My strict Aunt and Mom – Part 04

(Part 04)

I was perspiring like a marathon athlete who was still running even after running for 15 miles. My face was soaked with the oily sweat that you feel only on the day you shave you beard and mustache. I was pretending to be normal but my heart was pounding in my chest uncontrollably. I was wondering if would get a heart attack.

I was beyond the worldly affairs, in a state, cursing my fate. My Mom was a strict woman and can even have a trauma if she gets the slightest feeling of my sexual fantasies about her. My plan was on the verge to fail away. I was like an old man dying out of thirst, counting on the seconds, which seemed like hours. I was waiting for my Mom to bring up the topic and thinking of a suitable explanation.

Suitable Explanation? How can there be a suitable explanation to fuck your own aunty? I wondered if she would abandon me on temple stairs. Heck! I am too grown up for that. What was I thinking? I was completely out of my mind.

Just then, the door to my room was knocked open.

I looked up and saw my Mom standing there with a cup of coffee for me. She was smiling to my utter disbelief.
“Why are you sweating like that? Are you okay?” She asked me with her brows up.
I didn’t know what to say. I was trembling there, unable to understand what and how to explain things, but she was completely normal!
“I am sorry, I just picked up the phone to call Dr. Smitha but found you talking to Devi. I just heard say ‘Good Bye’ to you. She was talking very slowly, was she all right?”
“Yes Mom, she is all right and a lovely lady.” I almost winced. What was the need to add the last word, I asked to myself.

At the same point, I was getting relaxed. So, she just had picked up the phone and hadn’t heard the conversation fully. I was getting normal when the earlier expected blow came up to me.

While handing over the cup to me she asked with a small concern, “What are all those nail marks all over your back? I wanted to ask you in the morning but I was in a different tension. What are those?”
She asked me, while she saw the color drain off from my face. She was waiting for an answer while I had none as I was getting prepared for a different question a few moments back.

“Well… uhh… Them… I mean, Like, I was… you know… err… playing with Bubbly and I just…err… took away her… water… water color away and she just… like came up to me screaming and err… caught me hard and I think thats when her uncut nails bore into my skin.” I was finding hard to get right words to explain and by God, the explanation seemed to be valid!

She was looking at me in the eyes with a shocked, unbelieving look on her face. I was petrified that she didn’t trust what I said. I was looking at her in the eyes with a frown on my forehead. I was half expecting she would throw my out of her house.

“So?” She asked with the expression same as before.
I was however silent.
“So why are you so frightened as if a mad dog has bitten you? Don’t worry sweet heart. They are not that harmful. Wait, I will apply ointment on those and it will go away.”
I was not able to understand where this was leading to. Just in an instant I understood. She believed what I said! The sudden change in my expression would have ruined the whole thing, so I just kept the expression normal and said, “Well, I thought I might get some disease for that, so I was tensed. And for that reason, I didn’t say about it to you as well.”

She started to laugh uncontrollably, “Oh my poor baby. Don’t worry dear its okay. We don’t normally get any dangerous infections from human nails or bites. Its okay! You are a child. You don’t know such silly thing? Come let me put some ointment there soon, I have an appointment with Smitha in an hour.” She was still laughing while she went to the drawer and got the ointment for me.

I was overjoyed with how the whole thing turned out. She was in the same nightie which she had worn on the day I had seen the shadow of her pubic hairs, when the sunrays had come through it. It was a semi transparent material and I could barely see a dark colored panty through her nightie. Her figure was astounding and her hips were swaying up and down while she walked. Her hips were bigger than Devi aunty I thought. Mom had better curves than her. I was looking at her ass while she turned back to me. Instantly I looked away.

“Open your shirt. Would you want me to put them on your shirt?” She smiled and winked at me. I was way out of my mind. I had never seen my Mom wink at me. Probably she was very happy as I had returned soon and she has gotten over with her lonliness.
I smiled back at her and slowly opened my shirt.

