Virtual Seduction


It’s certainly not good for a supposedly happily married woman, to fall in love. That’s what happened to me, as I fell in love with a man, much younger to me. And, to make matter worse, the man with whom I fell in love, was none other than my own son. After remaining faithful to my husband for nearly twenty years, one fine day I found that I was interested in my own teenage son.

My feeling towards my son, Rahul had nothing to do with a motherly love; a mother has for her son. In contrast, I desperately wanted him between my thighs, thrusting his rigid love tool into my willing receptacle, driving me wild with joy and ecstasy. I badly wanted to feel his naked body lying next to me, his hands caressing my plump body, his fingers pinching my tits and exploring my sex.

When these thoughts started haunting me; in the beginning, I was deeply ashamed. I was terribly shocked how could I think about having sex with my own son, probably, the worst kind of sin. I spent numerous nights crying with shame, cursing myself. I prayed to God to help me to overcome my immoral thoughts. Time and again, I resolved to abolish my lewd thoughts.

However, the incestuous thoughts remained very potent and after every brief stint of remorse, the fantasies came back more strongly, Overwhelming even my toughest resolve.

I was well aware of the risks; my thoughts could bring on my family and myself in particular. Living in a traditionally orthodox South Asian country, I knew very well what could happen if my feeling towards my son become public. My married life would be ruined permanently, and I would be a pariah for rest of my life.

Nonetheless, I could not do away with my incestuous thoughts about my son. The sense of shame and guilt diminished over a period of time and finally, I succumbed to the temptation. I gave up my resistance and started enjoying my lewd thoughts about my son.

I convinced myself that I was only fantasizing, not actually doing anything with my son; thus my incestuous thoughts were no way going to harm anyone. Little did I know that it was a stepping-stone toward my full-fledged sexual relationship with my son? I started with fantasizing about my son while masturbating. To my surprise; I found that I was drawing immense pleasure out of it; I relished the terrific orgasms, every time it induced into my body.

I must admit that, my transformation from a simple stay at home mom to a horny slut didn’t happen in just one day. Only six months back, I was a dedicated housewife to my husband Deepak and a loving mother to my only son Rahul. Our marriage had already entered into its twentieth year, and most of the time our relationship was easy going. I never had any problem with my husband. Deepak was a good husband, a good father and he did everything to make us happy and I feel perhaps he overdid it.

I was only seventeen, when I got married to Deepak. Like most of the marriages in my country, our’s was also an arranged marriage. I had never met Deepak before our marriage. Deepak’s parents were old friend of my father. Once he completed his graduation, our families decided that we would be life partners.

I was initially apprehensive about our marriage, but I found that my fears were uncalled for. Deepak was a very handsome and good-natured young man, and above all he was a terrific lover.

We had our first intercourse, on the first night of our honeymoon. I didn’t have any sexual encounter before that night. Although, Deepak was older to me by seven years, he was also a virgin, quite natural in our country that time. I still remember when Deepak saw me naked for the first time; he was so excited that he shot his load, even before his cock could enter my pussy.

That was the first time, when I saw a rigid male organ, naked and throbbing, spewing drop after drop of hot seed onto my bush and belly. I enjoyed the feeling and I still relish the feel of hot cum drenching my body.

He was successful in his second attempt and I lost my maidenhood as he impaled his massive organ into my delicious cunt. I cried with pain as his cock popped my cherry, but soon the pain was replaced by a deep sense of exhilaration, and I went on enjoying my first intercourse tremendously. I still reveled in the feeling with the same fervor, the rhythmic plundering of Deepak’s bulbous cock into my slick pussy.

By the time, he fucked me for the second time; I knew in my heart that I was addicted to the newfound pleasure. We were staying at a hill station; we remained in our room through out our stay and did nothing other than making love again and again. We seldom moved out of our hotel and didn’t visit any place at all. As a result, when we returned home after our stay for two weeks, I was already pregnant with Rahul.

Deepak was an engineer with a good job and excellent salary. We moved to his place of posting; Mumbai, then known as Bombay. We had an excellent marital life, with lots of love and plenty of sex. Deepak and I always enjoyed sex and we never missed any single opportunity to jump into each other pants. My husband was an excellent lover and he always kept my horny pussy in satiated condition.

Our sexual life had a lot of petting, caressing, copulations but unfortunately, no oral simulation. We were not into it. Although a number of times, I watched porn movies with Deepak and I must admit that I was tempted to explore some of the new techniques shown in those movies. However, Deepak had a different opinion about it, It was not for the decent people to do those sort of things. I could never dare to ask him. I never sucked him and Deepak also never went down on me; he never tongued my pussy.

We both were from religious and orthodox families, and naturally such things were unheard in our families. We never discussed sex with our parents; I never knew whether my parent actually had sex. However, I was always tempted to little nasty things, and I was only the fear of my father, which forced me to keep my hymen intact till my marriage.

Our initial ten years were excellent. Deepak changed a number of jobs and finally, rose to the level of general manager in a company.

One day Deepak announced that he was quitting his job and setting up his own industry. He got loan from the bank and soon started his own little workshop. He had the knowledge of the field, good contacts at right places because of his earlier jobs, so his venture flourished and soon, he became a successful businessman. We purchased a new apartment in a posh area and shifted to our new accommodation.

Success always comes with a price and ours too had its price. The first casualty was our sex life. Deepak became more and more busy, sometimes working fourteen to sixteen hours a day. He became obsessed with success and that made him completely oblivious of his wife and his growing son, who was now in his puberty.

The frequency of our sexual encounter reduced drastically. Almost everyday Deepak would return very late at nights from his factory, exhausted and dead tired. After dinner he would immediately go to sleep, sometimes even without talking with me.

Initially, I was sympathetic to him. I could appreciate his busy schedule and felt that after all he was doing it for us. I tried to busy myself with my son, who was fast growing into handsome teenager. I looked after his studies and his other requirements that a teenager needed from his family.

However, the sex was like life nectar for me. From the very first day, when I lost my maidenhood, I had adored sex and soon I started feeling the pinch of it. My sex-starved body started showing the signs of it. I became more and more frustrated, and that resulted in numerous heated arguments with Deepak. Most of the time, he was empathic and we reconciled, but his priorities had changed and after some day of restraint, he would again go back to his old ways.

Finally, I realized the futility of our altercations and resigned to my fate. I was entering into my thirty-seventh year and Rahul had turned into a fine looking young man. He regularly participating in sports and he had a passion for bodybuilding.

He had developed a small gym in his room and many a times, I watched him working in his gym, with only his shorts over his body. I could recall the strange feelings of arousal; I used to have, while watching his seminude body working with weights. I could not understand the reason for those feelings, but I loved to feast on his well-toned muscular body.

After celebrating my thirty-fifth birthday, I realized that I was putting on weight. It was the worst nightmare for a woman like me; who was known for her beauty and delicate figure. I was no more delicate and curvaceous beauty. My older clothes were no more fitting to me.

In the mirror, I could now see a puffier face, swelled thighs and tummy. I was aghast. I was always admired for my beauty, and the sudden realization that I was no more a beautiful woman, was devastating. I tried to lose weight by exercising and dieting, but failed miserably.

Soon, I discerned that exercising was not my forte, and after some time, I gave it up. I could draw solace from the fact that I was still plagued by numerous second stares; whenever I was out shopping. I was aware of people stopping and trying to steal a second glance at me. That was more than better for a chubby woman in her late thirties; still, deep within I remained miserable.

Rahul had completed his schooling. Following his father’s footsteps, he also chose engineering for his graduation. He got admission to a good college in Mumbai itself. His college was about thirty miles from our house. In order to save his time during traveling, he decided to get an accommodation in a hostel within the premises of his college.

I didn’t like the idea. I never wanted him to stay in the hostel. I strongly opposed the idea. Deepak was also in favor of our son’s staying at hostel. But, I refused to budge.

Finally, My son showed some concern for me, and it was decided that he would stay at the hostel, only during the examinations and during the similar exigencies. During normal days he would stay at home. I was happy and I thanked my son for his concern.

My happiness was short-lived. Rahul would leave the house early in the morning and would return only by evening, leaving me alone at house for the day. It was only during the weekends, that we would be together in true sense. I was again getting frustrated.

Finally, my son suggested me a way to keep myself busy. He introduced me to computers and especially to the Internet. He took great pains in explaining basic things to me. He taught me how to use a mouse, how to work with windows, how to connect to the Internet and how to open a mail id and use it. He created a mail id for me.

With his help, I started using Internet. Initially, I fumbled with the new technology; Computers were not there when I was a student. But, I was a quick learner and in a short span, I developed a knack for computers. I started using it with ease and slowly became more and more confident. I found it a good release and started spending hours before my son’s personal computer. Deepak was especially happy, as I had stopped complaining.

I found Internet very fascinating and started spending hours online, mostly writing mails and chatting. Almost regularly, I chatted with my son or my husband, when they were away. Rahul was careful enough to drop me a line or two, every now and then, just to keep my mailbox full of mails. I also made some online friends, and that kept me pretty busy during my free time. I vented my frustration to my new hobby; I became addicted to the web world.

