Friend’s Sexy Wife – 03

Part 03 (final)

She had changed into a house dress for working in the kitchen. It was an ordinary cotton dress coming few inches below her knees and she wore an apron over it as she cooked lunch for us.

“Lunch is ready… c’mon you two….. It’s difficult to stop you once you start together” Pooja said…coming to her living room.

“Ok, honey …we will be there in a second” Yash said, his speech slightly slurry.

We sat at the dining table and Pooja served us a delicious lunch consisting of Rice and Rajmah along with a mixed veg.

I noticed that though I and Yash were having fun….Pooja sat quietly….not meeting my eyes and responding only when asked something. I knew she was nervous…..or guilty……or both.

“What happened dear….you do not look…. well?” Yash asked haltingly.

“No…. I… I. ’m fine” Pooja said…smiling at him “It’s just too hot’n humid in here”

“You should have tasted the wine..that Yash brought…it ..was so smooth…..would surely have cooled you.” Yash said laughing and looking at me.

I smiled at him….but inwardly could feel the pain that Pooja was going through…she was trying to come to terms with leading a normal life with Yash…but those two days were haunting her……trying to pull her back…

I was also feeling a bit uncomfortable now sitting in front of the couple…who till a few days back were trying to settle comfortably in their married life; and my lust……my emotions…..had changed everything.

But strangely I felt no guilt whatsoever…….I loved Pooja and I wanted her to myself come what may….

I excused myself from the table after a few minutes of some light talk.
“I better leave you two for some catching up……” I said smiling at Yash and then looking at Pooja. She immediately lowered her eyes. “Why don’t you two have dinner with me…..we could go out”

Yash looked at Pooja inquiringly…and before she could answer…gave me a nod. ”Of course..we will…..don’t we darling?”

Pooja looked at me fleetingly and seeing me smiling she nodded slowly and looking at Yash she said “Yes we can…if you are not too tired”

“Ok That’s decided then…we go out at 7:30 ” I said as I got up on my feet to leave.
Then as an after thought I said

“By the way Yash, did you see Mr. Desai lately?”

“No! wh…at happened?” Yash said

“I think the poor chap has lost it.” I said laughing “Goes on talking vague things…the other day he met me and said why we were not getting together more often.

Then said….I have to meet Yash …why he did not invite me for marriage…blah blah..blah. Just be cautious he might come knocking any day.”

“He should get married again” Yash said jokingly “this will solve all his problems. Thanks for warning me”

We both laughed and I left it at that. I did not want to clarify too much…lest it makes him suspicious. I looked at Pooja and she smiled at me……gratefully.

“One more thing.. Aryan….yaar …do you have ice in your refrigerator….we don’t seem to have any and also please send some cold water.” Yash said….he was slurring more and more and I thought he was a bit too drunk. He looked tired too.

“Sure I said….I will bring in few minutes.” I said getting up.

“Don’t bother….Pooja will collect it from your flat.. P..pooja, darling please get some ice and water from Aryan…..I m too tired and sleepy” he said

“ Ok I will bring it …in 5-10 minutes” she said “ now get some rest…you look as if you need lot of rest.

“Yes…sure….Bye Aryan….and thanks buddy”

“Bye Yash, be fit for the night” I said “dinner I mean” smiling at him

With that I went out of his flat… excitement running through me……..Pooja was coming back at my flat…..alone….if only for a few moments…..

I waited impatiently for Pooja to turn up. I wanted desperately to talk to her….to comfort her….to show her that she should not feel ashamed of what happened…because I believed that whatever happened was destined to happen….nobody can change that…and I believed that it was pure love than mere passion.

The door bell rang and I was immediately brought out of my thoughts. The strange excitement again enveloped me. Though I had left her alone only for a few moments….it felt ages since I saw her…or talked to her.

Her vulnerability was drawing me more and more towards her. What had started as pure lust……was now transforming into deep love for her.

I went to the door and opened it slowly. There standing in front of me was the most beautiful face I had come to know so well in the last two days. She stood there.. fidgeting

And as soon as she saw me…she lowered her eyes.

I smiled and stood aside….letting her enter inside. I slowly closed the door behind her. She looked at me with those deep innocent eyes….

“Ar..yan…..what has …..” she started but before she could complete the sentence …I do not know what took over me …..I couldn’t control myself and I took her in my arms and sealed her lips with my own… all the nervous energy and all the restrained passion broke loose as I crushed her body to mine .

She struggled to get free….but then too fell in the throes of passion and put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. We kissed each other with all the passion in world.. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouth wildly as we became one.

I let my hands fall on her ass over her dress and pulled her closer….letting her feel my hardness… love….my passion for her…….as if showing to her….how much effect she has on me.

‘Mmmmm…..mmmm” she moaned. As I guided her lip locked to the kitchen. “Ary… …Aryan…please…. not ….now……I can’t……..Yash…” she pleaded

But I was in no mood to listen…as I put my hands under her dress and lifted it to her waist . Then I hooked my hands in the waist band of her panties and pulled them down to her thighs.

“Noooo…oo” she squealed , but I smothered her lips with mine. Then I pulled her panties further down on her thighs to her knees till I let them fall slowly on the ground. I slowly began unzipping her dress from behind and opened it all the way down to her lower back.

My fingers quickly undid the clasps of her bra and before she had time to react….I had laid her down on the floor and quickly got out of my shorts and boxers.

She was in frenzy too now, writhing on the floor with ecstasy.

I bent down and slowly lifted her dress over her creamy thighs and all the way up to her waist…… her lovely pussy came into view. I slowly clamped my mouth on it…..and sucked it…..the lovely juices felt like honey in my mouth as I lapped up everything.

Then I, pulled down the top of her dress along with her loose bra so that her…… milky white boobs with pink cheery like nipples were displayed to my eyes. I slowly sucked both of them one by one …until they were standing proudly on their respective mounds………

“Aaaa…h, Aryan…please……” Pooja moaned.

I was dying to love her even more… shower all my love on her…but knew time was short and any time Yash could get suspicious and come looking for Pooja.. I slowly spread her legs and entered her.

“Aaaaaa….h…..Aaaaaah” she cried as I started moving up and down in her lovely tight pussy….stretching the walls with each stroke till I was completely inside her.

I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked at them feverishly as I increased my strokes.

Pooja too started grinding her hips and matched me stroke for stroke………faster and faster…….we moved in unison……..till we became unaware of anything else surrounding us.

“Aaah …. aaah … aaaah….I love you… Pooja” I cried. It was just the two of us in a tremendous frenzy…….moving within each other’s bodies…. Loving each other….giving and receiving pleasure till….we both exploded together….in another of those earth- shattering orgasms.

I came hard inside her…..filling her fully with my juices…….and she clamped me so tightly till I lay there spent on her beautiful body…contended that…..Pooja was still mine…….

Slowly I came out of her…kissing her softly on her lips. She had her eyes closed…and was panting from exertion and…..from a sea of emotions washing over her. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at me.

What I saw in her eyes was not passion…….not sexual excitement or contentment……but a tinge of sadness and deep love for me. I t pained me so much that I was the one who was responsible for this emotional state of her’s….for literally putting her in this situation, where she could not live with Yash now and couldn’t leave him either.

Moreover…… was me who couldn’t leave her now……..I had fallen madly in love with this innocent beauty.

She got up from the floor and stood there in front of me trying to get dressed again. She put on her bra slowly and covered her bosom with her dress.

“What have we done Aryan?” she said slowly….almost as if crushed by the pain”………it will never be the same again”

“I know Pooja…’s all my fault” I said… getting up ……putting on my boxers and gently going behind her and helping her zip up her dress…..feeling her soft skin as I zipped her up.

