A Sister’s Love

Growing up I always admired my older sister, Debra. When I was younger I admired the way she handled my parents, which made things a lot easier on me. I always admired how she treated me; I was never the annoying little brother to her. We have always been very close. I think it was a result of all the moving we did growing up. Between the ages of 5 and 15 I lived in seven different towns. Any time you move as a child it always takes time to make new friends, but wherever we went we always had each other.

Debra is 10 months older than me and is currently a very attractive 31 year-old woman. I think she looks better today than she did ten years ago and I thought she looked damn good back then. She’s 5’8″ tall with shoulder length red hair (not natural but it fits her perfectly), she has a very well proportioned body with curves in just the right places. Her breasts are nice and firm and she has a beautiful ass that I always admired. In fact it was that ass that made me cross the line.

When I was 17 I started to look at Debra less as a sister and more as an incredibly attractive teenage girl. As you know, 17 year-old boys can be rather horny. I use to take any opportunity I could get to spy on Debra. I would try to sneak looks at her in the shower, getting dress, basically anywhere there might be a chance I’d see some flesh. Not too long after I turned 17 I got the chance to see her in all her glory, purely by accident. She came out of the shower one day with just a towel wrapped around her and as she was leaving the bathroom the towel caught on the door and was pulled off. She recovered quickly but it was long enough for me to see her firm breast and neatly trimmed bush.

That image was enough to fuel my fantasies for a month, giving me some of my most intense orgasms while masturbating. The quick peek was enough to fuel my desires and I started to take more and more risks to see her nude again. I was often rewarded with quick looks at a breast or her pussy but it wasn’t enough to satisfy my urges. I was finally rewarded with a show that has stayed with me to this very day as one of the most sexually exciting moments of my life.

I had just turned 18 at the time and I finally cooked up a plan that might let me see what I wanted to see. Debra had been dating a guy named Tom for several months and I was certain they were having sex (I came across some condoms in her room while stealing a pair of her underwear). I decided to set things up so I could watch them. My parents were going out to a party and I knew they wouldn’t be home until very late. I got the okay from them to spend the night at a friend’s house. Of course I had no intention of doing that. Shortly after my parents left for their party I told Debra I was going out. She was eager to get rid of me because she had invited her boyfriend over. I left through the front door and circled back around the house and snuck in through the basement.

I hid downstairs for an hour until I heard Tom show up. I knew they would head to the family room first so I snuck upstairs and hid in Debra’s closet. I figured it wouldn’t be long before they came to her bedroom to do it. I waited for an hour but I grew impatient and decided to see what was going on. I snuck back down to the main floor of the house and moved quietly to the family room. When I looked around the corner I was treated to an incredibly exciting scene.

It took me a second to take everything in. Tom was standing in the middle of the room with no clothes on; his cock was rock hard and quite big. Debra was standing just in front of him performing a sexy striptease. My own cock quickly hardened as she started to remove her clothes. She started with her shirt and slowly, painfully unbuttoned it from the bottom up. After the buttons were undone, she slowly uncovered first one breast and then the other before covering them again. She turned around and then dropped her shirt to the floor. From my side view I could still see her hard nipples standing out from her firm breasts. My throbbing cock was starting to hurt in my jeans so I undid my pants to set it free.

Debra then slowly turned around to face Tom. He reached for her breasts but she stopped him with a shake of her finger. She then proceeded to flick and pull her own nipples. It was at this time that I started to rub my own cock. I was wishing that I were Tom. Debra left her nipples alone and slowly started to unbutton her skirt. She carefully held it up until all the buttons were undone and then she let it drop. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and, unlike the last time I caught a glimpse of her pussy, she was now completely bare. I almost gasped out loud but stopped before I gave myself away. She slowly traced her finger around her bare pussy before she shoved it into her already wet cunt. I was still stroking my hard cock.

Tom had started to rub his cock as well. Debra reached forward with her other hand and grabbed Tom’s cock. He let out a small moan as she started to rub it for him. I was imagining the feel of her hand on my cock. Debra then lowered herself in front of Tom and engulfed his cock in her hot mouth. Her experienced sucking was having an obvious effect on Tom as he started to moan louder and louder. He suddenly screamed out that he was going to cum and Debra pulled him all the way in and held him there. I could see him shaking as he came down Debra’s throat. Watching my own sister give head to her boyfriend was enough to set me off. I let loose a flood of cum, shooting it across the entrance to the family room.

