From Cousin Sister, till her Friend – 01

Part 01

Neha is my first cousin residing in Rajasthan with her parents, nearly 3-4 years younger than me, she is my maternal sister and we are more like a friends, and Niyanta is Neha’s best friend who also lives in Rajasthan in the same city. Nearly from last six months from the time Neha had finished her graduation in computers she was in my touch through sms, chatting and FB and all and gradually our sms es were getting bolder and bolder, non-veg and dirty jokes and double meaning questions and answers sort of things. Coming back to point, after graduation Neha was looking for job in her town but as such there was no such scope for her with the kind of qualification she had in that city.

Nearly after six months or may be bit more of her graduation my uncle called me (Neha’s father) and told me that Neha is coming to our city as she has cleared primary interview which was conducted in there city by a well known BPO company for the job in NCR. Ultimately Neha’s father gave me her responsibility to help her to settle down in the town in a separate flat in the safe locality.

Initially me and my parents insisted him (uncle) to let Neha stay with us as we have one spare room which we use as a guest room, but it did not happened because Neha was not coming alone, she was coming here with her best friend Niyanta. Later I came to knew that Neha and Niyanta were together from there childhood, from standard V till graduation,

even they applied for the job together and from the beginning it was decided that Neha will go out of town to work if and only if both of them will get selected for the job, and a vice versa means for Niyanta’s parents Neha was security of there daughter and for Neha’s parents Niyanta was playing same role.

Anyway after knowing this that she is going to stay separately with her friend I was disappointed because I wanted her to stay at my place, but I was happy as well which was obvious. I was about to meet her after long long time, especially first time after all those non-veg jokes and messages, but truly speaking not for a fraction I thought about her in that way.

Finally she boarded the train and I received her along with her friend. Now here if I will define Neha in words then I will say that she is not tall may be bit more than five and fair, with softly molded features with darkly lustrous eyes. I was meeting Neha after more than 3 years and in these three years she was turned into a real sex bomb.

Though I use to see her pics on FB, but seeing her in front eyes made a different impact on my sex hormones and in spite of the fact that she is my sister I could not stop staring her body. I must say that she was so much changed in last few years, or may be for the first time in my life I was looking at her with that lustful perspective. Her skin seemed utterly clear and smooth.

Her breasts were quiet heavy and big and well shaped as well, as compared to the girls of same age, and they always seemed jutting proudly out of her top. Neha has long hairs, ending few inches above her fleshy ass mounds; and her buttocks were luscious, spreading erotically, yet not too big.

At that time my little sister was wearing tight jeans and t-shirt and in this out fit I could easily make out size of her breast and amount of flesh she had on her thighs. On the other hand when I saw Niyanta first time on the railway station itself she did not appealed me at all, in the first glance Niyanta seemed very ordinary girl to me, bit shy, bit hesitant to talk to me.

I must say that she was having nothing in her gesture to appeal a boy sexually or otherwise. Niyanta was above avarage looking girl, fair in color with bit of pimples on her cheeks, bit overweight for her height, she was any day taller than Neha with heavier breasts which were not at all in good shape like Neha my cousin’s juggs were, with that Niyanta had bit of belly which Neha did not had.

As far as bottom is concerned Niyanta had heavy and spread ass mounds and thick fleshy thighs, any day fleshier than Neha’s thighs, actually she was fond of eating and never gave a dam to her body unlike Neha who was very conscious about her figure. Truly speaking I never gave my glance to Niyanta’s body in that way which was obvious, having a babe like Neha next to me how could my eyeballs will move to her.

Anyway Neha and Niyanta lived in our house in guest room for 4-5 days and joined there jobs and by that time I looked forward for their accommodation on rent. For those 3-4 days I had attraction to go home as soon as possible from my work place as I wanted to spend time with the girls especially Neha,

and I could feel that even Neha was attracted towards me and we use to talk to each other till late night while sitting in living room with any dam channel on television. As such our conversations were ordinary but sometimes light naughty jokes came in and this increased our frankness with each other.

I don’t know about Neha’s mind state but as far as I was concerned, because of these late night chit chats, I was going crazy for Neha, though she use to address me Bhaiya which means brother I was not letting go any chance to stare at her physical assets and I think she was aware of this that I look at her body in that way because couple of times I was caught by her staring at her cleavage which was quite visible from her night dress.

And after those late night chit chats I never hesitated masturbating while thinking about my little sister before going to sleep. As far as Niyanta was concerned she was also there and like Neha she also use to address me Bhaiya but I never gave a thought to her moreover she never joined us in late night chit chats.

Finally on weekend in the morning itself, nearly 11 or 12 I took both Neha and Niyanta to there new accommodation with the luggage after throwing in the stuff in there two bedroom flat we moved out to shop basic things which was urgently required, like mattress, bucket and kitchen utensils.

By the evening we all came back to there new accommodation and after arranging things I took them out for movie and came back to my place leaving them after dinner. Through out the day I had plenty of Neha which was more than enough for me to masturbate and I did that, in the night once again I was jerking my hard penis while thinking that my sister on her four and myself pumping her from behind.

Gradually our life came on track and our meetings stopped, As such I was in touch of only Neha as once again our messaging was started from her new local number, moreover now I could feel that limits of dirtiness of our messages were getting wider.

Suddenly one night our limit got even more wider, I remember it was Friday night and I was well awake in the night watching some Hollywood movie when I received one light naughty joke from Neha, in response I wrote down that I have one Hardcore Hindi Non-veg message if she want that, Neha wrote back “please send”, I massaged her a real hardcore Hindi written in English massage, in which the words we use in Hindi for Penis that is “LUND” was written.

She responded back with a massage “Purana hai, kuch naya hai to bhejo”, I was really surprised and laughed on that and realized that she is any day naughtier than me. After that I responded with a question in Hindi written in English which means “you haven’t slept till now” she responded with “No” and asked me “can we talk?” Instead of replying through sms I called her.

I remember it was our first late night secret call in which we had proper sex talk, as till now we just use to message each other, either bit of dirty jokes or double meaning statements. As such our conversation started casually by asking each other that what I am doing and what she was doing. She told me that her friend Niyanta has slept in her room and she is still awake and as such she has nothing to do.

I told her that I was watching movie for which she asked “which movie?”, I told her the name of the movie ( The Terminal) she responded with a “ok” initially and then said, “mujhe lagga kisi aur type ki movie dekh rahe the” which means I thought you are watching some other type of movie. I could make out what she meant even then I asked her just to confirm,

“What type?” “wohi jo iss age mein sabhi ladke- ladkiyan dekhte hain” she responded with bit of giggle. “Haan wo bhi dekhunga, before going to sleep” I replied immediately. “Do you have such movie in your laptop” Neha asked back. “hmmm…. many” I replied, “ok” she replied with just one word, and even on phone I could make out that she wants to say something but she was hesitating to speak.

“what?” I asked back, “nothing” Neha spoke, “you want to say something” I asked my sister again, “no” “speak up, why are you getting nervous?” I somewhat forced her to speak up. “Nothing, I just wanted to say……….” Neha stopped in between, “ab bol bhi de yaar…. itna kya sharma rahi hai” I laughed while saying that. “mujhe bhi dekhni hai” finally she spoke what she wanted to say,

means “I also want to see” “what, blue film?” I asked back “haan, wohi” she replied “ok, I will make 2-3 DVDs and give it to you” I replied with bit of smile, “when?” she asked back immediately. “Monday….. I will come to your place after office” I replied and then spoke again “I will come after 6” “Ok” she replied with just one word, and then spoke again “am I disturbing you” Neha asked me again, “no why?”

“I mean if you want to see your movie you can ?” “no …no that’s fine, I am enjoying talking to you” “ok” she replied, “so how is your job going” I asked Neha tried to divert the topic for a while, “good” she replied, “what about your job?” she asked back, “I am well settled in my job, as such koi tension nahi hai” I replied, “hmmmm…. So by what time you get free?”

My younger sister asked me casually, “normally by six” I replied, “and how far your office is from house?” another question from her side, “hardly 5 Km it’s very close to the place you live” I replied, “to fir kal hi de dena DVD, I mean….. I will be having two days to watch it freely” Neha needed those porn movies as soon as possible and she requested me to give it to her next day so that she can watch it on Saturday night.

“Ok tomorrow I will come after lunch and take you out somewhere as well” I replied with smile, knowing her eagerness to watch porn. “Have you seen such movie earlier?” this time I asked her, she went silent and did not uttered a word for few seconds, “what happened?” I asked her again, “nothing” she replied, “tell me, have you ever seen xxx movie?” “Haan dekhi hai” she replied in low voice.

“when?” I asked her again “long time back” “kiske saath” (with whom) once again Neha went silent in response of my question, “come on why are you getting conscious, I am your friend” I spoke casually, “ek friend ke saath” Neha spoke with bit of hesitation, “boy friend?” I asked back casually and truly speaking from my side it was a fluke and I was expecting that she will say no to it,

but once again she went silent, and once again I tried to relax her by saying, “come on Neha I am your friend, speak up, I will not tell anybody” even then I could not guess that what she is going to say, I was thinking that she is just hesitating to say but for me it was sort of shock when she said “yes” to it, that earlier she has seen xxx movie with her boy friend.

“do you have a boy friend?” I was shocked and she could understand this from my tone of asking, “tha… ab nahi hai, hamara break up ho gaya hai” she replied with bit long sentence after long. “Ok, so you use to watch xxx movie with him?” I asked her to confirm, “haan” she replied with yes and I could sense bit of fear in her voice. “and then?”

I asked again, “then what?” she asked back, “I mean uske baad kya karte the?” I rephrased my question “nothing” she replied, “kabhi sex nahi kiya apne boy friend ke saath?” this time I asked her straight forward, and to my surprise she did not uttered a word in response. For a fraction I skipped my heart beat because for me her silence meant yes, and I was right,

but Neha did not accepted that casually that she has experienced sex. I asked her again after few seconds when she went silent “come on tell me… I will not tell anybody” still there was no response, I thought that she had disconnected the line as there was no voice from other side, “Neha….hello are you there” I tried to confirm her presence, “hmmmm….”