Like it happens to all Internet users, the Internet introduced me to the world of Internet sex. Although, I was vaguely aware of it, initially I didn’t try to fiddle with any such ideas. My son had warned me about spams and had advised me not to open it, and to directly delete it from my mailbox.

In the beginning, I religiously followed his instructions, but once out of curiosity I clicked on one such mail. Immediately, a new page opened on the screen, showing gorgeous naked girls displaying their genitals in the most lewd manner. I was stunned to see it, and closed the page right away.

I shut down my computer, but the nude figures of those models continued dancing before my eyes. Suddenly, my frustration was back with an overwhelming ferocity. I didn’t have had any sex with my husband for last two months. I longed to feel a male cock ravishing my horny pussy.

I tried to resist the temptation, but my horniness failed me, and I finally succumbed to the temptation. I restarted the computer, reconnected to the net and opened my mailbox. Again, I clicked on the link to open the same page, I had been watching last time.

This time it didn’t shock me, I was prepared for it. Leisurely, I scanned through the page, enjoying the nude girls and their displays. Then, I clicked to another link given at the bottom of the page, opening a new page with more visuals, showing naked men and women having sex in all possible manners.

I was extremely exited. Unknowingly, my free hand traveled to my pussy. I gently rubbed it, through the material of my gown. I had a strange feeling. I had never masturbated before; I had always thought it, as a bad thing and a god fearing simple housewife should not indulge in such activities.

My every notion changed that day, as my fingers didn’t stop at my hem. My fingers entered inside my gown, even inside my panties. I felt my soft curly bush and tender pussy lips. I was dripping wet. My fingers rubbed my pussy lips, and for the first time, I was playing with my pussy. The feeling was of pure delight. There was no guilt, just an overwhelming sense of ecstasy.

My eyes were glued to the screen, which was continuously displaying men and women indulging in every sort of activities. I watched pictures of women having cocks in their every holes, men shooting their cum into their faces and mouths, and I excitedly watched them slurping the white gluey fluid sticking to their partners’ cocks and to their own faces. I was fascinated and deep in my heart; I ached to feel a cock into my mouth.

I continued browsing page after page. I don’t remember how many or which sites, I visited that day. I wasn’t concerned about that. All I was interested in watching the pictures of men and women having sex.

My fingers continued playing with my pussy and clitoris. The trembling in my legs was aggravating with every brush of my fingers over my swollen pussy and soon the floodgate opened. I had brought myself to a thundering orgasm. My first masturbation was an unforgettable experience.

My journey to Internet sex had begun. I reveled in watching newer sites day by day and masturbate while watching those lascivious pictures. My transformation into a horny slut was in progress.

My euphoria didn’t last long. Soon, I found that I was not able to draw enough excitement from those pictures. The effect was no longer as lasting as it was in the initial days. I started getting bored with the images. I wanted the stimulation that could linger on and on, even after shutting down the computer. My search finally ended with the sites displaying erotic stories.

I found erotica very fascinating and straight away, I was hooked to it. I started reading those nicely written stories, the descriptions so vivid and live, that most of them felt like actually happening. It had enough ingredients to kindle my imagination, and even when I was not using my computer, those narration would became alive in my mind and my fingers would automatically reach for my pussy and started playing with my clit. With every passing day, I became more and more daring. Firstly, I stopped wearing panties; whenever I was alone at home, and later; I stopped putting on my clothes altogether. I would sit in front of my computer completely naked, my one hand busy with keyboard and mouse, and the other busy with my dripping pussy.

I loved the feel of my nakedness. As soon as, I was alone at home, I would simply shed all my clothes and roam around in the house completely nude.

Whenever, I was alone; I would open a new story and got myself busy with the lively narratives on the screen, while my fingers would play music with my cunt, taking me slowly to the most wonderful orgasm. My frequency of self-indulgence increased manifold; on any particular day, I would finger myself to orgasm for three or four or even more number of times.

It was the time, when I first started thinking about incest. For some unexplained reasons, I found incestuous stories more captivating than the stories in the other categories. One by one, I read most of them, brothers screwing their sisters, father fucking their daughters, mothers enjoying lustful relationships with their sons; uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, all of them enjoying sex with each other, doing all sorts of nasty things and what not.

To my amazement, I realized that it was the mother son section, which I found the most titillating. The themes of horny moms getting screwed by their teenage sons were so enchanting, that it always gave me the most powerful orgasm. I feel, perhaps It was most convenient for me, to fantasize myself as the horny mothers depicted in those stories, getting fucked by their teenage sons.

My first reaction to my lecherous thoughts involving my son was a disgustful repulsion. I was conscience-stricken for days. I was mortified, how could I even envisage myself having sex with my own son, the most forbidden relation between a mother and her son. It was a sin of worst kind and I prayed on numerous wakeful nights to get rid of my incestuous feelings.

In spite of my nagging conscience, my incestuous thoughts toward my son continued, and rather it intensified with time. Finally, my resistance ceased and I succumbed to the most enthralling temptation of my life. I continued masturbating while thinking of having sex with Rahul. With the time, my fantasies involving Rahul became more vivid and more kaleidoscopic.

Gradually, the feelings of guilt and shame were completely gone. My lewd thoughts were no longer a sin; it simply became my most sensuous fantasies, my most precious treasure. I derived extreme pleasure in fantasizing about doing every kind of vulgar things with my son, every time driving myself to the most shattering orgasm. All the perceptions were changed and I realized that I desperately wanted to screw my own son.


I wanted to fuck my son, but I didn’t have any idea, how was I going to fulfill my fantasy. I didn’t have any clue about my son’s feelings towards me, whether he ever thought his mom as an object of sex. Did he ever fantasize about fucking his mom? There were so many questions that needed answers, before I could even start thinking of seducing my son.

The help came from divine. Rahul had given me a small notebook that contained tit bits of information, about handling a personal computer. Rahul had written brief instructions about operating the computer, and had given it to me, when I was a novice, learning computers. It had rendered useless, once I learned my job and was lying idle in my cupboard.

One day, while tending my cupboard, I found that notebook. I was just flipping through its pages, when something caught my eyes. Carefully, I flipped the pages again and on the third last page, I found a mail id and a password. I was aware of my husbands and Rahul’s mail ids, and the mail id I found on the notebook was a new one. I had never seen that before.

Presumably, my son had another mail id with a pseudonym. Out of curiosity, I logged his computer to the net and opened the particular site; typed the mail address and the password in the login box. The screen flickered for a moment, and slowly the mailbox of Hothamburger opened.
My guess was right; Hothamburger was the pseudonym of my son. His mailbox was full with erotic mails, mostly spams, like I used to get into my mailbox. I tried to read some of the mails that appeared genuine. The revelation was encouraging.

It seemed, that my beloved son was a member of some adult pen pal club, and he had been receiving plenty of erotic e-mails. There were five such mails, each from a different sender and I read all of them.

My son was enjoying a virtual relationship with five women simultaneously. The mails were full with juicy details and lewd language. One mail even had an attachment. I opened the attachment and found a picture of a gorgeous forty-ish lady, completely naked, lewdly exposing her hairy cunt lips.

I read the content of the mail. The women had thanked my son for sending his nude photographs, and that she had enjoyed watching his teenage monster cock. In the return, she was sending her picture and she hoped that my son would also enjoy it. I was shocked and thrilled simultaneously.

I read all the mails. The contents in most of them were more or less same. I could clearly notice a specific pattern in them. Out of five, three of his friends seemed to be much senior to him, almost into my age group and remaining two were also elder to him. I scanned through his complete mailbox, searching for earlier mails from same sender.

Luckily, my son had preserved all the messages received from his pals. From his older mails, I could trace the naked pictures of three more friends of my son. My hunch was right. Most of my son’s adult pals were too old to be his mother. My son seemed to be more interested in mature women, and if it was so; it was certainly a good sign.

An idea struck me; I could also be an adult e-pal of my son. Only thing that I needed to start my virtual affair with my son, was a new mail-id with a pseudonym.

I immediately opened a new page of the same web site and created a new mail id. I was ready to explore the possibility of having a virtual relationship with my own son. I drafted my first mail.

Hi Hothamburger,

I am a stay at home mom of a nineteen-year-old son. I am thirty-nine, divorced, a little plump, but feel that I am still very good-looking. I love to receive erotic mails from handsome young guys, who are close to my son’s age group. I am very broad minded and open to any kind of discussion.

If you are broadminded in true sense and have no reservations about any thing that is related with sex and if you feel that I could be your pal, please reply me.

If you agree, I would love to exchange my nude photographs with you.

Bye from a horny mature babe,


After drafting my mail. I clicked on the send button and waited for the screen to change. In a moment my first mail to my son was delivered. I had taken my first step towards my incestuous relationship with my son.

I impatiently waited next twenty-four hours. My son was using his computer mainly at night and I was hopeful, that he would access his secret mailbox. Next morning my son left for his college, I waited our housemaid to finish the daily chores. No sooner as she left our house, I rushed to my son’s study, which was adjacent to his room and started the PC.

