From Cousin Sister, till her Friend – 02

Part 02 (final)

What I did was running in my mind since evening that this is how can I get in Niyanta’s touch in this context and I just thought about doing this when I was covering my penis with Condom. Anyway I moved out of house just then after giving instruction to Neha and Neha did exactly what I said. She knocked Niyanta’s door right after my exit and spoke to her in bit rude tone saying, “tu wahan kya karr rahi thi? (what were you doing there)”

As per Neha’s description Niyanta was really very embarrassed and first thing she asked Neha was “Bhaiya kahan hain?” (“where is Bhaiya?”) “He is gone, he has seen you standing there and watching us” Neha replied, and then spoke again while giving angry expressions “this is disgusting….. I mean how can you do this” “you were suppose to stay in your room,you promised” Neha was trying to dominate Niyanta. “sorry yaar…. Mujhse ruka nahi gaya (i couldnt control myself)” Niyanta uttered in low requesting tone. “tell me what will I do with your sorry….. I don’t know how he is going to react on this” Neha continued showing her temperament. “Just tell him that I will not tell anybody” Niyanta spoke, “it’s not about that, matter is that you have seen him in that state…

I mean this thing is so personal that nobody can digest getting watched like this by a third person” and after a small pause Neha spoke again “and this is a most unethical act which someone can do” Neha was dominating and not giving any chance to Niyanta to speak much. “now what will I say to Bhaiya?……

I cannot tell him that you already knew because I was said not to tell you all this, …… I told you because I trust you and you messed up everything….. I mean how could you do this to me?. Niyanta was completely dominated by Neha and now she was in the state that she could not utter even a sorry.

Neha dialed my number which was part of our plan and I did not picked up phone which was also part of our plan, Neha behaved as if she is very uneasy. Once again she tried my numbed and once again I missed the call and finally Neha moved towards her room and turned back to Niyanta and spoke in sarcastic tone “now go and sleep,

now there is nothing which you can see” with that once again Neha tried my number and once again I skipped the call. “see what have you done, he is not picking up my phone” Neha spoke in light crying fashion as girls speak and moved inside her room and threw away her phone on the bed and lied down on her stomach burring her face in pillow.

Niyanta also came in and tried to talk to Neha by starting it with sorry, but Neha reacted instantly and spoke bit aggressively “Niyanta please go and sleep, I am really very upset and I don’t know what will I say…. So please leave me alone”.
Finally Niyanta moved out after 3-4 minutes, Neha waited for half an hour and then massaged me, “call” I was waiting for this massage,

I called back and Neha detailed me everything happened after my exit that she had completely floored Niyanta. Till now things were running according to plan and everything was going in a way as it was expected but what’s next?
At that time I could not think that what should be the next step so for the time being to see Niyanta’s behavior I instructed Neha that for next few days she has to behave bit unfriendly to Niyanta,

I told her not to talk to her otherwise it is most required and she did that. Next morning Neha took a leave for her office without speaking a single word to her and in the night when they met again she was just to the point. 3 more days passed like that, though Niyanta tried to talk to Neha in between and asked her about me and told her to say sorry to me on her behalf,

but like before Neha was to the point and completely avoided talking to her about whatever happened and told her to say sorry on her own if she wants to apologize. I remember it was Friday and it was a holiday for some festive reason, so both, Niyanta and Neha were not suppose to go for their job, fortunately I too was having off but my parents did not knew this for them I was suppose to go to the office.

Anyway on Thursday night we planned that she (Neha) will leave around 9 telling Niyanta that she is going somewhere with one of her colleague and will be back in 2-3 hours, and I will reach there after her exit to meet her when Niyanta will be alone in the flat.
Everything ran timely, I reached to Neha’s flat well passed to 11 and ranged the door bell,

I knew that Niyanta will be alone because Neha was sitting in the coffee shop of particular mall, rather I was there with her before coming here. Anyway Niyanta was bit shocked to see me on the door and just said hello in a very low voice which I could hardly hear. I did not responded to her hello and asked straight away about Neha “Neha hai kya?” (is neha at home)
“nahi (no) “,she has gone somewhere, thodi der mein aa jaayegi (will come in a while) ” Niyanta was conscious while talking to me, “can you ask her when she will be back?” ……. I replied and then spoke again, “by the way…. This is for you both” I forwarded two polythene bags of fruits. “oh…. Aunty(my mom) ne bheje hain? (aunty sent them ?)” Niyanta asked back while taking those bags and tried to be normal

“no….. Actually she doesn’t know I am here” I replied to the point without giving any pleasant expression, and then spoke again; “can you call Neha and ask when she will be here?” I was still standing on the door step “sure” she replied with smile and moved back towards to kitchen to keep the fruits bags and I enjoyed watching Niyanta’s bottom closely as she moved facing away from me,

she was wearing same light gray color knee length tight slacks and while t-shirt which she use to wear at home and her ass was caged very tightly in her stretchable slacks, they were so heavy and fleshy that I got hard in a fraction while looking at them, while thinking about the softness of the flesh over her ass. I asked myself whether I will be able to hold them today.

If I will, surly I will penetrate her from behind. Niyanta moved to her bedroom from kitchen to get her mobile, I stepped in the house and moved two steps in particular direction to look into the room and I found that Neha’s laptop was on, though I could not see anything running on the screen but my filthy brain could assumed that she was watching porn given by me.

She came out while keeping her mobile on her ear, I already knew that what is going to happen, Neha did not picked the phone. Once again she tried and once again there was no response from there. Niyanta was reflecting all that from her expressions and speaking to herself in audible voice while waiting for Neha to pick the call, like “pick up” “I don’t know why she is not picking up the phone?”

and I could see that she was trying to behave normal as if nothing has happened and trying to be friendly as she was speaking more than what was required. Till Neha missed her third call I was admiring Niyanta’s physical assets, her breasts were also heavy, much bigger than Neha’s jugs,

as I said in the beginning she was having bit of belly but the amount of flesh she had on her thighs was mouth watering and I could not control myself to see her fuck opening surrounded by that white and soft flesh of her thighs. “I think I should text her” Niyanta spoke in low voice but loud enough for me to hear, “no… don’t do that.. by the way what was her plan….. I mean when she will be back” I stopped her to massage Neha and asked her in continuation.

“maximum by 12” Niyanta replied, I tried to look at the time in her mobile, “11:47” Niyanta replied, and then spoke again, “she will be here with in 10-15 minutes… aap wait karlo (why dont you wait)” Niyanta spoke, “ok” I accepted and that’s what I needed. Niyanta went inside and I could see that she switched off the laptop and came back and asked me, “aap chaye(tea) lo ge ya coffee? (you like to have tea or coffee)”

“nothing, please don’t bother” I replied, “I am not getting formal, I was about to make it for myself” Niyanta replied and by now I could see that she was talking to me normally as if nothing has happened and I was still behaving hesitant to talk to her. “ok…. Whatever you like” I replied and slowly moved to the balcony and stood there as if I am waiting for Neha.

I didn’t knew that now what to do, now I had to move according to situation and for few minutes I felt that she will not behave as I am expecting and will return back after giving me my cup of tea. And I started planning according to that, that how will I approach her and get into the conversation of whatever happened if she will go back inside.

But I was wrong, Niyanta came after 5-10 minutes with two mugs and gave me one and then spoke, “aap try karo apne number se (you try from your phone), maybe she will pick up your phone” “why? she is not picking up your phone?” I asked back and then asked her again in continuation, “did she fight with you”… “No as such she did not fought but she is not talking to me properly… because of that”

she replied, I turned my face away and continued looking at main gate without uttering a word. “I am sorry” I turned and looked into her eyes and she avoided and looked down. Once again I turned my face and did not uttered a word. “Actually I was sleeping,…… suddenly I heard some noise and I came out,… I didn’t knew that you and Neha do that(sex) …… and had a plan,……

I just came there to see that what is it?” Niyanta made a long statement which was pure lie from beginning till last word, but I could expect this from her at that time. She spoke again “I hardly saw both of you doing anything,…. I was just there and you saw me” one more lie, I smiled sarcastically and spoke “Niyanta I hate lies….. that’s what Neha did, and that’s what you are doing”

Niyanta was bit shocked, she was looking into my eyes without a flick. “I don’t know from how long you were there on the window… it hardly matters” I spoke again calmly reflecting lot of attitude to dominate her and then spoke again, “for your kind information Neha has admitted everything…… you already knew that we are inside for that………”

Niyanta was still looking at me and I was looking into her eyes, finally she surrendered and looked down, I spoke again “she (Neha) was said not to tell this to anybody…. Not even you…. But she did that….. Moreover she was not ready to accept that….. Finally last night she has accepted this that you already knew all this and whatever you all know” once again Niyanta was flat, completely dominated by me.

I think for me it was time to change the gear and I changed my temperament and spoke again, “anyway, just forget whatever happened, just be normal in a day or two Neha bhi normal ho jaayegi (neha will also be normail) ” Niyanta could not utter a single word. “just try her(Neha) number one more time” I spoke again, she moved in to get her mobile. I took out my mobile after her exit and massaged Neha “now”,

text was already written in my outbox, so it took me hardly few seconds and by then Niyanta was back with her mobile keeping it on her ear. Once again Neha missed the call and as the ring stopped Niyanta received a massage, I already knew what was written, Niyanta read that for me and it was, “stuck somewhere, will be late, don’t bother to wait for anything” “ok” I replied as she read.

“I am sorry for what I did” Niyanta spoke again, “just forget that, let’s be friends…… I mean… last night I was realizing that when we know that we are not serious with this relation then why to think so much about this….. I mean I am not angry with you…. I could expect what you did…

I mean…. Agar tumhari jagah main hota to shayad main bhi yehi karta…..I can understand your curiosity…….And as far as Neha is concerned she spoke to you because both of you are best friends…. I mean I am nowhere… it’s a matter between you and Neha…. Why should I get tensed” Niyanta smiled a bit and I could see bit of water floating in her eyes.

