Sexual Liberation

It seems that everyone wants more stories about my affair/relationship with John. Luckily there is not a shortage of encounters to write about even though our sexual relationship was quite brief, lasting not even a year. The following story takes place in Durham, NC where he lived during this time. Being the horny, middle aged woman I was, sex was not far from my mind. I knew that he, being a young man in his early twenties, was always thinking about sex. My car ride to Durham was filled with lusty thoughts that completely took over my mind and body. There were a few occasions of masturbation. I attempted one while driving which did not work out well. I wasn’t able to maintain focus on the road and got caught up in my orgasm. Three times I stopped to the side of the road. Once in Virginia, just past Richmond, I stopped into a rest area and pleasured myself in the evening hours. To the man in the Heartland Express truck, I am sorry but I hope you enjoyed the view!

I arrived at his apartment, located just off the Duke campus, on Morreene Road, knocking quite impatiently. He opened the door and I threw myself on him. Our kissing and touching was frantic and exilerating. I pulled down my sweatpants and revealed myself to him as I reached for his pants. I unbuckled, unbuttoned, unzipped, and let them fall to his ankles. He lifted me up and quite literally threw me on the kitchen counter.

John possessed my hips, angled them to him, and thrust inside of me. Our mouths kept fighting against one another as our bodies began to meld into one. Oh my God, I thought, as I frantically tried to gather my my wits. I came here fantasizing about fucking him but he was taking it to another level entirely. I loved it. My arms and hands flailed wildly between the back of the neck, his hair, the counter top, and the wall. I couldn’t find sanctuary and stability, but at the same time I wanted to touch him. In the excitement of what was going on, it dawned on me that he had cum. His warmth filled my body and he did not stop. Thank God, I have to add, because I was so damn close to an orgasm myself.

When it hit, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I cried out. My body grew rigid and tense as the waves tore through me. When I began to relax, he slowed down and leaned into me. We kissed very gently and I can remember saying that I could get used to coming to visit if it would be like this all the time. He laughed that adorable, hearty laugh before giving me that half-smirk grin and he helped me down from the counter top.

We spent the evening cuddling on the couch, watching movies. Shannon Tweed movies, by the way. We continued to fuck throughout the night, never moving from the living room. The vision of an orgy room in some Roman or Greek epic flick comes to mind. By early morning, we were both awake and showered. He drove me to a nearby Shoneys, which I did not know still existed for breakfast and we spent the late morning hours at a flower garden on the Duke campus. If you are in the area, I highly suggest it, by the way. I know, shameless plug.

The day turned into night and we enjoyed a Durham Bulls game, clouds had begun to move in during the game but the weather held out long enough for it to end. He took me to dinner, where we sat outside. The overcast made for a starless night with low rolls of thunder in the distance. Lightning could be faintly seen in the distance. Having left the car parked near the ballpark, we began to walk back to it when I look at him longingly and can see the look in his eye that tells me the night is far from over.

I wanted him, there was no doubt there. Never seems to be. I felt more bold and daring after having nearly finished off a bottle of wine with dinner. Up ahead, there was an alley and I got some wicked thoughts. I pull him with m, with little resistance. There was confusion in his face, until I begin to unbutton my blouse.

Ducking into the alley, we escape into the shadows a few feet in. It wasn’t very far and if someone really wanted to, they could have seen us quite easily. I didn’t care. I wanted him right then. Going back to his apartment was not an option at this moment. My body craved that “dynamic tension” that only sex could provide.

I draw in my bottom lip as I continue to undo my blouse and he stands there, both stunned and aroused; if the narrowing of his pupils were any indication. “Don’t you want to wait, Angel.” He asked.

Silly little man, I thought. I shook my head at him and undo the last few buttons.

“I want you now.” I say to him, forcefully pulling him closer to me.

I kissed him hotly, pressing my body against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to gain better access to his mouth so I could deepen the kiss.

John’s hands move pass the fabric of the blouse to trail down my ribcage to my hips. He thrusts them into his. I can feel his erection against my throbbing pussy and I moaned into his mouth. I guess I encouraged him to move his hands further down, catching the bottom of my skirt in his hands. Pulling the skirt higher and higher, I sighed and moaned as I felt this man’s fingers trailing over my burning skin. My legs are lifted up and I wrap them around his hip, where he grinded into me. I gasped in the moment before I pulled away from his kiss and my head fell back as I moaned loudly in pleasure.

