Dominating Wife Became Slave

My 36 yr old Bina was quite dominating over me. We have no issues even after 10 years of marriage and our married life was just for the name shake. Her wishes and desires were unlimited and and I was a person with limited hopes and desires. After living 9 yrs in our joint family finally Bina compelled me to shift to another house to start a new life. It was not easy for me to have a big house of own instantly. My school days old friend Zaheer who was 3-4 yrs senior than me then offered me two rooms in his home with a nominal rent.
Zaheer’s wife Rehana was close to my wife from earlier. She was a daring woman who 1st eloped and then legally settled with already married Zaheer. Yaa..though it is quite normal in muslim society but no one thought that a gorgeous girl like Rehana will become the 2nd wife of some one who was having a wife with a child. When we took their house on rent Zaheer’s 1st wife was pregnant for the 2nd time. Since my wife Bina and Rehana was close friends they share lots of things. I saw Rehana most of the time watching TV, gossiping and the 1st wife doing all the household works.. but the relation between both the wives was very good. Really zaheer was so lucky in his married life.. he is managing two women so nice and I find it difficult with only one. At night when me and Bina have sex she tells me about Rehana & Zaheer’s sexual activities. The two wifes of zaheer share the same bed.. it’s Rehana who did most of the things with Zaheer and at the last she allowed the 1st wife to get involved. And mostly Zaheer exhausted by Rehana finishes quickly in his 1st wife’s experience cunt. And this is how she get pregnant again. Rehana accepted the other woman in her bed as she does all the household works. One day Bina showed me Rehana walking slowly with the help of a supporting stick. Bina asked me to guess…but I could not so she told me that earlier night Rehana’s ass was badly pumped by Zaheer and she is now having pain in her ass. For Bina..Zaheer is a danger man and she is greatly astonished by his manly power…many times I found her trying to impress Zaheer making fun, jokes and with various foods of Zahher’s likings. Sometime when I failed to satisfy Bina in bed she scolds me and comparing me with Zaheer she calls me a hizira…For her Zaheer is a he-man…it was really embarrassing for me to listen the praise of another man from my own wife in bed .. but what to do…husbands are nothing but wife’s toys actually.
Couple of months later Zaheer’s 1st wife unfortunately died while trying to give birth. So Rehana falls in to deep trouble…she had to do all the works along with the look after of the other child from 1st wife. Though they had a part time maid..she was not enough to do all the things. Sometime Bina when remains free used to help them… With the running time I found Bina doing many things for them… Bina,the same woman compelled me to come out from my joint family with brothers saying that there she need to work for others etc. And now she helps another family in their household works… Really no one can understand these women….
Anyway I have nothing to do.. as it is not hampering me but being busy with Rehana and her family Bina have no time to argue or have a quarrel with me for some meaningless issues as earlier she did. So her business was good for me.. enliven me a lot. But at that time I had no idea about my wife’s kinky hidden desires she was keeping and raising in her mind.

With her growing involvement with Rehana’s family I also noticed that her demand from me in the bed is decreasing… earlier she wants me to have sex almost every night and forces me to do many dirty kinky foreplays… she used to play slave-mistress game with me where she always treated me like her pet dog. Though I dislikes such dirty, kinky acts had to obey her to avoid further humiliation and torture, both physical and emotional.. so I got relieved on her decreasing craze for sex with me.
Very soon our kitchen became one…and at Rehana’s place. Many days I found Bina washings Zahher and Rehana’s clothes, sweeping their rooms when the maid remains absent. Whereas Bina always asks me to clean our home myself and washed both of our used clothes and even her petticoat, panties and bras also.

