A Gifted Young Man

I awoke slowly and stretched luxuriously, pleased with the knowledge that school had closed for the summer months and there would be no need to hurry about getting out of bed. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. As luck would have it, with no real reason to be awake, I was unable to resume the elusive sleep state I was hoping for. I opened my eyes to look at my bedside clock and noted it was only six a.m. I tried to put off the inevitable but finally decided I had better get into the bathroom and piss. As was the case so often of late, I was sporting a tremendous erection that was tenting the front of my bikini briefs, my concession to the need for sleepwear. Thinking, incorrectly, as it turned out, that no one else would be up and about at that early hour, I got out of bed and headed for my bedroom door and the hallway beyond without bothering to don a robe or anything else. My dick was so hard, a couple of inches protruded above the elastic waistband and I tried, unsuccessfully, to tuck myself back in as I hurried toward the bathroom. My thoughts were not focused on my attire or on my exposed condition as I hurried along the hallway toward the bathroom. I could hear sounds from the kitchen and assumed it would be my mother getting breakfast for she and dad. I guess I let my thoughts dwell on mom working in the kitchen and didn’t pay attention to the fact the bathroom door while not fully open, was not closed and latched either.

I pushed the waistband of my briefs down as I approached the bathroom door and had my dick firmly in hand as I elbowed my way through the door and started toward the commode before I noticed that Sue, my sister, was standing at the sink brushing her teeth. She was only wearing a pair of panties and her tee shirt was lying carelessly over the top of the clothes hamper. Embarrassed, I tried to back from the room saying, “Sorry Sue, I didn’t realize you were in here.” She spit out most of the toothpaste, looked pointedly at my erect cock still grasped in my hand and said, “It’s OK Steve, from the looks of things I think you have to pee really badly, or—. Better get in here and do it before you have an accident.”

Hesitantly, I continued into the bathroom, made my way to the commode, lifted the lid and tried to direct my dick toward the pot. Problem was, I was so hard I had to bend my knees and sort of squat in order to bend my cock enough to direct the stream into the bowl. Naturally, Sue watched my agonized maneuvering with bright eyed interest as I went through the contortions necessary to avoid pissing all over the wall and floor. I nearly did that anyhow as my attentions were focused more on Sue’s chest than on what I was doing. Sue giggled and said, “Better pay attention to what you are doing; you can look at my tits after you shake it.” Without pause, she said, “My, you certainly have a nice boner Steve, can I touch it when you finish?” Boldly, I said, “Sure, I guess but you will have to let me feel your tits as well.” She sucked her tummy in, thrust her perky breasts at me and said, “Oh, you like my tits, huh?”

“Like ’em? Holy shit Sue, those are the nicest tits I have ever seen.” Grinning widely, Sue said, “Yeah, well…” Giggling, she added, “I had no idea that you guys have to squat when you pee.” Grinning foolishly, I said, “Good idea when we are so hard it would break off trying to hit the pot if we didn’t,” and finished pissing. I said, “Mom and dad haven’t left for work yet so we better hold off on the touchy-feely stuff,” and returned to my room where I slipped into a pair of cut off shorts and a tee shirt before descending to the kitchen and mom.

Dad was sitting at the table glancing through the morning paper and looked up to say, “Good morning Steve, you OK, your face looks flushed.” I walked over to mom and gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “It probably is, I accidentally walked in on Sue in the bathroom. She wasn’t quite ready for visitors!” Then I said, “Good morning Mom, Dad.” Dryly, Mom spoke up, saying, “My how embarrassing. For both of you!” She changed the subject and said, “I didn’t really expect you to be out of bed this early and didn’t cook enough bacon or eggs for you Steve. Want me to fix some for you?” I replied, “No. I think I will just have some toast and cold cereal. You go ahead and finish what you were doing. I know you have to get ready for work.

Sue joined us about then and said, “I heard, and like Steve, I think I will just have toast and cereal this morning.” Dad asked, “So what do you kids have planned for today since school is out and you have lots of free time on your hands?” I replied, “Oh, I don’t know. Probably chill out and relax. Maybe mow the lawn a little later and that will most likely be it.” Mom said, “Well, don’t wait too long to start the lawn. I think it is going to be very hot today.” Sue interjected with, “I think I will help Steve out and do the edging and trimming so it won’t take him so long. Then I guess I will just chill out too.”

Dad looked at his watch and said, “OK. Sounds like a plan. Now I better be on my way to the puzzle palace,” and left. Mom said, “Guess I better get it in gear and be off to work as well. You kids take care and don’t get too hot working in the yard.” I told mom to leave the kitchen cleanup to me and watched as she went up the stairs to dress for work. I whistled softly when mom loosed the belt on her robe and shrugged it from her shoulders as she ascended the stairway. She presented a fleeting glimpse of tits and pubic bush as she rounded the newel post at the top of the stairway. Shaking my head in amazement, I got two bowls out for Sue and I to use for our cereal while she put bread in the toaster and asked, “peanut butter or jam?” I replied, “Think I’ll just have butter this time,” and she responded, “Sounds good to me.” A moment later, she asked what the whistle was all about. Hesitantly, I said, “Sue, you won’t believe this, but mom was removing her robe as she went up the stairs.” Sue nodded and said, “See anything interesting?” I grinned and said, “Just her tits and pussy is all.” Sue grinned and said, “My, this IS your lucky day, isn’t it?”

We were just finishing the last crumbs of toast and eating the last of our cereal when mom came down and said, “Would one of you kids zip me up please?” I was closest and said, “Sure Mom,” took the zipper pull-tab and finished fastening her dress for her. Sue giggled and mom asked, “What’s so funny, Sue?” Sue, choking with mirth said, “Mom you should have seen Steve’s face when he was doing your zipper.” Mom looked at me, shook her head and said, “Now, don’t you kids get too hot working in the yard. I mean it now,” and left the house.

As soon as we had the kitchen cleaned, I said, “Think I will take mom’s advice and get the lawn work taken care of now.” Sue said, “OK. I’m game,” and we went outside and started work in the yard.

Sue and I have not always been so civil with one another. There have been times when our parents were fearful about leaving the two of us alone together. Our relationship has smoothed considerably over the past few years and we no longer go looking for occasions to snipe at one another. I’m not certain what caused Sue to mellow, but somehow, I figured out that if I were ever going to fulfill any of my fantasies and see her naked, I would have to change my attitude and be nice to her. The change worked out pretty well as our meeting in the bathroom earlier would never have happened when we were busy looking for ways to be mean toward one another. It’s amazing how much nicer she has become now that I don’t pick on her constantly. Both mom and dad have commented about how much more peaceful it is now that we have decided to behave like civilized human beings.

