such a small family income. Finally Meghna boarded the train and I went more deep into Niyanta’s thoughts,

while coming back from station I massaged Niyanta and informed her that Meghna has boarded the train safely and in the end of the massage I thanked her for the coffee complimenting that you make wonderful coffee, thanks for that. I think she did not noticed that massage at that time and somewhere around 10 I got the reply saying “ I know I make good coffee, and you are always welcome for that”.

This bought smile on my face and happiness in my gesture. Meghna reached home and informed me and I think 2-3 days passed like that; as such I was not in contact of anybody, neither Meghna nor Niyanta. Once in the evening around 5 Meghna called me from her residence no. and asked me where I am, I was in office at that time, I said so.

Meghna asked me if I can go to see Niyanta, as she is in high fever. I got up and went to her place. Niyanta was really in very bad state at that time, I could see this from her body language, she seemed week and was unable to walk without support, don’t know how she got up to unbolt the door for me.

I insisted her to get up and get ready as I wanted to take her to the doctor, she tried to avoid it, I called Meghna from there and tried to convince her and Meghna agreed with whatever I said and she tried to convince Niyanta, and finally after some pursue Niyanta agreed, and I bought her down to the ground floor by holding her firmly in my right arm and for me it was first time I was physically so close with a girl,

It was really very good feeling, her body was soft because of the extra flesh she had on her arms, even she was holding me firmly and we both were very conscious, rather she was more conscious than me, she did not made any eye contact with me, though she could see that I was looking at her while getting down.

After sitting in the car hesitantly she asked me if I can take her to some lady gynecologist. I got bit hesitant too and said, “I think we should go to some general physician”. She said no, “take me to some gynecologist”. I took her to one multi specialty hospital which I knew was one of the best of our town.

She met the doctor and I waited for her outside and finally we moved back, I stopped my car to buy medicine leaving her inside the car and while buying medicines I asked chemist bit detail of the medicines, he instantly asked me “ye medicines kisi ladies ke liye hai na”? (Means these medicines is for some female)”. I said yes to him.

Then he said, “nothing, general medicines hain, jo problem ladies periods ke time pe face karti hain uske liye”. I went silent and moved quietly from there as now I could understand that why she was insisting me to take her to lady gynecologist. From there I took her to my place and before that I informed my mom that Meghna’s friend is coming along me to stay at our place for a day or two as she is not well.

Niyanta tried to avoid that but I did not listened to her and informed Meghna too about this and she also said yes to it. That day Niyanta slept in my bedroom with my mom and I slept beside my father. Rather I should say that I did not slept that night, as I was thinking about her. Next morning she was better but she took a leave from her job and remained at my home,

through out the day in my office I was thinking about her and finally landed home lot earlier, just to spend time with her. That evening we had good time while watching TV, and she asked me if I can leave her to her accommodation in the night only so that she can get ready for next days office comfortably, we(me and my parents) tried to convince her to stay for one more night,

but she insisted and finally after dinner around 9 we moved from there to her accommodation, it took me 15-20 minutes to reach at her place and while getting down she asked me for a coffee, and I accepted her invitation, as I wanted to spend more time with her. Sipping a first sip again I gave her a compliment that it’s wonderful.

After some casual conversation I got up to leave, she thanked me for whatever I did for her, for which I said that “I will not say that you are welcome for this, because I don’t want to see you in that state again, you have to call me lot before than reaching at that state”. She smiled on that and I took a leave.

After that day more or less we were in touch through out the month through sms and phone calls, in between that I met Niyanta for 10-15 minutes when Meghna came back and I picked her up from Railway station and dropped her home. After this I don’t know how and when we started getting closer and closer initially we use to communicate through sms,

then we started talking on phone in the night, and time period of phone calls went on increasing gradually, I don’t know about her but now my perspective for her was totally changed, for me she was most beautiful girl ever came in my life. Soon we started meeting without Meghna’s knowledge,

couple of times Niyanta lied to Meghna that she is not well and skipped the office and I met her in one mall which was closer to her accommodation by skipping my job for couple of hours. We started sharing our life’s truths and once she told me that she wants to help her farther financially as much as possible as her younger sister and brother are still studying and she wants to share this responsibility with him,

she continued by saying that she has always seen shortage of funds in her house because of their studies. That was my most precious meeting with her when she said all this; she shared something with me whom we do not share with anyone just like that. I still remember, that day we were sitting in KFC at that time.

