My strict Aunt and Mom – Part 02

(Part 02)

I came out of the bedroom stretching my arms. I rubbed my eyes and went to the sink to wash my face.
Bubbly was making a dinosaur in her drawing copy.
I went into the kitchen. Aunty was clad in a shawl. I was surprised. Shawl in such a hot weather?
“You woke up sweetie. My god this cold!” She exclaimed.
“What happened, why are you in a shawl. Are you fine?”

“First, my dear boy, thank you so much. I dont feel any pain in my thighs at all! What did you do by the way.” She asked me with a big grin. “I mean its completely gone.”
“Oh nothing, just I massaged it. I am happy that its not bothering you anymore. I can do anything to see you happy.”
“Really?” She stretched the word. And gave me a cup of tea.
“So, untill when did you massage. You never wake up this late? And Mr.Siddharth Singh, I excuse you to open my clothes just because it took away all my pain.” Now she was sounding serious. I could not understand first then I thought, Oh Shit, I had forgotten to tie up her pants after giving all the massage!
“I am so sorry aunty, you were in too much pain. As soon as you led me into the bedroom, you fell asleep. I couldn’t do anything but open your…” I let the sentence incomplete.
“Ok boy I am shivering here. Lets go there and have tea. I woke up just sometime back. And I was happy to see Bubbly already sitting with her drawing book. I felt like I am a bad mother. She was without food the whole morning! And I am sorry for the vodka issue. I will never drink again.”
“Its okay aunty, I enjoy… sorry… I mean its okay.” I stopped what I was about to say.

I said after we finished the tea, “Whatever, first tell me why are you clad in a shawl?”
“Yeah, I have got cold fever. I am shivering now.” She sneezed, “Well, the massaging was great, but why did you massage the whole thigh. I mean, you naughty fellow, you massaged without shame right from my groin till my knee.” She tried to recollect something and then said, “Oh God, sorry, I never told you where the pain was.”
“Yes exactly” I said, smiling that she didn’t know that I exactly knew where the pain was. It was out of excitement that unknowingly I had played across her sexy and beautiful thigh.

“I don’t know, I must have enjoyed it though.”
I was taken aback. “How can you say that. You were in a heavy sleep.”
“Yeah and you took the advantage of it?”
“Sorry, I didn’t get you.”
“You exactly know what I am saying” she gave me a knowing smile and nodded her head, “Human body is made that way. It doesn’t matter if one is conscious or not, the mind knows whats happening to the body all the times.”
Still not sure what she was trying to say, I kept quiet and let her speak.
“I don’t know, how to say it but anyway we are friends so let me tell you something. Today when I woke up I had a feeling that I was sexually excited at night yesterday. I mean I never had a dream like that, that means, my body reacted to what you might have done. And whatever it is, it was not Just a massage. It was something more than that isn’t it?” She was asking me directly looking at my eye. I didn’t know how I should have reacted.

“Well, I did nothing… I … I promise. I am sorry. But how can you know.”
“Really? Well to be very bold and frank, I had wet my panties when I woke up. If you didn’t act like a nerd, then how did I get excited?” She stopped to look at me. I was silent.
“Anyway, sweet heart, don’t worry. Your hands might be good. Its okay, forget it. I am feeling really bad. I have completed cooking. Its only Rotis and Tadka masala. I am very sick to do more. Sorry dear. I will make better lunch tomorrow when I feel better. Now I must be in bed.”

“Oh Please aunty, don’t be so formal with your sweet friend. I love you so much. I can bear a whole day without food. You please have your lunch now. I am going to get some Crocin tablets for you.” I said and left to the nearest medicine store.

I ran as fast as I can. I got Crocin and got back to the apartment.

I straightaway went into the bedroom. Aunty was in a blanket. Shivering. She looked at me sheepishly and told, “My dear boy, you take such a good care of me. I don’t know what would have happened to me and Bubbly if you were not here now.”
“Oh Please aunty, if you would be so formal with me, then I would feel, I am an outsider. Not your own. I love you so much you know!”
“Awww, so sweet. I love you too sexy boy. If you were not my own blood and a little bit older then I would have remarried you.” She said it so casually, it could not make me sexually excited but made me fall in love with her all over again. I began to wonder, what it would be to have her as my wife. She is 14 years older than me and at that moment it seemed ‘only 14 years’ as if I was talking about a year or two.

