Quickie… and Extra


I call my friend’s mom Mummy. Mummy wears only saree at home; Mummy never wears bra while at home; Mummy’s figure is short, sexy, right size breasts and correct size ass. Her color is white and texture of the skin is amazing; she’s actually around 50 years old but her body doesn’t show the age. Her hair is pure black and she doesn’t dye her hair at all. Since she was 37 till 48 she didn’t get fucked much as her husband was working at overseas. But I’m sure she’ll get fucked every once in two years when her husband comes back home for vacation.

I always wanted to feel her and fuck her. I’d give anything to have her for a couple of days alone with me. I don’t care whether she likes it or just a ****. I don’t care at all.

Her breasts are not exactly straight or tight. It’s a little saggy to give a good feeling to my hands. I like the breasts a bit saggy. They are also now so big to hold; they are perfect size to hold and pull the nipple using my thumb and forefinger. I’m sure her nipples are black as most Indian women’s nipples are black which are sexy by the way. The mangal sutra adds a sexiness to the breasts. I think the fact that she’s married and somebody else’s wife gives me a kick to fuck her. I won’t show any kindness when I bang her crotch using my penis. I love that.

After my initial incidents I described already in other stories, I went to Mummy’s house to see her. She was not alone. Her husband was sitting in the living room watching TV just wearing lungi and baniyan; her younger sister was cutting vegetables in the same room; her younger sister’s children were playing in the foyer and making noise.

I said hi to everybody and talked the usual things to her younger sister and her husband. I asked them where is Mummy. They said she’s in the kitchen frying chicken and asked me to go to the kitchen. I passed them and went to kitchen; They started watching TV again.

Mummy was turning back and frying something. She doesn’t know that I’m here. Her left breast is showing 80% on the grey blouse. Of course no bra usage while in the house. Her left hip is fully showing with some spots of sweat due to the frying work. I stand there and looked this for 30 seconds and I looked towards the living room to see the situation over there. They are just watching TV very interestingly and not looking at me or this side. They are watching VCR not a cable telecast so they won’t get any advertisements.

I thought for 10 seconds and made up my mind what and how exactly am I going to do a quickie with Mummy. I zipped down my pants; I get rid of my pants and folded in to few folds; I removed my underwear and kept inside the pant. I turned back and made sure there is nobody upstairs or downstairs looking at me. I once again looked at the living room and they were laughing out loud for some jokes in the TV. Mummy has no clue what’s happening at her back in the last 2 minutes or so.

I marched inside the kitchen towards Mummy. She hasn’t heard or recognized my visit yet. I put my pant and underwear near the wall inside the kitchen. I went and cupped her left breast using my left hand and right hand to close her mouth towards the right side of her face. I did that exactly the same second. I cupped her left breast and I couldn’t control closing my eyes due to the soft feeling of her breast especially over the braless & inexpensive blouse garment.

She got an idea about what I am going to do but don’t know the full plan. She hasn’t turned around to see my nakedness yet. She continued working on the stove. I continued massaging her left breast. I removed my right hand from my her mouth and moved it to the right breast but underneath her saree pallu. Removing her saree is not my intention now. I closed my eyes and massaged both her breast in circles. She laughed a bit and enjoyed my circular massage.

I did this for 3 minutes or so; my cock is looking at my face and she doesn’t know anything about my nakedness yet. My plan is to fuck her from her backside really quick while her husband and younger sister are in the next room. I know I am taking a huge risk but that’s what I love about. Now I put my cock my her ass over the saree. She’s feeling my cock just now and realized that I’m naked.

She’s trying to turn to see but my hands on her breasts at not allowing her to turn back. She stopped resisting. I told her in her ear that I’m going to do a quickie — quick fuck — in 2 minutes while her husband is just a few feet away with a wall in between her. She started smiling and gave me a signal that she’s ready for the adventure. Remember, I’m not stopping my hands moving over her breasts.

Once she heard my saying she immediately reached for the oil can. She handed me the oil can and I left her breasts and dipped my cock in the oil can. I gave her the oil can back to her and she kept it near the stove.

I bent down and reached for her saree down-end. I pulled her saree with pavadai towards up and bunched above her crotch area. She stopped frying the chicken just now. She moved ass backwards and her chest downwards to get to the right doggy position. She also widened her legs to give me access to her cute cunt.

I took my hands back to the breasts and moved my crotch to ass. I didn’t do any positioning of my cock but it just went inside like a needle in the banana. She closed her eyes for 2 seconds when the cock went inside her pussy. I asked her to bend further and enjoy the fuck. She listened to me and bent a bit more. Oh man! I am fucking her in my favorite position, doggy style, in my favorite place in the house, kitchen, and just a few feet away from her husband.

I fucked her really fast and my only aim to cum in her pussy as soon as possible. I am also pressing the shit of her both breasts. Her saree pallu kind of adjusted in the middle due to my massaging of breasts. Her breasts are very soft and beautiful. I’m also sometimes using my thumb and forefinger rotating her nipples over the blouse. She loves it. I am not stopping fucking her pussy though. Even with the oil in my cock her cunt is very tight. She was kinda clenching her butt to make it tight. Older women know that kinda tricks.

I am feeling my climax and told her that I’m going to cum. She said I’m going to cum as well — but second time. Oh boy! She already came once??? I fucked her butt at the rate of 5 moves per second and moving my hands at the rate of 4 moves per second.

