Milk Lover

When I was single, I was friends with a woman who was pregnant, but unmarried. Sherry and I used to have lunch and talk and go to movies together. Although I found her attractive in a maternal way, I never really thought about her romantically. She was attractive enough, though not a raving beauty. She was short and a little heavy, with wavy red hair, about shoulder-length. She dressed conservatively and seemed to really value our friendship.

I always felt she treated me like one of her girlfriends. She confided in me about the failed relationship that led to her pregnancy. We talked about everything. But rarely did our chats stray into the area of sex. I assumed that the pregnancy and her bad experience with the father had put her off it. Although I guessed she thought I was attractive, I never got any indication that she wanted more than a platonic friendship.

As her pregnancy progressed, she asked me to be her Lamaze partner. I balked at first, but then decided it would be a nice thing to do for my friend. The class was large and we met a number of other unwed mothers in various situations, some had coaches, some did not. I was used as the ‘utility daddy’ and actually got to enjoy helping the half dozen or so ladies who didn’t have partners. Although I didn’t actually participate in any births, other than Sherry’s, I did become friends with these other ladies and several months after the classes ended, I was pleased to see the same faces at a neo-natal care class.

I was trying not to get too attached to Sherry and her baby. It was clear she didn’t want anything more than a friend in me, and that was fine by me. Baby School, as we called it, covered the basics of immunizations and care during the first year. But what really interested me was breastfeeding. I know it may sound perverted, but I had always held a fascination for that! It is equal parts curiosity and arousal. It’s such an intimate act, so associated with sex, but so pure and basic to life. It seemed to me that all of the women were specially compelled or motivated in this area. It was part of the motherhood experience that none of them wanted to miss.

I found myself awkwardly embarrassed to be present as the instructor, herself a nursing mother, spoke about it and began to demonstrate on herself with her own baby. I tried not to react at all as she, a tall stocky woman, unbuttoned her blouse, opened her nursing bra and revealed her small, pointed breasts, with large dark nipples. Her baby latched on with eagerness and a shiver seemed to go through her whole body. She had to stop speaking for a moment until the sensation eased. She closed her eyes and then seemed to return to the lecture in a serene euphoria. I noticed that each of the unmarried women sitting near me, including Sherry, gave a sympathetic sigh, as the teacher enjoyed the sensation. She explained about how to hold the baby and about nutrition and care of the nipples and pumping and storing milk. I was spellbound. I only hoped my eagerness for the subject wasn’t noticable or off-putting to Sherry. We had such a special friendship that I didn’t want my sexual interest to wreck it. After all, how does a horny young single man fit into the picture with a single mom, or moms, taking care of newborns?

Just before the class ended, the instructor handed out a list of attendees with addresses so that the ladies could organize support groups and later, playgroups. She mentioned that La Leche League endorsed setting up groups to encourage breastfeeding and to provide mother’s milk to infants who had no other source. As the class broke up and the ladies I had coached and Sherry were busy setting up their group, I felt a little sad that my role in this had come to an end. I turned and headed for the door when I heard several of the women calling out my name. I turned.

“You’re not quitting on us now, are you?” said one. The others chorused their agreement.

Sherry said, “Ladies, it’s not fair for us mothers to ask any more from my friend. Steven’s a single guy who was doing me a favor because he felt sorry for me. Why don’t we let him get on with his social life?”

I saw genuine disappointment in the eyes of these ladies, whom I realised had become my friends over the course of weeks and months. I had been a small part of a very important life event for them. I knew their names, their stories. Now I knew their babies. They seemed to still want me to be there for them. I smilled and nodded. One by one the six ladies and Sherry gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek as we broke up until our first meeting at Sherry’s, which was to be in a week.

As that week passed, I became aware that I was more than a little excited about seeing these women again and about the notion of them all breastfeeding with me there. I pictured each of them in my mind. None of them was the Baywatch babe of my dreams, they were all average-looking women who had just had babies. And yet I felt a sense of attraction to each of them in their own way.

The evening arrived and I was late getting to Sherry’s. Her apartment was filled with ladies, each either holding her baby or rocking it in a carrier. The conversation only paused for a moment as I entered and greeted everyone with a wave. I put my coat on a bed in the back and went to the kitchen to get a drink. As I did I heard the ladies talking about their recent experiences.

” I do too. I wondered if I was the only one. When my baby really latches on, it’s almost painful at first but then I get the warmest feeling from my breasts down to between my legs. It’s really powerful.”

“Me too. Sometimes I can’t keep from touching myself a little.”

“A little is all it takes to get me off,” Sherry added with a laugh. And with her admission, all of the other ladies seemed relieved to confess that they, too, had felt a sexual tingle, from this most motherly of acts. I was practically shaking. I was afraid I would destroy the mood when I sat down on the arm of a chair at the back of the room.

“My baby doesn’t seem to feed enough. I still have a lot of milk after she is done.”

“Do you pump and save it?”

“I don’t need to save it. I just want to empty out, so I will have more. I don’t want to dry up.”

