My strict Aunt and Mom – Part 03

(Part 03)

Devi aunty left for her friend at Noon that day. I had nothing to do except play Mario in the TV video game set bought for Bubbly. I saw some movies in the afternoon after I had lunch. Bubbly had gone with aunty. So I was alone. I remember, I had masturbated once maybe.

With the golden sunshine, when the evening arrived, along with it arrived aunty and her daughter. She was looking stunning in her golden bordered, black Kanjeevaram saree. Instantly I was turned on as I saw her smiling at me.

“I hope you didn’t get bored. I am sorry. My friend was getting engaged today, so I had to be there. I didn’t want to bother you with Bubbly so I took her away with me. So how was your day alone.. eh?” She smiled.
“Not at all aunty, I was thinking about you the whole day. I didn’t know when it was evening.” I said teasingly.
“Now, I see you have become too bolder. Hmmm? Whats the matter sweetie?” She was talking to me like nothing had happened. I could not understand her change since morning. First, she was like, how the hell did you open my clothes last night – but now! She was kidding with me. Women are impossible, I concluded.

“So? What were you thinking about me?” She was looking directly into my eyes.
I felt taken aback. She was sounding welcoming. Not too bad for what had happened the other day. My dreams may come true tonight, I thought happily.
As if reading my thoughts, she said, “But whatever Sid, you must understand our relationship. I am like your Mother. What happened yesterday was not in either of our hands but we must not be fooled with devil but be best guided with our conscience.
I wondered if there was really a conscience withing me. Previously I used to think theres only one inside you; thats the devil.
I was however silent. Not knowing what to say or think.

Then the next few hours went by casually. She was busy in the kitchen while I sat with Bubbly, watching her playing with her crayons. Time to time aunty came to sit with us. And left as soon as a sound of pressure cooker hit us or something smelled burning. I had sometime fallen asleep on the sofa with the remote of TV in my hands.
I was woken up as she patted by shoulders saying that the dinner was ready. We all sat on the small dinning table meant for four people. While we were eating, aunty seemed upset. I asked her what it was bothering her. She said, “No my dear, I am not at all bothered. Just I think, that I have begun to feel a bit sick like yesterday. Not completely like yesterday of course so I wouldn’t need a massage.” She finished the sentence with a wide grin on her face. Like, she was letting me know, that what happened the other day, wouldn’t be repeated. I got annoyed at that. I didn’t feel good.
She saw the expression on my face. So, she placed her hands on mine and said, “Well, I wouldn’t mind if you really enjoy so much massaging me. But let me warn you, you know your limits right?”
“Of course aunty.” I said expressionless. I was privately immensely enjoyed. I didn’t let her catch it. But I had begun to feel stirrings in my groins.

At 11pm that night, my stars shone down on me.

I had warm oil in the pan holding in my right hand and was struggling with intense excitement going through me. I was in the kitchen. When the oil was warm, I kept it on the cooking slab and slowly peered into the bedroom. It was almost shut but was not locked. Aunty was changing her clothes. I was watching her slowly unwrapping her saree. When she was only in the petty coat and the long inner material worn under the saree down the waist, she went and opened the cup board. She took out a nightie. It was a slacks material. I was overjoyed just by watching her, willing to put that on tonight. I felt the similar tingle in my lower abdomen. She was looking so so so beautiful that I had to push my hands through the elastic of my shorts to grab my penis and rub it to calm it down for the moment.

I consoled my penis, while mentally singing a song. Abhi nahin… abhi nahin mere nanhe saitan…(Not now Not now my little devil…)

Actually, I had never heard a song like that. I composed it right then.

She pulled the string of that long cloth hanging down her waist and then… Oh my God… Jesus Christ! She had the same bobby print panty worn. It was the first time I saw her wearing it. She might have guessed that I like that one especially. She was looking like a magical sex goddess. Her legs which I had massaged the other day were looking even more tempting from a distance. I saw her open the petty coat and she was in a stripes marked bra. That took off all of my stored testosterone and charged throughout my body like a rapid fire. I was standing there holding my dick inside my pants with mouth wide open. I must have looked like a stupid clown. I wondered if could have had a photographer picture me then. I would not have felt shy to show it to you now. You must have all died laughing.

