Brothers’ Revenge

Hi Smita

You always wanted to tell something unbelievable stuffs which are very different. I am sending something which is a reality I will describe the same to you in my words and I know you can write the same with your wonderful narrations and if you like I can have the pleasure of being with you on a lunch dinner bedroom whatever if you like it

Telling about a strange guy and his family, how I know him will let you keep guessing and this took place or it basically started from 1993 and his name is Alex 16 year old guy tall cute but a bastard.

Alex had two elder sister Suzan who was 21 year old and was working in small office and Rachel who was 18 year old then. Other then his mother, none of his sisters or his father loved him as he was a failure in studies and was into bad company. He didn’t even complete his 10th std and was working with his friend Mahesh in a photo studio which belong to Mahesh’s uncle.

Father Richard was yet another bastard who had another wife with a daughter Isha and he almost ignored this family which was taken care of by Suzan and Rachel. His father just use to come and go and if he was in a good mood give some money.

Rachel had a boyfriend Rohit a wealthy person and the only son and he and Rachel had gone beyond relationship and that is they were the most fuckable person as both were crazy for each other and out of that both were crazy of sex in any way. Suzan too was not a saint as they had there granny’s house some 3-4 kms from their house and one of her long distant married uncle too stayed with the granny sometimes and from office she use to go visit and granny and also started having sex with her so called long distance uncle.

So far sex was concerned Alex too was not left behind he along with Mahesh regularly use to fuck their maid who use to come to sweep the studio.

(I don’t how to elaborate and just writing as you can understand it very well)

At the same time Alex use to hate his sisters as they always abused him, he also use to steal money from their purse and they knew he use to hide somewhere while they use to undress or take a bath smell their panties even masturbate on them he was into some kind of pervertism or after having sex with the maid he had a secret desire to fuck his sisters as both sisters were bomb. Suzan had nice 36 27 35 with beautiful hairs and even the younger and cutest Rachel too had nice figure and many guys following them from their area.

Out of the many Mahesh was one of them and both use to fuck the maid thinking and fantasizing about Rachel and Suzan.

One such day their mother was going to go to for their church service to Hyderabad and Alex knew at that time Rachel use to come with Rohit and they use to fuck each other. Suzan use to go to office and Rachel was working in one of Rohit’s office so they never had a problem of going and coming anywhere.

As it is they fucked whenever where ever they found place time but when they found a vacant place as it their house or his house and they it use to be a nice long love making fuck rather then bang bang thank your kind of fuck.

Alex knew what is going to happen in their house and told Mahesh about the same that he has to get his uncle’s video camera. (Smita this is those time when we had those big cameras Panasonic and Sony we find during the good old days and not the recent small digital ones). They got one camera and they hired another one from one of his uncle’s friend telling there are two marriages on the same day.

Their mom went in the morning to Hyderabad Suzan went to her office and Rachel too went to meet his boyfriend Rohit and Alex knew they were going to come back so told Mahesh to close the house from outside so they don’t suspect and he will do the needful to bait Rachel. He had kept one camera in the bedroom which had a remote and had high resolution was able to take night pictures and it was able to handle 7-8 hours of continuous recording. He had kept in such a place where the whole bed from the front side can be seen. He was holding the other one in his hand as it was bit smaller and he hid himself on the small porch. (you know old houses had this porch to keep in wanted and unwanted things) They had a curtain from where he could see the hall and kitchen other then bedroom he was able to cover the whole place and on top of that it had curtains as they had kept most of broken unwanted items up there.

The wait was too prolonged as they came around 4 in the evening and Alex was mad but still happy as he found Rohit’s car entering their apartment. He immediately switched the bedroom camera with his remote and rushed up on the porch.

Within 5 min the door opened and was shut and Alex peeped through the curtains and started his recording from the top and he was good at this job but it paid him just 2500 bucks. The moment the door was closed Rohit grabbed his sister Rachel turned her face towards the wall and both his hand went inside her skirt pressing her nice firm ass and grinding his crotch against her ass talking nasty of telling her how he is going to fuck her and so on.

He went mad looking at their animal instinct and Rohit was handsome sturdy tough good match for his sister and out of the blue when he removed his dick and making Rachel sit and suck his cock he went mad as he had good 9+ inch dick. (ok smita I know the size and I will let you know how at the end). Alex went mad seeing Rachel could hold his dick in both of her hands and yet suck his remaining cock from the covered positions of her hand.

Alex too did have a good not so long but it was a good to satisfy any cunt. They had sucking and tearing of her clothes out there giving Alex a massive hard one and headed for their bedroom. He could hear grunting noise of her sister yelling like a slut but he didn’t had guts to get down and knew his camera could be taking part of all the goody stuffs.

It was almost 30-45 min they came out of the bedroom and both were nude heading directly to the kitchen and Alex was stunned to see her sister having a cigarette with Rohit. They had water and their cigarette and both headed inside the bathroom after few moments in the kitchen.