Then I put my hands on her shoulder and turned her towards me and looked deep in her eyes. “Pooja……the truth is…….I love You……….I love you more than any thing in this world….and now I know……that I cannot live without you.”

“I love you too …..Aryan….but…..I can not…”

Before she could complete…… I embraced her tightly and crushed her to me. She too hugged me back and we stood there…lost in our own thoughts……thinking of a way out….but not getting any answers.

But standing there……..with that lovely ….tender ….innocent…Pooja in my arms….I made a vow to myself…….I will get her back……I will make her mine….

I knew it would be hard on Yash….but I was too far gone now in this that I did not have any guilt or any moral reasoning.

“I will have you……Pooja …I surely will” I whispered.

She looked at me with those wide unbelieving eyes…….brimming with tears……slowly shaking her head as if she wanted to believe…but could not. She separated from me and slowly turned away.

She picked up her panties from the floor and clutched them in her hands……hesitating……not willing to put them on in front of me.

I turned away…towards the refrigerator…..partly to take out some cold water and ice and partly to give her some privacy………

I deliberately took some time taking out the things. But when I turned I found her standing…there……she had not dressed up.She looked to be in a state of distress…as she contemplated my comment….wanting to believe….but not believing…

“Are you serious?” she asked softly coming up to me and looking in my eyes….searching…..wanting to believe…yet not daring because…the consequences could be devastating for her if the truth came out….

“Do you …truly love me Aryan……?” she asked me still looking unsure…vulnerable.

I kept the things on the slab and taking her by her arms…pulled her to me and again hugged her tightly…” I love you Pooja…..I love you more than anything I have loved so far in life…….” I said passionately…. “I have only one wish now….I want to make you mine….I really do…….will you be mine Pooja”

With that she nodded her head and burst into tears “I love you too Aryan…..oh God … I love you…..but….I know it….its not possible….now…”

“Trust me princess…I will find a way” I said stroking her hair. “ now smile….I don’t want to see any tear in those eyes. They belong to me now”.

She looked at me and smiled feebly…wanting to believe me but still afraid that everything will go wrong….but seeing me so composed she smiled and kissed me slowly on my lips.

My heart started beating faster. Then she separated from me….and unexpectedly….handed her panties to me and said smiling shyly
“You may dress me up….darling”

I smiled took the soft cotton panties from her….bent down and slowly stretched them so that she could put her feet in them….one by one. Then I slowly raised it to her thighs……caressing her skin…till I reached my destination. I let go of the waist band and kissed her on her tummy over her dress as I got up.

“There now….You are ready.” I said “Now go dear…as Yash might be suspicious”
“He is fast asleep and snoring” she said smiling “he could barely move up to the bed”

“Well you should have told me earlier…at least I could have loved you in peace” I said and we both laughed.

I gave her the ice and water bottles and left her at the door. “Will wait for the dinner tonight” I said and kissed her as she left.

I closed the door gently and started thinking of a way to get Pooja back… to make her mine…to think of some reason…to make it look plausible…..but……I had no clue….how…………..

I went to my bed room and lay down on the couch there…..thinking…..and thinking…….then praying……asking for divine help…but could not find an answer to my dilemma. I wanted Pooja to myself…..I could not contemplate sharing her with anyone…and each moment she spent with Yash was making me all the more miserable.

But I did not want any scandal……I did not want Pooja to be made a laughing stock….or humiliated in any way……and that was herculean. I could not just run away with her and leave the city.

I knew that law would catch up with me some time. I wanted Pooja to be legally mine and for that Yash will have to divorce her….on his own…without any external pressure.

I started thinking hard…….to device a plan ….to make Yash feel that he has to leave Pooja on his own…but the harder I tried the more I came against a brick wall.

No matter how much I tried….I was not able to think of a plan where Yash would leave Pooja….without making her look guilty.

So after many deliberations I let the matter drop in frustration. I was making no headway and the worry was killing me so I decided to cool down…… I took out a chilled beer from my refrigerator and had a sip…. It felt refreshing and I calmed down some what.

I peeled my mind off the problem at hand and started making plans for the dinner. I knew that at some stage or the other I might have to confront Yash and I wanted to be ready with all the explanations.

I lazed around the house watching TV…listening to music…but every few minutes I would be reminded of My princess and I would again relive the moments of passion spent with that gorgeous diva.

Every moment of separation was hard for me as I contemplated what would she be doing…..what would she be thinking….and feeling….would Yash be trying to make love to her…..would they……wouldn’t they……could she refuse…..I was not sure…..and the pain was becoming unbearable.

At last when I couldn’t take it any longer , I decided to go to Gym to work out…to take out my frustration….my pain on the irons.

I got dressed hurriedly wearing my Chinos and T-shirt and went out.

As I entered the corridor…….I froze in my tracks. There was Mr. Desai standing in front of Yash’s flat and was about to ring the doorbell. God what a day……

At first I had an inclination that I should stop him….but on what pretext ? Then I thought that I should move quietly away…and be gone.

Ultimately I don’t know why…I just shut the door of my flat loudly so that he could hear me.

He turned around and saw me leaving.

“Hi Aryan …” he called

“Hi Mr. Desai …, at last you made it” I greeted him smiling.

He smiled sheepishly and before he could react….I just gave him a thumbs up sign and went hurriedly down the stairs.

All types of thoughts crossed my mind…..but ultimately I thought probably it would be best if Mr. Desai told something fishy to Yash…and then probably I would get an opening…somewhere…..But I left it at that and continued downwards .

I spent the next two hours pumping iron at the gym. I wanted all the frustration…all the fear…..and all the pain…to go out…so that I could think clearly and make my next move.

By the time I finished…I was feeling a lot better. I still had no plan…or idea but I suddenly felt confident that somehow today I might find an answer. “ Mission Pooja” was definitely on……

I went home at around 6:45pm….and took a long refreshing bath….letting all the tension seep out through my body. The mere thought of meeting Pooja again was enough to spark that sexual excitement in me.

I felt rejuvenated and I wanted to be ready for everything….I shaved and applied my favourite “Drakkar Noir” after shave. I applied hair styling gel and combed my hair neatly.

I took out an electric blue shirt and a pair of black trousers to go with it. I polished my shoes and was ready for the show by 7:20 pm .

I took a look at myself in mirror and liked what I saw. I looked suave and handsome.

“How would Pooja look tonight?” I wondered……feeling the familiar stirring in my groin.

I waited for their phone call as I did not want to call first. I did not know what Mr. Desai had told them and how Yash had taken everything..?

Then suddenly the phonebell rang…..

“Aryan” I said picking up the phone. It was Yash on the other side of line.

“Hi Aryan” he said cheerfully.” Ready for the dinner? Aaj kahan le jaa rahe ho yaar?”

I was so relieved to hear Yash’s cheerful voice that for a few moments I was speechless. “Hey Aryan… you there?” he asked

“Yes…yes Yash…I’m very much here yaar” I said “ I’m ready….how about you and ….Pooja”

“We are ready too ….so where to today buddy?” he asked cheerfully.

“I think ‘ Coco – Palm’ would be good” I said. “It has a pub, a dance-floor and a nice restaurant…or if you have something else in mind ….”

“…..Coco-Palm will be perfect…” he said enthusiastically…

“So , why don’t you come over and we can go downstairs together…”

“Okay ..I will be there in 5 minutes.” I said and disconnected.

I let out a sigh of relief….so Mr. Desai had not been able to sow a seed of suspicion in Yash’s mind. But then I was back to square one….no suspicion….no confrontation… way out…God!