I called Neha from my mobile and she picked up the phone, tell you truly we did not planed this that is why it took her long time to react to my call. I spoke to Neha one sided, asked her “where is she” and spoke “Ok I am coming there wait for me” without waiting for her reply. Niyanta was looking at me when I was talking to her.

“You also get ready, let’s go there and patch up” I spoke to Niyanta while looking at my mobile while disconnecting the line. “Who me?” She asked back, “ya… let’s go there she is in mall” Niyanta moved in, I too moved in and saw her getting in toilet with her jeans and top.

Finally we moved out and reached to mall in next 20 minutes and sat together in coffee shop. Neha was behaving naturally the way she has to, with bit of surprising gesture as she saw Niyanta with me, I ordered coffee and something to eat first and then started while looking at Neha, “let’s forget and get together again” Neha looked at Niyanta into her eyes,

Niyanta smiled a bit as if she is saying sorry to her, Neha moved her hand and gripped her hand to say it’s ok without uttering a word, Coffee got served and we all remained silent for few minutes and finally I spoke “speak something, we are not here just to have coffee” both smiled. “So you fought with her?” I asked Neha. Neha just smiled a bit and then looked at Niyanta.

Actually Neha did not knew whatever conversation me and Niyanta had and may be because of that she was hesitant to say anything, even I did not had any plan for this meeting, it just happened and now I just wanted to talk about bit of sex with Niyanta in Neha presence but I started by saying “come on speak up we all are friends now……… just be what we were”

“you tell, how come are here” Neha asked me to start the conversation, “I thought when it’s all about fun then why to get serious, just enjoy” Niyanta smiled on my reply, “very funny…” Neha replied in sarcastic tone. I smiled on her reply I could see that Neha was really nervous and could not decide what to speak.

“Ok tell me Niyanta….. do you think what we are doing is wrong…. I mean pre marital sex and all?” this time I asked Niyanta, I could see that Niyanta was little conscious in Neha presence, she was talking to me normally when we were alone in the flat. “come on be frank nothing has changed, she is still your best friend” I somewhat cheered her, “no….. I mean I am not against pre marital sex….

But……” she stopped in between, “but what?” I asked her while looking into her eyes. “yehi ki we are brother and sister and that is wrong” Neha spoke in between to complete Niyanta’s statement. “is it?” I asked Niyanta to confirm and Niyanta moved her head in yes, “just leave it yaar, fir wohi bhai bahen… can’t we talk anything else” Neha spoke once again,

“ok tell me, when you reached there….. on the window, I mean have saw everything we did” Finally I started talking about sex with Niyanta and asked her about what she saw that night with bit of naughty smile. Niyanta blushed in reply and I smiled more. “Tell me, and just be free to say anything, now we both have accepted that you have seen us in that state”

Niyanta looked at me with a smile and could not utter a single word. “speak up, when you reached there…. ? sab kuch hote hue dekha kya? (did you see everything happening ?)” I asked her again and she moved her head in yes after few seconds while looking into my eyes. “sab kuch?(everything)….. I mean sucking bhi (sucking also)” I asked her again in shocking tone, intentionally I was getting deep in this matter,

once again Niyanta moved her head in yes with lot of smile, “mazza aaya ya nahi, live blue movie dekhne mein? (did you enjoy or not.. while watching this live blue film)” this time Neha asked her and now I could make out that Neha has understood what I want, that we need to talk about sex to arouse her. Niyanta looked at her and moved her lips saying “shut up” without uttering a voice.

“I am sure ye last teen- char (3-4) din se wohi yaad karke karr rahi hogi (she’s remembering same scene in past 3-4 days and doing it) ” Neha spoke again, and once again Niyanta looked at her with bit of anger, “kya karr rahi hogi (doing what)” I asked Neha with some curiosity, though I knew what she meant, “masturbate aur kya? (masturbate.. what else)” Neha replied casually once again Niyanta looked at her and then to me I smiled and she blushed.

“Embarrass hone ki koi baat nahi hai,… masturbate sabhi karte hain (dont get embarassed. everyone masturbates), there is nothing wrong in that” I spoke to Niyanta, she looked up smiled and blushed again. “waise Naughty to tum bhi bahut ho, bas sab kuch dil mein rakhti ho (you also became naughty. you keep everything closed in your heart)” I spoke to Niyanta, once again she smiled. “ab Neha ki company ka kuch to asar hoga na (got effected by neha’s company)” Niyanta replied with her wit.

I laughed on her reply and looked at Neha, she was smiling while looking at me. “waise I want to tell you ki aapki di hui movies mostly ye hi dekhti hai (she is the one who mostly watches porn movies given by you), I hardly watch them” Neha spoke to me, told me that mostly she watches porn movies given by me. “I can understand, tere liye to main hun, iss ke pass kya hai?” (means I am here for you, but what does she has?)

I replied to Neha with a smile, “finger, she has a finger” Neha replied instantly and I laughed loud and Neha too giggled on her witty reply and Niyanta blushed a lot, and laughed by putting her head down on table. “I can give you more movies if you want” I spoke to Niyanta and then spoke again, “and now you can ask me directly…..ok” I waited for her to speak and Niyanta said ok in a low voice.

“tell me do you want more?…. I will get it tomorrow” I spoke again and asked Niyanta “Ok…. la dena I have seen all of them” Niyanta replied and I could see that now she was bit open. “ok tell me one thing…… don’t lie…..if I am not wrong you were watching blue movie on the laptop when I reached there?” “Haan” Niyanta accepted easily this time.

“hmmmm…. “ I smiled and then asked again, “which one?” “how will I explain… I mean….” Niyanta stopped in between, “tell me…. I have seen all of them and not once thousand times” I spoke and asked her to detail which movie she was watching. “wo jis mein red gown mein el ladki aati hai room mein” Niyanta spoke and detailed bit of begging of the movie,

“aur bed pe do ladke already nange hokar apna penis hila rahe hote hain” Neha completed her statement in erotic words and did exactly what I needed her to do. I could see that Niyanta was shocked by the way Neha completed her statement and she stared at her with bit of anger. “wo threesomes wali disc dekh rahi thi kya?” I asked Niyanta; intentionally to continue the subject and then spoke again,

“I have one disc in my car, but it’s gangbang collection” I spoke to Niyanta and then asked her, “you know what is gangbang?” I asked her, Niyanta moved her head in no, though I was sure that she knew but I spoke to Neha, “I am sure you know” “even she knows, she is not that innocent, ye sab kuch andar dabba ke rakhti hai” Neha replied, and spoke again,

“gangbang mein ek ladki hoti hai aur 5-6 ladke hote hain, aur ladki ka koi hole bachta nahi hai jismein wo ladke apna penis nahi daalte”……. After a small pause Neha spoke again “they fuck all three holes of that girl at the same time” Neha somewhat detailed gangbang in the perfect way it was required and I laughed on that while looking at Niyanta, and she responded equally well by smiling.

“tell me tumhe chahiye kya, it’s brand new, even I have not seen till now” I asked Niyanta, “aap dekh lo, fir mujhe de dena” Niyanta replied with bit of blush but she did not said no to it. “koi baat nahi… tum pahle dekhlo, batana kaisi laggi tabhi main dekhunga” I replied casually. “by the way do you like such movies, ….. I mean other than normal sex movies…

I mean more than one male and one female types?” I asked Niyanta and gradually I was moving forward and deeper in sex talk with her. “Haan…. But not always, I mean they are ok…. It’s something different” Niyanta replied and I could see slowly her tone was getting casual and she was trying to get free. “and you.. ?” I asked Neha, “I like that a lot…..

I mean at this time I don’t mind even getting gangbanged….” Neha replied and not only Niyanta, even I got surprised with her reply, I don’t know she really meant with that or not but it just took my senses I was hard in my pants, moreover her reply added spice to our sex chat and we both me and Niyanta smiled while looking at each other. “you are a bitch”

Niyanta spoke to Neha in a low voice. “Niyanta don’t mind asking me……. Actually it’s something very personal which I want to know from both of you…….” I paused for couple of seconds and then spoke again, “when you……. I mean when females masturbate what do they think, …….” I was looking at Niyanta and she laughed silently on my question,

I looked at Neha expecting a good reply from her, but she did not replied and just said, “ask her first” my eye balls moved to Niyanta, “nothing” she replied with bit of smile, “how can this be possible…? I mean I visualize that I am fucking somebody…… like, before Neha was here… I use to visualize one of my collogue and one of my other cousin,……. what do you do?

I rephrased my question while looking at Niyanta and she was smiling, “from last few days I do while watching porn movie…… before that….. It was somewhat like you do” “ok” I replied and looked at Neha and asked her, “and you?” “I don’t masturbate now, and tell me when are we getting out of here?” Neha replied as is she is getting bored “kahan jana hai?”

I asked Neha “let’s have lunch and go back to our flat” Neha spoke, I think she was getting bit impatient. “Ok…. Let’s go to Haldiram (a food chain restaurant)……. and we can go for a movie” I spoke as I wanted to talk to Niyanta even more about sex. “no….. let’s have lunch and go back to our flat” Neha spoke again, “why are you getting so desperate”

I asked Neha with smile, “she is always desperate for sex” Niyanta spoke in between to tease her friend, “….. hall mein andhera hone ke baad tujhe thoda bahut finger se kar dunga” I intentionally made naughty statement, not for Neha but to arouse Niyanta and she looked at me with surprise over what I said and then laughed loud instantly on that.

“nahi mujhe nahi karwana finger se (no.. i dont want to get fingered), let’s go home” Neha was really desperate and I was feeling that till now I have not attained that peak what I was suppose to in Niyanta’s gesture. “Ok let’s eat first” we three moved to the restaurant and sat together, as such sex did not came in our conversation for long time while eating but we all were smiling while looking at each other.

Finally by the end of the meal I was reached to the conclusion that what should be my next step, I was thinking that instead of going home right now and having sex with Neha and trying to do something with Niyanta, it will be better for me to do all this in the night, but I remained silent for a while as I could see that Neha was really eager to get into bed with me.

