My New Family

My mom and I had just moved in with Abhijeet, my soon to be stepfather. He was a rich lawyer and his house was huge and luxurious. I was happy that my mother was marrying Abhijeet because I really liked the guy. He was a very handsome man who really took care of himself. At age forty he looked at least ten years younger and had a very muscular and well-trimmed body. Unlike the majority of my mother’s previous love interests Abhijeet was down to earth and genuinely nice to me.

My mother was an extremely beautiful and classy woman who loved life. At age thirty-six she was very energetic, athletic and in a very good physical shape. She had long golden blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, big but still very firm breasts and the face of an angel. Her charming and always upbeat personality was what made her stand out even among the most beautiful models, beauty queens and the hottest movie stars.

I had just taken a shower and was ready to go to bed. I exited the bathroom and entered my room with a towel wrapped around my waist and still wet. I was startled to see my mother sitting on my bed wearing a short and sexy pink nightie. It looked like she was ready to go to bed, except that she was wearing full make up on her face. I was sure that when I saw her last before taking my shower she was not wearing any make up.

“Sorry baby,” she said with a smile, “I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“Oh no it’s ok mom,” I replied holding tighter to my towel, “it’s been a while since the last time you dropped by to tuck me in.”

“Well baby,” she said looking straight into my eyes, “there are a few things that I wanted to talk to you about.”

“I’m all ears mom. But let me dry myself first and then I’m all yours.”

“Oh let me do that. I want to dry my baby boy.” Before I could say anything she got up and a second later she removed my towel from around my waist.

I was caught by surprise and before I could cover myself with anything she was behind me toweling my back. At first she toweled me very hard and fast from behind. When I tried to move she held on to my waist and did not let me move. At the touch of her hand my cock began moving. When she started toweling my muscular butt my eight-inch cock jumped into full attention. There was no way I could cover my erection and hide it from her now. She finally finished toweling my back and turned me around. For a long moment I did not exhale and it seemed that she did not either. She looked down directly at my hard and throbbing cock.

“Wow…” she said finally, “what a beauty. I haven’t seen it in so many years. Baby this is such a beautiful…COCK!”

“Mom,” I stuttered, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to…I mean it’s out of my control. You’re just so sexy in your nightie and…”

“Really baby?” she interrupted me, “You mean it? You think that I look sexy?”

“Yes mom. Of course I do. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen!” I said while watching her breasts go up and down as she obviously breathed heavier and harder.

“Oh I love hearing you say that,” she said as her gaze shifted toward my fully erected cock again. “Oh Sunil…your cock is so beautiful. The shape of it, those beautiful veins, its fullness and its masculinity. Wow I can’t take my eyes off of it honey!”

I looked at her amazingly beautiful face. Her cheeks were slightly flushed with excitement. Her baby-blue eyes were dreamy with lust as she stared at my hard cock. I felt a tremble through my body and some pre-cum oozed from my cock.

“Oh God. Look at that!” she said and touched my pee slit gently with her index finger.

I looked at her with utter amazement as she rubbed my cock juice in between her thumb and index fingers. She looked at her elegant fingers for a while and then at my cock again.

“Ok baby…well,” she mumbled, “Abhijeet and I were getting ready to…you know…hmm fuck and we thought that you might want to come and watch!”

I was completely shocked by my mother’s incredible invitation. I was not sure if I had heard her correctly. There was that killer smile on her face and she looked even more flushed. I did not know what to say although I knew that I would be crazy to say no to such an invitation. But this was my own mother and she was asking me to watch her having sex with her fiancé.

“Rohini and Abhijeet are waiting for us, let’s not keep them waiting baby!” she said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me after her towards her bedroom.

Rohini was my soon to be stepsister. She was an extremely hot girl with well-tanned skin, long straight golden hair and small boobs with pointy nipples that showed through the skimpy tight shirts and tank tops that she usually wore. When my mom and I entered the bedroom Rohini was sitting on a chair watching her father strip off his boxers right in front of her. She was only wearing a pair of white stockings and was fucking her own shaved pussy lazily with a small vibrator. Both Abhijeet and Rohini looked at us and smiled as we entered the large bedroom.