What can I do…? And to add to my worry Yash sounded very cheerful…….very ecstatic, in fact….had he ……made love to Pooja today…..or worse still….. had they both enjoyed …………God I was mad with envy…I couldn’t picture Pooja in Yash’s arms…not even for a moment now…….even if they were legally wedded husband and wife.

I decided to go …..This separation was killing me now. I picked up my car keys and apartment keys and went out locking the door behind me.

I reached his flat and rang the door bell. A few moments later the door opened and I saw the smiling face of Yash…greeting me….. “Hi Aryan….ready?” he said looking appreciatively towards me “You truly are dressed for some occasion….aren’t you” he laughed.

I shook his hand and smiled back. He was wearing a light cream coloured trousers with maroon shirt and looked smart himself.

My eyes searched for Pooja but she was nowhere to be seen.

“C’mon inside” he said “ Pooja is taking some time …………POOJA” he called . “ hey Aryan is here… come or we will go without you….”he said laughing

“Me go without Pooja…….. are you crazy Yash” I thought.

“Coming…just a minute.” Pooja called from the bedroom…..her lovely voice sending a wave of excitement through my body.

As we sat in the living room waiting …….I asked Yash about Mr. Desai…..rather apprehensively…but I thought it better to catch the bull by its horns rather than wait to be gored….

“Hey Yash! So how was Mr. Desai…..I saw him standing by your door in the evening…”

I waited patiently and looked intently at Yash’s expressions…I wanted to see if there is a change for anger or pain…or…suspicion….whatever…but I saw none. “Oh that….yes that old man did turn up in the evening” he said “ but I was fast asleep then ..and Pooja attended to him.

Can you believe he had even brought a gift for Pooja…..a perfume…said it was a wedding gift for her…….good one though. He even invited us to dinner tonight but was disappointed when she said we are going out with you.” We both laughed.

I felt a wave of relief pass over me…so, Mr. Desai had not met face to face with Yash…and I know he would have been so captivated with Pooja that he would not have dared to even encroach on anything personal. I smiled to myself…….I was safe…….even if for the time being…..but again……that closed one of my options…..Our conversation was cut short by the appearance of the most beautiful sight I had come to savor since last two days….

“Hi I’m ready….” Pooja said as she entered the living room.

I was literally spell bound by her beauty. She looked so very gorgeous that my heart ached that she was still so far off…..She had dressed up in a lovely…. jet black netted sari……with silver border and had worn a light makeup with light pink blush on her cheeks, a very light nude glossy lipstick and a dark eyeliner with light grayish eye-shadow.

She had gelled her hair and worn them in a low bun. To add to the amazing effect she had worn a low-cut satin sleeveless top and a delicate diamond set to go with it. All in all she looked just stunning…too sexy…too classy……she looked ,the Pooja of my dreams …..the Pooja I had begun to adore so much……..the Pooja I was going to make mine……..

If I had been alone I would have whistled out aloud…but all I could do at that moment was just admire my princess from far…and …think more hard about how to make her mine.

“You are looking gorgeous darling” Yash said ,rising from the sofa.

I wanted to say the same thing to her but in my own way…….. perhaps tonight I would find a way to tell her about it in my own………style.

As we exited his flat, Yash took his keys and we went towards the elevator. I was walking a step or two behind Pooja and I saw her lovely ass swaying as she moved towards the elevator, her silver high heel sandals complimenting her gait beautifully. We went down having light talk in the meanwhile.

Me and Yash were standing on either side of Pooja in the elevator and I could smell an exotic perfume fragrance from her. I felt like being naughty and wanted to feel her skin but resisted the temptation.

She was carrying a delicate silver clutch bag in her hand and looked every inch an angel…a sexy one at that.

We reached the parking lot and I offered to take my car, Yash agreed and I unlocked the doors. He reached around for the front passenger seat and made himself comfortable.

I then swiftly went towards the driver side and opened the door at the rear indicating Pooja to get in. I wanted her to be seated behind me. Then I myself got into the driver seat and drove off.

I adjusted the rearview mirror such that Pooja’s lovely face was framed in the mirror, all I had to do was just lift my eyes and admire my diva. We joked on the way to the resorts but my mind was still firmly on the lookout for a break… time and again

I would look in the rear view mirror discretely and look at my princess…..ah that lovely innocent face….those dreamy eyes…..those delicate lips…….I felt another of those stirrings and within no time had a hardon thinking about those times…..Once or twice our eyes met and she immediately lowered hers… a shy smile .

Oh God! Why was this fellow sitting besides me?

“So, Pooja how was you experience with Mr. desai…..?´I asked casually looking at her in the mirror.

“Oh! Please don’t ask me” she said….giving me a stern look back but with a smile.

“He is the most boring person I’ve met in a long time. I told him that Yash is asleep but he was intent on coming in and chatting. Wasted my half an hour and spoke nothing but about vague things….like mausam kaisa laga…and all.

Ultimately he gave me a gift…..saying its a wedding gift and left hurriedly. He even invited us to dinner but I said we are already going out with you. He looked disappointed but said…okay some other time”

The three of us laughed heartily at his plight but such is the fate…

It was along drive and ultimately after about 45 minutes we reached the COCO-PALM resorts…by the sea side. It was a 5 star resort…very exotic location…and very very special.

It had sprawling lawns… facing the sea side…had one of the best cuisines…and admission was strictly for members and their guests. As the membership was expensive, so only the elite class was admitted , and sometimes the spoilt youngsters of rich parents were also into the scene…enjoying the company of their girl friends and pals.

All in all it was fast becoming a hub of the rich , famous and not so famous…..and was a spot to be in for enjoying the nightlife in Mumbai. Many a scandals were rumored to have started from this place but nothing conclusive was ever pinned on it.

I had got my membership through my company as we used to host some of the dinners for our overseas clients….I flashed my membership card at the gate, the guard saluted and I was allowed inside.

It had a fairly long drive through and I reached the main entrance to the lobby. There was a valet parking system. I exited and opened the door for Pooja. She got out elegantly and I closed the door behind her .

I gave my keys to the attendant..for parking. Then the three of us walked towards the lobby….

As we entered the grand lobby of that resort…..I could see the awe written well and truly on the face of Pooja. I think she had never been to any of such places where the gentry is so exclusive.

There was an altogether different world out there. We could see the couples roaming about casually….some towards the pub and dance floor…..other towards the dining area and some towards the open sea side lawns…the most peculiar thing to strike someone visiting there for the first time was that people had no inhibitions….none at all.

We could see couple of love birds kissing on the sofas in full public glare. I could even see some of the girls wearing next to nothing….walking confidently with their partners….and even the older ladies seemed to have caught in on the act and were seen moving about in revealing clothes with some of the guys….much younger to them.

There was a naked display of wealth all around. Men attired in costliest of costly suits and ladies displaying their jewellery and dresses as if there was no tomorrow.

I could even make out a few gay couples in the crowd and they were also in a world of their own .

I looked at the faces of Pooja and Yash and both looked overawed by the scene. Yash seemed especially pleased as he looked around, while Pooja was plain nervous.

She had not seen such exposure in her lifetime…nor had she been to any of such grand places, where the rich and famous freely flaunt their wealth and their sexual preferences….openly…uninhibited.

“Cmon…let’s go to the pub” I said leading them towards the direction of the most famous and a bit notorious pub of the town.

“Can’t we have some dinner and leave” Pooja said somewhat hesitantly

But Yash was starting to have some fun… “Come on darling…its not yet time for dinner and we have come this far to enjoy. We can’t let poor Aryan down can we?” he said.