She was smiling all the way while she carefully wore the nightie. As I said earlier, it was a slacks material, so it caught to her skin almost tightly, thereby giving me the immense pleasure of figuring our her figure almost as a nude. She was a ravishing beauty about to be explored fully with my hands. At least thats what I thought. I never knew if I could excite her the way I had the previous night and if she bleated like a goat again, and woke up Bubbly then I might grab her throat and suffocate her to death.

I went into the kitchen and quickly pulled out my boxers. When I was only in my underwear, I slowly pulled that down too. And then, I was completely naked. My dick was electrified. It was standing like a fighter jet about to take off. Then I put on the boxers again. I took my underwear and threw it in the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, Devi aunty was standing there smiling at me.

She looked at me, from top to down and then again from down to top. My boxers were loosely fitted on me, while my hard-rock standing dick looked like a very big lump. Her eyes started at it for a moment. She was no more smiling. Just a shocked expression on her face. Then she tried to avoid looking at it too long. Just gazed around and waited for me to step away from the door so that she can step into the bathroom.

“You should not move around the house without your underwear. Bubbly hasn’t slept yet, what impression will she get?” She asked me, her expression normal.
I was silent, not knowing how to respond to such a comment.
“Anyway don’t worry, I am coming in a few moments.” She said a bit smiling and stepped into bathroom and closed the door.

I just didn’t bother about anything and went into the kitchen. I took the pan of warm oil in hands and came out of the kitchen to go into the bedroom. At that moment I heard a flush of water. I couldn’t control anymore so I slowly stepped near the bathroom door and pressed my ears to the door to listen. It was already 10pm and was so silent at that time that even I could have heard a pin drop. I heard her humming a song slowly. She seemed happy with that humming. Suddenly she stopped. Then I heard her sniffling something. Then again sniffling something and then exhale. Her sounds were quite distinct in that eerie silence. Then I peered into the bathroom through a tiny hole in the door. It was although not too lighted but not too dark enough as well. I saw her back to me. I again heard her inhaling too loudly and the exhaling, getting huskier by the time. She turned around, and I was vehemently shocked to see her holding my underwear in her hands close to her nose. I was so excited that saliva drained out of my mouth. I was beyond control.

Then I saw her putting the underwear carefully on the towel rim and adjusting her nightie to come out. With almost a light speed I turned around and flew into the bedroom in less than a second. Bubbly had fallen asleep on one side of the bed. I carefully sat down on the edge with the pan in my hands trembling. Finally, after long 2 minutes she came into the bedroom smiling.

She saw me with the pan of warm oil in hands, waiting for her. “So sweet! You take so good care of me. Sometimes I feel guilty for letting you do this. Please don’t feel bad Sid. I am sick and I don’t have any other option than to let you do this.” She said. Although she tried to look calm, her voice betrayed her. She sounded very husky as if sexually molested.
“Come on aunty. You know I love you. I am enjoying… I mean, I am happy that you enjoy my massage so much. I will try to do better today.” With that I saw her beam up with excitement.
She smiled and stretched herself. “Oh my God aunty you are looking so sexy… sorry, I mean beautiful. I mean, I mean…” I was acting like a stupid asshole. I was afraid of what slipped from my mouth. But she acted as if she hadn’t heard what I said.

“Haah! Ok…whatever.” She said and climbed up the bed. “I am very tired today. Just massage me. I really need it.” By the time she seemed to forget all the social customs and relationships and beginning to enjoy me.

She slept and turned towards Bubbly, sleeping on one side. Without bothering too much, I lifted her slacks nightie upwards, until above her knees unlike the previous night. The slacks nightie felt soft at touch and heavy on my palms. Her legs looked too sexy. So nicely shaped, I thought. They seemed much fairer than the previous night. There were no more tiny hairs so it looked like a smooth, polished surface.
I felt like watching heaven on earth.