I leaned back against the wall, my knees weak from the intensity of the orgasm. Tom recovered quicker that I did as he joined Debra on the floor and gave her a deep kiss before pushing her onto her back. He worked his way down her body, stopping to pay homage to her beautiful breasts. He licked and sucked her nipples for several minutes before continuing his journey down to her sweet cunt. I was starting to recover my senses and realized what was going on. My cock hardened again as I watched Tom slowly start to lick around Debra’s pussy. Debra was starting to moan from Tom’s licking when he suddenly sucked her clit into his mouth. Debra growled and spread her legs even farther apart as he sucked on her clit. I had a perfect view of her cunt from my hiding place. My hand had already found it’s way back to my cock. Tom continued to assault my sister’s cunt until Debra screamed out in orgasm. Tom kept licking until she calmed down.

When he moved from between her legs to give her a kiss I noticed the damp spot on the floor from where she came. They kissed and fondled each other for several minutes until Debra rolled Tom over, quickly rolled on a condom and straddled him. She slowly inserted his throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. When she had taken him all the way in she began to ride up and down on his hard shaft. I was finding the entire thing incredibly exciting but also very frustrating. The way they were now situated I couldn’t really see much. I would catch glimpses of Tom’s cock disappearing into Debra’s hot cunt but it wasn’t enough. Unfortunately I couldn’t move from where I was without them seeing me.

Luckily, Debra said something the let me see more than I thought I ever would. Debra asked Tom to take her up the ass. I was shocked (and even more aroused) by the dirty language coming from my sister. She was asking Tom to take her up the butt and to fuck her tight hot ass, her verbal tirade continued until she was on her knees (her ass pointed right at me) and Tom had positioned himself behind her. Tom was standing with his legs apart, slightly bent at the knees; his cock was resting against Debra’s tight ass. I had a perfect view of her still soaked cunt and of Tom’s cock getting buried in her ass. Tom popped the head of his cock into her ass and Debra let out a small scream.

Debra let out a loud scream when Tom pushed his full length into her tight ass but her groans of pain quickly turned to moans of pleasure. They kept talking dirty to each other as Tom pounded my sister’s beautiful ass. The pounding lasted for several minutes before both Tom and Debra cried out in orgasm, I added my own silent orgasm to the mix and squirted another load of cum onto the family room floor. My second orgasm was even more intense than the first. I fell back slightly and bumped against the flower stand behind me.

At first I thought everything was okay but then I heard my sister ask Tom if he heard something. I panicked and darted out of the house as quickly and quietly as I could. I was in the backyard before I remembered to put my cock away. I looked at my watch and realized it was almost midnight. I told my buddy I would tap on his window around 12 so I headed over to his house. Halfway there I realized that I never cleaned up my cum. Considering where I shot my load, I had no doubt that Debra or Tom would notice it when they left the house. I cursed myself but realized there was nothing I could do.

I made it to my buddy’s house and told him all about what I had seen. We stayed up most of the night talking about sex and women and my sister. He pulled out a few dirty magazines he kept hidden and I pointed out a few pictures that depicted the scene I witnessed earlier in the evening. Around 2 am we were both so worked up we did something I never thought we’d do; we helped each other get some relief.

I have no doubt that I am a straight male, I’ve never been attracted to men, never had any homosexual fantasies but for some reason that night we knew masturbation wasn’t going to be relief enough. I think my buddy suggested it first but I honestly can’t remember. What I do remember is wrapping my hand around his dick, as he returned the favor, and slowly pumping his throbbing cock. I’ve seen my friend’s cock before but that night both of our cock’s looked bigger that they ever have.

We stroked each other for several minutes and I must admit, it felt much better having someone else stroke your dick. James suggested we do a 69, and after a minute, I agreed. We both decided that we didn’t want to swallow so we agreed to warn each other when we got close. We moved into position and tentatively began to suck on each other’s cocks. It was awkward at first but we soon got into a rhythm. After several minutes I told James I was close, he said he was almost there as well. We resumed our original positions and stroked each other to very intense orgasms. It was the first time someone else had brought me to orgasm, and it was great.

We cleaned up our mess and went to bed. My night was filled with dreams of fucking my sister, several years later I learned James’ night was filled with dreams of fucking me. James came out of the closet 3 years later and told me the night we got each other off was the night he first realized that he was gay. It took him the 3 years after that to truly accept it. We’re still friends today but we have never repeated what we did that night. But that’s getting away from the main story.

