The Drinking Partner

Tania and Jubair Hossain had been married for nine years. The gloss had gone off their marriage. Jubair was drinking too much consequently was not much good in bed anymore. Tania feeling somewhat frustrated had discussed this with him several times. Jubair always promised to improve the situation, but never actually did anything about it.

One night he arrived home after a drinking session at Dhaka Club with a guy he had met, saying he had brought him home for nasta. This embarrassed Tania somewhat as she had just had a shower and was wearing her tight gym pants and short tank top in anticipation of Jubair being sober. Jubair introduced his friend as John Mulatto from Nigeria. He was with the Nigerian Soccer team over for the Bangladesh vs. Nigeria Friendly Match to be held in Dhaka & Chittagong.

He stood six foot tall and was as black as coal. Jubair organised drinks for them all and put some soft hindi music on. Mulatto and Tania sat opposite each other on the lounge chairs and Jubair draped himself across the couch. As they sat and chatted Mulatto began to look over Tania thinking what a petite little woman, her body was perfectly proportioned she had ample breasts with a trim figure. After a while, Jubair got up and poured himself another drink.

“I love hindi music” Mulatto said.

“Why don’t you have a dance with Tania?” Jubair suggested to Mulatto

“Oh don’t be silly Jubair. আমি শরম পাব, Mulatto’o শরম পাবে,” said Tania.

“No I would like to very much,” Mulatto replied and before Tania had realized it. He took her by the hands and gently pulled her to a standing position slipped his arms around her back and started to dance. It seemed so natural so Tania slipped her arms around Mulatto and fell into the rhythm of the dance.

“You two look good to gather,” Jubair Yawned, and settled down further in the couch.
Tania started to relax after Jubair had said this and looked up at Mulatto thinking what a muscular hunk. his big hands were gently massaging the small of her back pulling her closer to him.

“You’re a very beautiful” He said as the music stopped.

“Thank you, you’re a very handsome man, but I think we better join Jubair again.” Tania replied.

“Don’t worry about Jubair he has had too much to drink, he will be fast asleep soon.”

Tania looked over to where Jubair had been sitting to discover that he had stretched himself out full length on the couch, his eyes were closed and his breathing had settled into that slow pace of a man off to a deep sleep.

“We should get him to bed,” Tania asked Mulatto who was over by the stereo putting another CD on.

“No best let him sleep it off.” Mulatto said taking Tania in his arms again and starting to dance to the slow sexy number that he had put on. “We should not be doing this,” she said.

“It’s alright I’ll stop if you want me to but Jubair is asleep, and he did tell us to dance together, you like dancing don’t you.”

“Yes, well just one dance,” Tania murmured.

Mulatto pulled Tania closer so that the front of her body was touching his. As they danced, he backed her up to the dining room table, trapping her between him and the table. Leaning over he began kissing her neck.

“Oh Mulatto stop, please stop.”

“Tania you are really turning me on you must know how excited I am,”

Tania was certainly aware of his state as she could feel his crotch rubbing on her stomach it was not unpleasant, but she was married, and Jubair was there on the couch.

“You don’t find me unattractive do you.”


“Well then relax, I won’t hurt you.”

The closeness of his body rubbing on her belly was beginning to create that familiar sensation in her crotch.

“You’re a very sexy woman you really are making me horny just feel this,” he said as he sipped his hands under her ass. He gently lifted her of the table and rubbed her crotch against his.

“There feel how horny my cock is,” he said.

Before Tania could protest, he bent his head and kissed her open mouth slipping his tongue into her mouth, he sucked her tongue, he felt her resistance dissolve. He slipped his hand up to her breast feeling for her nipple through thin material of her tank top. His other hand fell to her thigh; he gently eased it around and under the pants discovering that she was not wearing any panties as his fingers reached her cunt lips he found they easily slid in as she was already wet Mulatto knew she would not stop now. She would let him fuck her.

Tania recognized she would not turn back now; she was going to commit adultery. She was going to let this gorgeous hunk of a man make love to her, everything about him was so sexy, the way he held her, even the way he used dirty talk to her.

“I am going to fuck you little Bengali girl with my big black cock,” he said.

“Oh yes do it, but not here in front of Jubair,” she said.

“He is asleep he will not know, plus it will be more fun and daring if we do it in front of your drunk passed out husband” he said as gently lifted her and sat her on the edge of the table. He lifted her tank top over her head and slipped it off at the same time undoing the clips of her black bra at the back to expose her breasts. Her nipples were brown, taut and erect. He slipped his own t-shirt off, unbuckled the belt on his jeans, and slid them to the floor

She gasped at the sight of the bulge in his underwear. He knelt between her legs gently easing them apart, opening her up to allow his mouth to kiss his way up the inside of her thighs. Finally reaching his goal, he began to gently suck her engorged pussy. Using two of his fingers he began to slide them in and out of her vagina.

“Ohhhh Yaaaa” She gasped as he started to suck harder and move his fingers faster.

“Oh Mulatto I am going to burst,” Tania cried.

“Don’t cum yet,” he mumbled from between her legs, Mulatto stood and removed his underwear and his huge black shinning cock sprang free. To Tania it looked a foot long and was thick as her arm.

“ওরে বাবা you can’t put that in me, আমি পারব না নিতে, I don’t think I can take it” she wailed.

He gently ease her back down onto the table, edging her backside so it was just hanging over the edge of the table, taking her by the ankles he lifted her legs onto his shoulders. He leaned forward and placed the tip of his cock at the lips of her cunt he rubbed it up and down the lips coating it with her juice saying.

“You are going to love this Tania this will be the best fuck you have ever had.” Tania could feel the huge bulbous end of his cock beginning to open her cunt up.

“Oh no, ভেটা পাচি, থম. Stop, its to big you will split me in two please stop.”

He stopped, and just held it steady at the opening, then using his fore finger and thumb, he took hold of her clitoris and started to manipulate it.

Suddenly Tania began experiencing an orgasm as she reached the peak

Mulatto slid his huge cock right up her

“I am not hurting you?” he asked.

“No but it feels s-so big it really is true about black men they are huge, just like in the movies”

“You like watching black men in porn movies?” Mulatto asked

“Yes, very much”

He started to move his pelvis making his cock fuck her cunt.

“I am going to fill you with my black cum you Bengali bitch,” he groaned as his excitement began to rise.

“I am going to fuck you raw.” ” Oh Yes fuck me raw, আমাকে চুর তুমার বড় cock দিয়ে.” Tania cried out as Mulatto began to pound her harder and harder.

“Oh Tania I am coming,” Mulatto suddenly cried.

“Oh yes now together, এক সাতে” Tania screeched as they simultaneously orgasmed.

The next morning Jubair woke up with little clue on what happened the night before. Tania was taking her customary cup of tea in the morning when Jubair before leaving for work said.

“Sorry about springing Mulatto on you like that.”

“Oh that’s alright Jubair.”

“I hope it was not too boring for you.”

“It was a bit,” Tania said with an enigmatic smile.

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