Friend’s Sexy Wife – 02

Part 02

I wanted to wake her up slowly so I moved my hand and brushed aside the hair from her soft angelic face. She had an expression of extreme contentment on her face……and I felt that I could see a faint smile…….probably having a beautiful dream. I traced my fingers slowly over her arm ….to her belly … her hips ….and to her thighs….feeling the exquisite softness of her skin which felt new every time I touched it.

She stirred in her sleep. Gently I lifted her leg from me and placed it on the carpet. I then put my hand between her legs and my fingers traced the outline of her pussy. She moved a bit now apparently coming out of her slumber. I felt around her pussy for some time and then traced her slit with my fingers applying just a little pressure.

She moved and flicked open her eyes slowly. For a few moments she seemed to be in daze but then as if coming out of the trance, she looked around then at me and smiled. I smiled back and gave her a small kiss on her lips.

“Awake princess?” I asked softly

She nodded.

“It was the most peaceful sleep I ever had darling” she said.

Reluctantly I removed my hand from her pussy and touched her cheeks as if brushing aside the hair strands. She caught hold of my hand and brought it near her lips and kissed it gently.

“Thanks a lot Aryan……..”she said “….for showing me the paradise on this earth. I think something inside me has changed forever……I will always be yours for this…even after I leave.”

“Hey it’s not over yet…” I said smiling “we still have sometime before Yash comes back so, don’t you dare talk of leaving yet”

She smiled back and came in my arms and gave me a lovely deep kiss on my lips.

When we parted I asked

“What would you like now baby?”

“I don’t know” she said “you decide”.

“OK ! let’s go out and enjoy” I said

“but where?” she asked…her eyes growing big.

“O! c’mon trust me sweetheart , I won’t disappoint you” I said teasing

“Of that ,I am certain” she said lowering her eyes.

“So, get up lazybones… can sleep all you want once you are with Yash but till then…… more sleeping” I said and got up.

She gave me her hand and I helped her get from the ground. She looked around for some thing and then seeing her robe lying on the floor…picked it up and started putting it on.

“But what will I wear darling?”she asked.

“ I will bring some thing for you from your apartment” I said “ give me the keys”

“ I don’t know where I kept them last night…… was so, dark” she said searching for them “ here… they are on the side table”.

“Ok tell me where do you keep your clothes?” I said smiling

“They are in the almirah… in our bed room” she said blushing. Then regaining her composure “ just bring………..”

But before she could finish I put finger on my lips indicating her to be quiet.

“You are going out with me , so I will choose what you will wear.” I said disarmingly.

“B…..but Aryan….” She began

“ shhhhhhhh… trust me” I winked and putting on my boxers and T-shirt I was gone……

I unlocked the door to her apartment and went inside. I turned on the lights and went straight to their bedroom. There too I switched on the lights and looked around.

There on the bed was a single sheet which must have been opened before Pooja came to my flat the previous night. Her slippers were lying there on the floor and guess what …….there was a “snoopy” on them too. I smiled to myself, that “snoopy” was surely a lucky bastard.

Then I went to the closet by the wall and opened it. It was a large closet and on one side there were Yash’s shirts and trousers which hung neatly on the hangers.

On the other side there were her dresses,….suits…… and few saris which were neatly ironed and kept in order.

Though she looked gorgeous in almost any clothing but I decided on the western dresses as she looked very very sexy in them. I shuffled through her dresses till I came upon a pink dress with halter top.

I took it out and imagined Pooja in them. I liked what I saw. It was a Halter Top short party dress with lace sash and satin belt and made up of stretch polyester with sequins borders. There was a bow tied at the front. I could see in my mind’s eye how her curvy figure would fit in this lovely dress.

Then I opened her drawer to select the appropriate underwear. I saw that she had laid her panties on one side neatly folded while her bras were on the other side. I saw her colourful lingerie collection and a rush of blood flowed inside me ,just looking at those skimpy garments.

They were of many shapes especially her panties….from simple cotton ones …to high waists satin ones……and even thongs.

“What a taste” I admired. I then decided to do without them …….as I had other plans….

Then closing the closet I went to her dressing table and looked around for some makeup. I selected only a light pink lipstick and exited from her bedroom and her flat after switching off all the lights and taking her pink dress with me.

Before going out I made sure that there was no one around as I did not want anyone to see me with a lady’s dress coming out of my friend’s apartment. I quickly locked her door and entered mine and secured it behind me.

I then went to search for her. I found her in the kitchen ….munching an apple.

“Hungry?” I asked laughing

“Not so much, but yes, I wanted something to eat.” She said, taking another bite.

“But, will one apple do?” I asked

“It was all I could find and I dare not eat that banana after what you said to me the last time” she said mischievously.

I laughed aloud and gave her a small loving tap on her head.

“Did you find something for me to wear?” she asked shyly

“Yes, love I found some thing very pretty from your exquisite collection” I said teasingly

She blushed, immediately knowing what I meant.

“It should better be decent” she quipped

“Don’t you trust my choice?” I asked.

“After what I have been through with you since yesterday, I can almost guess about your choice” she said laughing.

“What can a poor man do after a beautiful lady is locked in his apartment without clothes? At least give me some credit for helping that lady out” I said making an innocent face.

“The lady now understands your motives darling so, she will judge for herself whether you have been a gentleman or not.” She said smiling with a twinkle in her eyes….

“Ok! Go freshen up and I will lay down the dress in the bedroom.” I said.

She went out smiling, swaying her hips as if teasing me. I went to the drawing room took her dress and then entering my bed room waited for her.

After a few minutes, Pooja came out of the bathroom humming to her. She had apparently washed her face and looked fresh and gorgeous. She looked at me sitting on the bed and asked

“So, what has my naughty neighbor brought for me to wear?”

I took out the dress from behind my back and showed it to her. She looked surprised. “This!…..but Aryan this is a party dress. I can’t wear it casually in public. It is much too short.”

“I know my darling you will look gorgeous in this.” I said. “Besides we are going to some classy places, so you will not feel out of place.”

Reluctantly she took the dress from me and held it in front of her, went towards the full length mirror in my room and seemed to be looking at herself as if deciding whether to go with it…….but she had no choice.

“Ok! Just for you, I will wear it for the first time today. Give me my other things and I will change” she said giving me a sweet smile

“What other things?” I asked feigning ignorance.

“Aryan…! You know very well what other things” she said apparently giving me a stern look.

“Oh I see!” I took out the lipstick from my pocket and put my hand forward for her to see. “I forgot that girls do not go out without a makeup. Here take it, this is the best I could do.”

“I am not talking of makeup, my dear” she said frustrated.

“Then?” I said probing…..enjoying her embarrassment..

“I’m talking about my……….my undergarments.” She said lowering her eyes

“O surely! But you don’t expect a gentle man to go through a ladies drawer, searching for her undergarments. Honey…I was embarrassed…so……” I said enjoying myself fully now.

“Aahaha..! How sweet and convenient” she said mocking “I know what you have in mind my dear, but a lady cannot go out of the house without an……an under wear.” She said now turning red.

“Darling! It’s already getting late and after you wear the dress I m sure nobody will know that you have nothing underneath” I said giving her a naughty smile.

“No way! I’m not going out without my UG’s” she said adamantly

“C’mon jaan, don’t be a spoilsport. OK! I will do one thing; I will buy you something from the mall.” I said soothing

She was now feeling very uncomfortable. “At least let me wear my pa….panties” she pleaded…looking slightly distressed.

I shook my head smiling. “Trust me baby……you will truly enjoy.” I brought her closer and planted a soft kiss on her lips and massaged the back of her neck.

She seemed to lose her resistance and she closed her eyes and slowly put her arms around my neck. I dropped my hand to the knot in front of her robe and opened it.

“Let me dress up my princess” I whispered.

I removed her robe slowly and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked in my arms keeping her eyes closed feeling very shy. We separated and silently and I took the dress and opened the zipper on its back.

Then I put the dress over her head,……she put the arms inside the halter top and slowly I helped the dress on her.

As the dress was still bunched up around her neck I could see her pink nipples getting hard. I kissed each nipple and sucked on them slowly wile bringing the dress down. “Mmmmmmmmmm…..” she whimpered.

Then I kissed on my way below, while bringing the dress down on here exquisite body. I kissed her tummy… her belly button………then reaching her bald pussy ….I licked it hungrily.

“Aaaaahhhhh……. Arya….n…” she moaned getting wet.

Then kissing her parted thighs, I brought the dress down on her hips……I turned her so that now her lovely ass cheeks were in front of my eyes. I kissed each in turn and traced my finger between them and finally pulled the dress totally down.

She wiggled her hips slightly to let the dress fall perfectly. I then stood up……..zipped up the zipper …touching her bare back as I went upwards …….finally kissed her on the neck after pushing aside her hair. …and stepped back to admire her.

She looked like a lovely model perfectly filling that dress. Her curves were clearly visible and she looked incredibly sexy. The dress reached a few inches above her knees and the bow in the front came just below her beautiful boobs, so that her mounds were clearly accentuated.

Looking very closely, I could make out her nipples poking through that dress and the knowledge that she was naked underneath was making me hard.

She stood there shuffling a little knowing the effect she was having on me.

“So, how do I look?” she asked at last, breaking the silence.

“Like an Angel…… love…..just like an angel” I said admiring. “Now put on this lipstick and let’s go before I again lose my control and eat you up here and now….”

She took the lipstick and went towards the mirror swaying her hips. Meanwhile I peeled my eyes away from her and went towards my closet to take out my khakis and a cotton shirt.

I went to the bathroom …..shaved , combed my hair and put on my clothes. I looked suave and handsome.

Then I went out to find that Pooja had completed her makeup. She had combed her hair and left them loose on her shoulders. She looked gorgeous……..simply mind-blowing.

I whistled my approval and she laughed…hiding her face with both hands. I took her hands away and beckoned her to follow me.

“Let’s go darling……..let me show you some sights in the world outside……” I said and we went out.

We took an elevator and went downstairs. I observed that Pooja was a bit uncomfortable and slightly fidgety. She kept smoothening her dress in front and the back and looked a wee bit nervous.

Probably this was the first time she was without her bra and panties underneath her clothes in the public. We both reached the parking lot where I had parked my black Honda City. As I unlocked the door, I heard someone call my name.

“Hi Aryan, how are u doing?” It was Mr. Desai who lived a floor beneath ours and his apartment was below mine. He was a middle aged man about 45yrs of age, a divorcee with a pleasant personality. He was into some business and was acquainted with both me and Yash.