We moved out of the restaurant and now both the girls were thinking that we are going home, assuming that, Niyanta thought about staying there for some more time so that we can go home and have sex and she spoke “aap dono ghar jaao, main baad mein aati hoon” (means both of you go home, I will come later) Niyanta spoke, “why?” I asked back,

“aap done ne sex karna hai na? (you both will have sex na..)” Niyanta replied and gave me reason why she said that, “so…. I think you have seen us doing once” I spoke with bit of smile; Niyanta moved her head in yes “so now…. We can do even if you will be in the house…..tum apne room mein blue movie dekhna hum dusre room mein jo karna hai kar lenge (you watch bluefilm in your room, we’ll do it here) ” Niyanta smiled on that and said ok while looking into my eyes.

We were walking out of the mall when fortunately Niyanta took a leave to go to the wash room and I got some time with Neha, I asked her what does she think, whether we will be able to get her(Niyanta) on bed or not, “let’s go home, mere saath to karo, issne karwana hoga to karwa legi nahi to marne do issko (do it with me, if she wants she’ll get fucked else let her die)” Neha replied with a lousy statement,

she was really desperate but I was not ready to take any chance as now lust for Niyanta’s body was driving me crazy so I told her that I am interested in staying in the night with them, initially Neha reacted negatively because I was planning to leave them at that time but it took me hardly a minute to make her understand that in next few hours when Niyanta will recall all this,

lust will start rising in her body and in night it will be easier for us to turn things in our favor. Finally Neha agreed and by the time Niyanta came back Neha was reflecting unhappy gesture and arguing with me to give Niyanta natural reaction. Neha detailed Niyanta that I have just received a call and I had to go.

Throughout the way Neha was upset and not talking to anybody, finally I took them to their home and stopped my car on the gate and uttered what I was thinking from long time. “Neha I can come in the night, moreover I can stay for the whole night” Neha smiled a bit, I spoke again “but I have one condition…..” I was looking at Niyanta in the back mirror, “what?”

Neha asked “yehi ki tonight Niyanta will not watch us from the window……” I paused Niyanta was also looking at me in the mirror and she just said “ok” “let me finish…..” I spoke as I heard ok from her, and then spoke again this time while looking at her and addressing her straight away, “you will not watch us from window, …

you have to sit in the room and see things happening……..” I completed my sentence and smiled and the paused for a fraction and then spoke again, “uss din tumne sirf ek hi position dekhi thi, aaj raat ko sari position mein sex hote hue dekh lena……(that night you only saw one position from window, tonight you can see all positions) rather we will do it in your desired position….” Niyanta’s expressions changed in a fraction,

I could feel that her heart was pounding fast, there was bit of smile in her gesture but she tried to hide that smile and then spoke, “this is not possible” “why…..? I mean we don’t have any problem with that now, ab ek baar to tum humen sab kuch karte hue dekh hi chuki ho……., ab aaram se room mein rahkar dekh lena (you’ve already seen us doing it secretly, now watch it openly)” I spoke again and I could see that she was in dilemma and could not say yes not even no.

Neha was also looking at her waiting for her to say something, “ab haan bol bhi de, I know you want to see all that, and it will be any day better than what you saw last time” Neha spoke in bit of dominating tone. Once again I looked at Niyanta in back mirror, she was already looking at me, “speak up, I am getting late” I spoke to Niyanta, “how can I stay in the room….. I mean…

This is so weird….” Niyanta spoke to me while looking in the mirror, “best friends mein sab chalta hai,…… and if you can watch us from window then why can’t you stay in the room…… I mean when we don’t have any objection then why are you getting nervous….. jo karna hai humne karna hai (its our headache to do), you just have to watch us, aur fir iss se better blue movie kahan dekhne ko milegi? (and where will you get a better bluefilm than a live show)”

I made really long statement to convince her and then spoke again, “And, you don’t have to feel insecure, I am not going to attempt rape on you,………. I mean if you are thinking that… then please feel secure” I was looking at Niyanta continuously in the back mirror while saying that, and she was also looking into my eyes,

“tell me…… yes or no and if it’s no then I will come on next Sunday” I finished my statement, “next Sunday?” Neha repeated my last words in a tone as if she is disheartened and looked at Niyanta to hear her final decision. “ok” Finally Niyanta accepted my condition with a single word in a very low voice, that she will remain present in the room when me and Neha will have sex.

“Good…..I would have killed you. If you have said no” Neha spoke to Niyanta “stop behaving like a Bitch” Niyanta spoke to Neha in a low voice, but I could hear her. I could see that Niyanta was still nervous but I was sure that by the time I will come back in the night lust will be driving her on its way.

Both the girls moved out, intentionally I called Niyanta from behind just to see her bottom one more time and once again she walked towards the car and I gave her that disc about which I was talking about and said, “Here is your gangbang….. I mean your gangbang DVD”. She smiled on my double meaning line and the way I fumbled while taking that and thanked “see you in the night, and watch it now, I want it back tommorow” “ok” once again she smiled and I moved from there.

I reached home and made excuse to my parents that I have a work in office for whole night and whole unit is running in night shift to complete urgent consignment. I stayed at home till dinner and masturbated in the late evening, purposely to kill my initial excitement, so that I can stay long in the night.

I reached at Neha’s place after 10, after having dinner at my place, and according to my parents I was staying in my office to look after the work going on. Neha and Niyanta both were waiting for me after their meal. Neha opened the door and she was wearing knee length nighty, and Niyanta was standing behind bit far from her in tight black color slacks and t-shirt, and in this outfit I could make out her body curves easily.

I looked at Niyanta and first thing came out of mouth was, “wo dekhi (did you see that)…..Gangbang” Niyanta moved her head in yes and I heard Neha saying “haan abhi bhi….wohi dekh rahe the (yeah..was just seeing that)”
“how was it?” I asked while looking at Neha first and then turned my face to see Niyanta…..
“Good” Neha replied I asked Niyanta from my gesture that how was the movie,

“ok….It’s too much of sex” “you want to see?” Neha asked me, “no… I was watching threesome before coming here” I replied but it was a pure lie. “Coffee?” Niyanta asked me “hmmmm…. Raat bhar jaagna hai to coffee to pini hi padegi (if we need to be awake all night, we need coffee)” I replied and made naughty statement.

Niyanta went inside the kitchen to make coffee and by the time she came in Neha’s bedroom we were kissing. Intentionally we did not stopped kissing as she entered and continued for one more minute. I could see that Niyanta was very uncomfortable, she was sitting bit far from us as we both Neha and me were on the mattress and she was on the stool kept at the corner of the room.

While having coffee I asked Niyanta that in which position she would like to see Neha getting fucked. She blushed and said, “Whatever you want” Niyanta spoke in low voice, she was hesitant to speak even “no tell me, which position you like most”…. I tried to free her from her indecision “Doggy style” I gave her a choice “ok” she replied after lot of hesitation.

“Tonight you will be fucked in doggy style” I spoke to Neha casually as if nothing strange is happening and then asked Niyanta in continuation, “oral sex bhi dekhna hai na? (you want to see oral sex too right..?)” she smiled lightly with shyness and did not uttered a word. “tumhe dekhna ho na ho, humen to karna hai (its your wish to see or not, but we’ll do it anyway)” I spoke casually with a giggle and finished last sip of my coffee and within next couple of minutes we all were up with our coffee and Niyanta got up to put the cups back,

“jaldi aana…(come quick)” Neha spoke from behind as she went out “kya lagta hai …. Kuch hope hai? (what do you feel.. any hopes ?)” I asked Neha while pushing her on the bed to lie on her top to kiss her, “I think karwa legi (she’ll get it done)… she is heavily aroused” Neha replied “did she masturbate?” I asked Neha bit more “I think no….but she has admitted that she is leaking heavily…..

And she has changed her panty twice” Neha replied and then spoke again to give more detail “ek baar wapis aate hi ki thi aur ek abhi thodi der pahle ki hai (she changed panty once after returning and one more just now)” I smiled on that and spoke “that means…. Chut mein aag lagi hui hai(her pussy is on fire)” “Haan….uski bhi aur meri bhi…. Aur thoda jaldi bujha dena iss aag ko ( is in both our pussies. please put it off soon)” Neha replied in mixed tone bit of requesting and bit of ordering.

“nahi….. Niyanta ko achhe se jalana hai (no.. i’ve to get her more hot) so just relax and enjoy” and as we heard some noise from outside we started kissing and by the Niyanta entered I was laying on Neha and we were kissing each other, I looked at her for a fraction to see her nervousness and she was, I turned back and continued loving Neha, I was exploring Neha’s mouth completely while crushing her body under mine.

Neha was moaning in pleasure as I was squeezing her melons while kissing and licking her neck and earlobes. Within few minutes room was filled with Neha’s pleasure moans as now she was not wearing nighty, she was just in panty and I was sucking my younger sister’s milky jugs and I was chewing her light brown nipples to pleasure her.

Niyanta was watching us without a flick of her eyes and gradually I moved down to Neha’s bottom and sucked her naval. Neha arched her body like a bow as strange sensation was passing through her body. I turned to look at Niyanta, she was still sitting on the stool and watching us and I could see lust in her eyes,

she was getting hot though her heart was still beating high in some fear but she was enjoying, I continued going down and pulled Neha’s panty down, she was stark naked with me on bed in Niyanta’s presence. Once again I looked at Niyanta, now she was breathing little more heavy, I could make out from the up and down movement of her heavy breasts after all her childhood friend was getting fucked in front of her eyes.

Anyway once again I turned to Neha’s lower half, she was laying straight on her back and I was laying between her spread legs ready to suck her fuckhole. I folded Neha’s thighs and further spread them apart and started sucking without wasting any time. Neha was really very aroused and she got a jerk as I touched her fuck opening with my tongue and continued moaning in pleasure in nice fashion.