Alex was shocked when the door latched clicked he was worried if it was his father but he was more shocked to see Suzan coming in. Because she could find the truth he won’t be able to blackmail and get Rachel. Suzan was surprised to see the clothes on the floor and she was tiptoeing in and stopped at the bathroom as these fuck lovers didn’t even close their bathroom too. Suzan was standing outside the bathroom and shouting at Rachel.

There were some heated argument not even for 3-5 min. Suzan was yelling what they were doing and all that stuff and everything was silent and Alex was not able to guess what was going inside. Alex could see someone pulled her in was it Rachel or Rohit. Alex was shocked thrilled when he saw Suzan’s wet salwar was thrown out of the bathroom then came her kurta might be she too was under the shower. Alex said to himself fuck this bastard and he was beyond control and hardly he held his cock and with just 2-3 jerks he was spurting of his cum like shower on the old furniture’s. He was desperate to know what the fuck was happening inside the bathroom. He could see her panties and bra too felling outside.

He has to wait for more then 30 min to see all three walked out of bathroom and went in the bedroom. For the next one and half hour he could hear all the grunting giggling noise coming out of the bedroom and was glad that everything was getting recorded. Around 7 Rohit came out and sat in the hall smoking his cigarette and he was wearing his pants and after another 20 min both his sister came out dressed to came out as they were going out to celebrate their sisterly fuck.

Around 7:30 they left and Alex could hear both the sisters blaming their good for nothing brother telling don’t know where the fuck he is. On the porch Alex was telling to himself as you bitches I am just preparing to make you my sluts.

Alex waited till he heard the car start and leave and then he rushed down to bathroom as he had to hold his pee came out changed his clothes collected the camera and he knew he had to do yet another pathetic thing to pay the other cameras rent. Mahesh told as he could not afford at present to pay for both the camera. He checked in his sister purse and found 2000 Rs but he had to give 3000 and with nothing left he took of Suzans gold chain and went to meet his only friend Mahesh who too was thrilled to see him.

The maid too was there which was not quite often she stayed so late to which Mahesh whispered in his ears, he knew he could like to relieve after seeing what happened to Rachel to which Alex pushed the maid on the table and just pushed her sari from behind and started banging her telling Mahesh not only Rachel but also the other bitch Suzan.

He gave her few strokes and came thinking seeing the hottest thing. Mahesh too got a hard one when he came to know what happened out there and as Alex finished he couldn’t control and Mahesh took his turn fucking the maid knowing that his friend will bait both his sister and he could get a piece of two hot cunts.

The maid whose name was Kamla who was in her mid 30s also loved as she was untouched by her husband for a long time as she was unable to bear children and he had married someone else. She enjoyed in getting fucked by this two young desperate cocks whenever they want. She knew she could get her hungry body what it needs as this two wanted it always.

Both sold the chain and gave the money but the camera for few more day and they still had few left and then though of making some extra cassettes. Or to edit the same in such a way both his sister will go mad seeing the same

When Alex and Mahesh saw the cassette that night both couldn’t help other then going to Kamla’s house who was surprised to see them. They begged her to come to Mahesh’s house right away and it was 2 am in the morning and seeing the video they were fucking her till 10 in the morning. She was always ready with the boys only to get pregnant and not to disappoint them which never happened that’s the other thing.

Both saw how Rohit first when took Rachel took her in the bedroom had a 69 fucked her in her cunt and ass then finally cumming in her mouth and the next one when they saw Rachel and Suzan having 69 and Rohit first fucking Rachel and then Suzan both her holes and this time he fucked them twice and both started to think how he had so much energy to fuck.

The next 2 days they performed the same act of recording and the third day Alex was surprised to find Suzan with Peter with his long distant married uncle fucking Suzan in a traditional way with no excitement like the one Rohit had with his sisters. But he was excited to record that too.

It took them another 2-3 days to do all the stuff and enhancing the image the voice quality and all that stuff. But it was pretty late as their mother had already come from Hyderabad so both Mahesh and Alex had to wait for the correct opportunity.

In the meantime Suzan came to know her chain was missing and Alex had a good beating this time from his sister for stealing the same and this time his mother too didn’t support him. Alex didn’t felt bad as he knew it was matter of few days or months might be when he is going to make both his sister pay for their nasty things they did to him.

In fact before the three way fuck even Suzan and Rachel too did had their difference but after that day they were the best of friends and they kept the bedroom for themselves in the night and Alex knew what they really did out there. Usually before that Suzan and his mom use to sleep in the bedroom and he use to sleep in the hall on the floor and Rachel on the Diwan.

He was desperately waiting for the moment but which came after 4 months but the wait was worth as he had a double bonus when he came to know his mom was going 10 days to Hyderabad on a Church cause as she was a believer and did go on out with her fellow friends. Did gave her some money too to run the house and more important few days before his mother left he came to know Rohit too was sent by his dad to Australia to do some course and he too wont be for a year.

Rohit was good with Alex as he was the brother of those females whom he was fucking freely and once Rohit even lend him 20000 Rs.