She just hummed to say that she is listening. “tell me” I asked her again, “what?” she asked me again tried to behave innocent, “tumne kabhi sex kiya hai, kisi ke saath” once again I was straight forward in my question, and once again she went silent for few seconds and finally uttered “haan kiya hai” Neha my cousin sister excepted that she has experienced a male sexually,

I could feel the fear and hesitation in her voice. Though from last couple of minutes from Neha’s gesture and hesitation I could make out that she is going to say yes, even then strange sensation went through my body as she accepted that she has been fucked and because of that even I went silent for few seconds. “hello” this time Neha spoke to confirm whether I am there or not.

“hmmm…” I signified my presence by just humming, and said “good”. “aapki koi girl-friend hai?” this time my little sister asked me about my personal life. “tumhari tarah mera bhi break up ho gaya hai” I replied, “ok” and after few seconds she asked again, exactly what she wanted to know, “aapne kabhi sex kiya tha usske saath?” “haan… paanch-chhe bar( 5-6 times)”

I replied and accepted that I have also experienced female sexually, “ok” and then Neha asked again “aapka break up kyun ho gaya?” “She was here on internship from Bhopal, so after 6-7 months she went back” I replied and nearly detailed my whole relation with that female in one sentence. “tumhara break up kyun hua” this time I asked Neha, “wo aadha pagal tha, maine hi chhod diya ussko” she replied.

“ok” I replied, and then spoke again casually, “so you’ve already started enjoying life?” …“It was long time back,…… more than a year back” Neha replied after few seconds …. “app mujhe kya bol rahe ho, aapne bhi to kiya hua hai” Neha replied in two sentences with bit of pause in between. “haan…. Mauka mila tha to kar liya” I replied. “by the way how old is this matter,

and what was her name?” Neha asked me, “7-8 months back, and her name was Indu…. She was nearly of your age” I replied and gave my sister little more detail than she asked, “what was your boy friend’s name?” I asked her, “Deepak” “ok”. “So do you miss him (boyfriend)” I asked her sensual voice, “no…not much…but kabhi kabhi lagta hai break up nahi karna chahiye tha”

Neha replied, and then she spoke again, “at least kuch to hota life mein”….. “sex hi sahi” I spoke and completed her sentence, “hmmmm….” She just hummed and accepted what I said. Truly speaking friends by now I was fully erect and highly charged and now I wanted masturbate and that is on the name of my younger sister, moreover I was already rubbing my rod over the cloth and surfing blue movies in my hard disk to play.

“Fine I have a half day tomorrow, I will come to your place in afternoon, with movies” I spoke and then after a little pause I spoke again, “moreover if we can go for a movie in the early evening show?” “Just you and me,… not your friend” I finished giving my full proposal that I want to take Neha for movie and not her friend. “ok… waise bhi she is going to her relatives, somewhere near Old Delhi” Neha replied and confirmed somewhat dating with me.

“I think we should sleep now” I spoke, “ok… you will watch porn now?” Neha asked me after saying ok, “hmmm….I am already watching, in silent mode” “ok….aur uske baad, (means after that)” she asked me in naughty tone. “you know what will I do after that(masturbate)” I replied casually without any hesitation, and she laughed a bit on that.

“tum bhi to karogi(masturbate) abhi, sone se pahle” she smiled again, I could feel it and then spoke, “haan, now it’s really difficult to sleep without doing that” Neha accepted that she will masturbate before sleeping. With that our first telephonic sex chat ended and I did exactly what I was expected to do,

I masturbated visualizing Neha my younger sister totally naked in my arms and myself fucking her hard, and at the end cummed intensely and I was one hundred percent sure that at the other end my sister will be visualizing me while masturbating, that her elder cousin is fucking her hard.

Next day I was in the state where I could not spend 4-5 hours of half day of my office hours, I was continuously thinking about Neha that why she told me everything about her past so easily when she could have lied easily and I made conclusion that certainly like me she also wants to get more closer to me, but the question was up to what extend.

Anyway after office hours I simply rushed to Neha’s residence, it was Saturday and she had a off and that is why she was already waiting for me and as I called her from car she came out in the balcony and just said “I am coming down”. As she entered in the car and sat beside me I gave her couple of DVD’s and she took it with smile and kept it in her bag.

I took her to nearest mall and had lunch and through out the lunch we were not talking much and as such sex did not came in our conversation, but surly it was in the air. Again and again I was looking at her beautiful face and visualizing her facial expressions in sexual pleasure and as far as I could read her brain I will say that she was in more or less same state,

Neha was mostly silent and smiling in between while looking at me and when couple of times I smiled back to her she blushed. After lunch we came to the theater portion which was on the third floor onwards and looked for some current show and after buying tickets of some Hindi Movie we entered in the auditorium.

I could see that like me Neha was also not interested in movie, but nobody uttered a word and nearly after 30-40 minutes from the beginning of the show Neha kept her hand on my hand in the dark, I leaned a bit to hear what she wants to say, “let’s go home I don’t want to watch this movie”.

We both got up and came out and moved back to her residence, and by now I was really getting mad, I wanted to fuck my sister desperately and could not decide how to start. “By what time your friend will come back?” I asked Neha casually, “Not before 7 or 8, she will leave that place by 6”. Neha detailed me her friend’s schedule confidently as if she has no doubt in that.

I realized that if I had to do something I have to do it now, and I will not get a better chance for this as I could see from her body language and way of talking and the way she was looking at me and blushing, Neha was also somewhere expecting me to do something. I was driving to her flat while thinking that how I should approach or ask her and I saw a local market and

I stopped the car to get a bottle of soft drink and came back with the contents of large pack of CONDOMS along with two half liter bottles of soft drinks, by that time Neha was waiting for me in the car and she could see that I was taking something from chemist shop and she asked me that in soft voice by saying,

“chemist shop se kya liya?” “nothing much, ek disprin ki strip” I wanted to say then and there that I have bought CONDOMS, so that I can fuck you but it did not came out of my mouth, Neha also went silent after that and we reached to her flat.

She took both the bottles of soft drink to take it to the kitchen to pour it into the glasses and I saw her from behind, wow, she was so tempting from behind. Neha walked towards kitchen revealing her wide sexy ass mounds to me and they were enough for me to loose my control over myself and I simply threw all my morals and ethics out of window, and walked behind her till kitchen,

she was facing away from me and opening the bottle of soft drink to pour it into the glass, truly speaking at that time I could not think about anything else except sex and I was sure that even if she will reject my indecent proposal she will not tell anybody that I have asked her about having sex or I have tried to seduce her.

Finally I gather courage and moved ahead and held her from behind from her waist and moved my hand to her abdomen while rubbing and she moaned sexily like, “ahhhh…. ….” “Bhaiya……. Kya kar rahe hain?” I kissed on her neck from behind and brushed my lips closer to her ear and she moaned louder and tried to get away lightly.

I grabbed my sister little harder and pulled her a bit and took her ear lob in my mouth. Ohh… God Neha went crazy and trembled like anything in pleasure. “bas Neha….ab aur control nahi ho raha….main pagal ho jaaonga”

I spoke in soft voice keeping my lips closer to her ear and further rubbed my lips over her neck and along with that my hands moved up to her breast and I tried to cup them to squeeze but my little sister stopped me and immediately turned around and looked into my eyes. Wow what was she looking; I could make out lust in her eyes as well.

Neha just kept on looking into my eyes for few seconds, I think she was waiting for me to speak, I took out condoms from my pocket, (they were kept loose without any pack) and while holding few pieces I placed my palm over her palm and crushed them between both the palms. She tried to see and asked as well, “ye kya hai”, I pulled Neha closer to stop her looking at the thing and spoke,

“CONDOMS hain, jo main tumhare saath use karna chahta hun”….. “bolo karna hai?” this time it was straight forward sex proposal from a brother to his sexy cousin sister. And before Neha would have spoke anything I pulled my sister further closer to my body and hugged her tight, to press her melons against my chest and grabbed her nice ass mounds and squeezed them together.

She puffed in pleasure and hugged me even tighter, to continue enjoying and rubbed her pubic part with mine and groaned in delight. I parted her from me and next moment my hand went to her pussy, over the cloth, I rubbed her there, she gasped sexily, she was so hot at her cunt, I further pressed her cunt with my fingers and rubbed them furiously and murmured in pleasure,

“bol Neha karna hai na? nahi to aaj mujhe tera rape karna padega” “kar lo jo karna hai, mujhe koi problem nahi hai” my little sister responded in sexy moaning voice. I planted my lips on her lips, and she responded sexily and we sucked each other passionately. Once again after a small kiss I started fondling her body. I squeezed her melons nicely to make her moan in pleasure.

Wow what a seductive body my sister has at the age just 23-24 she was fully riped and ready to seduce. She was wearing tight dark green Lycra slacks and white kurti at that time and I was touching allover her body and she was enjoying my manly touch. Once again my hands went down there to her cunt and I pressed her love hole with my fingers and rubbed them furiously and murmured again in passion

“Neha aaj tujhe main nahi chhodunga” (I am not going to leave you today). Neha closed her eyes, held my shoulders tight and just moaned loudly in pleasure; she fully enjoyed that madly vigorous rub on her hot fuck hole. In just few seconds I felt that she is totally wet down there, as I was feeling bit of her pleasure juices on my hand through thin Lycra slacks.

She rubbed her hand over my penis to feel my hard dick. Wow her touch pleasured me so much, I kissed her hard and she responded to that equally. We both were getting mad in lust. I just lifted her kurti hurriedly then and there in the kitchen and took it off along with her bra, to take out her luscious melons, wow; they were amazing, so big and white and milky,

her nipples were so beautiful, I just went mad. I held on of her delicious melon tight and chewed her nipple with passion and sucked it nicely while squeezing it hard. Neha just went crazy holding me tight she moaned so loud and sexily and spoke in same fashion while moaning, “Ahhhhh…. Mmm…… Bhiaya chalo bedroom mein chalte hain”.

We moved to bedroom and with in no time I was eating my cousin like animal. I was sucking both of her juicy fruits and squeezing them fully for my pleasure. Neha was laying on bed half naked and I was on top of her, and I was fully enjoying her luscious body and she to was getting wild in this pleasure. Now she was heavily dripping down there, from her love hole, I could see the wetness on her slacks.

I turned her around to get a view of her lovely ass and she turned; Neha was laying on bed on her stomach, revealing her wide sexy ass mounds to me. They were so tempting, I just grabbed her flesh in my hands and squeezed them properly, and once again she puffed in pleasure.

