My Awakening Sexuality

For all intents and purposes, this is a sequel of sorts of my first story. Those who read the first story know about the affair I had begun with John and how it helped liberate me from the shackles of my life. It takes place after my lunch with my daughter, Beth. She had gone to tell John about the man she had met and how she had already slept with this man. John reacted in bewildered amazement, according to my daughter, cursing at her before leaving the apartment. Beth called me immediately in tears, upset that she had made a mistake. I told her otherwise, that it was for the best. She wanted to follow John and take it all back, hoping that he would give her another chance. Translation, to me it meant that she didn’t want to give up the sex. I told her to leave him alone and let him be. She would spend the rest of her weekend gathering her things and leaving, moving in with one of her friends from work. It turned out that John would finish the month at the apartment before leaving himself. After hanging up the phone with my daughter, I felt a flame flicker within me which aroused more than just my suspicions. I didn’t know where John had gone, but I knew exactly where I wanted him to be.

I had done little more than get off the phone when there was pounding at my hotel room door. I was surprised because only three people knew I was here. Beth, my husband, and John. I grew excited and wet as I rose from the sofa and walked to the door. I looked through the peephole and saw him there. My God, he looked like a predatory fiend. Rage and anger dominated his features. It excited me. My pulse quickened and my breath came in short, tried gasps. Fumbling with the door lock, I wanted to let him in. I wanted our naked bodies to recapture the fire we had shared earlier in the week.

He burst through the door, the moment he had heard the doorknob turn. I was forced backward by the quick and brutal swinging of the door. He slammed it behind him. I admit to being nervous at the time. I had never seen this intensity in him or another man before. The situation made me both fearful and horny at the same time. It was something new to my experience.

John reached out for me and pulled me to him. His lips forced themselves upon me. In my shock, I resisted at first but would quickly give myself to him. He was forceful and bold with me from the moment that our bodies slammed against one another. I felt his rapidly beating heart under his shirt fight against bone and skin to find freedom. That was not the only thing that was fighting against something. His cock pressed hard against his shorts. It was evident what he felt.

I was dressed in a form fitting sundress. The sandals I wore nearly evened the height discrepency between us. He pressed harder against, his cock straining against me. It desired freedom. I desired it. As he assaulted my lips and tongue, my hands slipped to his waist and unbuttoned his plaid shorts. They fell to the ground, followed by his boxers. My hand immediately wrapped around his hardened cock, relishing in it’s soft flesh and the way it fought against my possessive touch.

Slowly, I stroked the length of him. We had shared a lot of passion during the course of the week but most to all of it was about him pleasing me. I scarcely was able to explore him. I was taking the chance to do so now. I felt naughty, like a teacher who was fucking one of her legal aged students in the classroom, enjoying it but afraid of getting found out. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was because I was still married. Maybe it was because my daughter was less than five minutes away. Maybe it was because I wanted John so much that everything else in my life at that moment was being shamefully hidden from sight or view.

His teeth bit into my neck quite fast and hard. I squeezed his cock hard and he moaned. Lips trailed down my neck to my collar bone, teasing the boundaries of my sundress. He ignored it completely and his teeth found my taut nipples from under my bra and they raked across them soft and hard. The intent was known to me.

Together, we fell backwards against the wall. We continued to kiss, fight, and writhe against one another as we slid along it’s edge. When we finally hit empty space, he pulled me up and against him. One of his arms wrapped itself around me to keep me close while the other reached for the hand that was stroking his cock. Pulling it away, his grip was harsh and demanding. I smiled in delight at his aggression. My belly tingled with nervous anticipation. It was more akin to a fantasy rather than reality. I knew that the sex we shared before Beth came home was real. Surreal at the time, but real nonetheless. I had never intended for this to happen again. Never thought it would, but I will admit to fantasizing about it.

That is what threw me for a wild loop. I never imagined that he would come to my hotel room and seek me out. My God, he never asked me if I wanted another go. He just came and took what he wanted. It was another new experience for me, for someone to want me so much that they would just take me. I realized that he was just mad and that I was the closest thing he had to a friend there, but I didn’t care. I gave myself to him.

John pulled away from me and hastily pulled his shirt off, leaving him naked before me. I smiled and motioned him to come back to me with my finger, very much like the coy girl in the sex scene of a movie. He reached for me instead and pulled me to him. I slammed into his chest, where our mouths connected perfectly. There was hunger and desire in both of our pursuits of the other. My arms clinged to his shoulders as I leaned as much as I could into him. The fire within me that he had helped to kindle and politely nurture only yesterday morning had returned. It was rapidly taking over me. My hands drew over his shoulders and over onto his back. My nails dug hard into his shoulder blades as I imparted my desire onto his body. He noticably moaned and reeled back at the act. His eyes narrowed on me as he shoved me away. I didn’t know what he was going to do next. I feared I had gone too far. I was going to apologize to him until he reached for the straps of my sundress and gave the fabric a quick and hard pull. There was a ripping of fabric as he continued to rip it off my body. I stood there like a fool, amazed and in shock over what was happening to me. It wasn’t until he pulled at the band between the cups of my bra and yanked the garment off of me that I realized the excitement in my position.