“Hello Mr. Desai” I said politely. “How are you sir?”

“I am quite OK!” he said smiling “so, how’s everything?” he asked and suddenly noticing Pooja, who was standing a few paces away from us “Going for a date?” he whispered giving me a wink.

“Oh! No…… no sir,” I said hurriedly beckoning Pooja to join us. “Actually this is Po …Pooja, Yash’s wife.. Didn’t I tell you that he was getting married? And Pooja this is Mr. Desai, our neighbor downstairs” I introduced.

Pooja mumbled her hello politely and Mr. Desai also nodded with a smile. I saw him looking discreetly but appreciatively towards Pooja as she was looking incredibly sexy in that short dress. All this was making Pooja more nervous..

“So, where is Yash?” he asked smiling. “I must congratulate him on his choice”

“Ac…..actually Y…Yash is………” Pooja stammered.

“Sir, actually, Yash was out of station and he is coming back today.. Pooja here doesn’t know the routes so, she requested me to accompany her to the airport and that’s where we are going” I lied.

“Oh! I see” he said. “Why don’t you young folks join me for a dinner tonight?” He said now clearly appreciating Pooja’s beauty.

“Thanks a lot sir, but probably some other time, as we already have booked a table outside.” I said now trying to cut short the conversation.

“Ok! Please do make a programme some other time soon.. Bye” He said looking slightly disappointed “and say my hello to Yash” he said turning towards Pooja and giving her a toothy smile. He then walked away ,waving to both of us.

“Lecher” I thought to myself and waved to him.

I then opened the passenger side door for Pooja and she slid elegantly into the seat…. Carefully smoothening her dress which was trying to ride up her thighs.

I saw just a glimpse of her creamy thighs and then I closed the door and smiled to myself at her persisting shyness in my presence. This shyness was driving me mad with passion. I went to the driver’s seat, started the car and eased out of the parking lot.

“Whew! That was close. How can you lie so, easily” she asked looking at me “who was he?”

“Don’t bother darling, he is just an acquaintance, just forget him and let’s enjoy” I said turning on the music system and humming.

“Where are we going dear?” she asked looking herself in the vanity mirror.

“Let me introduce you to the delights of the city” I said looking at her and slowly moving my hand to catch hold of hers.

“I already have experienced such delights that you might not be able to surprise me now.” She said sweetly giving my hand a squeeze. “Now drive carefully and look ahead.”

“When you have such a lovely companion, who can even think straight, let alone look straight” I said lovingly

She looked admiringly at me and smiled sweetly. I felt she was also enjoying all the love and attention that she was getting from me.

I first drove towards a shopping mall as I wanted to make some purchases for her. I took her to Marks and Spencer’s showroom. We entered hand in hand like two lovebirds and the salesman looked at us appreciatively.

“You can buy anything you want dear. The lingerie here is exclusive” I whispered in her ear.

She glared at me. “Be quiet, I already feel as if I’m walking naked” she whispered back.

I laughed out aloud and she pinched me gently as some of the people were looking at us with envy.

“OK! Princess let me buy something for you of my choice.” I said and took her by elbow and directed her to the female lingerie section.

She was blushing and feeling very uncomfortable.

“I can do my own shopping dear. Thanks. You can go towards the men’s section and wait for me there.” She said to me in almost pleading voice.

“Don’t be shy darling, please let me…..” I said and I busied myself in selecting the best for her.

“By The way what’s your size?” I asked casually.

She turned red and glared at me. “Can’t you speak slowly?” somebody could hear you” she said looking slightly annoyed.

“Relax baby, stop being paranoid as no body knows u here. Just enjoy. Tell me your size?” I said

“32 B for the bra and S for…… the panties” she whispered slowly “You sure know how to get your way, don’t you?”

I smiled and busied myself in searching for some elegant under things for my charming neighbor.

I selected a pair of pink cool cotton high leg bikini panties with small hearts printed on it and a matching underwired moulded bra. I got hard just by imagining her in that skimpy lingerie.

“So, what do you think of them princess?” I asked

“I was never in doubt about your choice darling, but you keep on surprising me with your choice.” She said shyly “this is my favourite colour.”

I then paid for the garments and we went out.

“Where do I get to wear this?” she asked. She seemed to be in a hurry to get into the comfort of her little frillies, but I had other plans….

“Patience darling patience” I said smiling and again got into the car…..

It was slowly getting dark outside and I then drove towards my favorite hangout in Mumbai; Enigma the popular Discotheque in the JW Marriott Hotel ..It has a great dancing floor with a stylish lounging area and two bars. Aesthetically designed with exotic interiors transport one to a tantalizing world of fantasy.

“So, where to now honey?” she asked

“It’s a surprise darling just enjoy the ride”. I said“OK! But when can I wear my things?” she asked innocently

“What things?” I said

“The things that you just bought for me?” she said looking at me apprehensively.

“Oh! Those?” I said looking surprised “but honey there is no place to change. You will have to wait for some more time.”

“I can wear them here.” She said slowly

“ Here ? ….in the car,…. in front of me?… Darling are you joking? Do you want an accident.?” I said aloud, now enjoying her misery.

She immediately seemed slightly embarressed. “B….but Aryan I meant that I could …..I could go to the back and change.” She said

“But, my little darling, we would be caught for exhibitionism and then thrown into jail.” I said, now thoroughly enjoying myself.

She seemed more distressed.

“But it’s dark outside” she muttered “Ok!…… least let me wear the….p..panties. I can safely put them on here”

“Why are you in such a hurry love?” I said, “There is nobody here except you and me. And there is nothing to be shy about when you are with me, is there?”
She shook her head slightly looking downwards.

“That’s like a good girl” I said touching her cheeks with the back of my fingers.

“Now enjoy the ride”

I turned the air conditioning in the car to maximum as it was quite humid outside and put on a CD of romantic love songs. She put her head back and relaxed a little, feeling secure for the time being.

She even started humming with the song. I purposely took a longer route as there was less traffic on that road and I could admire my beautiful companion in between. I estimated that it would take about one hour to reach the hotel, so I decided to enjoy her a little more.

I noticed that Pooja had closed her eyes and was humming to herself. I gently brought my left hand near her knee and started caressing the soft skin with my fingertips. She gently put her hand on mine as if asking me to stop. But I, after pausing for a little while, lay her hand gently on the seat and again started caressing her.

I gently moved my hand from her knees to the inside of her soft thighs and continued caressing. She started to moan a little trying to close her legs. But my hand was now between her thighs and I continued moving upwards.

Little by little I moved my hand inside her short dress……caressing ……loving my way up….. until she was moaning more loudly .

“Mmmmmmmm….aaaaaaah! Aryan……..darling……please….not here……aaaaaaah!”

“Relax Jana, just close your eyes and enjoy the ride.” I said looking straight ahead.

“B….but Aryan…you are driving, we could have …an.accident” she said worried

“Leave the driving to me darling……you just enjoy the sensations.” I said and again started on my exploration upwards.

She closed her eyes and rested her head against the backrest. Slowly ……very slowly with my hand I cajoled her to open her legs a little more. She was also getting aroused now and enjoying the feeling.

I slowly reached up to the top of her soft thighs until my fingers were touching her bare pussy. She was writhing now on the seat, slowly moving her hips. I felt her smooth pussy lips with the tips of my finger and pressed slightly.

“Aaaahhhh! …..Aryan….your to…uch is…… heavenly” she moaned.

She opened her legs some more to let my fingers have a better access. I traced circles on her pussy which was now getting wet with anticipation. I was driving slowly and as carefully as I could, keeping my eyes on the road, but my mind lay squarely and surely between her legs, feeling the pleasures of her silky skin.

I traced her slit and inserted my index finger in her tight vagina, while holding her clit between my thumb and the ring finger.

“Aaaaa….hhhh!….. Aar ..yan…Aaaaaaaahhhh!” she moaned loudly taking my name. I inserted my finger deeper in the realm of her soaking wet love hole and the walls of her vagina wrapped around my finger like a glove.

“Aaaa…..hhhh, …aaaaahhhhh, ….aaahhhh! Aryan……yes…..yes darling….yes” she cried in ecstasy.

I started moving my finger in and out faster feeling for her G-spot and then I gave her clit a little twitch and she exploded in the most beautiful orgasm, humping on my finger and shuddering in delight.

I kept my finger inside her till her spasm subsided. I sneaked a glance sideways saw that she lay panting, eyes closed….. her hands clutching the sides of the seat, her dress now lay bunched up nearly up to her waist, exposing her lovely juicy pussy with my finger inside.

I slowly removed my finger from her pussy and brought it to my lips and licked the lovely nectar. It tasted sweet and very heavenly.

“How many times…….would you … me this paradise….darling………I have never come so many times in a single day before………Oh! I love you ……I love you Aryan.” She said looking at me with dreamy eyes.

“The fun is just starting…sweetheart. I have to show you a lot of things before your husband ……….takes you away from me.” I replied smiling…….

We reached the hotel at around 7:00 PM and she looked at me with surprised eyes as I parked the car.

“Are we going into this?” she asked overwhelmed.

“Of course princess. We are going to have a blast.” I replied

She looked apprehensive.
“But Aryan, remember I am not wearing any thing underneath. I can’t possibly go inside like this.” She said

“Why not?” I said soothingly. “Look darling, no body here knows that you are not wearing anything underneath except me, and that should not bother you.”

“B….but ….what if anybody comes to know…..I m..mean what if …….?” She was almost pleading. “Please darling let me take the things inside. I can change in the rest room.” her big eyes now filled with desperation.

“You don’t need to worry about a thing princess, when you are with me.” I whispered. “I will not let anything embarrass you. I promise to let you wear your ……panties before the dinner tonight.”

To make her comfortable, I unwrapped the package bought from Marks and Spencer’s and took out the soft cotton panties from it. She put her hand out to take it from me, but I shook my head instead and quietly folded it neatly and put it in my pocket.

“Hey! I thought, that belongs to me.” She said

“Of course it does, honey; but I have borrowed it for the time being. It will be given to you in due course; I promise.” I said in most charming voice. “Now lets go”

Her face showed a bit of apprehension, but she decided to trust me. I got out of the car and went to the passenger side door, and opened the door and offered my hand for her to get out.

She carefully smoothened her dress, took my hand and slid out of the seat elegantly. I locked the car and moved towards the entrance.

She was walking by my side and I had her hand in mine. We reached the entrance and I guided her to the Discotheque. There were quite a few people lined up to get an entry as it was a Saturday.