I began to drop slowly, the warm oil on her legs. She moved slightly responding to the ecstatic feeling of warm oil drops on her bare skin. Then I started applying them on her legs and running my hands on her skin. Her skin was shimmering when the oil was uniformly applied. With magical circles with the tips of my fingers I started playing all over her calf muscles right from the knees until hers toes. Her slight body movements encouraged me to go further and further making sexual touches rather than just a massage.

After 10 minutes of playing with her calf muscles I was bewildered with excitement. I could hear her breathing heavily time to time. Those things encouraged me to go further and further making more lovely movements on her. Without bothering too much I lifted her slacks nightie further upwards until the middle of her thighs. I was wonder struck. I couldn’t believe her thigh skin so smooth and beautiful to look at. I saw there were no more tiny hairs on it. Her bare skin was throwing me off guard. I touched it with my palms. It felt soft and smooth. It was warm enough and didn’t need any massage actually. They were glistening.

For sometime my vision was blackened. They were so fair that it reminded me of soft white snow. I could not control further, so I leaned forward and smelled them. It smelled sweet and sweaty. It made me even more excited. So excited that I had to grab hold of it to console it down as it was still not the moment.

As if in sleep, she turned to sleep on her belly, her bottoms pointing at me. I watched in awe, the curves of her body. I had never seen her that way earlier. Her fleshy bums were standing up like two co-joined mountains. The curves were maddening. I was so deeply excited and I once more started salivating.

I began to feel spasms on the tip of my penis and violent eruptions of hot fluid slowly draining out. The curves started from the nape of her neck and slowly sloping upwards in the middle of her back, then slowly sloping downwards at the back of her waist. Then suddenly, like a steep cliff sliding upwards and forming her fleshy, bulgy hips and slowly sloping downwards forming the level of her lower thighs. I was astounded watching her sleep on her belly. Almost in an instant I smoothed my palms right from her shoulder blades and ran it downwards over her soft, silky, smooth nightie. It felt warm and closing my eyes I felt her body under my palms like a blind reading a braille. The moment when my palms were over her bums, I shivered with excitment. I felt her pulpy, fleshy hips and also felt the panty lining under it. Then slowly, feeling the warmth and contours of her body, I ran my hands downwards feeling her bare legs under her knees until it was over her heels.

My penis was thrusting inside my pants. It was as hard as stiff rock, ready to explode the molten lava burning inside it. She had started breathing heavily. Until then her nightie was lifted unto her knees. I slowly lifted it upwards and uncovered her bums. The bobby print panty was looking at me intently. The round balls printed looked like tiny eyes and winking at me with pleasure. They looked so fleshy and bulgy, that I had almost pressed them with my hands.

Now, the edge of her nightie rested on her waist above her panty elastic. I looking at the raw figure. Completely bare legs and her panty. Her ass was as hot as my palms. I gently touched them and Devi aunty stiffened them out of excitement and pleasure. The panty felt even softer than the nightie she wore. I gently squeezed them with my hands and she let out a gasp. I circled my palms over her bums and began to feel orgasmic.

Then I took the pan of warm oil in hands and poured them all over her bare lower thighs. Right from the small of her back till the knees. She shivered with excitement. I started to move my palms over her legs from below her panty to her back of her knees. I could feel the electricity flowing through her body. Time to time I gently squeezed her bums and after about 30 minutes of playing with her legs I wanted to further lift her nightie but it was under her whole weight so it didn’t move.

To my astonishment, she forgot to pretend to sleep. She got up with one hand, not looking at me. Then she took the nightie off her body completely. The time while she raised her hands to remove the nightie, her face completely covered with the cloth, was actually a time I should have taken a snap of. She looked extremely sexy and her figure completely visible to me.

Then when she was done removing the nightie, she again slept down as she was, eyes closed. The nightie lay beside me and I was looking blankly at her of what she just did. In a few moments, when I gathered consciousness, I took the nightie in my hands and smelled them. It was recently washed and the smell of detergent mixed with her feminine aroma came into my nostrils, making me completely go out of mind.