Heat was rising in our body and we both were getting mad. Holding the elastic from her waist I pulled her slacks down along with her Panty. Wow Neha was stark naked in front of my eyes and I could see her ass mounds, they were so good looking with right amount of flesh on it. I got down from bed and started taking off my clothes and did not took more than few seconds to get naked.

By that time Neha turned and went ahead at the center of the bed and peeled the wrapper of one of the Condom, I was fully erect and as I saw Neha’s laying straight with spread legs taking out Condom my erection went double. She had a lovely cunt hole surrounded by white fleshy thighs, drenched in her own liquid as I sat down between her spread and folded legs and I touched her soft fuck hole tenderly,

Neha moaned and lifted her bottom to give more access of her fuck hole. Her pussy was neatly shaved but small hairs were there near her love opening. Slowly opened her pussy lips, her hole was pink in color and aroma of her love juices was enticing me to go wild on her, she was holding Condom in her hand and as I looked at her she gave it to me.

I wanted to get inside her just like that, but I held myself nerves and covered my rod with rubber and leaned over my younger sister after spreading her thighs wider and holding my erect penis I knocked her love opening by rubbing my rod over her slit. “Ahhhh……” Neha moaned loud in uncontrollable pleasure, that was enough for me and I pushed myself inside her

and in a fraction my throbbing penis crushed everything came in his passage and made his way inside Neha. Ohh…. God what was that…. loud moan came out of me as I was in heaven, Neha’s luscious body was under me and I was enjoying her tightness, she too was moaning as she was started getting fucked with steady strokes.

I covered her body completely with mine and wrapped her legs around my waist and continued pounding her love hole with my hard cock bit faster. Neha clenched my back with her nails in excitement and moaned in excitement, and from her voice I could feel that she is about to blast in orgasm, I was also reaching to my climax and excitement in our body was rising every second.

Suddenly Neha’s moan got turned into a shrill gasp and she cried differently and tried to stop my movement by gripping me hard between her thighs and arms, she was cumming and as I saw her trembling in powerful orgasm I too busted and buried my self deep in her womb and squeezed my buttocks couple of times to release my load and finally hollowed my balls completely in my sister.

With in 3-4 minutes of fucking we were completely exhausted and lied there as it is without clothes, we did not spoke anything for long time. I was realizing what I have done, and everything happened so fast that we did not got any chance to think over what we are doing. We both me as well as Neha were so excited and we both wanted to do this equally, I think all this was building up in Neha as well like it was in me,

from the time she was here in the same city and after last night’s telephonic conversation we lost control on our self especially me who took initial step of grabbing her from behind and at Neha’s end she did not resisted even for a fraction and let that thing happened. Finally after getting up and cleaning my self I waited for her to come out of toilet and called her addressing her name softly when she was collecting her clothes.

“Neha…” she turned and looked at me, I called her on the bed by raising my arm and she came closer. I took her in my arm and she came in without any hesitation, I kissed her on her lip for a fraction and spoke while looking into her eyes, “jo kuch bhi hua uss se koi problem to nahi hai na?” Neha blushed and looked down and moved her head in no.

I raised her head holding her chin to make her look at me and smiled while looking into her eyes and she responded with a smile. “main shaadi nahi karne wala tujhse (I am not going to marry you)” I spoke with more smile, “I know…… mujhe bhi nahi karni hai apse shaadi” she responded in same tone, “ye sab sirf masti hai” one more time I confirmed that our this relation is just for fun and she accepted one more time by saying “haan” and moving her head in yes.

“to fir abhi aur masti karni hai na?” once again my younger cousin said yes with smile by moving her head, Neha wanted to have sex again, so was I, moreover she was still naked sitting on my lap and my rod was nearly erect in my jockey. I lied her on bed again and again came on her top and kissed her like a true lover, slowly and tenderly we explored each other’s mouth making no hurry like last time.

Laying on Neha’s top I was still wearing my jockey and after breaking the kiss I lifted my bottom to take that off and asked her while looking at her, “have you ever tried oral” Neha moved her head in yes, “then let’s do it, maine kabhi nahi kiya (means I have not done ever)”. I moved bit down to Neha’s breasts and sucked them hard for a while and chewed her dark brown nipples which were hard and fully erect over her luscious reasonably big melons.

I was sucking her milky breast like a child while exploring her body curves with my hand and she was moaning loud in intense pleasure, with in few seconds Neha was back in lustful mood and she could not resist herself and started moving and lurching her bottom to rub her pubic zone with mine, though she was not touching me there and her love opening was getting rubbed on my lower abdomen but it was solving her purpose to pleasuring herself.

At my end I could feel her soft opening just above my pelvic and I could feel that it was getting wet as she had started releasing her juices again. I moved further down and lied on my front between her legs and holding her fleshy thighs apart I looked at her juicy fuckhole before started sucking. It was glowing wet, totally soaked in her own juices and slowly it was getting wetter and wetter.

I moved ahead closer to her slit and with a powerful lick from bottom to top over her vertical crack I pressed her fuck opening with my tongue. Oh…. God I cannot forget the way my sister trembled, some sort of current passed through her body and she shivered from head to toe with a loud moan. This really excited me and I licked her again and again and made here quiver erotically in fucking pleasure.

For me it was first time that I was licking female cunt and that is of my younger cousin and initially it was very creepy but the way Neha was moaning and trembling with my every lick was more than enough for me to continue that filthy thing and with in one more minute I was completely enjoying this bizarre way of making love. By now she was releasing her juices like a stream and I was trying to gulp each and every drop as more or less it was tasteless.

Because of my dedicated sucking Neha was roaming somewhere in ninth planet and enjoying getting sucked like anything and slowly she lifted her bottom little more so that I can access her love hole better and this aggravated me even more. I tried to suck her cunt hard and in excitement lifting her bottom a bit I took that whole portion in my mouth and tried to eat it while holding her tight from her waist.

Her inner and outer labia got chewed by me brutally and this took her breath and she tried to get away while crying. Neha’s cries were making me crazy and as she started struggling to get away I held her tight chewed her fuckhole as if I am going to eat it completely.

My god Neha was crying like anything and tried to get away but being a man and much more powerful than her I was dominating and she found nothing to hold except bed sheet and it got pulled badly by her in excitement, I did not let her get away and tried to continue sucking and eating her fuckhole.

With in few seconds Neha was at the verge of explosion and now instead of pushing me she tried to burry my head between her thighs by holding my scalp to stop movement of my tongue and lips over her pleasure hole, and by now her pleasure moans were turned into bursting gasps, she was crying in short intervals with broken breath, getting to her climax every second.

Finally her body got tight as I tried to open her cunt with my fingers while sucking and she got arched like bow and squeezed my head between her fleshy thighs and cummed with sudden jolts and trembled like fish while cumming. Neha orgasmed powerfully like never before, I could see it from her expression, she was totally spent and did not had strength to utter even a single word.

At my end I was drenched in my little sister’s love juices and enjoyed every single drop of her nectar. Neha got up slowly and tried to go to the toilet but holding her arm I pulled her and tried to kiss her. “kya hua mazza nahi aaya” I asked her after a tiny lip to lip kiss, She blushed with a smile “tell me” I asked her again, “aap to chhod hi nahi rahe the” she spoke with bit of smile.

“maine tumhari achhe se suck kar di hai, ab tum bhi mera achhe se suck karna” Neha smiled on that and got up to use the toilet. By then I was ready in the posture in which I wanted to get sucked, I was laying partially resting my back on wall(there was no bed, only two double bed mattresses were kept on the floor), initially I took Neha in my arm, kissed her for a minute and then pushed her lightly down to send her to her position.

Ohhh… God what was that, she took my rod in her mouth and sucked my cock tip lightly. Neha was holding my rod in her rosy lips sucking it calmly. It was paining but I held my nerves and tried to bear that pain. And next moment Neha moved her head back and forth and I saw my rod appearing and disappearing in her mouth. I looked at her pretty face.

Wow Neha was looking gorgeous while sucking my penis. Foreskin of my cock was off and my rod started gaining hardness still it was paining but I was getting aroused watching her sucking me with so much love and affection. Neha knew how to do it and she took out lot of her saliva while sucking and now I was getting pleasure. My rod grew further in her mouth and she rubbed her tongue on my cock head erotically.

I gasped in deep pleasure. Wow what was she looking while playing with my rod, really really beautiful? I was watching my penis going in and out of her mouth and her lips were griping my thickness nicely and her up and down movement was moving skin of my rod up and down which was giving me incredible pleasure.

After 2-3 minutes I stopped Neha as now I was ready to experience the tightness of her love hole one more time. Once again I entered in Neha in missionary position after putting on the Condom, and she moaned nicely with a real pleasure. She was laying under me and I was fucking her with nice fucking strokes showing no hurry while caressing her forehead while looking into her eyes,

certainly Neha’s fuckhole was tight and very pleasurable, above that her facial expressions and pleasure moans were arousing me, the way she was looking at me while getting fucked, and the way her breasts were jiggling with my in and out fucking strokes, moreover the thing which was taking me to my climax was that she was clenching her cunt around my cock again and again when I was rubbing my cock tip on the internal walls of her love tunnel while moving in and out of her.

She seemed so relaxed in fucking pleasure enjoying my every push inside her body, I could see that Neha was far from her climax and wanted to get fucked like that for long, and I was fucking her, the way she needed. But I was sure that I will not be able to last as long as Neha will because she had cummed few minutes back while getting sucked.

While fucking her I started talking to her, while caressing her hairs with an intention to excite her. “Neha… mazza aa raha hai, ya thoda tez tez karun, hmmmm…. Bolo” “hmmmm” Neha held me tighter while humming. “meri jaaan… tujhe kitna pyar karun hmmmm.. …. Batta…..tu itni pyari hai ki tujhe main raat bhar bhi choddta rahunga to bhi mera mann nahi bharega”…

I spoke again after couple of seconds “Neha ab tu puri tarah jawan ho gayi hai, aur ab jab tak tu yahan rahegi tere Rahul Bhaiya (me) teri jawani ka mazza lenge….. mere saath life ko enjoy kar jab tak teri shaadi nahi hoti”…..I spoke again in continuation “main to teri shaadi hone ke baad bhi main tujhe Chodunga, boll Neha Chudwayegi na mujhse shaadi ke baad bhi?”

As such that conversation had no sense it was just erotic words in sensual tone which played important role for me to take her to climax. Hearing such lines Neha got excited and grabbed me tight and unintentionally my pace increased and with in next one more minute I cummed, Neha also touched her peak as well for one more time and moaned loud while cumming. Once again we were dead and this time totally spent.