I hit her butt like my cock and butt would go inside her pussy. I clenched my butt and dispensed all of my semen inside her pussy. I removed my pussy and dress in 20 seconds. She left the saree to the floor and started frying the chicken. She also adjustment her saree to cover both breasts now.


here comes another story…


I grew up in a small town in Ban galore being the only son in the family and having educated in convent which is exclusively for boys. I did not know much about sex initially all the things changed for good I should confess when I was around 13 years. Ours is a small house with 2 rooms. My father was around 40 but my mother was around 28 and like in hindu custom she was married at very young age. My father was a drunkard and He used to sleep in one room and I used to sleep in the other along with my mother. Initially I used to sleep like a log and only get up in the morning. I have addiction for cricket and the things changed when once after watching a day/night cricket match on DD an adult movie started immediately it was about the Frankenstein monster. Initially I watched with some interest and in one particular scene the monster makes love to the masters wife. This scene got etched in my memory.

Then my attention obviously turned to the only female in our family that is my mother. Now I realized that she was very casual in her dressing and she used to never wear any under garment. Usually she used to button only the upper buttons of her short blouse and her sari used to be always below the umbilicus giving a sexy feel to it. She had a figure to die for. After watching this movie my dick started to become wet and stiff with anticipation and after the movie, I went to sleep and was surprise to see my mother sleeping topless and her saree had moved up on her thigh giving me a glimpse of her Amazonian forest in between the rocks of gibraltor. But the trouble was she was sleeping on her stomach and I could just about see the roundness of her boobs but not her nipple. I had wait for 45 minutes before she rolled over and I started feasting on her nipples which had become erect may be because of the wet dream she might have been having and it was now almost as big as a dick of a new born baby. And her pubic hair was glistening under the moonlight that was seeping through the window with pre-cum. This was too much for me. Casually I cast one my arm around the boob and waited for some time to see for her response but I was acting as though I was sleeping.

She put her leg on my leg and as I was wearing only shorts at that time the skin contact made me burn with passion. This also made me bold and I started massaging her nipple she started moaning but was not opening her eyes. With the other hand I located her cunt lips and started searching for the entrance to the heaven. Being my first time it took me some time to locate her switch for pleasure (clitoris) and I started massaging. This was too much for her and she immediately put her hand in my shorts and pulled out my raging bull. Which was now like leaning tower of Pisa leaning towards her and partially turned towards me. I got hold her nipple and started sucking on it as though my entire life depended on it.

Without opening her eyes she changed her position so that she can take my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a school girl would suck a candy. I started to mouth fuck her and at the same time biting her clit she started to harden and pulled my face further on to her cunt and started making animal sounds of pleasure which partially frightened me because my father was sleeping in the next room. The first time was too fast and I came instantly in her velvety mouth with sensual tongue and she came in my mouth like a salty pacific ocean. But she never spoke or opened her eyes once.

Later next day when I woke up I was little scared about what would happen. But I was in for a surprise because now she started showing more attention towards me and feeding me. At the dinner table I happened to drop my spoon down and I bend down to pick it up and was surprised to see her pull up her sari up so that I can have view of her magnificent cunt out of which I had dropped out. When I saw her face she was smiling and winked at me. This encouraged me and washed away my guilt. Immediately after my father left the house for his drinking session I ran to the room only to find that it was empty and just than I heard a sound in the bath room and I rushed inside as it was not latched.

TO see my mother nude and beautiful like the nude beauties seen in some of the ancient sex drawings in India. And she had a big smile on her face and said “ Come over beta! Let us began the show and complete what we started last night I jumped and ran towards and became like a wild animal at the sight of her pink nipple almost as big as a boob of school going teenager and her stiff nipple at the center and started sucking at it. She pushed my shorts down and got hold of my rod and said it has been a long time and she explained that after my birth she never had proper sex because she used to be put off by the stink of the cheap liquor of my father and she pulled my Lund towards the cunt and started rubbing on it. She said “ Take me son! Show me the pleasure that long since I have forgotten, fuck me give it to me. Put that rod in to me fuck me, Fuck me u mother fucker what took u so long’ This words made me more mad and I bit her tit for which she gave out a loud moan, hurriedly we dragged ourself to the room and fell on it with she below and me on the top and I started of like a wild animal finding its cave. She got hold of my dick and guided it to the opening of the cave and pushed it.

Because of the enormous amount of lubrication it went in easily, she started playing with my arse and testicles further more heightening my pleasure and I said “ Oh mother nobody will have a mother like you, you a re an ultimate sex machine I want to fuck u, I want to fuck the daylights out of you , I want to suck u, aahhhhhhhhhhhh, pull me , pull me inside the very hole from which I have come, breast feed me, I have forgotten the taste of milk, serve it with the salty taste from your cunt give it to me.

She pulled me out got hold of my penis and pushed the fore skin back and teased it with her tongue and I was already in the clouds and said that She was getting scarred that her sexual life was in disarray and I was a blessing in disguise and was like a light house to her showing the right way. I enquired her why she did not try for other males she explained that the reputation of the house was important and Hence I told fuck the reputation and started fucking her rapidly she started moaning and meeting my each thrust with deeper thrust which was sucking me in like a twister.

We went on and on and she started to tighten her cunt lips which was now almost strangulating my pecker and it was experience which cannot be explained she wrapped her legs around my arse and I was gripping her magnificent boobs for support. Fuck! Fuck! fuck! Fuck! Fuck! fuck! Fuck! Fuck! fuck! The sensuality was increased by the sound of flesh rubbing and all the groans and moans.

At last she sucked me enough Wherein I felt I almost reached her breast from inside and at the same time I pulled her up using her breast for grip and shouted Here it comes she started screaming all sort of obscenities and said put your seed in my barren land plough it water it which I did and as far as watering it is concerned I will tell in the next story…

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