I got home the next day around noon. My sister was still in bed (as usual on a Saturday) but my parents were up. They asked about my night and I told them it was fun. I stifled a laugh when they asked what James and I did. I said we just played video games. They said they had a fun night but something in their expressions told me there was something else going on.

I went upstairs to my room to get rid of my clothes from yesterday and to have a shower. In the shower my thoughts were filled with the images from the night before. I masturbated in the shower and watched as my cum slowly went down the tub drain. I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on and did not hear the bathroom door open.

“Thinking about me little brother?” Debra asked as she stood in the bathroom, with the door closed again, in only the oversized t-shirt she wears to bed. I jumped when she spoke and nearly fell over in the tub. I cursed and shut-off the shower. I hopped out of the shower, ready to give her a piece of my mind when I realized I was still naked, and my cock was still hard. “Perhaps I shouldn’t call you little brother after all.” She said as she stared at my hard cock.

“I know you were watching last night. That was quite the present you left in the family room entryway. Don’t worry, I cleaned it up for you. So, did you enjoy the show?” Debra moved closer to me, her nipples hard and visible under her nightshirt. I was very tempted to reach out and touch them. I was also very self-conscious.

“I’m sorry.” I said as I wrapped my towel around my waist. “I’ve been so damn horny that when I figured you and Tom were doing it, I had to find a way to watch. And I did enjoy the show.” I blushed and pushed past Debra and ran into my room. My heart was pounding, my cock was still hard, and I was torn between embarrassed and aroused. I locked my bedroom door and dropped my towel. My hand was a blur as I quickly brought myself to orgasm. A thick stream of cum shot across the room and landed on my bed, some four feet away. I fired off a few smaller shots but was amazed at the intensity of that first shot.

I dried myself off and then used my towel to clean up my mess. I quickly got dressed and headed down stairs for lunch. As I was leaving my room I could hear the shower running and noticed the bathroom door was open. I hesitated for a second before moving to the bathroom door. I looked in and could clearly see my sister soaping herself up in the shower. Twice she used her face cloth to wipe the steam off the shower doors, she wanted me to see her, it was the only explanation. I watched intensely as she paid close attention to her pussy. The glass of the shower door distorted things a bit but I could still see things well enough to cause my cock to stiffen again. I moved my hand to my crotch and rubbed my erection through my jeans.

“Michael, are you finished yet? Come down for lunch already.” My mother brought me back to reality and I reluctantly left me prime viewing location and headed down stairs. “Finally, I thought I heard the shower stop but when I heard it again I thought you were still in the shower.”

“No, Debra’s up now. She’s in the shower at the moment.” A look passed between my parents when I mentioned that Debra was up already. Something was going on but I didn’t know what it was. The shower stopped and the house was suddenly very quiet. About five minutes later, my father nodded to my mother who went upstairs. A few minutes after Mom went upstairs I heard my sister scream and before I knew it she was running down the stairs and was out the door. My mother came down the stairs right behind her and told my Father to catch her.

“Mom, what’s going on? Why did Debra take off like that?” Mom stared at me for a moment, I could tell she was debating whether or not to tell me and then she finally decided to fill me in. I guess Tom left shortly after I did last night. On his way home he stopped at his family’s convenience store. When he went inside, his brother was there. It seems his brother had gotten into a fight at a local bar and then went to the store to get a gun Tom’s family kept for protection. Tom tried to stop his brother from leaving with the gun, and in the struggle Tom was shot. He died from his injuries that morning.

I was in shock. I watch Tom fuck my sister last night and now he was dead. My first thought was at least he died happy (I know I would die happy if I just fucked my sister.) My second thought disgusted me; I thought at least there’s no one to compete with for Debra now. I left the kitchen and went back to my room. I stayed there most of the day, thinking about everything that happened in the last 24 hours.

It was after six before my father and sister returned. I wanted to condole my sister but was so revolted by my earlier thoughts I felt I didn’t have any right. The next few days were like a blur. Between the visits and the funeral, nobody was in a very good mood. Over the rest of the summer my sister slowly withdrew. My desire to fuck my sister never lessened but anytime I thought of trying to sneak a glance at her I couldn’t go through with it. Before I knew it summer was over and Debra decided to go away to university.

Over the next ten months I saw my sister infrequently, she seldom came home (mainly holidays) and I usually only talked to her once or twice a month on the phone. Having my sister move out did wonders for my sex life. Once I stopped obsessing about my sister I focused my hormones on other girls. It started slowly at first (first real kiss, first touch of a breast, first feel of a pussy, first hand job, etc.) but each step brought me more confidence and shortly before I turned 19 I had sex for the first time.