Mumbai mom had received the reply to her mail. My heart was beating like a drum, as I clicked the link to read the reply.

Hi Mumbai_mom,

How are you? For some inexplicable reasons, I had always enjoyed meeting and thinking about mature women. Most of my fantasies are about having sex with the beautiful horny gals who are much older to me. I would certainly love to be your pal.

From your pen name, it seems that you are based in Mumbai. I am also based in Mumbai. So, if you wish, I would love to meet you in future.

You would be surprised to know that I am still a virgin and I always dream to start my sexual journey with someone like you. I am nineteen and simply dying to get my first fuck.

I would love to see you in nude, so please send a photograph of you, preferably without any thread on you body. Till then, I would fantasize about your sweet pussy and jack myself.

Just thinking about you.


‘Holy shit.’ I cursed myself. I should not have used Mumbai in my pseudonym. I might have just given my identity to my son. Anyway, the response from my son was quite encouraging. He didn’t beat about the bush and directly came to the point. My innocent looking son was dying to have his first fuck. ‘No surprise.’ I thought. ‘After all he is my son.’

The revelation, that my son was interested in mature women, left me delighted. I could guess the reason for his obsession. As a toddler, he used to take bath with me, and on most occasions he had seen me completely naked. He was very young then, and I never gave any thought, before stripping in his presence.

Even after he had grown a little, I used to change my clothes in his presence, and he got plenty of opportunities to watch me in only bra and panties. I still remember little Rahul, watching my nude body with utmost curiosity. When he turned ten; I stopped changing in front of him.

I disconnected the connection and shut off the PC. Hothamburger had asked for my naked pictures and I was determined to fulfill his demand. My son must get what he wanted.

Two months ago, on his nineteenth birthday, my husband had gifted my son a digital camera; should I rather say, that he actually demanded it from my hubby. I could now very well understand, why he wanted it. Anyway, I was also going to use his camera, for the same purpose.

I opened his locker and searched it. The camera was lying there. I took it out and brought it to my room. I stripped my clothes and sat in front of my dressing table. I could take the pictures of my reflection. I could have chosen the timer in the camera, but I felt it would be easier to use my reflection in mirror. This way, I would be able to watch what I was shooting.

I was about to shoot my first picture, when I realized my mistake. My son would immediately recognize his mother’s bedroom in the background. The background in the pictures must be unfamiliar to my son. I took few plane white sheets and hanged it on the wall. I positioned my dressing table in such a way that it was facing the sheet-covered wall. I put on all the lamps in the room and sat on a stool in front of my dressing table.

I further adjusted the dressing table so that most of its mirror’s reflection was showing only the white sheets hanging on the wall. I was ready to shoot.

Carefully, I took the photographs of my reflections. I shot the close-ups of my boobs; my hairy pussy, my exposed cunt showing my clit and slit, my plump ass and finally, I took a last few pictures of my complete naked figure. I took utmost care while shooting my last picture that my face was properly hidden behind the camera.

I took the camera to my son’s room and connected it to his PC. One by one I checked all the snaps, carefully observing the background. I am not a good photographer and the fact was evident was from my snaps. Most of the pictures were not good.

Anyhow, I selected two relatively good ones from them; one showing my exposed hairy pussy and another my complete naked self, with my face perfectly hidden behind the camera.

I was certain that my son would not be able to recognize me in those snaps. However, to make certain, I blurred my face using a photo editing software. At last, I was satisfied with my work. I deleted all other photographs, except the selected ones. Mumbai_mom was now ready to reply her son’s mail.


Thanks for accepting me as your friend.

I would have loved to teach you the first lesson in lovemaking. But I’m sorry; I may not. My son is very possessive of me, and if he ever found that I had fucked you; he’d simply kill you. So please excuse me, and same goes for our meeting also. Please understand that I am interested only in erotic mails and messages, not in personal meeting.

If you feel that it’s ok with you; we could still talk about all sort of things and can have a lot of fun. I am sure that you would have heard, that the real orgasm does not lie between your thighs; it lies in your brain.

Last night when I masturbated, I was thinking about you and believe me, I had a most shattering orgasm of my life.

About your inclination towards mature women, it is very common. Most of the kids watch their grandmas, their elder sisters, aunts or even their mothers, naked during their childhood and later they develop a taste for mature women. I sincerely wish, that you get your dream mate soon, who can introduce you to the amazing world of sexual delight.

Till then, happy hunting.


Ps: I am sending you some of my snaps. Hope you gonna like it. Please excuse me if the qualities of pictures are not good; I am not good at photography and for obvious reasons, I cannot ask someone else to take my pictures.

I attached the photographs and clicked the send button and watched as my mail was sent to my son’s mailbox. I deleted all the pictures from the hard disk, and after ensuring it twice I switched off the PC. I checked my son’s digital camera and deleted the pictures from it. I kept it back in my son’s locker.

Next two days were weekend. Rahul and Deepak were at home and I could not check my mailbox. It was the first time, when I didn’t enjoy my weekend.

As soon as, I was alone on Monday, I logged on and opened my mailbox. Rahul’s reply was already there. At the bottom of the message, it showed three small icons of attached photographs. Without reading the text I clicked on the first attachment. In a moment, the screen was showing a naked photograph of my son, gently holding his rigid cock in his hand.

I licked my dry lips and tried to control the pounding in my chest. The second snap was showing his cock ejaculating. I lustfully watched the drops of cum frozen in air. I pulled my pussy lips apart and buried two fingers into it.

The third picture showed a close up of Rahul’s cock, his cum smeared cock jetting from his dense thatch, its bulbous head glistening in the background light. A large drop of cum was dripping out of his peehole. I let the image remained on screen and furiously worked my fingers inside my pussy. I visualized that nice piece of muscles entering and pumping into my horny pussy and within a minute a tremendous orgasm shot through my body.

After recovering from my state, I read the text.

Hi Mumbai_mom,

Many thanks for your juicy photographs. Every time I see them, my cock just seem to reach in a state of frenzied animation. I just couldn’t recall that how many times, I had masturbated fantasizing about you.

However, I am little confused why your son should feel jealous about your meeting with me. I still feel that it would be nice if we could meet sometime. Yet, I respect your decision and I’d still love to exchange mails with you.

Your observation about my fondness for mature women is correct. I too feel that probably the source of my fantasies is my mother. My mother is a very beautiful woman and though, she had become plump recently, she still look gorgeous. I still remember taking bath with her during my childhood, when she wasn’t wearing any thing at all. She took me as a little boy, but I always enjoyed watching her soft small boobs and her charming hairy pussy. Although, she stopped taking bath with me later, I could never forget her naked body.

I have never admitted it before; when I started masturbating; my first fantasies were about screwing my mom and I did it for god knows how many times. I knew, what I was doing was not correct, but I couldn’t help it. I feel very guilty about it, but I draw immense pleasure in thinking about her. What do you say?

I am sending my snaps. Hope you gonna like it.

One more thing, you look quite like my mom.

See Ya, Hothamburger

I felt delirious; my son and I, both were sailing in the same boat. Thankfully, he had not recognized me. I was elated with the knowledge, that my son fantasize about me and I was still able to arouse a guy of his age.

I realized, that I would be only a matter of time, before my son would be between my naked thighs, stuffing his rigid organ into my hungry pussy. I played with my pussy lips while thinking about my son. ‘Oh…God.’ I thought. ‘It’s going to be terrific.’ Again, I poked my two fingers into my pussy.


I looked at my draft reply.

Hello Hothamburger,

Nice to learn about your li’l secret, now I would like to share mine with you. You had asked, why my son would feel jealous, it’s simple, because he is my lover also. Yeah, I have been screwing my son since last year.

After my messy divorce with my husband, I was very lonely and down. My son took care of me and helped me to stand again on my feet and I repaid him by offering him my love and my body. Now we fuck regularly and I enjoy it immensely. And, I don’t feel guilty about it. I don’t care whether it’s incest or a sin or anything else. I only know that I love to feel my son’s cock deep inside my pussy. He loves me very much and takes care of me, like a man looks after his woman, perhaps that is the reason, why he is so possessive.

I don’t know how are your relationship with your mom, but if you like your mother sexually, why don’t you explore the possibility. I don’t see any harm in it. I enjoy fucking my son and I am sure you would love to fuck your mom.

Thanks for your dripping snaps. I had a wild urge to suck you off. You have got a nice cock and I am sure your mom would love it.


Very next day I got his response.

Hi, I was not surprised by your secret. The way you wrote your last mail, I was expecting something like that. It must be a lot of fun to you.

To be honest, I too feel for my mom in the same way. But, I am not sure…should I do it or not. My any action could ruin my mother’s life. You are well aware of our orthodox society. No one will accept such relationship.

Moreover, I don’t know how my mom feels about me. I am certain, she would never agree for our incestuous relationship. I feel, it would be better that I continued with fantasizing and jacking about my mom. At least no one is getting harmed that way.