I took a plate of four Rotis and some Tadka masala to her in bed and after she had her lunch I gave her a Crocin. She kissed me on my cheeks and let me go. After taking the pill she asked me to hand over her cordless phone. She was freezing and her body was like ice. I wiped her forehead and arms with a towel soaked with warm mustard oil and I wanted to wipe all her body but she denied me, saying that I have already done whatever fondling I could do. Now its back to the same track again and even she too casually reminded me to be a decent boy apart from all the love and all.

To be honest, I really felt helpless. I wanted anyhow to make her comfortable. I wanted her to be well again and full of spirit so that I can love watching her. She was like a golden beauty wrapped in household miseries and miseries of her ass hole husband. Instantly I felt like giving her hug and tell her that I was going to be with her forever. I hugged her indeed. So tight that she had to laugh and tell me, “Now thats like my husband, taking care of me. I truly wish you were someone else and older. You are such a nice guy Sid. I love you dear. And the girl you will marry is going to be the luckiest one. Believe me.”

Shit! She is again on the same gramophone record. Repeating the same lines again and treating me like a child. How can I tell her that I don’t want to marry anybody else but to look after her for my whole life? I thought.

She held the cordless phone and it was trembling in her hands. “She slowly dialled a number and pushed the ‘handsfree’ button as she no longer could held it to her ear to talk. The voice at the other end after some rings said:
Aunt cleared her throat, “Yeah, Hi, Jassi, how are you?”
“I am fine. Oh, Devi! You sound terrible, what happened?”
“Oh Nothing, yaar, I am just shivering. I think I have got a very bad cold. My whole body seems frozen and turning into water. I have not bathed. I am feeling terrible” My aunt said.
“Oh my god. Thats upsetting. I think you are getting hypothermia. I don’t know how its possible in this climate. Anyway I am sorry dear. Take a peg of Brandy if possible. That is, if you want to feel better by tomorrow.”
“What?” She laughed slowly, “Well I have promised to my Sid, that I will never touch liquor again.”
“Really? Then I would suggest something better. It may sound crazy but scientifically approved. Have a long and passionate fuck with him and it will make you well in a couple of hours.” She said and laughed hysterically. While I was standing there shocked, with a towel in one hand and a pan of warm mustard oil in the other. The pan slipped and fell on the floor. I was nervous like hell.

“What the fuck Jassi? Mind what you are saying. Sid is my nephew! He is only 14 years old.”
“Oh Shit! I am sorry, I thought your husband’s name is Sid.” She apologized while she didn’t know she made my life even more miserable.

Aunty switched off the ‘hands free’ mode and took the phone to her ear with her trembling hands.
I excused myself and went into the kitchen to keep the bowl. And without feeling guilty picked up the landline to hear the rest of the conversation.

“…is a nice boy. I love him too much. He is cute and a sweet boy. He is taking a good care of me. And why I shouted at you is that he was here only, when you told that thing. The phone was in ‘hands free’ mode as I was not able to hold it properly. He heard everything you idiot. I don’t know how I will face him now.” Devi aunty was saying.
” I am sorry dear. I never knew he was you nephew. But listen to me…. err… Is he there now? I mean near you?”
“No. Anyway I have it in my ears now. He can’t listen. Tell me what?”
“What I told you about the sex is true. Ask your husband to make love to you if you feel worse. It will really help. As you said you are getting frozen, I am a bit tensed, because we call it in medical term Hypothermia. People can die, you know? I have personally prescribed some of my patients to do that. I really helps.”
“Ah, come on, I won’t need it. And forget about my husband making love to me. He is still there with that whore in Dubai.”
“Oh I am sorry. Anyway if you feel bad, then please call me. I will prescribe you something else. Ok now, I have some patients waiting. I will call you later.”
“Oh sorry Dr.Jassi. I had forgotten about that. Sorry to disturb you. Chalo bye I have begun to feel worse. Bye now.”
“Bye, take care.” And the line was broken.