We started with the front of the house and when that was finished, opened the gate and went around back to finish. The sun was doing its thing and it was becoming uncomfortably warm by the time we got to the backyard and I removed my tee shirt before getting started back there. Sue saw what I had done and said, “Well shit smarty, you guys think you have it so good,” tugged her shirt off and removed her bra and we finished our work, topless from the waist up.

Ours was not a large yard, so we were finished with all we were going to do by ten o’clock. We cleaned up the tools we had been using and went to relax on the patio in the shade under the canopy where it was much cooler than out in the direct sunshine. Neither bothered to put clothing back on and we sat down to relax. Sue jumped up, ran inside and returned carrying two cans of pop. She handed one can to me, then sat beside me and sighed.

We sat in comfortable silence for a time then Sue said, “Looks like it might be a rather boring day. Think I’ll go up and take a shower.” I grinned and said, “Oh good, mind if I come along and watch?”

“Watch, hell. You’re there, the least you could do is scrub my back,” she replied. Her smile gave clear indication that she was being dead serious and we went inside, Sue to her room and I to mine. I stripped off my sweaty clothes and was fully aroused by the time I reached the bathroom. Didn’t bother wearing a robe or to take along clean clothes to wear after showering either. Sue reached the bathroom before I did and was just about to step into the shower by the time I arrived. I saw at a glance that she, too, must have left her room naked, as there was no sign of a robe or clean clothing to wear after showering.

I guess I should tell a little about our family. Dad’s name is Tom Martin and he is an engineer with a small, growing firm and is 39 years old. Dad is just over six two and has worn his hair in a crew cut for as long as I can remember. Mom name is Lillian and she works with a real estate sales company. She is 37, has a terrific body and is, I think, a natural blonde, least her hair does not go through cycles when the roots are darker than the rest of her hair. Mom must be all of five six or seven has legs I often see in my fantasies and has a bust measurement that enters into my thoughts whenever I dream about her terrific long legs.

Both mom and dad work out at least three times a week at a fitness center in town and they are quite socially active. They have a lot of friends in their age group and so they party quite often. Usually they party with their friends at someone’s home about once a month or so.

Sue is eighteen and is, I think, more mature than I. Like mom, and I know this for a fact because of the color and sparseness of her pubic hair, she is a natural blonde. I did not know that before we became comfortable enough with one another to use the bathroom together, but I do know it now.

I am nineteen and quite large. At least I am larger than other boys my age, probably a result of lifting weights the way I do. For some reason, I have been blessed with a penis that when fully erect is close to seven and a half inches long and at least two and a half inches thick when fully erect. I have had numerous opportunities to observe other guys in the showers in gym class and know that none of them are as well endowed as me.

We live in a rural small town about ten miles from the larger town my parents work in. Our economy is agricultural and homes are mostly arranged along either side of winding rural lanes rather than in developments, as is the general rule, I think. Our street parallels a rail line and has no housing on the side next to the railroad. Across from the road and rails is a large wooded area. Fact is, the wooded area extends for several miles to the town adjoining us. Both Sue and I have always enjoyed walks in the woods and have often taken soft drinks and a sandwich and had our own private picnic while walking on trails that meander through the wooded area. It has been several years since last we took the time to go walking in the woods. Got too old for that sort of thing, I guess.

Up ’til now, our familiarity had not progressed beyond admiring one another’s unclothed bodies when we happen to be in the bathroom together. Nothing has ever been said about looking but not touching, we just haven’t bothered to push things any further. I’m sure our parents know that we no longer make an effort to avoid using the bathroom when the other is present but neither mom nor dad has ever said a word. Maybe they think that staying silent and ignoring the situation is the best way to handle things. Whatever.

Anyhow, avoiding bodily contact while in the bathroom together changed when Sue said, “It’s about time you got in here. I had about decided you didn’t want to shower with your sister,” as I entered into the bathroom. “Well, I did try to be neat and not leave my clothes strewn all over the place,” I replied, besides, I didn’t think there was any need to hurry. I figured I would let you use the shower first and I would just sit here and watch.”

“Well hurry up and get in here with me so I can see that terrific cock better and you won’t have to peek through the steamy glass,” she giggled.

I quickly stepped into the shower, closed the sliding door, took the soap in my hand and told her to turn around so I could soap her back. She quickly handed me a face cloth and faced away from me and I began scrubbing her back. “Enough. Enough,” she laughed. “Save some skin for another time.” Boldly, I took the soap bar and began to wash her neck, shoulders and the rest of her backside all the way down to her ankles. I said, “Lift your foot and I will get your feet clean if you’d like.”

“Ok, but are you going to stop there? I know I can do the front but you look as if you are having so much fun, maybe you would like to finish washing the rest of me.” Enjoying myself thoroughly, I finished her feet and asked her to turn so I could continue. I was kneeling so that her pubic mound was about an inch in front of my nose. Without thinking, I kissed her on the tummy and put more soap on the cloth before continuing to wash her legs from foot to crotch. I paused and then thought, ‘Go for it dummy,’ and began to wash her pubic mound. It was clear that she wanted her pussy washed as without hesitation, she spread her legs invitingly giving me free access to her entire pelvic area.

I soaped my hand and began to rub her pubis, her labia and on down and around until my fingers brushed across her anus. Being all soapy, I had no trouble letting my fingers slide between her labial lips and up to her clit. A bit breathlessly my sister said, “Careful Bro, we don’t want to break anything in there now do we? At least not right now or like this.” Reluctantly, I removed my fingers from her pussy and moved on up with the cloth to wash her abdomen and, finally, on up to her tits. I guess I thought breasts were a bit more sensitive to touch than they are as she said, “It’s OK to be a little more forceful when you wash them Steve. You know, I do enjoy being fondled when you wash them.”

I finished washing Sue and it was her turn to wash me. She took the cloth and soap and started with the back of my neck and shoulders before moving on down to wash my back and butt. Then she moved on down to wash my legs and feet before having me turn so she might wash the front of my legs. When Sue my groin, she said, “Think I will save this puppy for last,” and brushed past my cock to wash my abdomen, chest and upper torso. At last she said with a giggle, “Now for the best part and began to rub my dick with the soapy cloth.

She quickly dropped the cloth and began the familiar hand job stroking. Finally, she turned me so the water spray would rinse all the soap off me and once again, knelt in front and took my cock in hand, saying, “I have only seen this once in an ‘X’ rated video, so tell me if I don’t do it properly,” and took the head of my dick into her mouth.

My cock had been painfully erect since the moment I stepped into the shower and my sister, being the first person ever, other than myself, to touch my cock so surprised me I was only able to moan my appreciation. Sue dipped her head and began to kiss and lick the purplish head of my dick a moaned, “Oh God Sue, that feels terrific, fantastic,” from me as I tried my best to not cum in her mouth.