The reply was not very encouraging. My son was fighting with his moral dilemma. He was experiencing the same mental state; I had passed through a few months back. I was not depressed; I knew his feelings towards me. He was concerned about me; and I knew that he was dying to fuck me, given an opportunity he would simply jump between my thighs.

I replied to his mail and wrote him that it got to be his own choice, and he only could decide what kind of relationship he wanted to have with his mom. However, I suggested him to explore about his mother’s feelings towards him.

I was determined to seduce my son; perhaps a little titillation might help him to overcome his imbroglio, perhaps a little peek at his mother’s horny cunt might change his resolve. He got to see his naked mom, again after so many years.

I had already stopped wearing panties at home. I had also stopped locking the door while bathing or while changing my clothes. I wished for him to bump into my room, when I was in most vulnerable situation. However, that hadn’t happened so far. Naturally, it was the time to rework on my plans.

Next evening, while watching TV in our living room, I got my chance. I sat in front of him on the sofa and lifted a magazine from the table. Pretending to be reading the magazine, I carelessly, lifted my feet off the ground and put it on the table. Almost immediately, I heard a mute gasp. I slowly spread my legs apart to allow him a better access.

Feigning to be deeply engrossed into my magazine, I looked at him through the corner of my eyes. His eyes were bulging in his sockets. He changed his position on the sofa so that he was sitting directly opposite to my open legs. He pulled the newspaper in front of his face. However, I was sure that every now and then, his eyeballs would roll in my direction, between my open thighs. I remained in that position, giving him a view of his lifetime.

I let him enjoy my nakedness for some time and then straightened my legs, keeping them back on floor. He immediately turned his gaze away from me. He sat there awkwardly, reading the newspaper. Suddenly, he rose from the sofa and left the room. I calmly watched him go. I was sure; my son had got a good view of my plump thighs and hairy pussy.

I came out of the room. Rahul’s room appeared locked from inside. I could easily guess what he was doing inside. I didn’t disturb him. I went back to the living room and watched TV. After fifteen minutes he entered in the room. Our eyes met, he immediately turned his gaze. His face looked flushed. We sat silently watching the TV, till I decided to retire to my room.

I didn’t have to wait long to know the details. Next day, when I opened my mailbox, I had a new mail from Hothamburger.

Hi, Last evening, something strange happened which I want to share with you. I was watching TV with my mom in our living room. Mom was sitting opposite to me and she was reading a magazine.

Suddenly, she altered her position and put her feet on the centre table. I was stunned to see that she was not wearing any panties and her busy cunt was directly visible to me. I just could not believe it; I was watching the cunt of my dreams. After so many years, I was witnessing the most coveted thing of my life. Since then I had already masturbated thrice and right now also my left hand is busy massaging my cock.

I am very confused; I don’t know what to do. I think I want to fuck my mom, but I am afraid. May be it was just an accident.


Just one look at my delicious cunt and my son’s resolve was suddenly weakening. I felt sympathetic to him, but there was no turning back for me. I had completely changed into a nymph and could think of nothing else than his rigid cock plundering my famished pussy. With each passing day, I was getting more and more frustrated. I was losing the game, which I had started and I just wanted to finish it at the earliest.

I wrote my answer.


I must congratulate for getting your first peek. I am surprised that your mom wasn’t wearing any panties. It looks quite odd. Was it an accident or a deliberate attempt to tell you something? I feel you must find out what your mom has in her mind.

How are you going to do that, to be frank, I don’t know? It depends how the things proceed at your end. However, just be watchful. If the same thing happens again and again, then they are no accidents; your mom is intentionally displaying her naked beauty to you and trying to entice you. Don’t wait them and just jump between her thighs.

If you find that your mom is also interested in having sex with you; I feel your concerns became nonexistent. Give her all the pleasure, she desires from you…

Sorry, got to hurry up. My son is home today and he is shouting from the shower. He wants me there. He still enjoys taking bath with her naked horny mom.

Bye. Mumbai_mom

When I finished my draft, my pussy was wet with anticipation. By the time my son would read the mail, the second stage of my plan would have already began, the execution stage. It was time for moving away from virtual to physical level.

Next morning, I could feel my son’s eyes continuously boring into me. He must have guessed that I was not wearing any thing beneath my gown and I found his stares consistently wandering into my curves and valley vaguely visible through the thin material of my nightgown. I enjoyed his stares and deliberately created situations that gave him more and more of my charm.

Next evening, we had a repetition of last evening. From the corner of my eyes, I watched the expression of deep-rooted lust and total disbelief on my sons face. This time, I kept my legs slightly apart so that he could get the most unobstructed view of my hairy pussy and dripping crack.
I expected him to do something, but nothing of that sort happened. Probably, he still wanted to make sure. After watching me for sometime he resigned to his room, to relieve his next load. I was little disappointed and felt like going to his room and ask him to fuck me hard and release his hot seed into my hungry pussy.

However, I controlled myself. There was an underlying animal excitement in our horny game, which kept me from going after my son. Even though I was frustrated, I was relishing our incestuous game. Moreover, I wanted my son to make first move and I knew that I wouldn’t have to wait long.

Next day was a Saturday. Deepak informed me that he would not be available at home, as he got to receive some visiting delegates from a firm, with whom he was planning a business tie up. It was nothing new and after feigning some reluctance, I agreed to his request. I was happy that he would not be at home throughout the day and I would have full day alone with my son.

Deepak left for his office at nine. I kissed him goodbye and immediately went to Rahul’s room. The doors were closed. I pushed it gently. It was not locked from inside and it opened noiselessly. I went inside. Rahul was still sleeping on his side, snoring lightly; his upper body bare and his lower part covered with a sheet. I watched my son’s youthful face. I had a deep desire to kiss him, to feel his arms around me.

Suddenly, Rahul changed his position and in the process he threw the sheet covering his body. I watched in fascination as his naked lower half opened before me. He didn’t have any shorts on. His eyes were closed; his thighs spread wide; his one hand was gently holding his hard on, which was pointing erotically towards the ceiling.

My mouth was suddenly dry. For the first time, I was watching my son’s grown cock in person. It was a real thing, solid meat of rigid muscles, much beautiful and delectable from the pictures he had sent to me. I had a wild urge of pulling the hem of my gown and lower my dripping pussy over his raging hard on. Oh…God! My cunt was on fire.

I could no longer control myself. I bent and gently struck his cock with my finger. No response, my son was still snoring. Encouraged, I lightly touched his bulbous cockhead. I felt the animal heat emanating from the blunt head of his love tool. It was exhilarating. I could not resist the temptation and squeezed it lightly.

Rahul’s eyes fell open. Alarmed, I withdrew my fingers from his cock. He looked at me in surprise and realizing his nakedness, he tried to cup his bulging organ. However, his hard on was too massive to hid behind his palms. He somehow managed to hide it from my view.

“Mom you!” He asked.

I noticed that he didn’t try to cover his cock, with the sheet lying beside him. I was not sure, whether my son had watched me squeezing his cockhead. He might have been wide-awake, when I entered in his room.

“I was little worried,” I replied awkwardly. “That why are you sleeping so late today. Just came to wake you up.”

“Thanks mom.” He watched into my eyes. “I slept very late last night. I am sorry.”

“You must not sleep this late. It is not good for a young boy like you. You also missed your morning gym.”

I turned and was about to leave his room, when he suddenly called me from behind.


“Yes.” I turned to him.

Rahul was still lying, but he had removed his hands from his cock. I looked at his face and then to his cock, which was rising from his thick dark thatch, in all its manly glory. Its foreskin drawn back, the mushroomed purple knob pointing upward. My throat was suddenly dry.

“Nothing.” He was smiling.

I immediately realized that my son had played a trick on me. He had witnessed what I did with his cock. He was wide-awake and watching me, when I was playing with his cock. The time had arrived to play it straight.

“You should take proper care of your peepee.” I pointed toward his swollen cock. “It needs immediate attention.”

“It’s no more a peepee, mom.” His pride was hurt. “Why don’t you take a closer look and see for yourself.”

I returned to his bed and bending forward, I took the hold of his cock. I wrapped my fingers along its length and squeezed it lightly. I felt a wild tremor running through my loins.

“OHHHHHHHH…! Mom…!” He moaned in excitement. “It feels so good.”

I gently massaged his cock, running my fingers along its full length. His cock seemed to grow more and more in my grip. I fascinatingly watched its massive thickness, trying to visualize how would it feel inside my pussy. I felt my juices flowing down my thighs. I pumped his cock harder.

Before I could proceed further, the doorbell rang, forcing both of us to recoil. I let his cock go out of my hand.

“Shit.” I was irritated by sudden intrusion. “It must be the housemaid.”

I opened the door of my son’s room, and turned to him.

“After the maid is gone,” I watched him, as he wrapped himself with the sheet. “I’m going to take the shower.”

Without waiting for his response, I came out of his room and closed the doors behind me.


For the first time, I really hated my maidservant. She took almost two hours to finish her works, and during that whole period I had been cursing her. Rahul remained in his room, and didn’t come out to see what was happening.

When she finished her works, I felt relieved. I showed her the door and carefully locked it from inside. I was now alone in the house with my son and hopefully, no one else would be troubling us any more.