I was frenzied with exhilaration. My muscles felt stiff. My organ was in a position to explode like a thunder. Without even thinking of it, I grabbed hold of her panty elastic and almost tore it down. I was fighting with excitement as I finally pulled it down her body and took it completely off. Her bare ass was filled with goose bumps. That meant she really enjoyed my taking out of it. I smelled the bobby print panty like a mad man. Like a dog sniffling a rotten piece of meat. I began to feel perspiration drops on my forehead. I was heated beyond imagination. I put the whole panty inside my mouth. It smelled and tasted salty and of a faint taste of urine. I was struggling to breathe for a part of panty was inside my mouth and the other part, which covered the crotch was on my nose. I wanted to eat it away.

I was gazing at her. She looked like a bold nude figure that you might have seen in nude american magazines. Her bare ass right in front of me to explore. Forgetting all the massages and all, I touched them with my palms. They felt hot and soft. I squeezed them and instantly at my touch, she stiffened them, moaning softly.

“Oh… Rabbaa… it feels so good…. Oh yes Sid… I love you kiddo. I am dying… oh yeah… yes yes. Please dont stop.” They were like magical rhymes to me, hypnotizing me. I was completely under the magical spell of her mysterious, magnetic, celestial figure.

I bent forward and smelled her naked ass. It was too, smelling sweet and sweaty. I caught hold of them and squeezed them hard like lemons. She let out a loud gasp but not loud enough to wake up Bubbly. I parted her two mountainous hips and for the first time saw the dark eye. It was her ass hole. It was strikingly visible in contrast to her fantastic fair complexion. Her ass hole and the small area around it was much darker as compared to the rest of her body. I lowered my face and dipped it deep inside her ass crack so that her ass hole was touching the tip of my nose. It smelled wonderful. I slowly let out the tip of my tongue and touched it to see Devi aunty bounce up on the bed and crying out, “Oh my God…. I just… ugghhhh…. Hmmmmmm….. Ughhh.. Oh shit. I am coming Sid. Eat it away. I am dying you…. ugghhh…” She was sounding like I had poked a sharp knife into her ass hole. She was dying out of excitment.

I was so occupied by the latest development in our relationship that I was mesmerized in the hunger of savoring the liquid erotica of the moment. We were no more sharing the Aunt-Nephew relationship. It had gone too far and I was happier just to think of it. I was licking the dark eye with all the force my tongue could have permitted. I was thrusting the tip of my tongue to go deeper into the hole. While it was not as hard as my dick to penetrate the never-fucked hole, aunty was enjoying like a heaven. She was moaning, like I had never known anyone can actually moan that way. She was crying out my name as if I was her husband forever. “Oh my Sid, my love…. you are amazing. What… ugghhh…. please don’t…. don’t stop… ppp…please….” I deliberately stopped to see her reaction.

She jumped up and caught me by my hairs so hard, that for the moment I forgot I was sexually aroused. She caught my head hard with her finger nails piercing into my scalp and pounded them on her fleshy, raw boobs like a mad woman.

Excitement had caused her heart to thud all over her breast like some crazy and fateful drum. I was suffocating for not getting enough air to breathe. Almost instantly I embraced her body and we were inter-twined with each other like grape vines. We were rolling all over the bed. I took care that we didn’t wake up Bubbly, neither we get on top of her, killing her right there. Her legs were around my waist and my head, in her, beautiful, big and hungry cleavage. I had managed to unhook her bra by then. I threw that on the floor and was sucking her nipples, like I might have torn it out of her chest. She was holding me with all her strength and I was feeling wonderful holding her bare body so close to mine, that I felt her heart will send blood into my veins. Her body was so hot that an egg placed on her would have boiled in minutes.

Then, she got down and I was on top of her. We both were gasping for not getting enough air. I laid down and my hungry Devi aunty started kissing me wildly on my lips. She was biting my cheeks, lips and ears uncontrollably. She was the sexual empress. The goddess of love at that moment. She began to go down on me. When she was at my dick, she almost cut it out of my body with her teeth. She was savoring the hot liquid coming out of it as if it was a piece from McDonald’s. I was frenzied with orgasm.