Grinning up at me, she bobbed her head and more of my cock disappeared into her mouth and throat. Once she had consumed the entire length of my cock, she began pumping her head back and forth while continuing to jack the loose skin at the base of my dick with her hand. It only took a few moments to bring me to the edge of orgasm, so I warned her that I couldn’t hold off much longer and was going to explode and blow cum all over her. She took her mouth away from me just long enough to say, “That’s OK Bro I want you to cum in my mouth. The girls in school say a guy’s cum tastes really great.”

With that, she encircled my waist with her arms, plunged her mouth back down onto me, gave a few more strokes with her hand and it was all over. I came inside her mouth and throat blowing the biggest load of my life. ‘Oh my God,’ I thought, what a fantastic sensation. Better than any jack off session I had ever experienced. With knees trembling weakly, I said, Jesus Sue, you didn’t need to do that. It was the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me and I really appreciate that you did it, but isn’t cum kind of icky?” Grinning broadly, Sue said, “Hell no it isn’t ‘icky’ and even if it was I don’t think I’ll ever forget how good your cock feels when I suck on it.” She grinned, squeezed my deflating cock and said; “Soon as we can get this thing hard again, I’ll show you how icky I think it is when you blow your load down my throat.”

We finished with the shower, dried up the water we spilled, hung the damp towels on the rack and headed back toward our rooms. I followed Sue into her room and said, “From everything I have ever read or heard, most women like to have their pussies kissed and licked. I can’t wait to see what you taste like. I sure as hell hope you won’t mind if I go down on you now. May I?”

“Oh Jesus, yes Steve, please do me with your mouth. Just about everyone I know says that being eaten is the next best thing to fucking.” She giggled and added, “Hell some of the girls say they would rather have their boyfriend go down on them than fuck. They say that no one has ever gotten pregnant from blow jobs.”

I had her sit on the edge of her bed and knelt between her thighs and tried to kiss her pussy but the position was so awkward I was only able to just lick the very top of her slit. I asked her to lay back, lifted her legs over my shoulders, spread her labia with my thumbs and began to lick and kiss my sister’s pussy. I no sooner started than I felt her begin to tense up in orgasm and she exclaimed, “Oh my God Steve, I’m going to come, I’m going to explode in your mouth.”

I wanted desperately to taste my sister’s cum and quickly covered as much of the opening to her vagina as possible with my mouth and was just in time to catch a small spurt of cum. I swallowed, murmured, “Mmmm,” and continued to lick and suck Sue’s delightful pussy. Sue bucked and humped against my mouth much as I did when she had my cock deep inside her mouth. Sue moaned, “Oh God Steve, that feels so damn good, don’t let up, I’m going to cum again. Keep on doing that just the way you are, it feels so fucking good. Oh yes, yes, Oh Jesus yes,” and climaxed again, depositing another small stream of cum into my eagerly sucking mouth. I continued licking, kissing and sucking for a short time longer. Long enough for her to experience one more orgasm before I simply had to stop and come up for air.

I crawled onto the bed beside Sue, stretched out alongside her and we hugged and kissed one another. My cock was fully erect again by that time and I said, “Oh God Sue, I want to fuck you so damn badly.” She sobbed, “I know Steve, and I want you inside my pussy just as much but we can’t, we can’t. I would just die if I ever got pregnant.” She giggled and said, “You can just about bet that mom would kill me if I up and died with a little baby in me.”
We continued to hug and kiss for several minutes until, finally, I could not resist saying, “You know Sue, that was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I had no idea a blowjob could be such a mind blowing event. I know I have heard guys talk about blowjobs but thought it was just that, talk.” Sue giggled and said, “I know Steve. The girls are always talking about their boy friends going down on them and, like you, I thought most of it was only talk as well although I guess I knew deep inside that most of what they say has to have some basis in fact. Else, how in hell would they know what they are talking about?”

Tentatively, I asked, “So tell me Sue, how in hell did you ever learn to blow a guy that way?” Teasing, she giggled and said, “Oh you don’t really want to know do you?” I laughed and said, “Wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t expect an answer.” Sue giggled and said, “Well all right then, I was over visiting Jeanne last week and we talked about blow jobs. I said I didn’t know much about going down on a guy and she went and got a dildo from her mother’s room and we practiced on it. It was double ended so she put one end in her pussy and let me kiss and suck on the other end.” Then, before I could say anything else, she said, “Care to tell me how you know so much about eating pussy.” Without hesitation, I said, “Well, I always thought that most of the stuff I read in porn stories on the Internet was bullshit, but thought I would give it a try and see what happened.” Sue giggled and said, “Well now you know that at least some of it isn’t bullshit. I had no idea that a girl could cum and cum so many times. Jesus Steve, that was wonderful, promise me that you’ll do it lots now that I know how good it feels and I’ll promise you that you’ll never have to jack off again. Unless you want to, that is.”

We stayed on Sue’s bed for a while longer then both of us sat up and swung our legs over the edge of the bed and sat and talked for a while longer. Mostly about sex and our feelings about the things we had experienced that morning. I said musingly, “I wonder what it would feel like, having my hard cock inside a girl’s pussy.” Sue said, “I can’t imagine, but sure would like to feel a big hard dick way up inside me sometime.” I sighed and said, “Well, ’til I figure out how to get some rubbers or you somehow get mom to get you some birth control pills, we will just have to make do going down on one another and using our hands.”

Her voice tentative, Sue said, “Steve, I’m curious about something and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but I have seen you looking at mom strangely a few times. Are you having naughty thoughts whenever you look at her that way?” Chagrined, I said, “Oh shit, I didn’t think I was being obvious. Yes Hon, I try not to but I cannot help dreaming what she would look like without her clothes, ‘course, after this morning some of the mystery is gone. But not much. Her legs are something else and the way her tits thrust out from her chest is almost more than I can stand sometimes.” Sue grinned and said, “Thought so. Well there is no need to be ashamed, at least as far as I am concerned. Mom might be pissed if she knew, but I doubt it. I think she may know a little of what is going on in your head else she wouldn’t have flashed you the way she did. Well, whatever, I sure as hell would like to see dad naked. It’ll probably never happen but I can just imagine what his cock looks like when he has an erection.”

I jumped up off the bed and said, “Let’s go down and see what’s in the frig for lunch.” Sue giggled and asked, “Hey Steve, lets stay naked, OK?” Well I had intended to go to my room and put on a pair of shorts. Instead, I said, “Why not. Nobody here but us two horny toads.” Totally nude, we made our way to the kitchen where we made sandwiches. We stood arm in arm at the kitchen window, ate and looked out toward the woods across the highway and railroad tracks.