Reluctantly Pooja followed us to the pub. I paid for the entry and we were shown inside the inside of the pub was simply grand. It was a huge area….. with a square dance floor in the centre and there were two long bars on its either side.

The lights were dim and strategically placed to give the place a rare erotic feel. The walls were painted in midnight blue colour with a few erotic scriptures painted masterfully on them.

All in all it gave the feel of a sex den…and a very sensual place to be in with some soft music playing and few of the couples dancing slowly to the music in the center. Some of the people were seated at the bar and most of the bar stools were occupied, with people enjoying a drink with friends and partners.

There was another bay just above the floor, like a balcony of sorts….with exclusive comfortable sofa sets placed along the walls for couples and friends to chat in some privacy and also to indulge in some erotic love sessions with their respective partners.

Pooja was rather taken aback by the naked display of passion in this place and seemed to shrink between me and Yash.

Now Yash too seemed to be pleasantly shocked but was more in control and was looking rather pleased to be in such a place. He was looking around at the place ,…enjoying the scene and seemed to be unaware of Pooja’s plight.

But I could feel that Pooja was palpably uncomfortable, so I discreetly brought my hand down,…..held her hand briefly and pressed gently to reassure her…… that I was with her and could feel her discomfort.

She seemed surprised and looked at me innocently for a few seconds. I nodded my head reassuringly and smiled at her. She smiled back…relieved some what and I let go of her hand.

At last Yash looked at me as to seek my guidance for the next step. “You two go upstairs and I will order drinks for us” I said indicating towards the staircase in the corner. “I will have juice” Pooja said immediately…looking at me pleadingly.

I could understand she did not want to get dunk and create a scene. She might also have been apprehensive that if by chance she had too much then she might betray her feelings for me in front of Yash.

I nodded my approval, but Yash did not seem to get the point.

“C’mon Pooja, share a drink with us…you will like it and you look like you need one” Yash insisted.

“ No Yash, not today” Pooja said firmly .Yash shrugged his shoulders and looking at me said.

“Okay buddy it’s her wish. I will have a Johnnie Walker…black label…and you?”

“I will have the same but try the blue label…its exclusive” I said smiling at him. Yash gave me thumbs up sign, appreciating my choice.

Actually the blue label is the rare blend of most expensive whiskeys of the world and is the costliest of Johnnie Walker whiskies.

Each bottle contains a rare taste that gives an intense experience to the drinker…..

“What will you have Pooja” I asked her gently looking deep in her eyes.

“Oh any juice….preferably tomato” she said ,looking back in my eyes and smiling faintly.

We parted ways as both Yash and Pooja walked towards the staircase and I towards the bar. I bought the coupons for a few drinks and a juice and paid for it.

I took the whiskey glasses in my right hand, the juice in my left and climbed up the stairs I saw Pooja and Yash sitting on a sofa in the corner. There was a table in front of the sofa and I laid down the glasses on it.

Then I pulled a lounge chair near their sofa and made myself comfortable. The sofas were so placed that they afforded a reasonable privacy to the pairs but the movements and intentions could be made out on looking closely…..I handed the juice to Pooja .

Yash and I picked our glasses and toasted. “Cheers..” we said in unison and…took a sip of one of the best liquors in the world.

I looked at Pooja and she too raised her glass….as if thanking me….and asking me to think something fast…real fast…..if I was to make her mine…….

I promised to myself silently…that I will…no matter what… matter how……and I prayed again….

As we sat there drinking and joking, I discreetly looked around myself. The place was full of love birds, necking in their love nests. Some of the couples were just necking and talking, while others were deeper into their loving activities.

But the most interesting aspect of the evening was the presence of a few gay couples amongst the crowd. I was not new to this culture but ,Pooja was visibly uncomfortable, while Yash was having the time of his life.

As we finished our drinks slowly, Yash was already slurring a little bit and seemed to have lost some of his inhibitions. He was having an all round look of the place, looking at the couples closely ….seeing them enjoy……he seemed more and more excited. He started joking more freely now and even told a few raunchy jokes which made Pooja even more uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you both go and have a dance?” I suggested. I wanted Yash to be at least aware that Pooja was with us. Though Pooja was reluctant at first, but she was not averse to the idea of dance.

“Why don’t you come with us…we can’t leave u all alone here” Yash said.

“I will be fine” I said “you two go and enjoy”

But Yash insisted that I join them, so I went to the dance floor with them. As the DJ was shelling out a fast number so there was considerable crowd, but as the dance floor was big we had no problem finding a space for the three of us.

As we grooved to the music, I had only Pooja in mind. I remembered the last time we were together on the dance floor and it was enough to give me a hard on. I looked at Pooja and found that she was a bit stiff in her movements.

Probably the presence of Yash and the atmosphere was making her a bit nervy and she was not able to relax completely.

Then my attention was drawn towards Yash and I found his movements and behavior more and more intriguing. He was supposed to be dancing with his wife, but he seemed interested elsewhere.

He was dancing more and more away from Pooja and me and though the couples were dancing closer together he seemed to be enjoying the company of few studs who had now joined us on the dance floor.

He would join us for a few seconds and then go on to dance with them.. I found the behavior odd but thought that maybe alcohol was taking a toll on him and he had forgotten that I and Pooja were also here. Pooja though seemed to be slightly preoccupied with her thoughts and never gave it a thought.

Whenever Yash was slightly distanced, she would face me and dance with me from a decent distance.

But, my mind was racing now. I was not feeling comfortable and the feeling that had for so long been nagging me was again beginning to pinch my imagination.. I wanted the thoughts to go away so that I could think clearly, but the thoughts seemed to poke me…to lead me somewhere …where I did not want to go…

I continued dancing, but my mind was elsewhere. I was reflecting on my meeting with Pooja for the first time……how I was attracted to her….how I seduced her……..why she came to me …….and much more…but still the thought that was lurking in the corner of mind was not clear…it seemed as if my mind was clouded somewhere…as if some mist had covered a secret…….a very intriguing secret, but my mind ….my thoughts……. my feelings were not ready for it yet. I tried to look beyond that mist….but all I could see was white….nothing….nothing at all.

Then all of a sudden, Yash came to my side and said something in my ear.

“I’m going out for some time. I want to catch some air and I want to use the washroom too.” he said.

Then looking at Pooja, he gave a thumbs up sign and left the dance floor.

Pooja looked at me with those big innocent , questioning eyes and inquired with her hands that where Yash had gone .

I too gave her a smile and raised my little finger….indicating he had gone to the washroom. She smiled and seemed satisfied ……but I was not……The absence of Yash made Pooja slightly more comfortable and she seemed to move close to me ever so slowly…as if afraid of betraying her feelings….as if afraid that Yash would come at any time and suspect her motives……but I had a gut feeling that Yash was gone for sometime and would not return soon.

Taking my chances, I moved close to Pooja and held her by the hand. She seemed very surprised and glared at me as if indicating that Yash would be back any minute, and tried to free her hand from mine.

But I continued holding her hand and smiled at her…..reassuring her that I was in control of the situation and I would not let her be embarrassed.

Pulling her close to me I put her hands on my shoulder and put my hands on her delicate waist. The touch of her soft skin, was enough to drive me mad, as I remembered the extreme softness that had eluded me for so long now.

I slowly pulled her to a place which was away from the entrance and from where I could see the persons entering the pub.

Then I pulled her close in a hug

“ Please Aryan….don’t do anything here” she pleaded in my ear. “We would be caught,… Yash would come here any moment….Pleeease”

“Relax princess……no need to worry when I’m with you.” I said reassuringly as I pulled her closer and let my hand slip from her waist to her fabulous ass which was so sexily draped in a sari today.