One day I was sent to the head office by my boss for some official works. I was to return after two days..but since the work get done in the next day itself I returned in the evening and reached home at 10 pm or so. Our rooms were dark..knocking at the door I did not get any response. I thought bina got sleep…I went to the backyard since there was another entrance there infront of the veranda of Zaheer’s residence. But our back door was also locked. I thought Bina may be having dinner with them but so far as my knowledge Zaheer and Rehana always have their dinner by 8-8.30 since they have young kid from the 1st wife. And by then the time was about 10.30.
Having no idea I climbed up to the veranda of my house owner. The veranda was dark but the door was closed without locking. Hesitatingly I was going to the other end of the veranda where the sitting room was there. I was about to knock their door but suddenly I hear laughing Rehana & Zaheer loudly … I peeped through the half opened door…oh…my god… it was unbelievable …Rehana and Zaheer were sitting on a sofa..Zaheer was totally nude and half naked Rehana was rubbing his really big penis… And…and …my wife Bina was sitting on the carpet wearing just a bra and petticoat…she was performing something as Rehana was instructing…probably demonstrating them how she masturbates herself by fingering ….I was shocked… stunned…hold the walls with my hand so that I do not fall into the floor. I was in a fix…what to do…should I protest or keep watching my slut wife with this hot couple..
After few moments I heard Zaheer telling my name saying something funny…he asked Bina to show how big is my penis…Bina made her index finger up ..again loud laugh and giggles of Rehana and Zaheer…. I was being humiliated by my wife in absence of me .. then I heard zaheer telling my wife showing his big thick circumcised dick… “if u want this…beg it .” I saw my slut begging them by bowing down on their feet. Rehana roughly unhook Bina’s bra with her legs and asked to lick her toe… oh…my randi wife instantly started licking Rehana’s legs and toes. Rubbing his own dick Zaheer lifts my wife’s petticoat with his leg. Now my wife’s butts were totally exposed with her petticoat lifted up to waist. Licking the legs of Rehana she placed her butts for Zaheer who was playing with her anus and butts with his foot fingers. Sometime Rehana was rubbing Bina’s face with her toe…. Both the husband and wife treating my wife like a cheap randi ..and surprisingly I saw her totally submitting to them who is so dominating to me. After few minutes foot play they asked Bina to dance..My god slutty wife started dancing like a cheap bar dancer infront of them…Rehana and Zaheer started the actual game…Rehana sit on his lap and inserting his dick in her started pumping herself…Zaheer put his legs over Bina’s shoulder…she was passionately kissing and licking his legs….After some time Rehana remove the dick from her vagina and asked Bina to lick her dirty wet vagina… ooooh…my wife who seems to be felt jealous of every woman I look and used to call them as randi…was passionately licking another woman’s dirty vagina made wet by her husband…After sometime Zaheer also put his dick in my wife’s mouth….oooh she was so desperately sucking and licking them both….Rehana was actually almost sitting & hitting Bina’s face with her butts…but Bina even having so much humiliation was desperate to please them… keeps on licking them probably seeking the big circumcised dick inside her …………………………….But it seems Rehana was not going to give Zaheer to Bina so easily…Rehana went to top of Zaheer and again started fucking him….this time she asked my wife to keep rimming her anus with tongue… the room was full of sex…dirty words…deep moanings …air was heavy with their short heavy breaths…Rehana after fucking her husband for few minutes probably nearing her climax…still was on the top of Zaheer taking rest to regain her energy …my slut wife was still rimming her anus spreading the butts a little …suddenly I saw Rehana lifting her one leg a little farts loudly in Bina’s mouth…..and laughed seeing unprepared Bina having the warm fart in her breath…. Silently I thanked Rehana for giving a good reward to my slutty randi wife…she deserved that…

Don’t know why….watching my wife being humiliated and dominated by some other people I was getting excited and pleased …ya…Bina tortured me a lot…now time for her turn…
Finally after climaxing Rehana gave bina a chance …they made her pose like a dog and Zaheer fucked her wildly…really wildly…seems with the pain of fucking she was getting the pleasure also…..Rehana was slapping her ass cheeks… also made her to lick her cunt to make that clean…and finally Zaheer made Bina to eat every drop his big load cumm…

I left the house to spend the night somewhere else as I did not wanted to let my wife know that I know about her randi bazi…let’s see how far she goes and acts like a SATI infront of me.