After relaxing for nearly 10 minutes we both got up and after cleaning our self we wore our clothes back. I asked Neha for that DVD and her laptop so that I can check whether it’s playing or not, and she gave it to me. Truly speaking friends till then I did not had anything in my mind for Neha’s friend Niyanta but as we logged in,

instead of checking DVD Neha started showing me her snaps of holiday spent in Goa with her friends and from there my perspective for her friend Niyanta changed. There were 4 friends of Neha who were gone there; I mean total 5 girls including Neha and all of them were in short clothes. Initially snaps were Ok but as we proceeded they got hotter and hotter.

Niyanta was playing in water wearing very thin short knickers sort of lower ending at the starting of her thighs with a cut sleeve t-shirt and both (lower and t-shirt) were totally wet. All of her friends were looking hot but I could not see anyone except Niyanta, because other than Niyanta I didn’t know anyone.

From those snaps which were taken by the sea beach I could make out that how fair Niyanta is inside the clothes with the how much flesh she has on her thighs moreover how big her breasts are. My god in next to next picture I could see Niyanta’s fleshy ass mounds as she was clicked while struggling with her friends (playing with them)

and at the time of click she laying on her stomach flat on beach with spread legs and looking behind at the person who was clicking, two of her friends were pulling her from her arms inside the waves. Out of more than 100 pictures there were many on which my eyes were glued I could see Niyanta in all posses in the sexiest outfit I could see and in couple of pictures half of her breast were coming out from the big neck of her t-shirt.

Though Neha was also wearing same sort of outfit but now for me Niyanta was point of attraction and I was not looking at Neha in pics at all. I was hard again and I wanted to enjoy these pictures in peace and for that I asked Neha for Tea or Coffee with some intentions and she went out to make it, with in 2-3 minutes I copied all her snaps and videos of that holiday

in my pen drive which I carry with my car keys and then searched for other material and found some casual photographs and videos of Neha with her friends including Niyanta in her collage campus and at home in there bedroom and living room. I copied all that stuff as well.

By the time Neha came back I was up with my work and I checked those DVD’s and played them from here and there to show her intercourse I saw last night on my laptop. As we did not had anything to do as we were not in state to have sex again, nor after having sex we were in mood to see the porn, moreover instead of watching that porn I would have preferred watching Niyanta in those pictures,

but I did not wanted to give any hint to Neha about my lustful feelings about her friend. We were just sitting and chit chatting while looking at the slid show of her pictures of collage. We kissed couple of times, I asked her about her ex boyfriend and how and where she had sex with him, and similarly Neha asked me details about my sexual experience with that trainee.

Time passed easily and Neha called her friend to ask her status, and Niyanta told her that she is coming by Metro and she will reach nearest metro station in 30-40 minutes. Neha and me came out to go to the metro station to pick her up and it was obviously my idea as now I wanted to see Niyanta,

by now because of glance of her milky and luscious body my sexual hormones were disturbed again. It is very rightly said by someone that man’s greed has no end, whatever man gets is never enough for him and I was feeling that statement applicable on me, because now I was looking for Niyanta after getting plenty of Neha.

But truly speaking at that time I did not had any idea that how I will get that, I was not sure that how Neha will react on this when she will come to know my intentions for her friend and it was for sure that I will not be able to anything in this context without Neha’s help. But before that I wanted to know everything about Niyanta and for me Neha was the only source for that.

I asked Neha about Niyanta casually while waiting outside Metro station and she told me everything even the things which I did not asked, starting from “she is my childhood friend” and all and in the end of long description, Neha added one naughty statement in Hindi may be to arouse me “Deepak aur aapke alawa sirf Niyanta ne mujhe nanga dekha hai” which means that except me and Deepak (Neha’s ex- boyfriend) it is Niyanta who has seen her naked.

I smiled on that and asked her in the same fashion about the boy friend of her best friend and my words were “tere alawa Niyanta ko aur kisne Nanga dekha hai”? Which means who else has seen Niyanta naked except you?” “no one…. She is a big coward” Neha replied. “Means she does not have a boy friend” I asked Neha again to confirm,

“hmmmm…… aur ho bhi nahi sakta, bahut darpok hai” once again Neha gave a same statement in Hindi that she is afraid of making Boy friend. “that means… seal shaadi ke baad hi khulegi” I made naughty statement about the her friend that her seal will break after marriage only. “hmmmmm……” Neha hummed to say yes.

“Does she know that you’ve had a sex with your boyfriend” I asked Neha “yes, she knows everything about me, and I know everything about her” Neha replied, “what about this….. I mean about you and me…. are you going to tell her this as well” I asked Neha again with some curiosity, “not today at least, ……let’s see”

Neha seemed confused whether she should tell all this, (about my and her sexual relation) to Niyanta or not. “Just let me know before telling all this to her” I somewhat ordered her “ok” Neha accepted. Suddenly I saw Niyanta walking towards my car in the back mirror (she was informed by Neha that we will pick her)

and I must say that now after watching her in short clothes in photographs same girl who was very ordinary for me in first glance was looking sexy now. Here I will say that the statement beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is very true. Now Niyanta’s simplicity was arousing me, and as I had a glance of her inner body, her fleshy physical assets were making me uneasy in my pants.

I wanted to be on top of her soft body and wanted to see her simple and ordinary face on sexual pleasure. “Let’s go for a movie” it came out of my mouth as Niyanta sat down on the rear seat, somehow I wanted to spend time with Niyanta. “Who me” Neha asked back, “all of us” I cleared “ok” Neha accepted with a smile.

I looked at Niyanta in the back mirror and asked her with my eyes and she accepted by moving her head in yes with bit of smile. Time was few minutes passed to seven and we had a show at 8:30, I informed my parents that I will be late as I am taking my younger sister and her friend for movie. As such there was no objection from my mom.

We had snacks sort of diner after buying tickets and during that I had eyes full of Niyanta and her fleshy body. Her heavy milky juggs and thick thighs which were trying to tear her stretchable jeans. Her simple face and hasitant gesture strengthened my desire to lay on her top to fuck her,

moreover it was a feast for my sex drive when Niyanta got up to get water and I had ample of her bottom’s view as she walked long facing away from me, Neha was sitting opposite to me that is why she could not make out that I am looking at her friend’s ass mounds while talking to her.

Anyway movie started and through out the movie I was lost in making plans to trap Niyanta on bed with her consent, more over I had to think about Neha as well that how I am going to talk to her. By the time I was coming back home after dropping both the chicks at there flat I was reaching to some metallic plans which had very calculated risk and I will be having space to step back.

After knowing this that Neha was also intended to get physical with me it was confirmed that my little sister was having very active sex drive, moreover the way we(me and Neha) had our second intercourse after having proper oral sex, this was also clear that Neha has a erotic taste of making love and she like experiments.

I think this was the key for me and I had to work keeping this in mind that convincing Neha is a basic step to get Niyanta on bed. After reaching home around 12:30 I called Neha to inform her that I have reached, by that time Niyanta was on her bed in the other room and Neha was watching porn on her laptop.

And she instantly asked me in Hindi that when I am coming next in low sensual tone, “aap dobara kab aaoge” “jab tum bulaaogi,……. by the way when are your dates of menstrual cycle?” I asked her in continuation casually. “why?” “Because I want to fuck you without Condom” “next Friday” Neha replied, “that means you will be in safe period on Wednesday and Thursday” I spoke as if I am making conclusion.

“Thursday is ok, but when?” Neha asked a genuine question as it was a working day. “We have to take off from our office” I suggested, “ok, I will pretend that they (her menses) have came day before” “fine…Now just get ready for the whole day, I will come by 9:30 in the morning” “no……, after 12 Niyanta goes in the after noon (there office time was different)” Neha replied and I accepted.

Somehow I passed next four days while watching Niyanta’s pics on my laptop and jerking off my load on her name. In between I was talking to Neha in the night everyday and at many places I intentionally took Niyanta in conversation and asked her whether her friend likes to watch such videos or not and Neha gave positive response for that and told me that Niyanta is fond of such movies and she masturbate regularly with a gap of maximum 4-5 days,

from these conversations slowly I was getting sure that I will be able to handle all this and will achieve my target someday. By the time the day came to meet Neha again I was ready to take first step for my next target named Niyanta.

Anyway I reached at Neha’s place as expected by that time Niyanta was gone to her work and me and Neha had good time together on bed, rather I must say that once again I had plenty of sex with my cousin and this time I saw that from the time we met, Neha was more open and was really very desperate to have sex and finally while laying together to have sex I found her much more active than last time, as such her hesitation was disappearing.

I did not asked her even once for oral and she started doing that on her own and sucked me hungrily to pleasure me and finally made me cum by giving a blow job and took my first load on her breasts to kill my initial excitement so that I can stay inside her for long and fuck her properly.

During intercourse initially she sat on my top and fucked her self suiting her pleasure then we tried doggy way and I pumped her as hard as possible and released my self inside my little sister’s fuckhole without any tension. For lunch I ordered Pizza and after some time one more session followed and I fucked Neha up to her satisfaction in missionary and once again at the end I released my seed inside my cousin.

Finally in the evening just before leaving I gave her couple of more DVD’s which was first step of my mission called Niyanta. I told her that these are my assorted favorites. Actually those 2 DVD’s were having more than dozen sexual intercourses and all of them were threesomes. Yes that was my plan; I wanted to arouse Neha for threesome till the time she gets ready for that.

Though all videos were not of our composition, I mean more than half of the videos were one male and two females and rest of them were two males and one female. Anyway I worked according to plan, in the night I called Neha as I use to call her every night and asked her whether she has seen those Videos.

Unfortunately she was not in state to see those videos and after half an hour of casual talk it ended. Neha’s menses started timely and lasted for 5 days. In the mean time I was in her touch as well but sex did not come in our conversation for long.

On Wednesday Neha was totally free from her monthly cycle and in the night we had long chit chat and in that telephonic conversation she told me that she is in safe period even after 3-4 days of menstrual cycle and somewhere she wanted me to be there at least once with her in next 3-4 days to have sex one more time in the safe period.

At my end realizing Neha’s eagerness, I took a step two and told her to watch those porn movies which were yet unseen. She played them while talking to me, and at my end I played same video and talked to her about those intercourses. I think my conversation at that time played important role in asking Neha for threesome so I am trying to write that as well.