“Aryan….. what are you doooing?” she begged looking in my eyes

“ please…….somebody could watch us….what if….Y…yash…..”

I put my finger on her lips to quieten her and sealed her protests with a passionate kiss on her lips. She seemed to resist first ……struggling to break free….but when she knew that itvwas futile and I was not going to let her go…..…..she closed her eyes and gave in to my passion…..and hers too.

As I sucked her tender lips…I could feel the time stopping……..nothing mattered now….no crowd …no place……..nobody…except the two of us….just the two of us…….

As I continued sucking her lips and holding her tightly in my embrace…my mind….started going blank….I could not think of anything but of this tender girl in my arms….her lips sealed with mine…..our tongues intertwined and our breaths ……caressing each other on that dance floor.

The scene on the floor had suddenly gone erotic and I was trying to mould her into me…… mind was filled with passion……with love …for this …young ….nubile…girl…….whom , I loved so much and ….wanted to make mine …….at any cost.

Pooja was so mesmerized by the scene…and was so taken in by the atmosphere and my passionate love-play that she was in a different zone altogether……

I could feel her getting hot…..her eyes were closed as if in a trance and…she was moving with me …to the tune of music in such a way as if she was ….all alone with me ……as if now she was beyond care about the consequences of such erotic simulated lovemaking between me and her.

The lights were dim and we were brushing against many couples who were also in a mood of their own. Slowly ……I caressed the tender skin of her back with one of my hands…while my other hand was roaming lightly on her fabulous ass.

Oh! How badly I wanted all the ……space…. between her and me to disappear ….. how I wanted the feel of her tender skin against mine, ….how I wanted the feel of her lovely soft boobs ……. her gorgeous ass and how I wanted to mould her in me…so that we could be one.

I had a raging hard on at that time and I wanted a release badly. I wanted Pooja to myself….all to myself…..alone…where I could love her to my hearts content….could feel her body…..could touch her soul…..

But I knew it was not possible…… not at the moment at least and it took a lot of self control to curb my passion…my excitement…my emotions…I sucked at her lips one last time and then slowly withdrew away from her.

If I had kissed her for some more time…it would have given her a nice swollen lip…..and then it would have been a problem explaining this to Yash..

The thought of Yash again brought back the strange memories…….again the same misty cloudiness ……something trying to tell me something…but again the thought process was met with a strong resistance…

I could not see beyond the wall of my consciousness…but my instincts told me that something was amiss…..I and Pooja continued dancing closely moulded together in a bond….that was both physical and emotional.

The music ended and some couples separated reluctantly, while others were still glued together…not wanting to part…..I too held Pooja close to me…..looking deeply in her eyes… ….as she looked back at me……never wanting to let her go…but as the attendance on the floor thinned….

I could feel her discomfort…as if she felt exposed and I smiled and gently loosened my grip on her. She too moved away from me slightly, lowering her eyes and suddenly aware that ……we were in a public place and her husband might be there any moment..

She turned and looked apprehensively at the entrance, searching for Yash, but he was nowhere to be seen. She looked at me with inquiring eyes as if asking where was he? I smiled .

“ Should I go look for him” I asked her.

“ No! please don’t go, I don’t like it alone here” she said nervously.

I took her by arm and led her to a nearby sofa, where we sat down.

“Drink?” I asked

“Just plain water” she replied,,,still looking apprehensive

“ Ok!, will be back in a minute” I said and went off.

I bought a bottle of water, and ordered a juice for myself and Pooja. Although I wanted a drink, but I thought…it might not be a good idea…as I had to drive back home. I brought the bottle of water and a glass for Pooja.

I poured some chilled water in the glass. “ Here, take it, princess, and wait here I will be back in a jiffy” and before she could ask anything, I was gone Then I went back and took my order of Juice from the counter.

As I waited for my order, I saw something …..something subtle, but yet so strong that suddenly a light dawned on me….and made everything clear….the mist that was surrounding my mind suddenly lifted and I knew the answer that was troubling me since long……it had to be that…….my mind still grappled with the idea….it was shocking……. seemed so farfetched…nearly impossible…….but why not? It had to be true……I had to find out….and had to find out very soon……..

I took the juice and rushed back to Pooja. She was sitting nervously at the edge of the sofa , waiting for me.

“Here have some juice” I said casually, trying to restrain myself. My mind was churning and I really wanted to pop some questions to Pooja, but did not want to scare her, or rush her.

I wanted to be patient with her and wanted to cushion the shock for her.

“Thanks Aryan, I really needed it” she smiled , as she sipped the juice slowly.

I looked at this vulnerable beauty and began thinking of a way to put some uncomfortable questions to her.

“Pooja I want to ask you something,…… would you answer truthfully?”. I asked her in a tone that conveyed my seriousness.

She gazed at me with those lovely big eyes and looked clueless.

“What is it that you want to ask me, Aryan. You know that I will never lie to you”. She said.

“Look Pooja, please don’t misunderstand me, but the question, …..rather the questions are very personal and might not look appropriate coming from me.

But I want you to trust me completely on this. I love you immensely and I do not want you to ask me anything till I ‘ve convinced myself. Then I will tell you myself….what its all about…I promise”

She looked at me again as if trying to gauge my motive, but I could see and feel that she loved me more than anything else and trusted me immensely.

She nodded her head as if to ask me to go on, but looked very apprehensive.

“Look princess I will ask you something that is very private…..very personal…and sensitive…’s difficult even for me to ask you about it but as I said…please trust me. Whatever I’m doing is for both of us.”

She nodded “I trust you Aryan….I trust you more than I trust myself. Go on ask me anything you want to ask”

I looked directly in her eyes and said “ Pooja …..I want to know….. about your sex life with Yash”.

As soon as I spoke these words…I felt a pang of deep shame and embarrassment. I did not want it to sound as it sounded…..I did not want to look a prude…and an interfering bugger… but I had to clear my doubts……my suspicion.

She looked shocked at first and I could see a fleeting sense of hurt in her eyes. But then she composed herself…as if trying to come to terms with my question…trying to search some motive…but she did not question me back. She just lowered her eyes and said

“What is it that you want to ask Aryan”.

I gently took her hand and covered it with both my hands. I then lifted her chin….and looked straight in her eyes and whispered. “Don’t misunderstand me princess….I know what you are thinking…but believe me its not like that……I love you to the core….and I will make you mine no matter what….but I have a motive which I will tell you afterwards… me”

She nodded slowly….and I gently brought my lips to hers and kissed her full on the lips.

This calmed her a little…..and she seemed to relax….but was worried none the less.

I slowly withdrew away and again looked in her eyes. Then I asked “ Pooja, please tell me how was Yash in bed with you. Was he normal……I mean……err….did you two have a normal sex life…….I do not want the details but a general idea”.

She looked at me very surprised….rather slightly shocked….and I thought that she was still hurt at my query….but her expressions suggested something else…as if she was speechless by my question. She lowered her eyes and said.

“ Look Aryan, I do not know why you are asking me all this……but ….I will tell you…..I don’t know……how to say…..but…me and Yash …did not have a normal sex life….”

I nodded … “Go on…. please”

I mean….I don’t know how to express myself……but from the very first day….I could feel…..that ..its not normal…….something was amiss…..the feeling….the intimacy…..the emotions……nothing was as I had expected it to be.