That day first time I took her hand in my hand and touched her as a man and I could feel the strange waves going through her body and mine too. She blushed and ignored direct eye contact for rest of the time we were together. Like that couple of more times we touched each other’s hand, with that thought and feeling and I saw her blushing every time,

I never knew, that feeling of being in love is that heavenly, though there was no formal commitment between us but it seemed understood, the way we use to talk to each other about each and every moment of our day in the office, we could see that we were getting closer and closer everyday.

Almost 6 months were passed from the day I first met Niyanta, and once in the night when we were talking, she was standing in the balcony and Meghna was sleeping at that time, that day I bought some courage to talk to her about my desire of getting further closer to her and spoke with bit of hesitation that I want to kiss you, she did not replied to that,

she just went silent for a minute or so and then continued talking to me on different subject, I did not said anything in that context again assuming that she did not liked me saying that or she must be confused, after some time we ended our conversation and slept. Next morning she called me in the morning around 11 and said that she is at home,

once again she has skipped the office, and after bit of fumble she asked me if I can come over to meet her at the flat only. My heart skipped a beat, I thought either I am going to get her today or going to lose her as I was bit scared because of the thing I asked her. I finished the job which was doing with in an hour or so and got up took a leave from my office for rest of the day and finally reached at her place around 1.

She seemed even more beautiful to me that day, her gesture was serious but she smiled in response of my smile when I met her. After serving me water she asked me for coffee and I said yes to it, I could see from her gesture that she has not called me get intimate, I could see that she wanted to talk to me and that was the thing for which I was scared, believe me friends I was really very nervous,

for the first time I was in this state where I was getting closer to a girl, and because of my shy nature I was suffering. I went inside the kitchen, she was standing facing away from me, I addressed her from behind by calling her name, “Niyanta” she turned and looked at me with zero expressions, “I am sorry”, I spoke while looking into her eyes, “for what”,

she turned back to her position to keep an eye on boiling milk after asking me. “For the thing I asked you yesterday”. She did not said anything, neither she turned to see me for a minute, after a minute she spoke again, “I am going back” then after a long pause she spoke again, “may be this time I will go forever”. I was shocked, “why” that was the only word which came out of my mouth.

She turned the gas off and turned around to see me and said, “Actually I wanted to tell you this yesterday night, but before that you said that, (that I want to kiss you). “But why are you going back, have you found the job in your city”, I asked her “No”, “then why”? “My father has seen a match for me, and I have to say yes to him” she replied while looking at the ground.

Don’t know what I was thinking at that time, everything happened so fast that I did not have time to think. She looked at me lifting her face, she was not at all crying, but her state was fragile, she spoke again with bit of hesitation, “I want to hug you, just once”, I moved towards her and raised my arms and she moved and came in my arms and we hugged each other tight.

Her body was in my grip and she was holding me firmly, we both were experiencing something new, I was hugging her as man and she was hugging me as a woman for the first time in the life. “I don’t want to hug you just once; I want to hug you like this for rest of my life”. These were my words which busted her in the cry and while crying couple of times she repeated the sentence “this is not possible”.

I just kept on holding her like that and further gripped her and embraced her and crushed her soft body with mine, and she did not resisted in that, rather she was pressing her body with mine with almost equal passion while crying. After a minute or two she regained and tried to set herself free, I released her. She turned back and further started making coffee, pouring milk into mugs.

Finally we came out of the kitchen with the mugs in hand and now Niyanta was even more conscious then ever before. We both were sitting on the floor, on the mattress which was kept in their common room, she sat bit far from me on the same mattress, and finally I broke the silence by asking her, “mujhe battao, kya problem hai(means tell me what is the matter)”,

she kept her eyes on the ground and spoke after few seconds, “I am going back,….. my marriage is almost fixed”, “with whom” I asked her again, “ek hain, he is a son of my father’s colleague” she replied in very soft voice, “and you don’t want to marry him”, I some what spoke what I could guess and in reply she just moved her head in yes while looking at ground.