Just before Rohit left he had taken both Suzan and Rachel for 3 days to some resorts and fucked them before going to Australia and Alex knew after few days his two sisters are going to be his bitch.

The day his mother left in the afternoon he found Mahesh too had to go with his family for a day as both had planned they will be doing this together. But Alex didn’t had any patience and he already brought in VCR in spite of knowing he didn’t had money and came home and connected to their Television and he went out as he knew that they wont be coming till 7 pm.

He came at 8 pm with the edited copy of cassette and found both his sister questioning about the VCR to which he told it belongs to Mahesh and to do some work so brought it. They had dinner and both sisters went in the bedroom and Mahesh had put the cassette in and went to knock the bedroom door. Both were pissed as both were into 69 positions and Suzan was pissed of more as she was almost going to have orgasm.

They just wore their nightgown nothing underneath Suzan yelled at him, to which he told that he wants to show them something. He switched on the video where he had edited few other things in the beginning making it more exciting.

Both came out and were sitting on the diwan when he switched on the cassette and as it proceeded both were out of their breath not knowing what to do and seeing their face Alex knew this is it. His time has come to teach his bitchy sister what he is made of.

Suzan got up and started to yell at him using nasty words to which Alex laughed and Suzan and Rachel as the biggest surprise when Alex gave her a tight slap and she fell on the floor and he kicked her beat her up pulled her hairs and wanted to remove all the anger he had on both his sister. Rachel was quiet knowing what has just happened.

He lifted her gown and she tried to stop him, she was slapped once again, Alex removed his cock and just entered his cock with all his vengeance. Her pussy was already wet because just 15-20 min she was having randy session with Rachel and Alex had no difficulty in entering his cock, Suzan started crying but at the same time feeling a cock in her already oozing cunt with all the beating was icing on the cake with the pain and pleasure her tone immediately changed. She liked it at the same time didn’t understood as she hated her brother. Alex loved as after 15-20 jerks with his hard cock in her cunt and more abusive words his slut of a sister has started raising her hips. Both were fully nude and Rachel too started getting wet seeing her sister’s leg wrapped around his waist and their grunting noise and slapping noise of his thighs on her buttocks and the wet noise from her cunt was making her crazy.

No doubt Rohit had made them sex hunger and they wanted a cock was confirmed. Alex knew Suzan had already made the floor wet as she had orgasm after orgasm with the wild fuck she was getting from her kid brother. Alex was a man possessed he squeezed her breast slapped her raised buttocks bit the underneath of calf licked her toes and bit them and this has aroused Suzan to no limit as he was fully charged. Alex beating her and looking at Rachel that she too won’t be spared and so on.

He turned to Rachel before Rachel could say anything he grabbed her legs and pulled her from the diwan and made her sleep on top of Suzan and Alex just pulled of her gown and found his way without any difficulty and started fucking his loving sister Rachel. But he could hardly satisfy her and he started to fill her cunt hole with his hot sperms like hell and got off spanking her buttocks.

After an hour of commanding talk to his sisters telling both of them what they are going to do for him he made them suck his cock and asshole and then fucked Rachel pretty long and Suzan pleaded him not to fuck him as her hips were paining due to sleeping on the hard floor an hour back and later on taking Rachel’s weight.

Two days he fucked both of them like hell and the sisters had nasty evening with Mahesh and Alex on the third day. Both of them fucked Suzan and Rachel giving them pleasure and pain.

For a year both Mahesh and Alex fucked Suzan and Rachel whenever they wanted and once out of anger Alex made Suzan suck of their maid Kamla and kept her seducing without fucking her and fucked Kamla instead.

When Rohit came to know from Rachel first he was upset all happened because of him but later on he joined the party and he was the third partner fucking this wonderful girls.

Three years later and exciting thing happened in June 1997 it was the day Suzan was going to get married to James. He was from Dubai the wedding was set and everything was prepared for the same.

In the morning all had gone to church for the wedding and in the evening there was party and the most happening thing was that all her three lovers had an erect dick to fuck her before she is gone off to Dubai forever and seeing her in her beautiful wedding gown was making them crazy.

Rachel arranged the same after wedding telling mom and James that taking her to parlor for the evening party she took Suzan who was not accepting what was going to happen. Alex too was with them so no suspected as Rohit took all the three of them to his flat where most of the time they used to have a bang.

Mahesh was already present out there and the moment inside the flat which started with a no no for Suzan ended up having all three cocks together with removing her wedding gown. All three guys fucked her together and single and she even sucked her sisters cunt as she was fucked by Mahesh

In October 1999 when Rachel got married to Rohit, she had yet another wonderful gift as she had three dicks on the big bed decked with flowers and all her three lovers fucked her till early morning one after another and so on.

Ok Smita you caught me yes its me Rachel who told about me and my family.

For the question you shot at me, I am still with Rohit for the last 10 years now and yes now days he loves to see me get fucked with others and he is obsessed by the same.

Thanks yar your great

Love Rachel

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