“Oh, you won’t dry up. But you do need to express all your milk to maximize production. Do you have a pump?”

“Oh, I hate those. The plastic is so hard and cold. I feel like Frankenstein’s monster hooked up to that machine.”

“Or a cow at milking time,” added another. They all commiserated.

“My friend says her husband used to suckle after her baby was full.”

There was a soft moan as the women all seemed to imagine a man doing that for them. I was trying so hard not smile or leer or do anything uncool.

“Well, it’s not fair that Sherry has Steve to do that for her,” the first woman complained half-seriously.

Sherry cleared her throat. “Steven hasn’t done that for me. It’s not like he’s my property. He agreed to be here to support all of us. Not that he knew what he was in for.”

The mother who had complained about having so much milk leftover after feedings looked up at me. She was in genuine need. She had placed her baby in the carrier and was rocking it with a foot as it sat on the floor by her chair.

“Steven, would you help me, please?” She was so sincere. And as sexually charged as the situation was, her plea was earnest.

All eyes were on me. I looked at this woman, average enough looking, but with that aura of motherhood that softened her features and almost made her face glow. I looked at her sweater and blouse, both unbuttoned and hanging loose. I had glimpsed a big white nursing bra earlier as her baby had fed. I put my drink down and wondered if the ladies could see me shaking as I slowly stood and moved to her. She shifted to sit at the edge of her chair. One foot still rocked the carrier in which her child slept. As I knelt in front of her, the overhead light was switched off. I looked up to see Sherry closing the curtains and making the room more private, more intimate.

I was unsure of what to do. I didn’t want to be too aggressive. But I was so excited. I slowly reached up to push back her sweater and blouse. She reached in and folded back the flap of the nursing bra, revealing a big dark brownish-pink nipple atop an equally dark aureole. Although only this portion of her breast was exposed to me, I could see the large soft orb cradled in the cup. A tracery of light blue veins seems to converge at the nipple. Instinctively, I leaned down to capture the dark bud between my lips. A sweet warm drop of milk wet my lips.

I struggled to find a comfortable angle, without success. I pulled back for a moment and saw the other women transfixed by the sight of us. Wordlessly, she and I moved to the sofa.

Another woman attended the sleeping baby in the carrier. She sat on one end of the sofa and reached behind her to unhook the nursing bra. I lay across her lap, my head at her breasts. As I began to suckle, I could feel the tingle go through both her and me. I was aware of the other ladies shifting around to watch. Someone sat next to me, resting my legs across her lap. I closed my eyes and gently, but firmly pumped my mouth on her dark nipple. I felt a torrent of mother’s milk rush into my mouth. I moaned and she did too and I developed a rhythm of sucking and swallowing. After a time the flow of milk decreased. The formerly full breast seemed less tight and full.

She removed the nipple from my mouth and shifted the other into place and I began again. This time I sucked with gusto, drawing the tit deeply into my mouth. I repeated this action and felt her shifting her hips and rubbing her thighs together. I recognized the signs. Sure enough, as I continued to feed, she rocked back and then forward and then shook while groaning in my ear. I clamped down hard on the teat and she cried out a low shuddering moan. It continued for almost a minute. By the time her cries died out, I had emptied her breast. She breathed deeply and leaned back. I released her teat from my lips and only then became aware that the lady sitting next to me had been gently stroking my erection through my jeans. I sat up, dazed. I wasn’t sure if I had just violated a sacred trust. I was about to apologize, not knowing how to explain what I had just done.

“Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I needed that. I hope you didn’t mind. That felt so incredible. You are amazing.” She was talking to me. She was not put off or disgusted. She was grateful. She was almost crying. I guess I had done something for her that she needed badly. As she pulled herself together, re-hooking her bra and buttoning her blouse, she kissed my cheek softly and stood and went to her baby, still fast asleep in its carrier. She was almost in a dream-state, smiling like the Mona Lisa. Another woman stood and took her place on the sofa, gently lowering my head to her lap. I was stunned as she began to lift her sweater.

The rest of the evening was like a dream come true for me. As each lady took her place on the sofa to feed me, I was impressed by the peaceful serene sensuality with which their hands would cradle my head and their eyes would close and they would enter a trance-like state. Not all of them reached a climax as had the first, but each seemed completely fulfilled by the experience and each was equally loving and gentle to me. Even as Sherry remained at my feet, stroking my stiffness through my jeans, a growing wet spot betraying my carnal excitement, none of the ladies reacted with other than serene pleasure that I was enjoying this as much as they were. It’s hard to explain how natural it felt to do this. At the same time I was retreating to infancy and enjoying my surrogate mothering by this variety of women, younger, older, larger, smaller, I felt an aching need to prenetrate, to fuck, and to come. It built slowly and it seemed to balance with my need to suckle and be babied.