“Hey Sunil,” Abhijeet said happily, “I’m glad that you decided to come and join us. This will be lots of fun son!”

“Shit Seema,” Rohini said to my mom, “Look at that fucking cock! I mean dad has a nice one but Sunil’s is the prettiest dick I’ve ever seen!”

Abhijeet walked over to his daughter. He put his hand in her hair and started stroking it lovingly. Rohini looked up at her father and smiled as she continued fucking her pussy with the pink vibrator. Abhijeet’s big cock became harder and harder as he stroked Rohini’s lovely hair. My mom went over to Rohini’s chair and stood on the other side of her. She reached out for the young girl’s stiff and long nipple and took it in between her index and middle fingers. She pinched and pulled at the erect nipple.Rohini started moaning with pleasure. Then my sexy mother leaned over Rohini and put her other hand on the girl’s stomach. Abhijeet pushed his cock forward until it was right in front of my mom’s and Rohini’s faces.

My mom wrapped her lips around the wide tip of Abhijeet’s hard cock and Rohini started to kiss her cheeks and nose. My mother’s beautiful hand caressed Rohini’s stomach and casually slid lower to her shaved pussy. Her fingers were now resting on the girl’s erect clit. Rohini licked the length of her father’s cock. My mom let go of Abhijeet’s cock for a moment and licked Rohini’s tongue as she licked the big cock. Then they started licking side by side. Every now and then they would stop and kiss each other and lick each other’s tongues and lips. My mom was rubbing Rohini’s clit now and the girl moaned even louder.

“Oh Abhijeet, my fucking pussy is on fire. I need you to fuck me right now!” my mom announced, her voice becoming husky and deeper with lust.

I watched as my mother jumped on the bed and Abhijeet and Rohini followed her. My mom lay on her back and Rohini lifted her sexy nightie up to her stomach. Abhijeet stripped off my mother’s panties quickly, lifted her right leg and put it on top of his daughter’s shoulder. Rohini put her fingers on my mom’s untrimmed blonde bush and started rubbing her swollen clit with her thumb as her father aimed his cock at her pink pussy lips.

“Jump on the bed son,” Abhijeet urged me. “Get on your knees right next to your mother’s face and start jerking your cock. That’s it yeah. Now get your cock as close to her face as possible.”

My cock was only a couple of millimeters away from my mom’s pretty face now. She turned her face towards my cock and spat on it. Her spit felt nice and warm on my throbbing hard on. I started jerking my big cock right above my own mother’s cute nose.

“Oh Seema,” Rohini said, “Can you smell his cock? It’s right above your nose. It looks so fucking good!”

“Yes you pretty slut!” my mom replied. “Now put your dad’s cock in my pussy and make him fuck me hard. You know what you need to do.”

Rohini grabbed her own father’s cock and carefully pushed it into my mom’s pussy. Then she grabbed her father’s muscular butt cheek and started squeezing. Abhijeet started pumping hard. He looked at me and smiled as I stroked my cock above my mom’s face. Rohini spanked her father’s butt cheek. Then she spanked him again but this time harder. She continued spanking him as he fucked my mother’s beautiful pussy with passion. My mom reached out for my balls and started scratching them lightly with her elegantly manicured fingernails. Her touch sent jolts of pleasure through my entire body. I watched as Abhijeet’s glistening big cock pumped my mother’s welcoming pussy. When Rohini was finally satisfied with her father’s fucking tempo she moved up and put her face right in front of my cock right above my mother’s face.

“Play with his big cock baby,” Abhijeet ordered his daughter.

Rohini spat on my cock. Her saliva dripped from my cock down to my mom’s face and landed on her lips. My mom licked her lips and savored Rohini’s spit in her mouth before she swallowed it. Rohini took my cock in between her index and middle fingers and squeezed gently. Then she kissed my mother deeply on her mouth while stroking her hair.