Initially Neha played the video in which two males were fucking one female, “do you liked this type of videos?” I asked Neha, “Hmm… it’s good” Neha replied, “see how both the guys are enjoying her body” I spoke about the video in sensual voice, “hmmm…..” Neha just hummed “do you like getting fucked like that?” I asked her again in same fashion,

“hmmmm……” once again Neha just hummed to say yes without realizing what I have asked. “By two guys at a time?” I asked her again and rephrased my question more clearly, “no, how can it be possible?” Neha replied as she realized what I am asking, “kabhi imagine to kiya hoga, masturbate karne ke liye?”

I asked her again, “never” she replied, “then Imagine….you are on your four and one is licking you from behind and other one is inside your mouth” I spoke what I was watching hoping that she was also at the same part of the movie, “Hmmmm….. but it’s not practical” Neha replied, “practical hai tabhi to samne ho raha hai” I replied, “I mean its not practical in real life” she tried to clear what she meant,

I knew what she wanted to say even then I was hanging on with words, “can’t you see it’s real, this is not an animated video” I replied, “I know but ye hum logg to nahi kar sakte na (we cannot do)” Neha got bit irritated, “hmmmm… Ok……” I accepted and then spoke again “play next video” I told her and she played,

it was one man and two women show and with in a minute one female was sucking man’s penis and other one was getting sucked by the man of the movie on my screen. “see this, its really excellent” “hmmm……..” once again she just hummed. “What do you think about this?” I asked her and before she would have said anything I spoke again,

“from last few days I am fantasizing this” “hmmm….” once again she just hummed without realizing what I have said, “you know who is the second girl about which I fantasize?” I asked her, taking her attention over what I am saying, “who?” Neha asked back with bit of realization, “Ok tell me who is the first girl?” I asked Neha “me of course” she replied,

“then who is the second girl?” “who…?” “guess” I replied and told her to guess the second girl about which I fantasize, and before Neha would have realized and would have uttered her friend’s name I spoke “your friend, who else” “what” Neha asked back in bit of shock, “ya that’s true…. These days I fantasize you and Niyanta together while masturbating” I spoke clearly,

“don’t tell me?” Naha could not believe, “hmmm…. I am serious, we can do anything at least in fantasy” I replied, “ya that’s true” Neha replied, I wanted to speak up now but I was hesitating, finally I gathered courage and spoke again, “waise do you think it’s possible?” “what?” Neha asked back, “yehi, you me and Niyanta” I cleared what I wanted to say.

“you mean we three on bed for sex?” Neha could not believe what I was asking, “hmmmmm……..” I just hummed to say, “aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?” means have you gone mad. “yes you can say that” I replied, and then spoke again “jab se Niyanta ki wo Goa wali pictures dekhi hain main pagal ho gaya hun” “you mean you want to fuck Niyanta too”

Neha asked me again, “yes…” I admitted one more time and asked her in a flow. “Tell me is it possible?” “No..” Neha replied instantly, “why?” I asked back. “what why….. how can you do this?” I could feel that Neha was getting possessive in her tone and for me now it was real job to handle her. “see what we do is just for fun,

I hope you are not serious with me” I spoke and started convincing her and then spoke again, “tell me if you are getting serious,….. I will stop all this immediately … because I cannot handle this relation… After all we are first cousins” I spoke with lot of pauses, “hmmmm…….” Neha hummed again to say yes, “what Hmmmmm…. Tell me are you serious?”

I asked her again, “no….” Neha accepted that she is not serious with me, “this means we both are just having fun…..then let’s enhance our fun” I spoke casually, “haan aap aise kah rahe ho jaise Niyanta ready hai karne ke liye (means you are saying as if Niyanta is ready to do)” Neha spoke in bit of sarcastic tone, “pahle tum to haan bolo fir dekhte hain Niyanta ko kaise tyar karna hai

(means first you say yes to it, then we will se how to make her ready)” I replied instantly. Neha went silent I waited for her to speak and then spoke after few seconds and asked her, “tell me you are ready or not?” “I don’t know?” she replied, “then think about it….. I am sure it will be fun” I spoke and took a commanding position and then spoke again,

“see Neha before doing it with me, you already had an experience of this (sex), even I was also experienced……. Certainly in future we both will do this with someone else as well…….. But something like threesome is really very rare” I made a long statement and then spoke again after a small pause, “let’s give it a try, I am sure you will enjoy” I spoke again,

“see Niyanta is your best friend, and she is the only one with whom we can experiment….. I cannot think of trying this (three some) with anyone else” once again I spoke and could make out that I have won half of battle, because Neha never tried to speak in between to ridicule my proposal. “tell me…it’s yes or no?” I asked her again in same commanding tone,

“why are you asking me, ask Niyanta first?” Neha replied and tried to dominate me “I will ask her as well……. First you tell me, you are ready or not?” I replied in same tone with bit of dominating voice, “you will ask Niyanta?” Neha asked back in surprising tone, “No….. We both will ask her” I replied, “what…?? I am not going to ask her” Neha replied back in shock again,

“you just say you are ready or not?” “Leave rest of things on me” I asked her again in dominating tone. “Ok” Finally Neha agreed. I felt as if I have won more than half of the battle, convincing Neha was big thing for me and now I could plan to trap Niyanta in sexual lust. “Good… now we have to work together to convince her” I spoke “hmmmm……” Neha accepted.

“First of all from tomorrow you have to make her watch all these porn movies….. right now tell her that one of your female collogue have given you this” I was directing Neha, whatever I was planning from last few days. I did not wanted to approach her (Niyanta) directly, I just wanted to arouse her no matter if it will take time.

Anyway Neha told me that Niyanta was going to her relatives on Saturday morning to stay with them for the night and will return on Sunday afternoon, so as such there was no problem for us to have sex and once again after my Saturday’s half day at office I went to Neha and had pure sex with my little cousin in her safe period and did not used anything like condom to stop my cum to flow into her love hole freely.

Finally after two blasting fucking sessions with Neha I asked her about Niyanta and her reaction towards the blue movies. Neha told me that last night Niyanta was awake till 3 in the morning to see porn movies sitting beside Neha in her bedroom and she masturbated as well inside the sheet while watching, when Neha pretended that she is sleeping.

For me it was a positive signal that Niyanta is active this way at least and I just have to work in this line up and I may get the result. Anyway Neha was suppose to stay alone in the night as Niyanta was staying at her relatives house at the other end of Delhi, so I took Neha along with me to my place and she stayed at my house, officially in the guestroom.

Here from officially I meant that according to my parents she slept alone in guestroom but the fact was that she was in my bedroom till 2 and we had good time once again. And I must mention that this time when I was having sex with Neha I was talking to her about the threesome for which I was trying, just to arouse her, to enhance her desire for threesome.

Here I am writing bit of our conversation which we had during sex in my bedroom. “Neha main to intzaar kar raha hun, ki main kab tujhe aur Niyanta ko ek saath bed pe Nanga dekhunga, aur kab tum dono ki ek saath lunga”……… “tum dono ek ek karke mera Lund chusoge aur phir ek ek karke main tumhare andar daalunga” I was fucking Neha in missionary while covering her body completely with mine while saying this.

“aap bhi to chusoge hamari ek ek karke” Neha spoke in same fashion and I could feel that she was getting aroused.“ Haan Haan zaroor chusunga,……lekin pahle main Niyanta ki chusunga, fir teri chusunga” I replied in continuation. “nahi aap pahle meri chusna, main aapki bahan hoon” Neha was replying equally well and her words were arousing me and I could make out that unintentionally my speed was increasing.

We both were moaning but well in control as my parents were sleeping in next room. “theek hai pahle teri chus dunga, lekin Lund pahle Niyanta ke andar hi jaayega…. Aur wo bhi peechhe se” I replied and then spoke again, “saali ki seal main todunga” by now I was laying over Neha and fucking her hard and fast and Neha was enjoying up to max and suddenly she started trembling in orgasm and once again got completely shattered.

I too cummed inside her and released whatever I had in my balls. After that we came out once again in living room and while having coffee I gave Neha next plan of action. As I was discussing what to do next in Niyanta’s context I could make out that now Neha was fully engrossed into it and now she also wanted this to happen, and I was realizing that it could be the effect of my arousing statements which I was making while fucking her few minutes back.

Anyway now for us it was time to step ahead on this plan and as I said earlier, basic plan was to arouse Niyanta up to limit that she gets ready to have sex and giving her this knowledge that I and Neha are in sexual relation was also part of it. I detailed Neha next step that now she has to tell her friend (Niyanta) that she is having sexual relation with me with an important detail that it’s just to have fun and none of us, neither me nor she is serious about this relation.

Initially Neha hesitated to accept to spoke to her directly but I forced her to do so because I knew this as well that Neha was intended to tell this secret to her friend so finally she got ready. Finally we slept and next day I took Neha back to her flat and stayed there till Niyanta came back by afternoon and had a glance of her body once again and my intentions to fuck her got stronger.

Anyway I took a leave after Niyanta’s arrival and by now Neha knew that what she is suppose to do, she was going to talk to Niyanta about our sexual relation and she did that very well. Here I am writing down the conversation between Neha and Niyanta which is nearly word to word, as I have asked Neha each and every thing happened between after my exit.

Anyway just after my exit Niyanta straight away went inside her room and came out after changing into thin lycra knee length slacks and cut sleeves t-shirt which she usually wear in house and entered into kitchen to make tea for her self and Neha followed her to kitchen and spoke from behind, “I want to tell you something” “What” Niyanta asked back casually,

“actually me and Rahul Bhaiya had sex today” “What” once again Niyanta responded with the same word but her tone was changed drastically, she was shocked. “Today as well as last night” Neha spoke again, “what?” Niyanta was in utter shock and she could not think of saying anything and third time it was again same word.

“last night I stayed at massi’s(my mom) place and in the night we had sex” Neha gave her bit of more detail, Niyanta was still in shock and did not uttered a word for long and kept on staring Neha and once again Neha spoke “Haan, actually we both were,… from long time we were chatting and you know non-veg massages and all”……. “I mean we were attracted towards each other from long time,aur hum phone par sex ki baten karte the after I got shifted here,…… aur wo blue movies bhi Bhaiya ne hi di thi aur finally kal raat ko ho hi gaya” Neha made a long statement to cut a long story short “Neha what are you saying? He is your brother” finally Niyanta uttered “I know… but cousin hai, he is not my real brother, and we are not in love, it’s just time pass.