After what seemed like hours, the last of the ladies had unburdened themselves of the heavy load of sweet mother’s milk. I was in a state of euphoria. I looked down and saw Sherry, undoing my jeans. She worked them down and pulled my boxers down after them. She stroked my hardon gently. It was damp with my secretions, so her hand slid up and down effortlessly. I closed my eyes and when I opened them the ladies had gathered around to watch. Each leaned in and took a turn stroking me. One or two of them lowered their lips to kiss the head or to suck my entirety down. But it was all done with such unhurried grace. And as each would administer to me, she would softly thank me for easing their discomfort, for being there. I was building to a huge climax. Finally, Sherry, the only one who had not fed me, knelt over me. She undid her top and pushed a thick nipple between my lips.

“Enjoy this, big baby. Taste, suck, feed. Feel good just as you have made us all feel so good. Our, big baby.”

Hearing those words triggered something deep inside me. I buried my head in her full bosom and sucked and licked and fed. I don’t know whose hands were on me, but they were hitting all the right spots. I didn’t move my face from its warm bosomy embrace, but I felt a wave of pleasure rock me, and my own manjuice rained down on my chest and belly. I could only imagine the great arcing jets of thick white cum that coursed out again and again. I heard a gasp and moan from the ladies standing by. As I reached the end of my pleasure, Sherry leaned back away from me. I was dazed. Looking down at the mess on my chest, I saw each of the ladies lean down to lick and suck and gobble up my cum, until Sherry finished the job licking me clean.

“When will we meet next, ladies?”

“How about tomorrow at my place!”
After his first experience with the local La Leche League, he went home feeling that his fantasy had been fulfilled. But the feeling of fulfillment didn’t last. In time it became a longing to do it again.

The next week’s meeting was already underway. The ladies shared guilty glances at each other, but none of them openly spoke about what had happened. As they exchanged some articles about the benefits of mother’s milk for babies and spoke about the new members the hospital said would be joining soon, the door opened and Steven stuck his head into the room. He wasn’t sure how the women would feel about him, but was pleased to be welcomed in. In fact, he was surprised when each of the women hugged him and told him how glad they were that he was there. The tone of the meeting changed from drab to upbeat instantly. Each lady perked up remembering how they had all felt so close when they were feeding Steven and he was touching them. Each had felt the disappointment of going home from the last meeting feeling sexy only to find their husbands didn’t share Steven’s appreciation for the sexiness of a woman with that special blessing.

Soon the comments came pouring out.

“I feel like an old cow still. Steven’s touch and the way he was so excited by my milk were so great, but my old man thinks my leaking breasts are gross. He actually said so,” Alice sobbed as Steven moved over to put an arm around her shoulder.

“I got all dressed up in my sexiest undies, but when I tried to get Burt to touch my breasts, he was put off. He just wanted a quick suck-off,” Doris bitterly admitted.

Each of the ladies had a similar story. As each one let out her disappointment, the group seemed to circle around Steven so he could comfort each one in turn. By the time they had all unloaded their sadness, they were all huddled together. The women all looked at Steven.

“Well, ladies, you know I feel so close to each of you and to the group. I would be happy to continue to be here for you, but I think we should be careful not to draw attention to what we are doing. I don’t want a jealous husband after me. We don’t want to scare off any ladies who may just want breastfeeding advice. And I don’t think the national group would endorse our..uh..extra activities.”

He could see the sadness on the faces of the ladies as he spoke.

“But I’m not saying we can’t continue. I think we just need to separate what we do from the regular meeting. There can be the La Leche League meeting, and then we can have a break and then those who want to can join us for our extra activities. What do you think?”

Everyone quickly agreed to the wisdom of what he said. Each of the ladies could feel their breasts tighten in excitement. Each of them had fed their babies before coming to the meeting, but most had plenty of milk left and if they were honest with themselves, they had hoped that they could feed Steven and feel his pleasure in their gift.

Sherry spoke up,” Then I say we adjourn this meeting so we can get to the good stuff!”

Just as the formal meeting ended and everyone began to relax, the door opened and in walked a young lady, timidly asking if she was in the right place. The atmosphere in the room seemed to freeze. All the ladies had started thinking about having Steven help them relieve themselves, in more ways than one, but the sight of this young girl of perhaps 20 made them pause.

Assuring her she was in the right place, the ladies welcomed her in and sat her down.

“My name is Bonnie. I’m 20 years old and I had a baby a couple of weeks ago. I had to give him up for adoption due to circumstances I’d rather not go into. I’m not sure why I’m here, but I need help.”

Some of the ladies sat close to her to offer her solace. Bonnie was choking back tears.

“The delivery was normal and I got to hold him and feed him for a few days before….” Her voice trailed off. She paused a moment to collect her thoughts. “And now I’m here with all this milk and no one to give it too. I know your group gives advice on starting breastfeeding. Do you have any advice about stopping?” She looked around the room.

“We can help you, Bonnie. You are among friends here. We are a just a group of friends and now you are our friend too. Why don’t you tell us how you feel right now?” Sherry said.

“Well, I knew I was going to have to give up my son. So, believe it or not, that is not my problem. I don’t want to just forget that it ever happened. I want to experience whatever I can of this. And my body is telling me I need something. And my breasts, well I was always big up top, but well…”

Bonnie removed the bulky brown overcoat she had been wearing. She was in a heavy sweater and jeans. For such a small girl, she was very top-heavy.