I was sitting there without my shirt. My back facing to my Mom. It was not the first time I was bare bodied in front of her. She had nourished me. She had watched me grow up. But now, there was a difference. Now, I had started fantasizing her. In 4 years, it was the first time, I had come bare bodied in front of her. My Mom had taught me decency at the age of 10. She had made me a civilized person. She had made me learn a lot of things, like not roaming around the house with bare body, wearing slippers while roaming around the house and all.

She was talking about how the milkman is getting us worse quality milk and how the income tax people are starting to question our property. While she was talking about all those household chores, she sat behind me and felt the nail marks with the tip of her fingers. An electricity ran through my body. I shivered with wild joy. Slowly and carefully she applied ointment over the almost-healed wounds. The tender and tiny movements of her fingers over my back did mysterious stirrings in my testicles. I was overpowered just with those touch. In just 2 minutes which seemed to me like 2 seconds, she finished applying ointment and capped the tube. I almost screamed out aloud for that feeling being stopped. I kept silent though.

“You will feel better now. I have applied it all over. It will heal soon. I must ask Devi to cut the nails of Bubbly short. What kind of a mother she is? Look how my son got hurt now!” She became too emotional just to see a little pain in me. How much she loves me, I wondered. And what the fuck am I doing here, fantasizing my own mother? I almost instantly gave up the thought and concentrated on other things.

“Well Mom, you said, you are going out to see Dr.Smitha. Why what happened?” I asked concerned. I was so busy fantasizing her, that I hadn’t paid any attention to the fact that she might not be well and twice she has already reminded me that she would see a doctor for something. I felt really guilty. I will be a good son, I promised myself clearing all the lust I had in my mind.
She sighed, “Haah, nothing baby. I have got some infection so… Anyway you take care and take some rest. I will be back before lunch.” She said with a tiny smile and I had to suppress the lust which tried to pop up again.

“Come on Mom! Please, don’t worry so much. I am grown up now. When you say like that I feel I am a nine year old. I will come with you. I have that right isn’t it?” I said as I got up to get dressed.
“Really? Are you so grown up to take care of….” she pointed to herself with her fingers, “Me?”
“Of course Mom, I am grown up. I am a Man, and you see, my muscles have also started toning up.” As I said, I posed myself so that she could see my biceps.
“Uh, really? I never noticed you growing up. I think the neighbors have fed you till date.” She said with a big smile on her face. It was normal of her to joke with me. That was when she felt very alone. I knew that as I had come out of her womb.
“Mom please, now let me do something for you. I love you. I know, you think no one cares for you. Well, I do. For the rest of my life you are the one, I am going to take care of. You will see that.” I said that seriously.
She was taken aback a little with that statement. Then looked around and said, “Okay my love. Now get dressed if you want to go. Its already late. Just wait for me in the garage, I am coming in a moment.” She said and left for her room to get dressed.

I was waiting for her in our Qualis. I was not officially authorized to drive but sometimes, without informing anybody, I sneaked out and drove. But when I was with Mom, she is the one who sits behind the wheel and I was supposed to check while she reversed the vehicle.

“So, are you ready?” She asked me as she got into the driver’s seat.
“Yeah Mom, can I drive please?”
“The answer is…. NO NO and NO. Not yet! We’ll see after you finish your school and she winked at me.

In less than 20 minutes we were in Dr.Smitha’s clinic. She was a friend of Mom, so we never had to wait for a ticket at the reception. We were waiting outside her cabin on a bench while I watched Mom making faces and uneasily shifting her position frequently.
“Mom, are you all right?” I asked.
“Ah.. yeah yeah I am fine.”

In about 15 minutes the patient who was in came out and we went in.

“Hey, how are you Sid?” Dr.Smitha welcomed us while we took out seats opposite to her.
“Am fine Doc. What has happened to my Mom, she is not telling me.” I enquired while playing with the paper weight.
My mom gave me a look, asking me to be decent and professional. Instantly I kept the paper weight at its place and sat normally.
“Mandeep, since how many days are you feeling that?” She asked my Mom.