Without looking at Niyanta I could make out that Niyanta was getting hot and horny by just watching us having fun, I could feel her hot breath even from the distance. I looked up to Neha, she was looking at Niyanta while moaning, I too looked at her, ohh… god…. Niyanta was somewhat masturbating, she was pressing her cunt over the cloth, over her tight slacks,

she was breathing heavy and moaning in low voice, she was gradually reaching where I wanted her to reach, I continued sucking Neha and sucked her hard and tried to find out her clitoris with my lips and tongue, Neha trembled like fish and tried to push me, but I continued while holding her thighs tight and tried to suck her clitoris even harder,

Neha went mad and tried to get away, she was moaning like anything in pleasure, I looked at Niyanta she was standing and pressing her cunt while watching her friend getting sucked like hell, “Niyanta isske haath pakad kass ke, aaj main iski saari garmi nikal dunga” Niyanta moved a bit but stopped in hesitation, “come on, hold her she is enjoying” Niyanta moved on the upper half of Neha and held her wrist tight.

Finally Niyanta was on same bed, but not to have sex just to help me to pleasure Neha and that was an achievement in itself and now I could expect that soon I will be exploring Niyanta like this. Anyway once again I buried my mouth in Neha’s thighs and started licking her cunt slowly, to last this time for long with Niyanta on bed, Neha was once again moaning in pleasure,

I increased my suction speed and tried to ate her fuckhole and pulled flesh of her outer labia with my teeth and realized that Niyanta was leaning over Neha’s lower half lightly to see everything closely. Once again I attacked Neha’s clitoris and used my thumb and finger to explore that portion, and somewhat showed everything to Niyanta,

and spoke while crushing Neha’s clitoris “see ye hota hai Clitoris” oh… god, Neha went mad and tried to get away but Niyanta held her tight, moreover I told her to hold her strongly because I wanted to make her cum by sucking and my words were, “Niyanta issko pakad ke rakh achhe se, aaj isska paani nikalna hai chus chus ke”

Neha was moaning and screaming helplessly and once again I was sucking her fuckhole like a suction pump, ohhhh.. God I can’t forget the way Neha was moaning and jumping on bed to set herself free from my sucking, unintentionally I was continuously sucking her hard and attacking her clitoris again and again with my lips and tongue and Niyanta was helping me to hold Neha.

Finally with a shrill cry Neha stopped moving and arched her body like a bow and got stiff and started cumming. Once again her orgasm got clearly visible as she was trembling with jerks and broken cries; she was trembling as if some sort of current is given to her, some sort of waves were passing through her body, starting from breast till her fuckhole.

Slowly Neha’s orgasm subside and she started to relax, but I continued licking her cunt, intentionally to show Niyanta and Niyanta was in the state that she could not move her eyes from my tongue which was coming out and going in again and again after licking Neha’s pleasure juices.

For me it was height of being shameless, I could not believe what I was doing, firstly sucking my younger sister that is in front of her best friend, and above that showing her my sister’s clitoris while sucking her fuckhole. Everything was happening so fast that I could not think what I am doing and what I am saying.

Anyway finally I got up when Neha got relaxed, I could see that she was completely exhausted, she got up to use the toilet and went out of the room, me and Niyanta were left alone in the room and still I was not sure that I should approach her or not though I could see that see was very uncomfortable. “thanks, Neha ko pakad ke rakhne ke liye, it was great isn’t it?” I spoke to Niyanta.

She got up from the bed to sit back on the stool with saying anything, “you know what is going to happen now?” once again I asked Niyanta while laying down on mattress on my elbow and waited for her reply, she moved her head in yes without speaking a word, “what?” I asked her again, she cleared her throat as it was choked with her own saliva, but remained silent,

I could see that she was really very uneasy and at that time I thought that she was feeling that she has done mistake by accepting this proposal of staying in the room, but nothing can be done now. “Tell me, why are you feeling shy I mean ab sharmane ki koi baat nahi hai?” I asked her again, “ab Neha karegi” she replied, “kya?” “sucking” she spoke again in low voice,

“kya suck karegi?” I asked her again, “aapka penis” she replied in low voice. Neha came back and I took her from her hand and took off my t-shirt and spoke to Neha, “Neha shuru kar chusna hmmmm…., Niyanta ko mera Lund chus ke dikha,…… jaise maine isse teri Chut chus ke dikhai hai” I used vulgar and erotic Hindi words in my statement to arouse Niyanta and it helped.

Neha turned her head to see Niyanta after taking out my penis from my underwear and spoke, “Dekhle asli(reality) mein kaisa hota hai Penis” Niyanta was staring at my penis without a flick and her innocent lustful expressions were motivating me to get wild on her, but I had to control myself and I moaned as Neha jerked my rod. Neha turned her face back and started sucking my rod.

“Ohhhhh God….” I moaned while closing my eyes and raising my head to roof, I was already hard like iron rod and above that Neha peeled off foreskin of my penis with her lips, within few seconds I was vibrating in Neha’s wet and moist mouth and moaning in pleasure, I was looking at Niyanta while getting sucked and moaning, she was also filled with lust,

puffing in pleasure with warm breath while sitting on stool and rubbing her cunt without any hesitation, and for me that scene was so arousing that I cannot write in words I was getting harder and harder every second. I waited for a minute in dilemma whether I should approach her now or I should wait for some more time but it was really very difficult for me to control,

I could not see her burning in lust anymore and finally I made a move, I got up on my knees while looking at Niyanta and uttered my desire by holding Neha head to move her bit slowly, “Niyanta please show me your body, hmmmmm…….. I want to see you naked……. Please ek baar mere saamne Nangi ho jaa,….. main kuch nahi karunga… please… I will not do anything without your consent”

Niyanta hesitated a bit, but did not moved from her seat, “Neha please issko bol ek baar mujhe aapna sab kuch dikha de, main isski marzi ke bina kuch nahi karunga” Neha stopped and turned her face to Niyanta and spoke, “Niyanta dikha de ek baar, apne kapde uttar ke, Bhaiya request kar rahe hain, and he will not do anything forcefully” Niyanta got up from the stool and stood aside,

Neha got up and went to her and spoke again, I was standing on my knees with an erect penis in front of Niyanta and she was staring at my rod “kya hua, dikha de na” “please Niyanta….. show me your body….. hum logg bhi to Nange hi hain tumhare saamne… tumne mera sab kuch dekh liya hai……. please show me your fuckhole ….please….. I want to see you totally nude”

I requested one more time and started jerking my rod myself, Neha moved and tried to lift her t-shirt but she stopped her, “don’t do that Neha,…. nobody is forcing you, we are just requesting, please…” I stopped Neha and spoke to Niyanta in continuation. Neha hugged her lightly and kissed her on her cheek and murmured in her ear in a low voice

“teri marzi ke bugair kuch nahi karenge…haath bhi nahi laggayenge sirf apni body dikha de bus (we wont do anything against your wish. Just show us your nude body)”, Niyanta looked into her eyes and once again Neha tried to lift her t-shirt, and Niyanta did not stopped her this time though she hesitated and Neha took off her t-shirt. Ohhh.. God I could not believe, finally it happened Niyanta was topless in front of my eyes,

and her heavy milky breasts were jutting out of her white color bra and it was merely covering half of her juicy melons and rest of them were making deep breath taking cleavage. She was having much heavier breasts than Neha and she was covering them with her hands, down there, just below her belly I could make out her cunt under the cloth,

as she was wearing tight slacks and shape of her love region was evident and it was wet, she was flooding from her fuckhole. I was jerking my penis and unintentionally my speed of jerking my rod increased and Niyanta was continuously watching me jerking my rod, Neha sat down and took off her tight slacks and in a fraction it went down to her feet,

I puffed in pleasure while somewhat masturbating, Niyanta was just standing in bra and panty, her fleshy thighs were taking my breath and I desperately wanted to burry myself between them. I could see big wet spot on her printed panty;
she was heavily aroused and breathing hot. At my end I was continuously jerking my rod and spoke to Neha while doing that,

“Neha peeche se isski bra khol (neha.. open her bra from behind)” Neha got up and unhooked her bra, but Niyanta was still covering her breasts with her hands and trying to squeeze her fuckhole between her thighs, Neha somehow managed to pull out her bra from her arms, still she was hiding her heavy milky juggs with her hands. “Niyanta show me” I was jerking my rod quite well, “show me your milks,

they are awesome” I was puffing in pleasure while saying that. Neha straighten her hands to reveal Niyanta’s heavy breasts. As I said Niyanta’s breasts were really big and at that time they were swollen and hard, and her dark brown nipples were fully erect in excitement. Oh…. God I was getting mad in lust and jerking my rod while looking at Niyanta’s virgin body,

“Neha isski kachhi(panty) bhi uttar de (neha.. remove her panty too)” Neha followed what I said, and she took off Niyanta’s panty. Ohhhhh shit I was hardest of my life, Niyanta was totally naked in front of me and I was in the state that I cannot write, jerking and trying my best to release my cum, but my hands were paining and because of that my speed slowed down.

Niyanta was looking gorgeous while standing naked in front of my eyes and I could see that she was not less aroused, she was totally wet down there and I could smell her love juices even from distance, I am sure even at that time if I would have approached her, she would have surrendered but I waited and sat down to see her fuckhole, she brought her thighs together to hide her cunt,

“Niyanta show me your cunt”, she was looking at me and my rod the way I was jerking to pleasure myself, Neha tried to part her thighs and Niyanta parted them and showed me her virgin fuckhole. It was beautiful and oozing out lot of love juices, I could see a small drop going down through her left thigh.

Once again I spoke to Neha, “show me her ass” Neha tried to turn her and Niyanta turned to reveal her fleshy ass mounds, wow what a view that was, I was jerking my rod slowly and enjoying up to max. “Neha come here….. and suck me” I called Neha to suck my penis in a puffing voice, as everything was going bizarre at my end, Neha came to me,

“Niyanta…” she turned back to her front as I addressed her name, “please masturbate….. I want to cum…..please do that” hearing that she hesitated for a fraction, Neha too stopped sucking me, “Neha tu choos issko, don’t stop…. Niyanta please do it….. please” I think she also wanted to do that, I could read her face she was heavily aroused and wanted to cum, and she started slowly.