“Raise your head a little bit Seema,” she told my mom. “That’s it. Smell your son’s beautiful cock. Does it smell good baby?”

“Oh God. I love the way it smells,” my mom replied.

“Take out your tongue and lick his pee slit,” Rohini ordered my mom. “That’s it. Oh God! Is it the first time you’re licking his cock?”

“Yes you pretty slut. Let me fucking lick it. Hold it in front of me! Don’t move it so much.”

My mother’s wet tongue touched the very tip of my cock as Rohini held it steady in front of her face. Abhijeet leaned over my mom’s body and stopped fucking her for a while to get closer to her face. His face was now only and inch away from my cock. He spat on my cock and told my mom to lick his saliva off of it. My mom followed the horny father and daughter’s orders carefully each time they told her to do something. Rohini took her fingers off my cock and told my mom to lick along the side of it. My mom’s tongue felt wonderful as she licked the side of my cock’s entire length.

“Dad what are you waiting for?” Rohini asked her father. “Lick the other side. I want to watch both of you lick that beauty!”

Then to my disbelief Abhijeet did as he was told by his daughter. Now I had two wet tongues working on my hard shaft. My mom’s fingers found their way further beyond my balls and found my asshole. When I realized what she wanted to do I spread my legs a bit wider apart and she pushed one of her fingers past my anus and up my asshole. Abhijeet kissed the tip of my cock and then waited for my mom to follow his lead. She kissed my cock head and for a few seconds wrapped her pretty lips around it. Then Abhijeet did the same. My mom was now finger fucking my asshole.

“Oh God!” Abhijeet exclaimed. “His cock looks so good in your mouth Seema. Suck it now. Suck your son’s cock!”

Abhijeet grabbed my cock and guided it into my mother’s mouth. She raised her head a bit higher and took more of my hard cock into her mouth. I felt a second finger penetrating my asshole. She pushed both fingers up my tight hole and started twisting them in there. Abhijeet started fondling my swollen balls as he watched my mother suck me passionately. Rohini got off the bed and positioned herself behind me.

“Oh dad, your future fucking wife is fingering her son’s asshole! Did you know that?”

“Yes baby. Spank the boy’s ass for me please!”

Rohini started spanking my butt cheeks very hard. I felt my butt getting constantly warmer as she continued spanking me with her little hands. My mom started finger fucking my asshole fast and hard with her fingers now. Abhijeet resumed fucking my mother’s pussy as he watched her suck my cock and kept fondling my balls.

“Seema this is so fucking cool,” Rohini said from behind me. “Put one more finger up his asshole!”

My hot mom withdrew her fingers from my asshole for a moment. Rohini slipped her head under me and started rimming my asshole. Her tongue tickled my asshole for a short moment and then I felt her warm saliva enter my hole. Then she got behind me again and spread my ass cheeks wide apart. My mom started pushing three fingers up my asshole now. This was stretching my hole to the limit but finally she buried all three fingers successfully inside me.

“Rohini I need your help over here,” Abhijeet announced. “I want to make her cum now. Lick her clit for me honey!”

I watched wide-eyed as the pretty girl lowered her face down to my mom’s pussy and took her clit in between her pretty lips as her father kept fucking her pussy. My mother let go of my cock and put her free hand on the girl’s head pushing it down on her pussy. She tensed her body and her brows furrowed as she concentrated on the cock inside her and Rohini’s mouth on her pussy. I had never seen my mother’s face as beautiful as it was at that moment. She looked like she was about to cry right before she came and squirted a heavy amount of pussy juice all over Rohini’s face and Abhijeet’s stomach. Rohini looked at me to make sure I was watching her swallowing my mother’s pussy juice. Then she opened her mouth and a second and a third squirt of pussy juice went right into her mouth.