Her name was Mika; she was a year older than me but was in my grade 12 homeroom class. She had moved from Germany and was put into school one year behind. We’ve been in the same school since grade 6 and I always had a crush on her. Until my sister left home though I was always too preoccupied with her to think about Mika. With Debra gone, Mika became the new object of my desires. There had been a few other girls as the timing never seemed right with Mika.

Shortly before graduation, Mika and I found ourselves single at the same time. We’ve been friends for years I knew she was attracted to me as well, so I asked her to go to the prom with me. She agreed and I was delighted. We dated for a month before graduation and we were slowly progressing from kissing to heavy petting. We both knew that graduation would be the night we would lose our virginity.

Prom night was fun, the sexual tension was building all night and Mika and I headed straight to the hotel after the dance. Mika was stunning, she had long red hair (natural), beautiful long legs, nice firm breast that were just the right size, very sensitive nipples (which I love), and a gorgeous ass. She was wearing a full-length evening dress that hugged her curves just right to accentuate her best features.

Once in the hotel room we held each other close and kissed deeply. The kiss was filled with everything we were feeling, passion, lust, nervousness, etc. Mika broke our embrace first and said she wanted to go get changed into something more comfortable (I almost laughed at the old cliché). She told me to take off my tuxedo jacket but nothing else and to sit on the bed to wait for her.

Several minutes later she came out of the bathroom wearing a black see-through bra and matching panties, a garter belt and stockings. Her nipples were already firm and clearly visible through the fabric. Seeing her caused a tent to form in my pants.

“Poor Michael, let me see if I can help relieve the pressure.” She motioned me to come to her, which I did very quickly. I tried to kiss her but she stopped me, “if you want this to happen then remember that I’m in control.” I was so horny that I would have done anything she asked if I got to fuck her.

She kissed me lightly on the lips, the feeling was electric. She caressed my cock through my pants and then moved her hands to undo my bowtie. I desperately wanted to touch her but she wouldn’t let me, and I was going to do anything to risk my chance at losing my virginity. Mika undid my shirt slowly, kissing her way down my chest, stopping to flick my nipples with her tongue. The sensation was driving me crazy. I reached out and caressed her breast; she slapped my hand away, giving me a final warning. Mika continued her work, slowly removing each piece of my clothing until only my boxers remained.

She slid my shorts down just enough to reveal the head of my cock, she kissed it lightly, causing it to jump against its restraints. She continued to slide the boxer down, kissing each newly revealed portion of my cock. She finally pulled my boxer all the way down and kissed each of my balls lightly. My cock was throbbing, I was so worked up I thought I would explode.
She grabbed my cock and pulled back the foreskin. The head was covered with pre-cum. Mika licked her around the head, tasting my pre-cum for the first time. “I want to make sure our first time lasts so I’m going to give you a treat. Just remember, I expect you to return the favor.” With that she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. The sensation was very intense and after all of her teasing it was enough to make me explode. I shot what seemed to be a gallon of cum into Mika’s mouth. She surprised me by swallowing it all. After seven or eight spurts my knees gave out and I fell back onto the bed, causing Mika to release my cock from her mouth.

She smiled and slid up the bed next to me, giving me a deep kiss. I could taste my cum as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I started to run my hands over her body, this time she did not stop me so I continued to caress her. I turned her on to her back and kissed her lightly on the lips, I then flicked the corners of her mouth lightly with my tongue, causing her to shiver. I wanted to ensure she enjoyed this night as well so I restrained my self from tearing her bra and panties off and fucking her hard.

I slowly worked my way down her body, kissing and sucking on her neck (being careful not to leave any marks) and I skipped over her breasts with only a very light touch of her nipples through her bra. I slowly kissed my way down her flat stomach and traced the outline of her panties with my tongue. I kept moving down her legs. I started with her left leg, I release the clasp on her stocking and slowly rolled it down her leg, kissing and licking my way to her toes. I then did the same thing to her right leg.

While I was doing this I noticed a change in Mika’s breathing, I saw her reach a hand down to her pussy. I could see a wet spot on her panties and I could smell her scent quite strongly. She caressed her pussy through her panties; I watched for a moment and then pushed her hand away. “It’s my turn now.” She sighed and withdrew her hand. I kissed my way back up to her panties and then I licked her pussy through her panties. Mika shuddered at the contact and grabbed my hair to push me into her cunt.

