Anita’s Breastfeeding

Anita was standing in the kitchen looking out of the window. She is working as a maid in the house of a rich landlord. She is on this job for past few months and apparently facing problem as she is having a six month old kid, which feeds on her breast which drains almost every time. She is a dark complexioned woman who has taken up this job due to dire necessities. The child of her is born due to an illegitimate relationship with a drunkard who rapes her one night when she was alone in her home. She got the job due the sympathetic corner of her story and the kind nature of the landlord made it very easy. While she was busy finding a life she wish looking out of the window, suddenly her baby lying on the sofa of the dining room started crying aloud.

“Oh again it got hungry. Need to feed it.”

She unbuttons her tight blouse slowly and then gently circles her chocolate brown areolas. She then gently presses her protruded nipples and white milk oozes down her breast to her flat slim belly.

“Yes it’s full now. Good time to feed the baby.”

She walks out from the kitchen with her left breast open, dangling and oozing droplets of milk. She picks up the baby and carries her to the nearby room designated by the landlord for her. She makes herself comfortable in the bed and hugging the baby close to her breast she just carelessly thrusts the nipple on the baby’s mouth as if she doesn’t like nurturing the baby at all. The baby that was crying since long eventually stopped crying while started suckling on the huge breast. After a while Anita finds her baby asleep.

“The baby has almost suckled one of my breasts dry. If Arul returns and finds no milk while suckling he will be mad at me. I better drink some milk and have some food to replenish my breasts before he is back from his school.” She gets up from the bed and walks off to the kitchen to check out some food from the refrigerator. She drinks a bottle of cold milk and comes back to the dining hall sofa and lies down unhooking her blouse, leaving her two sexy breasts open for Arul. Arul is son of the landlord who is 20 years old and studying in high school. He fascinates Anita’s breast and so do Anita loves him suckling and biting on her massive soft boobs. She would rather keep the baby unfed and feed Arul. She likes the way Arul teases her nipples which makes her pussy wet. More than nurturing she takes it as a way to enjoy sexual ecstasy. While lying there she falls asleep until she feels sudden warmth on her areolas and a tremor of snug pain around her left breast. She opens her eyes and finds Arul devouring on her breast wildly, biting her nipples hard.

“Ah! It pains.” Anita moans. “How many times I said you not to bite my nipples hard. It pains a lot. I know you are mad with hunger but be a bit polite suckling on my tits.”

Arul stops for a moment and then starts off with a complaining face “Aunty your breast milk is getting declined in taste day by day and today you even forgot to smudge your nipples in honey. It’s really tasteless for which I am forced to suck on them harder to draw more milk to feel the test.”

Anita was searching for an issue to get this handsome young stud to give her a good fuck. She uses this issue to tempt the young boy to give her a good fuck in order to enjoy her lovely breast milk. She apparently pulls her breast out of Arul’s mouth.

“What happened?” exclaimed Arul.

“My little sweet heart I am not a milking cow that I will provide you creamy milky tits throughout the year. I need to get fucked in order to produce sweet milk. Even a cow needs to get fucked for producing milk. So if you aren’t ready for fucking me then forget to suck those chocolaty nipples.”

“No no I will do whatever you say. Please don’t stop feeding me breast milk. But I wonder that if I fuck you and you become pregnant, then things will turn over me real bad.”

“Don’t worry for that I have emergency contraceptive pills with me that would help to avoid any unwanted pregnancies. You just do your job. From now onwards you will fuck me at least three times a day for a month or else forget about my milk.”

Arul nodded and agreed at the deal. Both then headed towards Anita’s bedroom. Anita undressed herself and helped Arul in undressing his clothes too. Then Anita went down for Arul’s dick. She only started rubbing it and the whole four inch slug thickened into a rod of six inch. Anita tried to swallow it but it was so huge in size that she could only lick its big head. Arul who was getting really heated grabbed her hairs and thrusts his tool onto her throat and starts stroking.