With all my power I hold her and made her lay down and went on top of her. Her face was red, and eyes, burning red. She looked at me sexily and commanded me, “Now, don’t stop. Now!” That was a cry.

Her command made me even bolder. I was dying out of excitement. I caught hold of her long, ivory black hairs hardly. Then I put my tongue with pressure inside her mouth. It was something very hard to describe. We were hungrily licking each other’s lips and playing with our tongues. Her soft tongue movements in and around my mouth, swelled my penis beyond its original size. While she licked my lips, I was pressing, squeezing, her breast and pinching her nipples slowly. I think that made her even more excited and she pushed her hand through our chests which were pressed too hard with each other and reached my dick. She started rubbing it up and down.

Soft, hot and lubricating fluids started oozing out of the tip of my dick and she enjoyed slipping her tip of thumb over the slippery tip of my penis. It made confusing sensation deep inside my lower abdomen. The penis ached. I grabbed her even harder and then started biting her neck lightly. That was mesmerizing. We both were in such an immense pleasure that we never had the consciousness to keep track of time or place or relationships or any social responsibilities. She was getting such a pleasure probably after a very long time and for me it was a debut performance. Still I tried to remember all that I had seen in the Mallu porns and started applying it on her, which she not only liked but begged to me to do it more and more to her.

I let her lay down on the bed. In an hour or so, I saw my dick for the first time. It was swollen to such a length that one would have thought that I am a regular customer of the ‘penis enlargement pills’ about which we get hundreds of spams everyday. The tip was dark red and shining for the lubricating fluids that had continuously started oozing out. Devi aunty had her eyes closed and was continuously moaning with a big frown on her face.

I went down on her. I started licking her belly button. The sexy belly button. Watching her fair body completely naked and touching her belly button maddened me with wild ecstasy. I went further down and smelled her pussy for the first time. It was smelling just wonderful. The same, faint tinge of urine along with the sweet smell of her vaginal fluids was so nice that instantly I started licking it with hunger. She had her pubic hairs left trimmed. They were tiny hairs and brushed on my cheeks while I licked her labia. Her clitoris had swollen by the time and looked like a tiny torch bulb. I touched it with the tip of my index finger. She jumped up in excitement and pressed my face hard holding me by my hairs tightly between her legs. I went down and started licking her ass hole. It was smelling more sour by then. It was completely soaked with my saliva and the darkness of the area seemed to go away. Her dark eye, her ass hole seemed fairer to me. I inserted one finger into it and started pumping it.
“Oh my God, Now… Now… please… ugghhh…hmmmm…. I love you Sid….. I am dying you….pppp.. ehhh.” She was moaning. And then started breathing heavily like an asthma patient.

I pressed my tongue as far as possible into her vagina. It tasted, salty, sweet, warm and everything. She was dying with excitement. With that she pushed me hard and laid me down. In an instant she went down and started licking my dick. She was eating it away. She was sucking it so hard that without thinking of anything I gave up and slept with my eyes closed. I was savoring the moment of passion. A pleasure I never knew existed on earth. Just then I could not control anymore. Her hard and constantly sucking my penis made it cum in her mouth. I was over joyed. I felt a blind excitement and jerking sensation from my balls. I came and came and came again into her mouth. Her mouth was full of my semen. She gulped it down her throat as if someone after a long search for water in a desert behaves. She was truly and madly enjoying drinking all of my cum in her mouth. Then, to my astonishment she went further down and started licking my ass hole. With strong and powerful movements of the tip of her tongue she was feeling the ass hole with acute amusement.

Then, she put one index finger into my ass hole. While then, she was again sucking my cock with full force. I never got a time, when my dick got down. Even if I had ejaculated some moments before, biologically it should go down. But logically and practically it didn’t. She was swallowing my cock deep into her throat while she was pushing her index finger into my ass hole. I was in cloud nine of ecstasy then. Then for about next half an hour she continued the same thing. Slowly moving upwards she made circular movements with the tip of her tongue over my belly and continued till my throat. Then again we were hungrily savoring away each other’s saliva. We were deeply kissing each other while she was on my top.