Pooja was looking a bit nervous as some of the people around were looking in our direction discreetly and admiring her beauty. We must have made a handsome couple as some of the girls were also giving us envying glances.

“Where are we going?” she asked apprehensively. She must have guessed it by now but she asked anyway, hoping against hope….

“To test your dancing skills.” I said smiling.

“B….but Aryan I cannot dance in this particular outfit. You know ….very well…..”She whispered.

“You have to begin trusting me dear. I always keep my promise.” I said.
She nodded slightly and relaxed a little.

I paid for the entry and we entered the disco. There came a blast of blaring music as we entered and we saw that the dance floor was full of young couples, dancing and enjoying themselves. We let our eyes to get accustomed to darkness inside.

It was sufficiently dark with dim lightening lit at strategic places to create the scene of strange romanticism and eroticism. Few steps led to the loft, where there was a small bar in one corner with seating arrangement.

As the dance floor was sufficiently crowded, I took Pooja to the loft above and led her towards the bar.

“What will you have darling?” I asked.

She looked at me with those smiling big eyes and shook her head

“What does a blind man need….two eyes,……Darling how do you manage to find what you desire?” She said laughing. “You have brought me here so, you decide what I should have and……be a gentleman.”

“I ordered two glasses of chilled beer for us and took her to a nearby table. There were high stools there and I helped Pooja get on to one of them. I sat besides, facing her and had a sip.

The beer was excellent and felt just right in that humid climate. She took a sip and let her tongue lick her wet lips. She seemed to like the taste and we finished our glasses soon.

“Another round?” I asked

“No! not for me. You have if you want.” She replied.

“C’mon princess, a beer never did harm anybody” I said “just one more, it’s quite hot.”

“Ok!” she said at last “but no more”

With that I ordered another couple of glasses and we finished those as well.. Now slowly we had cooled off and Pooja was also feeling lot more relaxed.

“Come let’s dance” I said and took her hand. She slid off the stool and I again got a glimpse of her lovely thighs.

We went downstairs to the dance floor and started dancing to a racy number. She was really a very good dancer and danced very well to both the desi and the foreign music.

Initially she was slight inhibited, probably still thinking about her dress but later when she saw that most of the couples were busy amongst themselves and the den was considerably dark, she opened up and started dancing freely.

Once or twice when we were in the corner she even twirled, letting her dress fly dangerously and almost exposing her pretty ass to me. She was now enjoying herself completely.

Probably the beer was taking an effect and also seeing the couples dancing freely, gave her the confidence that everybody was pretty much engaged and had no time for the others….

The DJ then put on a soft song and the mood changed inside .The couples as if on the cue started coming close and started dancing taking there partners in their arms.

I also pulled Pooja towards me and she came gliding in to my arms. She threw her arms around my neck and I put my arms around her tiny waist and pulled her closer. The ambience was such that everybody danced as if spellbound. We swayed slowly ,….. her cheek near mine and I could smell her exotic fragrance.

My hands started tracing little patterns on her back as if stimulating her tender nerves and she in turn was ruffling my hair and caressing my neck with her fingers.

As the song progressed, the magic deepened and I brought my lips on her cheeks and started kissing her. She turned her mouth towards me. It was open slightly and I could sense the passion in her eyes.

I brought my lips closer, till our lips were barely touching ……….she closed her eyes………..I brought my tongue out and licked her juicy lips.

“Mmmmmm…..mmmm” she moaned and tightened her grip on me and we sealed our lips in a deep kiss.

I also brought her closer, so that our bodies were now glued together and I could feel the heat radiating from her body. She swayed as if in trace and I let my hands roam on her exquisite back.

I kissed her more deeply now……..letting my tongue meet hers and sucking her thoroughly.


My hands now grew bolder and I slowly slid them down and cupped her asscheeks through the thin fabric of her dress.

She was beyond care now and did not resist my advances. I could feel the crack of her ass over her dress and moved my finger on it tracing it up and down.

I then cupped her ass and brought her closer to my crotch so that she could feel my monster (“her friend”) through my trousers. “Aaaaaaah.” a sigh escaped her lips at its touch and she started kissing me more passionately now.

I guided her slowly to one darkened end of the dance floor so that her back was towards a wall ….., slowly lifted her dress from behind and put my hand underneath it to cup her asscheeks , …….and let the dress fall on it.

I was now caressing her bare asscheeks on the dance floor while dancing to the soft music.

She was moving her hips slowly to the tune of music which was now in its last stages and I was getting harder by the second. I wanted to lift her on to my cock and make love to her there, but I knew that was a wishful thinking.

I explored every nook and cranny of her wonderful ass………caressing the asscheeks……….the crack………….the butthole and ultimately my fingers touched her dripping wet pussy from the back.

As soon as my fingers touched her lovely cunny she started coming.

She shuddered into another wonderful orgasm as her clit moved against my cock and my fingers explored the most delicate folds of her body.

She kept on coming for some time, till at last she stopped quivering and hid her face on my chest………..heaving.

I could feel her boobs on my chest and slowly I removed my hand form under the her dress and put it back on her waist.

“Oh!…… Aryan that was…….. most wonderful… so…. heavenly……darling…… I love ….you” she said dreamily.

The music came to an end and there was clapping all around. We too separated and clapped.

The music shifted to another fast one but I think she had had enough for the time being and for the first time she said “ I need a drink darling……will you join me?”…

I looked in her eyes and could see the extreme passion in them. She seemed in a high and all the hitch that she might have had, had vanished by now. Probably the experience of having an orgasm in a crowded place full of unknown people had helped her in relaxing and enjoying the moments even more.

She looked at me lovingly and smiled naughtily.

“C’mon darling! Treat me to a drink. This is the best day of my life. I want to enjoy it to the fullest.”

She said smiling and catching hold of my hand. Probably the beer was taking an effect.

We both again moved up the loft, with me climbing behind her. There was a jig in her stride and as she climbed the steps, I could see her dress riding up with each step she took.

I wanted to touch her lovely firm ass again but I resisted the temptation. I did not want to push her too fast in public so I waited for my time.

I led her to the bar and helped her onto a high bar stool in the corner, letting my hand glide on her soft thigh in the process and letting it linger on it. I brought my lips very close to her ear as the music was too loud to allow normal conversation.

“What will my princess have?” I said softly and licked her earlobe with my tongue. My hand still caressing her inside thigh.

She looked deeply in my eyes and keeping a finger on my lips said lovingly:

“Whatever you choose, will be fine by me. I have left my self totally in your hands tonight darling”

I took her finger in my mouth, sucked at it for a moment and reluctantly separated from her. I was horny as hell but sometimes things have to wait a little longer.

I then went to the bar and ordered two different drinks, both appetizers for us. I ordered a “Bloody Mary” (a combination of vodka in tomato juice and lime with ice) and a “Buck’s Fizz” (a cocktail of chilled orange juice in chilled champagne with a slice of orange) and took the glasses to where Pooja was waiting.

The attendance at bar had built up with the couples enjoying. I made my way towards Pooja and placed the drinks at the table.

“Your choice sweetheart” I said charmingly.

“But I don’t know which is better so, you decide for me” she replied.

“Ok! You have this (Bloody Mary) and I will have the other. If you don’t relish then we can exchange” I said bringing my stool closer to her, so that I was facing her.

She took a sip of the drink tentatively, but seemed to like what she tasted, and gave me a thumbs up sign.

“Lovely she said. What is it?” she asked

“It’s called Bloody Mary and it’s very healthy for your exquisite skin baby.” I said tracing my fingers on her thighs. She laughed in her tinkling style. She was sitting with her legs crossed and soaking herself in the erotic atmosphere completely.

I kept tracing my fingers on her knees and thighs under the table. We were sitting in the corner with her back to the wall and I was facing her so that she was completely hidden from view of a casual passerby or an onlooker.

We laughed and joked, sometimes bringing our lips close to kiss each other mildly……mostly teasing….letting the heat build up slowly and all the time …enjoying the drink too. I put some pressure on her thighs and she uncrossed her legs slightly.

“You are so lovely darling that I want to have you here ……now.” I said teasing her.

“Patience love….patience. It’s you virtue. I promise the fruit will be sweeter if you wait” she replied smiling dreamily.

My hand had slowly crept inside her dress and was slowly caressing the inside of her thighs. She was a lot more relaxed now, knowing that she could not be seen . She had slowly separated her thighs apart, swiveling slightly on her stool, letting my hand roam a lot more freely.

I was almost near the top of her thighs just barely touching her soft bare pussy lips. I felt a little moisture on her thighs and knew that her juices were flowing in response to my caressing.

“Ok! I will wait sweetheart …..but I want to taste your juices now” I said naughtily now touching the slit of her wet pussy.

Her eyes widened at my request, “What? Are you crazy…..Aryan. I………I mean….we can’t here………not now.” she said suddenly coming out of the trance.

“Why not? We are here, …I am thirsty……..the bar is full…..everybody is busy in themselves and we are unseen. I want to taste your lovely nectar now.” I replied smiling.

“Are you serious?” she said, her eyes showing sudden desperation. “ B….but you can’t go down on me here. We would be kicked out. No! Please ….no Aryan dear, not here please.” she pleaded.

I laughed out aloud and she looked at me astounded.

“Realx my princess….relax” I said still laughing. “Who said any thing about going down on you? I said that ……I want to “taste” your juices…….”

She was still looking at me with those surprised wide eyes unable to comprehend my meaning.

“I will explain … naughty tease” I said touching her nose tip. Then bringing my lips near her ear I explained my plan.

As soon as I finished, her eyes were wide with surprise.

“No!…….Aryan, please…..somebody could see it………I can’t” she said still stunned..

“Don’t worry darling……… its quite dark in here and nobody cares what we do ……. besides no body can see you as I am covering you completely.” I said comforting her.

“Just close you eyes and enjoy the show.”

She was still circumspect, but knew that I would have my way, so she slowly took another sip of her cocktail, gradually closed her eyes and tried to relax.

I took out an ice cube from my cocktail and holding it between my two fingers and thumb I took it gently between her legs. She had clamped them out of fear.

I gently separated her thighs apart and took my hand under her short dress , now touching the ice on her inside thighs. She shuddered at the cool touch and I went further…….

“Mmmmmm……aaaaaaaaahh” she started moaning

I reached her pussy lips and put the ice cube on her slit and traced it slowly….up and down. Her mouth opened in another sweet moan. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her, sucking her lips gently.

She held on to my lips as if holding on to a straw in flooded waters …..and I continued to rub her pussy with ice till it was numb. Then gently I pried open her pussy lips and put the ice inside her most delicate folds…………touching her clit. “aaaaaa……hhh” a sigh escaped her lips..