“you can say this to father also”, she looked at me, in my eyes and then again looked down, she wanted to say something but she was hesitating, “if you want then I can talk to your father” I tried to encourage her, she started again, again in a very soft voice, “actually we belong to the community where marriage is a big issue, in all accepts, I mean money wise and cast wise”

she started again, after a pause, “at our side one has to spend a lot in girls marriage and my father is not having that much, and fortunately he has found someone who does not have that much demand and he belongs to same cast, so he is insisting me to say yes”. “You can talk to your father about your wish,…… just tell him that you don’t want to marry him” I spoke very casually.

She again looked into my eyes by raising her head while sitting bit away from me, again she wanted to say something but I could see that she was unable to speak, she was hesitating, I spoke again. “come on Niyanta, he is your father, I think if you will say no to him then he will not force you”, she spoke again and asked me something which she wanted to ask from long time,

with lot of hesitation and in a very low voice “then with whom I will marry” I smiled on the way she asked me that, she seemed bit scared, “with me”. I spoke with bit of smiling gesture, and she kept on looking at me with same gesture. By that time my coffee was over and I kept my mug aside and raised my arms and called her into them saying, “Come, give me a hug”.

Once again tears appeared in her eyes and she moved from her place and came closer to me and we hugged each other, like we did earlier, rather as compared to earlier hug this one was much better. When I parted her from me her eyes were closed, hairs were bit spread and they were covering bit of her face, I moved them aside and kept on looking her innocent face,

she opened her eyes and I asked her “will you marry me,……… should I talk to my parents”. She tried to free herself from my grip, and said “no”, “why” I asked her again, “my father will not agree, …..You don’t belong to our cast and love marriage is a crime for me”. “Why” I almost laughed on her reply as for me it was silly, “I mean what is wrong in love marriage”?

“Don’t know” with that reply she tried to get up after picking up my mug. I held her hand and pulled her lightly back to her place and asked her, “Do you love me” once again she looked into my eyes for a fraction and then said “yes” while looking at ground, “then you have to stick on your decision” she looked at me in confusion and asked me while looking into my “do you love me”? “Off course I love you” I smiled a bit with reply.

“Why”? She asked me back, “What do you mean by why, I love you means I love you, I don’t know why” I replied her stupid question. She went silent, I don’t know what was running in her mind, she seemed confused, we knew each other from last six months and she knew almost everything about me, I think even then she was feeling insecure. “What…….Niyanta speak up”

I asked her about perplexing mental state”. She spoke again, “my father is not as rich as you”, “then” I asked her again, again water flowed down from eyes, she started crying again, again I took her in my arms, she spoke while crying, “please tell me if you are not serious, for me it’s a matter of life and death”.

I pushed her on the mattress softly on which we were sitting, and came bit on her top and cleaned her tears and looked into her eyes and said, “I am very serious,….. You give your decision… have two options me or the one who lives in your town, and for me neither money is an issue nor cast has any role to play”.

“And your parents” she asked me again, “no problem at all, now you give your decision, me or he”? I was looking into her eyes while asking her decision, “I love you, …..but I don’t know how is papa going to react on this”, again she spoke softly about her confounding mental state, “leave rest of the things on me, and….”

I paused for few seconds, and she kept on looking into my eyes to listen, I continued “now give me a kiss, I am dieing for that” she kept on staring into my eyes, I caressed her cheek gently and leaned further over her and kissed her soft lips once. Somewhat Current passed through her body; once again I kissed her for few seconds and stopped to look at her face.

I was partially over her and she was laying under me, her eyes were closed and lips were trembling a bit, once again I kissed her and this time it was a long delicate kiss and I explored her mouth and tongue with my lips and tongue, and we kissed like true lovers for around 3-4 minutes,

and finally stopped for a while and looked into each other’s eyes and again I tried to kiss her and this time she welcomed me and kissed me back with mild enthusiasm and tried to explore my mouth like I explored her and I welcomed her tongue in my mouth and sucked it with full affection. This kiss lasted for bit longer and finally stopped and tried to regain our breath.
I was laying beside her on the same mattress and we both were silent. She tried to get up, I stopped her by holding her hand, “I will prepare something to eat” I did not asked but she gave me reason to get up and go. “I am not hungry” I tried to stop her, she smiled and spoke, “I am hungry”, “you didn’t had breakfast”? I asked her, she just moved her head in no while looking at me.