I pulled back and continued up her body to her breasts. I opened the front clasp on the bra and revealed her left breast. I kissed all around it, careful to avoid her nipple, and then I sucked her nipple hard into my mouth. I learnt earlier that Mika liked rough play with her nipples. I repeated this on her right breast. Mika was breathing heavy as I moved back down to her panties. I hooked my fingers in her waistband and slowly pulled her panties down.

I kissed the newly exposed flesh as I worked her panties down, avoiding her pussy but enjoying the sweet aroma coming from her treasure. After I removed her panties I gently spread her legs, allowing me full view of her sweet prize. I kissed her outer lips lightly causing her to gasp and grab my hair. I continued to kiss around her pussy and then I pushed my tongue between her moist lips. I licked upwards until I made contact with her clit.

Mika bucked at my faced when my tongue first made contact with her clit. I circled it lightly with my tongue, resisting the urge to dive in. Finally when I thought she couldn’t take anymore I sucked her clit hard into my mouth, pushing her over the edge into a very intense orgasm. I held her clit in my mouth until she came down from her sexual high. I finally released her button and moved up onto the bed with her. We held each other for several minutes, content in the afterglow of our oral efforts.

Mika started to fondle my rigid cock again and said, “I think it’s time for the main event.” Mika pushed me onto my back and straddled me. We kissed deeply for several minutes, exploring each other mouths with a sense of urgency. Mika reach between us and grabbed my hard cock. She lifted herself up and positioned it at her entrance. “I want to control this so don’t you dare try and hurry this along.” I barely heard her as I watched the head of my cock disappear into the soft fold of her hot pussy.

I moaned as she slowly slid down my pole. I felt my head come in contact with her hymen and she stopped. I was tempted to pull her down on me but I knew it would ruin the night. Mika slowly moved up and down on my shaft, only taking a few inches into her. After a couple of minutes of this she lowered herself so I was pressed firmly against her hymen. She smiled at me and then let herself drop all the way down. My cock tore through her virginity and she let out a scream. Mika fell against my chest and I held her close, my cock buried deep inside her hot pussy.

I kissed her on the lips and cheeks, whispering what I hoped were words of encouragement. After a minute or so she kissed me back and started to grind her pussy against me. The sensation was incredible. She kept this up for a minute or so and then sat up straight. Placing her hands on my chest she began to ride up and down on my cock. As she was riding my cock I reached down and began to rub her clit. After a few more minutes Mika threw her head back and let out a deep, primal scream as her second orgasm of the night tore through her body.

Mika fell back against my chest, breathing deeply. She snuggled into my neck and said, “thank-you for letting me set the pace. I knew I could trust you to make this night special.” I kissed her deeply and told her I had dreamed of this moment for years. I rolled her onto her back, managing to stay inside her as I did. “Now it’s my turn to set the pace.” Mika smiled, “well, what are you waiting for, fuck me already.” I kissed her and told her to get ready.

I lifted her legs up and positioned myself to get the best penetration. I pulled back slowly and made short thrusts into her pussy, teasing her. Then without warning I plunged all the way into her hot cunt. The sudden penetration triggered a small orgasm for Mika and I continued to thrust hard into her. I kept this up for ten minutes until I started to feel the cum rise in my balls. Mika sensed that I was close and said, “It’s okay, you can cum in me.” That was all the encouragement I needed. I pounded into her several more times before I released my second load of the night. My orgasm set Mika off for a fourth time that night.

Mika’s cunt gripped my cock as she came; milking what cum I had left from my balls. It was at this point that I made my mistake. The feeling of her milking my cock was incredible, when I looked down at her a vision from a year earlier flashed before my eyes. Without thinking I said, “Oh Debra, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to fuck you.” My brain unfroze a second too late and I realized what I had said.

Mika had a look on her face somewhere between shock and disgust. She pushed me off her and got out of bed. She yelled and screamed various profanities at me for the several minutes it took her to get dressed and then she left the hotel. I lay on the bed, shocked at what I had said. I stayed in the hotel that night but I never slept. My mind raced with thoughts about what my verbal slip meant. I realized that I had not gotten over my obsession with Debra; instead I turned my attention to girls who looked like her. Mika looked very similar to my sister, I realized the entire time I was fucking Mika I was pretending it was Debra.