I sat there still. My mind spinning turbulently of what I heard. I sighed and thought, at last somebody took my name with her. Thats enough for me as of now.

As I got up to go into the bedroom, I saw Devi aunty weakly getting up from bed and turning the computer on. With the tiny space between the door screen, I saw her doing a google search for ‘hypothermia’ and its possible desi treatments.

I was too worried as Devi aunty was getting more and more frozen by evening. I was feeling worse just by watching her sick. I loved her and wanted nothing to happen to her. She was smiling when she talked to me. But she was not well. I fed Bubbly, Maggi and asked her to sleep. When it was 9:30pm I got some breads and made scramble eggs and with milk we had dinner. I mean Me and Devi aunty. She was feeling very hot as her body temperature was too low. She was kind of fighting a frostbite in summer season.

“Aunty, I am mad. I will die if anything happens to you. Come lets go to the hospital.” I said with a concern in my voice.
“Hey, my sweetie” she said with trembling voice, “Look how concerned you have become. I want you with me. Just sit near me, talk to to me.” She was smiling and shivering at the same time.
“Aunty I cant see you like this. We will have to do something. Your condition is getting worse.” As I said I touched her forehead. It was cold like ice. I massaged her scalp and put her head in my lap.
She smiled, “You are a sweet heart. Now give your aunty a kiss.” I kissed her hard on her cheeks. It felt cold and rubbery.

“Now, even I think, I am getting worse” she said, “please go and bring some warm mustard oil.” She asked me.
“Sure” I said and went into the kitchen.

When I came back she looked at me and smiled. Even in that condition she looked very beautiful. Her eyes were reddish and teary. She was looking very very sexy.
“Yeah, look, we will have to do this. I am feeling bad to make you do this, but its necessary now.” As she said she weakly sat up on the bed and got down.
Then shivering, she got down from her bed and lifted her Kameez. Then untied her salwaar string and dropped her pants. All the time she was looking down, unable to meet my eyes. Then she told me. “Sid, please turn your head opposite to me.” I did as she asked me. I was in total shock and unable to understand what was happening.

After a while she asked me to come near her. I turned and saw her in the bed under the blanket shivering, just as she was sometime back. I saw her Salwaar Kameez lying on the floor carelessly.
“Sid, now please massage my body with the warm oil. Dr.Jassi asked me to do so. Please Sid, don’t feel bad.”
“Of course not aunty. Now I will see to it that your body gets completely heated.” I said and smiled.
“Really? Okay to whatever you like. Just make me feel better. I am freezing.”

As she said she closed her eyes.

I sat near her legs on the bed. I kept the pan with warm oil near me.
I slowly lifted the blanket over her legs. They were white as milk. Long slender legs with the tiny hairs that I had seen the previous night. I lifted the blanket until her knees first. I started applying oil on her calf muscles and feet. On both her legs I made sensuous yet tight movements. First slower, then, faster to generate heat. Then again I slowed down and again went faster. Every time I slowed down to relax my arms a tiny moan went out of her mouth. She was feeling better but embarrassed at the same time because she was conscious and feeling her young nephew massaging her bare legs. She had her eyes closed and time to time was looking at me. I too avoided looking into her eye.

After about 15 minutes she said very slowly, “Upper part also” so slow that almost missed it.
“Sorry?” I asked.
Gathering courage she said, “Ahem… err… thighs also” and the blushed putting her hands on her face as if a school girl.
“Sure aunty… please don’t feel shy. I am your own. I love you and thats what I am doing to you now. Just relax.”
“Ok jaan.”
I slowly lifted the blanket further upwards untill her complete thigh was visible to me. She blushed even more for her whole lower part, just below the groins was naked in front of me. My strong hands were running all over her both of legs from near the groins to the feet. I had got so aroused that I was afraid that aunty will see the lust in my eyes and feel bad that even at this point I have sexual feelings for her.