With a slow movement, she caught hold of my dick and slowly inserted it into her pussy. It felt surprisingly warm and hungry. She completely came over me and sat in an upright position and started moving up and down. First slowly then like a mad woman she started moving with a pace which I couldn’t have afforded. With quick jerks she moved up and down and up and down rhythmically moaning. “Oh yeah… Oh yeah… Haiyyoo Rabba… ohh… ahhh.. ssshh… ummm…. yes yes yes.”

Then in a few minutes I was on top of her. I banged her on and on for hours it seemed. Then again a warm and wild explosion began within me. As soon as I finished ejaculating, she cried out of pleasure and excitement and caught my back and dug it deep into my skin. (That created marks on my back and remained for over a year. Those marks were the reason which eventually led into a sexual relationship with my mother). But I would discuss that later.

While she came, she made so loud sounds that we both realized that Bubbly had woken up. But at that time, even if I had the consciousness to stop, she was in her climax. She never heard Bubbly waking up and looking strangely at us. Shocked.

With some more loud outbursts at last she came and squirted. Her hot fluids were all over my pubic area. “Oh my God… Ohhh….Ohhh…. Ohhhh…. yeah yeah yeah… Rabbaaaa…” Were the last words on her lips. Then gradually she calmed down and with a shock stared at Bubbly who was watching us all this time and wondering why her mother is crying out loud.

Bubbly had woken up from sleep and seemed too shocked to understand anything. However, she didn’t cry. My helpless Devi aunty wrapped herself with the blanket quickly and took Bubbly in her arms. She slept in 2 minutes. Then slowly she put her on her place and looked at me, smiling sexily. As she was looking at me, she seemed to getting lost in thoughts and then her smile dried. She looked at me with shock and shame. Then lowered her eyes and spoke up only after a while.

“I am sorry Sid”, She started crying, “I am not a woman of good character. I made such things, which I should not have even dreamt of. I have ruined a child only of 14 years old.” Then she started crying uncontrollably.
I reached her side and patted her on shoulder. She was inside the blanket while I was beside her completely naked. Like a shameless pimp, I didn’t even bother to dress up.
“Why… Why don’t you get dressed.” She said me after sometime when her tears subsided.
“Oh my God, aunty please! No more formalities please. I love you and you too love me. Now we have shared such things that makes people bond together forever. Now I am all yours. I will love you this way for the rest of my life.”
“What are you talking about. You have a future. You are not even out of your school. You can even file a molestation case on me. You must forget all that happened. I was deeply frustrated and in craziness I forgot who you are and what am I doing.” She stopped to breath.
“Please!” I was begging there, sitting next to her. My penis was flat by then.
“No Sid. This is not good. I love you and will remember this pleasure forever but it will stop here itself. I am booking a return flight for you tomorrow.” She said though she was repenting for it. She was strict, so whatever had happened was itself a life time achievement. I didn’t push her too much.
Those words even though were like hammer blows to me, I didn’t speak.
She ran her fingers through my hairs. “I love you” was all she said.
“I love you too. But I am always yours. Just remember that. I don’t want to persuade you further as I know you are already emotionally disturbed.” I said as I woke up to put on my boxers.

“Whatever, sleep next to me tonight. I need an arm to rest on. I am all yours but you will have to go.” With that she again started crying.
I didn’t speak. Just got up and went into the bathroom and washed myself. When I got back she had put on her panty and bra but not the nightie.
“As we have already crossed all the limits of privacy and shamelessness, let me at least feel the warmth of your body this last night.” She said with a sad smile on her lips. Her eyes were red and we both had not slept well in 2 consecutive nights.

I got into the blanket and switched the A/C to coolest level. Then feeling the warmth of each other’s body we slept soundly.

The other day at 7pm I was in the Santa Cruz domestic airport seeing off Devi aunty.
“Take care sweet heart. I will wait for your next vacation. Please forgive me. I wanted you to stay more but I have some emotions that even I don’t understand. I want you. I will have you.” As she said tears kept draining down her cheeks.
I wiped her tears with my fingers and placed a warm kiss her cheeks. “I will never forget a woman like you. I will come back for sure.” With that I bid them farewell and went into the Airport terminal. Even I couldn’t stop a drop of tear or two.