“My breasts are just so huge they hurt. I feel like I need to…to unload them.”

As she spoke, Bonnie grasped her large tits. She could hardly contain them in her small hands. “I have a pump, but it’s so artificial to use and so cold. The boy who got me pregnant, we weren’t really very close. I went to him and he thought I was trying to trap him or something. I told him the baby was gone and I just needed some help. He called me a fucking cow. He didn’t want to see me. Who can blame him? That’s all I am, a fucking milkcow,” Bonnie collapsed in tears.

“I blame him.” Steven said.

Bonnie hadn’t noticed the only man present, and was startled. She quickly pulled herself together and sat up.

“This is Steven,” Sherry explained. “He is a special part of our group. We were just about to end the regular part of our meeting. I think you should see the special part of what we do. We all know how you feel. Some men, and even some women, have decided that the most beautiful, natural part of womanhood is somehow bad. They are wrong. Part of being a woman is bringing forth new life and then providing nourishment for that life. It’s not only an essential physical act, but it is a profoundly emotional act for both parties. All of us here have experienced this and we come together to celebrate this. Some of us have no child to nourish, no outlet for our milk at all, but we feel the need to continue to experience this part of womanhood. Some of us donate to mothers in need. But that just makes the milk come back sooner and more. It feels good and it opens the door to other good feelings. Steven has helped us enjoy those feelings. Would you like to see?”

Bonnie nodded. Doris moved to draw the curtains and Alice dimmed the lights.

Sherry looked down at her own expansive chest and demurely unbuttoned her blouse. She shifted the fabric to one side revealing the large right cup of her white nursing bra. She sat on one end of the sofa. “Steven, honey, Mommy needs her hungry baby.” Steven tried not to smile as he quietly moved to join Sherry, lying with his head in her lap. Sherry cupped his head in one hand and unbuttoned the flap on the huge right cup and revealed her full breast topped with a dark ruby nipple, fully erect, standing out from the large dark aureole. Bonnie felt her own large breasts ache and throb as she saw Steven’s mouth latch onto Sherry’s teat and begin suckling. Sherry sighed loudly and then moaned quietly as he fed. Doris and Alice moved beside Sherry and Steven. Doris moved his legs across her lap sitting beside Sherry, watching a man’s mouth suckling her friend’s milk-filled tit. Doris’ breasts were much smaller, a-cups, usually. Childbirth had rounded her little perkies into little balloons. She hadn’t worn a bra this evening hoping that Steven would get a chance to appreciate the easy access. Bonnie sat down and watched, transfixed, as Doris began unbuckling Steven’s belt.

He hardly noticed. He suckled gently, feeling and tasting Sherry’s sweet milk as it trickled into his mouth. Her hand stroked his hair and face and she smiled down at him. The warm, wet suction on her breast created warmth that spread across her chest and down to her loins. Sherry felt that electric connection to her clit. She wriggled her hips a bit and Steven lightly bit her nipple and suckled that much harder. Sherry moaned. The five other ladies, plus Bonnie, had circled around Sherry and Steven. Some of them focused on Sherry’s pleasure, imagining it as if it were their own. Others watched Steven’s hungry mouth as he sucked. They saw the bulge in his pants and knew that this special intimacy was equally pleasing to both parties.

In time Sherry felt the right breast becoming empty and she shifted her ‘big baby’ to the other side. Bonnie came closer, kneeling beside Alice. Alice had been stroking Steven’s hair as he nursed. She had opened her blouse and unhooked the front-closing monster that held her bountiful mams. Alice leaned over Steven and rubbed her large pink nipples against his face. Leaking milk left a trail on his cheek. Alice leaned back on her heels and arched her back, closing her eyes. Bonnie, who could feel her own breasts tingling, felt herself reach out to caress Alice’s huge milkjugs. Alice smiled without opening her eyes. She stood, putting her teats at mouth-level for the kneeling Bonnie. Bonnie licked the dripping milk from each big nipple. Alice smiled and took one huge tit in two hands and expressed a dozen little jets of fine spray across Bonnie’s face. Bonnie opened her mouth and Alice repeated the act giving Bonnie a taste of her nectar. Bonnie shuddered with a near-climax at the warmth and taste.

It had been over a day since Bonnie had tried to use her little battery-powered pump to relieve the pressure that had built up in her enormous boobs. She felt her milk ‘letting down’ down and begin to flow. Bonnie saw Sherry looking at her with compassion. It seemed Sherry was about to say something to her as a wave of pleasure washed over Sherry. She cupped her breast and squeezed it hard into Steven’s mouth. He opened up to suck in as much tit as he could. The sweet wetness leaked out and soon covered his face as Sherry felt a full-body orgasm shake her to the core. Steven instinctively wanted to mount her and bury his stiffness in her pussy. He knew how wet and aroused she must be. But Sherry recovered from her orgasm and gently pulled her breast from his mouth.