As I was moving my hands upwards, it slightly hit her panty over her pussy. She let a slight moan escape from her mouth. I was amused to hear that. She had a different pink colored panty. It was shiny and I could only see it barely as it was almost under the edge of blanket. The blanket was lifted until there.
As the moan slipped off her mouth she blushed and then put her hand under the blanket just above her pussy and held the blanket so that it doesn’t give a way for me to peer into it. I almost cursed my fate…

The moan made me even more engrossed in the situation. I was totally enveloped with the massaging erotica. I was feeling like a mentally hallucinated person. Everything was in a slow motion. Her legs had begun to feel little warm by then. I was happy to see Devi aunty blushing and at the same time doing whatever possible to hide her privacy in front of me. She had gotten more and more excited as frequently I heard her moan and breath faster.

After half an hour when I had finished massaging her slender and sexy legs. I wanted to grab her and make love to her forever. I was mad with excitement. Time to time as I got chance to see her pink panty partly, my groins ached. I made a last long wipe on her legs right from her groins till her feet. Then I sat up and stretched as my arms as they had too started to give up, but my mind was restless.

“My God you are a terrific massager. I feeling so… good… that… I mean… Oh my god…. I love…” She let the sentence trail off in the middle. That was a long sigh and a kind of moan with those words coming out. I was so pleased to see her getting excited by every minute.
“Shall I massage your arms?” I asked expectantly.
“Sure, arms and the back. I am trembling now too dear.” As she finished she turned and covered her legs with the blanket with the help of her legs. In that fraction of time I saw her whole body from back side. Her asses were so big and fleshy. The panty was tightly fitting her booty. I almost had grabbed her panty elastic and pulled it down when I forcibly stopped me from doing that.

She enveloped her legs with the blanket so that the edge of the blanket just covered her panty completely from back. Now, she was resting on her belly. Her bare back directly in front of my eyes. The figure was stunning. Her back was completely fair and there was not even a single dot on it except for a tiny black mole on her lower back. It was brightly visible in contrast to her fair complexion.
“Oh my God!” The words just slipped out of my tongue even before I could stop it.
“What happened?” She asked innocently while fighting the sickness with all of her strength. Her jaws were tight and she was shivering uncontrollably.
“Nothing aunty, I was just stunned with… anyway sorry.” I was still afraid to go on.
“Stunned for what dear… anyway I think I am dying.” She said as she was trying hard to keep her voice calm in that agony.
“Please don’t say that. You will see how you will feel better in seconds.” I promised her optimistically and poured some warm oil on her bare back.
“Oh… Its feeling better…. please go on.” She encouraged me.

As I tried to massage her back, the bra strip made a barrier to my warm, running hands. I didn’t bother and continued to massage her back, while her bra strip passed under my palms every time it went up and every time it ran down.
“Open that. Don’t feel bad Sid. I am a bad lady. I am making you do all these and perhaps ruining you.” She said. She had no idea, how much I was enjoying doing that.

It was a shock to hear aunty asking me to open her bra strip so casually. I knew at another situation this wouldn’t have been possible but in this case she was truly in a situation of ‘do or die’. So, putting aside all the shame and modesty she was asking to me to open her bra strip.

Much to my exhilaration, she had started to sweat. That mean’t she was recovering from her hypothermia. Besides all the excitement and pain in my groins, I was happy to see her recovering. I unhooked the strip and parted it. The strips were now resting on both the sides of her bare back. The whole back was so well constructed that I wondered if she had the eligibility to show up in one of those magazines that are found in all railway stations throughout India. The whole fair back only with a tiny black mole made it look like a heavenly body, the body of the celestial nymphs. I had the instant urge to kiss them, but my presence of mind restrained my lips and testosterone running with my blood to do anything as such.

I was massaging with pleasure, her body. It was in my hands and I felt like I had the whole world in my hands. The slight depression in the middle of her back, running the whole length, where the backbone is supposed to be present, was slightly moistening with sweat drops. My fingers were doing magic to her. She was moaning louder now. I could feel the pleasure she was deriving from the whole act. The depression for the backbone ran along her back and it ended just at the pelvic girdle. There were two tiny depressions on the either side. It was looking so tempting that I could not but touch them with my two index fingers and I made circular motions. At that point she moaned even louder.