We both are not in relation at present so……..” Neha replied “so what?” “So we decided to have sex” Neha replied and completed her statement. “But agar parents ko patta chal gaya to? Niyanta asked back what if her parents will come to know. “nahi patta chalega, if you will not tell them, ” Neha replied, and then Neha spoke again

“and Bhaiya will come again on next Sunday for this, so……” “So what?” Niyanta asked back “I want you,…… I mean you should not be here,…… I mean… you know what I mean” Neha replied with pauses, “But where will I go on Sunday?” Niyanta asked back “you can go to your relatives” Neha suggested her, “No” Niyanta ridiculed that with a big NO in bit rude tone,

and turned back to do what she was doing and then spoke again, “I get bored there” “Please yaar dekh lena kaise karna hai, if you will stay here, hum logg kuch nahi kar paayenge, because I don’t want to tell Bhaiya that you know all this” Neha spoke in requesting tone, Niyanta turned and went inside the toilet and spoke while getting in,

“but main Jaaongi kahan sunday ko?” “Koi Achhee si movie dekhle cinema hall mein” Neha suggested her again, “I don’t have money to waste. (Niyanta spoke from inside)” “Paise main de dungi, aaram se lunch karke 4-5 baje tak wapas aana take Swati (her collogue) along ” Niyanta came out with bit of smile and spoke in arbitrary anger “see how desperate you are for that…..”

Neha responded with laugh and spoke “you cannot understand this feeling,……. kabhi experience nahi kiya na tune iss liye” Niyanta smiled back a bit and raised a finger and spoke to Neha in teaching fashion “Neha I am telling you this is not right,…… I mean…. Bhaiya ke saath, duniya mein aur koi ladka nahi bachha kya jo tune apne bhai ke saath hi shuru kar diya?”

Niyanta was trying to get serious but she could not stop her smile and that is why there was an air of naughtiness in the room. “just leave this, bhai bahen and all, and he is my cousin brother not real, waise bhi Bhaiya ke saath I am more safe, at least future mein blackmailing ka to darr nahi hai na” hearing Neha’s statement Niyanta looked at Neha with bit of smile and anger together and could not think of saying anything in reply.

Neha smiled and spoke again, “Seriously yaar bahut mazza aaya bhaiya ke saath, I don’t know how I will wait till Sunday, there is whole week to pass”. Niyanta could not control and laughed on that and finally spoke again, “Sometimes you behave like a bitch” and with that she turned back in kitchen and Neha followed her and grabbed her waist from behind and rubbed her hands to her abdomen.

“Ye kya kar rahi hai?” Niyanta asked her while removing her hand, “Kuch nahi bass yun hi, abhi tak nasha utra nahi hai na iss liye” Neha replied naughtily. Niyanta was in the state that she could not control her laughter and Neha could make out that she was bit excited.

Anyway they came out of kitchen with there mugs and finally Niyanta uttered for which Neha was waiting, “so how was he(me)” Niyanta asked while sipping while looking at Neha with smile, “who” Neha asked back, “Bhaiya….. who else?” Neha made a sign of wonderful, a big O with her thumb and its next finger while rest three fingers standing.

“do baar raat ko kiya aur fir ek baar subah yahan aakar” Neha detailed her friend that we had three sex sessions since last night, twice in night and once in morning after coming to this flat. “Deepak se better hain?” Niyanta asked Neha in naughty tone, “much better, I mean Bhaiya is really amazing……

Deepak stands nowhere” Neha replied, I don’t know what she said was true or false but this was for sure that she was trying to excite Niyanta and it was working as Niyanta was keen to know more about me and Neha’s sexual intercourse. They stood nearly for half an hour in the balcony with there cups and Niyanta asked Neha each and every detail about our intercourse and how all this happened,

means how I approached Neha and all and nearly when nothing was left to ask, Neha asked her, “blue movie dekhni hai, Bhaiya ne do disc aur di hain” (she was talking about those threesome movies as it was yet unseen by Niyanta. “haan dekhni hai” Niyanta replied and seemed excited, “look at your desperation” Neha teased her.

“haan hun desperate….. tu desperate ho sakti hai to main nahi ho sakti kya?” Niyanta replied bit aggressively and then Niyanta spoke again, “and if you want me to go from here on Sunday then you have to cook for all seven days” “then what will you do” Neha asked her with bit of smile, “I will watch porn movies, ask him for some more discs like that”

Niyanta replied in anger. “Ok” Neha agreed with the condition and added one naughty statement in the end, “Sunday ko Bhaiya ke saath karne ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakti hun” “I know, I could see that… now just get in the kitchen and tell me where are those movies” Niyanta replied with pleasure.

After giving the detail of location of assorted movies in hard disc Neha entered into kitchen and Niyanta went inside Neha’s bedroom to switch on her laptop. Neha called me just then and detailed me everything and I asked her each and every word spoken, moreover I have an option to record the conversation so I recorded whatever Neha detailed and that is why I have wrote down everything word to word.

I further directed Neha and gave her instruction whatever came in my mind instantly, that she has to arouse her and has to talk to her about sex as much as possible by making naughty statements and teasing her while giving a detail of pleasurable feeling of having sex with a male and Neha did that very well which she explained me later that on the same evening after doing basic preparations for dinner when Neha entered in her room suddenly,

Niyanta’s hand was in her panty while watching porn movie and she instantly took out her hand from there as she realized that Neha has came, but it was too late for her and Neha took that as a opportunity to tease her and spoke in naughty tone, “karle karle,….. jab tak teri Shaadi nahi hoti, tujhe oongli se hi kaam chalana hai” Niyanta smiled lightly on that.

After a minute Niyanta got up to go to toilet and once again Neha teased her by saying, “Baathroom mein jakar masturbate karegi, …… yahin bed pe aaram se late ke kar le, mujhe se kya sharma rahi hai” “shut up” Niyanta went out to use the toilet while saying that. Neha massaged me “she is masturbating” and her this text aroused me a lot and I could not stop myself to call her and Neha explained me everything happened in last few minutes.

For me it was positive sign and started planning further that how can I arouse Niyanta even better so that she gets ready to get into bed with me. I remained in Neha’s touch through out the week and she told me each and every incident and word spoken with Niyanta in this context.

As Neha said, many times Niyanta herself started this topic of me and Neha and asked her about the sexual positions we have tried and Neha explained her everything thoroughly and detailed her about the oral sessions as well. According to Neha gradually lust was rising in Niyanta but still fear and ethics were dominating her intentions and Neha could not see anything that positive in Niyanta’s gesture.

Moreover in between I met Neha once to give her more cd’s because Niyanta wanted to see more movies. Finally somehow six days passed and on Sunday I reached at Neha’s place much before than the fixed time and stopped my car bit far from there house and after 15-20 minutes as I saw Niyanta coming out I moved ahead and met her on the way going out.

It was casual hello from my side while sitting in the car and she responded with hello in low tone. I asked her where she is going; she replied that she is going for a movie with one of her collogues. I showed her two packets of fruits on the next seat and said “I am here just to give this, my mom has sent for both of you” she smiled a bit and just “ok” casually,

I knew that she knows why I am here but I had to behave as if I am unaware of this fact that she knows everything about my relation with my cousin Neha. Anyway I offered her a lift and finally after bit of insist she accepted. I drove her till the mall where she was suppose to watch movie and kill time, to give me sufficient time to fuck her childhood friend.

Through out the way we did not spoke much but I could see that she was looking at my face again and again may be to see the animal inside me who is fucking her friend and his own cousin sister.

And I was looking at her face to visualize her facial expressions while getting crushed and fucked under my body and when she got out of car and walked away I had a long glance of her heavy ass mounds and visualized that how I will feel when I will hold this heavy buns to fuck her from behind.

Anyway I came back after dropping her and tried to detail everything happened to Neha as I met her, but Neha was not in state to listen anything, neither I was keen to tell her everything then and there, we both were desperate to eat each other and we did that. I fucked Neha twice with in 40-50 minutes and enjoyed oral sex at the beginning of second session.

After killing initial excitement we both settled with a cup of tea and once again I asked Neha whatever happened in last seven days and she detailed me everything more thoroughly and told me that Niyanta is watching porn daily and she could make out that she is masturbating daily as well.

For me it was time to step ahead as the description given by Neha about Niyanta was really exciting and I could not control myself, I wanted to break away Niyanta’s virginity as soon as possible. Next thing came in my mind to step ahead was to somehow stay with Neha and fuck her in Niyanta’s presence in the house in other room.

I spoke to Neha about this, initially she seemed confused about implementation of my plan, but I was bit confident about this, I wanted Niyanta to see everything happening between me and Neha and there was no other way to do this, except doing it in the night. Finally after lot of discussion we reached to the decision that in the night I will stay with Neha in her room and fuck her,

keeping bit of window uncovered, so that Niyanta can see the real action happening in the room. Once again we ordered Pizza for lunch and by the time pizza came I gave instruction to Neha to approach Niyanta for this night stay thing, moreover we planed whole action which we were suppose to do,

means how we will start and on which part of bed we will do which position so that Niyanta can see everything clearly, in addition to that I was carrying few more movies in my USB pen drive which I copied to her desktop, to help Neha to arouse Niyanta. After some time Neha called Niyanta when she was sure that Niyanta will be out of auditorium.

At that time we both Neha and me were laying on bed and phone was kept in a way that I could hear every word spoken by Niyanta, and at that time Niyanta was with her colleague sitting at the food court of that mall. Here I am writing word to word conversation held between two friends on the phone and later face to face when Niyanta reached back.

Anyway Neha called her and after 3-4 rings Niyanta picked up the phone and Neha asked her straight away that where is she? Asking “kahan hai?” “Mac D mein” she replied, “are you alone?” Neha asked again, “no..why?” Niyanta asked back after saying no, “I want to talk to you, tell me when are you coming back” Neha asked Niyanta again, “tell me, now I am lone” Niyanta would have walked away from there, in privacy.