Then slowly I withdrew my hand from under her dress and took the ice cube out.

I separated from her ………..,and she opened her eyes dreamily. I took the ice cube and slowly put it in my mouth…….sucking……….tasting her lovely juices…….

“Delicious……simply heaven” I said satisfied..

“ Aryan……….you are amazing………simply out of this world….”

We remained there for another half an hour, doing nothing …..just talking……..laughing……..necking……and kissing lightly till it was time to go.

I wanted another dance, but felt that she was wobbling a little….probably the alcohol was making her a bit shaky and I did not want her to lose control, so I led her gently out of the discotheque.

“Time for dinner princess.” I whispered in her ear. She smiled and nodded her approval.

“Aryan I want to use the restroom, darling.” She said.

I led her to the restrooms at the extreme end of the lobby. The area was deserted and quiet. It felt strangely calm after the ear-splitting noise at the disco.

“I will not take long luv” she said and started towards the female enclosure.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked with a twinkle in my eyes.

She gave me an inquisitive look. I then slowly took out the tiny pair of panties from my pocket and gently gave them a shake in front of her eyes.

Her eyes grew wide with surprise and then smiling shyly she tried to snatch them from me. I dodged her hand and she again tried to grab them from me.

“Pleeeease …Aryan give me that” she said pleading.

“I need a kiss for that” I said playing with her.

“Ok! But do it fast, somebody might come” she said looking scared.

I extended my arm ,brought her closer and kissed her full on her lips ……my hand groping her fabulous firm ass over her dress and pulled her towards me letting her feel the my hard on.

I kissed her deeply for a few moments….stealing a feel of her ass and then I separated from her and handed her the panties.” Here” I said “I always keep my promise”

“Naughty boy!” she said grinning and gave me quick kiss before disappearing inside. I too went to the male section and took the opportunity to plan for the time ahead.

I washed my face in running water, patted it dry with the paper towels and ran my fingers through my hair to make myself presentable. Then I went out to wait for her.

She took about fifteen minutes inside and when she came out I gave a short whistle. She looked divine. She appeared more fresh and glowing probably after a quick makeover and now walked more confidently. I could guess why……

“Like it?” she asked flashing me a beautiful smile.

“You look like a delicious dish, Jaan , ready to be devoured” I replied giving her a peck on her cheeks. Then I took her hand and led her to the restaurants.

“What would you like dear, Indian, Chinese or Italian?”

“Ummmmm how about some light Chinese food.” She said

“Ok! So, Chinese it will be.” I said and led her to “Spices” the Asian-fusion restaurant famous for its Chinese and Thai food.

The manager showed us to a seat for two in a private corner and left us with two menu books and a wine card each. Soon a waiter appeared and filled our glasses with water.

Pooja started looking intently in the menu book trying to choose a dish while I was gazing at “my dish” sitting in front of me and making plans for the night.
She suddenly looked up and saw me staring at her passionately.

“What are you gazing at Mr. Romeo.” She asked smiling. “Why don’t you choose something?”

“I already have” I said still staring in those beautiful eyes.

“What have you chosen Darling? Please help me with choice too.” She said smiling.

“ Ummmmmm.. For me I have chosen…. a lovely piece of your bum with a dash of boobs topping and I will have your exquisitely formed ,soft, dripping pussy for dessert.

As for you, we don’t have any thing but a monster sausage laced with cream and two nuts to add to the flavour.” I said in my most charming voice with a sly smile .

She picked the napkin in front of her and threw it at me.

“You horny devil.” She said laughing. “ Can’t you think of anything other than sex?”
“Who can think of anything else when a lovely beauty is sitting in front of you asking to be taken?” I said.

She laughed again in her tinkling voice and looked down into the menu blushing a little.

“Seriously Aryan, please order something to eat. I’m starved” she said changing the topic.

“Ok! Jaan, Don’t get mad.” I said and signaled the manager for order.

The manager came immediately with a small pad and a pen and smilingly said “yes Sir?”

“We will have a plate of Golden fried prawns, a sweet and sour lemon chicken with a dash of black pepper along with Lap Cheung Fried rice. And please make sure that the prawns are fresh”

“ Very good sir.” The manager said “Any thing to drink sir?”

“I will have a Bacardi Daiquiri and make one Mojito for the lady.” I said.

The manager bowed and left us. I saw Pooja looking at me with astonished eyes. She was speechless.

“Wow! How can you order without looking into the menu card?” she asked

“All Chinese dishes are the same darling. You just have to add the right amount of spice for the perfect taste” I replied.

“And what about the drink? You spoke so fast that I couldn’t even get the names.” she asked innocently.

“Don’t go into the names dear; just enjoy the flavor and fragrance. That is all what matters in the end’ I said smiling.

The waiter brought the cocktails and served them in exquisite glasses. I took the Daiquiri and beckoned Pooja to take the Mojito.

She looked at the drink which was laced with mint leaves and admired it.

“Cheers Princess!” I said holding up my drink. “To the most magnificent day of our lives”

“Cheers” she said shyly and took a sip. It must have been a bit hard for her as she coughed a little, but the after taste must have been refreshing, and she gave me a nod of approval. “What are the ingredients of this, honey?”

“Well it has some rum, with soda and lime juice mixed with mint leaves.” I said, “but leave the contents darling and enjoy the drink.”

“How do you know so much about these beverages?” she said smiling and taking another sip.

“I have a passion for exotic tastes” I replied grinning. “By the way, how’s the fit” I asked with a twinkle in my eyes.

“What fit?” she asked surprised.

“Gorgeous, remember you are wearing something new?” I said naughtily.

She blushed immediately, now getting the meaning of my query. “You really are a naughty boy…Aryan.” Then looking in my eyes she said “the fit is perfect”.

“Then how about a new pinch” I said.

Smiling, she extended her arm towards me beckoning me to pinch her there.

I took her hand gave a light peck on it.

“Not here darling! The pinch is always on the new garment worn” I whispered smiling and enjoying the game.

“Are you silly? ….You can’t dare to do any hanky panky here. It’s much too crowded and more lighted.” She whispered fiercely ,feeling suddenly scared of my motive.

“I will find a way Jaanu….really I will…” I said smiling.

She gave me a stern look but with smiling eyes ,shook her index finger, indicating to me not to try anything naughty in that place.

I kept smiling looking in those deep beautiful eyes and sipped my drink, enjoying the taste,……the fragrance……the ambience……..and the dilemma of a beautiful lady sitting in front of me.

The waiter meanwhile brought the food and laid the table. As he was laying the table, I was busy making preparation for a nice plan. Slowly I slipped my right foot out of my shoes. Pooja was busy admiring the food and I slowly took off the socks as well.

The table was covered with long and exotic table cloth with elegant Chinese patterns. It fell on both the sides and was long enough to make my movements almost invisible.

As the waiter left, Pooja smacked her lips in anticipation. She served two pieces of prawn in my plate and one in hers. Then she poured some sauce in both the plates and asked me to start. I took the piece and tasted it.

“Delicious!” I said munching the delicacy.

She too took the piece and tasted it. It truly was very well cooked, and she gave me a wink as she admired the dish. As we were enjoying the food , my foot under the table was working on the mind of its own.

Slowly I extended my leg under the table and slowly touched her tender calf with my bare foot.. Pooja almost jumped out of her seat.

“Ouch! ….what was that?” she said trying to get a look under the table.

“Relax darling” I said “It’s only my foot. It was itching so, I thought that I might rub
it against something”

“But why my leg honey?” She said glaring at me “The table has legs too.”

“Don’t be cruel darling. My foot is not used to hard things, besides I have to keep my promise”

“What promise?” she asked showing surprise.

“Remember…….. ‘New Pinch’?” I said smiling looking deep in her eyes.

“Aryan…….pleeease don’t be ridiculous” she whispered. “ Its much too crowded here for such things”

“ Look Jaan” I said “ I believe that the fun of romance comes from doing the improbable thing….. in an unimaginable place…… at an unthinkable moment. So, darling sit back,…enjoy the food……and enjoy the feelings.”

“But dear, there are so many people around; you just can’t feel me up here” she said desperately and crossed her legs.

“Darling!” I said laughing, “Crossing the legs won’t help, as I will find a way to reach my destination.”

With that I put another piece of prawn in my mouth and smiled at her with my eyes. She too started her food but with a bit of apprehension. I ordered another round of drinks and slowly she relaxed and again started chirping freely.

My foot in the meanwhile was moving up and down on her silky smooth legs. She sat crossed legged under the table and gave me a smug look as if daring me to go ahead.

I simply went on caressing her leg with my foot and smiled looking at that pretty diva sitting in front of me, while continuously moving upwards. I reached her knee and beyond that I could not go without forcing her legs apart.

She gave me a sweet smile and raised her eyebrow as if asking whether I give up. I kept on smiling confidently and unexpectedly……for a moment I looked at the wall behind her, then suddenly my facial expression changed from a pleasant smiling one to that of alarm.

She was looking at me with that supreme confidence look, but as my expressions changed, she looked surprised.

“What happened?” she asked concerned.

“Don’t move Pooja,……. just stay still……….there is a spider over your right shoulder” I said slowly.

She immediately gave a tiny squeal “ where,……. Aryan ……..please…..remove it, ……quickly …..pleeease” she cried almost jumping from her seat and in the process inadvertently uncrossed her legs and opened her thighs a little as if to turn away from that crawly creature.

That was all I needed and I moved my foot all the way between her thighs and my toes gently touched the soft new cotton panties …….. dead over her pussy.

“New Pinch Princess” I said tickling her soft pussy with my toes over her panties and burst out laughing.

Her expressions changed from that of extreme fright to … shock……to that of pleasant surprise. Then she too burst out laughing, slapping me gently on my hand.

“You incorrigible liar, …..that was not fair”. She said

“Everything’s fair in love and war dear” I said grinning. “I had to keep my promise”

“Ok! Honey, you’ve had your fun, now remove your foot……..somebody might come” she said.

“Only if you promise never to refuse me touching you there ever” I said naughtily.

“I won’t promise anything… naughty boy……no…. never.” She said adamantly.

“Then my foot remains there” I said giving another press on her lovely pussy.

She saw that the waiter was approaching towards our table and panicked.

“Ok baba……I promise… pleeease remove your foot” she whispered intensely.

“That’s like a good girl” I said smiling and slowly removed my foot from her pussy but kept it on her knees and lower thighs.

She blushed fiercely and started toying her food in her plate as the waiter reached us.

