Election Disaster

There was a story Tripped And Used In A Nasty Bus Journey and Smita I loved it and you can find it why I loved it. The texture is same but some changes.

I could like to tell a similar incident but with some different and it was during Maharashtra state election in 2004 this incident too took place in September 2004. Ok friend and my dear Smita darling this is dedicated to you who helped in coming out from the fateful thing.

Ok now about me, I am Suman 30 year of age with a height of 5.5 and stats of 38 28 38 and this incident which I am going to narrate dates back 6 years back in the year 2004 during our state election. I was married 6 months back and my husband Naresh was working in a software company.

It was few days before election and he was doing some private work for some campaign work and that day I went with Naresh to submit his work and later on we were going to go out shopping. Naresh was telling the client what all he has done and in came women in and started looking at me. Then she said to Naresh, “that’s your wife” and we had a small discussion to which Mrs. Mehta told that if she wants to do campaigning she is welcome. For a month or so she can earn almost 700 Rs. Per day as I looked beautiful good height and knowledgeable she can send me with others at residence or other offices with other women’s.

Then we came to know its just show business where more then 50% of the followers were paid and Naresh didn’t had any objection with the same. I was reluctant at first but she persuades me telling my knowledge will increase and so on. On top of that he was going to be on 3 months trip or Delhi and I was actually going to leave at my moms place.

Mrs. Mehta gave me three sets of saris sleeves blouse and those scarfs telling me for the first few days you will be campaigning for them abc party then 123 party then xyz party. It was 45 days work just before elections.

The first week I enjoyed roaming here and there with the party workers and we were group of women’s we became fast friends and were campaign for different party. But then the really thing happened and we had a 3 days assignment in Phaltan as there was a massive rally and roughly far off from Pune and the pay too was good and Naresh not being there I thought of going rather then sitting at home doing nothing.

So without asking his permission as one of my friend Rajni told me to come and forced me to come with them as she too is alone as most of our other women folk skipped but Rajini had some urgent need of money.

We were taken in Tata Sumo the first day was ok and we were given a lodge where I and Rajini stayed together. Next day in the evening there was massive rally with huge crowd don’t know from where they landed up and it was going quiet well till 7 pm in the evening. As it was about to end there was this huge thunder shower and everyone started running here and there. I and Rajini too started to run and we didn’t know where our Sumo was parked. There was this big truck covered where some women were climbing from behind and asked us where we were heading and told them that we have to go to such and such lodge to which they told this truck too goes to the same place and they could certainly drop us out there.

As we had to get down last we were pushed pushed and pushed to the end of the truck means near the driver’s cabin. Rajini too was there but she was somewhere mid way and we lost contact. The truck started to move and at that time I noticed that where I was standing at the end it was all males who almost surrounded me. I tried to go where Rajini was the same moment the truck stopped and another 20-25 people started to climb up and I was almost crushed between them. There was nothing to hold and everyone was shouting ***** zindabad zindabad and all those election naras and I was not able to hold anything and I started to feel that a hand that was on my hip was pressing my hips. I was wearing the party workers sari with matching blouse. I ignore the hand pressing on my hip thinking what to tell and whom to tell and due to heavy crowd someone might be taking a chance on me. But within a minute to my surprise the hand began to move very slowly over my butt.

I tried to move away but there was no place and the huge yelling and shouting went on couldn’t bother the rest of them. I did not want to create any scene there for this type of molestation due to shame I have to remain standstill. The person understood this and took advantage and I could feel his palm pressing and kneading my ass. I was afraid and was sweating due to the heavy crowd and the situation I was in it was making me feel sick now. I haven’t told Naresh also that I was going to be in Phaltan and he will really kill me if something goes wrong .I thought moving to the side of the truck and moved my hands but the hand that was pressing my butt made me stand there and I had the fright of my life when one new hand was on my bare stomach it moved up beneath the sari phallu and pressed my breast.