When inside the flight I leaned back on the seat. I was very tired for the last two day’s workouts. Then I felt burning sensation on my back. It was hurting too much. The finger nails of Devi aunty had deeply bored into my skin. She had put Neospirin ointment before coming to the airport and had apologized to me. I had had told her, “These are the love marks that will keep me reminding of you. I hope they will be there until the next time I see you. I can’t wait for that time. I must have completed Matriculation by then. I will get admitted into some college here in Mumbai so we will be together forever.” She had beamed up in excitement and had said, “I am waiting for that too.” And then she had kissed me.

Now the burning sensation in the flight seat was actually reminding me of her. I slept through the flight back. I reached home at 10pm that night. When I rang the bell, my Mom answered the door. She was in her one of the most happiest moods just to see me back so soon. “Welcome home sweet heart. Your bro and sis never came home. I think they will skip this vacation. Well, I don’t care as my darling is back. Go and change your clothes while I serve dinner for you.”

Everything went fine for the next three days. I was emotionally disturbed for getting departed from Devi aunty. I was fantasizing her each and every moment. She had called up a dozen of times since I had arrived. And we had spent hours talking to each other. I was worried that my Mom might get suspicious. But Devi aunty was far more intelligent. She called always in the evening when my Mom used to go out. She knew it, as punjabi’s can hardly stay alone. They need company to show off their wealth in front of other neighbors. We had two flats which were rented and we stayed in a very big house which my dad had purchased out of the black money he used to raise. He was a colonel and had contacts with very high ranking people and had tremendous source of money which he cleverly stated as income from a rubber plantation owned by my Mom. He even escaped paying tax for it was an agricultural gain.

I was waking up from a dream. I had a night fall. I felt sticky in my pants. I was recollecting the wonderful dream I had just some moments before. I lazily looked around and saw, it was only 8 in the morning. I was feeling the smell of her thighs and ass. I was feeling an erection. I was lying on my back and the tumescence seemed like a mountain in my pants. My dick was hard like rock. Then I heard footsteps. I was nearing more and more and finally with my eyes almost closed I saw my Mom peeping into my room. I felt embarrassed. It was the first time that she was viewing me like that. I saw her looking at it for a long time and then looking at me from head to toe. Then she entered the room. I felt even more embarrassed, so as if in sleep, I turned to sleep on one side so that it would end my humiliation.

I was fully concentrating on the sounds of her footsteps coming closer to my bedside. Then I felt her finger tips running over my back.
Oh Shit! I remembered the nail marks on my back. I had seen them in the mirror. They were sharp marks all over my back and were distinctly visible. Now, I was dead afraid as to how to face my Mom and explain her the marks. Even I could not see her face, I could sense the shock which was running in her. After examining the marks more, she slowly went away thinking that I was asleep.

I was fearing what would be the best excuse and explanation. I lazily went and brushed my teeth and after a shower I went down for breakfast. I was expecting a blast that would come to me anytime.

I was not making an eye contact with her and she was too having breads without looking at me. I was feeling more and more uncomfortable by then.
“So, you didn’t tell me much about your vacation? What did you do there? Enjoyed?” She asked me casually and I was shocked for I didn’t get what I was expecting. She sounded normal as if nothing happened.
“Well… err.. I mean, everything was just fine. We had gone to Essel World and the film city. We had a nice time there.” I lied and tried to act excited as if I had really enjoyed.
“Really?” She asked me normally and at the same time it sounded sarcastic to me.
“Why did you come back so soon? I mean, I thought you would spend a month there. Are you all right?” That question caught me off guard. I didn’t know how to say what. I had not thought about that question too much. I had no answer.
“Umm… nothing Mom, I just felt bored there. Devi aunty had taken up a new job and I was feeling very bored being alone most of the time. Uncle was not there so it was really boring.” I was saying and at same time thinking of what to say. I was afraid she would catch me lying.
“But Devi told me that she was all the time home on leave. She didn’t go to the office all the time you were there.” I was baffled. I didn’t know Devi aunty might have said that or I would have given a better explanation.
“No. She was there some days only.” I answered annoyed so that she would stop interrogating me.
Well, finally she did. But she seemed engrossed in thoughts. She tried to look calm but I could understand her thought.
“Ok darling, don’t worry. I was just curious what all you did there. You must enjoy your holidays with me also. So, you have vacation for the whole next month. Lets see if I can prove a good mother.” She said with a smile. I felt drained. I went up and started reading a novel the rest of the morning. I knew my Mom had to go out for some business and Devi aunty would call. I was waiting.