“Sunil switch places with your mother,” Abhijeet ordered as he pulled out of my mom’s pussy. “It’s time for some real male bounding!”

“Oh fuck yeah daddy,” Rohini said excitedly. “You’re gonna fuck him now. I thought that we were saving that for later!”

“No baby,” Abhijeet replied. “I don’t think that Sunil would mind if I fucked him now. Do you son?”

I was speechless. I was so aroused at that moment that I would have tried anything that they would ask me to do. My mom smiled at me reassuringly and when I finally lay on the bed she raised my butt and put a small pillow under it. Then she lifted her nightie over her head and dropped it to the floor and lied down on the bed right next to me. She started kissing me deeply on my mouth with her naked breasts pressing against my chest. I felt something cool entering my asshole and when I looked I saw that Rohini was squeezing a lubricant right from a tube into my asshole. She made me spread my legs wide open and pressed her little pink vibrator against my anus. A moment later the vibrator was all the way up my already stretched asshole. Then Rohini carefully applied the same lubricant on her father’s cock. She stroked his cock a few times to make sure that his entire shaft was nice and ready to fuck me.

My mom watched intently as the horny father and daughter carefully prepared me for my first ass fuck. She then reached for my cock and started stroking it very gently. Abhijeet positioned himself in between my legs. Rohini grabbed her father’s cock and put the tip of it right on my anus opening. She pushed his glistening cock slowly and carefully farther into my asshole and past my anus.

“Oh daddy!” Rohini exclaimed cheerfully. “You’re in! You’re on your own now. Let me watch you fuck my sexy stepbrother. Fuck him good and hard!”

“Thanks honey. You’re such a good girl. You’re Daddy’s own little slut. Now go fist Seema’s pussy while I fuck her son’s ass for her!”

Abhijeet pushed his cock a little farther up my asshole and stopped. He waited for me to get used to his intrusion and then pushed a little more. Meanwhile Rohini lubricated her entire little right hand and pushed four fingers inside my mother’s stretched out pussy. With her thumb she flicked and rubbed my mom’s clit as she started fucking her with four fingers.

“Put your hand right above your mom’s pussy Sunil and push down hard,” Rohini ordered me. “She likes that when her pussy is getting fucked.”

I did as I was told. My fingers touched my mother’s blond pubic hair as I pushed down firmly. Rohini was now inserting her entire hand into my mom’s pussy. She twisted her wrist and fingers expertly as my mom’s pussy lips opened wider and sucked her hand in. Abhijeet had stopped pushing his cock up my asshole to watch her daughter fist his future wife. My mom started moaning loudly as the petite girl started fisting her pussy harder and faster.

“Oh God! Fist my fucking pussy you little slut,” my mom begged Rohini. “Fuck me hard with your little hand honey!”

Still watching his daughter Abhijeet pushed the rest of his big cock up my asshole with one firm thrust. His entire cock was now inside my tight asshole. I did not exhale for a long moment in anticipation of more pain. But soon the pain turned into pleasure as Abhijeet started pounding me with his hard cock. The bedroom was filled with the sweet sound and smell of hot sex. Abhijeet leaned over my body and drops of hot sweat started falling from his hot skin down to my face and my body. My mom was watching her fiancé fuck me lovingly as the hot girl fisted her pussy mercilessly.

“Raise your head honey and suck his nipples,” my mom suggested. “He loves that.”

I held on to Abhijeet’s strong shoulders and lifted my upper body. I put my lips on his erect nipple and started sucking hard on it. His chest tasted salty and he started pounding me harder and moaning even louder as I sucked his nipple.

“Do you like the way I’m fucking you son?”

“Oh God yes Abhijeet! Just fuck me harder if you can. I love the feeling of your big cock inside me! Fuck me harder…dad.”

“Ah that’s so fucking sweet daddy,” Rohini said with genuine affection in her voice. “He just called you dad. Fuck him harder daddy. Fuck him harder PLEASE! Make your new son happy!”