The next morning I returned home. I tried to put on a happy face for my parents but they suspected things didn’t go as well as I let on. It wasn’t like I could tell them that while fucking Mika last night I was wishing it was my sister and called out Debra’s name. I went to my room and stayed there most of the day, coming out only for meals. It was during supper that I received the good news; Debra was coming home in two weeks and was going to stay for the summer.

When I returned to my room after supper I was ecstatic, and suddenly very hard. I closed my eyes and visions of Debra flooded my head as I started to stroke my cock. It didn’t take very long for the fantasy playing out in my head to trigger my orgasm. I grunted Debra’s name as I shot a load of sperm across my room. I fell back on my bed, idly playing with my still firm cock. I started thinking about the disaster last night with Mika and I realized that unless I could make my fantasy come through I would continue to obsess about my sister and I would never be able to have a normal relationship with anyone else.

Debra arrived home 2 weeks later, around the middle of May, it was the first time I’d seen her since Christmas and she didn’t look good. She looked tired and run down, not just from one bad night’s sleep but from a years worth. Debra settled into her old room and stayed there for the night, saying she was tired and needed to sleep, which no one doubted. My desire to fuck my sister was replace with concern for her well-being.

Later that night I heard the distinct sounds of crying coming from Debra’s room. I snuck out of my room and quietly tapped on her door. “Debra, it’s Michael. Are you okay?” Debra didn’t say anything; she just opened the door for me to come in. We sat together on her bed and talked most of the night. Debra still wasn’t over Tom’s death. She said she had trouble sleeping and couldn’t bring herself to go out and have fun at university. She said she had tried dating a couple of times but the guys were really immature and only wanted to fuck her. When she wouldn’t have sex with them, they dumped her, which just made her feel worse. She said being home, the last place she had been with Tom, just brought all of the emotions flooding back. I comforted the best I could while trying to hide my erection.

When Debra opened the door she was only wearing a skimpy pair of panties and a very short t-shirt. As out conversation went on I was getting very horny being so close to the object of my desires, at the same time I was very ashamed of those feelings thinking I was no better than the guys Debra dated at university. I made it through the night without doing anything inappropriate. Eventually, Debra fell asleep and I went back to my own room.

Over the next few weeks things seemed to return to normal. Debra started to sleep better and was starting to look and act like the Debra I loved and desired. Both Debra and myself were working and our work schedules didn’t allow us to see much of each other. I still tried to sneak a look at Debra when I could get a chance and was rewarded with a few quick glimpses of her breasts.

It was nearing the end of June and it was time for my Parents anniversary. It was their 25th and Debra and I planned a special surprise party. We arranged for family to come in from out of town and had a big party planned. Our grandparents (on my father’s side) were coming in as well and they were going to be staying with us. Much to my surprise (and delight) Debra agreed to give up her room and said she would stay in my room on the air mattress.

July 1st was the big party and everything went well. We all had a great time and we all got a little drunk from the wine. We returned to the house from the hall we rented around 1:00 am. Everyone was tired and we all decided to go to bed. Debra and I turned in around 2:00 since we were the last ones to get to use the washroom.

Around 3:00 in the morning I felt Debra climb into bed with me. I asked her what was wrong and she said the air mattress had a leak. I offered to sleep on the floor but she said it would be okay for one night if we shared the bed. We both drifted off to sleep again and maybe an hour later I woke up when Debra pressed her ass against my crotch. She was sound asleep and snoring lightly but she kept rubbing her ass against my quickly stiffening cock. After a couple of minutes I was rock hard and nestled between her ass cheeks. It was driving me crazy. It was at that point that I lost what little self-control I had managed to maintain.

I pulled back from Debra and slowly slid down the bed until my face was level with her ass. The light coming in from outside was enough to let me see her beautiful butt. I reached out and caressed her cheeks softly. She moaned at the touch but kept on snoring. Encouraged by the lack of reaction I slowly eased her thin panties down until her naked ass was in front of me. I leaned in slowly and kissed her ass cheeks, soft at first then firmer. There was the definite smell of sex coming from between her legs and a light touch of her pussy with my finger confirmed Debra was wet.

When I touched her pussy Debra moaned again and rolled onto her stomach. Her legs parted slightly which allowed me a close of view of my most sought after prize. Lost in my desire for my sister I gently spread her ass cheeks apart and licked around her tight hole. Debra wiggled a little but otherwise gave no sign of waking up. I moved slowly down from her anus and pushed my tongue into her wet pussy. The taste was everything I imagined it to be. I licked again and that’s when Debra woke up.