My Mom looked at me, then looked at Dr.Smitha, “Well not here Smitha, can we…?” She pointed her to the inner cabin.
“Sure” She said and then they both got up and went into the inner cabin which was separated with just a green cloth hanging from the ceiling.

Once they were in, I walked around to see her cabin and that gave me an excuse to be there near that green screen to hear what they were discussing.

Dr. Smitha was speaking in a doctor’s tone, “Well, what you have got is just a minor vaginal infection. Its starting so don’ worry, a few antibiotics will help you. We medically term it as Bacterial Vaginosis. But your infection has not reached that stage. Its quite normal. Now let me have a look at it.” There was silence for a moment, then I could hear my Mom opening her salwaar and then getting on the examination bed. Then I could hear nothing.

I had slowly started to sweat by then. The promise which I had made to myself seemed to vanish away. I was imagining Dr.Smitha examining my Mom’s pussy. Which I had so much dreamed of in the recent days. I started to get an erection. A strong power thrusting my pants from inside. I got the tingle in my abdomen and I was sweating heavily in air conditioned office of Dr. Smitha.

Just then, almost unexpectedly both of them seemed to finish off. I got more closer to hear.
Dr. Smitha was saying, “Well, thats perfectly normal. One of this tablet and you are fine. But I have something to say to you. I mean, I am Medical practitioner but I know some home treatments for these type of things too. I know, you don’t have sex for your husband is away so last time I had prescribed you to masturbate sometimes. That must help but, wash your hands properly before putting them inside your vagina. That might be the cause for this infection. And the other reason is that, without sex, with all your human desires, you might get excited and that causes a vaginal discharge. And when you are not having sex for such a long time, this thing keeps coming out and may cause infection. So, women of our age must have sex once or twice a week. Its necessary for a good living with a good health and mental condition.”

“Well, that is absolutely correct. Recently I found I am losing temper almost at nothing. I am not being able to concentrate.” My mom said to her with a concern in her voice.

“Don’t worry, you will come out of it. Now, back to the topic, I said there are some household treatments which will help the cause. Take some pure desi ghee and warm it. Then with the help of your fingers, put it in and around the vagina. Do it for a longer period so that it will kill the bacteria as well as fulfill the sexual outbursts which you may get. So, it will help you either way. And more importantly, its better if you get someone to do it on you.” Dr. Smitha so easily stated that to Mom that as if it was a guideline to poker game.

“Get someone to do it? What, I mean who shall I ask to do it? My husband is always away and that is the reason for all this in the first place. Now, who shall I ask to do this with me. Smitha, I think sometimes you too lose your mind.”

“No dear, what I am saying is absolutely normal. You have Sid, why to worry? He is grown up, he should understand it. Just ask him what to do.” She said calmly while on the other side, I was beginning to get a heart attack. I was out of my fucking minds. It was all going over my head.

“Sid? He is my son for God’s sake! How can I ask him to do it?”
“Don’t worry, its absolutely normal. Don’t get hyper. You need it. And he is your own son. Who else do you think can do it. You have no other option and Sid is a good boy. Just take it easy Mandeep.”
“Okay I don’t know. I mean, okay. I will see how to explain this to him. Anyway, thanks for your precious time. I will talk to you later about this. I will have to think of a way how to keep it in front of him. Anyway, Bye and thanks.”
“My Pleasure.”

My mom didn’t knew, she had nothing to explain to me. I was ready like hell to help my Mom get out of her loneliness. After all, I was her son!

I was in the car, looking out of the window. My mind spinning out of control. I wasn’t able to hear anything except the disturbing noise the engine was throwing out. My Mom was so silent, that even an outsider could have guessed that something was crazily wrong. She wasn’t looking at me. She was busy in her own thoughts. If I had stayed silent too, then perhaps she would have guessed that I knew something of her meeting the doctor. So, I gathered strength and asked her, “So Mom? Whats the problem, what did the doc said? Are you fine?”