I got up and took out my lunch from my bag and gave it her. She took it from me and went inside the kitchen, and came out after putting the food on the dish and served me, “have it” I somewhat ordered her, she started and I could see that she was really hungry, she ate everything with in 10 minutes, and got up and went inside the kitchen without saying a word,

she was still hungry, I could read her, I got up and went behind her, and asked her, “did you had the dinner last night”, she turned and looked at me for few seconds without replying and then said “no” in a very low voice. I was stunned, I went closer to her and hugged her and planted a small kiss on her lips and spoke, “I’ll get something to eat,

I will be back in 10-15 minutes” she tried to stop me by saying, “bass ho gaya, that was enough”. I smiled and went out without giving any reply. I was really restless through out the way to the nearby market, and thinking about her, it was a great feeling and now I wanted to get intimate with her, but I didn’t had courage to ask her for that.

I bought few fruits from the nearby market because that was the only thing which I could see was hygienic and while crossing chemist shop, I gave a thought to that and decided to buy protection, though I was sure that I will not be able to ask her for that, I just bought on pack of condom and just that purchase gave me pleasure that I got hard in a fraction.

I climbed back to her flat and gave her the polythene of fruits, and she went inside the kitchen and came out after cutting it down into pieces, I was sitting on the mattress after taking off my shoes, while resting my back on the wall. She sat on the same mattress keeping the fruits in the middle and we silently had few bites before I asked her, “why didn’t she had dinner, last night?”

“I didn’t felt like having it” she replied while looking down to the fruits. After a while we were over with eating and she got up again and went inside the kitchen and after a minute I got up and went behind her, she was washing my lunch box, I held her from behind, wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed on the back of her neck.

Niyanta hummed in pleasure, and I further brushed my wet lips on her bare skin “hmmmm….what are you doing, kya karr rahe ho”? She asked me in a puffing tone, “apni hone wife ko pyar karr raha hoon” means “I am making love to my future wife”, with that I continued with what I was doing and that made her further moan in pleasure,

she gripped my hands tight which were wrapped around her waist and I moved my lips from the back of her neck to the lower portion of her ears and that really made her moan loud in pleasure, I sucked her earlobes and she started moaning bit louder. Her moans drove me crazy and I further loved her from behind and she almost started trembling and tried to get away,

but I gripped her hard and loved her like that for few more seconds and her condition got worsen, she just went out of breath tried to loosen my grip over her waist. Finally I released her and she turned around to see me, and blushed after looking into my eyes as I was reflecting naughty expressions.

Holding her hand I came out of the kitchen and rested myself where I was resting on the mattress, she was standing, raising my arms I called her and spoke, “come give me a kiss”. She kneeled down and came in my arms and once again we were kissing each other like true lovers, that was most wonderful moment of my life,

we were exploring each other’s mouth and I could taste apple in her saliva, because mainly she had apple, instead of guava and may be she was getting blend of guava in my saliva.While kissing her once I caressed her cheek and removed few hairs which were coming on her face and with that my hand moved down to her breasts and she puffed while kissing,

she trembled with my touch and held my hand, I rolled my hand over her breast along with her hand and massaged her breast a bit and she seemed in extreme pleasure. First time someone was touching her body like that and she was delighted in that pleasure. I pushed her on the mattress, once again I was partially on her top and we started kissing again,

I was exploring curves and bends of her body with my hand and we both were getting out of our senses. My hand moved to her waist and slowly I rolled my hand over her thighs, she was well fleshed there and as I moved my hand behind, to feel the softness of her ass mounds she gripped my shoulders nicely,

Niyanta was getting excited so was I and I started kissing her neck and brushed my lips on the bare skin around her neck while squeezing fleshy hips with one of my hand. I wanted to go further but I could not move, I was hesitant to move ahead, though I was touching her breast and hips over the clothes and she was enjoying that first manly touch of her life over her body,

but I could see that I will not be able to ask her about that, about proper love making. As I was laying partially over her and suddenly something from my shirts pocket came out over her breasts and rolled down on the mattress, it was bunch of condoms kept in a small brown paper bag.