Although he was always caring and concerned…..and seemed to love me…but he would always avoid those …….intimate moments….and whenever ……we had…… was always as if he was somewhere else….not with me…..I tried to talk…to him about it…but he would always……give an excuse…….I was always blaming myself……I thought that I was lacking somewhere and… could not….ignite that ……passion in him……” and with that I could feel her voice go heavy…as if trying to swallow a lump… her throat…..the music was getting louder in background…but I held on to her words…like a magnet to iron

I held my hand out and put a finger on her lips….. “ Shhhh… no more…nothing more to explain….I understand…..and…….don’t worry princess…its none of your fault….none at all.” I whispered.

Then I took her face in both my hands and looked at her lovingly. I wanted to hug her tightly…to hold her in my arms……to hide her from the world…..but I just continued looking at that angelic face of hers.

I had guessed that much……that explained a lot of things…….like why Pooja was attracted to me……why she fell in love with me…….the passion in our love making…..the hidden hunger to be loved …and loved completely…….

Now my suspicion was taking some shape of reality….and I wanted to be absolutely sure before I went further……Now was the time to find out what was Yash up to……..

I took her hand in mine and asked:

“Pooja ! I am going out to look for Yash! Would you wait here?”

“No please Aryan, please don’t leave me here, I will come with you.” She looked apprehensive.

“Okay princess, as you wish, but …….I think you should wait in the lawn or the restaurant….rather than coming with me.”

“Why?” she asked innocently “why can’t I come with you?”

“Because I think this is not a place where a girl like you can roam about normally”.

“There are…..well as you can see all sorts of people here and I do not want to give you a cultural shock.” I smiled and touched her lips gently with my finger.

She looked at me, nodded and then lowered her eyes….

I took her hand and led her out of that sex den…where the atmosphere was getting more and more hot…..

We walked towards the restaurant on the other side…..and I led her into a richly designed exquisite dining area of the resort. The dining area was a huge enclosure…..very aesthetically designed, with lovely paintings adorning the walls.

The seats were comfortable and red was the prime colour inside. The carpets, the
seating, the walls, the curtains….everything had red as the primary color and then rest of the colours were used elegantly to give it an aura of richness and that unique sensual feel.

There was a live band playing slow seductive music at one end of the dining area….and most of the couples were enjoying the dinner ……in the peaceful ambience which contrasted starkly with the scene in the pub.

I felt Pooja would feel more comfortable here…and wished that I too could give her some company in this exotic place but…I had more important matter at hand.

I beckoned the manager and asked him for a seat somewhere near to where the band was playing…..He smiled graciously and led us to a comfortable place which was .at some distance from the band but gave a beautiful view of outside lawns, which were now bathed in floodlights…..

I helped Pooja into her seat and said “Order anything you like here princess. I will be gone for sometime…and will be back with Yash. Then we can have dinner.”

“Please come soon, I am not all that comfortable alone at such a place”

“Don’t worry darling, I will be back soon” I said and with that I moved towards the exit.

I doubted whether we could have normal dinner after I find about Yash, but I didn’t want to trouble Pooja as yet……

Now was the challenging part, where to find Yash in such a huge place. He could have been in any number of places and I had to be very careful in not surprising him…..otherwise things could take a nasty turn.

So I moved discreetly and thought of checking the restrooms first. I walked towards the rest rooms, which was in a separate enclosure and covered a huge area . The rest rooms were very tastefully constructed and decorated. Every thing in there was in a class of its own.

They were the most luxurious and most comfortable restrooms one could ever be into, with all the basic amenities present, with expensive marble floorings and the latest gadgets for complete comfort and luxury.

Though I found a few people there, enjoying the luxury but I could not find any trace of Yash in there.

I walked out and started towards the lawns and suddenly there near the main entrance I saw him. He was talking animatedly with a young man as if trying to explain something.

I stopped and discreetly positioned myself so that I could watch him while remaining hidden from his view. The Young man to whom he was talking looked to be about 22-23 and was dressed in casual jeans and T-shirt.

He was also listening intently to what Yash was saying, but I could see from distance that Yash was excited and also seemed to be in a hurry. At last they both shook hands and the young man disappeared towards the lawns, while Yash started moving towards the pub.

I thought this was the time to confront him, but when I saw him staggering a little, I felt that I had to take things easy for the time being.

His face was flushed and he looked a bit tense. Probably he was thinking of explaining his absence to Pooja and me.

I gently walked behind him and when he was about to enter the pub again, I shouted

“Yash!” he turned suddenly and looked at me. “Hey buddy, where have you been?”

“Actually A…Aryan….I was not feeling well” he stammered “ and so… I left for the restrooms…and that’s where I ve been till now……Think I’ve had too much” he tried to force a smile, but I could see that he could not meet my eyes.

I knew he was lying, but for the time being I let the matters be.

“Are you okay now? Is there anything you need?”

“No thanks buddy. I’m fine” he smiled. “Where’s Pooja?”

“Pooja is in the restaurant. She was feeling a bit uncomfortable here in the pub so I took her to the restaurant. She too was worried about you. Come on lets have dinner”

With that we walked towards the restaurant. Pooja was sitting there engrossed in her thoughts and looked every inch an angel except that she was in black today.

Her fair complexion in that black attire against a red backdrop, gave her that exquisite look, which could even turn on a… monk……let alone any normal male.

As soon as we arrived, Pooja looked relieved and a bit apprehensive too. She looked at Yash, who was still a bit dazed and looked a bit drunk…and asked in a concerned voice

“Where have you been, Yash…?”

“Oh! I was not feeling well……I was in restroom” he said evasively.

I knew he was lying and hiding something, I could guess what it was, but until I was completely sure I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Who asked you to drink so much, when you can not tolerate” she asked looking a bit annoyed.

“Its okay Pooja, its not his fault……I think the dancing and the atmosphere in there got to him…come on lets have dinner” I said pleasantly.

I beckoned the manager, who appeared swiftly and ordered an exquisite dinner sans the alcohol, as I knew Yash could not take anymore and Pooja would not approve.

As for me, I had to drive back, so instead I ordered soups as the starters.

I tried to start a small talk about the ambience and the atmosphere in there, but found that Yash was only speaking in monosyllables. He seemed preoccupied, as if tense about something.

This gave me an opportunity to talk with Pooja, who was sitting in front of us and was looking all the more lovely. I noticed her lipstick was gone and I could understand why. I just hoped Yash did not notice it.

The dinner was served in exotic dishes and was very delicious. We were quite hungry by that time, and literally tore into the meal. We were making small talks , none of them serious.

A few times my eyes met Pooja and I felt the same spark that was there when I had taken her out for dinner the other night. I touched her foot lightly from under the table and she moved it away quickly, giving me a passing glare.

I noticed that she was blushing deeply….probably she too was recalling the erotic moments of previous evening in the restaurant and was probably as turned on as I was .

We finished the dinner, without any further incident and Yash insisted on paying the bill, to which I agreed.

Finally we bid adieu to that exotic yet sensual place and started back. Yash was definitely not his usual self .

He was trying to make small talks and was trying to laugh but all that seemed staged and fake. He was definitely not with us and I knew it……

We reached our building and I parked the car… mind was racing and I wanted to clear my doubts before I could proceed, so I decided that I would have a long talk with him….today. As we exited the elevator , I said

“Hey Yash there’s something I want to have your opinion about. Could you please come to my flat for some time.”

Then looking at Pooja I said” don’t worry I won’t keep him long” she smiled at me and nodded.

“Thanks for a lovely evening Aryan” she said

“It was my pleasure all the way”…I said smiling and looking at her. She blushed immediately

“Goodnight and don’t start drinking again” she said and went swaying gently towards her flat.

I opened the door to my flat and we both entered. We went to the drawing room and made ourselves comfortable on the sofa.

“So, what is it that you want my opinion about?” He asked

“First you tell me,… are you feeling okay? Wait here I will make some soda-lime.