Again, the sound of thunder boomed. It was closer this time and between the heavy blinking of my eyes, I saw lightning dance across the skyline. My eyes turn to him and I let him see the growing lust in them. We had been lovers long enough to understand the silent communication that makes sex so great. He knew that I was on the edge and needed release. That sexy half-smirk melted away any of my remaining resolve as he cupped my cheek in his hand and “Not yet.”

I turned my cheek, still in the palm of his hand, and kissed it. I looked at him again and said, “I am the tease.”

John leaned into me and his mouth crushed against mine. My arms instinctively wrap around him and pull him down to me. I pull his shirt out of his pants, ripping some of the fabric in my hurried and aggressive manner, as I try to get it undone. He is perfect. His lips never left mine and he uses his various talents to undo the front closure of my bra and pushes it off my breasts. I laughed deliciously to myself because it was done with the precision of a military sniper. God, I felt so lucky and hot to be his target.

I was disappointed when he broke the kiss. My cheeks were flushed, my lips felt bruised but I find him looking at my breasts. “Angel, you are beautiful.” he whispers against my skin.

I closed my eyes as his heated breath caressed my skin, provoking goose flesh in it’s wake. My ex-husband had not told me that in many years leading up to our divorce. John was the first person to tell me that in easily ten years and the first to show me what it meant to be a woman. A liberated, sexual, and beautiful woman. When I open my eyes, a split second later, I pushed the blouse off my shoulders.

Then, as if on cue, I felt the first drops of rain.

I reached for him again, this time grinning wickedly, unbuckling his belt, undoing his pants, and letting his beast free. I touched the tip, feeling a bead of moisture there. I rub it off, lathering him with it. My index fingers encircles his head, tracing it all the while it stretched and pulsed under this, the smallest of attentions. I ran my finger over his head again, gathering another bead, in order to bring it to my mouth. I lick it off, reveling in the salty taste of him. I go down on my knees in front of him and kick the utmost tip of his cock. It jumps in reaction to me. I look up at John — his head rolls backward in pleasure and his hands turn into fists at his sides. I take his cock in just a little further, swirling my tongue around his head, as I go.

His limit must have been reached because I felt fingers in my hair. Those same fingers turned into fists and he begins to move my head the way he wants it go. I lick and sucked on him as fast and hard as I could, wanting to taste as much as I could as quickly as I could because I needed to have him inside me soon or I would burst. I could feel his orgasm building, so I pull back and lick the precious drops of precum off the tip.

It must have been too much for John to bear, because he grabbed me by the arms and threw me against the wall, lifting me as he does so. My thighs part, on either side of his hips, as he pushed into me slowly. I call out his name against his shoulder as I entered me. It felt so damn good and I tried to lean closer so that I could nip his neck. He began to thrust inside of me, scraping my back against the wall, with every every pulsating gyration of his powerful hips. I didn’t care. I loved the feel of him inside of me, it felt good and orgasmic, so much so that I could feel the undulating pulse creeping up on me from within.

The rain begins to fall harder, getting me even more crazed as he moves me up and down on that wonderful and throbbing cock. The song “Lightning Crashes” comes to my mind and it begins to play as if there was a radio near me. I am lost to the fantastical, imaginary song as I cry out against each thrust, trying my best to push down onto him. God, he was so deep and hard. It was beyond words.

John reaches down between us and begins to rub my clit as he moves deeper and harder. At this point, I am beyond the sanity of any rational human being. I imagine the tempo of the song picking up and John is providing the inspiration. I feel like an imprisoned wild woman and I scream as my orgasm erupted. I threw my head back in ecstasy while my body bucked wildly against his. Still, he thrusted faster and faster. Harder and harder. Could he hear the song in my head, too. I was delirious and crazed, definitely a victim of my own lust. Sex is always better when you lose some type of control, though.

I was very aware of John as well. More than enough to realized that his stance stiffened and he began to moan. It was like a long, continuous line of fire when he came. It warmed me and I welcomed it. He leaned his forehead against mine. Our noses happened to touch as the rain continues to pour down over us. We are soaked, our bodies still connected, giggling like kids. I kissed him deeply and whispered a thank you to him.

We gathered up our belongings and tried to straighten ourselves out as best we could. Emerging from the alley, there was no rush to get to the car. We were already soaked. Instead, we walked leisurely the remaining three blocks under the cover of the occasional canopy, holding hands and my body still hummed with sexual energy.