I thought of yelling but who could listen when they were all already yelling like mad peoples. The guy whose hand was on my breast was right behind me and he pulled me back only to make me feel his hardened dick and his hands on my breast was pretty tight. I was horrified there was no escape. I don’t know what to do due to shame also and because of Naresh. So I was silent and I knew that made those people understood this and became more excited. The hand on my boob moved more on my left side and there was another hand that started fondling my right breast the first guy who was to my right side held my hand the two guys were squeezing my breast as they were pressing some toy. But that was already triggering my whole body to a new excitement. I knew the guy behind me holding one of my breasts and his other hand was on my shoulder started dry fucking me poking his cock on my ass moving it up and down. I was so taken away with the dry fuck given by the guy behind me and didn’t came to know when my blouse was unhooked. Now I felt few more hands on my body and came to know there were three who took the command on me. I felt they were trying to remove my blouse but I was holding the same tightly and I felt something in my ear, “jast jor naku lau nahi tu itach nagad karun takel” ( let it go or will make you nude here itself)

I still didn’t allow them to remove the same and to my shock they literally tore it off as one had a pocket knife and I knew the guy standing to my right did the same. I felt like yelling now as my blouse was getting ripped off. But still didn’t have the guts to do that as there were lots of things going on my head. I was afraid of what was going on, afraid what will happen when my husband Naresh comes to know what next will happen when people come to know and all that stuff and as I was thinking all that stuff my blouse was ripped off with just my bra on top.

Suddenly there was huge hush hush spoken between those 4-5 guys and the next thing I found was dragged to the end and the big banners which were kept at the end was pulled to cover our area. Some other guys did yell at them only they pacified them to tell that there were nails at their end so moving it to the other side. One side was covered and in front there were 5 guys and I was so frightened to death thinking where I have landed up and knew most of the mens who where there are goons or rowdies as I too had come to know the last one week campaign for the election. Before I could say anything one already told me, “jara pan awaz keli tar itach kapun taknar”. (If you make a little voice we will cut you off)

The man behind has lifted my sari up to my waist area and his bare hands were on my bare buttocks and thighs and I could sense there were more then two hands as two or three hands came from the front. The man on my right bent to suck my breast removing my breast from the cup of my bra I felt my left hand being grabbed and it was placed on a hard dick on top of my hand and he was masturbating. Suddenly I found a hand inside my panties trying to shove in his finger. I was frightened knowing I was getting raped I could realize what was going to happen my panties which was coming down it was done by some other hand as one hand was still stuck in my vagina his thumb pressing the upper lip and another finger deep in and I heard someone in my ears, “tuchi puchi wali ahe g pori” (your cunt is wet girl)

My panties was stuck below my knees and my hand that was jerking a cock along with the guys hand started cumming as I could feel the wetness in my palm.

(I am really unable to narrate my situation going on)

But I was badly mauled somebody even went down to kiss and lick my cunt and the guy behind me who was holding me has removed his cock and was pressing his cock on my ass and was humping me on my ass cheeks as he couldn’t find any room to enter in my vagina. But I knew he too came in the same way. I too had a orgasm with the guy or guys sucking my cunt. I even had to kiss a dirty mouth in fact three of them.

I noticed the crowd was getting down and again the truck moved it happened three times but I was used as a toy and came to know there were six of them. When at last the truck stopped three guys including me were hid behind the banners and the same man had covered my mouth other too stood and the rest were seeing the others off. I came to know Rajini was looking for me as she shouted taking my name “Suman Suman”. To which the guy holding my mouth who was behind asked me if my name was Suman I said yes and he told “thila jawu de, tu amcha barobar yanar ahe, tula mast zawun tucha barobar gamat karnar” (let her go we are going to fuck you and have fun with you)

I was muffing in fact telling him to let me go which he didn’t understand. After 30 min or so and someone directed to take the truck behind the lodge. As the driver went off they got me down and took me to one of the room which was vacant and closed the door with three of them inside and telling that to go and tell her friend something or the other.

The moment we were in 2-3 min I was fully nude and I was pleading them to leave me and all that stuff. They were in fact telling me you have given us half satisfaction now you have to give full satisfaction and so on. I still was pleading to which the guy who was behind me who had already dry humped me from behind told, “randich ja nagad ja, tujhe kapade me phadu takanar hai ata” (bitch go out nude I am going to tear of your clothes)

Please let me know readers if you have liked reading the same.

Will post the next part pretty soon…….