Ohhh…. God I don’t know how many readers will be able to understand my state, I was going crazy, Niyanta was rubbing her fuckhole with her palm to pleasure herself in front of my eyes; here at my end Neha was sucking me nicely using her saliva. I was in so called heaven. Niyanta, about whom I was thinking from last so many days, was finally standing naked in front of my eyes masturbating and Neha my cousin sister was sucking me to make me cum,

even heaven cannot be better than this. Gradually Niyanta’s speed increased she was breathing and puffing heavily and she opened her thighs further apart and keeping one leg over stool and resting her back on the wall she inserted her finger in her fuckhole and closed her eyes while moaning.

She was fucking her cunt reasonably well using her middle finger and gradually her hesitation and shyness was disappearing. Niyanta was trying her best to cum but my presence was making her conscious again and again she was opening her eyes to see me, and that is why she was not reaching to her peak.

Even I was not closer to cum rather because of excess sucking it was paining, I stopped Neha and she too turned to see her friend, Niyanta also opened her eyes but continued rubbing her cunt. I slowly moved towards Niyanta with an erect penis, I was jerking it myself, she did not moved back rather remained there and continued rubbing her cunt, her speed was also slowed down she was also tired of masturbating.

“Niyanta mere pass aa, main karta hun….” I moved further ahead and raised my hand to call her. She stopped and hesitated a bit, “aaja, mujhe chusne de apni Chut….. mujhe pilla apni Chut ka ras,…. don’t waste…..” I was really mad and it was real test of my patience that I was not going wild on her. I held her wrist and tried to pull her towards me, but she resisted,

“mere pass aa aaja, kyun mujhe tadpa rahi hai,….. chusne de mujhe…. Let me do it” Niyanta was still not ready to move but she was not stepping back, that was positive sign for me. “Neha issko bed par le chal…..” and Neha came closer and tried to take her to bed by pushing her lightly from her back. She moved a bit, hardly a step and came closer to me.

I moved ahead and straightaway tried to suck her breasts which were hanging in front of my eyes from very long time. Niyanta trembled like anything and moaned in surprise as I took her breast in my mouth and tried to push me lightly, but I grabbed her by moving my hand on her naked back sucked her nipple and next moment she moaned nicely and grabbed me in her arm.

Ohhh… God I was sucking Niyanta’s big juggs while standing there and chewing her nipples with my lips while sucking them, Niyanta was moaning loud and feeding me like a mother with her consent while holding my scalp in her hand. Gradually my hands moved and started exploring her body curves and reached to her bottom and placed my palm on my dream ass mounds.

Wow they were so fleshy. I squeezed one of her mound with my palm while sucking and loving her milky melon. She tried to push me lightly as she realized that I am playing with her body, I stopped sucking her breast and looked into her eyes and spoke “Niyanta don’t stop me, …. let me do it….. I want to love your body” and tried to make lip to lip kiss.

She responded after few seconds but she responded, I could see that slowly Niyanta was losing control on her senses and that’s what I needed. I was brushing my lips over her neck while moving my hand over her back and ass mounds and she was puffing in pleasure. Once again I started sucking her melons while rubbing her thighs with my hands and this time Niyanta griped me harder in her arms to feed me.

“Bhaiya issko bed pe leta do, aur aaram se karo (lay her on bed and do it relaxedly)” Neha took me back to the real world, unless I don’t know for how long I would have sucked Niyanta’s nipples. Anyway after Neha’s interruption I took Niyanta to the bed and after kissing her for a while, I took her in my arms and started kissing and fondling her body nicely with my hands,

I played with her breast again and then took my hand straight to her thighs, and tried to take it between them to touch her cunt, she was holding it in her thighs and it was totally wet there, I tried to separate her thighs to touch her opening but she was uneasy to give away the access of her love hole to me. I kissed on her cheek and took her earlobe in my mouth and sucked it,

she went mad in pleasure with this and moaned loud and tried to stop me from sucking, I murmured in her ear in a very low voice, “Niyanta spread your legs, hmm….. chusne de mujhe achhee se, aaj mujhe tera paani pina hai (let me lick you well, i wanna drink your juice tonight)” I was trying to arouse her with my words and then I tried again to spread her legs to get her cunt, but she was very uneasy,

I could understand it was her first time, and she was bit insecure and unconsciously she was stopping me to get there. “Niyanta taange khol aur Chusne de Bhaiya ko (open your legs and let him suck)” Neha was sitting beside and she spoke in between. After couple of unsuccessful tries I kissed her on her neck and again started sucking her breasts again for a while, and moved down and licked her body till her waist,

Niyanta was trembling as my wet lips were moving down to body, I moved further down kissed her thighs near her love spot, and moved further and kissed her till her toes, Niyanta was in the state where she could not stop puffing in pleasure. I turned her on her stomach, now her widely spread bare hips were laying in front of me,

I took both of her hips in his hands and gently rubbed them and squeezed them together and then kissed them and moved further to her waist and again licked her whole back till her shoulder and came on her completely, Niyanta simply got mad in pleasure because of my tenderness, and slowly her sexual desire was overcoming her fear she was moaning even louder.

She was feeling my hard penis and balls on her hips as I was laying on her top and kissing back of her neck and the portion closer to her ear, as I reached to her ears she started trembling in pleasure. Once again I turned her on her back; her hairs were spread all over my face and she was breathing very heavy and short.

I then moved down lifted one of her leg and started kissing her from her feet till I reached her thighs. Her entire body was loved by me, I started licking her inner thighs, now I could see her soft virgin cunt, which was swollen in excitement and drenched in its own liquid, I kissed her wet opening, a current passed through her body and she tried my best to resist,

but her legs were apart now and Neha helped me to part her thighs further apart. I came on my front and lied down between her fleshy thighs and hugged her waist with both my hands and kissed her cunt again and again. Niyanta was moaning and I started licking her soft cunt. She was having light hairs on her fuckhole but I was not bothered about anything, I was licking her opening like an ice-cream.

She was totally wet down there and I was gulping all her juices. Slowly Niyanta was going mad in lust and enjoying my tongue over her love opening. I looked up to see her, her eyes were closed and she was moaning, puffing in pleasure. I looked at Neha she was already looking at me, I told her to hold her wrists without speaking a word just by joining my wrists in cross,

and she got it and gradually moved above Niyanta and kissed her on cheek and took her wrists in her hand. Once again I started and slowly folded her legs and raised them up and tried to insert my tongue in her virgin cunt and sucked her hole, to take out whatever liquid is inside. She got crazy with such an erotic act.

By now her feet were pointing roof and I was holding her legs from her ankles, I was pushing my head further between her fleshy thighs while pushing and spreading her thighs apart so that I can reach to her clitoris, and within a fraction Niyanta got mad and tried to push me, but Neha held her hands and I was holding her thighs wide apart, she was helpless and could not do anything except moaning.

I continued licking and sucking that whole portion where clitoris is situated. Ohh… God I was not expecting that, Niyanta jumped in ecstasy and tried to get away, but I tried my best to continue sucking her hard, Niyanta was totally in our control, as I said her feet were pointing roof and her body was folded into half and I was continuously sucking her as hard as possible.

Neha was helping me a lot to stop her movements, Niyanta was screaming in pleasure and I was sucking her harder and harder, trying to take out everything from her body through her fuckhole, and soon Niyanta’s bottom started lurching and she started banging it on the bed and I stopped her that movement as well by holding her thighs tighter and putting my weight on it, my god,,,,

I cannot write the way Niyanta was trembling, she was at the verge of explosion and I think it was highest orgasmic peak where any female can reach before getting blasted by enormous climax. She was screaming in pleasure and wanted to burst, just then I stopped and slowed down so that she meet biggest orgasm of her life.

Niyanta was shattered like anything and cummed heavily with sobbing gasps, she shivered as if she is going to die and started getting sudden jerks while releasing her liquid. I was still licking her love opening and my tongue over her slit was making her shiver strangely again and again while cumming.

Slowly I came over her and kissed her on her lips, I was still breathing with difficulty and puffing heavily. I caressed her forehead and kissed her there and spoke, “that was amazing…. Mazza aa gaya hmm….?” she did not responded to me but kept on looking into my eyes, Niyanta seemed satisfied I could feel it she was relaxed.

“Neha ab teri baari hai….now I am going to fuck you hard” I got up from Niyanta’s top and pulled Neha from her wrist. “aaja chus issko achhe se” and once again Neha started sucking my penis, as it was not fully erect I could feel that I have discharged my load lightly once when I was sucking Niyanta.

Neha sucked me nicely to make hard, more over I was looking at Niyanta who was still laying on the same bed and watching me getting sucked. It took me hardly 3-4 minutes to get hard again because I was not thinking that I am going to fuck Neha, rather I was visualizing that I am fucking virgin cunt of her best friend Niyanta.

After hardly once more minute I stopped Neha and pushed her on her back and just before starting sucking her cunt I spoke to Niyanta, asked her for condom by saying, “Niyanta ek condom dena” Niyanta got up and I started sucking Neha for a while. Niyanta tried to pass me whole pack but I told her to peel off one, intentionally to keep her involved in sexual activity.

And she peeled off one for me and I covered my penis with it and came over Neha and after folding her legs I penetrated her fuckhole in somewhat missionary position in Niyanta’s presence. Once again Niyanta sat down on bed beside us. I fucked Neha nicely with lot of affection while caressing her breasts and in between kissed her properly like a true lover.

Neha enjoyed and moaned nicely while getting loved by her brother. As such Niyanta was not hesitating, she was sitting naked beside us and watching us having sex. Couple of times she moved to our bottom to see Neha’s fuckhole stuffed with my rod. I stopped after few minutes and got up and spoke to Neha,

“get into doggy…. I forgot she (Niyanta) wanted me to fuck you from behind” Neha got up and once again holding Neha from her waist I penetrated my younger cousin from behind while looking at Niyanta’s innocent face and spoke “waise mujhe bhi peechhe se hi lene mein jayada mazza aata hai”

and stood up on my feet while fucking her as I saw that Niyanta is trying to see Neha’s fuckhole getting penetrated to give Niyanta a better view of Neha’s fucking cunt filled with my hard penis. I fucked Neha in the same position for few minutes and Neha started trembling as she was reaching to her peak, and she squeezed my rod by tightening her fuckhole while cumming and I too squeezed my buttocks couple of times to release my junk into my sister.