Suddenly, Sue said, “I know what, Steve. Let’s put some cold pop in an insulated back pack and go for a walk in the woods.” I assured her I thought it a damn good idea and we went to our rooms dressed in shorts and tee shirts and met a few minuets later back in the kitchen. We put pop enough to hold us for a couple of breaks into an insulated backpack and started out for our walk.

We walked steadily for about an hour following first one trail then another until at last we came to a place where the trail we were on dipped into a small stream. I stopped Sue and said, “You know, I think if we turn and follow along this brook for a little way, we will come to a small pond. I don’t remember it being big enough to swim in but I’ll bet it is big enough so we can get in and cool off.” Sue agreed and we turned our steps to follow along upstream. The brook flowed over rocks and made a gentle gurgling sound that masked the sound of our progress. After following the brook for about a hundred and fifty feet we rounded a bend and came upon the small pond I recalled being there and found the pond occupied by a skinny-dipping couple.

It took only a moment to realize we had discovered Frank and Jill Miller who live near us with their parents, Bob and Patricia. Naturally everyone calls Mrs. Miller Patty. Their backs were toward us so they were not immediately aware of our presence. I looked at Sue with raised eyebrows and she made a motion back along the way we had come from and we started a silent retreat. We didn’t get far though. Frank turned his head in time to see us and said, “Oops, Jill, I think we have visitors.” Jill looked our way quickly and screamed, “Oh shit. What are you two doing way up here?” I laughed and said, “Stumbling in on skinny dipping friends, I guess.” Sue added, “You bet, that’s what we are doing alright. That and some other stuff if I get lucky.”

Jill and Frank are a couple of years older than Sue and I. Frank is twenty I think and Jill is nineteen and both are away at college most of the time. Sue and I are both in our last year in high school and plan to attend the same university come next fall. Except for a minor misunderstanding between me, the principal and my History teacher, I should have graduated last year. I always thought ‘Bitch’ was a historical expression! Like I said, a minor difference of opinion there.

We stood silently looking at one another until Jill said, “Well, if you kids came up here intending to play in the water, you may as well join us. The water is fine and is a lot cooler than standing around sweating, unless, of course, you want to get sweaty before you get in the water.” Sue said, “Shit Jill, neither Steve nor I have our bathing suits with us.” Frank asked, “Does it look as though either Jill or I give a shit? Besides most everyone we know goes skinny-dipping whenever possible. No need for you guys to be any different.”

Sue and I looked at one another, grinned and began to slip out of our clothing. It took but a moment to get naked and join the other two in the water. Jill said, “Hey Sue, come on over this way. The water is a little deeper here.” We both moved to where Jill had indicated and sat with only our heads out of the water. Both girls were on my right so that I could see two pair of delightful tits without having to move my head.

Frank said, “You know, you two look a bit uneasy being naked in mixed company like this. Haven’t you seen each other’s bodies before?” I shyly replied, “Not until this morning, no.” Then I related how we have to share a bathroom and that I had to take a piss really badly that morning while Sue was brushing her teeth and I had no choice other than to use the john or try to get to the toilet on the first floor before I couldn’t hold it any longer. Sue laughed and continued the tale. Neither of us mentioned fooling around in the shower later, though. Jill giggled and said, “That’s kind of how Frank and I got to be comfortable with seeing the other nude. Thing was, he was in the shower and it was I that had to pee. God how embarrassing it was to have to expose my twat to my brother’s eager eyes while I sat on the pot. I noticed how big his cock was and quit worrying about what he could see. Bastard asked me to spread my knees so he could see the pee gush from my pussy and without giving it a thought I did it for him. Oh well, at least I didn’t have a monster thing like that sticking out in front of me. “Yeah,” said Frank, “Guess she was mesmerized by the sight of me as she didn’t bother getting off the pot when she finished peeing. So I thought I would really give her something to see and began to jerk off. Told her she had seen everything I had so she might just as well watch me play with it as well. Christ, I asked her to take her robe off and let me see all of her charms so I could get off better and, by God, she did it. Only she took it a step further and began to play with her pussy. We masturbated in front of each other until we each came.” Jill giggled and said, “And we’ve been having a blast ever since.”

Wonderingly, Sue asked, “And do you, you know, do each other or any of that sort of thing?” Jill said, “Oh sure, I jerk Frank off all the time and he likes to play with my pussy and make me cum as well.” Frank said, “Jill, you know that isn’t what Sue meant, as long as we are confessing all, you guys may as well know we go down on each other too. Yeah, and we have been fucking almost from that first day.” He reached an arm around his sister’s shoulders and began to fondle her breasts as we talked. Jill lifted her butt from the bottom of the brook bed and shifted until she was sitting between Frank’s spread legs She snuggled back against his chest so that her brother had no difficulty reaching from behind to fondle and play with her breasts.

Sue and I looked on wondrously for a few moments and, at my urging, my sister followed Jill’s example and moved until she was sitting with my thighs pressed tightly against her butt. I took my cue and reaching around, began to fondle my sister’s breasts as well.

My penis began to swell immediately, an event that did not escape Sue’s attention and she said, “Oh my, what have we here. Something a girl might play with?” She reached back and grasped my fully erect cock and began sliding her hand back and forward. We were seated facing Frank and Jill and the water was clear enough to allow us to see that Frank, too, was sporting a tremendous hard on and that Jill, after watching Sue for a bit, began to frig her brother as well. The girls both had a great time and laughed uproariously when each managed to get her brother off sending streamers of white cum floating down the brook.

As our dicks began to deflate, each of us reached a hand to his sister’s pussy and began to masturbate her as well. I have no doubt but that both of them were delighted to have an audience as both of them kept up a steady flow of talk that can best be described as ‘dirty.’ The erotic talk and my fingers were all that was necessary to get Sue turned on, and it took no time at all for her to extend her legs and spasm uncontrollably in the first of at least three orgasms.

Jill must have been equally turned on as she, too, began to orgasm after just a few moments with her brother’s hand on and in her pussy. Sue leaned her head back against my shoulder and whispered, loud enough for the others to hear, as it turned out, “Oh Jesus Steve, I wish we could really fuck instead of just screwing around this way.”

Jill looked up quickly and said in wonder, “You mean you didn’t fuck each other this morning after everything else you did?”

“Nope,” I said. “We don’t have any protection yet.” Frank said, “Hell, come on over to our house in the morning after all our folks go to work. I have some rubbers you can use although I think you will find it better to just use your bare dick. At least I like the feel of bare skin on bare skin a lot better, don’t I Jill?” Jill laughed and said, “Well that’s what you say anyhow. I know I certainly like the feel of your bare dick inside me better than when you wear a condom.” She turned to Sue and said, “You know, I have a few pills here in my pack. Why don’t you take one now and then you guys come on over in the morning like Frank says and we can fool around and see what happens.” She looked at my raging hard on and added, “Perhaps if you would like Steve, you could fuck me as well. God, I can’t wait until you cum way up inside my pussy or down my throat if you would rather do it that way. I just love it when a cock spurts cum into one of my holes.” She leaned her head back on Franks shoulder and said, “Maybe sometime you guys would like to fill my asshole and my pussy at the same time.”