I hardly had time to take in the assault on my being when John pulled me to him and hoisted me into his arms. I began to wildly kiss his neck. He laid me down on the bed and I quickly sat up and came before him. I rose to my knees as he came to the side of the bed. His intent was lay next to me. I wasn’t going to have it. Not yet.

He had been so attentive to me during our introductory lessons that I wanted to be attentive to him. My hands found a home on his chest, playing with his chest muscles and fingers mingled within the fine mist of brown hair located there. My hands both squeezed, pulled, and raked at him. I told him that I wanted him and was glad that he came to see me.

He looked at me quite lovingly for the first time since he had gotten here and said that he was free from her and wanted to be with me. We both understood that this wasn’t going to last forever. It’s very nature couldn’t. As the love left his eyes and the hunger returned, we both made a vow to enjoy this moment as much as we could and follow this where it went for as long as it went.

I slid to my belly, my body sprawled out over the bed and I turned to face him. I grabbed his cock and pulled it to my mouth. I licked the long length of him, my eyes watching his reaction. His eyes closed and his mouth opened as I began to lather his cock with my tongue and lips. His swollen head began to throb and ebb with every touching. It moved in rhythm to me and I wanted to both tease and tempt him. I was able to manuever myself about to slide his head into my mouth. I suckled on it and allowed my tongue to travel on the underbelly of it. He moaned my name and asked me not to stop.

I obliged and slid myself off the bed and to the floor, pushing him away as I regained myself inches from him on my knees. I grabbed his cock and moved myself back to it, inserting it in my throat. I tasted the salty pre-cum which was beginning to flow from him. I thought back to how some of it had gotten on my finger during our first encounter. I remembered how deliciously sinful it tasted and wondered how the rest of him would taste. My belly and pussy delighted in the salty and musky mix of him. He tasted clean and completely male, there was warmth and vigor in both him and his flesh. He tasted exactly as he smelled and that in itself made me increasingly slick in anticipation of more. I can’t explain the effect tasting him had on me better than that. I’ve tried others but none come close to matching him.

My hands reached around to possess his curvy bottom. I admit that he had a nice, rounded ass. Especially for a white guy. I loved the feel and taste of him as I began to slide back and forth on him. His cock throbbed and bobbed in response to me. I felt like I was in control. He made me feel like I was. It was empowering. I felt his hips move in response to what I was doing. I became aware of the increasing amount of ardor in him. When he finally exploded into my mouth, I took his offering fully. I felt greedily hungry as I did it. It was so wonderfully delicious that I didn’t want to waste any of it.

As I took his gift, I then became aware of something that I hadn’t previously in our lovemaking, sex, or fucking, however you want to say it. He remained hard. Not the semi-erection that most men have. He was still throbbing. Oh my God, it’s making me excited now as I think about it.

I lathered his cock with some more kisses before I left it. I slid up his body and felt his cock poke into my belly as I reached up and pulled him to me for a kiss. He grabbed my hips and held them still, while hands cupped my back and leaned me backwards towards the bed. As I fell backwards, my back touched the soft comforter and my eyes were fixed on him. His hands took place on my hips again and he arched me upwards so that he could insert himself. I was beyond warm and wet for him. It was taking too long for him to get inside me.

As he slid himself inside of me, I felt whole and complete for the first time since that Friday morning. His first full thrust inside of me was soft, deliberate, and whole. I sighed at the way he felt. I believe that I softly whispered “yes” as my hands reached out on the mattress and his next few thrust began to establish a tempo that I had known only fleetingly but desired eternally.

I will share that as he continued to thrust in and out of me, that I found myself lost in the moment. I think about how it felt and I feel my breasts getting heavy now. I can remember my hands fondly my own breasts, stroking them fully in response to John. I played with my nipples and it only served to heighten my delirium. As I became drunk with desire, I noticed but became unable to control the way I was reacting to him. My back arched and ebbed with every push and withdrawl inside me. My hands gripped for something to pull me back to reality. It was too much. The comforter was becoming disheveled and the sheets below it were following suit. I, at one point, began to suck on my bottom lip. It sounds silly, but I was completely and utterly into the moment.

I got a taste of what John could give me when we had our moment, moments actually, in the apartment. He offered me a taste and it was not enough. I wanted more, and as fate had it, I was able to get more. This feeling that he seemed able to induce in me was like a narcotic. I was becoming addicted.

The world was moving in slow motion around me. My orgasm seemed to tease me, slowly building and winding, writhing in me like a twisted, wet, hot towel. It hit me like a smack to the face, awakening my entire body to the environment I was in. I realized the power of it from the moment it began to spread out through my body. I was dazed, still in electric shock, and trembling when he leaned over me and lifted me up off the bed.