I immediately went to the bathroom; as usual I left the doors unlocked. Slowly, I shed my gown and stood naked. I was quivering with anticipation, my heart pounding fiercely with excitement. I felt my pussy, it was dripping wet. My thighs, my bush all were covered with my passion fluids. With trembling hand, I turned on the shower and let the cold-water fall over my hot horny body.

The door opened noiselessly. Rahul was standing at the door, his eyes feasting at his mother’s naked charm. Without any attempt to hide my nakedness, I continued with my shower, giving him an uninterrupted view of my naked fleshy body, my soft spongy boobs, my plump thighs and my thickly covered wet thatch. He was still naked and his hand was continuously playing with his rigid cock.

“Sorry to disturb you mom.” He smiled. “Got to take a pee.”

Without waiting for my answer, he moved to the commode and directed his cock to it and released his pee. I watched his cock head ejecting a golden yellow jet into the commode. I had never seen a man peeing before, not even my husband. He always did it in his privacy.

It was a terrific view. I felt my cunt twitching with illimitable thrill. I felt like asking him to pee over my naked body, over my face, over my cunt and everywhere. I shook my head with disgust. I could not believe, that I was actually thinking of drinking my son’s pee. ‘Holy shit! What’s happening to me?” I thought.

Rahul was finished pissing. He had been continuously watching me with his wicked grin. He gently shook his cock and let the final drops land into the commode. He flushed the toilet and turned to me.

“Mom I’m already late for my shower. If you don’t mind, I’d like you join you?”

I watched as he moved closer to be and tried to stand below the shower. The flow in the shower was not enough to accommodate both of us. Realizing that, he put his arms around my naked hips and pulled me into him. I felt his rigid cock nudging into my pubic region.

“I don’t think we had any other option mom.” He whispered into my ear. “We got to bathe like this only.”

I felt his hot breath over my shoulder, as he touched my ear with his lips. Slowly, he traced to my open lips, and planted his lips over mine. We kissed for a very long time. It was not the kiss of a son to his mother; it was the kiss of a man who was ready to seduce his ladylove. It was a very passionate kiss. I could not recall; when did I kiss my husband like this.

Rahul’s pelvis was moving gently, thrusting and rubbing his cock erotically into my bushy cunt. He continued gripping me by one hand and moved his other hand to my inflamed cunt, roughly rubbing my swollen cunt lips.

“Oh…mom.” He broke the kiss, but let his lips remain on my lips. “You’re so fucking beautiful. I want to fuck you.”

“Go ahead son,” I replied hoarsely. “Mama is dying to feel you inside her.”

He immediately turned off the shower and helped me to lie down on the bathroom floor. In a moment I was stretched out on the floor, my thighs wide open, ready for its first intrusion by my own son’s cock. He positioned himself between my astride thighs, took his cock into his hand and gently guided its bulbous head to my welcoming cunt lips.

I felt his cock head nudging at my entrance and immediately become aware of my pouty pussy lips spreading to accommodate his massive organ. With the first thrust, his cock head entered into my pussy. I relished my son’s first intrusion into my pussy. Rahul was unaware of my thought, as he pushed again, harder this time buried the full length of his cock inside me, his balls coming to rest against my ass cheeks.

“OHHHHHH…!” I cried with lust. I was suddenly living my fantasy; my own son’s cock was deep inside me, filling me completely.

Without waiting, he started humping furiously. He didn’t wait to be gentle with his mom. He pumped me with his brutal strength, making me cry with ecstasy. I was enjoying his animal thrusting.

Suddenly, his face contorted and he tried to move away from me. Pulling his cock out of my hungry pussy, he tried to squeeze the base of his cock, obviously in an attempt to stop his ejaculation. But, he was late. His cock erupted and spewed his hot seed over my pussy and belly. Reluctantly, he watched his cock, ejecting drop after drop of his semen, filling my pubic region with his hot load.

After emptying his balls, Rahul sat beside me. His looked disappointed. Naturally, it was not a dream debut for him. I too was feeling unfulfilled, but I could appreciate the reasons for his failure.

“I am sorry, mom.” He mumbled with regret.

I sat beside him, pulling his naked body near to me.

“There is nothing to be sorry about, son.” I tried to console him. “It’s perfectly natural, and as far as I know, it happens to almost every one.”

“No mom I should’ve been careful.” He was not convinced.

“Look son,” I kissed his cheeks. “It happens to every one. Do you know, that you did better than your dad?”

“What do you mean?” He looked somber, but I could feel his hand gently gripping my boobs, his fingers pinching my teat.

“Your dad had shot his load, even before entering me.” I caressed his limp cock. “That way you did much better. Don’t worry, your peepee is going to make mama very happy.”

“Its not peepee.” He shouted and we both laughed together.

The expressions on his face soothed. I let him lie on the floor and pushed his thighs apart. I bent my head near his thighs, his prick inches away from my mouth. My hand was still playing with his soft cock, gently pulling and squeezing it.

I intently watched his flaccid dick, wobbling in my hand. I caressed its length and admired its beauty. I squeezed its soft purple head drawing a last drop of cum at the tip. I had a very strong urge to take his cock into my mouth, to suck my first cock. I bent forward and lightly kissed his peehole. The drop of cum glued to my lips. I licked my lips and tasted his cum sticking to it. Not bad. I bent my head again and took his cock head between my lips and sucked it gently. My lips flicked across his peehole, licking the remains of his cum form his cock head. I gulped it down with my saliva. I liked it and I wanted more.

I took his flaccid cock between my fingers and engulfed his whole length into my mouth, sucking it like a tasty lollypop. Rahul moaned with passion. I could feel stirring in his cock. His cock suddenly started swelling in my mouth. Rahul moaned loudly and ran his fingers through my hair, pulling my face nearer to his cock.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was semi erect and with every passing second it was growing in proportion. I kneeled before him and positioned myself in such a way that my lower abdomen was facing his face. He was now facing my cum coated pussy.

I massaged his cock by running my grip along his cock length. The feel of his cock in my hands was ecstatic. Bending my head, again I took his throbbing rod into my wet mouth. His cock had regained its hardness and it completely filled my mouth. I relished the feel of a thick cock in my mouth. I adjusted my hair and looked into my son’s eyes. He was intently watching me sucking his cock, his face showing the signs of extreme pleasure.

I felt his hand traveling to my pubic region. His fingers played with the curly hair of my thick raven bush. He wound the hair around his playing fingers, gently pulling and releasing it, imparting a gentle pricking sensation into my pubic region.

I felt my son’s fingers gently exploring my cunt, rubbing the soft folds, tracing the length of my wet slit, smearing the cum into my hair. He poked his index finger inside my inner folds, gently sliding it deep into my recess. I cried with delight as his finger entered into my hot ravine and squeezed his cock hard.

“Ohhhh…! Mom,” He whispered hoarsely. “You cunt is so hot.”

Rahul started fingering my cunt furiously, causing my cunt to release its juices in abundance. I was sucking him harder trying to hasten his second ejaculation. I could feel that it wouldn’t be long before Rahul would start shooting his load.

Suddenly, Rahul withdrew his fingers out of my snatch but, right away, replacing by his tongue. I felt as his delicate tongue licked my cum coated bush. He ran his tongue along the length of my hairy crack and playfully flicked my sensitive clit. My body was twisted with utmost delight. He again, inserted his two fingers back into my dripping pussy.

Within few seconds the moment arrived. Rahul bucked forward, thrusting his cock deeper in my mouth, his body suddenly stiff. With an animal cry he plunged forward and shot his load in my mouth. I immediately pulled his cock out of my mouth, and let his thick juice splash across my face. I watched as his little peehole jerked again and again, spitting white drops of cum which landed over different parts of my face, my lips, my cheeks, my chin and even on my eyelids.

Never before, a cock had shot upon my face. I had always thought it to be disgusting. Contrary to my belief, it was an exquisite feeling, feeling of my face getting drenched with my son’s downpour. I reeled with the terrific joy. I hungrily gulped the first shot of my son’s cum, which he had shot into my mouth and tried to lick the cum off my lips. It was a delicious feeling.

My son’s fingers were still thrusting furiously inside my pussy. His tongue was flicking across tiny clit and his two fingers were pumping my hot pussy with all ferocity. Reeling with excitement, I waited for my moment of liberation, and soon a shattering orgasm overwhelmed my body. My cunt lips quivered involuntarily around his poking fingers; my cunt juices continued flowing out of my slit, filling my son’s mouth with my love juices.

I took my son’s cock into my mouth and sucked him dry. His cock was losing its hardness. Rahul continued slurping at my pussy, sucking the juices off my pussy.

After a while we separated. I changed my position and turned my face toward him. His lips were wet with my juices. I kissed him deeply on his lips’ licking off the traces of my pussy juices. Rahul put his arms around me and pushed me into his embrace.

“You don’t know mom…” He whispered to me. “How much I enjoyed it. You’re just fantastic.”

“You too son.” I replied, again kissing and licking his lips. “I just have had a wonderful time.”