She noticed that and picked up and there were 10 pieces in that packet without any box and cover, and while looking at them she asked me, “ye kya hai” means “what is this”? Before I would have answered she read that plastic cover and I could see her expressions changing. She got bit conscious, and stared at me for a second and then looked down, I was waiting for her to speak.

After few seconds she looked at me again and asked “you want to do it”? I smiled and casually replied while looking into her eyes, “ya obviously, ultimately we will do it na”, she blushed and smiled a bit, “no I mean you want to do it, right now”? she rephrased her question, I waited for few seconds before saying yes, but with that I added “yes I want to do it, but if and only if you agree,

I am not forcing you, neither I will get disappointed if you will say no” and after a small pause I spoke again, “I am sure ultimately I am going to get you, so I am not in any kind of hurry”, she smiled, and asked me again, “what if my father will say no to this marriage”? I tried to get up and sat beside her and raised my hand for her to hold to help her to get up and spoke,

“then I will kidnap you” and in continuation, I said, “now get up and get ready, we are going for a movie, I have taken a leave for rest of my day”. Niyanta got up and handed me over all the condoms and went inside the bedroom and came back with a towel and cloths and then went inside the bathroom saying “I will be back in 5-10 minutes”.

I waited for her and she came out after taking a quick shower wearing blue jeans and red t-shirt and her wet hairs were adding lot of sex appeal and her that look really irresistible. She was standing in front of the mirror, facing away from me, I went closer to her and again grabbed her waist from behind and kissed on her earlobe, fragrance of her freshness was really very arousing,

she moaned and hissed in pleasure. I whispered in her ear, “give me a kiss” she turned and we kissed again and after a long delicate kiss she looked into my eyes and spoke, “agar aapko sex karna hai to kar lo, I am ready” means, “if you want to have sex, then let’s do it, I am ready”. I stared into her eyes, she was confident, I replied while caressing her cheek,

“don’t force yourself, I am not angry with you, neither I am disappointed, ultimately I have to do it with you only” she smiled and again spoke softly, “ya I know, I trust you, that is why I am saying, you can do it if you want to do”, “it’s not only me, tell me if you also want to do it”, I asked her while looking into her eyes, “she stared into my eyes for a second and then blushed,

and then spoke while looking down, “ya I also want to do it” then she raised her head and spoke again while looking at me, “I am in love with you and even if we will fail to get married, I will not feel disappointed”. “I assure you that we cannot fail, trust me” I was looking into her eyes while saying that, she just moved her head in yes to say that I trust you.

We kissed again and this time I was touching her allover with my hands, now she was standing against wall and I was crushing her body between me and wall. Soon we were back on that mattress and I was laying on her top, kissing allover her face and neck and she was gripping my firmly. We both were enjoying each other physically, and soon everything started,

I got up and pulled her from her arm to make her sit and took off her t-shirt and then opened button of her denim jeans and pulled it down, she was laying just in bra and panty. I stood on the mattress and took off my trouser and then my shirt and under shirt and came on her top and started kissing her, wow what a moment that was we were getting crazier and crazier.

I took off her bra and sucked her breasts and chewed her nipples and she moaned in pleasure. I tried to take off her panty and next moment she was totally naked, immediately I drifted my jockey down and I too got fully naked, she glanced at my man hood and I stared at her woman hood, it was beautiful, she had pubic hairs on her vargina,

I moved my finger over her virginal cut and she moaned nicely and griped my hand tightly, I moved my finger on top of her slit couple of time to feel the exact place of penetration and suddenly I realized that she has released a stream of love juices from her love hole. I tried to enter my middle finger in her hole and she cried in pain and pleasure, I tried again and this time I succeeded,

she almost went out of breath and griped my hand tightly, I started fisting her love hole slowly and that really pleasured her and she started moaning softly in delight. I leaned over her and kissed her cheek while fisting, and asked her softly, “Niyanta, should I enter” she closed her eyes and moved her head in yes and just hummed to say yes.