I quickly scrambled up the bed and Debra looked into my eyes. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. I started to talk but didn’t know what to say. Finally after several minutes of looking at each other Debra asked “Why?” I looked deep into her eyes and smiled. “Because I love you Debra,” I replied. “I’ve loved you forever but that love changed a couple of years ago and I started to love you not just as a sister but as a woman. I’ve desired you for so long now it hurts. There is nothing more I want in my life than to make your life a happy one.” My words trailed off as I thought they likely sounded rather hollow to Debra.

Debra smiled at me and then kissed me lightly on the lips. There was a jolt of electricity when our lips met. Debra kissed me again, this time firmer, it took me a second to react but then I kissed back. Our lips parted and out tongues touched for the first time. We kissed and caressed each other for several minutes before Debra finally broke away. She reached over and turned on the light on my nightstand. Without saying a word she removed her t-shirt and panties and threw then on the floor. She smiled and then threw the covers down past her feet. “You may as well get a good look in the light” she said as she laid back on the bed and spread her legs apart.

At first I was stunned, I gazed at the beauty lying next to me, uncertain as to how to react. I looked into to Debra’s eyes and she smiled and nodded her head. Her encouragement was all I needed; I slid down the bed stopping to look closely at her breasts. I tentatively reached a hand towards her firm nipples and when Debra did nothing to stop me I lightly rolled the nipple between my fingers, eliciting a moan that further encouraged me.

I played with her nipples for several minutes before leaning in to taste them. I could have sucked and kissed her breasts forever but there were other areas that I needed to explore. I kissed my way from her breasts to her wet pussy. I gazed at the beautiful sight of her bare lips, afraid to touch and afraid not too at the same time. I trace a finger lightly around her puffy lips; I was rewarded with another moan of approval. I continued to caress her pussy slowly working my finger in towards her center. I slid my finger between her lips, causing Debra to buck against my hand. I added a second finger to my rubbing and slowly worked the fingers into Debra’s tight, hot cunt.

Debra’s breathing had changed and she was now slowly rotating her hips as I finger fucked her hot pussy. I knew I had to ensure this was enjoyable for her or I would never get the opportunity again. I leaned in closer and tasted her pussy for the second time that night. A louder moan escaped Debra’s lips as my tongue made contact with her clit. I used my other hand to spread her lips apart to get a clear view of her button. I pressed my thumb against it as I continued to finger her cunt.

Debra’s breathing indicated she was nearing orgasm so I leaned in again and sucked her clit into my mouth. While sucking her clit I flicked it with my tongue and continued to finger her very wet pussy. I kept this up for a couple of minutes until I felt her vaginal muscles clench tightly around my fingers. Debra was moaning loudly into her pillow as I continued to suck her clit. After a minute or so she came down and I released her clit, slid back up the bed and gave her as passionate a kiss as I knew how.

“Thank-you Michael. You don’t know how badly I needed that. Not so much the orgasm, which I loved, but the fact I could feel your love for me. The tender way you treated me, the way you paid attention to my reactions, I haven’t felt that since Tom.” Debra hugged me and gave me another kiss. We held each other for several minutes before I felt Debra’s hand rubbing my very hard cock through my shorts. “I think it’s time I showed you how I feel.”

With that Debra started to kiss my neck and ears and slowly worked her way down my chest, giving the same treatment to my nipples that I gave her. She then worked her way down my stomach and pushed her tongue into my belly button, which I found very arousing. She then pulled my shorts down past my throbbing member and kissed her way down my cock until she reached my balls.

Debra licked around my balls lightly and then sucked each one into her mouth. I moaned from the sensation, knowing I wasn’t going to last very long. Debra pulled back my foreskin and licked around the head of my cock, spreading the pre-cum all over the head. Then she sucked the head into her mouth and slowly worked her way down my shaft. As she was sucking on my cock her fingers were lightly caressing my balls. The overall sensation was enough to trigger my orgasm. Debra sensed my orgasm coming and pulled back until only head of my cock was in her mouth. She pumped my cock with her hand until I had shot all of my cum into her waiting mouth.

Debra swallowed my load and slid back up the bed to give me a passionate kiss. I could taste the salty tang of my cum on her lips and tongue as we kissed. We lay together for several minutes in total contentment. Finally Debra broke the embrace, “I want you to make love to me Michael. I need to feel you inside of me.” I smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips and cheeks before moving between her legs.