She was silent. She didn’t hear what I just asked. I patted her left hand which was on the steering wheel. “Mom?” I said louder.
“Uh, yeah? Oh, I am sorry, what was that again?” She asked her eyes still away from me.
“I asked are you all right? What did the doctor said? What has happened to you in the first place?” I asked and hoped her to tell me everything of her own, but she didn’t.
“Uh, nothing dear. I have got some minor skin infection. Thats all dear, don’t worry.” She said and looked at me for a fraction of a second then looked back at the road ahead.
“Where is the infection? I don’t see it?” I had almost asked her to show me, just then I stopped, wondering what will happen to all the plans.
“You don’t want to know about it, do you?”
“Of course Mom, I am your son.” That statement seemed to ease her.
“Well, its on the thighs. She prescribed me an ointment and some antibiotics. I will be fine dear, its fine.” She said and smiled at me and then again got back to the road.
“Oh, is it bad?” I pushed it a little more further.
“Stop it Sid, its fine.” She cut short me. I didn’t push it further too as I was playing it too carefully.

In the next 10 minutes we reached the pharmacy store. She went into it while I was waiting for her in the car. In about 10 more minutes I saw her through the glass door of the store approaching. She opened the door and just about the time she was stepping out someone perhaps called her from inside and she turned back. Her palm was on the door frame while the door automatically closed and thereby hitting her palm hard. She cried out so loud that even the nearby shop owners started running into it to know what happened. It all appeared to me in slow motion. I was frantically looking at her in shock. I was too shocked to move. The last thing I remember, is that like the speed of light I got out of the car and ran into the store.

Her middle finger nail was bleeding and I saw bruishes on the index finger and the ring finger. She was sobbing and trying hard to suppress the pain.
“Oh my God, what happened? Oh no, I am sorry Mom, I must have come to get the medicines.” I said while I caught her hand focussed on the bruises. By then the shop owner had got some ice cubes. I took one cube and started rubbing it on her fingers. Then I got a neospirin and applied them on her fingers.

I about 15 minutes she was ready to go with a band-aid on her middle finger. The pain had subsided but the fingers appeared to be swollen. She gently touched her fingers with left hand. “Oh shit, its hurting man!” She complained.
“Don’t worry Mom, you will be fine. You should be careful. Why are you so disturbed? Take it easy.” I consoled her while we both got back to the car.

I drove while we came home. I was unable to think of anything except for the pain my Mom was in.

When we reached home her fingers appeared to be more swollen. She was smiling at me and told, “Don’t worry Sid, it will be fine. I was in too much pain and I did hurt so I got panicked, but now I am feeling better. And yes, you drive too well for your age.” She said as she got down from the car.

I went and carefully parked the car in the garage and came back into the house. She had gone into her room to change. I looked around, the maid had cleaned it too well. I like cleanness more than anybody in the house. I went up to my room and changed into boxers and a T-Shirt.

My Mom came lazily out of her room and came down into the living room where I was watching a football game. She smiled at me and carefully keeping off her right hand into bumping with anything, she entered the kitchen to bring lunch for us. It was already 4pm then. I switched off the TV and went into the kitchen to help Mom in serving the dishes. We had a nice lunch of Chappatis and tadka.

I helped her clean the table after lunch and I washed the dishes. My Mom was standing near to me, guiding me with the process to remove the oily stains from the kadai and the other utensils.
“You are the best son in the world. Look how you are helping out your old mother while she is in distress!” She said while she patted my shoulders with her left hand.
“Come on Mom, its completely fine. Your hand is gone for a week or more, who else will you depend upon at this time. I will do everything for you now.” I said with a jolly smile and kissed her on her cheeks.
“Thank you sweet heart. Now finish it soon. I would have done it in half the time you have already taken.” She said and waited for me to finish with the rest of cleaning.
“You go and watch TV, I am coming in a moment.” I said her.
“Oh, so now you have started to deliver my dialogues!” She laughed and ran her left hand fingers through my hairs. “Okay, I am there in the living room” She said and left.