“Uh, suck it bitch. Taste my meat you huge breasted whore.” In the mean while Arul reaches orgasm and cums out a thick load of sperms down her throat. Anita engulfs the whole load with much difficulty almost chocking her to breath. After that she resorts to bed exhausted and panting. Arul who was still hard now climbs up to bed and lies on top of Anita caressing her black nipples.

“Arul I am tiered and exhausted, so please don’t fuck me now. If you want to suck my milk then go for it but no sex further” says Anita with a sullen tone.

But Arul was much worried about getting qualitative creamy breast milk. Therefore instead of stopping he removes Anita’s panty and makes her completely nude. After that he starts fingering her puffy pussy. Anita was already exhausted but soon got into excitement and started moaning and shivering with pleasure. The eternal bliss that she was enjoying was coming out with the momentarily spurting milk that was leaking from her swollen breast. Arul notices that and slowly suckles up the milk.

“See aunty, if teasing your pussy makes you produce sweet milk then what will happen if I fuck you regularly. Then there will be enough milk for your baby and even for me and I can enjoy on those huge chocolaty nipples anytime I feel like.”

“Ok fine but I am tiered and I can’t take more. Please I beg you stop this for today from tomorrow I promise that I will undress myself and become your whore anytime you want me to do,” pleads Anita.

Her pleadings didn’t make any difference. Arul divided her legs and positioned his cock in front of Anita’s love hole. The moment he tried to thrust it, he felt it became really tight due to excitement. Suddenly he felt pity on Anita so he reached for a moisturizing cream and smeared his cock with it. Then he clasped Anita’s hand and dodged his entire six inch tool into her soft hole with a single powerful stroke. Anita cried aloud due to pain. She couldn’t bear the penetration of the huge shaft and became unconscious instantly. She lied in the bed like a helpless prey in hands of a predator. Tears rolled down her reddened chicks. Her pain created more excitement for Arul and he then started stroking violently. Anita’s tight love hole was bleeding due to violent strokes. The tight muscles of her vagina kept on tightening so hard that within few minutes Arul climaxed. He lied exhausted on top of her for a while then got up to check up her milk.

Anita was still lying unconscious and was moaning “My pussy is burning. Bastard, stop it now and have mercy on me.”

“Yes aunty, I will leave you alone but let me test your sweet milk that you have produces in your chocolaty breast.”

Arul engraves his teeth on one of Anita’s creamy soft breast and started sucking it. While sucking the left breast he started squeezing her right breast and a stream of milk started flowing from it. Arul quickly shifted to her right breast and as he pressed his teeth a flow of fresh warm milk flooded his mouth. He gradually had his third erection in the process and wanted to cum again on her love hole. Anyways his cock was inside her pussy which was now pressing against the wall of Anita’s vagina. Anita in the mean while gained some strength and consciousness could feel the twitching of his cock inside. Anita made some deliberate noises to get Arul excited and bring the session to a fast end. The pain was getting more intense every moment. Arul and Anita started working on together this time. Arul’s each and every stroke rocked her hips, resulting in tremulous shuddering of Anita’s body. At last Arul filled her Inner walls of her pussy with his love juices. Just then the baby cries and Anita pushes Arul aside and wipes out the love juices smearing his cock with her blouse and walks off to the bathroom to get fresh. When she came back refreshed she picked up the baby from the cradle and came to her bed. Arul was still lying exhausted probably asleep. She looked at Arul’s face and saw the exhaustion in his face and she felt pity on him. She adjusted Arul and her kid side by side and then opened her blouse. Then she gave the right breast to the baby for suckling and thrusts the left breast into Arul’s mouth.

“Hey, come on suckle the milk” said Anita as she apparently felt that Arul has fallen asleep. She squeezes her breast and milks out into Arul’s mouth and once again he started to suckle and started biting her nipples softly. “Oh, stop biting bastard,” says Anita biting her lips and enjoying the ecstasy.

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