It will make you feel better” And with that I went towards the kitchen and prepared two glasses of chilled soda lime.

I came back and handed over a glass to him. He took the glass and had a long swig. It must have felt good as he gave me a smile and a wink.

I sat down on the sofa opposite to him and had a sip of the chilled liquid too.

“So Aryan what is it?” he asked smiling.

“Yash ! this is a very sensitive matter that I want to discuss with you. I know its late today, but I wanted to bring it up today as tomorrow I might not bring myself to discuss such thing with you”

Now he looked a bit apprehensive and said “What are you talking about buddy?”

“Yash…… Please don’t take me wrong on this but I think, whatever you are doing is not right for you and Pooja” I said pensively ….taking my gamble. I knew either it would hit the bull’s eye or I would be way off mark.

But there was no middle way….no safe path to tread. I had to take my chances now…and this chance could either make or break my friendship with Yash and thereby my chances of getting Pooja.

“What are you talking about Aryan…….I don’t understand” he said. The colour on his face had drained and he was looking pale now.

After a long pause, I said “Look Yash, there is no point in hiding now….I know…that you are….well…. a gay”. I felt as if a huge load had been lifted of my heart when I said those words.

I had taken all circumstances into consideration, and finally when I had said what I strongly believed. I waited for his reaction.

He looked down towards the carpet for some time. The silence in those few moments was deafening.

I expected him to get angry, to explode……even pick up a fight with me……but he did nothing of that sort.

He just kept on looking at that carpet and then said slowly.

“I knew you would guess it sooner rather than later……”

“Buddy, its not that I am against you or your preferences, but ……..” I trailed off. I could not bring myself to say anything more. Sometimes the silence conveys more than the words can ever express.

“Does Pooja know about it”? he asked slowly.

I was taken aback by his question. “Why would he ask me that?” It was too sensitive a matter.

I knew he would not have said it….unless……unless of course he suspected there was something going on between me and Pooja. Now that thought was numbing. I was not prepared for it and kept silent for a few moments.

“No” I said “she doesn’t”. I did not give any clarifications, nor did I elaborate on the matter. I knew ‘the more you try to defend, what is not right, the more you land up messing it.’

He nodded….and after a moments silence said “You know Aryan, I ve been wanting to tell all this to Pooja for quite sometime now. But I just could not bring myself to speak about it.

Its so embarrassing and hurts when you think that you ruin a girls life for just no fault of hers. I always felt that I was normal, that I had normal feelings, but somehow always suppressed my hidden desire to be with men.

I always enjoyed their company more but did not think much into it till I got married. After marriage I began to realize that my preferences …….lay elsewhere, that I just could not be normal in bed with a girl.

I knew that if I could not be attracted to Pooja, then I couldn’t be attracted to any female. That’s when my hidden desires came to fore. I realized that I was not what you call a normal male,……..that I liked male company more……both in and out of the bed. Yes Aryan….I’m a gay

I got up from my place and came and sat besides him. I put my arm around his shoulder and said softly “I understand…….. Yash, and it’s not your fault. You only came to know about it a bit later in life…..otherwise it would not have been such a mess for you as well as for Pooja”

“I know Aryan …I‘ve not been able to justify my relationship with Pooja. She is a simple innocent normal girl, whose life I’ve made a mess of. I know……that now she…is attracted to you…..I can see it in her eyes……I can feel it……..and I also know…that you too like her……..but I am not angry or cross….with either of you, because I can understand the human need to be loved…and cared for…………..”

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of us……which seemed to last an eternity.

I wanted to say something…but just couldn’t … emotions were in a turmoil…..could I take that one chance…I had been waiting for…..could I just go for it now……

I realized that if I didn’t speak today, I will never be able to do so again…so gathering all my courage….. I spoke

“Yes….Yash, …….you are right. I …….I’ve ……fallen in love with…Pooja” I confessed and that one sentence, just took all the guilt away. I felt so light… if I had confessed to my sins in front of god. Now whatever happens….I was not afraid. “I know its not right to suggest this ….but I think that time has come to rethink about your future…..and Pooja’s life.” I said it as gently and as feelingly I could say.

He nodded as if preparing himself for the inevitable……the words he wanted to say were there on his lips but were taking an eternity coming out of his mouth. But at last gathering every ounce of courage he said

“I guess, I will have to tell Pooja everything………I don’t know how I will face her but I can not live with this guilt any longer………

I guess she will divorce me after this but…..I am ready for any eventuality… I can’t mess up with her life any more.”

“Would you like me to help…?” I asked gently.

“No Aryan, I’m grateful that you have confronted me with this today. I was living in constant guilt. I was not living normally with Pooja nor was I enjoying my life the way I wanted to.

It was as if I was always cheating myself. Now I feel light that at last I’ve come to terms with my sexuality and only thing is to make Pooja understand…I’m dreading the confrontation, but I guess that I will face it sooner rather than later…Thanks buddy. I owe you one for this. ”

“Yash!…there’s one thing I want you to promise…..” I said


“That you will not accuse Pooja of anything…….anything at all… was none of her fault that she was attracted to me. I hope you understand”

“I understand Aryan” he said smiling weakly…. “I’m glad that someone loves her more than I do…….otherwise she would have been shattered.

Don’t worry; I know she is not to be blamed.”

“Thanks” I said to him with a smile….extending my hand. He took it and shook my hand, smiled .We both hugged each other and he left my flat.

Though Pooja was shocked at first, and a bit disturbed, but with my help and Yash’s candid confession, she came to terms with the fact that Yash was indeed a normal guy but with different sexual preferences.

We explained it to her as gently as we could so that she was not hurt. The fact that she was now in love with me…helped her overcome the shock somewhat easily as compared to what it would have been, if that was not the case.

Her parents too were shocked with the development and took her with them to their home in Gujrat.

The legal process took more than three months. There was a ground for mutual divorce and ultimately it was granted.

Immediately after the divorce, I went to her place and with all sincerity I asked for her hand from her parents.

They were reluctant at first and were naturally apprehensive about Pooja’s future and that too when the boy was a friend of her ex husband.

But somehow I managed to convince them that……I would take care of their daughter throughout my life. When Pooja was asked about it she had no reservations (of course) and so we were married quietly in the registrar’s office in a simple ceremony.

I had requested my company for a change in apartment… I had got promoted in the mean time so, they readily agreed to my request.

The apartment they provided to me was a solitary house. This was more comfortable, more spacious and more luxurious than the previous one.

Even before the marriage I had decorated it beautifully and tastefully like my previous one and one thing was similarly reconstructed and decorated…….the bathroom.

At last the day came when I brought Pooja back to my place. She was overawed by the beauty of that place. There was a lovely garden in front of the house with a fountain in the center.

“Wow! Aryan it’s so lovely….I love this place. It’s even more beautiful than the previous one.

I’m so glad I ‘m here with you…..” she said to looking at me with those deep innocent eyes and looking as lovely as ever.

She was wearing a lovely maroon ‘lehnga- choli’ and looked every inch a beautiful Indian bride.

I opened the door of my house and before we could enter I said “Close your eyes princess”

She looked at me and with a beautiful smile, she gently closed her eyes. I bent down and picked her up in my arms and carried her inside. Despite the heavy dress that she was wearing, she felt so light in my arms.

It had been ages since I had picked her up like that and the mere thought of the first time was enough to send the blood racing through my body. She looked so innocent and beautiful. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling.

I carried her past the lobby, directly into my master bed room, which I had got decorated very tastefully for such an occasion. There was a large king sized bed with comfortable mattresses.