I pulled him back into my embrace, rubbing my horny pussy against his deflated cock. I desperately wanted to feel his cock inside my still dripping pussy. However, I knew that he had already spent twice and he would need some time to recuperate. Reluctantly, I released my grip from his body.

“Let’s finish our shower.”

Rahul stood and turned on the shower. I closed my eyes and felt the cold water drenching once more, my naked burning body. I was in terrific heat; even the cold water was unable to quench my smoldering desire for my son’s massive cock into my pussy.

We showered together, reviving our long forgotten past, when we used to take bath together. The only difference was, that my naked little kid had grown into a handsome young man; his arms were around me, and he was kissing me, fondling me, teasing me endlessly.

It was perhaps, the most erotic shower of my life. I tried to recall whether I had enjoyed my showers with Deepak with the same intensity. I could not even recollect, when did the last time, my husband and I shower together. It seemed like an era.

After finishing our bath, we took our turn to dry each other’s body. Rahul gently rubbed my wet body with the towel, his hands moving erotically over the flabby curves. He paid special attention to my cunt and ass, massaging the parts with the gentle rigorousness. When he finished drying me, my whole body was flushed; partly because of the kneading it had received from my son’s deft hands, and partly due to the animal heat emanating from my horny body.

Rahul handed me the towel. Using the same technique, my son employed with me a few moments ago; I rubbed his naked body. I scrubbed his hair, then proceed to knead his face, his neck and his torso. I rubbed his dark curly thatches and gently took his cock into my hand. To my delight, it was again showing the signs of revival.

I covered his semi erect cock into the towel, and massaged it by running my hands along its length. I removed the towel from his cock and took it into my hand, pulling its foreskin back, exposing his bulbous purple colored glans. I lovingly watched his virile tool, on the way to recovering its lost glory. I could not resist the temptation; bent my head and took his cock head into my mouth.

“OHHHHH…!” I could hear him groan in pleasure.

I didn’t want him to squander again in my mouth, so I withdrew my lips. I proceeded to dry his ass. Running the towel along his tight hairy crack, I pinched his taut ass cheeks and heard him squeal with pleasure. Finally, I was through with him.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.”

I bundled the towel, and dropped it into the washing machine. I came out of bathroom, my son silently following me, his cock back to its full strength, sticking like a thick pole from his dark thatches. CHAPTER 5

I sat on my bed. Rahul stood in front of me. I watched his now rigid cock hovering inches away from my lips. I gently took hold of his cock and pulled him near to me. I kissed his cock head and ran my tongue over it, covering it with a coat of my saliva.

Rahul dig his fingers into my shoulder, pulling my face closer to his cock, inserting his complete length into my sucking mouth. His pelvis began thrusting in a slow to and fro motion and I could feel his cock gently fucking my mouth. I began to luxuriate in the exquisite sensations.

I grabbed his both hands and directed them to my soft spongy boobs. Rahul began to fondle and pinch my nipples, occasionally tweaking at my teats. Soon, my breasts were buzzing with erotic frenzy, my areoles hard and erect under playful stimulations from my son.

I would have loved to continue and watch him ejaculate once again in my hungry mouth. However, my famish pussy was eagerly begging for my son’s cock, and it was obvious that if I could not let go this opportunity.

I pulled his saliva-covered cock out of my mouth and try to push his body away from me. He halfheartedly withdrew and waited for my next move. I stood and asked him to lie on my bed. He sat on the side of my bed and slowly stretched his body. I put a pillow below his head and helped him to be supine on my bed.
He was now stretched over the bed, his rock hard cock jetting out of his dark thatches, erected like a mast. He had sensed what the future had in store for him, and he was watching me with eagerness. I mounted the bed and straddled his lean athletic body between my plump thighs.

I took hold of his massive cock and lowered my cunt till his cock head came into contact with my wet bush. I rubbed his stiff organ along my dripping crack and slowly guided its bulbous head into my horny recess. My cunt was overflowing with my juices, therefore, his cock didn’t face any resistance.

My cuntlips unfurled to accommodate his impending organ and in just one go his whole cock length was buried deep into my pussy; I could feel my ass cheeks touching his balls. For the second time in a day, my son’s cock was engulfed by the soft muscles of my hungry cunt; in the most forbidden embrace between a mother and her son.

“OHHHHHH…!” Rahul moaned. “Mom you’re so hot inside.”

I took my time to relish the feel of his massive cock inside my pussy. It was the most terrific feeling and I was simply reeling with delight. I bent my body and hold his shoulders and started working my cunt up and down over his eager manhood. With every humping of my hips, my stiff tits were dangling erotically over my son’s face.

Rahul lifted his head off the pillow and took one of my swinging boobs in his mouth. He sucked furiously, while his hips moved slowly in response to my rhythmic thumping. He put his hands around my naked waist and pulled me into him, causing his cock to pierce more deeply inside my pussy.

Our rhythm was slow at first, but as it proceed, the thumping and pumping grew stronger and stronger. Our bodies began to move harder and fuck faster. I was groaning and mumbling loudly and was panting with my efforts.

Rahul’s condition was no better than mine; he too was gasping for air. His balls had been drained twice before our copulation, this seemed to have prolonged his ejaculation, and he was still going very strong, probably in a bid to make up for his first early ejaculation.

I realized my impending orgasm; I could not take any further and slumped over his naked chest, rubbing my naked tits over his chest. Rahul grabbed my colossal ass cheeks and pulled them apart with all ferocity, continued thrusting his cock with all his brutal strength.

“AHHHHH…!” I cried with pain and ecstasy. “Fuck mama. F…U…C…K MEEEEEE…!”

All of a sudden, Rahul forced his index finger into my anus. I realized its painful intrusion. I could feel his finger moving in and out of my sphincter; it was a new feeling but very delicious. I enjoyed the feel of two intruders in my both the openings.

‘Mom, you’re such a nice cunt.” He was out of breath, gasping for air. He continued pumping his hard on into my pussy. Finally I felt it begin.

“OHHHH…!” I wailed with extreme rapture. “I AM CUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNING…!”

The very moment, I felt his body becoming stiff. He lunged forward forcing his cock into my deepest recess and began spurting inside my hungry pussy. He remained motionless as his cock squirted his load into me. His cum splashed across my cunt muscles, causing my head to spin with immense pleasure.

My body was shaking with the excitement, his spurting cock was imparting into my loins. I cried and clutched him into my embrace. Soon, his cock stopped ejaculating; I remained there, my head resting against his chest, his cock still buried inside me; both of us, desperately trying to catch our breath.

Satisfied, I rolled of his body. His cum slicked cock moved out of my cunt with a soft sloshy sound. I watched as his cock slowly lost its hardness, and finally it nestled against his thighs. A last drop of cum slowly seeped out of his peehole.

I got down from the bed and stood at its side. I could sense my son’s cum oozing out of my cunt. As I stood, I felt a drop suddenly dripped out of my cunt and landed over my feet. I walked towards my dressing table, looked at my reflection in the full size mirror. I watched my body glowing in the most sensuous afterglow under the effect of tremendous fuck; I had just received from my son.

I watched in the mirror, as Rahul descended from the bed and followed me. He stood behind me, pulling my warm body into a deep embrace. I could feel his flaccid cock poking against my anus. With one hand he gently cupped my breast and his other hand traveled to my pussy, gently opening the lips of my cunt, feeling the juices dripping out of my slit.

“Mom,” He whispered in my ears, gently spreading the dripping juices over my bush. “It was wonderful. You are fantastic mom.”

Turning my head backwards, I kissed him.

“It was the best sex, I had for quite some time. You’ve made mama very happy. It’s a very long time since I’ve felt like this. Your dad don’t seem to like me nowadays, probably I ain’t look beautiful any more.”

“No mom,” He let his hand move off my body. “You’re still the most beautiful woman in the world, you were always the woman of my dreams, woman of my desire. And believe me mom, these…” He sensuously caressed my flashy tummy and plump thighs and pointed toward my reflection in the mirror. “Has made you even more desirable.” He kissed me on my shoulder.

I was flattered. His remarks made my face to lit up; I smiled and returned his kiss.

“Mama is happy son, mama is very happy.” I said.

I turned toward my son and we kissed, in a very passionate way. I thrust my tongue inside his open mouth and he sucked my tongue with fervor. His hand continued playing with my pussy, alternately twitching my pubic hair and running his fingers along my dripping slit.

Finally, I broke the kiss.

“We should stop now.” I drew his attention to his limp shaft. “Your friend needs some time to recuperate, before it could plunder your mom’s pussy again.”

“What’re we going to do till then?”

“Lets go out. I want to roam around the city with you. Lets celebrate our love.”

So, we washed and changed. Rahul insisted me to wear one of my tight fitting jeans and a shirt. I had purchased that jeans, when I was not so plump. Miraculously, it still fitted to me.

“Mom, your buns look so tempting.” Still completely naked, Rahul grabbed my buns and squeezed them tightly. “I’d love to eat them.”

I slapped his hands, forcing them to release their grip.