“Wow, thats feels… so… good. Sid… please do it more. I want… to sleep forever like this… Oh my God. Its… its.. feeling so nice. Your hands are doing magic.” She was moaning in a deep husky voice. That made wildest of the wildest stirrings to my dick. I could no longer wait. I told her, “Aunty, I am feeling so good that you are enjoying it. But I am sitting in an awkward position. I have to sit beside you and bend my body to keep it parallel to yours. Can I sit on your bums… I am sorry.. I mean the small of your back while I massage. It will help me from not spraining my spine.” I said so innocently that even my Mom would not have snapped at me.
“Sure baby… do it… whatever you like…” She was breathing so heavily that the words were hard to recognize.

I made it a point, not to sit on the small of her back, but to sit perfectly on her bums. I stood up on my knees and put my left knee around her and sat on her bums and then little bit slipped my ass on hers downwards so that it will take the blanket of her with it.

Now, My friends, I was there sitting on her warm ass, feeling the warmth with my ass. My boxers were very much pulled up so that the bare skin of my buttocks were directly in tight touch with her pink panty. The warmth of her ass through her soft panties were flowing to my body through my asses. I was euphoric at that stage. I was beyond control.

I saw goose bumps forming on her back. She was really enjoying it! I felt as though I have been placed on machine that excites you thoroughly. Unknowingly, I had forgotten to massage her with a tight grip, that is required to create heat on the skin. I was deep in excitement, in some hallucinated world full of orgasm. I had somehow forgotten why I was there, sitting on her fleshy bums. I was actually making sensuous circular motions on her back, while the goose bumps formed.

Her moans, had gotten me to track, where even a neanderthal couldn’t have returned. I was making those movements while remembered that I must do it in tight grip. I considered it for a moment and started massaging as I was doing it earlier.

“Oh… sweet heart… do it the way you were doing…. it feels good…” She told me like she was babbling in sleep.

I was beyond control again. I started the similar sensuous, light movements on her back. Now, I felt, these movements were creating more heat than the tight grip did. Her body was like a hot iron. She was coming out of it. She was coming out of her hypothermia. Oh no! I thought. This means she will recover and stop me to do this. Instantly I felt guilty for that. What was I thinking. She must come out of her sickness, no matter how much sexually I was excited.

But, she was enjoying it. I made it a point to not to let the situation slip of my hands.

As I was moving my hands towards the nape of her neck, I had to lean on her. Then, my dick got pressed on her ass. Then again and again as I leaned on her to reach her neck my dick again pressed on her fleshy bums. It was hard like a rock. It had swelled into a piece of meat, I had never seen it like before.

Every time my dick pressed on her bums she moaned slowly. I was mad with excitement. Then while moving my hand downwards, rather than stopping at those two tiny depressions, I moved further down so that my fingers touched her panty elastic. She moaned a little louder. The next time I moved my hand more downwards. She moaned even louder. This excited me even more. Slowly I reached my hands to her neck and while going downwards, I stopped and made tiny circular movements wholly on her fleshy bums. By then, she was crying with excitement. Still blushing but at that point, even if she wanted to, couldn’t ask me to stop at all.

I was sensuously circling her whole bums over her panty with my fingers. I poked my fingers on her bums a little too more while circling them so that without the panty on her it could have scratched her skin with my finger nails. She was breathing like she had just finished 50 push-ups. Taking advantage of the moment, I squeezed her bums little tightly. She moaned, “Ahh…ssshhhh…ohhh….sssshhh. Hayo Rabaa…umm.”

I had my dick like a piercing arrow with a burning bolt on its head. I had it pressed very tightly on her fleshy burning hot bums. Hearing Devi aunty moaning in such a naughty way made me insane with pleasure. I gathered courage and slid my fingers, slowly under her panty through her elastic which was meant for her thighs to go in. I found her bums so soft and fleshy that my mouth started salivating.
I wondered if I can eat her bums away. They were burning with heat. My passions overflowed and with fingers I found her ass crack. I smoothed her ass crack with the tips of my fingers and she began to moan uncontrollably. I could feel her ass crack moistened with sweat and sticky liquid that had come out of her pussy. My fingers slid deep into the crevice. I had almost touched her ass hole, when she winced, her muscles in her bums stiffened.
“Oh no… Sid… you must not… I am your aunt. Oh… please stop…” She was saying still in pleasure and moaning.
I put out my hands instantly and started to rub her ass cheeks tightly under her panty. She didn’t say anything, neither did I stop.