Sue grinned and said, “Hell, with all that, I would think you would like to suck on a cock as well.” Jill laughed and said, “Yeah, only I’m not sure daddy would be comfortable doing me at the same time Steve is there doing as well. He doesn’t mind me being the meat in a sandwich between him and Frank, though.” Her expression changed and she said, “I would love to go down on you while the guys fuck me though. How do you feel about making it with a girl in a foursome, huh, huh, huh?” Sue blushed and said, “Yesterday, I guess the idea would have made me ill. Now, after Steve ate me this morning, I’m not so sure. I think it would be fun to try it though. There is one thing, you eat me and you will have to let me go down on you too.” Jill laughed delightedly and said, “Deal.”

The four of us got out of the water and went for cans of cold pop. Jill handed Sue one of her pills. Sue washed the pill down with pop, grinned and said, “Hey Steve, thanks to Jill I think we both are going to get lucky and very soon, too.” Jill said, “Now if you two don’t mind, I came up here to spend time on my back and fuck my brother. You two can stay and watch if you want, I don’t much give a shit but I have waited about long enough.” She giggled and said, “If I were you two, wild horses wouldn’t drag me away. Watching others fuck is almost as good as being fucked. Well, that or sucking cock or maybe having my pussy licked.” She reached for Frank and said, “Come on Bro, lets give these guys a show better than any porno film they ever saw ’cause I’ll bet the only fucking either of them has ever seen was in adult sex films.”

I looked at Frank and noted that he was certainly ready to accommodate his sister’s desire to be fucked. His cock seemed to grow with each word out of his sister’s mouth. He reached into his backpack and withdrew a digital camera and asked if I would mind taking some photographs of him fucking his sister. Said, “Don’t worry too much about getting our faces in the pics. I can either crop the pictures so our faces don’t show or I can obliterate recognizable features with editing software. I was going to try to use a small tripod but you taking the pictures will be much better I think.”

Jill got onto her back and spread her legs wide while Frank crawled between her spread legs. I was right there snapping the shutter release as Frank, with Jill’s hand guiding, slowly lowered his pelvis and pushed his huge cock into his sister’s wet cunt.

Sue stood as close to me as she could and reached for my erection with one hand while she buried her other hand within the folds of her pussy. I snapped picture after picture as Frank and Jill bucked and thrust against each other. Before either of them could orgasm, Frank pulled away and asked Jill to roll over and get on her knees so he could fuck her from behind. He grinned and said; “I think Steve will get some really good shots of my pecker sliding in and out of you now.” Long before either of them climaxed, white, foamy juices began to seep from Jill’s pussy and trickle down across her thighs and drip to the ground. We reviewed the images I captured afterward and found that I was fortunate enough to capture the entire event.

Both Jill and her brother were dripping with sweat by the time she shouted, “Oh God you guys, I’m cumming, give me all your jism now, oh God, fuck me, fuck me.” The camera captured every moment as Frank’s orgasm discharged spurt after spurt of seminal fluid into his sister. Too bad the camera could not capture sounds as well. The vocal expressions voiced as they came would have gone well with the photographs of cum leaking from Jill’s cock stuffed pussy and down across the insides of her thighs.

Once Frank pulled his gleaming cock from his sister’s pussy, I returned Frank’s camera and Sue and I dressed for the walk back home. We agreed to meet in the morning, said our good by’s and left.

It was getting a bit late in the day and Sue and I hurried along as we walked back toward home. Thus we managed to be home before mom and dad arrived back from work. Mom’s first words upon finding Sue and I in the family room were, “Hi guys. The yard looks wonderful. Thank you for doing such a nice job mowing and edging.” Both Sue and I told her it really was not much of a job since both of us working made it an easy task. Looking around, mom said, “And the house looks really nice too. I see you picked up and cleaned the kitchen and the rest of the house looks as though no one has been here all day. I really appreciate the way you two make it easy for me when I get home.” Dad chimed in saying, “Yeah, I think the place looks really nice, inside and out.” Then mom said, “Since it is so hot, I brought some salads from the deli so I think dinner will be cool and quick.” We assured her that cool and quick salads would be just fine and we all just sat and took it easy for a while.

Later on after dinner was finished and the kitchen cleaned up, we sat outside on the patio and let the coolness of evening overtake us while we chatted. I told mom and dad of our walk in the woods but failed to mention meeting Frank and Jill. I did mention getting into the brook to cool off though. Smiling, mom asked, “My God, you went skinny dipping in broad daylight?” Sue laughed and said, “God Mom, it’s not as though we were naked in the middle of a freeway.”

Then dad broke the good news. Said he and mom had checked the family finances and decided it was about time to have an in-ground swimming pool installed in the back yard and that workmen would start the project on the following Monday. Of course Sue and I thanked mom and dad profusely. Anxiously, Sue asked, “Does that mean we’ll be able to skinny dip right in our own back yard?” Dad’s voice was cautious as he answered, “Well, I suppose that since you two seem to have no secrets from one another, there won’t be any harm in swimming naked, if that’s what you want to do. I’m not sure that I am that liberated, though. What do you think?”

Just before ten o’clock, I announced my intention of going up to my room to fool around with the computer for a while before turning in to bed. Sue said, “Oh may I come along, perhaps you can show me how to work some of those casino games you like to fool with.” I told her she would be welcome and we quickly left mom and dad on the patio and went in to play games on the computer. Not much after that, we heard mom and dad climb up the stairs and go into their room. Mom popped in a few minutes later to wish us a good night and to tell us she hoped we wouldn’t mind if they left their door open so they might benefit from any cross ventilation their might be. I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing a very lightweight nightgown and that the bright hall light shining from behind clearly revealed that she was not wearing underwear. Fact is that at one point she appeared to be wearing nothing at all. Sue and I bad our mother good night, she winked, said, “You kids be good and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” We returned to our game and mom left.

Once we were alone, Sue murmured, “Mom is really getting loose in her old age, isn’t she?” I replied, “You mean the thin night gown and forgetting about the back lighting?”
“Um hum, that’s exactly what I mean. That and her cute remark about not doing things she wouldn’t do.” I said, “Well, I can not recall when if ever they slept with their bedroom door open either. Maybe they think it is about time we know that they actually do have sex.”

“You think?” Asked Sue.

We played computer games for another half hour until Sue said, “Hey Steve, I have to quit this for a few minuets. Gotta go pee.” She left and returned a little later. She came back into my room and closed the door softly. She walked to where I was sitting in front of the computer and whispered, “OK, I think they are asleep now,” and said, “Steve, I am nervous about that business in the morning.”