“Anything else sir?” he asked smiling.

“No thanks!” I said

“Will you have anything Mam?” He asked turning towards Pooja.

“Uh….No …..Thanks please!” she said still looking at her plate, still blushing from the experience and sweating a little.

“Please bring our check” I said enjoying myself thoroughly.

The waiter bowed and left us.

“Why did’nt you remove your foot?” she asked sternly as if embarrassed. “He might have seen it”

“Nobody saw anything angel……..just finish up. It’s time to go.

We finished our food quickly……paid the bill and left a decent tip and exited the restaurant…….

We walked hand in hand to the car park, laughing and joking like two people deeply in love who know that this could be their last night together. We reached the car park and again after unlocking the car, I helped her into the front seat and got into the driver’s seat myself before driving out.

The car clock glowed 10:45 PM and we headed home. She was leaning back on the seat eyes closed and thinking to herself.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked looking at her.

“I was thinking about this most incredible evening in my life.” She replied. “I‘ve never been treated to so much fun ……intrigue……passion…..and love in my life. I will never forget this day Aryan, …..but………”

“But what darling?” I asked

“I was thinking…….” She began and then stopped as if not able to bring up the matter.

“Feeling guilty again?” I asked looking at her. I saw a hint of tear in her eye. She nodded slowly.

I turned the car to one side and gradually brought it to a stop on a deserted side lane.

Then I took her hand in my own and slowly turned her face towards me. She had closed her eyes and her lovely cheeks were streaked with tears.

I gently wiped her tears with my fingers and slowly kissed her on her cheeks. “Don’t be! Princess.” I whispered softly. “I understand what you are going through. It’s none… of your fault and nor it’s mine..

I was mad about you the moment I saw you ……and I still am. It’s been more wonderful than my wildest fantasy and I will not get over it throughout my life. It was our destiny that we were meant to unite for a day and then……… ”

With that I kissed her deeply on her tender lips. She sat still for a few moments,….. then her lips quivered and she responded. She put her fingers in my hair and kissed me back………lovingly……deeply.

“Oh!…..God… I Love You Aryan.” She said as I separated from her.

“Luv…….. the night is not over yet. Let’s go home and…. let the fate take its own course” I whispered and started the car.

She moved closer to me………leaned and put her head on my shoulder, while I drove. We drove in silence for a few moments. I could feel her closeness….her soft breath…..her tender hands and thanked God for this lucky day in my life.

“Aryan!” she said softly

“Yes princess?” I said

“What…… will happen when Yash comes back?” she asked at last. She was dreading this question since the time we got close and at last she got the courage to put words to her fears.

“Look Honey, I never make plans too far ahead. I live life as it comes. Destiny will decide what is in store for us.

But I give you my word that till my last breath I will not let Yash or for that matter anyone know what happened between us” I said ‘That is unless you decide otherwise….” I added jokingly

She looked at me…..smiling and gave me a loving punch on my arm. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on my cheeks. The soft touch of her lips was electrifying and I could feel that familiar stirring in my crotch.

The “beast” was waking up. She must have felt my breath quickening at her touch, …so she started moving her fingers slowly against the skin of my arms. I was beginning to relax and enjoy the moment and slowed my speed somewhat to enable myself to have more time with this gorgeous diva.

She slowly traced her fingers on my arm and then turning her attention lower……….gently placed her palm on my thigh.

My cock twitched at her closeness and soon as she caressed my thighs………was trying to burst through. She too felt the stirring and decided to give her friend some release.

She slowly adjusted herself on the seat and gently eased open the fly of my trousers. I was beginning to breath very heavily now. She put her fingers inside my trousers and slowly fumbled with my shirt which was tucked inside till she reached the waist band of my boxers.

Slowly ….very slowly she eased the waist band away and my cock sprang forth……….hungry for her touch.

She touched it with her delicate fingers and stroked it as if stroking a dog…..and it to wagged its hood in approval.

She managed to take most of it… out of the trousers and started stroking along the length of it……….lovingly……gently. I was in seventh heaven with ecstasy.

I desperately wanted to stop the car………take her in my arms….and make love to her there and then, But….Alas….some things have to wait for a more opportune time. She went on stroking my cock as I drove in daze through those streets.

Mmmmm……..aaah. I loveit…..jaaan! It feels so…..ooooo good …aaaaah. I moaned in pleasure.

She gave me a dazzling smile and went on about her work calm and composed……. tightening her fingers and stroking ……… stroking………..up and down……..Then as if on a cue she shifted her position in the car and put her knees on the seat ,bent forward over the gear shift and brought her magnificent luscious lips close to my cock.

The knowledge of that……impending heavenly feeling was driving me crazy and it took all my will power to control my self. She brought her lips slowly on the head of my monster and kissed it.

“Aaaa……hhhhh!” I cried “ Love it princess…… it slowly”

She flicked her tongue on the top and licked it like a candy. …..‘ah heaven’. Then she opened her mouth a little wider and took it in the realms of her soft….sensuous….mouth and started sucking at it…..slowly …from top to the base.

Her fingers moved in synchronization with her mouth and the combined feelings were enough to give me an out of the world experience.

I looked downwards for a moment and saw her all hunched up……….her ass facing the window…….her dress riding up…………her head bobbing on my cock….up and down, till I was ready to come.

“Faster …….darling faster…….” I panted

Sensing my impending orgasm…she increased her speed……kissing……..licking……and sucking…..faster….and faster….till ..

“I m coming jaana I’m coming………” I cried as the waves of pleasure rushed through my body and I exploded with full force in her exquisite little mouth. She continued sucking my juices and held her mouth over my cock till the last shudder and the final drop of cum.

I panted hard…..unable to concentrate on the road….yet driving on……enjoying this “autoerotism” to the fullest.

“That was magnificent…darling……..most wonderful experience I ever had.” I whispered. As I regained my breath “You are truly amazing my princess… truly are….”

She sat up slowly and looked me in my eyes……smiling. I gave her a napkin to wipe off the love juices and she slowly cleaned off. Then gently, she first cleaned my cock and put it right back from where she had taken it out and zipped up my fly.

“Now at least it will rest for some time” she said smiling and patting my crotch

“Don’t count on it princess!” I said laughing “Don’t count on it……”

We reached our apartment complex at around 11: 40 and I parked the car at its designated place. Then helping out Pooja from the seat, we walked towards the entrance. I felt a slight sway in her gait, probably the drinks had been a bit too much for her.

I gave her support and she leaned on me. I did not want her to lean too much as anybody coming would have seen the closeness that we two shared and later on may be, would’ve created problems for her. I sincerely hoped that old Mr. Desai was not around otherwise he would definitely get an idea that something was amiss.

We reached the elevators relatively unseen and I pressed the button to call the lift. As soon as it opened I was relieved to find it empty. We entered fast and I pressed the button for sixth floor. As soon as the doors closed I took her in my arms and began kissing her on her lips.

“Oh! Aryan…..not here …please…” she said feeling scared.

“Shhh…..don’t worry. Nobody’s here.” I said reassuringly. Then again I pulled her closer keeping my hand on her waist and kissed her deeply.

The elevator reached our floor and I reluctantly separated from her. The corridor was deserted and we reached my apartment.

I unlocked the door and we entered inside.

“Home atlast” I said switching on the lights. She went straight towards the sofa in my living room. I think she was totally exhausted from today’s adventure so, I let her have her breath back.

I went to the kitchen and took out a soda bottle, some lemons and ice cubes from the refrigerator. Then I prepared a chilled refreshing lime soda and added just a hint of vodka . I took the glasses to the living room and found Pooja laying on the sofa, her eyes closed and breathing slowly.

She looked so divine that I did not want to disturb her. I kept the drinks on the side table gently and went by her side.

She was in a semi reclining position. I slowly took off her sandals and started massaging her feet gently. She woke with a start and looked at me with those dreamy eyes.

“Ah… that feels lovely darling” she said and became more comfortable. I got up and took the glasses.

“Here, drink it….you will feel lot better.” I said handing her the glass. She looked at the drink with squinting eyes and asked

‘Another drink?”

“Just some lemon soda to fresh n you up” I said

She took the glass and sipped the chilled drink.
“Wow! That’s great” she said and took another sip. “That tastes a bit strange. Have you put something else in it too dear?”

“Just a hint of vodka princess” I said casually and finished my drink.

“Do you ever drink something without alcohol in it?” she asked laughing

“It adds to the taste and……. mood” I said smiling. Now lie back and let me relax some of those tense muscles. I got up and put on some slow music. The I sat besides her and started massaging her legs slowly and tenderly.

She relaxed, sipped her drink and closed her eyes. I gently caressed her toes, massaged them…….then her calves…….

As her relaxation deepened, she started moaning in pleasure. I went on massaging her legs and planted a few kisses on her soft flesh. Then slowly I pushed up her dress a little and started massaging her thighs…….now slowly relieving those tense muscles.

“Mmm…….mmm …..Aryan that’s too good”. She said softly in pleasure.

I lifted her dress and kept on pushing it upwards till her tiny new pink panties were visible to my feasting eyes. It looked beautiful on her snow white skin and she looked incredibly sexy lying there. I traced the outline of her panties on her crotch and then kissed her thighs.

“Mmmmmm…aaaah ……Aryan” she moaned.

I kissed her down there for some time……relishing each and every second of that wonderful moment.
“ Turn around” I said to her.

“What?” She asked surprised

“Turn around darling. Your back needs attention too” I said charmingly.

She turned around on the sofa and lay there. Her lovely back and perfect panty covered ass was just too much of a temptation. I slowly massaged her calves and the back of her thighs and then her ass over her panties.

I reached up and slowly reaching the waist band of her panties………..pulled it down, till her lovely ass was visible. She lifted her ass and I peeled them off her. Then I began a slow ….sensual massage on her ass……..with my nimble fingers. I moved upwards and pushed her dress up. Suddenly she got up from the sofa and stood before me.

I looked at her with surprised eyes and was about to ask, when she started to sway slowly to the music and turning her back to me…..she ,gradually, lifted her dress from the hem and …..teasing me slowly and seductively lifted her dress all the way up and took it off completely.

My mouth fell open in utter surprise at her impromptu strip tease. She let the garment fall on the floor and then walking towards me….smiling sexily……..swaying her hips, she came to the sofa and lay down on her tummy. Then turning back and looking in my eyes she said “You May continue honey”

I was speechless and remained spellbound for a few moments before I started massaging her exquisite back again.

I tickled her back with my fingers and kissed her ass and back reaching upwards I travelled to her neck and slowly massaged there kissing the nape of her neck.