I was thinking what a nice woman she was. So, open and energetic! I was feeling sorry for her fingers. I just couldn’t see any pain in her. Almost as on after thought, it came to my mind. Holy Shit! It never got into my mind till now, I thought. With her ailing and swollen fingers, how is she going to apply the ointment in her vagina? I couldn’t think of anything else then. Slowly, after drying the utensils I came out of the kitchen. I saw my Mom frequently shifting her position in the sofa. A frown and uneasiness clearly visible on her face.

“What happened Mom, you seem at unease. Come lets go into your room, there I will apply Amrutanjan on the swells (Yes, it works) and you will feel better. You need to take some rest now.” I said as I went and sat beside her.
She was looking at me while she was fighting the itching sensation under her dress. She couldn’t think of a way how to get over with the itching. I could understand that. So, I added, “Mom, you said you have some skin infection, I hope its not that bad. With those fingers, I think you may need some help from me for that too. Come lets go, I will take care of all that.” I said with a deep concern in my voice. Truly speaking there was no lust in my mind then. I was actually worried for her discomfort. I had always seen her taking care of me. Now, that was my turn.

She was silent for a moment. She was searching for words, for she didn’t knew what she would say. Then, after a few moments she said, “Well, my fingers are throbbing with pain. Get a pain killer tablet from the medicine box there and of course, though I hate it, we will have to put ointment on these swells.” She said and got to her feet. She said nothing about applying ointment to her vagina. Anyway, I didn’t ask further. I got the Amrutanjan and a Voveron SR tablet for her and followed her into her bedroom.

She had changed into a semi white, plain cotton nightie. So her white panty was strikingly visible through that. That area covered by the panty appeared to be completely white while the other areas brought a semi view of her tanned skin under her dress. I was watching her back continuously while walked into her room. Her hips were swaying and sliding with each other. I had an instant urge to touch it but controlled myself with a lot of force. Once we were inside her room, she went and rested on her back with 2 pillows and showed her hand to me. I went up to her on the other side of the double bed and quietly sat beside her waist. My knees were touching her sides of right hips while I sat there.

I took some Amrutanjan and carefully, and slowly applied it on her swollen fingers. She winced at the very first contact. She eased and then let me apply it on rest of her fingers. “I should apply it with a little more pressure but I am afraid how much pain it will cause to you.” I said while I was still applying it on her fingers.
“No, don’t please! Just apply it the way you are doing. I don’t care if it takes a year to heal off but I can’t withstand more pain there.” She said as she carefully took away her hand to see more clearly how it had been applied.
“Thats better. It will be fine. Ouch.. uff… umm…” She seemed more uncomfortable as she finished her sentence.
“What happened Mom? I know it must hurt too much.” I asked her.
“Nothing dear, its the itching inside…” She stopped what she was about say.
“Mom please, now I will apply the ointment too. Tell me where you have got the problem.” I asked. I had started to sweat more by then. My voice was trembling somewhat. I was very expectant.
“I don’t know. I mean, its near my private parts. How do you think I will let you do it?” She asked me irritated. I didn’t know that irritation was due to the itching or my question.
“Come on Mom, who else will do it for you now? I am your son.” I said expectantly.
“Thats the problem dear boy, you are my son. Its okay, I can manage.” She said as she opened her purse to get the ointment out of it.
“But Mom!”
“No. Its done now. You go and take some rest too.” While she said, she opened her purse and got the ointment out of it with great difficulty.

I was too frustrated to say anything further. I just stormed out of the room and went into my room. I was thinking hard. There’s nothing I could have done. I simply slept clearing all the thoughts off my mind.

I woke up at 6pm. I washed my face in my bathroom and then went straight into my Mom’s room.