“Why so?” I asked. Well for one thing I am sure I don’t want to have sex for the first time with those two looking on. Another thing. I’m sure that just screwing is fine, but I want to make love, at least for the first time. Hell Steve, lets face it, I want you to kiss me, play with my tits, and, yes, play with my pussy. I would love to have you kiss my pussy and I want to suck on your cock. Then maybe we can fuck and fuck hard. I hope that we will be able to cum together. I don’t think I can be comfortable doing all that stuff knowing someone is watching every move we make.

Maybe some day I will be able to spread wide and enjoy whatever big hard cock is being shoved up my twat while someone watches, but I’m not ready for that right now, what do you think?” Thoughtfully, I replied, “You are asking me what I think about you fucking someone you don’t love? Hell Sue, that’s something for you to decide. I’m just selfish enough to be glad you are only interested in fucking me and, I maybe dad, I suppose. Beyond us, I guess you and you alone will have to make that decision. As for myself, no, I don’t look forward to having Jill and Frank or anyone else, for that matter, look on while we do it.

Let’s sleep on it and I bet by morning one of us will have figured out a way to get out of meeting with them. If nothing else, I can wake up with a high temp and will have to stay in bed. We can call them and tell them you need to stay nearby in case I need anything. Perhaps we will have so much yard work to do that we just will not have time to get away. I did notice that all of the landscaped areas around the house are in need of weeding when I was mowing the lawn today.” Sue perked up immediately and said, “Hey Steve that’s cool. I knew I could count on you.” She stood up to go to her room and turned back as I too stood up, threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on the lips. I had been hoping something like that would happen so that I could hold her in a tight embrace and kiss her as well.

We held the embrace and kiss for far longer than is appropriate for a brother and sister, certainly for long enough for me to become hard and press into her abdomen, then separated and gazed at one another in wonder. After a moment, I stepped forward and clasped her in another tight hug. We kissed again only this time held it even longer than before with my erect cock jammed tightly against my sister’s warm, quivering body.

We broke the kiss and Sue laid her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “We keep this up much longer and we’ll be doing it right here on your bed.” I nodded and said, “I know and that is probably not a good idea. I don’t know how soundly dad and mom sleep when it is as hot out as it is tonight.” Sue giggled softly and said, “OK. I’ll drag my sopping pussy out of hear, but not because I want to. But, hot as it is I think I will leave my door open for cross ventilation. If you have to pee during the night or anything, you might look my way. I think I will sleep nude so I will be cooler.” I gave her another quick kiss and reached for her pussy mound with one hand, gave it a light squeeze, and slapped her lightly on the ass before she turned and left the room.

I turned out the light, stripped to the skin, thought for a moment and walked into the hallway and to the bathroom. Enough moonlight was filtering into Sue’s room was bathed in soft moonlight and I saw at a glance that true to her word, she was laying atop the sheets and was nude. Sue was still awake and saw me right away. She smiled and thrust her chest high giving me an unobstructed view of her perfect tits, then waved gaily.

I glanced into dad and mom’s room as I went past and noted that they too were sleeping nude only that mom was not asleep. I could see that her eyes were wide open and looking my way as I walked past their doorway. She had to have seen that I was naked. I peed and returned along the hallway and again looked toward mom and dad. As before, mom’s eyes were wide open and she smiled when she realized that I knew she was awake. I wanted desperately to stay and gaze at mom’s amazing tits but thought I might piss her off if I spent too much time gaping, so returned to my room, left the door wide open and crawled onto the bed.

I did not go to sleep immediately. My head was filled with thoughts of the day’s events. It had been several years since I had seen Sue naked. God we were but little tykes then when mom used to bathe the two of us together. I couldn’t remember if I was even aware of the differences in our bodies in those days. Here I had not only seen Sue naked and sporting a nice set of tits and a lovely pubic bush but I had managed to finger her to several orgasms and go down on her as well. Additionally, I had seen mom’s naked or nearly naked body on two different occasions.

I was laying flat on my back with my hands behind my head and my thoughts were causing my dick to become hard. I was just about to reach for it and begin jerking off once again when I became aware of a presence in the doorway. My initial thought when I spotted mom standing in the doorway was to try to cover my erection but then I noticed that she had not bothered to don any sort of a covering garment before leaving her bedroom and decided to be cool and see just what was going on. Mom slipped silently into the room and whispering asked if I was OK and if I would mind if she sat on the edge of the bed. I nodded, patted the sheet beside me and made a half-assed attempt to hide my erection under a corner of the sheet. Mom sat and giggling softly said that it was all right for me to have an erection. Said that as far as she knew it was rare for a teen-age boy to not have an erection. She looked more closely and said, “And a really nice one it is too.” Then she asked if it was seeing her naked in bed that caused my condition. I whispered, “Yeah mom, that and Sue as well but I expect it will go down sometime. It always has in the past anyhow.”

“Mom grinned and said, “Right after you jerk off, you mean?” She leaned over, kissed me goodnight, said, “Then I better get out of here and let you do it in peace as I don’t suppose you want your old mother looking on while you pleasure yourself—damn it,” and left. Shortly after I could hear the murmur of voices coming from Sue’s room and assumed she had stopped to kiss Sue good night as well. I smiled with the thought that at least, she didn’t catch Sue with a hard on getting ready to jerk off.

I slept late the following morning and awakened to a silent house. I suspected that dad and mom were out of the house already and went down to the kitchen wearing only a pair of bikini brief underpants. I quickly discovered upon entering the kitchen that my earlier assumption had been correct and the kitchen was unoccupied. Assuming that both mom and dad had left for work already, I poured myself a cup of coffee from the still warm pot and sat down to read the morning paper dad had left at his place at the table.

I was still reading the front page when Sue entered the kitchen. I noted that she had taken time to don an old long tee shirt that was worn so thin it really did nothing to keep me from seeing her tits and pudenda. She greeted me by asking, “Mom and dad gone already?” I looked up from the paper and said, “Unh huh.” She said, “Oh good. It’s too warm already for this thing and slid the shirt up and off. “Well shit,” I said, “Guess we might as well both be comfortable,” and stripped off my under shorts.

Sue went to the coffee pot, turned on the radio that was there and poured a cup of coffee. She came to the table, sat down and asked for a section of the paper. We sat, read and drank coffee in companionable silence. Sue turned toward me, raised her feet and laid them across my upper thighs.

A moment later, I heard mom’s voice saying, “My you two look as though you are dressed appropriately for this heat.” Shocked, I looked up to see mom standing in the entry from the stairwell and noted that she was wearing only a short lightweight robe. The belt was tied loosely but, at that, the front opening was closed giving only a hint that she might be naked underneath.