I was now grabbing her bums and releasing them, as if playing a game. She thoroughly enjoyed. Then again slowly, I slid my fingers in her ass crack. This time she did tighten her hips but didn’t say anything. I was fingering her ass hole with the tips of my fingers. Then slowly I tried to slide one tip into her ass hole.
“Oh my God… yes….. ummm…. its really so nice dear. I love you Sid.” She began moaning as she did earlier.

Daringly, I put out my hands from her panty and pulled it slowly down from her elastic band meant to hold her waist. She winced a little, but said nothing. I pulled it further down and down until it was near her ankles. I stood up to give it space to pull down. Then finally I completely removed it.

Her figure from the backside totally naked seemed like a pot of nectar. I was sitting there stunned to see her completely naked. Without hesitation, I leaned forward, bent down and placed a short and small kiss on her bums. They smelled sour and sweaty. I pulled out my tongue and gently placed it on her bums. It felt so hot that even I winced.

Withing five minutes I was licking it like a nymphomaniac. I was slightly biting them and aunty was crying with pleasure. She was unable to stop me. While all she was saying was, “Oh Sid… you should not… Its nice…wow… Rabba, mein mar jawan… ohh Sid… stop it now…” While actually she made no such move to stop me physically. Even if the words were asking me to stop, her tone was welcoming. She was inviting me to a gala.

I was too giving slight moans. The noise was getting louder and the atmosphere was getting warmer. She was soaked with perspiration and I had removed my T-shirt for it felt too hot for me to keep it on. I was now massaging her with masculine movements, gripping her skin tightly and the oil I had put earlier played an important role in making a slippery sensation. It was far more orgasmic and the situation beyond my comprehension. I had forgotten the social relationship we used to share. It was now completely a biological and logical understanding that both of our bodies needed and pleaded sexual satisfaction.

My muscles were so far fatigued that for a moment I slept on her bare back. Her whole back was in a fierce contact with my frontals. I was feeling the heat of 100­­­° Centigrade. My dick was in an agony unfathomable. I decided I could no longer hold the pain. While I was on her sleeping, I used my hands to open my boxers. I let my whole weight on her while she was crying out of excitement, and lowered my boxers unto my knee. Then without the help of my hands, I used my legs to push my boxers further down to my ankles and then out of my body.

I was only in my underwear, with my penis protruding through the elastic at waist. Half of the dick was in the underwear and the other half, consisting of the tip and the middle stem rested tightly on her ass. It was too hot and Devi aunty’s body sexually understood its significance. She moaned like a goat, when it bleats in mental turmoil, while taken to be slaughtered.

“Ohhh….ummm” That was a cry. She was sounding, like I had caught her throat tightly and she was gasping for breath. I was frightened for a moment, thinking that she might have really been choking since. But she was not. It was out of the immeasurable excitement.

The tip of my penis had already gotten into her ass crack. It was hot and the heat of her ass cheeks was making it even harder and hotter. I thought for a moment that my cock will split into two halves or my testicles will burst out.

“Oh… yeah Sid… its killing me… ahhhhh….” She cried out so loud that Bubbly woke up shocked and in bafflement started crying uncontrollably.

That was like a tight thrash to me. Devi aunty got up and and madly searched for the blanket which was nowhere to be found on the bed. As if in reflex, I bent down on bed and picked up the blanket, which had fallen down and threw on her as if I was ashamed to see her naked. She wrapped up herself quickly and grabbed hold of Bubbly and started consoling her. She was like a petrified chicken, shivering in fear of what her little daughter might have witnessed of her Mom. She avoided to look at me, but she looked like she was out of the hypothermia completely and all these minutes was engrossed too deeply in sexual pleasure that her conscience of fooling around with her nephew had gotten erased of her mind.

But now, she was conscious of what all had happened over these four long hours.