Ohhh… god Finally I cummed and it was really good in quantity, we both were over for a while, I lied there for a while and then got up to shed off my condom in the toilet and by the time I came out both Neha and Niyanta were waiting outside to use the toilet.

Niyanta went inside as I came out; I moved to the room and waited for Niyanta to come. She came in and tried to pick up her clothes, but I pulled her holding her wrist and hugged her naked body and kissed her on her cheek. “mazza aaya sucking karwa ke (did you enjoy getting sucked)” I asked her in a low voice while brushing my lips over her cheeks.

I could feel from her body language that she was not over, she was still having desire to enjoy. Moreover my fucking session with Neha played good role to arouse Niyanta even after discharging her fluid massively. “hmmmmm…. Tell me… mazza aaya ya nahi…? (you liked it or not ?)” I was enjoying exploring her fleshy body, her breasts were getting pressed over my chest and my hands were moving on her back and over her ass mounds.

She did not replied to my question but the best part was that she was not trying to get away, I tried to kiss her and she responded to my kiss after few seconds and we explored each other’s mouth. I moved to her breasts while standing there and squeezed them nicely for my pleasure, and then started sucking her nipples “Bhaiya bed par late kar aaram se suck kar lo (lay down on bed and do it relaxedly)” once again Neha interrupted from behind as she was back from toilet after pissing.

I took Niyanta to the bed and once again took her in my arms and started sucking her melons one by one while caressing the other one with my palm and once again she started enjoying my tender love making, she was moving her fingers in my hairs while moaning and continued feeding me her milk and I chewed her large erect nipples for really long.

Gradually I moved down and kissed her navel and then further down to her love opening and separated her thighs apart and this time she did not protested much and gave me full access of her fuck opening and I started licking her cunt tenderly and tried to explore her virginal walls with my tongue. Niyanta was moaning and gradually her moans were rising.

I was looking at her tiny pink hole in between while licking as now I was planning to enter in that tight channel. I continued sucking her tenderly showing no hurry and lied down in a posture bit sideways so that Neha can access my penis and I called Neha to suck me. Now we all three were on bed enjoying real threesome, first time we all three were involved in sexual activity at the same time as we see in movies.

Ohh…. God Neha was sucking me hard to make me hard again, but I had to suck Niyanta tenderly not letting her go too far. With in couple of minutes I was hard but I wanted to suck Niyanta more, I could feel that she needs more lubrication so I stopped Neha and turned and came on my knees and arms to suck Niyanta.

Niyanta cooperated and made a wider V from her legs and I went further inside her fuckhole. I opened her fuckhole with my fingers and one again tried to find out her clitoris with my tongue and it worked again, Niyanta trembled with a jerk. I did that again and she trembled again, I rubbed that portion of her fuckhole with my finger and Niyanta moaned loud and stopped me.

By now she was wet enough to take my monster inside tight fuckhole, but before that I had to convince her and to do that I moved and lied on her top and started kissing her and she responded to my kiss. I was laying over her top between her folded thighs and my penis was touching her naval,

I moved bit down and then moved up and rubbed my hard penis on her opening and she moaned loud and griped me tight, I did that once again and she went mad and griped me even harder and puffed in pleasure. “Niyanta….I want to fuck you, …please don’t say no….. mujhe daalne de apne andar….. warna main marr jaaunga tadap tadap ke (let me put it in.. else i will die with this tension)”…

I spoke in sensual voice and then spoke again while caressing her forehead “Niyanta aaj choddne de mujhe …..please….daalne de apne andar (i’ll fuck you today.. pls let me put this in)” and then I spoke again, “main dheere dheere karunga….. tujhe jayada dard nahi hoga…. (i’ll do it slowly without causing you pain)” I was still rubbing my penis and balls over her love opening while saying that and Niyanta was going wild in pleasure,

“please…. Please….. aise matt karo….please mera ho jaayega (dont do like that… i’ll cum)” She tried to stop my movement by holding my hips. I stopped rubbing my penis over her fuck opening but moved my palm over there and spoke again while bushing my lips over her cheek, “Aaj mujhe Chodna hai tujhe……kholne de mujhe apni Chut (i wanna do it today, let me open your pussy)”…. Niyanta’s thighs were somewhat trembling in fever,

I could feel it over my palm…”Boll Niyanta…Chodun tujhe ya fir Chut dobara chatwani hai? (tell me niyanta.. you wanna get fucked ot sucked) ” I asked her in sensual voice Niyanta was at her best, she was trembling in lust and I could see that she was getting out of control “nahi…… Chodo mujhe…..… please daal do mere andar….. jo karna hai karo mere saath …… (no.. pls fuck me..stick it inside me.. do whatever you want with me..) just fuck me…”

Ohhhh… god….finally Niyanta gave her consent and that is in Hindi “Chodo mujhe (fuck me)” hardcore Hindi words from her mouth were so arousing that my erection got double, moreover I got what I was trying to get from last so many days. Niyanta was ready to have sex and I could see that she was burning in desire to get fucked, I don’t know from when this fire was lit,

may be since evening from the time I was here to fuck Neha and I could realize that all my acts took her to such peak that she surrendered herself. Right now her body was demanding a real man and it was me who was going to fulfill demand of her body. I got up and sat down on my knees between her spread legs and lifted her fleshy thighs a bit and opened her fuckhole with my both the hands to see her virgin love opening,

wow she was so pink and wet like hell and her fuckhole was somewhat trembling or twitching in desire to get stuffed. I looked up Niyanta was looking at me while puffing, I jerked my penis couple of times and placed tip of my erect rod on her top and she trembled in fear. “please Condom lagga lo” Niyanta spoke in puffing voice as she could see that I have not covered my rod with rubber.

“daalne de mujhe bina condom ke, kuch nahi hoga…. Neha ke pass pills hain (let me do it without condom, nothing will happen.. neha has got pills)” I spoke while looking at her. “waise bhi Tuesday ko isski date hai (anyway tuesday her date is due)” Neha spoke, she was laying beside Niyanta, “it’s Friday night….you are in safe period” Neha spoke again this time while looking at her friend, and then she spoke again “Bhaiya daal do aur andar hi chhod dena, kuch nahi hoga (brother.. put it in and cum inside her.. nothing will happen)”

with that Neha went closer to Niyanta and caressed her hairs to give her support. I moved ahead and rubbed tip of my penis on her opening 3-4 times up and down and Niyanta went mad and moaned feverishly through out the rub, “OHHHHHHHhh…. God….. Bhaiya…..please…. please….nahi….uhhh..” she released another stream of dense juices from her fuckhole, I thought she cummed, “nikal gaya kya? (did you cum ?)”

I asked her “nahi….but please…aise matt karo…. Nahi to nikal jaayega (dont do that way.. else i’ll cum now itself)” Niyanta spoke and from her voice I could see that she was on fire. Finally I squeezed my tip in her tiny opening and started pushing myself slowly into Niyanta, ohh… God what was that, I could feel her fuckhole getting ripped slowly,

I was getting inside her very slow and I think it was hardly an inch of my hard penis which made Niyanta’s mouth tore open in a big painful cry, Ahhhhhhhhhh……. Ahhhhh…… Ahhhh……I did not bothered about her cries and my rod was still going inside Niyanta slowly and I was crushing her womanhood well, I was feeling every fraction of my monster rod sizzling and reaming into Niyanta.

Her big breasts were bursting, and nipples were rigid with excitement. My penis was brutally filling her cunt inch by inch. Suddenly Niyanta tried to squeeze her cunt on my penis, may be to lessen her pain and I felt so good as she tightened my penis between her cunt and I too moaned loudly and uttered,

“Ahhhhhh……. Niyanta, I will fuck you baby I will fuck you” and with that I tried to go deeper in her fuckhole and moved my hips forward with jerk and I went inside Niyanta deeper. Ohhhh God… what was that, Niyanta just got out of breath and could not speak anything and got unconscious for few seconds.

I was sensing her condition, she was in extreme pain, Neha was already caressing her hairs, I leaned over Niyanta to kiss her, she did not responded to my kiss for a while but reacted when I continued, I looked into her eyes and our eyes met, she was looking beautiful while laying under me with painful expressions,

till now I was more than half inside Niyanta and it was really difficult to move ahead as her cunt was really very tight and boiling, but I was left with around 3 inches to go and now there was only one way to insert that “ Bas Niyanta ho gaya,…… meri jaan….. bass ho gaya…… hmmmm…bass bahut thoda sa baaki hai (almost done… almost done baby… just some more left…)”

I was caressing her forehead and with that I pulled bit of my rod out of Niyanta and made another fucking stroke inside her tight channel with lot of power and touched the deepest edge of her fuckhole with my rod, I was completely inside Niyanta, till the root of my penis, I could see that she could not sense anything as the pain was beyond her ability to bear and I cannot write her condition,

she was in the state that she could not even scream, because she was out of breath. I was laying over Niyanta after putting my whole monster in her tiny fuckhole and she was holding me very tight to bear the pain, tears rolled down from her eyes and after few seconds of last fucking stroke which tore her fuckhole completely she cried with an open mouth 4-5 times like,

“ahhhhh….. Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhh…….“ I remained unmoved for next few minutes and came over her completely and started sucking her breast nicely; with lot of care, just to make her recover from the pain. I loved both of her melons one by one and for reasonably good time and now slowly she started moaning in pleasure and her pain seemed getting subsided,

though she was in pain and breathing heavy but she was adjusted with the pain and I could see that she was feeling much better than before. I lifted my head and looked into her eyes and as I saw her face, a strange sensation passed through my body as she was looking beautiful laying naked under my body, holding my penis in her fuckhole, her body was so soft and fleshy that I was feeling as if I am laying over very soft mattress.