The wait seemed to last longer than waiting for peeing in a fully crowded public urinal. I was in a different state. I had so many thought spinning around my neurons that I thought to myself, that I might be going crazy.

My Mom saw the marks but didn’t say a word to me. Whats the point? What might be she thinking? She had such features in her body that imagining them without holding your dick will lead to a public humiliation. I had tried to bath in her bathroom 3 times already, thinking that there might be some used panty hanging there. I was uncontrollably rubbing my dick while I sat there imagining the scene with my mother a couple of days ago. When I had come home from Raja’s house and she might have been masturbating. When I had seen her worn unwashed panty. That had smelled so wonderful that imagining it created the similar tingle in my lower abdomen. I was out of my mind. I was unable to keep of her body out of my mind. Then suddenly the telephone started ringing. I ran downstairs to answer it as it was a long ring. I knew that it might be aunty.

When I came down I saw our house maid sweeping the floor. I knew Mom must be in the market by now. I reached the telephone.

“Hi there my sweet heart. How are you? Wait let me answer for you. You were just thinking about me right?” She asked me naughtily. She had become just too friendly with me after those two episodes in her Mumbai flat.
“Yes sexy. I was.” I lied. I was actually fantasizing Mom.
“You are a bad boy. You made such things to me that now I had to start some bad habbits.” She said in a mock anger.
“What bad habits dear?” I asked.
“Well, after you have done those moves with me, you made me a sex maniac. I am not being able to concentrate on anything. Your uncle had never made me experience anything like that. Every night after Bubbly sleeps, I have to finger myself. I am dying to see you again. Just let this year pass away like a lightning. I cannot wait my love.” She sounded sad.
“Well my jaan, you just keep masturbating until I go to you again. We will be with each other forever.” I promised her positively.
“So? How is your back now. Those wounds have healed or not?”
“Yes the pain has gone but the marks will be there until I get them again from you.” I joked laughing at it.
“Sure baby. Just be careful, if your Mom sees them, then she will not understand what situation led to this relationship between us. She may not understand how the love between us blossomed. Its not good but as it has already started, we can’t do anything. Now I have to go to office. I must not be late. My boss was very angry for those leaves I took to be with you. So Good bye and take care. I will call you tomorrow evening, Okay?”
“Sure aunty, I will be waiting for you.”
As I had almost finished talking, I heard in the phone something. Then it was clear…
“Madam, sweeping ho gaya.” (sweeping is done).
I was listening to that and almost simultaneously I understood our own house maid was saying that to someone.

I looked up and I saw her standing in front of my Mom’s room. “Now shall I wash the clothes?” She was looking inside the room.
In the phone I heard an echoed voice, “Now shall I wash the clothes.”

Like a mad man I was unable keep the outburst of fear coming out from me. So, my Mom is in the house? I was hearing what the maid was saying, that meant my Mom had picked up the phone? She heard what we were talking? Those questions kept bouncing in my mind.

Devi aunty didn’t know all these as she had just hung up before the house maid’s voice came through it. I slowly replaced the receiver down so that she would not feel that I knew that she was prying.

Almost immediately a thought sprang up and I quietly went up to my room as if nothing had happened. If I were to know about what she is thinking, I have to keep my mouth shut and let her do all sleuthing work. Let her bring the topic to me herself. Then I will see. I thought and pretending normal I went into my room.

(Part 03 Ends)

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