“Oh my God,” cried Sue, “What are you doing home?” Mom laughed and said, “Didn’t feel much like going in to work so I called in sick. Looks as though it may have been a good idea. Do you kids sit around like this often?” Not waiting for an answer, she untied the closing strings to her robe and slipped it off revealing her firm 36 C tits and blonde bush with the comment, “Well, we might just as well all be comfortable. I suppose once the swimming pool is in there will be a great deal of skin exposed around here so this seems like a good time as any to strip. She laughed and said, “Or will you be too embarrassed to skinny dip around your parents?”

She went to the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee and joined Sue and I at the table. She glanced at me, specifically at my groin and said, “Steve, you are going to have to learn to control that thing if we are going to turn into a bunch of nudists.” She giggled and said, “On the other hand, why? I kind of enjoy having a stiff cock around the house, don’t you Sue?” Sue blushed and said, “Guess so mom, considering that until yesterday, I had never even seen one. Live and up close that is.”

“Live and up close?” Where have you seen dicks that were not live or up close?” I answered for Sue saying, “I bet on the internet or maybe in adult video’s.”

That comment started a rather strange and erotic conversation about where Sue and finally I, after the story unfolded, had found access to adult videos. Laughing, I said, “Mom, one time while I was looking for something or another in the garage, I discovered a closed box under a whole bunch of stuff. Of course the box contained dads and, I suppose, your collection of ‘dirty’ movies. Naturally, I had to bring one in and pop it into the VCR and see the thing on TV. Sue came along just when things were getting hot so we watched the thing together.” Mom said, “So you two not only saw stiff cocks up close but also what is done with them when there is a wet pussy handy as well.” Sue giggled and said, “Oh mom, we already knew that from sex ed class although I guess I have to admit we had never actually seen people actually fucking.”

“That’s having intercourse Sue,” corrected mom. Although, I guess that in the context of what you were watching, fucking may actually be a more appropriate word for it. Bet it was evident there was no love there.”

She turned serious and asked, “So you found the ‘art’ collection, did you? Look at all the videos did you?” I shook my head no and said, “We haven’t had time.” Mom nodded thoughtfully and said, “Well, that’s good—I guess. I suppose I should warn you, there are a couple that feature your dad and me. Not sure he will be too happy if he finds out you have been into them.” Sue spoke up and said, “Mom, if you would rather we not see you and dad getting it on, we won’t watch them, will we Steve?” I grinned and said, “I suppose not, but staying away from them will be difficult.” Mom laughed and said, “Steve, those things are very amateurish and juvenile. I am sure you would get a great deal more pleasure watching the more professionally produced tapes. Anyhow, it’s not me you need to worry about if you look at them, I guess I won’t mind if you do. But, as I said, better not let your dad catch you looking at them.”

Then mom said, “Well, changing the subject just a little bit, what, if anything, have you two done about what you have learned about sex, fucking and all that stuff?” Shyly, I admitted to manual exploration of Sue’s body. Said, “Oh hell mom, you may as well know, I fingered Sue to an orgasm yesterday.” Sue chimed in and said, “I guess I may as well tell you that I jacked Steve off and he came all over my tits.” Mom listened intently, then asked, “And did you both enjoy the experiences.” Sue giggled and said, Mom, what’s not to enjoy?”

Mom laughed and said, “Well I guess first time sex is like toothpaste. Once you squeeze some out of the tube, it is impossible to get any of it back in.” So where are you going with it from here or do you know?” Sue looked at mom for a while before admitting that we had not taken our exploration any further since we had no protection and did not want to risk getting pregnant. Mom laughed and said, “Well, it’s good to know that you exercised some judgment anyhow.” I related our dilemma about Frank and Jill and their invitation to come to their house for a grand sex session. I said, “Mom, neither of us really wants to go over there. We don’t want them to watch while we have sex. We don’t want to just fuck one another. If we do anything at all, we want to make love privately.”

Mom looked at Sue and I in silence for a little bit then said, “Jesus, how did I ever get lucky enough to have two kids mature enough to realize there is more to sex than just doing it?” Then she said, “Well, I guess about the first thing I had better do is see if I can get you, speaking to Sue, an appointment with our doctor and see about a prescription for some birth control pills. I have a feeling that all this may escalate rather quickly.” I laughed and said, “Oh you don’t know the half of it yet. Jill gave Sue one of her pills yesterday and if you had come downstairs just a little after you did, we might just have been hard at it by now.” Mom said, “In that case, I’m sorry to have interrupted your pleasures—I guess.” She giggled and said, “Course, I suppose you can go up stairs and get it on right now if thay’s what you want to do. I’ll stay here and enjoy the whole thing vicariously—and reluctantly, I might add. One thing though, do either of you have any idea what is involved in making physical love?” Sue said, “Huh?” Mom said, “Well you know there is more to it than for the woman to get on her back, spread her legs and have her lover put his dick in her and go at it. Much as I suspect happened yesterday with Frank and Jill.”

I said, “Well mom, I guess there is a certain amount of fooling around, kissing, fondling and saying things about love and stuff before the real fun begins.” Mom said, “Steve, you are partly right, the real fun begins the moment you both realize you want to have sex and start flirting and doing whatever. Don’t ever think that foreplay is not part of the ‘real’ fun. A word of advice though. I suspect that at your ages it would be best to limit the amount of fooling around you do. I think most young boys get way to excited and embarrass themselves by ejaculating way to soon. Sometimes before they even get to do it.” She laughed and said, “Of course that makes everything last longer when you do finally get inside. It’s just messier is all.”

Sue asked, “Mom, is it normal for a woman to get all wet and runny when talking like this? It’s a good thing these kitchen chairs are wooden as I am making a terrible mess on this one.” Mom giggled and said, “Care to see where I am sitting? And, I suspect Steve’s chair is getting kind of slippery to, isn’t it Steve?” I nodded yes and mom said, “You see, that’s what makes sex so much fun although I guess some folks dislike the mess they make when they are aroused. I personally feel that the messier things are, the more fun you are having. The best part is when each of you gets his or her face right into it and really wallows around in it, as I expect you both already know.

Sue said, “I know that I got really messy when I went down on Steve yesterday but didn’t know I was supposed to really enjoy it the way I did.” Mom looked at me and said, “OK Steve. Something is going through that active mind of yours. What is it?” I replied with a grin, “Well mom, you said something about seeing where you are sitting. May I,” as I got down on my knees and put my face close to mom’s crotch. When I saw the amount of juices that were leaking and had leaked from mom’s pussy I had a strong urge to taste her and said, “God mom, I hope you don’t mind if I taste you, do you?” Mom’s only reply was to spread her thighs wide apart and slide her butt forward to the edge of the chair in an open invitation for me to go ahead.