“Our new friend is in need, Steven. Bonnie, do you want Steven to do this for you?” Bonnie nodded. Very slowly, the group shifted positions. All eyes were on Bonnie as she stood and lifted her sweater, pulling it off. Considering she had delivered not long ago, Bonnie’s body showed few signs of pregnancy. She was wearing jeans that were nearly her old size. She had no stretch marks. In fact, her body looked almost as it had before her pregnancy, except for her breasts. Bonnie had always been very large-breasted. At 13 she had d-cups and the attention from boys that goes with them. She was happy to move to a new town and adopt much more concealing clothes. When a one-nighter had left her pregnant, her big breasts seemed to grow that much bigger. Being as young as she was, the weight of her boobs didn’t make them hang to her waist. Rather, they stood out from her chest and their fullness could barely be contained by the large dd-nursing bra. She reached behind her and unclasped it. She let it fall away from her and stood at the center of a circle of women, gathered around a reclining Steven. Sherry moved off to the side to get a taste of Alice’s milk. Doris, sensing the intensity of Bonnie’s need and feeling a maternal bond with the girl who was young enough to be her own daughter, left Steven’s fly open for Bonnie, if that was what she wanted and touching her own breasts under her sweatshirt. She felt wetness on her fingers and tasted her own milk.

Sherry had left her nursing bra’s flaps open, exposing her freshly suckled teats for all to see. Small droplets of milk clung to the tips. Steven looked up at Bonnie and then back at Sherry, who smiled and nodded. He sat up on the edge of the sofa. Bonnie stood directly in front of him. She was in a trance. As turned on as she was by watching Sherry climax from breastfeeding this grown man with the sizable bulge in his pants, she was also responding to an aching need she felt inside to unload the milk that had overloaded her big tits to the point of pain.

As Steven sat on the edge of the sofa watching Bonnie, he was struck by how beautiful she was. Her long straight dark hair made her look so young. But her figure was certainly that of a woman. As she moved closer to him, her huge breasts level with his face, her perfume wafted over him. Looking up at her, Steven saw that Bonnie’s eyes were almost glazed over. She saw him, but her thoughts were elsewhere. He had never seen breasts as big as hers that were so full and firm. By rights they ought to be hanging down to her knees, but instead those twin melons, each as big as her head stood out proudly. Her aureoles were perfect pink circles and her nipples were wide nubs poking up from them by just a fraction of an inch. He couldn’t help himself. Rather than letting Bonnie get comfortable and then gently positioning himself to suckle, his hands each cupped and hefted one of her big orbs. He buried his face between them and smothered himself in the endless warm flesh. He kissed and licked and mouthed all over the deep valley between them. He could feel how tight they were, literally overfilled with mother’s milk.

Finally taking a breath, he pulled back to see thin trickles of milk running down from her nipples. Bonnie took charge now. She pushed him back so that he was reclining back against the sofa. She straddled his hips and leaned forward. Her huge left boob swung into Steven’s face. He licked the milk that had dripped down and then clamped his mouth over her teat and suckled. Bonnie felt his mouth hungrily pulse and suck. His tongue encircled the nipple, causing it to stiffen and grow and causing a stab of sensation to travel from her tit to her clit and deep inside her. Bonnie crushed his head to her chest. He was in heaven. He felt the nipple he was suckling thicken and grow until he could wrap his lips around it and suck it hard. The milk filled his mouth. Bonnie moaned loudly. She hadn’t realized it, but she was grinding her crotch against his leg.

“Big baby,” Bonnie spoke without trying to. She felt the intense tugging of his lips and tongue and she could feel her own milk as it coursed from deep inside her bosom through her now-huge teat and into Steven’s hungry mouth. When the milk flow slowed, Bonnie pulled that breast away from him. Before she replaced it with the other, she leaned down and kissed her big baby on the mouth, tasting her milk. She quickly stuffed her other nipple, already swollen to fingertip size, into his still-hungry mouth. Again and again he sucked and swallowed. Bonnie’s pussy felt warm on his leg even through the layers of her clothes and his. Suddenly, Bonnie gripped each of her massive tits from underneath and squeezed them tight, beyond the point of pain. She was cumming hard. Harder than she ever had. Steven sucked harder even as she thrashed about. His teeth bit at her teats. Bonnie felt a gush of wetness between her thighs. And again. She screamed between clenched teeth and shuddered deeply gushing one last time.

As she regained her senses, Bonnie realized that she had cum and ejaculated something or maybe peed her pants or both. Her jeans were soaked, as was Steven’s pants legs. As Bonnie stood up to assess the damage, Doris took her hand and led her to a chair.

Half of the rest of the evening was spent with the ladies feeding Steven. (Doris fed Bonnie.) Several of them came during the process. A few openly masturbated as Steven nursed. It was the most unique mix of carnal and maternal. Somehow Steven hadn’t cum through all this. He had gone beyond stiff and numb. As crazy as it seemed, he still didn’t think of these ladies like he thought of the girls he dated. What he was doing with these ladies was..well..different. But a need is a need. And when it was time for Steven to get his nut off, he stood and dropped his pants and boxers and sat back. He actually had the thought of jerking off to the incredible tableau before him. Instead, the women gathered around him. One, then another sucked his cock. Some deep and with an experienced technique, others a mere kiss or lick. A few of the ladies simply gave him a kiss on the cheek and a loving look. Their feeling was more maternal, but they understood a man’s needs. As his orgasm roared toward him, Steven was just conscious that the last mouth, throat really, that engulfed him belonged to the bodacious Bonnie. But that thought exploded in his mind as sound and vision mixed with feelings and pleasure beyond words for what seemed like ages.