Thanks Smita

They told if I would co-operate with them then they will give me my sari. I knew there was no other option left. The guy came and started fondling my body. The other too joined and one put his face in between my thigh and started kissing my vagina and I knew he was the one who had sucked me off in the truck. I was laid down and the other guy lay next to me and started sucking my breast. Other one was watching

There was a knock at the door and the one standing went and opened the door allowing the fourth person to come who had brought few beers. I was wondering where the other two were. They started drinking the beer and forced me to have some. One of the guy fizzled the beer bottle and sprayed it on my face and breast. It was very cold. The guy who was sucking me good in my vagina again spread my legs and started sucking me the other three were sitting around me playing with my breast and one guy licked my armpit one was sucking and all those nasty thing which was giving me thrills of sensual tickling all over my body.

One of the guy said, “Chala bas jal ata icha puchi madhe lavda takun bagu kiti maza denara ahe apleyala” (lets stop and shove in our cock in her cunt and see how much enjoyment she will give us). The guy who said came near and told “ye ga pori” (come here girl) and telling he began to kiss me. He began to smooch me. For the first time, I was feeling a stranger’s lips exciting. My boobs were of course pressed or accidentally squeezed by other three guys

The guy who was kissing me was really dark and he was kissing me like there was no tomorrow. I felt one of the other guy began to lick my thighs and the inside of my thigh. I was really turned on like anything and it never happened in my life. I was being licked and enjoyed as if I was a delicacy.

The guy sucking stopped sucking my cunt and groaned, “Hichi puchi pani pan sodu lagali” (her cunt has started oozing). The dark guy who was kissing all over told the guy “Chal bajula ho maja” (come one move out of my way) and looking at me, he told, “maza lavda tujya aata ghalun tuza bhokat ….ghalun zavanar hai mein” (I am going to shove in my cock in your hold and fuck you). I came to know later his name was Vithal.

He laughed and others joined in. My legs were crossed tight. He had no access. “rand chal faku tujha madhi ani zavu dhu mala” (Open your thighs bitch and let me fuck you). Vithal growled at me. Vithal got desperate and tried pulling my legs apart and Vithal placed his cock on the lips of my cunt pussy. It was huge – around 7-8 inches big. With one big push Vithal entered my cunt. I yelled in pain as my cunt lips stretching and tearing. There was enough lubrication but still my cunt was feeling a big cock as big as what he possessed for the first time. Vithal pulled out his cock from my cunt and push it back in even harder as the other guys closed in feeling my hands legs breast.

Vithal kept moving his cock in and out of my cunt and I was having the night of my life and I was getting wetter and wetter. The guy sucking my cunt who was called Papoo began to suck my nipples. I was going mad and tensed by the hard bite marks he was giving on my breast and tits. I cried out “aahhhhh dukh raha hai, pls chod ddh ahhhhhh” but that made Vithal more vigorous and fucking me like hell and I could feel another mouth on my other breast as well it was another guy and I was crying and yet the same loved the way Vithal was fucking, “ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh noooo noooooooo ahhhhh”

“Aga poori kashala radhatiya maza nahi yet ka” Papoo said. (why are you crying girl aren’t you enjoying). Vithal grunted. “Aarrghhh , arrrgh , gega randichya maza lawadila pani ghe ga ahhhh ahhh” (take my sperms bitch). He went on and pouring his cum in my cunt he went limp and lay down on me, crushing me beneath his weight. His cock, wet with his own cum, fell out limp from my cunt. Vithal finally got up triumphant. “Mazaa aali ga” (enjoyed it) But that wasn’t the end of it. Papoo was already between my legs telling me, “Ag tambh at mala zavude tula mast awadnar atha”. (wait I am going to fuck you and you are going to enjoy the same). But when he removed his cock ahhh I said this slim boy had an almost in fact a bit bigger then what Vithal had.

Papoo was restless and placed his cock at the entrance of my cunt and pushed it in with a mighty heave, I grunted but my cunt was well lubricated with my own cum as well Vithal’s sperms.