“Just keep your hands off me.” I turned to him and scolded him in mock anger. “You can have your treat when we return, and take care of this little fellow.” I pointed towards his cock, which was showing the signs of resurgence. “Don’t let it spend into your pants. I want it ready.”

We came out of our apartment. I locked the front door. Our apartment is at the eights floor of the building. We took the elevator and went to the basement. Rahul brought my car from the parking. I let Rahul drive the car and sat beside him.

As soon as the car was on the road, Rahul released his one hand from the steering wheel and ran his hand between my thighs.

“I think you should concentrate more on the driving.” I slapped him on the wrist. “I don’t like the idea of making love with you in a lockup.”

He smiled at me, but removed his hands from my thighs. We drove around the city aimlessly. I asked him to take me to a famous shopping mall. I did a lot of purchasing, mainly gifts and clothes for my son and myself. While I shopped, Rahul disappeared in the mall. After finishing my purchases, I went out of the mall. Rahul was already at the entrance, waiting for me.

“Where were you son?”

“This is for you mom.” He handed me a pack, properly wrapped.

“What’s this?”

“I gift for you mom?”

“That I can see, but what’s inside.”

“You can see for yourself, when we return home.” He grinned wickedly.

I could see the mischief in his eyes. However, I didn’t press the matter. We ate out lunch at a nice restaurant. I was ready to return, but Rahul brought up the idea of watching a movie. So, we decided to watch a movie.

I bought the tickets of an evening show. We had nothing to do and the weather was hot out side, so we remained there at the movie theater, waiting for the film to start. Rahul brought two cans of coke; we sat in the waiting lounge, sipping our coke. There were people around us, so we deliberately avoided talking nasty, and indulged in casual chat, harmless talk between a mom and her son.

Finally, the doors opened and we were allowed to enter in the hall. We took our seats. There was not much crowd in the hall and our seat was so positioned that once the movie started, we were virtually sitting in complete isolation.

As soon as the film started, Rahul let his hand slide between my thighs.

“What are you doing, mister.” I scolded him, but squeezed his palm between my thighs. .

“Nothing mom.” He whispered and fumbled with the zipper of my jeans. “Just wanna see the color of your panties.”

“Never knew that you can see in the dark.”

“My fingers can.” He murmured, slowly unzipping the chain of my zipper.

I felt his finger slowly moving through the small opening. I released my grip over his palm and spread my thighs. His fingers touched my cunt through the linen of my cotton panties. Gently, pulling the elastic band, he inserted his fingers inside and touched the bare lips of my pussy.

“You’re dripping mom.” He played with my clit, teasing and rubbing them between his fingers.

I stopped my breath. I couldn’t concentrate what was going on the screen. I blankly watched the screen, which was showing the hero and heroine in a passionate embrace. However, my mind busy savoring the unfathomable pleasure my son’s deft fingers were imparting into my cunt and in my body. It took my all will power to suppress my moan, when the orgasm hit me.

Rahul withdrew his hands out and pulled the zipper back into the place. He took my hand and put his hand between his thighs. Holy shit! His cock was already out of his pants, standing upright, throbbing with excitement.

I started massaging his cock, slowly running my palm along the length of his hard on. Rahul put his hands on my shoulder and pulled me forward. He slid his body forward and brought his erect cock close to my lips. I opened my lips and slowly engulfed his cock inside my mouth.

I just could not believe what was happening. I must be crazy to suck my son’s cock in an open public place. I was behaving like a perfect slut. However, the idea was so tantalizing, it drove me wild and I sucked his cock furiously with animal frenzy.

I ran my tongue along his cock length and searched for his balls. It was inside his pants. I unbuckled his belt and opened the top button of his pants and pulled his underwear down. His balls were in open now. I continued sucking his cock, while my hand played and squeezed his balls.

I was aware of his cock suddenly bulging inside my mouth. My son was reaching his zenith. I was ready to feast upon his cum as suddenly heard him whimper hoarsely.

“Please stop mom. I’m gonna shoot.”

I reluctantly let go his cock slid out of my mouth. I withdrew myself back to my seat.

“I’m sorry mom, but I want to be ready for the night.”

“No problem son, I can understand.” I was little disappointed but I didn’t show it.

He pulled his pant back in position. We sat silently and watched the movie. However, my mind was continuously reeling with erotic exhilaration and I could not follow the movie thereafter.

When the movie was over, we came out of hall. I was not enthusiastic about going back to home and cook the dinner, therefore, we took our dinner at a restaurant.

Finally, we decided to return our apartment. I drove the car this time. Rahul sat beside me, his hand continuously nudging between my thighs, feeling my hot pussy from above the cloth of my jeans. I tried to control my composure and continued with my driving. However, my whole body was burning with a fiery passion.


I dropped Rahul at the gate of our building and went on to park the car in the basement. When I reached back, he was standing near the lift, waiting for it to descend.

We reached our apartment. I opened the door lock. Rahul pushed open the front door and entered into our living room. I followed him. He put all the shopping bags on the sofa, turned and locked the door from inside, properly fixing door latch from inside. I watched his hurried activity; he was making sure that no one, not even my husband, should barge into our apartment when he would be servicing his horny mom with his massive tool.

Once again after making sure that the door is locked from inside, he lifted the bags and together we moved to my bedroom. I was feeling little tired, so simply stretched over the bed.

Rahul dropped the bags on the floor. He undid his shoes and joined me in the bed, cuddling behind me, puling me into his embrace. I could feel is bulging front nagging into my back. I turned my face and we kissed passionately. Rahul cupped my breast with his hand and gently squeezed it, trying to catch the teat between his finger and thumb.

I kissed my son, passionately, French kissing him. He opened the front of my jeans and slid his hand inside, cupping my pussy. He felt the wet lips of my cunt, through my panties and slowly traced his fingers along its swollen lips.

“Let’s get rid of our clothes.” I broke his hug and moved down from the bed to remove my clothes.

Rahul jumped from the bed. With a lightening speed he undid his clothes and within seconds he was standing before me completely naked. I fascinatingly watched his rigid cock. Jetting from his dark thatches, it sticking up in the air. His foreskin drawn back, a drop of precum was clearly visible at the tip of his peehole. My mouth watered, and I felt like taking that magnificent piece of muscles into my hungry mouth.

I got down from the bed, and was about to stat removing my shirt; when Rahul pulled a packet from the bag. I recalled that it was the gift, which he had purchased for me.

“Would you try it mom.” He handed me the packet; he was smiling mischievously.

I took the pack and opened it. My son had gifted me a most flimsy piece of undergarments. It appeared even smaller than those worn by the actresses in some Hollywood movies. Few days back, I could not have even thought of wearing those clothes, in front of my husband. I felt excited about flaunting my body in front of my son, in those tiny pieces of clothes.

“Do I change right here.” I asked him.

“No mom.” He replied. “I don’t want to kill the interest. I’m going out. You change and call me back.”

He opened the side door of my bedroom, which was opening to our terrace and went out side. I quickly striped and put on those tiny pink colored bra and panties. I watched my reflection in the mirror.

Good heavens! The woman in the mirror was a totally different woman. The panty was barely able to cover my cunt. The hair of my dense dark bush was peeping out of the sides. I turned around and looked at my back. I could see only a strip of cloth passing through my anal crack and my massive buns were totally uncovered.

My boobs are not very large; yet the bra was not able to cover it fully. My boobs were bulging out of the tight grip of the bra, and it appeared bursting out of cleavage and tighter. I liked my look in the mirror. I think I always had a little bit of narcissism in me.

I didn’t call Rahul back to the room; rather I opened the door and entered the terrace. He was standing near the iron-grilled fence, waiting for my call. The lights at the terrace were off. However, it was full moon night and the terrace was well illuminated in a silvery white light.

He watched me silently; I could feel his eyes feasting on my seminude body. He was watching me so intently that I felt my cheeks flush. He moved near me; took be into his arms and carried me to the open area on the terrace. I was now in open moonlight. We again kissed.

I gripped the iron railings and from my eighth floor terrace, I looked at the road passing in front of our building, Queen’s necklace, that’s what they call it. The road was well illuminated, and even at that hour there was plenty of traffic, lot of people strolling along the footpath at the side of sea.

I was certain that no one from the road would be able to see, what was happening at our terrace. I looked in the direction of the balcony of adjacent building. It was completely dark and apparently our neighbors were safely locked inside their air-conditioned room.

I felt the cool breeze from the sea and my body shivered involuntarily. It was a period of low tide and the seawater appeared still and calm. Suddenly, I realized that I wanted to fuck my son, at the open terrace.

Rahul was standing close to me; his hands were gripping my massive buns. I felt him stooping behind me and sensed his lips over my buns. I sighed with excitement. He squatted behind me and started nibbling my buns, gently biting and releasing them alternately.

“Ohhhh…what are you doing honey.” I felt his hot breath over my buns.

His breath grew closer to my crack and he ran his tongue along my anus, covered by a thin shred of cloth. He inserted his finger inside the band of my tiny panties and pulled it out of my leg. I took my hand to my back, unfastened the bra and let it slide along my body, to the floor. I was burning with a wild desire. I wanted to feel his tongue in my ass.