I took out one condom and tried to cover my rod, and finally succeeded after wasting one piece, and came on her top after parting her legs wide. By this time she was going through flood from her love hole as she was looking at me when I was covering my rod with rubber and I could see that she was getting excited, I rubbed my rod on her opening,

and tried to push myself into her hole, but my rod got folded and she got bit hurt, this happened couple of more times, and finally I saw her opening to place my rod exact on her love entrance, it was really very tiny hole, pinkish from inside. After placing my rod on the her pleasure doorway, I tried to lean over her and spoke while looking at her,

“Niyanta, I love you” and with that I pushed myself and almost went half inside her, she cried in pain with lot of control, I puffed in pleasure, it was really very strange feeling, I could see painful expressions on her face, and those expressions were really very arousing for me. I leaned over her and said sorry to her, “I am sorry” she was still in pain but I could see that she was trying her best to bear that pain,

slowly I started moving in and out and for me pleasure was incredible, Niayanta was still in bit of pain but slowly that pain was subsiding, I was still left with the half of my size and gradually I started moving deeper and deeper and with in next 2-3 minutes gradually I touched deepest corner of her love tunnel with my rod. Wow that pleasure was something which cannot be written in words.

Surely Niyanta was in pain for next few minutes, as I was fully inside her virgin hole but she was trying to enjoy this moment of intimacy. With in next few minutes pressure started building inside me, and my pace increased and finally I released my pressure. She moaned loud in pain and pleasure when I was getting excited and made few quick strokes by the end before exploding.

Finally I fell in her arms while puffing, and rested in her arms for a minute and got up to look into eyes, and spoke while staring at her, “nobody can stop me marrying you, you are mine”. She embraced me tight. After disposing used condom I came back beside her, she was laying naked under sheet, we both lied there for some time naked and then after around 10-15 minutes we again made love,

our second session was really one which I cannot forget through out my life, that gave me real pleasure of getting intimate with the one I love, after experiencing that sex session I can say that first one was little creepy and painful for Niyanta and opposite to that second one was much more pleasurable for both of us.

Finally we got up and got ready and moved out, spent some time together and then went to pick up Meghna. While eating in Mac D I talked to Meghna about us, and it was real surprise for her when I said that “your best friend is now going to be your Bhabhi”. Meghna was shocked, and just said “WHAT”, Niyanta blushed and I smiled, Meghna spoke again, “means you are going to marry Niyanta”,

I laughed bit more before saying, “ya, technically we are already married”, once again she failed to understand, and asked, “means”, I smiled, “come on you know what I mean with technically she is my wife” she understood and asked another question, “when”, “just few hour back” I replied while looking at Niyanta.

“Seriously” this time Meghna asked Niyanta and slowly Niyanta moved her head in yes while blushing. Then I tried to explain our situation to her, Meghna already knew that Niyanta was going back for that, I requested Meghna to go along with her to talk to her parents in this context, but later this I idea seemed bit immature to me so after getting home I talked to my parents,

though in the beginning they made few arguments but ultimately as I expected they agreed because more or less they knew the girl, after all she was best friend of my sister. On the same night my dad talked to my uncle, means Meghna’s father and gave him the responsibility to talk to her father.

After two days Niyanta and Meghna reached to their city and on the same day my uncle and aunt ( Meghna’s parents) and Meghna went to Niyanta’s house with the marriage proposal. As expected in the beginning her father reacted bit negatively but because he knew Meghna and her family from very long time, he agreed to meet me and my family in our city.

Because of my uncles efforts (because he has really worked hard to convince Niyanta’s father) thing is already fixed, even then there is a formality which has to take place and for that most probably they will be coming next week, and truly speaking I am dieing to see Niayanta again. So friends that was all from my end, this could be a sex story for you guys, for me it is my love story which has sex in it as a pure bliss.

কিছু লিখুন অন্তত শেয়ার হলেও করুন!

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