I caressed her cheek and spoke, “bass ho gaya ab…. Pura andar jaa chukka hai hmmmmm…. (almost done.. its gone completely in(” I spoke again after a small pause, “abb main dheere dheere andar bahar karunga…..theek hai? (now i’ll move it slowly in and out..okay ?)” hearing that Niyanta got bit conscious and her breath got heavier, “please dheere dheere hi karna….. fast matt karna (do it slowly…not fast)” Niyanta spoke and somewhat requested me,

I placed my lips over her and kissed her like a true lover by moving my tongue around her inner cheek wall and while doing that I pulled out bit of my penis and pushed it back. Niyanta cried again in pain, though I was gentle even then she got hurt. I did that again and she cried again, one more time and once again she cried with pain.

I continued this for a while with slow and short strokes and soon my hard penis made his way and my movement got easier, as Niyanta released more juices and her fuckhole got more lubricated. Niyanta was still in pain but somewhere pleasure was overcoming pain gradually as I could hear pleasure moans in between her painful cries.

Soon heat started rising in my body and with that my energy increased and now my inward strokes were fucking Niyanta properly. I was fucking her with long deep strokes and my balls were pressing her cunt powerfully every time I moved inward as I was trying to get deeper and deeper inside her with every stroke.

Niyanta was still in pain but blend of some kind of weird pleasure was also mixed with that painful experience and she was unaware of this lovely feeling till now I could see that apart from being in pain Niyanta was enjoying this as well her pleasure moans were telling her state. I was fucking best friend of my sister and she was holding me firmly,

I was enjoying Niyanta’s virgin body as much as possible, moreover now Niyanta could feel the pleasure in which Neha was moaning some time back and like her I was also moaning in pleasure of fucking tight fuckhole. Niyanta was getting closer to her orgasm I could see, her moans were changed now, she was puffing strangely and now every thrust I made inside Niyanta,

it took out shattering gasp from her mouth and she trembled as if she will reach to her orgasm now, with this stroke. Don’t know why I slowed down my pace and finally stopped for a fraction, may be to last her orgasm for some more time and Niyanta got more uneasy and screamed “please…. Please….. fuck me….. Bhaiya….please …..tez tez karo (do it fast)”

She was at the verge of her orgasm and I started vibrating inside her again and now I was fucking her fast and gradually my speed was increasing, I was still in control and trying to read her body’s demand and from her gesture I could see that she was demanding more and more speed.

I started screwing Niyanta like I use to screw Neha with quick and short strokes, and I could see that Niyanta was trying to bear that pain and moaning in pleasure. Soon my hips started bouncing madly up and down in a steady rhythm and my penis was ramming Niyanta’s slit more furiously. Her breath was coming in shuddering, heaving moans.

Her hands were around my back thick fleshy thighs were wrapped around my waist, and her fingers were clenching my shoulders. Niyanta’s cries were getting sharp and erotic with my rising speed, Niyanta was totally crushed under me and suddenly Niyanta’s cries became sharper, and faltering gasps rose in pitch and volume and her orgasm become visible.

“Oh… oh… ohhh… ohhh…. OHHHHHHH!” She arched suddenly and tried to crush me in her arms and thighs and her body started trembling in fever. Tidal waves started hitting her body one after another and she started Cumming with jerks over her pelvis. Above her I was also about to blow and finally I squeezed my buttocks to spew out my junk and finally buried myself deep in Niyanta’s flesh.

I got up slowly and tried to look down at Niyanta’s fuckhole. It was swollen and badly ripped, she was no more virgin now, I was trying to find out blood spots but as such there was nothing like blood, I could only see bit of pinkish liquid on my rod near root of my penis “what are you looking for” Neha asked me as she saw I am looking for something, before I would have replied she asked again,

“blood….” I smiled on that and moved my head in yes, “bleeding hui thi, but bahut thodi si… maine dekha tha peeche aakar (she bleeded.. i saw from her behind)” she spoke again and confirmed. We both were exhausted and I was nearly dead. We all three lied there for long time and got up together; we me and Niyanta went inside the toilet together and came back and wore our clothes.

Neha was cutting down the fruits and soon called us in Niyanta’s bedroom. More or less it was like Neha’s bedroom, even she did not had bed, only two mattress were there on the floor. We ate lot of fruits and lied again next to each other and I was in the center of the two females. “kal ka kya plan hai? (whats plan for tomorrow ?)” Neha asked me, and then spoke again,

“rather you have two days, Saturday and Sunday, Monday ko Niyanta ke saath matt karna, Tuesday ko isski date hai (dont do with her on monday.. tuesday her date is due)”
“tomorrow night both of you will stay at my place” I spoke after thinking a bit and then spoke again, “you will call my mom just to chit chat and tell her that you are getting bored as there is a holiday for three days”…. “surly she will call you to stay with her and you will say that Niyanta will be alone then”

I was somewhat instructing as I knew my mom very well, that as soon as Neha will say that her friend will be alone, she will invite her as well and that’s what we needed. So things got fixed for next day, we all slept beside each other there in Niyanta’s room after lot of sex talk and casual chit chat as well, and in morning around six when I got up I was hard.

I went to toilet to pee and came back, by that time Neha was awake, may be she was waiting for me to get up, and we started again, I kissed and took off her clothes one by one and I fucked Neha calmly in missionary and avoided Cumming inside her as she was not in safe period neither I was wearing Condom.

By the time I released my cum over her belly Niyanta was also awake, rather she saw us fucking for a minute, “mazza aagaya tu bhi karwa le ek baar (had fun.. you also get it done once again)” Neha spoke to Niyanta as she was over after releasing her cum. “nahi isski main raat ko lunga….. peeche se daalke…. wo bhi apne bedroom mein (no.. i’ll take her tonight , that too from behind.. in my bedroom)” I spoke in between while getting up and looking at Niyanta, and she blushed.

“Ok?” I asked her, she smiled and said ok after few seconds in low voice. After basic morning courses I came back to my home and slept for some time and came to office for the usual half day as it was Saturday. As expected around 12 my mom called me and told me to pick Neha and Niyanta while coming back home, and as expected I said yes to it.

That day both the girls were wearing salwar kameez and both of them were intentionally arousing me by showing there cleavage and many times Niyanta touched my fingers while giving me cup and tray of snacks and Neha rubbed my thigh whenever she got chance and all such things were arousing me a lot and both were laughing and teasing me.

Finally after long chit chats, lot of TV watching, and carom we were together for dinner and after dinner one by one everyone went to their beds including me and both the girls. Time was well passed to 12 when I got a knock on my door. Who else, it was Neha and Niyanta both and Neha was holding few pieces of Condoms for herself.

Among two, it was Niyanta’s turn and throughout the day I was thinking that how will I feel when Niyanta will suck my penis. By the time Niyanta and Neha came back to the room after using toilet, I was sitting stark naked resting my back with a wall while jerking my rod up and down with my hand.

“Niyanta aaja bed per, aur choos issko achhe se (come onto bed and suck it well)” I spoke to Niyanta and then spoke again to Neha “Neha issko sikha Lund kaise chuste hain (teach her how to suck a cock)” Neha smiled and Niyanta got bit nervous but I could see that she was confused but not reluctant to do that. It was not that I was saying erotic words just to arouse the girls, rather I was heavily aroused because of two and unintentionally I was using such statements.

Anyway I got up and went to them and kissed Niyanta lightly on her lips and tried to lift her kurta, and spoke again to Neha, “Neha pahle to nanga kar issko (first make her nude)” then I spoke again, “aaj raat bhar main issko sone nahi dunga…… raaat bhar isski achhe se khol kar lunga (all night i wont let her sleep.. and will fuck her by opening her well)” by this time Niyanta standing just in bra and panty, as at the same time I lifted her Kurta and Neha tugged the string of her salwar and her lower raced down to her feet.

“pahle isska doodh to pee lun” I pulled down the straps of her bra and started sucking her nipples while saying that and Neha unhooked her bra from behind and took it off from her shoulders. Niyanta raised her head in pleasure and moaned nicely in pleasure as I started sucking her big erect nipples.

Within few seconds my hands were exploring Niyanta’s bottom as her panty was pulled down by Neha just then. I moved my finger over her wet slit while chewing her nipple and she moaned bit louder and gripped me tighter and moved her fingers in my hairs. “bed par chalo” Neha spoke from somewhere.

I took her to bed and lied on Niyanta’s top and once again started kissing her and sucking her big melons. I saw that Neha was also taking off her clothes and soon she joined us on bed and came closer to us and tried to kiss me. I kissed her as well in between squeezed one of her melon and spoke, “ab tum dono mera Lund chusoge hmmmm, issko sikha kaise chuste hain (now you both suck my cock… teach her how to give a blowjob)”

with that I got up from Niyanta’s top and tried to make her sit by pulling her up from her shoulder and she sat down. I came on my knees and moved close to Niyanta’s mouth and spoke while caressing her head and hairs, “Niyanta chus issko achhe se….(suck it well) good girl…. Ye bhi sex ka hi part hai (this is also part of sex)” my one hand was over Niyanta’s forehead and other one was busy in jerking in my rod.

Neha motivated her by just pushing her from her shoulder lightly towards my penis without saying a word and Niyanta moved her face ahead and opened her mouth with lot of hesitation and took my penis between her rosy lips and took in her mouth. “ohhh…. God” I moaned in pleasure as I saw Niyanta’s beautiful face getting filled with my monster.

She was holding my hard penis in her lips very lightly and moving it in her mouth very slowly, once again I moved my hand on her forehead and pushed my rod bit inward and rubbed tip of my penis on her tongue and spoke, “achhe se chuso hmmm….. suck karo jaise lollipop chuste hain (suck more.. like a lollipop)” and Niyanta did that once, “ohhhh god” I moaned once again in pain.

Her mouth was dry so it was painful “use your saliva” I spoke while puffing and then spoke again while looking at her on my pelvis, “pahle achhe se Lund ko gilla karo, fir dheere dheere chuso hmmmm….” Niyanta sucked me again ohhh….. it was better but still painful. I could see that Niyanta was hesitating but I wanted her to do this regularly so there was only one way to vanish her hesitation, just to make her suck as much as possible.