She was sitting in the same position as I had last seen her. The ointment lay there still, unopened from its box. Her eyes were red. She was perhaps crying.
“What happened Mom, why are you crying.” I asked her with shock.
She was silent for a moment. Cleared her throat and then spoke up.
“Sid, you are such a nice son. Well, I tried but these stupid fingers are too much painful to even move. I couldn’t apply the ointment man! I am crazy with those itching down there. I am fighting the itch like a warrior who is on a battle field. I don’t know, how should I ask you to do it. I don’t have any option. I am too ashamed. I will prefer death now.” She said while tears were still running down her cheeks.
“What are you speaking Mom? You will prefer death than allowing your son to put ointment on you?” I made it sound even more dramatic.
“Not just that. Okay…” She paused for a moment, “Okay, let me clarify you one thing, its right there in my groins. How can I not feel ashamed to flaunt it in front of you?” She asked me as she wiped off her tears which had subsided by then.
“Mom, let me be very frank with you. Just tell me, you show it to the doctor when he operates you. Why, just because its a matter of life and death? Yes, in the same way you are not well now. I being your son, has the full authority to take care of you. I am not an outsider Mom, I am your son. Let me do it. And I promise, I promise you will feel better. Just the first time, you may feel uncomfortable, but that feeling will wear off soon. Believe me, you will be fine. Once we are through with it, you will know how normal it is. This is life Mom!” I said all that in one go.

She looked at me open mouthed. She was shocked at my being so open to her in these matters. It was the first time we were having a matured discussion.
“I am shocked, how mature you have grown. Are you the same boy, who was crying for ice-creams?” She shook her head with disbelief and and smiling at the same time.
“Well, I am too sick of all these. Seems like there has been no option left for me. Now, I will have to believe and follow what Dr. Smitha told me.” She said to me, lost in her own world.
“Dr. Smitha? What about her? What did she tell you?” I asked as if I never knew anything.
“Well, actually she was the one who advised, that I should let you do it. You being my son, there is no harm in it. First I didn’t believe her but now, I think she was right. I have no other option now and yes, you are my own son. So, okay lets see.” She said, looking away from me. Though she had agreed, she was still in shock for she was going to allow me to peer into her vagina.

She seemed as if she was out of her mind. Her face was flushed. She gathered courage to say something and then she again seemed to get back to her own world. She was completely avoiding to look at me directly. She was trembling with fear and and unknown feeling. I could clearly see what she was feeling. Finally, after about half an hour of thinking, she made up her mind. I had by then gone to her side and was going through a magazine.
“Sid.” She called out.
“Yes Mom. Now are we ready or still you need time to think?” I asked her.
“No, I think its too much now. Please apply the ointment and yes, please don’t feel bad. Let me tell you, I am in no way in support of this, but it seems like there is no option, isn’t it?” She asked me like a teen age child.
“Of course Mom, there is no harm in it. See, I am not worried. And why should I feel bad anyway. I would love to… err.. I mean, I will like to do everything for you. Its fine for me.” I tried to sound calm than being excited to see her innards. I tried, in every way possible, to persuade her. I was so expectant by then that I had forgotten to notice that my dick was continuously thrusting me from inside. I had got too aquainted with the feeling and so didn’t notice that it was aching with pleasure.
“Err…. ok… just..just… you do it there. I can’t…. I mean you just do it and I am closing my eyes.” She was fighting her itching while fighting with the shame at the same moment.
I jumped up in excitment, “Yeah Mom, sure, I mean yeah ok. Just tell me what to do.” I was babbling.
“I don’t know man. Just put it in there. I can’t explain you. Just… just put it there… err.. okay… wait I mean…. yeah get some… some ointments in you fingers and put it around there. I mean… oh… its too embarrassing man! Just put it slightly inside too.” She stopped and covered her face with her arms. “Just do it and please don’t ask me it again and again. I can’t explain it to you further. Just put it all over there. Cover the whole area with the ointment or just do whatever you like. I… just do it okay!” She was babbling too. She was so shameful that she couldn’t but actually explained me everything.

That was the last thing I was waiting for.