“I do love you Debra.” I said as I slowly entered her tight pussy. The feeling exceeded anything I had felt before. When I was buried as deep as I could get we kissed, our tongues dancing passionately between our mouths. I slowly pulled back and again pushed in as deep as I could go. I kept up the slow pace for 10 minutes or so. I was dying to pound Debra with everything I had but at the same time I was enjoying the unique closeness you get during a nice slow fuck.

“I love the feeling of closeness, but I really need you to fuck me hard. It’s been so long since I’ve been fucked, please, give me everything.” Debra whispered hoarsely in my ear. I kissed her deeply and lifted myself up onto my fists. I pulled her legs upward and pinned them back with my arms. I looked down to see my cock buried in the object of my obsession and smiled. I watched as I slowly pulled out of Debra hot cunt and pushed back into her. I kept watching as I slowly built up speed. I turned my attention upwards and kissed Debra again as I started to pound hard into her tight treasure.

I continued to ram myself into her with every ounce of strength I had. After several minutes Debra moved her legs and wrapped them around my waist, pulling me even further into her wet center. Both of us were starting to breath heavier as we continued to fuck. The love and closeness of earlier had been replaced with a primal need to reach climax. Debra was using her legs to pull me in harder with each thrust I gave. Soon she was screaming into her pillow, which was not doing a very good job of muffling the sound.
I felt Debra’s muscles grip my cock and pull me into her, her legs clenched me tight and held me deep inside her. Her vaginal muscles started to milk my cock as she came, the feeling pushed me over the edge into the most intense orgasm of my life (I still have not experienced anything like it). Finally I collapsed on top of Debra, my energy was completely spent. We kissed lightly and held each other close. Eventually we rolled over onto out sides, somehow I managed to stay inside Debra even though my cock had softened.

“I love you Debra, I will always love you.” I whispered softly as I stroked her sweat soaked hair. Debra smiled and nuzzled into my neck. We held each other close and drifted to sleep, still joined together in our love.


Debra and I enjoyed many special moments over the next two months before she returned to University. Nothing matched the intensity of out first night together but the love between us never changed. One encounter came close as Debra let me take her in the ass. It was the first time I had anal sex and it made me realize why guys seem to like it so much.

It was late in august, only two weeks until Debra was to return to University. Our parents were gone out for the evening and Debra said she wanted to give me a special night before she had to leave. Around 9:00 she led me to the family room and said she wanted to recreate the night I watched her and Tom. I wasn’t sure at first, thinking it would be too hard emotionally for her but she assured me she wanted to do it.

Debra slowly removed my clothes and left me standing naked and rock hard in the middle of the family room. She then performed the same strip tease for me, I was thinking back to that night over a year ago when I was wishing I was Tom, and here I was living that fantasy. Debra finished her strip tease and knelt down to take me in her mouth.

I loved the feeling of Debra’s tongue on my cock, combined with the strip tease quickly brought me to orgasm. Debra swallowed everything I had to offer, as usual. I joined Debra on the floor and soon worked my way down to her sweet pussy. It was my experience with Debra that gave me my love of eating pussy. I worked on her beautiful cunt until she let out an animalistic growl. I was rewarded with a larger than usual amount of her sweet nectar.

We lay on the floor for several minutes, kissing and fondling. Soon my cock was ready again and Debra rolled me onto my back and straddled me. Debra was on the pill so we never bothered with a condom. She lowered herself onto my hard cock and ground her hips to stimulate her clit. After several minutes Debra’s cunt was clenching my cock tight as another orgasm ripped through her body.

Debra collapsed on my chest and whispered softly in my ear, “Now it’s time for you to fuck me in the ass.” I was thrilled with the prospect and we quickly moved into position. The feeling of enter Debra’s tight ass was on surpassed by the sensation I felt when I entered her pussy for the first time. Soon I was pounding my sister up the ass as hard as I could. I was very excited and came after only several minutes. Debra was rubbing her clit as I fucked her ass and came with me. It was the perfect way to end the summer.

We had sex a few more times over the next two weeks. When Debra left for University the first week in September we knew the affair was over. We both got what we needed, I satisfied my obsession and Debra knew that she could love again. Parting was difficult but that summer brought us closer than I ever thought possible. We have not had sex with each other since that summer but are closer than ever. I’m now happily married and my sister is now engaged. I have no doubt that if we never shared our love that summer neither of us would have been able to enter the healthy relationships we are in today.

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