I was in a situation where my mind had given up functioning. I was so shocked over the incident which had taken place in just a minute before, that I was still sitting there, blankly looking at the little child in her mother’s lap, getting consoled for she might have had a bad dream that, I had forgotten I was sitting only in a piece of underwear in front of my strict-of-reputation, left by her ass-hole husband, Devi aunty.

Without looking at me in the eyes, she hardly spoke, “Dress up!” That was a whisper. Bubbly had calmed down and had just closed her eyes again. Maybe she didn’t want to disturb her. I wondered if she can make her go to sleep and we can continue. But alas! That was a far cry. She was out of her sickness and was now on her own conscience.

I was so stressed at that point that it took me sometime to realize what had really happened. In a fraction of a second I stood up and searched for by boxer. I couldn’t find where it was. The shame was killing me and I was there, searching for my shorts only clad in an underwear. I could feel, Devi aunty watching me over the corner of her eye, even though not directly staring at me. I could not comprehend what was going on in her mind.

My cock didn’t get enough time to calm down. The excitement some moments before was so much that it should have ejaculated before shrinking down. It was still protruding through the elastic band. The bright red tip of my dick was peering out at Devi aunty expectantly but to no use. Devi aunty at that instant understood my situation perhaps so, she looked into her naked body lifting up the blanket and took out my boxer shorts and held out to me. I reached her, avoiding direct contact with her eyes and took the shorts from her hands.

In an instant I turned and blasted out of the room as if deeply hurt, and immensely annoyed. While going out of the door, in the dressing table which was placed near to the door, I caught a glimpse of her, staring at my back. When I went into the bathroom, I realized that my underwear had gone down too low so that my ass was half perfectly visible. I thought with anger and amusement, So she was eyeing my ass!

I masturbated like never before in life and slept on the sofa that night.

I couldn’t fall asleep right then. My mind was filled with too many things. Finally, after an hour maybe, I went into sleep. I had a dream of banging Devi aunty in her asshole. I should have woken up at noon. But bubbly came and sat on my stomach and started swinging on it. I woke up and I looked at the wall clock. It was 9 in the morning. My vision was blurred. I could hear the cooking sounds coming from the kitchen. I could not understand how I would face her.

I didn’t move and diverted my mind to play like a child with Bubbly. She seemed to enjoy sitting on my belly and playing with my nose and lips with her tiny fingers. Devi aunty came in with a plate of Parathas for Bubbly. She might not have expected me to have woken up or she should not have seemed shocked to see me talking to Bubbly.

She turned her gaze around when I met her eyes. “Bubbly, eat these parathas dear.” And she placed the plate on the table. That was all she said and went into the kitchen.

I was unable to concentrate. I could not understand what my fault was. I simply got up and went into the bathroom. It smelled fresh, that means weakly though, she had managed to take a quick bath. I brushed my teeth and bathed. I wondered if that was going to be my last day in her bathroom.

When I came out I saw a plate with parathas for me too. I quietly sat down and ate all of them. I had lost track of how hungry I had been.

Devi aunty came and sat near me with a plate full of parathas for herself. I was hoping to hear, “You should go back to Chandigarh.” Rather she maintained silence while she ate. Once she was finished she started, “I am sorry for what happened yesterday but you are…” She stopped to look at me and then continued, “you… just you crossed the limits you know?”
“I am sorry aunty, but, what could I have done? I mean, I accept that I had got excited while massaging you but when you started moaning with pleasure, I could no longer control. I did, what I did, out of pure excitement and I am sorry for that. But tell me, what one can do when he is being guided by his sex hormones?” I asked in much a matured tone. I had expected a blast, so when she spoke to me almost normally, I had the courage to talk to her frankly.

I saw she was blushing. That meant a green signal, so I continued, “What aunty, I mean we are good friends! If our body’s have responded to each other so nicely, I don’t think its a sin to do it completely.” I was very expectant to her reply with came almost instantly.
“Oh my God. You are a rascal.” She said with a tiny smile.
“Aunty… come on please.” I was pleading.
“No, you are very young. Forget it. I have to go to a friend. I will see you in the evening.” She said as she got up.
I was very angry with her. How could she turn me down so easily? I thought.

(Part 02 Ends)

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