Auto Driver

I thought to myself driving the rickshaw on Mumbai roads are not that bad a job. I thanked Abdul bhai for giving me an opportunity to do this job after that in the next 7 months and I had many interesting passengers, but I’ll tell you the best and the most memorable ones on another night and I was driving along new link road. I saw a couple dressed very formally waving for a rickshaw.

I slowed down and the man with the tie said Andheri east, MIDC chaloge bhaiya. I said haanji, Baithiye and I looked at the girl and she was hot and very stylishly dressed. She was wearing light pink well-fitted shirt which was slightly transparent as I could see her white push-up bra from inside. She was wearing a grey tight-fitting trousers and medium heels but, the most attractive thing about her was her sharp face with fuller lips in dark red lip-stick and black-framed glasses on her eyes.

She was an absolute stunner and she came in and settled in the rickshaw and then the guy followed. I started the rickshaw and headed to the destination. My rear mirrors were focused on her and I could admire her upper body and her stunning face they got into a conversation and the lady said Vikram and I can do anything for this account. If I get this account it will set my career please help me.

The guy said but Natasha and the other 2 parties are very reputed and experienced and honestly, I don’t think your quote can match-up with that. I don’t think I can help you here they are far better Natasha thought for a second and said but Vikram, they can’t do for you what I can do. The guy said oh really and what’s that? They are giving me a fat commission. She took the red scarf from around her neck and moved closer to him and said

They can’t give you this and that was one of the best cleavage I had ever seen. She had her top 2 buttons undone and her tits were dying to burst out from her white push-up bra her tits were shining even in that dim lighting in the rickshaw. The guy said can I touch it? His hands were moving in the direction of the boobs. She held both his hands and said only if I get this account. I need a promise with every bump on the road her tits were moving like crazy making it more and more easier for her to convince him.

He thought for a few seconds and said okay. I promise account is yours now can I touch it. She took his hands and kept them on both her boobs and said do whatever you want to do with them and the guy went crazy on the touch of her skin. He started pressing her tits while she opened another button of her shirt. He held her tits from bottom and started kissing her cleavage madly.

I must say, her boobs were not the biggest, but that packaging can drive any man crazy then, she pulled her left cup down and revealed her pink nipple and said suck my nipple Vikram and now poor Vikram was in a trance and following every instruction of this bitch. He was sucking her nipple like a baby just then, Natasha’s phone rang. She disconnected and held Vikram’s head and pushed his face into her tits.

Her phone rang again and this time she answered the call while holding his head and pushing it into her tits. She spoke for half a min and disconnected. Then she told Vikram care to get a condom. He touched my shoulder and said medical shop pe rokna and I saw a medical store and stopped good 25-30 metres ahead, turned back, saw the action for about 10 seconds and said saab. Medical store piche hai and I saw her tits directly they have changed colour already.

They were wet with all the sucking and he arranged his hard-on and said I’ll be back in a moment when he left she did not even cover her tits and didn’t even bother that I was looking at them. She took out her phone and dialled some number in a hurry and said boss I got the account yes. I convinced him by my own means and then she disconnected. I was still looking at her magnificent tits which were moving up and down because of heavy breathing.

I said nice trick. Never fails and she was stunned to hear my remark and that too in English. She said just mind your own business. I said don’t think you have nailed him, until you have given him a blowjob. She said with a little bit of anger I said just mind your own business. I smiled and backed off. Vikram came and sat and said chalo Bhaiya he immediately started sucking her boobs again.

He was getting impatient and asked me while squeezing her boob’s kitna time aur lagega and I said Saab, 15-20 minutes and I was looking at Natasha’s face in the mirror and saw her thinking something. She made an eye-contact with me in the mirror and then passed a naughty smile and said to Vikram, let me seal the deal for us sit straight she moved her hand over his trouser and felt his hard dick and squeezed it a little.

She pulled his zipper down and pulled out his cock. It was wet already and she moved her fingers and long nails all over his dick and he moaned and said oh, Natasha he threw his head back in anticipation her left hand was stroking his cock and right hand was behind my seat for balance. She smiled once again looking at me in the mirror and then lowered on his crotch.

She also dug her two finger nails into my back to grab my attention to what she was doing. Natasha opened her mouth and pulled her tongue out and licked his cock and then put her lips around it then she started moving her head up and down. Vikram put his hand behind her head and was pressing her and suck him deeper soon she was sucking the entire length from top to bottom in swift movement after 3-4 minutes Vikram announced I’m cuming.

She tried to pull her head back. I think she did not want to suck his cum but he tightened his grip around her head and didn’t allow her to pull back then he pushed his hips up and came and she did not had an option so she sucked it. He said yes Natasha, suck it sucks it clean and the account is yours. She pulled her head up and his cum was dripping from his cock. She used her tongue to wipe it clean and did the job well.

She sat straight and looked at me it the mirror and smiled at me again. Vikram was busy settling his cock back in his pants. I gestured with my hand that she’s got cum dripping from her lips which were still red after all the sucking. She flipped her tongue all over the lips to clean it and asked me if it was clean. I gestured back saying her chin too. She used her finger to wipe it off the chin and then sucked her finger to clean it.

They arranged their clothes and sat straight. Vikram promised her the account and when they got down she turned back and came to me and said thanks for the help. I said can’t tell you how desperate I am to touch you. I am so hard right now. She teased me and left saying go home and jerk yourself. I did that remembering her lips, her eyes and her super smooth tits.

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