I tried to push myself in Niyanta’s mouth and she coughed lightly as it went deeper in her throat. “Neha…. Issko chus ke dikha” I spoke to Neha. Neha moved ahead and took my penis in her hand and spoke to Niyanta, “you have to take out your saliva and suck it slowly, ek dum dheere-dheere….” With that Neha took my penis in her mouth and started sucking,

“wow mazaa aagaya…..” I moaned while saying that and pushed myself inside Neha’s mouth and rubbed cock tip in her cheek walls for a while and took out my penis and once again looked at Niyanta and spoke to her, “ Niyanta choos issko achhe se” once again Niyanta started and this time it was much better, Niyanta took out her saliva and started sucking my rod.

Soon I started moving in and out of her mouth by moving my buttocks and gradually Niyanta copped up with my inward movement and started moving foreskin of my penis up and down with her lips. I started caressing her hairs to see her face filled with my big and hard penis and spoke to motivate her, “Niyanta don’t hesitate, achhe se chuso issko,…

it’s a part of love making,…. tujhe shaadi ke baad apne husband ka bhi chusna padega” then I spoke again “main bhi to chusta hun tumhari Chut ko achhe se hmmmmm…..” I think Niyanta got aroused with my words and she suck me more affectionately and I moaned in pleasure she was getting better and better and by the time I stopped her she was doing it wonderfully.

I pushed her on her back and parted her legs apart and came on my knees and elbows and bent down to suck her and just before starting I lifted my bottom bit up and spoke to Neha “ Neha mera Lund neech ghus ke Chus” Neha went inside my legs and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking,

God….what a scene that was, once again it was proper threesome just like we see in porn movies, at my higher end I was buried between Niyanta’s fleshy thighs to suck her cunt and I was doing well, she was moaning in pleasure and at lower end Neha was lying between my legs and moving up and down while holding my thighs, as I was on my four and sucking her best friend.

I stopped Neha and turned around tried to make 69 while saying, “Niyanta 69 karte hain” I was sucking Niyanta and Niyanta took my penis in her mouth and this time from the very first second she was amazing, it was perfect suck for a person like me, Niyanta was using lot of saliva while sucking my rod and did not showed any hurry.

It was so pleasurable that I stopped sucking her so that I can enjoy her sucking without getting involved in sucking myself and started using my finger to fuck Niyanta’s cunt, in between Neha took my penis from Niyanta to suck but I stopped her by saying, “Neha chusne de issko” and Niyanta started again, at my end I was fisting Niyanta while getting sucked and soon she started moaning loud as she was gradually reaching to her climax.

I stopped exploring her cunt as I saw her fleshy thighs trembling in fever. Once again I lied on Niyanta’s top and asked her while kissing her cheek and brushing my lips, “Niyanta daal dun ab tere andar hmmm…” Niyanta widened her thighs to get me between her thighs, “bol…. daalun dun ya abhi aur chuswani hai” I asked her again as I wanted to arouse her with my words.

“Nahi bus ab daal do,…… Bhaiya please jaldi karo….. mera ho jaayega” Niyanta spoke while puffing in pleasure and I could see that she was really very aroused, but I was in mood to tease her for some more time as she was teasing me since 2, “no…. first say…..daal do mere andar apna Lund aur achhe se Chodo mujhe” I told her to speak hardcore Hindi words as they were really very arousing in her voice,

“come on speak up” I spoke again “Bhaiya….. please daal do mere andar……..Apna Lund aur mujhe Chodo achhe se” she spoke in a gasping voice while looking into my eyes, “bol kiss position mein chudna hai tune?” I asked her in which position she would like to get fucked, “aise hi dall do” she instantly replied as she wanted to get fucked desperately.

“nahi….. say….. mujhe ghodi bannakar peeche se Chodo” Once again I told her to speak Hindi sex words while getting up from her top and Niyanta also got to turn around and came on her four to get me from behind. “Niyanta look at me aur bolo jo maine kaha hai bolne ke liye” I spoke again and told her to speak what I have said while looking at me as by now I was behind her,

Niyanta turned around in the same position and tried to look at me and spoke, “mujhe peeche se Chodo, ghodi bannakar…..Ahhhhhhh……” she spoke all that in her sensual feminine voice and moaned loud with a jerk at the end of her statement as I was trying to find the exact location of her fuck opening with my finger and my finger just slipped in as she was ending her statement.

I penetrated Niyanta after bit of problem because her ass buns were really big. Oh god…… what a entry that was we both moaned together and Niyanta raised her head in pleasure as I pushed myself further deep after pulling me back for a fraction. Finally I was holding Niyanta’s fleshy and widely spread ass mounds and pumping her from behind,

though we both were enjoying but it was really difficult for me to fuck her from behind for long as her ass was really very big and fleshy and I was facing problem in pumping her fast and again and again my penis was completely getting out of her fuckhole. I tried to push her down from her upper half and she went down, Neha could sense what I am trying to do,

so she helped us to get into better position and holding her waist she tried to lift Niyanta’s bottom bit up and Niyanta got hint that what I am trying to do and she lifted her ass to give better access of her hole from behind, “Ohhhh…. God” I moaned loud and Niyanta also cried in pleasure as I was getting deeper in her hole from behind,

it was much better than before but still I could not stand up on my feet and could not attain my full speed. I stopped and took out my penis and spoke to Neha “isski knees ke niche dono pillow rakh de” Neha obeyed her elder brother so that her brother can fuck her best friend better. Once again I entered in Niyanta and because of pillows now I could fuck her much better.

I buried my whole penis in Niyanta several times from behind while moving slowly back and forward and pressed her cunt with my balls. At last, I moved with some speed, and began pumping my hips in a steady rhythm, driving my monster in and out of her fuckhole with lot of control.

But soon I dug my hands into her buttocks, held her huge hips tight and began to rock her back and forth, jerking her cunt up and down on my hard penis. With in few seconds I started losing control on myself and I got up on my feet and lifted Niyanta’s bottom bit more up and my speed increased like hell and now I was ram fucking her.

Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!” she cried.”Yes… UNhhh… Yes! Unhhh… Yes! Yes fuck you baby….!” I panted joyously. I was fucking her with rapid thrust and I think it was painful for her, though I could see that she was enjoying as well,

suddenly Niyanta tightened her legs and clamped my huge penis in her fuck hole may be to control my speed but I was already at the verge of the burst and I moaned like hell as it just took my breath “Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh!” “Hanh uhhhh maa, eeeeee ahhhhh….. mummy” Niyanta cried like a child as well, she too reached to her climax and it was a violent orgasm.

Her body got racked by heaving sobs as the dam exploded in her fuckhole. Her fingers were clawing the sheet and she was trembling with jerks as stream of pleasure was cumming out of her pubic area with sudden jolts. My own explosion was uncontainable now, I screamed and exploded with a shudder and jerked out my white sticky cum deep inside her tunnel.

I must tell you that in an air-conditioned room we both were sweating heavily, and completely exhausted and we collapsed on bed on the very next second. I regained in few minutes but I could see that I was no way near to fuck Neha but I had to, after all she was my sister, and for me there was only one way to get an erection,

and I told Niyanta to speak naughty and vulgar Hindi words and she did that and started making sentences on her own using proper Hindi hardcore objects and few sentences which she spoke in her soft feminine voice while jerking my penis were, “Bhaiya peeche se dalwa ke mazza aagaya…..” “bahut achhe se Choda aapne mujhe….. ab Neha ko bhi achhe se Chodna……”

“apna pura Lund isske andar daal deena” Niyanta was hesitating while saying all this and it was really very arousing to hear her saying that and soon I was bit erect. Now I needed a suck and that is from my darling Niyanta and she did that as well, I sat down around her neck and inserted my semi erect penis in her mouth and gradually started fucking her face properly,

I called Neha and she stood on bed keeping her fuckhole in front of my mouth and once again for some time we had proper threesome, I sucked Neha to arouse her more and soon I was in condition to fuck Neha. Initially I fisted Neha with my 2-3 fingers for long to tease her after she lied down to get penetrated so that I do not have to work hard with my penis and finally I succeeded in fucking Neha and making her cum nicely after covering my penis with a Condom.

Though it was not a long fuck and I busted my load within 4-5 minutes I was inside her, and Neha too busted and cummed in those 4-5 minutes as she was already aroused. I must say that my sister’s tight pussy is like a warm blanket for my fat cock which is craving more but fortunately for the time being Neha too got satisfied.

I remember time was well passed to 2:30 when both girls went out of my room but it was not an end of our threesome fucking weekend. Next day was Sunday and we had a booking of movie after lunch and after movie I was suppose to drop them home, rather I must say I was suppose to fuck them again and we just started taking off our clothes as we reached to there flat and I fucked Neha and Niyanta together,

I started with Neha and fucked her for couple of minutes in missionary without any protection and then penetrated Niyanta by keeping her one leg straight and other thigh on my shoulder and ripped her fuckhole for nearly same time, then I again took Neha under me and fucked her by keeping both of her legs on my shoulder and once again after few minutes Niyanta got stuffed in her cunt in missionary and I finally cummed inside her.

Though it was risk for Neha as she was in her unsafe period but we were ready to take that risk by relying on pills to enjoy this sort of threesome in which I was taking out my penis from one fuckhole and pounding other. Believe me friends, no doubt fucking a girl is really pleasurable but fucking two girls at a time is something out of the world.

Anyway that is ending of my first sexual experience with two girls together Neha my cousin sister and Niyanta her best friend. As expected even these days we three are enjoying life up to max and practically I am living in heaven with two of my fucking partners, I often stay at there place and fuck them one by one on the same bed and sometimes both stay on there beds and wait for me, I go in there room one by one and fuck them up to their satisfaction.

I must mention that after say around one month from my first fuck with Niyanta I took Neha to one mobile shop and bought her new mobile of her choice and there me and Neha spoke the truth to Niyanta that I have actually trapped her to fuck her and in response she accepted that after knowing this fact that Neha is involved with me sexually even she wanted to get sexually active with someone and when I approached her and she realized that she can get sexually involved with me she grabbed that opportunity and started sharing single cock with her best friend. So in the end whatever happened between me and Niyanta it was through mutual consent.


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