We arrived at the car and John opened the door for me. A gentleman to the last, he was. Closing the door after I got in, I reached over and unlocked his door. He was very grateful. We tried to dry off as best we could to make the five minute drive as comfortable as possible.

We arrived back at his apartment and he turned off the ignition. There was a long moment of tension and silence between us. He turned to me and took me in his arms. I trembled from the chill of being wet but melted into him, clinging tightly for warmth and more. Our kisses became urgent and it was definitely a good thing that the windows of the car were completely fogged over so that no one see inside. While it was unlikely that anyone would be out at this hour and in this weather, I did not want the cops to come knocking. There is nothing more annoying than campus cops.

I felt like a nomad in the desert, grateful for any water that I came across. John was my water. He explored my body freely with his hands and it did not take him long at all to get off my blouse and bra. My breasts heaved with excitement and anticipation as John claimed each nipple, suckling and nipping with his teeth. My skirt bunched up around my waist and he realized that I never recovered my panties. My pussy was wet and open for him.

His face lowered between my thighs, kneeling on the floor of the car and my legs straddled his shoulders. I could see that my bare feet were leaving streaks in the condensation on the windshield. My pussy was beyond wet at this point as John grasped my hip with one hand to keep me close and the other fondled my breast, teasing the hell our of my nipple. It took all that I had not to scream at the top of my lungs as orgasm ripped through my body. I came twice before John finally decided to take me.

He rose up between my thighs and positioned that powerful cock at my hungry and waiting pussy. With no effort, he plunged in with one swift stroke. I wailed against him in pleasure and I rose up to meet him, forcing our hips to smack together. Our eyes locked as he began a slow rhythm, where he stroked deep and nearly pulled out before plunging deep again. I felt his balls bouncing against my swollen slit every time he pushed in.

I grabbed John’s neck and held tightly, pulling his body close to mine as we began to writhe together in a delightful symphony of absolute ecstasy. It took no time for my body to shake and his cock to pulse within me. I loved seeing him throw his head back and groan whenever he came. My wetness mingled with his hot seed before it overfilled. He thrusted twice more, holding deep inside of me as he spasmed. He collapsed into me, both of us struggling for breath as I held him, softly stroking his head as it lay on my bare breasts.

We looked into one another’s eyes, knowing that our sex acts were not nearly done for the evening. Without a word or hesitation, both of us opening the car doors, slammed them shut and ran exactly as we were to his apartment door. He fumbled with the keys before finally getting the door unlocked and we rushed in. The cool air conditioning chilled both of us in the dark apartment.

I drew in my bottom lip and slowly sauntered over to his bedroom, where I took a seat on the bed. John turned on a lamp in the living room before realizing that I was not there. I turned coyly to look at him and raised a single finger to lure him to me. He followed me, turning on the bedroom light.

I can only imagine what he thought as he looked me.

I took my place at the edge of the bed and swished my hair, which was much longer then than it is now. I reached for a pillow and bending one knee upwards, let my skirt slide up my leg to reveal my thigh. My heart was pounding and I tried very hard to play this game because my instincts told me to pounce on this man.

I slowly drew a line up my thigh with my other hand. Running my hand over my thigh, I did not glance in his direction, choosing instead to pretend he was not there. I slipped my hand beneath my opened blouse, pulling the material down just enough to allow him to see my naked breasts. After a few gentle stroke, my explorations became a little firmer. I circled my nipple and pulled at the little nub of flesh with my fingernails. My head tilted back, exposing my throat and causing my hips to tilt off of the bed at the same time. The knowledge that he was already hard spurred me on as I began to really enjoy myself.

Exploring my stomach, I moved my fingers in gentle strokes that guided me closer to my drenched pussy. In doing this, my wet blouse had fallen free of my body. As I said, I did not want to glance in his direction but my arousal was too much and I needed to see him. Fingers glided over a familiar path over my naval and I plunged them deep within my pussy, thrusting my hips at the same. I rolled my head back on the pillow then tipped it to the side and found his eyes. He looked like a kid in Willy Wonka’s factory and was just told that he could have whatever he wanted — it was a diabolically arousing mix of disbelief and greed.