Spending the night at a hotel I returned home next morning..hoping that I I would not have to search for my wife in other’s place. My wife was little surprised to see me one day before schedule. She was washing some clothes in the I wanted to take bath she asks me to wash all the clothes she left in the bathroom. Most of the clothes are of zaheer and rehana’s which could not be washed in machine as those were having elastics or very delicate. I found two three male undergarments also. Again indirectly bina humiliated me by letting me to wash her lover’s underwear. After sometime Bina brought my lunch prepared at Rehana’s kitchen. The maid was absent that day…I saw my wife sweeping their veranda… she was so desperate to please Rehana by doing their household works wanting to get fucked by her husband. Zaheer was a rich businessman and I was a low graded employee … so when I asked Bina that why she needs to do their works…she replied .. “can u effort me such good foods everyday that we are eating everyday. I work for them and in return we are getting free food.” I wanted to tell her… u r not only getting food…some other things are also getting…but did not argue further. I took the food silently and feeling tired by previous sleep less night by seeing those dirty acts of my randi wife wanted to sleep. She went back to their home. After one hour or so while I was sleeping she came and lie down near me hugging me from behind. Probably she had a dirty session again with them as she was looking very tired. Told me that her waist and legs are paining…and asked me to give a massage on her waist… unwillingly I was massaging her butts …slowly she lead my hand to her groin and put it in her vagina…sihhhhh…it’s all wet…may be made by Zaheer…who knows what they did little ago….i asked her why she is so wet… she laughed and kissing me like an innocent Savitri kind of wife told me …since her husband is not doing anything with her honey pot for a long it is wanting her husband …. Uuuuh such a innocent wife I got…But I resists when the bitch wanted me to lick her dirty parts… but to be honest long ago I had lost my power to control her…I became her pet just few months after marriage…so at last I had to lick her dirty wet cunt…. And I got assured the smell and juice from her vagina was not only her was mixed with man’s cum or pre-cum … But I had no alternate way other than obeying her… she was rubbing my hairs closing her eyes…may be dreaming about the big circumcised dick of Zaheer… atlast she did a favour to this poor husband also… while she was sleeping asked me to rub my dick in her cunt from behind…… but did not allowed me to cum in there…. As probably her husband was not her cup of tea.

Day by day she became more aggressive…started behaving like their family member…sometime when I use to sweep & clean our rooms asks me to clean theirs also… one day when I refused she slapped me infront of Rehana … and from that day I gave up of thinking Bina as my wife…for somedays I stopped obeying her but as a result hot arguments, quarrels and physical torture increased to maximum when one day Zaheer also warn me to throw me out of his house and complain to the police that I torture my wife seeking dowry…. I was helpless…so again bowed down to my bitch wife.
Things became something normal as I gave up to consider myself as a husband…. Became a silent watchman.
One day Bina told me that she is going to their village for a week. In a very gentle way Zaheer and Rehana took my permission also to take Bina with them to attend a marriage ceremony at their village. I thought they will enjoy freely somewhere else. Never thought that they are planning some other daring things.

Before leaving home with Zahher’s family to his village at a interior place of U.P. Bina let me enjoy with her as per my wish. I was surprised why she became so submissive to me. She offered herself to me asif I shall not get her again. Looking at her eyes my heart was full of love to her. When I was licking and sucking her private parts she asked me once shall I be able to leave without her… I was speechless.
But for some reasons their visit has been postponed. Don’t know the reason day they performed a religious ceremony at their home. Returning home from the office in the evening I did not see Bina in our rooms but as that was very usual I did not enquired much. After sometime I saw her in the backside veranda …wow she was wearing new very loose fitting salwar and surprisingly a head scarf (hijab). She did not looked at my eyes though she saw me. Later Rehana and Zaheer invited me to have the dinner… it was full of many dishes may be for the occasion held during the day. While I was taking the food along with Zaheer …Rehana started talking to me holding the hands of Bina… “ Bhaiya…today we renamed my dear little sister as Sabina…hope u’ll not mind… since she does our all cookings she should be of same religion…u know…what I mean to say” I was shocked ..bina is now converted and change her name also. Foods are not going down my throat. Then Zaheer put his hands in my shoulder and told me “ Dekho…ye hum logo ki aapos ka mamla hai…and ur wife was wanting this…and so we converted her..hope u’ll understand” I have no words to reply…Zaheer again started “ Lekin ek baat hai…since u r now from different religion and as per our customs she can not stay with u alone from now on to manage all I decided to not to take any rent from u from this month… Sabina will stay with Rehana and u can use a single room without any rent like our guest”…waah he had offered me a rent free room in return of my wife. .. Still I was speechless…I looked at Bina …(sorry Sabina)….but she was not looking at me… I felt a deep pain of loneliness…my wife is no more belongs to me. Probably she is going to marry him also formally…very soon. Silently I walked out of their home and after roaming in the streets for a long came back to home… a dim light was on in their bed room … when I peeped saw three tired bodies lying naked here and there… Bina’s face was looking so calm and happy…. To get the love and shelter from a capable and powerful person like Zaheer she even changed her religion also. I should not come in between them… But what should I do…in this big metro city no one is there to see or ask me where my wife is…but still … atleast few known guys will come to know about the truth if I started leaving separately.. so I decided to accept Zaheer’s offer to stay in their home that case I could atleast see my once dearest wife …
From next day my wife started acting me like a different guy… always keeps her body,face hidden from me… wearing hijab, loose clothes so that I can not see her body curves… when she needs to talk with me talked very softly…I even saw her going out with Rehana wearing burkha also…but Rehana in her as usual dress. I saw learning to pray with Rehana…over all she seems to be very happy with the new happenings and following the rules of her new religion strictly with devotion but willingly. Incidentally one noon when Rehana and Zaheer were not at home…and I entered their home saw my wife shaving her armpits and then lifting her long nighty cleaning her pubic hairs… I got excited looking at my once dominating wife like that after a long time …but when she came to know that I was watching her…she reacted as if I did a big crime…she scolded me for looking at a woman doing her private things..etc… wwahhhh…this woman once forced me to lick her vagina and now she thinks it’s a crime to see her body to the same man… … But these acts of my woman gave me a different kind of feelings… I started to accept and like the happenings …
Next week day went to their village at UP for a month. I was told that they will attend a marriage ceremony of their relatives there. I have already lost all my controls on my wife… now she is actually Zaheer’s woman..