“Lick my ass, honey.” I cried, thrusting my ass backward.

I again, gripped the railing, completely naked, feeling the cold sea breeze caressing my body in a most subtle way. Rahul spread my ass cheeks and gently pushed his tongue to my puckered hole.

“OHHHHHH…! GOODDDDD…!” I moaned as his moist tongue touched my sphincter.

My pussy was dripping with ecstasy. I felt his tongue travel to my cunt region, lapping at my pussy and then again coming back to my anus. He dipped his two fingers inside my pussy and daubed it with my hot juices. He brought his fingers to my ass and spread the juices over my tingling ass hole. Again, he forced his tongue over my asshole, licking and slurping the juices from the tiny hole.

I was reeling with enjoyment. And then I realized that I wanted him deep inside my sphincter.

“Fuck me, Rahul. Fuck me.” I begged to him. “Fuck my ass.”

He decided to oblige me, as he stood from his place. He wetted his index finger with my cunt juice and then forced his finger deep inside my anus. I felt a pang of pain, as his finger traveled deep inside my rectum. I was the same pain, which I had felt in the morning, but I enjoyed the sudden spasm.

Once his finger was completely inside me, he started thrusting his finger in and out of me like a tiny cock. I wobbled with excitement. I could feel my wetness now flowing out of my cunt.

Rahul continued working with my anus. All of a sudden, he pulled his finger out of my ass. Before I could realize, he fingers were again at my anal entrance, this time he was trying to insert two fingers. My sphincter was ready to accommodate anything and it unfurled easily to let his sliding fingers move into its deepest gorge. Rahul pumped his two fingers furiously into my ass.

I thought I would die of the terrific stimulation; I was receiving from my son’s adroit fingers. I was begging for more and more. I desperately wanted his cock inside me.

“Fuck mama, son.” I pleaded again. “Please fuck me.”

Rahul pulled his fingers out of my rectum. He carefully adjusted my position so that I was in a stooping position. He was now ready to take me from behind. I felt his hand gently guiding his cock head at the opening of my dripping cunt.

Slowly, he pushed forward and I felt his cock entering into my hot pussy.

“OHHHHH…! God!” I wailed loudly, closing my eyes in ecstasy. Rahul forced his cock fully inside my cunt and started pumping it in and out of my hungry cunt. I tightened my grip over the railing and enjoyed him thumping. I was howling unashamedly, totally disregarding the surrounding. I relished the feel of my pussy lips opening and closing alternately to accommodate his massive organ. I was simply on cloud nine.
Suddenly, Rahul bent his head near to me and whispered in my ear.

“Mom. I wanna fuck your ass.” He was panting with effort.

“You’re most welcome honey, fuck me anywhere you feel like.”

Rahul withdrew his cock from my pussy. He sat back on his heels and opening my ass cheeks he buried his face between them, his tongue rapidly fluttering at my anal opening. He deposited a large chunk of his saliva over my hole and with his tongue he spread it over my opening, trying to lubricate my tiny anal aperture.

He stood from his position and gently rubbed the swollen head his mammoth cock against my little crack. I waited in anticipation. The terrace was in complete silence, occasionally broken by the blaring of passing cars on the road.

He applied my pussy juices over his cock and guided its tip to my welcoming anus. Slowly he pushed forward, overcoming the resistance offered by my tiny hole, the cockhead entered my anus triumphantly.

“AHHHHHHHHHH…!” I cried with pain, as his massive cock entered my virgin ass.

My hands gripped the railing with all strength. He stayed there in the same position and waited for the pain to ease off. My ass hole was stretched to the limit, but surprisingly the pain diminished very soon and I was ready to feel his next assault.

Realizing that I was ready, again he pushed forward; burying further his cock into my ass. He then withdrew a little and again pumped back, inserting some more length of his cock inside me. He worked in that way, inserting and pulling his cock in and out of my ass till his complete cock length was buried inside my rectum. My rectum felt fully stuffed with his massive organ.

I took my hand back and tried to feel his cock. All I could feel was the hairy base of his organ and his hairy sacks hanging just at the end of my ass. I could not believe that I had swallowed his entire cock length into my anus.

“Oh God!” I cried. “I never knew this could be so much fun. Fuck my ass, please fuck me.” Rahul obliged my by pumping his cock in and out of my rectum. I thrust my hip backward to meet his cadenced pounding. Initially, his rhythm was slow and he fucked my ass in a subtle way, probably afraid to hurt my ass. However, soon he realized that I was enjoying his hammering and he increased his tempo.

I was raving with the pleasure, my son’s brutal thrusting were imparting into my body. My hips were continuously pumping back as my son’s pelvis moved forward. I could feel my anal muscles expanding and contracting every other second under his ruthless poundings. I had lost control over my emotion, and with every thrust, I was yelling loudly; hoping that neighbors would not listen my passionate shrieks under the hum of their air-conditioners.

My pussy was flowing like an open canal. Rahul’s fingers were boring into the flesh of my hips. His poundings were reaching to a crescendo. I could feel the lava building into me. It was an entirely different feeling.

“Oh…mom!” Rahul was out of his breath. “I’m gonna shoot.”

I wanted to shout and tell him to fill my ass with his hot seed. But, the words didn’t come out of my mouth. I screamed as my body sudden became stiff and the orgasm shot through my loins.

“AHHHHHHHHH…!” It’s all that I could mutter.

Rahul impaled his cock for the final time, burying it deep into my ass. He cried noisily and started pouring his semen deep inside my anal cavity. His cock throbbed again and again, filling his juices into my ass. I raved at the feel of his cock jerking and ejaculating inside me. It was a delicious feeling, altogether different from my earlier experiences.

Slowly, the throbbing stopped. His cock was not shooting any more. Rahul took a deep sigh and let his body collapse over my back. He appeared short of breath, desperately trying for a lungful of air. His cock shrunk and moved out of my ass. My hands were no more able to support my weight, finally I gave up and we both collapsed over the floor.

We remained there on the floor, lying beside each other. Slowly the breathing became normal. I got up and sat beside him, supporting my weight against the fence of the terrace. I could feel his thick gluey cum sticking between my ass cheeks. Rahul didn’t try to move from his place.

“That was fantabulous, mom.” He smiled at me. “When are we going to do that again?”

“Don’t you think of any thing else?” I scolded him in feigned anger. “You should learn to treat your mom more delicately.” I placed his hand over my aching ass. “ Look, you’ve made my ass so sore, it’s hurting.”

“I’m sorry mom.” He smiled with triumph. “But it’s beyond my control, whenever I see you naked, I simply forget everything. You’re such a nice fuck.”

I was about to pick my bra and panties from the floor, when I saw a car entering into our building. I immediately realized that Deepak might be coming home any time.

‘Hurry up, dad may be home any time.”

It was enough for him to forget his laziness. He jumped to his feet and we dashed to the bedroom. I locked the room from inside, while Rahul picked his clothes and scurried to his room. I quickly put a nightgown and dumped my clothes into the washing machine. I put off the lights and left only one night lamp on.

My hunch was right, as within few minutes I heard the doorbell. Apparently, Rahul had opened the door and I heard the brief conversation between him and Deepak. I jumped into the bed and covered myself with a sheet. A moment later my bedroom’s door opened and Deepak entered.

I closed my eyes and pretended to be sound asleep; he didn’t disturb me and directly went to the bathroom. When he returned, he had already changed. He lay beside me and within seconds he was snoring. I felt pity on him, for having cheated with him. Anyway, I was reeling with the tremendous fuck sessions I had had with my son and I didn’t feel much remorseful. After all, he himself was responsible for it. I closed my eyes and immediately went to sleep.

Deepak was fast asleep when I woke up next morning. I left the bed and went to my son’s room. He was also sound asleep. I knew both of them are not going to get up early, as it was Sunday.

I immediately went to Rahul’s study and connected to the net. I had to conclude an unfinished task. I opened my mailbox. It had a message from Hothamburger.


Just a quick one, I did it with my mom tonight. It was really fantastic. I would write you in detail later.


I wrote my last message.

Hi friend,

Congratulations to you for finally being able to fuck your mom. How did it feel like fulfilling you long cherished fantasy? I am sure you must have enjoyed it immensely and will continue to explore new horizons of sexual awakening with your sexy mother.

I have a little news for you. Recently I met a wonderful man, and I didn’t know how I again fell in love. I am going to marry him next week. My son is little disappointed, but he has told me that he would not come into my way, if I continue to sleep with him occasionally. He is planning to shift to a hostel now.

After my marriage, I’ll not be accessing my current mailbox. So you may assume this as my last mail. I know you’d be disappointed, but that you now have your real mom with you and she would take good care of your every need.

I just want to say goodbye to you. Enjoy the fun of most forbidden fruit with your mom and fulfill all your fantasies.

Got to go now. If I ever decided to again use my current mailbox, I’ll definitely write you.


I pressed the send button and watched the message flicker way from the screen. I took a deep breath and disconnect the net.

It was the time for Mumbai_mom to fade into oblivion.

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