His expression encouraged me and my fingers were massaging my clit with short, hard strokes. I began to toy with my nipples as I spread my legs wide and rotated my hips, allowing him a long, hard look at my glistening pussy I stroked my slit slowly, allowing my fingers to dabble inside my lips, drawing out the succulent satisfaction that one can only get in the midst of a good finger fucking. I pushed two fingers inside of myself to do just that very hard and fast. I could see that John was ready to pounce me but was willing to let me continue this game. I didn’t know how much longer I could control myself before I gave into the yearning that raged within me. I slowed my fingers and stopped playing with my nipples before lowering my eyes to look at him.

I brought the fingers up from my pussy to my lips, opened my mouth and sucked the sweet nectar from them. My eyes bore a hole straight into him the entire time. He responded with an eager smile, nodding his head in complete encouragement. I slid my legs off the bed one by one in order to make sure that he had a fabulous view of what he had already taken and what is still waiting to be taken again. I walked to John, pausing only to discard my skirt and allowing it to fall at my feet.

I had a burning need to have his hardness inside me, his very willing and talented mouth to over my nipples. I stood before him, just out of reach.

He stepped into me, gazing at me. My heart pounded as I wondered what he would do with me. I slid my arms behind his head and began to run my nails down the back of his neck while I swayed my body softly so that my mound nuzzled against his leg.

He was speechless. I continued to sway, rhythmically, like a snake. My hips sauntered from side to side and I lifted a finger to his lips in the moment before I pulled the soggy shirt off of him and ran my hands across his chest. I couldn’t wait for this powerfully built man to bend me over and spread my legs wide to fuck me again. My fingertips slide down his chest and over the waistband of his pants. The erection that met my touch made me tug at the unbutton hem and pulled them down and off. We were both now naked.

I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled his loins. Two hands grabbed me around the waist, pulling me towards him quite roughly. I felt a hand on my shoulder, which slid over my neck to my collarbone. I loved the way they felt against my skin. Every part of me tingled with anticipation.

I moaned John’s name as he whispered his intentions into my ear and his fingers began to circle my nipples. I arched my back to invite him to suck on my nipples. Greedily he traced a line down my neck until his tongue was flicking hungrily over the mound of a breast. He began to softly yet forcefully tell me what he was going to do to me and what his hands would be doing while his mouth pleasure my breasts.

“Show me.” I gasped with excitement.

He drew his hand down the small of my back and cupped my bottom and allowed his middle finger to draw a line down the valley between them. I arched my back, further thrusting my breasts into his mouth and lifting my pussy from his lap. His expert fingers began to play with me, slipping underneath, illiciting a small cry of pleasure as he made the connection to my swollen clit. He laughed wickedly and asked me if I wanted him to slide his cock inside me.”

“Stop asking,” I breathed erratically. I began to move frantically, grinding my pubic bone against his hand. His hand rubbed back and forth several times before two fingers came together and pushed deep inside of me, mimicking what I had done to myself earlier. My hips bucked as I thrusted down onto his hand while my clit rubbed against him, “show me…” I barely got the words out of my mouth.

I could not hold back the tide any longer and I cried out as the orgasm tore through me. My ragged breathing quickened as he forced his fingers further into my pussy as I peaked where he maintained a steady rhythm and I saw from the corner of my eye that he was watching with much pleasure as my face contorted in release.
As my breathing slowed, my eyes met his and I smiled. My pussy throbbed with the orgasmic afterglow and I hungered for more. I still ached to have his swollen cock inside of me.

I pushed him backwards and reached over to the nightstand where I saw two silken scarves. His voice was low and his body edged with anticipation as I knelt back onto the bed and began to crawl up his legs. I sat astride of his cock and tied both of his wrists together before bounding them tightly to the ironwork of his bedpost. I lifted his head from the pillow, bent and kissed each eyelid before obscuring his sight by tying the other scarf behind his head. My fingernail traced across his chest as I proceeded to tease him, watching his reaction as he lay helpless in his own bed.

I shifted position on the bed as I used my most seductive and husky tone to tease him.

Fingers trailed over his chest and stomach as I asked him if wanted to taste my honey.

“Yes,” he begged, “I want to slide my tongue between those succulent lips and…”

The remainder of his words went unheard.

My thigh slid over his head and sat striding his face. Hips rocked against him and his vigorous tongue found it’s way inside of me. It sent a new type of wave through me. I played forcefully with my breasts, squeezing my nipples harder with each gyration onto his eager mouth.

“John, my pussy is so very wet and greedy, she wants so much more.”