“Aaaaa……aah !”She was moaning loudly now. I moved her face towards me and sealed her lips with mine…..sucking deeply. She too turned and putting her arms around my neck responded by kissing me back.

I made her sit up and then sitting on the sofa I pulled her on my lap and started kissing her again. My tongue was playing in her mouth while my fingers were busy fondling her gorgeous boobs . I tickled her nipples and pressed gently till the were standing hard and proud.

Then I brought my lips slowly on to them and sucked them hard. My hand was now between her legs caressing her wet pussy , moving up and down on her slit and playing with her little clit……..till she begged me to take her.

“Ooooh! Aryan…….please ………take me……….take me now….aaaaaah” she moaned
But I was in a mood for more games, so, I lifted her in my arms and took her into my kitchen. There I laid her on an empty slab.

She looked at me with those wide surprised eyes and I indicated her to be quiet and wait. I opened the refrigerator and took out a small bucket of ice cream. Then taking out a scoop I placed the chilled cream on her boobs. One after the other.

“Aaaaah! It’s too cold Aryan….pleeeease…” she cried.

I took another scoop and put it on her belly. “Ooooooh!” another cry.

Then taking a fourth scoop I placed on her lovely bare pussy.

“I want to have my dessert now darling” I said and hungrily went about enjoying my “dish”

I started licking the cream on her boobs.. and her nipples popped out like cherry toppings on the ice cream. I licked both in turn and then turned to her belly where the ice cream was now melting on her hot little body.

I licked inside her belly button and the flanks and finally reached her pussy. By this time she was writhing ……..and moaning on that hard slab. I moved her leg to one side and licked the ice-cream on her fleshy……juicy……..tender……..smooth pussy lips.

Some of the ice cream had seeped inside her folds and I was in no mood to leave any thing ,so, I opened her pussy lips and sucked the icecream mixed with her juices and with my cold tongue flicked her clit….then putting it between my lips… I sucked at it.

“Aaaaaaaaa………..hhhhhhhh! Ooooooooo……mmmmph” she shuddered as an explosion of pleasure waves hit her. She moaned in ecstasy as the powerful Orgasm hit her.

She shuddered….and shuddered…….all the while her clit in my mouth…..till at last the waves subsided and she lay there panting…….heaving………murmuring my name………..

“The dessert was delicious Princess” I said grinning and bringing my mouth close to her lips….and.let our lips do the rest of talking……….

We remained there lip-locked for quite some time …….she lying nude on the kitchen slab……her magnificent body glistening with sweat and the melted ice cream. Then at last I separated from my diva and looked at her smiling . She covered her face with her hands feeling very shy.

“Look what you have done to me” she said gazing at me with those dove eyes.

“You look so delicious lying there darling that I can eat you all over again” I said kissing her again on her lips.

Then slowly lifting her from the slab I carried her to my bed room. I took her straight to my bathroom and flicking on the lights I took her straight to the shower cubicle .

“Time for a bath princess” I said as I laid her down.

She stood there gloriously naked……covered in cream…… looking at me with smiling shy eyes as I started getting undressed. She was shuffling on her feet… slightly embarrassed….slowly pushing her hair back from her face and was trying to avoid looking at me while I undressed.

At last I was in my boxers and my cock was again making a tent on them. Today it had a mind of its own and no matter how many times it had climaxed today….it was ……..not ready to quit as yet and was dying for more action.

I peeled off my boxers and let them fall on the toweled floor. She sneaked a peek at my monster and seemed pleased with what she saw.

Looking in my eyes she smiled shyly as if preparing herself for the onslaught all over again, but knowing that I would do it most gently…she did not seem apprehensive now as she had been the first time.

I turned on slow romantic music and entered the cubicle again closing the glass door gently behind me. Standing so close to the women of my dreams naked in a small space ….was so erotic and thrilling that I could feel the hair standing up on the nape of my neck in addition to that “something else” standing up to full attention.

She too was feeling the heat and I could see the goose bumps on her lovely smooth skin. She was looking down, smiling shyly and shuffling on her feet as if waiting for me to take the lead.

I slowly brought her closer and took her in my arms. She melted against my body and hid her face on my chest. I flicked a button on the glass wall and multiple jet streams of cold water started from the various faucets on the walls…..soaking us completely.

“Ooo…uch!” she squealed as the cold water hit her delicate soft flesh and she in turn glued to me more tightly ….. hugging me fiercely.

My cock was sandwiched between her belly and my crotch and wanted a release desperately….but I played a waiting game.

I wanted to prolong this enjoyment as long as possible ………knowing very well that this moment might not come ….ever again.

I adjusted the speed of the water so, that instead of pricking hard, …..the water showered gently on our bodies as if caressing us together.

I then lifted her chin and looking in her beautiful eyes……..started kissing her gently….slowly……….sensuously……exploring every inch of her sweet mouth with my tongue…………and let my hands explore her firm yet tender ass….pushing her against my cock …..letting her feel the hardness….my love for her.

Her soft boobs were crushed against my chest…..her nipples poking against my skin….standing beautifully erect in response to our closeness and also responding to the cold water cascading down our bodies.

I took some time reaching down to kiss her lovely boobs and taking the nipples in my mouth sucked on them one by one….gently at first and then more passionately….twirling my tongue on them…….flicking them and then taking a small part of the sensitive fleshy knob between my teeth…..bit very delicately and gently.

“Aaaaaaa……..aaaaah Arrr….yan aaaaa……hhh maaaa” she moned in pleasure as she humped against me.

I then kissed the valley between her boobs and licked the water falling between them…giving her intense pleasure that she dug her fingers in my flesh and gave moans of pleasure.

I moved down slowly covering her body with kisses……..licking every crevice…….and sucking every protuberance till I reached the most delicate part of her anatomy……her lovely bare pussy. I looked at her tightly closed…tender pussylips ….the water flowing down over it.

I kissed the soft fleshy lips between her legs and licked them. The cream was still filling her slit and I tasted it….along with her juices. “Ah! Who would want to drink anything else once he has tasted such divine nectar?” I thought

I gently parted her legs and she rested it on the lowest faucet. Then with my fingers I gently separated her pussylips and saw the tender pink flesh still laced with some cream.

I licked the cream away till I could see her small delicate clit poking its head out of its hood. I licked it gently and then caught it between my lips and sucked it

“Ooooooo…..hhh, noooooo. Aryan………aaaa….hhh!” she cried “I c..c..c…can’t control darling….aaaaahhh!” Sensing that she was near another orgasm I immediately put my tongue inside her vaginal opening and darted in and out.

She climaxed in a thundering frenzy and bucked her hips towards my exploring mouth and with her hands pushed my head deeper in her crotch so that my mouth was now crushed against her soft delicate flesh……taking in the fragrance of her juices……….tasting the heavenly sap…..and feeling the exquisite softness of her tender flesh.

“Mmmmmm……aaaaaaah…..aaaaaaah……aaaaaaaahhhh!” she moaned aloud as she shuddered …and….trembled….coming for a long time. I was not done with her yet. I moved down…kissing her thighs which had become very sensitive after such intense orgasm.

I was enjoying the beauty and taste of the feminine flesh of my princess and taking in the intoxicating fragrance of her lovely body…….which was laced with some sweat and mixed with the flowing fresh water.

I kissed her legs and calves before turning her around to love her beautiful firm ass. I kissed & licked the cheeks…..kneading them…….biting the flesh gently …….leaving some tender marks.

I nuzzled her crack and pushing her legs wider licked the tender flesh between her pussy and butthole. This aroused her again and she was moaning once more.

“Time for the action princess” I whispered, standing up. As I looked in her dreamy eyes I saw …..only Lust.,……..lust for love………lust to be cared………lust for my touch…….lust to be filled.

I gently picked her up from her waist and she ….taking the cue wrapped her legs around my waist……….letting my cock poke at the opening of her pussy lips. Then gently she guided my monster inside her and slowly……..very slowly I let my cock dilate her incredibly tight pussy walls…..till I was completely inside her.

The water was playing its magic…….the music adding to the scene and I was totally immersed in the ocean of ecstasy and pleasure as I humped her slowly……..moving in and out of her pussy….my lips…..nuzzling and kissing her boobs. She gently caught hold of her left boob and guided the nipple in my mouth. I got the hint and sucked the delicious knob of soft pink flesh…… rolling my tongue over it.

She put her head back in pleasure and started moving her hips in rhythm with my strokes .

“Aaaaah…….aaaaah…….aaaaaaah! Aryan……please take me hard………take me darling……….take me…ooooooh……..I ‘m your’s………take me…….aaah faster ….pleeeeeeease.” she cried as I increased my speed and started moving…….in and out…….quickly.

My cock……exploring the depths of her pussy was moving faster and faster…….stimulating her G-spot…with each stroke….until I was ready to explode. ‘I’m coming………..I’m coming….. darling!” I cried out. She too started bucking harder and at last I came gushing ….deep inside her pussy……shaking with pleasure…….humping till she too came a second time caught in the frenzy of beautiful emotions……..I continued stroking till I was dry and panting.

I excited the shower……with me still inside her…and she in my arms….and bending down on the toweled soft floor lay down along with her and kissed her deeply. We both had experienced such new heights in lovemaking today that no words could describe the feeling …….the emotions…that we were experiencing.

We laid there on the floor in each others arms…..panting…..getting our breath back kissing……giggling…..laughing till we were totally exhausted.

“Time for bed…..Princess” I said “We can’t sleep in the bathroom….however tempting it may seem…..but some things have to be done in bed alone” I added with that naughty look in my eyes.

“You sex maniac……” she shouted laughing at me and then kissed me full on my lips.

“I am yours forever…..jaan…… me as much as you wish…..” she added shyly.

I picked her up in my arms and took her to the bed room…..naked……….only wishing that….. “O God! Let Tomorrow Never come…….”

I laid her on the bed and went back to the bathroom to bring a towel to dry up. I then gently dried her body of all the excess moisture and cleaned myself up too. She was looking at me with adoring eyes as I went about my chores preparing for the night

“Aryan ! please give me my nighty. I can at least wear it at night.” She said naughtily.

“Definitely No honey,” I said “you don’t need it………not tonight at least” Then I opened a large sheet for her to cover herself as I turned on the AC.

Then turning out the lights I came to the bed and into the sheet along with my naked diva.

She immediately came into my arms and we lay there with her head on my shoulder ……..enjoying our last night together.

“When is Yash coming back?” I said atlast

“His flight lands at 2:30 pm in afternoon.” She said “he will be home by 3:30 or so” I could sense a bit of sadness in her voice.