I slowly took the box and took out the ointment. Its cost was 290 rupees. Must be too good an ointment, I thought to myself. I pressed the tube and put them on my index and middle finger tips and then, I slowly started to lift her nightie. She winced with shock, her face still under her arms, eyes closed, biting her lower lips with her teeth. It seemed to me like a protest. But she didn’t say anything. Just her body tightened more. Then I lifted her nightie further upwards, while her body stiffened more. She was like a school child, who had been long persuaded to agree for an injection. I saw her completely fair shank and calf muscles. She was even more fair than Devi aunty. By thinking of her I seemed to gather more courage. I lifted it further up above her knees. There were tiny hairs which were untrimmed. My Mom never believed in shaving or waxing body. She was, what one would call, a typical Indian woman. She believed in simplicity and originality. She hated cosmetics. Well, in her case, she never needed any make-ups for she was heavenly beautiful with features that can make even a sage, lustful.

She absentmindedly stretch her legs. My hands were trembling by that time. I wondered how my Mom’s pussy would look like. I had dreamed of it in the past so much and finally, its right in front of me now. I would not wish for more from her. Just getting a chance to see it and touch it seemed to me enough to let my life pass without fucking anybody. I was so expectant that, I almost farted slowly. In nervousness, I didn’t realize that it went out too loudly to make my Mom smile. I felt nice that at least something made her easy.

I further explored the skin of my Mom. I lifted it up to her groins, where her panty was barely visible to me under the edge of her nightie. I was busy studying the texture of her skin. It was even fairer than the shank. The growth of hairs was more on the thighs and there were no hairs on the inner line of her thighs. It seemed to make a white path among the black tiny hairs on her legs right into her pussy. I was beyond control. My cock was so hard, that I thought it would start making squealing sounds out of pain it was in. As if unknowingly, I placed my palms on her thighs. They were hot. Keeping the palm intact, feeling the warmth of her thighs, with my right hand, I lifter her nightie further up to her waist band of her panty. As I had noticed earlier, it was off white colored panty tightly covering her crotch. I had begun to feel such erotic spams on the tip of my penis, that I had almost started to take it out and rub it.

I could see her pubic hairs coming out of her sidelines of her panty. The pubic hairs seemed to be much dense. I was so lost at the sight that I had almost forgotten why I was there. I noticed for the first time, that I had already taken 5 minutes for doing that much. My Mom certainly would be thinking, why I was taking so long to get into the action. But she was too embarrassed to open her mouth. I could sense that she was just waiting for me to put the ointment there. The sight of watching the panty tightly covering her crotch was so intoxicating that I was perplexed to move my hands and open it. I could do no further and it took more 5 minutes. My Mom was getting impatient. She was fully conscious but it was too hard for her to open her mouth.

Finally, when I took too long, she could hold her itching no longer, “Sid! please stop just staring at it now. What is happening to you. Just… Just… open and…” The rest of the sentence trailed off.

I was sweating heavily. The last words from her mouth were like thunderbolts that shook my body with severe excitement. I was gazing at her thighs intently like an idiot. My mouth was open and I sensed my Mom getting suspicious of my behavior. With my trembling hands I reached the waist band of her panty. The elastic was very tight and I noticed that it had formed wrinkled marks on her waist, running 3 inches under her belly button. Her belly had got a few unwanted fats and was very soft. I had the urge to kiss them and bite them. I slowly pulled her panty down. Just as I started pulling it, I saw tiny pubic hairs first and then as I further pulled it down, it started to reveal dense black hairs. I was thoroughly excited. My forehead was throbbing with pain inside. I was so beyond control, that I felt sick to my stomach. I pulled it further down and down and down until it was near her knees. I thought just to apply the ointment, that is enough and didn’t dare to pull it completely off. But, she unknowingly removed it completely off by making cycling motion with her both legs. Not only that, with the help of her toes she caught hold of the panty and moved it aside and dropped it on the bed there.
My Mom’s entire naked form right from the waist down to her feet was right in front of me. I wanted to savor the moment. I just wanted to look at it and admire the beauty of my mother. Her total sexuality was in front of me to see and explore.
“Now what Sid? Don’t make me feel embarrassed so much. Complete it soon na?” She told me with an agitated voice.
“S..S..Sure Mom. W-Wait.” I sounded far more nervous than she was.