“nothing, you tell me when are you coming back” “minimum one hour to lagega” Niyanta replied, “Ok, then come I will talk to you here” Neha replied, “tell me, nobody is here” Niyanta insisted her to speak, but asked again without waiting for Neha to speak, “koi problem ho gayi hai kya?” “nahi…. Nahi koi problem nahi hai” Neha replied, “where is Bhaiya(me)?” Niyanta asked about me,

“chale gaye” Neha replied, “tum dono ne sex nahi kiya kya?” Niyanta asked Neha “kiya…….. lekin abhi aur karna hai” Neha replied, “to kar lo, roka kisne hai?” “actually he got a call from somewhere, so he went back in hurry, so………..” Neha stopped in between, “so what?” Niyanta asked her again, “he will come in the night” finally Neha spoke and threw the bomb, “what… are you crazy?”

Niyanta was shocked, “he is going to stay with you in the night?” Niyanta rephrased Neha’s statement in questioning tone. “hmmmmm……” Neha just hummed to say yes. “to main kahan raungi raat bhar?” Niyanta asked Neha, that where is she going to stay in the night, “he will come after eleven, you just have to stay in your room…… I will tell him that you have slept”

Neha replied and detailed her plan, “and for how long he will stay….. I mean for how long mujhe apne room mein band rahna padega” Niyanta asked back Neha, “till 5” “are you crazy….. why don’t you go to your massi’s(my mom) place for the night” Niyanta suggested Neha, “nahi yaar wahan par karna is really dangerous and Bhaiya has already made an excuse to his parents that he has to stay in his office for some urgent consignment”

Neha replied “I will talk to you later, rather I am coming back with in an hour” “Ok” finally Niyanta disconnected the line. I got up to go and once again provoked Neha to go ahead with what we are planning and promised her new mobile phone of particular range if we will succeed in getting Niyanta on bed to have sex.

Neha accepted that with joy and told me that certainly tonight Niyanta will watch us having fucking fun. Niyanta reached back in 30-40 minutes and asked Neha about her plans of night. Here I am writing conversation between Neha and Niyanta as detailed by Neha on phone.

Just because I had an intention to write down everything from the beginning that is why I have asked Neha everything in so detail and that is why I could write it down everything word to word, so it’s not imagination but pure truth, anyway that’s how things moved ahead when Niyanta reached back home. “What are you up to?” Niyanta asked Neha as she reached back and Neha opened the door.

“nothing” Neha replied, “what do you think you are doing and what about me….. for how long I have to do all this…. I mean why I am suffering because of you?” “yaar hum logg kar hi nahi paye theek se, Bhaiya ko phone aa gaya aur unko jaan padda” Neha replied casually, “tumne ek baar bhi nahi kiya?” Niyanta asked back, “ek baar to kiya….. but satisfaction nahi hua…..

I mean we waited for the whole week for this aur sara plan chopat ho gaya” “so ab kya plan hai, when is he coming?” “in the night,…. I have to call him that you have gone to sleep” Neha replied, “this is ridicules” Niyanta replied, and then spoke again in scolding tone, “Neha I am telling you, this is not right, tu dilli aakar jayada hi bigad gayi hai” “please yaar… aisa kya ho gaya hai, main wahan bhi to karti thi Deepak ke saath” Neha replied casually.

“Now you are behaving like a bitch” Niyanta spoke in frustration. “I promise jab tu sex karne ke liye apne boyfriend ko lekar aayegi, I will leave without any argument” Neha spoke in bit of humorous tone “I will never do this” Niyanta moved into her room while saying that. Neha followed her and asked her, “Want to have tea?” “Not just tea… you will cook for another week just to pay off this night”

Niyanta spoke and kept her condition to stay in the room for the whole night, so that I can stay with Neha and fuck her through out the night. “ok” Neha went inside the kitchen to make the tea and messaged me, “she is fixed” I was eager to know whatever they talked, so I asked back through sms, “can I call” “no, I will call you” she replied.

Later Neha called me and detailed each and every word spoken by them during the tea as well and here is description about that conversation in which Neha tried to arouse Niyanta and succeeded up to my desired extend.

After few minutes Niyanta came out for tea, changing into same knee length slacks and cut sleeve t-shirt. “so it was a bad day for you” Niyanta teased Neha by that time her anger was subsided a bit. “That is why we have planed a good night” Neha replied equally well. “mazza nahi aaya kya ek baar karke” Niyanta asked again, “mazza to aaya, par ab ek baar se kaam nahi chalta….

I mean… forget it…. You won’t understand” Neha replied, “why… why I will not understand….. ?” Niyanta asked back in curiosity, “you don’t know how it feels….. it’s hundred times more pleasurable than what you get from your finger….. I mean mard mard hota hai, aur tu kuch bhi kar le teri oongli uski jagah nahi le sakti” Neha made a long arousing naughty and teasing statement, partially in Hindi.

“I know….. I can understand…jab finger se itna pleasure milta hai tab uss se(penis) kitana milta hoga” Niyanta spoke as if she was realizing the importance of proper sex over self fisting of a cunt. “I don’t know if you are afraid of pain,… but it just goes off within a minute or two” Neha tried to open Niyanta’s mind that if she is afraid of pain of losing virginity.

“I know, I am not afraid of pain, it’s something which I cannot speak… I mean agar parents ko patta chal gaya to bahut panga ho jaayga….” Niyanta spoke and then after a small pause she spoke again, “aur by chance agar pregnancy ho gayi to papa mujhe jaan se maar denge” “pagal hai kya……? just look at me, I am enjoying from so long, pahle Deepak ke saath aur ab Bhaiya ke saath…… proper protection ho to pregnancy kabhi nahi hogi….”

Neha replied and then spoke again, “aur parents ko patta kaise chalega, they are sitting thousand miles away from here” Neha paused again and then spoke again, “as such there is nothing to worry about, just live the way you want”….. “I am not as bold as you are….. rather you are over confident which is really very dangerous” Niyanta replied while sipping her tea.

“Just relax yaar, kuch nahi hoga…. Tell me if you also want to do it” Neha asked Niyanta casually, “what?” Niyanta asked back in bit of shock, “sex aur kya?” Neha replied, “kiske saath?” Niyanta asked back further in shock. “kisi ke bhi saath…. Koi ladka hi hoga” Neha replied, “are you crazy?” Niyanta replied again in surprise with bit of smile and then asked again,

“kaunsa ladka?” “let’s see…. We will find out koi to mil hi jaayega…… jaise mujhe mil gaya” Neha spoke casually. “Are you mad….? It’s really dangerous, baad mein definitely blackmail karega” Niyanta replied what dilemma she has in her mind. “That’s what I was saying; I am 100 percent secure with Bhaiya in that way” Neha replied instantly and then spoke again,

“tell me if you want to try it, you will also be safe for sure” this time Neha banged on target asked Niyanta casually, “kiske saath?” means with whom? “Bhaiya ke saath, I am assuring you, he will never blackmail” “kaun…. Bhaiya…… pagal hai kya?” Niyanta shouted bit loud on Neha’s proposal. “just joking yaar….” Neha laughed and stepped back easily and spoke in continuation,

“I just wanted to see your reaction, …… I am not going to share my man, jakar apne liye khud dhoond” and then spoke again after a long pause, “do one thing, don’t think about sex right now not even marriage, just try to find a boy friend and evaluate him” ……..(after a small pause) ”there is no hurry,…… take your time,

just make sure that he is safe and then go ahead for sex and if he will be good otherwise you can marry him” once again Neha spoke after bit long pause, “it may take time….. but it will be any day better than what you are doing right now” Niyanta listened Neha completely and asked what she meant by last statement, “what do you mean by it will be better than what I am doing right now”

“aree wohi jo tu daily finger se karti hai” Neha replied and spoke clearly what she meant and both laughed on that. “waise that way you are right, Bhaiya ke saath you are completely secure and as far as I think my father will not agree for love marriage” this time Niyanta spoke long statement and initially acknowledged Neha’s previous statement that she is safe with me in the concern of privacy and then spoke about her father’s attitude towards love marriage.

“fine, uss se shadi matt karna, sirf sex karna jaise main karr rahi hoon” Neha replied casually, Niyanta smiled on that and then spoke again and asked Neha “I hope tum logg Condom use kar rahe hoge” “Haan, both actually…. I take pills as well” Neha replied, “Bhaiya condoms saath lekar aate hain kya?” Niyanta asked again,

“No… it’s with me, do(2) packet lakar rakh diye hain mere pass ten pieces wale” Neha replied, “kaunse?” “KS aur Kohinoor” Neha replied, “show me” Niyanta spoke bit in excitement, “what condoms?” Neha asked back, “haan, just show me” Niyanta was bit eager to see the condoms. “ok come” Neha took Niyanta in her room and showed her two packs of condoms of two different brands.

“see this is dotted” Neha gave her friend the KS(kamasutra) pack, “and this is extra time” Neha spoke again while giving the other one, “Kohinoor” “what is the difference” Niyanta asked back, “it has dots on it, ye jab andar vagina nein jaakar rub karta hai to, ek different sensation hoti hai, aur ye extra time hai, iss se male stays for bit more time” “tumne kausa use kiya hai” Niyanta asked again in curiosity,

“hum dono use kar chuke hain” Neha replied and then spoke again, “see ye sirf eight hain, aur extra time bhi shayad eight hi hain ya seven honge, ek kharab ho gaya tha” Neha replied casually. “from how long you are fucking” Niyanta asked back in bit of shock after knowing that five condoms are already used, “last Saturday humne teen use kiye the aur ek aaj use kiya”

Neha gave her the detail of number of condoms used by me on her. “aaj raat ko kounsa use karoge” Niyanta asked Neha and Neha could see that she was enjoying talking about sex and that’s what Neha and me wanted. “dono, let’s see pahle kaunsa use hota hai” Neha replied and then spoke again, “ab bhaiya raat bhar stay karenge to ek baar to karenge nahi,

hamara at least teen(thrice) baar intercourse hoga” Neha completed her statement and tried even better to arouse her friend. “teen(thrice) baar?” Niyanta repeated in shock, “Minimum teen baar” Neha smiled while saying that, as if it’s normal and then spoke again in continuation “agar subah bhi kiya to char baar” Neha smiled while saying that, “tujhe pain nahi hota kya?” Niyanta asked back in bit of curiousty,

“kahan?” “Niche vagina mein” Niyanta asked her question in clearly, “you know ye ek nasha hai, jab tu karegi… tab tujhe patta chalega…….. iss pain mein bhi mazza hai” Neha made another statement to aggravate Niyanta’s sexual hormones and then spoke again, “jab end mein andar se liquid release hota hai na… I can’t tell you…. kya feel hota hai, it’s pure heaven”

Neha was trying her best to get Niyanta on the window to watch us and up to an extent she was succeeded because now even she could feel that Niyanta will not be able to resist herself to peep inside her room in the night when she will be in action with me. Neha took both the packs of condoms from her hand to keep it back. “Give me one” Niyanta asked for one piece of condom,

“kisi ke saath karna hai kya?” Neha asked her with smile, “nahi I just want it…. I mean just give one don’t ask anything” Niyanta somewhat requested to her friend. “tell me…. What will you do…. Aur kaun sa chahiye….. extra time” Neha asked back, “nahi… dotted… just give me one” Niyanta replied, “tell me what will you do” Neha asked again, “bass aise hi use karungi”

Niyanta blushed while saying, “aise hi means?” Neha asked in curiously, “yun hi…. Finger daal ke” Niyanta spoke with bit of hesitation, Neha laughed loud on that and asked while giggling “dots feel karne hain kya?” “haan…” Niyanta smiled while saying yes. Neha took out one dotted condom and gave it Niyanta while saying, “le… le le jo maze lene hain”

Niyanta took that Condom, Neha spoke again while pointing towards her laptop “wo laptop hai, aur desktop par new movies rakhi hain……. aram se bed par late kar dekh aur Condom lagga ke masturbate kar, I am going out in kitchen” Neha somewhat teased Niyanta while putting back the Condoms in Elmira. “get lost” Niyanta somewhat replied in arbitrary anger.