I begged him not to stop. I wanted more. My voice was weak and trembling and he kissed my temple. John insisted that he had no intention of stopping. I smiled as we kissed while he backed me up to the dresser. I remember knocking over a lamp and my suitcase. I also remember John pounding into me for the remainder of the afternoon in a series of sordid positions, leaving my thighs sore and weak before the sun went down. He would go and get us dinner, while I took a shower. It was at that time I realized how depraved and wicked I had become. I was both shamed and excited to admit it to myself but became the victim of lust even in his absence in the shower.

I turned on the water, cold at first to cool myself down. I remember stepping through the curtain and letting the water flicker at my skin. It gave me chills at first until my body adjusted. Wetting my entire body, I lathered my hands with a bar of soap and began to clean myself. Touching my breasts with my hand, I began to massage it slowly and gently. I don’t know what I did it. My heart began to quicken as my fingers washed over my nipple which was still feeling the pangs of hot sex just minutes ago. My other arm reached for the hot water, turning it up. Sud-filled hands began to stroke and massage ever inch of my breasts. Slowly I trailed a hand down my belly to tease the lips of my pussy. Never before had I taken the tender folds and rubbed them through my slender fingers. I moaned and tore at my breast as waves of desire began to flicker again. I imagined it was John doing these things to me, that it was his fingers finding deeper purchase of my pussy. I rubbed my clit, again, and again and my knees began to weaken as I felt my orgasm beginning to swirl inside me. It didn’t take long for it to erupt and encase my body with it’s heat. My free arm braced on the shower wall as I continued to pursue the excavation of this release.

I stood there for a long moment, gathering my breath, my breasts felt heavy and pendulous as I struggled to even breath. The steady pulse of water on my back and neck brought me back to earth. When I was able to find the strength, I turned off the water and reached for the towel. I lazily wrapped it around my wet body and went towards the bed. I was tired now and needed to rest. I layed on the bed and fell to sleep almost instantly.

I was awakened by someone kissing the inside of my thigh. I jerked up to see John moving towards my pussy. With a firm hand, he pushed me back to the mattress and held me there as his lips parted and closed over my flesh. I reached for his hand and placed it over my breast. Together we began to nurture the soft tip and the round curves of both breasts. His mouth envelops one of the lips of my pussy with his, massaging it hard beneath his lips. I try to fight him, but he is too strong.

Unlike our previous sessions of sex, I am not content with just laying there and letting him have his way with me, so I continue to struggle under him. I am now awake, the “nap” I took had reinvigorated me. I felt a strong hunger in my belly, not for the italian food he had brought from the restaurant but for him.

I took his exploring hand and drew up my collar bone to my neck until I lathered it with my tongue. Slowly I began to suck on it, nipping at it with my teeth. It must have emboldened him because I felt the slightest nip on my pussy. I cried out his name, but instead of feeling pain I felt something else. Something wicked and depraving within me was stirred. The more I buckled under him, the more intent his pursuit became. The fire and desperation became more intense as he began to lather my clit with his aggressive attentions. My nails began to dig into his back, clinging on to him as he provoked me with every movement of his lips and tongue.

Fingers began to move inside my walls, rocking back and forth. My hips swayed to match his rhythm. I remember I came wildly. My back arched up against his hand, but he kept forcing me down. Legs froze and strained in place as wave after wave found their way from my being. They ended up crashing against his tongue, which was providing me no buffer to the devastating effects he was illiciting. Thinking about it now makes me want to touch myself.

For a moment I sat still. I felt John’s palm move from my stomach and I leapt up and pulled myself to him. Our lips mashed hard against one another, each set looking for control over the other. It has heated and dangerous, taking what we’ve done already and shattering it. Teeth began to dominate my neck and nipples. He was driving me crazy. I wanted more of what he was giving me. It was all so new and exciting.

Pulling me off the bed, I slid on top of his lap. Positioning my hips to accomodate him, he entered my still slick pussy and we began to fuck some more. Oh my God, the feeling of his cock inside me was electrifying and for the first time since we began our affair he let me control the action. I rocked my hips, so that they rolled onto him but grinded off of him. It seemed to do as much for him as it did me. I was already there and he joined soon afterwards. Our sextipade did not stop there. I pushed him backwards and continued to ride his still hard cock while he was on his back. I leaned in and held his wrists down. I told him that I was the one in control now. He laughed at me and I bit into his nipple to prove it.

I felt so bold and powerful as I rode up and down his shaft. I loved how hard he remained after he came. He was/is one of a kind in that department. I leaned in to kiss him and we clashed again. Our tongues were like predators looking for prey. Delight tickled both my stomach and body as we climbed towards orgasm. I seemed to be coming every few minutes and I loved it. Each height took me to a place I never had been before and introduced to an experience I would continue to search for even to this day.

We cuddled on the floor as I collapse on him one final time. We kissed and he wrapped his arms around me. I don’t know when I fell asleep but I vaguely remember him picking me off the floor and carrying me to bed. Gently he tucked me in and he slid in behind me. The night went by in a flash and I awoke the following morning to see John looking at me. His smile brightened my day and my mind became filled with all sorts of things that we could do before check out at ten. That would be for another story.

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