I kissed her on her forehead and fluffed her hair.

“Thanks for this magnificent dream Aryan. I will be grateful for this till the last day I live” she whispered lovingly.

“Me too princess…..I don’t know how my life will change after this……but I want to tell you that…..these were the most beautiful moments in my life …and if….you need me anytime…..I will be there for you.” I said gloomily

She looked at me with her loving eyes and kissed me on my mouth with her tender lips.

“Wake me up early darling… I want to tidy up my apartment before Yash comes.”

She said. “The question of waking will come if I let you sleep………be ready for some action as soon as this little thing wakes up again” I said pointing down at my crotch and we both laughed.

We talked and… laughed and ……..joked……..for some time and then again falling in the sea of passion …..made love…….hugged and held each other till at last exhaustion took its toll and we slept …at last…..deeply contended in each other’s arms.

I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 AM

I was woken rudely from my luxurious sleep by a sudden noise. I thought it must have been a dream but after some moments I heard door bell chime. I looked at my side and saw Pooja…..looking as gorgeous as ever…. ……sleeping peacefully in the nude …..unaware of any thing in the world.

I looked at the time at my clock on side table and was stunned to see it was already 10:15 in the morning. We had slept for close to seven hours without even being aware of it.

The door bell rang again….more persistent this time.

I hurriedly got up…went to my cupboard and took out a T- shirt and boxers and put them on hurriedly. “Who might be there at this time”….I wondered

I went out of my bed room, closing the door gently behind me and went for the main door. As if by some thought, I went to the drawing room and picked up Pooja’s dress and her panties and was about to take them back to the bed room when the bell rang again.

I hurriedly hid her things under the sofa away from the sight and went to open the door.

“Coming” I said loudly as if preventing the person from ringing the bell again.

I slowly unlocked and opened the door slightly and what I saw was enough to give me a heart attack 10 times over. My eyes opened wide with shock as I saw YASH standing there….smiling at me,….his hand still on the bell.

“Y……Yash?” I stammered looking at him… too shocked for any greetings.

“Yes buddy …Hi.” He said smiling in a broad grin. “What’s the matter…you look as if you’ve seen a ghost”

‘O god! Let me turn into a ghost and make me fly away’ I thought looking at him again…as if trying to pinch myself into reality and whishing all the time that let it be a dream…a nightmare in fact… but alas! it was not and poor old Aryan was at the mercy of that one power that rules the world.

Managing a forced smile I extended my hand to shake his hand and gave him a light hug while deep inside ,I prayed…..and prayed ……..

I regained some of my composure as my brain raced against time to search for a plausible answer………… as I welcomed my friend inside my apartment…..with his wife sleeping peacefully naked in my bed room and her clothes strewn in my drawing room…..(albeit under a sofa)

“You were supposed to come in the afternoon. What happened?” I managed to say as we entered the drawing room.

“Oh! I finished the work early yesterday, but could’nt get a flight on Saturday because of huge weekend rush. So, I took the first available flight home today morning and here I am.”

He said casually. “But where is Pooja? The door to my apartment is locked and I thought she would be here. But looking at you I think you have just woken up so, where is she? ” he said sitting on the same sofa under which Pooja’s clothes lay scattered

I was at complete loss of words. His wife was sleeping peacefully in my room in all her naked glory,……her clothes were lying under the sofa on which Yash was sitting…and I was sitting on the edge of my seat directly in front of him from where I could see her lovely pink dress under the sofa with a pair of tiny pink panties over it.

“Oh! Pooja……. She……she has gone to her friend’s house” I blurted. Thinking very fast indeed trying to conjure up a story. I needed time badly as my heart beat faster than a locomotive train.

I desperately prayed to God that Pooja doesn’t get up ….and not finding me on the bed…..come out of the bedroom wearing nothing but her Birthday suit.

I almost died thinking of that scenario.

“Which friend?” he asked surprised. “I thought she doesn’t know anybody here in Mumbai”

“Actually she got a phone call from her old friend who was visiting nearby and she said she would be back before you came back” I managed…..somewhat awkwardly.”Actually she left her keys with me …in case she was late” with that I got up and started searching for the keys.

“Are you sick or something… look exhausted” he asked ……concerned.

“ No! I ‘m fine….its just that I slept late last night” I said speaking truth for the first time.

“Now where did I keep it…….” I said pretending to look on the tables “I think its in the bed room.” I said atlast. “Why don’t you make yourself a drink….. till I come back.”

Then suddenly getting the idea that if he got up , he would be able to see that some thing lying under the sofa and if he happens to look carefully…………

The thought was enough to scare the daylights out of me.

“No no… you relax. I will make you a drink. Then I will find the key.”I said hurriedly even as he was about to get up.

He shrugged his shoulders and sat down again reclining to make himself comfortable.
I hurriedly took out a beer can from the chiller and handed it to him.

“Here” I said this should be fine for you.

“Thanks Yaar” he said casually and opened the chilled beer.

As he sipped the cold beer…….I was breaking into cold sweat……trying desperately to find a way out ….fast.

I went into my bedroom and gently locked it behind me; (just in case Yash decides to stroll inside). I looked at the bed and saw that Pooja was still fast asleep…..sans the sheet that was covering her.

The sheet was lying partially on the floor and despite my fears I could not help but admire her lovely naked body as she lay so innocently on my bed…while her husband waited outside, looking for her.

Her soft boobs were rising and falling with each breath while her smooth long legs were elegantly sprawled on the bed such that her pussy was completely exposed to my eyes as if inviting me to have another go.

At any other time, I would have taken her there and then…..but the scenario was different at the moment and I could only look at my beauty who looked as untouched and ravishing as the day I had first seen her.

I decided not to wake her at the moment as that might cause some noise and would lead to Yash getting suspicious. Desperately I looked for her flat keys and ultimately found them lying on the side table on her side.

I picked them up and went out of the bedroom, again closing it gently behind me. I was relieved to find that Yash was still reclining peacefully on the sofa and sipping his beer.

“Found any thing?” he asked smiling

“Yep!” I said showing him the keys.

He extended his hand and I handed it over to him.

“Should be going to fresh’n up” he said draining the last drops of beer and getting up.

“Thanks for the beer and you too take some rest. You really need it” he added going towards the door. For a moment he stopped and looked towards the bedroom door and my heart skipped a beat.

I hurriedly looked there after him; half expecting Pooja to be standing on the door way…naked, but the door remained closed.

“I will” I assured him……feeling slightly relieved. “Why don’t you and Pooja have dinner with me tonight” I added hurriedly

“Ok! Buddy. I will see if Pooja has any other plans” he said smiling and giving me a wink. Then taking his suitcase, he left my flat. “By the way….when did she leave?” he asked as an afterthought.

I too hesitated for a moment as I had not given it a thought.

“Yesterday of course.” I said hurriedly “ Yesterday evening”

“Yesterday?” he asked surprised. “But who could be that friend that I do not know?”
Then shrugging his shoulders he waved to me. I waved back and closed the door. “Phew”

I sighed. I took a few deep breaths as if I had just escaped a life term in jail. There was still lot to be done as I knew if Pooja did not reach home soon, Yash might get suspicious and raise an alarm.

I entered the bedroom and was again treated to that wonderful sight of my friend’s sexy wife sleeping nude in my bed…… completely unaware of the storm that had just passed within a whisker of our lives and ……..the threat was not over yet.

As I reached the bed I decided to look at that beauty for one last time as I knew I might not get a chance to see her again…… the nude.

She was breathing deeply as if exhausted by yesterday night’s adventure and lay there looking as lovely as a masterpiece by an artist.

I moved my hands over her soft skin………tracing her legs and thighs. I started caressing her flanks and her tummy and bringing my lips close to her sweet pink nipples….sucked them gently.

Suddenly I had a raging hard on and I wanted to get inside her ……knowing too well that her husband could come at any time.

She too had started moaning slowly in response to my caressing. She opened her eyes slightly and looking at me….smiled sweetly and put her arms around my neck. She pulled me to herself and kissed me deeply on my lips…as I lay over her.

“Why are you dressed?” she asked innocently as she tugged at the waist band of my boxers….trying to pull them down.

I did not tell her anything at the moment and quickly helped her in taking off my boxers and T-shirt. We were again consumed by the passion and heats of our bodies and this time I made violent love to her.

I entered her quickly this time as she was completely wet by now and started humping with all my might..

“Aaaaaaa….hhh!…..Aaaaaahhhhh!” she moaned loudly. I immediately clamped her lips with mine and snuffed her moans.

I was in frenzy. I wanted to have her so bad that I did not even care that her husband was in the next flat. Then she changed positions and now I lay flat on my back and she was on top of me.

I entered her again and now she started moving up and down on my pole. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy as she increased her tempo. Her boobs were rising and falling on her chest and I caught hold of both of them and brought my lips to her nipples and sucked hard at them.

“Mmmmm….aaaaaaah” she cried out as I nibbled at her nipple. She was moving fast on my cock taking whole of my monster deep inside her….even as I neared my orgasm.

“Yes princess…….faster……..faster” I whispered.

She too was near her orgasm as she fucked me harder and harder till we both exploded together in another climax that shook our bodies. I had never had such intense orgasm that was even more special considering the circumstances I had just faced.

We shuddered together as her pussy clenched my cock and drained it off all its juices. Then at last she lay on me panting and heaving. I gently caressed her back and her round smooth ass … slowly coming to the real world……..thinking hard about how to break the news that ………Her husband was back.

I got soft some what sooner than before and I kissed her as I got off her. She smiled at me looking deep in my eyes.

“Getting enough of me?” she asked naughtily….looking at my pecker and smiling.

“I can never get enough of you princess” I said “but I have to tell you one thing”

“What?” she asked concerned. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes everything is fine……..but darling…..Yash is back.” I said breaking the news as gently as I could.

“What?” she said as she got up suddenly, looking so shocked that the entire colour drained from her face. She looked as if someone had hit her straight on the face.

“How can he be back?……….what’s the time?” she said looking desperately for the clock.

I touched her arm and tried to sooth her. She looked back at me……tears just starting to well up in her eyes.

“relax princess. I said. I have managed to send him home for now….but ……..”

Then I went on to narrate whole of my adventure of the morning as her eyes grew wider with each passing minute.

At last I told her how I had managed to ward of the storm temporarily….but sooner or later……she will have to answer some awkward questions.

She looked relieved for a moment or two and understandably nodded her head. Then looking scared again she said “How will I find a friend… this city. I don’t know anybody here.”