His next clear thought was of the ache he felt deep in his gut. He couldn’t decide if it was painful or not. Finally, he realized that he had come. A gigantic orgasm. Buckets of cum. He looked around him and he counted half a dozen smiling beautiful faces of his Leche League buddies, each with at least some of his cum glistening from cheek or nose or lips.
The following week’s meeting followed the pattern of the previous one. About a dozen new mothers met in my friend Sherry’s apartment. A representative of La Leche League, a very stern-looking woman, spoke to the group about the importance of nutrition and how mother’s milk is the perfect food for infants. She didn’t need to tell them about the deep emotion bond that this most intimate feeding act builds between the mother and child, or rather between the feeder and the fed. After her remarks, she asked Sherry about the lone male at the meeting. Sherry lied, saying he was the husband of one of the ladies. Giving him a suspicious glance, she left, as did most of the mothers.

Sherry, Bonnie and Alice stayed, as did one other woman. Juliet was new to the group. She hadn’t said a word throughout the ‘regular’ part of the meeting and the ladies wondered how to tell her about the ‘special’ part that was about to begin. These ladies had become very close over the last months sharing their passion for breastfeeding their babies and for exploring the sensual and sexual possibilities that seemed to them as natural as the more utilitarian aspects of lactation. Steven, originally a friend only of Sherry, had stumbled into the group and provided the male appreciation that none of the ladies got at home. These ‘special’ meetings after the ‘regular’ meetings had become the women’s unique evenings of sharing the gift of mother’s milk with each other and with their private ‘big baby’, Steven. And sharing his innocent appreciation of the most motherly of activities, as well as the strong sexual desire that it kindled in him was the highlight of the week for all of them.

Juliet spoke, “I can tell you are wondering about me. I’m Juliet Lewiston. I’m a new mother too. Although I don’t look it, I know.”

Juliet was a very sophisticated-looking lady with short, white blonde hair plastered straight back. She had a striking face then looked almost angelic as she spoke. Her bright blue eyes flashed.

“I adopted a baby this week. He’s home with a nurse. I live alone. I’m a lesbian. Sorry to blurt it out like that, but I want to get to the point. I know Doris, who has been a part of your little sucky-fucky group, and she told me I should come here. That maybe one of you could help me. I need…I guess you’d call it a wet-nurse. Someone who can provide mother’s milk for my baby.”

Sherry, Alice and Steven all bristled at her description of their little group. Steven feared she was going to blow the whistle on his fantasy-come-true. Sherry spoke up.

“Ms. Lewiston. I don’t know what Doris told you, but it sounds like you have the wrong idea about us. La Leche League…”

“La Leche League would be very interested, I’m sure, that one of their chapters is being used to facilitate unprotected sex. They might want to know about the single man who suckles the new moms and then makes them blow him. Is that what you were going to say?” Juliet sneered at Sherry.

Steven asked, “OK, what do you want?”

“Right to the point, eh? Just like a man. Well, don’t worry, stud. I’m not going to spoil your little mommy’s boy fantasy fest. I just want in on the action, in a way.” She turned to look at Bonnie.

“Oooo. You are fine, aren’t you? Bonnie, right? What are you, eighteen, nineteen?” She walked over to the standing Bonnie and circled her, inspecting her. “Doris said your tits were just bursting with milk. That you couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. And that you were a horny one.”

Sherry was getting angry. “Alright, get to the point. And stop harassing our friend!”

“Harassing? My dear, I was about to offer to change her life,” Juliet’s tone softened. “Bonnie, I understand that you are in, shall we say, not luxurious circumstances. I, on the other hand, have more than I need, money-wise. I need an au pair, a live-in companion who will provide milk for my baby. In return, I will provide your own room, bathroom, use of a car, a handsome salary, benefits, all the things you don’t have. Isn’t that right?”

Bonnie asked, “How do you know?”

Juliet smiled, “I hope you don’t mind I had a detective do some research. I can’t let just anyone into my home. Well, would you like to come home with me or will it be back to the YWCA?”

Bonnie looked at the tall, slim, well-dressed woman. She looked like a high-powered executive, or a model, thought Bonnie. Bonnie loved the idea of feeding a baby. And if half of what Juliet was telling her turned out to be true it would be a vast improvement over her current situation. She looked at her friends.

“What should I do?”

Sherry said, “We’ll ride along to make sure you are for real, Ms. Lewiston. Then it will be up to Bonnie.”

“Fine,” agreed Juliet. “Follow me then. It’s 110 Orchard Lane. The big house.”