Though after Zaheer’s family along with Bina (Sabina) left for UP I was looking after the house, the maid was visiting the home every alternate day. She was a middle aged woman and looks not so bad..though she was little fatty and dark coloured her look is appealing with big boobs and buttocks with an exposed belly. One noon when I was washing some clothes she was sweeping the opened rooms and veranda of Zaheer’s house. Though she comes wearing a saree she use to wear a old nighty given by Rehana while doing the works. I was washing my clothes and along with few of bina,rehana and zaheer in the bathroom. Suddenly I heard the maid saying… “ye bhi dho dena..” I saw her removing her petticoat lifting the nighty and a panty and then threw them to me… I was shocked …how dare a maid servant asked me to wash her clothes…when I refused angrily ..she told… “aaah… mere upor mardangi dikhate ho, meri kapre dhone mei saram ata hai… aur apne bibi ko paraya mard le jaake shaadi kar raha hai…usme tera saram nehi aata…sala…hizira….dho mera kapra nehi to chillake logon ko bulake keh dungi…tune mujhe rape kor ne ka kausis kiya hai”
Ultimately I had to obey her…. my fate made my life so shameful that even a maid also do not afraid to ask me for doing her works…

That noon the maid cooked something…she told me that she will eat with me… after taking the food I was sitting on the veranda while she came near me and rubbing my hairs from behind…started asking and telling about my wife’s affair with Zaheer… I came to know from her that at their native place the “nikah” between zaheer and Sabina is going to take place shortly and that’s why Bina had changed her religion in advance. The maid was pressing her big boobs in my shoulder from backside while we were talking… with her sympathy towards me…I became emotional..for a long I was not getting any mental support or not finding anyone to share my feelings… with eyes full of tears don’t know when I rest my head in the arms of the middle aged dark coloured maid ….very soon she took me to my bed and allowed me to take rest on her soft big boobs….I forgot that she is a maid….she removed her dirty nighty and invite me to swim in her soft fatty body… I regain the taste of life in her big dark colour nipples, fat belly and big dark trimmed vagina….. oh… life become beautiful and delicious again with the taste of the vaginal juice of the maid.. she played with my intact penis and and taking with her sweet lips for sometime with passion and love told me that this is the first intact dick she has seen in her life… as a low class working woman her desires and imaginations are not demanding… falling in love with her kind & gentle nature willingly I started rimming her black anus with my tongue leading her to the top of pleasure…. Finally I lost my control deep inside her big wet pussy…….. massaging my body with her loving and caring hands she told she is a widow and have a small kid and if I want she can be all mine if I just convert myself to her religion for keeping social bindings intact and also she would love to taste my circumcised cute dick with all her holes…
And finally before Zaheer returned with her newly wedded wife Sabina I became the respectable husband of their maid Nur.

The End

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