He gave me two three jerks and telling, “Nahi me hila magoon zawanar, chal ga tujha gand ge” (I am going to fuck her from behind show me your ass). Papoo said suddenly, pulling out his cock from my cunt. With rough hands, the other two guys turned around my body and made me lie on my stomach .Papoo spanked my butts telling me kneel “Chali randi uchal tujha gand” (come on bitch lift your ass) shouted Papoo, who by now was sitting on my ass

I lifted my butt and was forced to pose myself to present my ass to him and Papoo grunted telling, “kay mast pose dile” (what nice pose she is giving) telling that he smoothly squeezed my ass and I could feel his cock tip parting my cunt lips and in one go he pushed his cock deep in my cunt. One of the guys who was sitting next to me, bent and started sucking my tits and the young 5.5 or 5.6 feet boy was much better then the old and huge Vithal who fucked me first. Papoo was really great and he fucked me like hell. “ahhhh ahhhh, pllleeeeaase” I whimpered feebly. Papoo was going on with his in and out movement, making a slapping sound each time he entered my cunt, and his groin hitting my her ass. “ohhhhhh oooooooohh ahhhhhhhh”

With each push from Papoo, my body moved forward and when he pulled out, my ass would come back into him. It was a rhythmic motion, as were the squishy “putch putch” sounds. Suddenly it seemed everyone had become silent and still, until I heard Papoo say gleefully that she loves getting fucked like a bitch and so on, gutter slamming his mouth.

In fact he told me because Papoo had been still for a while and it was the bitch in me who was moving forward and backward fucking myself on his cock. One of the guy caressing my hairs as I was going backward and forward on Papoo’s cock told me “har ekh aurat rand hoti hai, use chinal kaise bana dekh” I was so ashamed of myself hearing and knowing what I was doing.

I had stopped moving in and out hearing them and Papoo started fucking me pretty hard this time and I was grunting like a bitch now “oooooooooooo….mmmmmmmm” With every strong thrust from Papoo, my moans were growing louder.

“Iss randi ko aise chodo, jaise woh poori zindagi bhar main na choodi hogi” said Vithal to Papoo.

Papoo started pumping me real hard. “aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uummmmmm
oouuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, I wailed as my body was rocked by his penetration and one of the guy who was pressing both my breast. The guy who said those disgusted words to me too joined rubbing my back and moved his hands on my butts and where he wanted this was turning me into real slut “Haaiinn ooouuiiiiiiiiii mmmaaaaa cchhooddoooooooooo ccchhhooddooooooooo muujjhheeeeeeeeeeeee aaauuuuuu hhhaaiiiiii hhhhhhhhhhhhhiuuunnnnnnnnnhhhhh”, I wailed as my moans grew louder. I was going to have third or fourth orgasm by then. I felt my hand being pulled by one of the guy and placed it on his dick. My eyes were shut with all those wonderful things.

Papoo was stiffening, and his thrusts became like steam engine piston. With each thrust my head would get pushed up bringing a moan pleasure. The other guy was standing close by and masturbating. Papoo grunted “yeh ga mazya chikacha fawara tujya pucchit udala ahhhhh ghe gha mazi rand” (take my sperms you bitch) and words coming from my mouth excited them “ouuiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bbaahhiiuuttttttttttttttttt mmaazzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaa aahhh raahhaaaaaaaaaaaa hhaaaii cchhooddooo auurr ccchhooddoo jjoor sseeiii oouuuiiiiiiiii mmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

The guys started laughing and telling it was nice they picked me up without any fear.

“Ooooooooooo……Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” Spasms of pleasure swept across my body the guy who said those nasty words stood in front of me and took my face in his hands, guiding his cock to my mouth. I opened my mouth and welcomed his cock into my mouth. Sucking it hard as I kept cumming.

In a moment he was cumming too, as I felt his jizz shooting in my mouth and soon I had to swallow it as he didn’t allow me to remove his cock till he finished shooting his jizz

The guy who was sucking my breast masturbated himself and he was spraying his cum on my ass. I was again fucked by another two guys when they popped later in the night.

Morning no one was there other then Papoo who had brought me new set of sari blouse and petticoat. But he not only brought the same but made sure that he didn’t let me go without fucking me. He fucked me pretty long and he was really wonderful. He let me go and I rushed to my room and my friend Rajini wasn’t there. I slept the whole day and in the evening when she came I had to cook up all type of story that I was in some different lodge and came in the afternoon and so on.

I was always hiding from those guys and was with Rajini. Papoo and the other guy tried to make an attempt but they couldn’t get me.

Came back to Pune with a new experience of gang fuck and I still date I couldn’t forget that and as I am afraid of the same but the group fuck still thrills me always.

Thanks you darling as I really am feeling better after chatting with you so long. I am really not feeling any guilt about the same when I see Naresh after you told there was nothing intentional about the same.

Bye Smita

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