Sherry, Alice, Bonnie and Steven piled into his old car and followed Juliet’s Lexus to her palatial home. Juliet gave them a tour which ended up in an expansive living room.

“Well, you’ve seen my son. You’ve seen where you’ll be sleeping. You see I’m for real. I have contracts and insurance forms at my lawyer’s office. We can sign them tomorrow. Will you take the job?”

It had all happened so fast. Bonnie’s last few weeks had been a roller coaster of emotion from having her baby and giving it up for adoption, to meeting Sherry and Steven and the ladies. To this. Why not, she thought. She had nowhere else to go. She nodded.

Sherry and Alice exchanged glances. They were not sure about this. Plus, they had not been relieved of their milk. Both women were nearing the point of pain. Bonnie, too, was squirming from the ache in her huge breasts.

She said, “Juliet, I have to relieve the….the…” She cupped her huge chest.

Juliet directed her up to the nursery to feed the baby. Bonnie disappeared up the stairs. Juliet then turned to her other guests.

“How rude of me. You two ladies must be feeling rather… well, no? And you, young man, you haven’t gotten your feeding. You haven’t gotten your rocks off either. Poor baby.” Juliet had a way of slipping between the ‘good witch’ and the ‘bad witch’ personalities. “Ladies, mi casa es su casa. Feel free to have your little secret meeting here.”

“You mean our sucky-fucky?” Sherry sneered at Juliet.

“Darling, you can’t take offence at my little jokes,” Juliet smiled. “I think it’s kind of beautiful, in a way. Go ahead. Please. I’d like to watch, if you don’t mind.”

Slowly Sherry and Alice looked at each other and gave into the pressure and heavy ache each one felt in their full bosoms. They sat next to each other on the expensive sofa. Sherry unbuttoned her blouse and fumbled with her bra. Steven walked over to the seated women. He could see Sherry’s need. In spite of Juliet’s less-than-sensitive attitude, he wanted to relieve Sherry and Alice and deep down he was hungry for the milk, for the sensation of feeding and for the excitement and release he knew they would give him.

Juliet watched as Steven and Sherry and Alice performed the quiet, gentle ritual as they had before. Sherry could not hide her reaction to Steven’s first tentative probings and final ‘latch on’ and vigorous suckling. She shivered and moaned. As did Alice in sympathy, as she rubbed Steven’s legs. Steven suckled ravenously, forgetting for the moment about Juliet. Sherry’s milk was sweet and plentiful. He swallowed and gulped. Sherry squirmed as her pussy became wet. She knew how this would end. As Steven began to empty her other breast, Sherry’s pleasure became acute. She struggled to muffle her cries of pleasure. She rubbed her thighs together, rocking Steven like a big baby. She began to quake. Her orgasm seemed to last until her milk ran out minutes later.

Juliet was transfixed by the sight. She slowly sat across from Sherry. She was focused on Sherry’s face. Beautiful, Juliet thought, rapturous. She envied the feeling of nourishing another life. And the feel of a mouth sucking milk from one’s own nipples. How must that feel? She watched Sherry cum so hard and long that Juliet felt her own clit twinge and her juices begin to soak her own pussy. She adjusted her stylish pants and stole a rub of her crotch, when no one was looking. She saw Sherry pull herself together and Alice open her shirt as Steven shifted on the sofa. Alice leaned down to kiss him sensuously full on the mouth with lots of swirling tongue. Juliet could see it was more openly sexual for the older Alice. Juliet sighed as Alice plopped a huge saggy tit in Steven’s mouth and he suckled it. Alice reached out with one hand to help Sherry unzip his jeans and reached down with the other to rub her own pussy. Juliet moved closer, sitting on the arm of the sofa next to Alice. She touched the older woman’s hair, stroked it. Then Juliet rubbed her shoulders. Alice luxuriated in the feeling of a hard cock in one hand, a warm, hungry, sexy, sucking mouth on each fat tit in turn and her own fingers rubbing her pussy juices on her clit. Sherry leaned in to suckle Alice’s other tit, cheek to cheek with Steven. Alice had so much sweet, warm mother’s milk. Then Sherry felt herself being pulled away from Alice’s long nipple. Juliet wanted some too. Sherry stepped back and watched the slightly butch Juliet suckle like a titty baby at Alice’s big milk bag. Juliet fingered herself openly, Sherry noticed. She also saw that Steven’s cock was twitching. And as the twin mouths pulling and sucking hard on her nipples pushed Alice over the edge, Sherry rubbed his pre-come all over his cock with a finger then began pumping it vigorously.

Alice could hardly sit still as her cunt exploded in a series of climaxes. Her cries, plus the slow, expert stroking of his cock by the woman whose tits he had just drained brought Steven to a powerful climax. His cum shot up onto Sherry’s chest and covered her hands. He came and came. Sherry licked the thick salty cum from her fingers. Alice seized Sherry’s hand and licked it clean. Steven sat up and Alice devoured the cum on Sherry’s chest.