Rose petals were sprinkled over the bed and on the floor by of the side of the bed. There were fresh flowers in vases placed at all corners of the room, giving the room a very exotic fragrance.

I had placed big candles at strategic places in the room, which would be lit at an appropriate time.

I laid her down gently on the bed.

“Keep your eyes closed darling” I said charmingly.

“What are you doing Aryan?…Hope its not anything naughty like the last time” she said laughing.

“Don’t worry jaana, just keep your eyes closed” I said.

Then from the side table drawer, I took out a small box . I opened it slowly . In it was an exquisitely designed gold ring with a solitaire diamond from Cartier.

“Now you can open your eyes princess.” I said and held the box in front of her.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at me and then her eyes fell on the box I was holding.

“Welcome to my life princess………and be with me till eternity” I said softly and kissing her tenderly on her forehead..

She was speechless for a few moments. She looked deep in my eyes and then threw her arms around my neck. “Oh!…I love you Aryan……I love you so much……..I don’t have words to express my feelings” she hugged me tightly for sometime…..passing all her emotions to me through that silence we call……. love and when she separated, I could see tears welling in her eyes.

“Hey ! Did’nt you like it?” I said holding the box again.

She took the ring out of the box delicately and admired it. “Its beautiful… very beautiful” she beamed .

I took the ring from her and with my left hand I held her delicate fingers and gently slipped the ring on her ring finger. “Be mine forever…..princess” I said lovingly and brought my lips close to hers .

We looked at each other for a few precious seconds and then she just closed her eyes.

I brought my lips to hers and sealed them in an eternal kiss. I had not touched her for close to four months and now when our lips met……my passion had no bonds. I felt as if I was starved of her love…….her care…..her passion. I wanted her and wanted her badly.

I just went on sucking her lovely lips like there was no tomorrow and gently made her lay down on the bed.

She too responded to my kisses and put her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her. I opened my mouth and let my tongue roam over her lovely lips as if knocking on them for entry inside.

She opened her lips a fraction and that was enough for my tongue to slip inside her lovely mouth. I felt her tongue with my tongue and gave her a soul stirring kiss where I sucked the breath out of her mouth.

I was kissing her so deeply that it almost ached but the sensation was the most pleasurable I had ever felt. I then released her almost bruised lips for a moment to allow her some breath, before again sealing her lips with mine, this time kissing her …..gently…..delicately……softly……..sensitively, till she was moaning in pleasure.

As I kept on kissing her, my hand became busy, exploring the beautiful body that was away from me for such a long time…..that I had missed so much.

My fingertips caressed the skin on her neck gently and then moved down to the lovely mounds that were encased so beautifully in that rich embroidered choli. I gently massaged her boobs over the choli and then let my hand roam lower on her abdomen.

Her lovely flat tummy was exposed as the choli had ridden up somewhat. I touched her delicate skin and this suddenly sent a shiver down her body. She quivered under my delicate touch and moaned a little.

Slowly I moved my hand downwards and reaching her thighs, I gently pulled her lehnga..upwards.

She tried to catch hold of my hand…as if to stop me..from going any further…but I had waited long enough and today I was not about to curb myself.

I freed my hand and again started pulled her lehnga upwards till her creamy white thighs were exposed. I felt the delicate skin of her thighs with my fingertips and the feeling was heavenly.

I was almost bursting out of my trousers but wanted to prolong the pleasure more. The skin of her thighs was as smooth as silk…without a blemish. The soft supple flesh felt heavenly under my fingers.

I caressed her lovely soft thighs with my fingers for some time and gently moved upwards…….till I felt the edge of her panties.

I kept my hand there…..feeling the soft delicate skin…..tracing the outline of her panty covered mound and then feeling the fabric of her panties. It was smooth …and silky to touch… sensual…so sexy…..

I moved my lips from her lips to her gorgeous neck and placed few delicate kisses and licked her tender flesh….then I bit her gently. She was moaning with pleasure now….

“mmmmm…….mmmmm…aaaahh…AA….Aryan…….aaah” she moaned.

I went down and lifting her a little, I slipped my hand on her back and started to un button her choli which was delicately held in place by the small hooks in the back. It was undone in no time and I gently lifted the fabric and helped her out of it.

A lovely pink satin bra covered her mounds but only just. She was heaving with passion and with each breath her lovely boobs moved up as if trying to free themselves of all the constraints.

I decided to ease their pain a little and again moved my hand back to unhook her bra. Gently I peeled her bra away from her and looked at those lovely pair of boobs which were now exposed in their full glory.

The pink nipples were erect over their areolas and were standing like cherries on the cake. I could not control myself any longer and just started feasting on such an exotic dish.

I took her nipple between my lips, pushing it against the roof of my mouth and then gently rolled it back and forth till she was crying out with pleasure.

“Oooooh! A…..aryan….. please ……..aah”

I released it for a second and then again took it in my mouth this time nibbling gently at the tip and then sucking it deeply…..This again sent a wave of pleasure through her body and she lifted her hips somewhat…..”Aaaaaaah……”

She was now on the verge of an orgasm, but I wanted more so I slowed down, bringing her down with me. I went down and kissed her tummy licking her belly button and with my other hand I moved my fingers delicately over her silky soft panties, caressing her pussy with my fingers till I could feel the wetness there.

I got up and looked at my princess lying topless on that bed of roses….her eyes closed….., with her dress lifted to her waist and her lovely pink panties contrasting strikingly against the maroon dress, covering her treasures from my eyes.

Slowly I moved my lips over to her panties and kissed her pussy through the soft satin material…till it was all wet from my kisses and her juices. I undid the string of her dress from the side and gently pulled the heavy garment down her legs.

Then I slowly tugged at her soft bikini panties ……she lifted herself and helped me remove them completely from her body.

Her pussy was exactly as I had remembered; completely smooth ….totally bare and glistening with juices. It was one of the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. I quickly dove to into the treasure and started sucking her nether lips. I lapped up the juices as if I was famished and just couldn’t get enough of her.

Slowly I opened her pussy lips and dove my tongue inside and licked her clit……which was engorged by now. I sucked at it so hard that now Pooja was on verge of an explosive orgasm and so was I…I quickly got rid of my clothes and let my monster have a whiff of cool air..

It was standing majestically erect ready to enter his treasure trove. I quickly lowered myself between her legs, and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly and ever so slowly I entered her tight pussy.. “Ooooh.”.the feeling was lovely beyond words. I had missed this moment for so long….to be one with the girl I loved…….I desired and I wanted to share my entire life with.

“ooooooh …..aaaah …Aryan…please ….aaaah” she cried as I entered her . I started stroking in and out as I made gentle love to her….slowly at first but then increasing my strokes and started moving faster.

She too moved her hips to match my strokes till we both were moving in synchronization…our bodies glued to each other…..our breaths mingling ……and we reached another plane of ecstacy……..till at last we both could not hold any longer

“ I’m going to come darling……..” I panted…… “Oooooh I’m there….”

“Me too … ….me tooooo….oooh Aryan…please ….don’t stop now…pleeeeeeease….aaaah……I’m coming…..aaaaaaaaaaah”
And we both exploded simultaneously in an unforgettable.. earth shattering orgasm.

I came deep inside her as she matched me stroke for stroke…….her pussy walls engulfing me deeply…..tightly…… caressing me…..draining every drop of my juices….till I lay on her …….spent ……..panting heavily…..

She too was heaving beneath me …her soft body…..felt so lovely….so desirous ……..

We both were in bliss now. We had got what we wanted and I knew that I was the most lucky person alive on earth………..The journey that had started as a slow seduction …..had culminated in eternal Love for that girl….the Girl whom I still love…more than my life.


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