Neha came out and continued working in kitchen and called me from there and detailed me everything. Once again I recorded Neha’s voice when she was telling me everything, just to write down later. Anyway I told Neha to keep an eye on her from window if possible and Neha did that, she peeped inside the room from the window while standing in the balcony, and found Niyanta Masturbating while laying on bed.

She was watching movie on laptop, covering her lower half with sheet and Neha could see that her hand was moving inside the sheet over her pelvic and could make out that Niyanta was rubbing and fisting her fuckhole. Once again Neha called me to tell me that and this thing aroused me a lot and now I started thinking about next step,

that what should be the plan of action after tonight’s fucking session with Neha, assuming that Niyanta will watch us from the portion we will provided her to look inside. Through out the evening I was in dilemma how to step ahead, after knowing Niyanta’s mind state from Neha now at this stage somehow I wanted to get into her touch and for that I had to think but for me situation was really hard to handle,

my mind was not working, I was day dreaming about having sex with her and because of that excitement in my body was touching it’s peak and I could not control my erection as I could not stop thinking about Niyanta, I was getting desperate with every passing second and somehow I wanted to get Niyanta on the same night, unfortunately it did not happened, rather I must say that after thinking a lot I dropped the idea of trying her on the same night.

Till now every thing was going great and now at any cost I did wanted to lose her in any silly act. I was realizing that I had to wait patiently for the right moment or I had to create that moment to get into conversation with Niyanta about sex but that was the big question that how I can create that situation naturally.

Somehow in this mind state time passed and I received a call from Neha after 11, at that time according to my parents I was working and looking after the urgent consignment in the night shift in my office, and in reality I was already roaming near Neha’s flat and as she gave me green signal I reached there with in 15 minutes after killing some more time.

Neha opened the door and she pointed the finger towards her room and moved her hand in a way as if she is saying that she has slept. Me and Neha moved to her room and settled there for a while and talked to each other in a very low voice. Once again Neha detailed me there whole conversation, rather I asked her everything again word to word.

Undoubtedly during that conversation we both were waiting for the noise of Niyanta’s door getting unbolted and it happened nearly after 15 minutes of my arrival. We both got conscious and after that whatever we did was pre planed, from my side Neha had a instruction that she will do whatever I will say and we both had to pretend as if we don’t know that somebody is watching us.

We both me and Neha were laying on mattress which was kept on floor, resting on our elbow and we remained at our positions even after hearing that noise and continued talking to each other in reasonable voice on a different subject. After about a minute or two I could feel that Niyanta was standing outside, I could see her shadow which she did not realized that it can be noticed.

From Neha’s smile I could make out that even she had sensed that her friend has came to see us. Now from there our real test started that we do not have to think about Niyanta who was watching us to give her an impression that we don’t know she is peeping inside. After around a minute I spoke to Neha casually,

“shuru Karen” in natural tone and volume which means “should we start” and that was the gun shot which started our act, Neha moved her head in yes in response of my question and got up to get condom and threw both the packets towards me and moved ahead to switch off the light. I stopped her by saying “light on rahne de (let the light be ON)”
“nahi….(NO)”Neha replied and switched it off and came to bed.

I got up and switched it on and came back to my position. Switching light off and then switching it on was preplanned, once again Neha moved according to plan and got up to switch it off and I immediately got up and grabbed her from behind and stopped her by switching the light off and turned her towards the bed.

Now we both were facing towards the window, I was holding Neha from behind and our activity started. I squeezed Neha’s big breasts nicely over her top, intentionally while facing towards the window so that Niyanta can see this breast play. Neha was not wearing bra and I was feeling softness of her jugs and hardness of her nipples.

Neha moaned loud in pain and pleasure and tried to get away, but I held her tight and enjoyed squeezing her breasts completely letting her scream in pleasure. I must say that Neha was doing amazing job, though she knew that Niyanta is watching us, she was not at all conscious and behaving naturally.

Next minute after crushing Neha’s breasts my hands moved in her slacks and straight away it went into her panty and I rubbed her cunt nicely and in response Neha moaned erotically to express her pleasure. I moved ahead while keeping my hand in Neha’s slacks and pushed her on the mattress on her stomach and took off her slacks and panty in one go.

We were at the place from where Niyanta could see Neha’s ass mounds clearly as she was standing on her feet just next to window and we were on the mattress kept on floor. Anyway I took off my t-shirt and went down on mattress, Neha was still on her stomach exposing her wide ass mounds to me and her friend standing out on the window.

I parted her on leg and moved one of her thigh bit upwards to stretch her bottom to get an access of her love hole from behind in the same posture. I got better access of my little sister’s fuckhole as I placed pillow under her belly and with in no time I started sucking Neha by burring my mouth between her ass mounds.

Neha was moaning erotically in controlled voice as I was getting deeper and deeper under her hips to lick her cunt. I must say for a girl like Niyanta, till now who has not gone far from watching blue movies, watching us in hardcore action was something out of the world and intentionally I was keeping my location on bed in a way that she do not have to face any problem to get an unobstructed view.

I turned Neha on her back after around 3-4 minutes of cunt sucking, so that her friend can see her facial expressions of getting real pleasure of life. Now Neha was laying straight and I was holding her thighs apart and folded and sucking her cunt with my full passion. I was enjoying digging Neha’s fuckhole for her nectar while getting watched by Niyanta.

From the place Niyanta was standing, she could see my scalp buried between Neha’s thighs and Neha’s face clearly with pleasure expressions. I got up a bit and moved Neha bit up on bed and took off my lower and Neha’s top as well, and turned into 69, and once again our location on bed was in a way that Niyanta could see both of us, at least she could see my penis going in and out of Neha’s mouth.

My scalp was covering Neha’s fuckhole completely so to show her that portion I raised my head 3-4 times and opened Neha’s fuckhole using my finger and then started sucking her again. Down there at my lower half Neha was sucking my rod nicely using lot of saliva, and my penis was going in and coming out of her mouth continuously.

Finally I got up on my knees and asked Neha to suck me and Neha continued sucking my penis while being on her knees and elbows. Once again on bed I was at the location from where Niyanta could see my penis going in and coming out,

rather now she was getting better view of my penis getting sucked and just to add up the spice to the view I was removing hairs of Neha from her face so that Niyanta could clearly see her friends mouth filled with my hard and erect penis. Neha sucked me for one or two more minutes and showed me real heaven of life and my penis grew so hard in her mouth that it started to pain.

Now for us time to show Niyanta real penetration and I was in right posture to do that. I stopped Neha and pushed her a bit and she lied on her back. I peeled one Condom and covered my rod as fast as I could do and spreading Neha’s thighs apart I lied over her and with in no time I penetrated her fuckhole. “Oh… god” Neha moaned loud in pleasure which Niyanta could easily hear.

As we both were aware that Niyanta is watching us and that is why we were bit more excited than usual. We both were somewhat facing away from window and Niyanta could see our bottom, and especially to show her real penetration I stretched Neha’s thighs further apart by widening my legs apart and started fucking my sister rapidly.

From that posture I was sure that I am reveling Neha’s fuckhole to her friend filled with my monster. I further adjusted myself and rested my body on top of Neha on my forearms and knees and soon my buttocks started moving up and down furiously. Now Niyanta could see real cunt fucking of Neha as I was rising and falling in full swing over her friend.

Neha gripped me hard raised her legs further high and wrapped her thighs around my waist to give better view of her fuckhole to Niyanta and unintentionally my speed increased in excitement and I started fucking Neha even better with deeper strokes. As I went deeper in Neha, she started moaning even better and I too started puffing in pleasure as excitement was rising in our bodies.

Though we both were moaning in controlled volume but it was enough for Niyanta to hear our pleasure moans. Within next one minute we both crossed our line of control and reached to the point of no return and now it was matter of few seconds and soon we were close to finish.

“Oh… oh… ohhh… ohhh…. OHHHHHHH!” Neha arched her body suddenly, and her orgasm got clearly visible as her body was quivering in tension and she gripped me hard between her hands. Niyanta could feel her orgasm easily, Neha was trembling feverishly and moaning loud while cumming, I too squeezed my buttocks together to release my junk and hollowed my balls completely.

I remained on top of Neha without any word for a minute till her orgasm subsided and kissed her on cheek and whispered in her ear in a very low voice, “you just have to behave natural” and before she would have understood anything and would have asked me something in this context I got up from her top.

I was well aware of Niyanta’s position that where is she standing, and intentionally I got up while looking at that portion and behaved naturally giving a shocking expressions and moved the curtain away and caught Niyanta red handed. Niyanta’s expressions changed instantly she also got shocked and realized that she is caught.

I instantly pulled back the curtain to close the view of room and shouted addressing Neha by saying, “Neha teri friend ne humen dekh liya hai (Neha, your friend has seen us)”.
Neha reacted naturally and moved to window to see outside after covering her body with a sheet but by that time Niyanta was gone. I hurriedly started wearing my clothes while directing Neha for the next step.

End of part 01

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