I slid from his face and bowed my head to kiss him, his tongue sought mine and I licked all my sweet juices from around his mouth, our tongues mashing together with a deep, urgent passion. I moved further down his body now, swishing my long, dark hair over his chest and stomach and finally coming to rest when my body pressed tightly against his hardness. I sat very still and began to caress his chest, pinching his nipples. He groaned pushing his body to me, trying to coax me into pleasing him entirely. I had teased him, made him wait and now I would give him all that he desired. I sat and admired his thick, throbbing cock as I licked my lips in anticipation of what was to come.

I reached again into the cabinet and he winced, slightly nervous.

“What are you doing Angel?”

“Shh, you’ll see. It may feel a little cold but I promise I will soon warm you up!”

I allowed lubricant to drip slowly from the bottle onto his erection he recoiled sharply as it did. He quickly relaxed as my hand began to massage the lube up and down his shaft and I wrapped a delicate string of pearls around his length. I rubbed him slowly with deep strokes, then faster, varying the pace and intensity.

He began to mirror my motion with his hips, feeding his cock further into my hand. I moved more rapidly now and my free hand massaged his balls and stroked the smooth, sensitive area just beneath them. John cried out primitively as his release came and he filled my hand with his hot cum. I unwound the pearls ands took his wet cock in my mouth catching the second waves as it escaped from the tip of his beautiful organ.

I then untied his wrists and removed his blindfold. We lay together in the bed while we caught our breath. John leaned across, kissing me hungrily.

“That was amazing, but don’t think for one minute I’ve finished with you, lady.” He traced a finger over the soft curve of my belly and circled the short dark hair of my pubic mound.

He grasped my under the buttocks and squeezed my flesh hard. He knelt between my legs and grasped my ankles tightly. As John bent my knees, allowing him greater access into my throbbing core, I realized that I was still so very wet from orgasm and the depth of my arousal that his thick shaft slid into me quite easily. He raised my hips from the bed and began making long, slow strokes, knowing that the penetration I desired was harder and deeper than he was giving me at this moment. He smiled playfully, looking at the frustration on my face, telling me to be patient.

“Play with those delicious tits for me Angel,” he commanded me. I did as he ordered, cupping one in each hand, lightly stroking the flesh, pausing to squeeze and pinch my nipples, rising up like pink bullets. I found that, during this particular sequence of events that the harder I stimulated them, the harder John drove his cock into me.

I began to grind her hips against him, resting my chin on my chest, cupping my breast upwards and taking a hard nub between my teeth. I watched John’s face as he fucked me harder, encouraged and aroused by the sight of what I was doing to myself. He pulled me roughly from the bed and carried me to his dresser, placing me down so that I was facing the mirror.

John stood behind me and our eyes met in the mirror. Without taking his eyes from mine, he spread my legs. He held his cock in one hand made short gentle strokes just around my opening by only using his head. I shivered with the intense feelings that he created as he teased me. I retaliated by pushing my hips back hard, a signal that I wanted to be taken.

My lover smiled at me in the mirror and obliged, leaning into me. I felt teeth bite my neck and he grasped a handful of my hair. The other hand possessed my hip. Finally he began to move inside of me with the intensity I desired and I admit to enjoying how roughly he pulled back on my hair and using my hip as leverage.

We moved so violently that the bottle of cologne that was adorning the dresser began to shake and topple over. I leaned forward, forcing my breasts against the cool wood, to allow him more access to me and changing the angle of his penetration. I tightened around him as I began to throb with the opening ebbs of release, just as his climax exploded into me and it provoked my own. I slammed back into him, our bodies locking together as we cried out in gratified pleasure.

He did not withdraw from me immediately, returning to the soft strokes that brushed my engorged and tender pussy lips, as if soothing them with soft caresses. Our eyes met in the mirror as we caught our breath and when our bodies finally parted, I turned to face him with shaky legs and I reached out to him to steady myself, kissing him fully on the lips and embracing him.

There I was with the man who opened the doors of personal liberty for me. Sadly this was one of our final encounters and was actually committed nearly ten years ago to the day. Longtime fans know how powerful an impact John had on me and as a lover he is very dear and special to me. Life goes on and so do adventures. Being of woman of ** years, I finally feel confident enough in myself to express my desires. It’s a shame that so many women become shackled by the pressures placed on them by society. I do not want this to be a sermon but rather a lesson to everyone who reads this:

Discover who you are. You are your own individual person. Explore and experiment to make yourself happy, not those around you. Because in the end, your life is your own.

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