Juliet released Alice’s nipple, having sucked as much milk as she could from it. She knew the wetness of her pussy would be visible through her linen pants. And rubbing it didn’t help. She turned her back on the finale of this scene and slowly walked upstairs to find Bonnie.

Bonnie had found the nursery and met her new charge, little Timmy. A drab nurse with her nose in a book sat unmoving as Bonnie took him from his crib to the pleasant sitting area near the second floor landing. She sat in a bentwood rocker and gently cooed to the baby as she fumbled with her bulky sweater. Finally she was able to remove it and slip one shoulder out from her heavy-duty bra strap. She peeled down the cup and offered her large nipple to his small mouth. It was hard to get the big teat to fit. He kept spitting it out. But Bonnie’s milk had ‘let down’ and was flowing, whether Timmy liked it or not. Bonnie found she could hold her nipple between her thumb and forefinger just at Timmy’s lips and he would suckle the dripping milk from her pinky. The nurse had looked up from her book long enough to tell Bonnie that Timmy had just had a bottle of pumped milk from Le Leche League. So he wasn’t very hungry. But Bonnie loved the feeling of the warm infant in her arms nuzzling her already stimulated breasts.

She had no idea how much time passed, but out of nowhere, there was Juliet standing over her, looking at her the way only men had. Until now. She knelt down so she could see each drop form on the large teat. She saw how it dripped down onto Bonnie’s finger and how Timmy would suckle it. She also saw that Timmy was very nearly asleep.

“Take him back to the nurse and come back here,” Juliet ordered her casually.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Bonnie. Her new role seemed to come naturally to the young woman. Although some of the pressure had been relieved from one breast, the other was becoming engorged and was soaking the pad she had tucked in her massive bra cup.

When Bonnie returned to the rocker, Juliet was gone. Suddenly, the lights when out. After a second Bonnie could see light coming from an open doorway at the end of the hallway. She walked carefully toward it and entered Juliet’s bedroom suite. Juliet was on the far side of a large high four-poster bed. She was undressing. Bonnie stood in the doorway and watched. Off came the linen pants, the silk blouse, her dainty a-cup bra and thong. She put on a pair of black patent leather pumps with 3-inch spiked heels. She towered over Bonnie as she guided the young woman to the bed.

“Take off your sweater, Bonnie.”

Bonnie obeyed.

“And that harness,” Juliet’s voice betrayed disdain for the bra that her figure didn’t require but a buxom babe like Bonnie could not do without.

Bonnie removed her bra. She stood before her new employer, droplets of mother’s milk leaking from her huge erect nipples and running down those perfectly rounded orbs. A moment later she was nude.

Juliet lay back on the bed beside a few propped-up pillows. “Come feed me, little mommy.”

Bonnie climbed up onto the silken bedding and sat up against the pillows. Juliet could not take her eyes from the young woman’s physical perfection. This was a woman in full bloom. Like a fertility symbol, exaggerated hips and boobs. Built for fucking and feeding. Breeding stock. Bonnie’s skin was flawless, like a ripe peach. In fact that was the thought Juliet associated with this nymph. Ripe. Her body was not lean, it was ripe. Her pussy, through wisps of her tawny pubic hair, looked like a fruit ripe for enjoying. And those fucking huge mams. Juliet’s mouth watered. Those were twin ripe melons. Overripe. Bursting. Juliet lowered her lips to the untapped boob’s erect nipple. She took the bud of almost purple flesh into her mouth and sucked hard and long. Bonnie squealed and wriggled. Then Juliet bit down hard on the teat. Bonnie recoiled and then reached down and tweaked Juliet’s tiny titty. Juliet smiled and then placidly suckled the big tit until it was nearly dry. The two women moaned and seemed to become of one mind as one fed the other. Each of them felt electric tingling deep inside. Juliet slowly half-turned and slid two fingers into Bonnie’s pussy. As she released the tapped-out nipple from her oral suction, she rubbed the fingers up into Bonnie’s spongy g-spot. Bonnie suddenly started breathing very hard and a whispered “oh God, oh God” became a high-pitched shriek. Her flat stomach tensed. Her pussy began to convulse.

Juliet knew when a woman was cumming and Bonnie was cumming. Juliet moved down to lick Bonnie’s clit as she fingered her to a climax. She was not expecting the eruption that occurred. A gush of clear, watery fluid splattered Juliet in the face, going up her nose and into her eyes and mouth. She pulled back instinctively, then realized that Bonnie must be a ‘gusher’, a woman who ejaculates when she comes. Some of the dykes she knew talked about it, but she had never seen it. She moved in close to lick the up the wetness, when Bonnie screamed again and shot out another faceful. Juliet plastered her mouth over Bonnie’s pussy and tongued her clit and labia forcefully. Bonnie squealed again and forced out another big gush of her she-cum, then she sighed and shuddered. It was a couple of minutes before she came down again.

When Bonnie did regain control, she saw Juliet suckling the tit that Timmy had fed from. She felt good. Her tits didn’t ache. She had a home and a job. And her boss, well her boss’s face was covered in her cunt juice and her mouth was full of her mother’s milk. Bonnie thought that it would not be long until she was the boss.

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