“Relax dear…..think with a cool mind. “Problems often look big with worried eyes”

“I sure will find a way” I said …..but deep in my heart I was not sure how I could produce a friend for Pooja with whom she could have spent the night.

She was so relieved by my words that she hugged me tightly……her boobs crushing on my bare chest. I just put my hand in her hair and ruffled them lovingly………thinking hard to find a way out.

Then suddenly getting an idea….I said “Why don’t you say that a friend from Gujrat had come to Mumbai to meet her aunt….or anyone and she invited you for a sleepover ……knowing that u were alone.

She will leave today and Yash will never want to meet her aunt……or anyone for that matter.

She seemed to like the idea. Then I filled up some of the deficiencies in the story so that her movements were well explained. She became more elated as I narrated my story and then….kissed me deeply.

Then she hurriedly got off the bed and went into the bathroom.

I resisted my urge to follow her there……..for the time being as I got busy thinking how to deposit Pooja back in her flat.

“Think Aryan Think……”

Meanwhile she came out of the bathroom looking more fresh. She smelt of that lovely jasmine fragrance and no she was not naked now. She had tied a bathrobe tightly on her voluptuous body……and looked even more sexy.

“where are my clothes?” she asked.

“I had already brought her dress and panties to the bed room and pointed to where they lay neatly folded on the bed.”

She looked at them and said suddenly…. “ I can’t go home in that. It is too revealing and it’s a party dress. Yash will know immediately that I am lying…..” she looked very worried again.

I saw merit in her fears. The dress was indeed too revealing to have been worn while going out to a friend with elderly relatives. I needed to think fast again.

“Ok!” I said atlast….. “I’ will go out to the shopping complex nearby and buy you a decent dress.

Meanwhile you remain inside…locked…..and don’t dare make any noise even if Yash comes banging on the door.”

With that I quickly changed into my cargos and t-shirt…..put on my sandals and then peeping into the hallway…to make sure Yash was not out……I sneaked out and down the stairway I went.(I did not dare wait for the elevator).

As I reached the floor below….as the Luck would have it I saw Mr. Desai coming out of his flat and heading towards me…….

“Hey Aryan! Hello…..” he waved at me frantically.

“Hi Mr. Desai……how r you” I said pleasantly…praying in my heart that he doesn’t start another conversation.

“I’m good…where are you rushing dear? Is the elevator not working?” he asked.

“No it’s not that….I was just getting some exercise” I said grinning and started to move on.

“Is Yash home?” he asked suddenly and that made me stop dead on my tracks.

“Wh….y yes I hope so.” I stammered.

“Good, I was going to meet them. To congratulate them of course” he said smiling and for the first time I saw a small package gift-wrapped in his hand.

“B…..but Mr. Desai You can’t…..go up now” I said desperately ….almost too fast.

“Why?” he asked looking concerned and raising his eyebrows.

“I…m..mean, you see…today is Sunday and you know very well that Yash sleeps till late on Sundays …..more over Pooja too doesn’t like to be disturbed on Sundays…….early I mean”

I said making it sound as convincing as possible. I knew that Mr. Desai did not know anything about the sleeping habits of Yash…..but the information about Pooja not liking anyone disturbing was perhaps enough for him to change his mind.

“All right I will meet them in the evening.” He said looking disappointed “actually I had a present for the newly wedded bride” he added flashing the gift pack.

“Why only for the bride….Mr. Desai…..Yash got married too.” I said smiling a naughty smile at him…..and waved him goodbye.

He too gave me a sheepish grin as if searching for some words .But I was long gone before his reply.

“Men will be men” I thought to myself and smiled at poor Mr. Desai’s dilemma……but then it was not his fault…… Pooja could drive anyone mad and I felt lucky to have had a chance to love her as I wished for close to two days….

Meanwhile I went to a nearby mall and going straight to the ladies section…I began selecting a decent dress for her.

I had no problem selecting the size as by now I was very well versed with her measurements…but I wanted style and tried to imagine her in my mind and again felt that odd stirring in my groin.

I wanted something Indian, so I selected a very smart and stylish royal blue knee length kurta with churidars for her in cotton silk. I took care that kurta was not transparent as I did not want anything revealing. Very stylish without being gaudy.

Then as an after thought ,I went to the female lingerie section and chose a set of plain sky blue cotton bra and panties to go with it.

I had two reasons for buying it….one I knew she needed a fresh pair of underwear……and the second I did not want Yash to see Pooja in that expensive set bought yesterday as he could be suspicious.

I paid for the items and checked out.

I went straight to my building and took the elevator to my floor. I got out at my floor & making sure that nobody was around, I unlocked my door and went in.

I went straight to the bed room and saw that Pooja was waiting there, sitting cross legged on the bed……still in the robe…..worry written all over her angelic face.

As soon as she saw me….she jumped from the bed and hugged me. “why did you take so long?” she asked. “oh! Aryan…I’m so scared… know after you went away, the doorbell rang .

I think it was Yash asking for something .But I just sat here and….and……oh its terrible….I don’t think I can do it.” with that she started to cry on my shoulder.

I gently led her to the bed and made her sit there, then sitting besides her I just stroked her hair and said in my most soothing voice

“Don’t worry……every thing will be fine…..” I said “Don’t lose your confidence now that all is set. See what I have brought for you.”

With that I opened the packets and showed her what I had bought for her. She smiled slowly through her moist eyes and I kissed her on cheeks……and licked away the tears.

“These are precious…..” I said “now get up and let me get you ready”….

She took the dress from me….and through her tears ,she smiled at me.. I know she must have liked the dress “Now that’s very unlike you Aryan…..getting me fully covered.”

She asked smiling and putting her head on my shoulder.

“I don’t want to embarrass my princess” I said stroking her hair.

Now get up and change before Yash smells a rat and comes here looking for you.

She got up and took the dress…….then as she headed for the bathroom, I called her. “Hey….You are forgetting something” I said smiling and flashing the packet that contained the undergarments”

“What is this?” she said as she took it and then looking inside……..she blushed a lovely shade of red and slapped my arm lovingly.. “You are incorrigible…….but you are great” she said and then again started for the bathroom

“Hey you can change here……..I will keep my eyes closed” I said calling after her.
“I don’t trust you at all Mr. Aryan …….not at all” she smiled looking at me and was gone.

“ Now what did I do to lose her trust….I didn’t know”

I waited patiently for her to come back and at last after about twenty minutes she came out and I just could not peel my eyes off her.

She looked stunning in that outfit. The dress fit her to perfection and I could see all her lovely curves accentuated fully in that traditional dress.

The shirt was just up to her knees….fitting her body closely….as if caressing it tenderly.

Her lovely twin assets…stood proudly and were amply accentuated in that lovely royal blue dress. The churidaar lowers were equally elegant and tight fitting….emphasizing her figure to the perfection.

She had tied her hair in a small bun and she looked so elegant….yet so sexy…that I knew Yash would want to have her as soon as she walked inside her home.

“What are you looking at?” she asked smiling…breaking the spell.

“I’m looking at my treasure….that I’m going to lose forever” I said smiling.

She came to me…and taking my face in her tender hands…looking deep in my eyes……. kissed me … final time…..with all the passion she could feel in that situation….and sucked my lips with hers and then separated reluctantly……before I could pull her to myself.

“I will never forget these moments spent with you Aryan……..Never Ever.” She I saw tears welling up in those eyes again.

“Hey Cheerup darling! Don’t be low…..I’m only next door…….and Yash can have more meetings too. “I said…..and we both laughed and kissed once again.

“Now look here…..I m going to your flat….and will remain with Yash for some time….chatting and sharing……..You walk in exactly half an hour from now. Take some fruits from the refrigerator and put them in a poly-bag…to bring home.

This will show that you had been shopping and have come from a superstore or market.” I said and got up. “I’m taking the keys and am leaving a note on the door saying I am at Yash’s flat .

You just have to say that you saw the note and came here .Just shut the door and it will lock”

Then I went to my bar and took out an exclusive ‘Rioja Reserva 2003’ red wine and went out.

I rang the bell to Yash’s door…and waited. I was about to ring again., when I heard footsteps inside and a few moments later….Yash opened the door and smiled looking at me.

“You look a lot better” he said…beckoning me inside.. He closed the door behind me.

“I came to your flat…about an hour back…but you must have been fast asleep…so I left….I only needed some cold water…..wonder why Pooja left the refrigerator without any water bottles?”

“Oh forget about water….here I’ve brought this lovely red cherry” I said showing him the bottle. ”let’s celebrate. By the way is Pooja back yet?”

“No…not yet” he looked a bit worried. “Did she leave a phone number?”

“She did not, but don’t worry she must not have expected you to come so soon” I said reassuringly. “Come let’s celebrate”

He took the bottle from me and looked admiringly at it. It was an expensive Spanish wine and he certainly needed a drink after a hectic weekend and a tiring flight back home. So, we went to his drawing room and sat there.

He brought out two wine glasses from his collection and I poured him and myself a drink.

“Cheers!” he said raising a toast and we both clinked our glasses.

“Lovely taste Aryan…….where do you get such exquisite drinks?” he asked admiring the smooth taste.

“Oh! I get by in some circles….and have a few friends abroad. I give them a list whenever they come back to India ” I said casually, looking at the time at wall clock.

Still 15 min. to go. We chatted and joked about our bosses for a few minutes and meanwhile I refilled our glasses for another round….till suddenly the doorbell rang.

I let Yash open the door and in walked Pooja…looking so beautiful and graceful in that dress that I felt a wave of jealousy as I saw both husband and wife hug each other. I just took another sip and waited for them to come over.

As they both entered the living room, I got up and greeted Pooja as if I had seen her for the first time today. “Hi Pooja” I said shaking hands with her, massaging her fingers gently. “Thank God you came. Yash here was about to inform police” I said jokingly.. Pooja looked in my eyes and smiled.

“I told you I would be back by the time he comes back…but I see that he is early. I saw the note at your door and here I am”

Yash smiled and looked relieved…….the alcohol had helped him accept Pooja’s version more comfortably and I looked at Pooja and smiled too. “Come Pooja join us” Yash said inviting her.

“By the way I see you have gone shopping ….you look great in this dress” “Now don’t you start all over again” she said blushing. “And no, I won’t join you….I have lots of work to do.

You both go ahead. Aryan will you have lunch with us” she said looking at me with her lovely…deep innocent eyes.

How could I refuse…….her invitation?

We sat there drinking for a long time…..enjoying the company and having fun, while Pooja became busy in the kitchen preparing some delicious food for us..

End of part 02

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