Abhijeet grabbed my face with his strong hands and lowered his face down. He started kissing my mouth passionately and I returned his hot kiss.

“Hey guys watch this,” Rohini announced. “She is about to cum.”

“Rohini pull out your hand and eat her pussy,” Abhijeet yelled. “I want to see her drench your fucking pretty face!”

A moment later my mother came as Rohini ate her pussy hungrily. She drenched the girl’s entire face and hair in her hot and clear pussy juice. When my mom stopped squirting Rohini lifted her butt and started rimming her asshole with her cute little tongue. My mother’s red anus opened and closed as the girl attended to it lovingly. To my dismay Abhijeet stopped fucking me and gently pulled his cock out of my asshole.

“It’s time for you to fuck your mother,” he explained. “I know that you’ve been waiting for this moment son.”

A few seconds later Rohini was guiding my hard cock into my sexy mother’s hot pussy. I looked at my mother’s beautiful eyes as her hot and very wet pussy welcomed my big cock. She was smiling at me lovingly. I pushed my big cock all the way in with one firm thrust. I did not move inside her to savor the moment. I could not believe that I was fucking my own sexy mother. My entire life had changed dramatically within the past hour and I did not regret a single second of it. Abhijeet and Rohini each took one of my mother’s hard nipples and started sucking hungrily as I started pumping her pussy gently.

“Oh God!” my mother exclaimed. “Fuck me baby. Fuck my fucking pussy harder. FUCK MEEEE!”

My mom was leaning forward using her elbows to lift her upper body so that she could watch my big cock fuck her blond bushy pussy. Abhijeet and Rohini reached down to her big and swollen clit and took turns at pulling, pinching and rubbing it with their fingers. I was fucking her rhythmically and very firmly, each thrust sending jolts of unbearable pleasure through my entire body. Then my mother came. She squirted all over my stomach as her body tensed and stiffened.

“Take it out please baby!” my mother begged me. “I can’t take it. My pussy is too sensitive now.”

Abhijeet leaned over my mom and grabbed my cock, pulling it out of her pussy. Then he put my cock against her tight asshole and pushed it in. To my amazement my cock went up her asshole very easily and with minimum resistance. Then he got behind me and grabbed my waist with his strong hands. I lay still on top of my mother as his cock entered my asshole. Rohini straddled my mother’s face and put her own face on top of my mom’s pussy. She started licking her erect clit as I started pounding her asshole. Each time I pulled back Abhijeet’s cock went deeper inside my asshole.

“Oh God Seema. THAT’S IT!” Rohini screamed. “Chew on my fucking clit. Make me cum mommy!”

For a few minutes our four bodies became as one. I fucked my own mother’s tight and warm asshole as Abhijeet fucked me firmly from behind. My mom and Rohini sucked and chewed on each other’s erect clits and moaned loudly.


“I’m about to cum too!” Abhijeet announced and pulled his cock out of my ass. “Come on son. Let’s go and cum all over your mother’s face!”

Rohini was caressing my mother’s face as Abhijeet and I stroked our cocks above my mom’s pretty face. She looked up at our huge cocks enthusiastically, waiting for us to cover her face in hot cum. Abhijeet came first and his cum landed on my cock and stroking hand, dripping down to my mother’s pretty face. Then I came with a grunt and my hot cum hit Abhijeet’s stomach and my mom’s full lips. Rohini scooped up our gooey cum from wherever it landed with her fingers and fed it to my mother’s cum hungry mouth. My mom’s face was covered in our hot and gooey juices. She looked up at us and smiled lovingly. Rohini kissed my mother’s pretty lips and they swapped our semen in between their hot mouths for a few minutes. Then Abhijeet and I joined Rohini and all of us engaged in a hot cum swapping kiss that lasted for almost ten minutes. I felt my cock getting hard again and I could hardly wait to fuck my own mother once more. The night was still young and we had all the time in the world to fuck as one horny bisexual family as much and as often as we wanted.

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