With that I moved my face near to her pussy slowly. Even from a distance of 8 inches, I could smell her pussy. A sweet smell was filling my nostrils. Dense black hairs had surrounded the vaginal crevice. The hairs were all curled up for her use of panty. The hairs were all curled to either side so that the entire vaginal lining was clearly visible. It looked like a river of sex and lust viewed from a satellite thousands of kilometers above it. I saw her ‘V’ that was formed with her thighs on the either sides of her pussy. I vaginal crevice started withing the hairs and it ran down like the river and was not further visible where it ran to her ass hole. Her two thighs were tightly in contact with each other so I could not see its end. I was the one who was going to explore it with my own fingers. I couldn’t still believe that I was not really dreaming! I reached her pussy and first thing that I felt was the smoothness of her silky pubic hairs on the tip of my fingers. I felt with light movements around the whole area covered with her pubic hairs. With the finger tips, I lifter her hairs to see the skin beneath. It looked lightly red. So those were the areas that was itching. I looked up and saw my Mom dying out of shame. Her face was redder than the infected areas around her pussy.

I placed my nails on her red areas and slowly scratched them. “Oh, yes its feeling nice. You should apply the ointment there.” I looked up, shocked to hear something from her at that point of time when she felt she was utterly humiliated. She closed her eyes again, avoiding to look into mine. Her face was again flushed. “Ok… Sure” I said slowly studying her and looked down at the river of lust again. I slowly put the ointments on my fingers, which seemed to have dried by then, on the areas that looked red.

In the first 5 minutes, I put the ointment where I saw was necessary but after that I gave up and took a larger drop of the gel-like ointment on my fingers and started to apply them all over the pubic area. With slow and as sensual as possible movements I applied it over there. I was going blind for the heavy blood circulation to my head. I was frenzied. Then slowly I parted her vaginal lips. She stiffened. A light gasp came out of her mouth. I didn’t know it was out of excitement or shame. I parted them again and with open mouth gazed at the pink flesh inside. I could clearly see her clitoris and her urethra. It was deep pink in colour. I parted her labia minora and was shocked to see her pussy so wet inside. It was dripping her pussy juice. Right at that moment I saw a drop of her juice coming out of the vaginal lips which ran down into the ‘V’ which might have ultimately gone to her ass hole. I was gazing at it and was in utter disbelief. Because Devi aunty’s pussy looked far more different. Perhaps Mom had bore 3 children already and was like 10 years older to Devi aunty, thats why it looked even more tempting to me. I knew it may not be as tight as Devi aunty’s pussy was but still I found a different attraction building up within me. I was now more interested in this. It seemed as if this was the world I should own. The picture of my father seemed to me of an outsider. I could never allow him near my Mom again, I thought. She completely belonged to me. Those were the kind of thoughts that emerged up my mind.

I wanted put my tongue deep into her vagina. I was really out of my mind. Then, my consciousness took me into its control. I took the ointment tube and first applied all over my index finger from the knuckle to the tip. My Mom saw it. “What are you doing? Why are you putting it on your finger?” She was frowning. She was dumb I thought for a moment. How did she think I should have applied on vaginal canal otherwise? I thought.
“Uhh…. you said I should put it inside too?” I was very frightened for a simple mistake in my tone could have ruined everything that was so far good.
“Oh.. umm… yes… ok put it.” She said and looked at the ceiling.

Slowly I inserted my index finger on her vagina. She almost controlled a loud gasp but still she was not enough powerful to shut it off completely. It however came out and I looked up to see what happened. She had her eyes closed and breathing heavily. It seemed to me that she was getting excited. It was not pain at all.

(Part 04 Ends)

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