I quickly stuck out my tongue and began to slurp at the wetness and was not too surprised to learn she tasted every bit as good as Sue. I took her advice and buried my face tight to her pussy and started sucking and licking. Finally, I extended my tongue as far as possible and slipped it inside the folds of her pussy. I quickly licked to the top of the slit and wrapped my lips around the little nubbin of what I later learned was her clit. That brought her off in a major orgasm. I lifted my head and said, “Jesus Sue. You should come here and taste mom, I’ll bet you will like her.” Sue took no time at all replacing me between mom’s thighs and said with a twinkle, “OK mom? You won’t mind will you?” Mom spread her thighs even wider, and said, “Christ, I have never experienced anything like this, but yes Sue. Please do it to it.” Sue promptly began to suck, kiss and lick mom’s pussy with her ass pointed invitingly at the ceiling.

I could take it no longer and kneed my way to Sue’s butt, took my raging cock in hand and began to rub it up and down the length of her pussy slit. Sue lifted her face from mom a moment and said, “Come on Steve. I think we have held back long enough, I want you to fuck me, now.” I glanced at mom’s smiling face and she slowly nodded and winked. That was all the permission I needed and I very slowly pushed the head of my cock between Sue’s labia and into her vagina. Sue again lifted her head and said, “Oh God Steve that hurts a little.” She quickly added, “But it is a nice hurt, keep it coming, don’t stop.”

I had no idea what sort of sensation I was supposed to feel but it was at once tight, warm and wet. Not at all unlike when Sue had taken me into her mouth yesterday. Only her mouth had been a little larger and not quite as tight. I have always heard there is supposed to be a small membrane somewhere inside a woman’s vagina that has to be broken before a dick can penetrate fully but if there was one there I sure didn’t notice it. The only evidence I had that I might have broken Sue’s hymen was a slight trace of bloody discharge after I had ejaculated sperm deep inside her pussy. Mom was right. That first time lasted only about four strokes but that was all right as Sue cried out her orgasm at the same moment that semen exploded into her pussy.

Once the three of us separated and were sitting in our respective chairs, we all began to speak at once. We all stopped trying to talk and looked at one another. Finally, mom said, “I can’t believe I did that.” She quickly added, “Not you Steve but you Sue. I have never had sex with a woman. Hope this one time does not make me a lesbian.” She grinned and said, “Probably not as I want a big hard cock in me now more than I think I have ever wanted anything in my life. Better watch out Steve or I might just make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

Grinning, she added, “Oh the hell with it and slipped down onto the kitchen rug, threw her legs wide and said, “Come on Stevie, help your old mom out here. Give your mother some of what you just gave your sister. I want you to love me but not make love to me. Does that make any sense? I just want you to stuff your big cock in me and fuck me and fuck me. I want to feel that huge cock splitting me wide open and I want to feel you shooting hot cum deep up inside me.”
I quickly crawled between mom’s thighs where, without waiting for me to do anything, she placed her legs over my shoulders grasped my cock and guided me into her dripping pussy. As I was sliding deep into her, mom said come on Sue, I think there is room for you to squat over me so I can lick your pussy.

Sue said, “But Mom, Steve’s cum is still dripping from me.” Mom laughed and said, “Didn’t you hear what I was just saying about how good sex is when it is messy? Of course your brother’s cum is leaking, that’s the way I want it.”

Sue quickly took position over mom’s face and settled down until her wet pussy was mashed against mom’s mouth and facing me so we could see into one another’s eyes and kiss. Immediately, mom began to lick and suck Sue’s juices mixed with my cum from her cunt and I began rhythmically thrusting in and out in the time honored motion known to all who have ever experienced intercourse. Sue and I continued to kiss and explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. Naturally, I had a hand on each of her tits. We continued humping, grinding, thrusting, sucking and licking until mom and Sue had mind-blowing orgasms.

I had just finished blowing a load into my sister and was not even close to climaxing and continued to hump and thrust into mom until she gasped and called, “My God Steve, I’m cumming again.” Her butt began to shake and vibrate and I felt my cock being bathed in her hot fluids. I continued pounding into mom for another couple of minutes until cum began to shoot deep inside mom’s wet pussy.

We separated slowly and mom said, “God Steve, your father is the only man who ever made me cum and cum like that. You have his gift for inducing multiple orgasms for your lover.” She kissed me hard and went on, “I hope you understand, not many men have that sort of stamina.”

Once we were able to speak coherently, Mom said, “God kids that was wonderful but I think that had better be enough of this, at least for now. I’m afraid I might become addicted to fucking my own kids.” I think now might be a good time to discuss what we just did and see if either of you has any qualms about incestuous fucking.” Sue giggled and said, “Besides the certain knowledge that what we did is supposed to be wrong, you mean?” I said, “Mom, I know in my head and heart that what we did was wrong, OK? Somehow, I don’t feel as though it was wrong. We all wanted it, no one forced any of us to do a thing we did not want to do so what can be the harm?” I added, “I guess there is always the caveat that not one of us can ever tell what we did.” Grinning, I added, “Mom, Sue, for whatever it’s worth, I certainly hope this will not be the only time we ever do it. I know I am going to want to have sex with you again and again.” Grinning, Sue said, “Took the words right out of my mouth. Steve, unless mom puts us in chains, I know I am going to be ready whenever you are.” We turned to mom and she said, “Oh shit you guys, Guess my only problem will be making time enough for the both of you and for your father. You know that for all his straight ass ways, he does like to fuck and he likes to do it often.” I guess that from now on sex is going to play a far greater role in my life than ever.” She got a dreamy look and added; “Now if your dad will bend a little, maybe I can have the three of you all at the same time.”

She got up from her chair and went to the telephone directory where she looked up the number of our family doctor and dialed. She quickly determined there was a cancellation and that if she and Sue could get there within a couple of hours, the doctor would see Sue.

The two of them showered, dressed and left. Meanwhile, I took my shower, dressed and tried to call Frank but got Jill instead. I told her that we wouldn’t be coming over as ill and mom had taken her to the doctor. Jill asked solicitously, “Oh I’m sorry. Hope it isn’t anything very serious.” I told her it was most likely some sort of flue bug and that mom had stayed home from work with much the same symptoms but was not as devastated by it as Sue was. Jill said, “Well our plans changed as well. Frank’s aunt called and wanted him to do some sort of yard work for her. Then she laughed and said, “Bet I know which garden she wanted plowed too.”

I laughed and asked, “Good God, your aunt?” She giggled and said, “Me, mom, both aunts and daddy’s mom as well. Hell it wouldn’t surprise me to find out he is doing mom’s mother along with all the other women in the family.” She asked when mom and Sue had left and if there was time for her to come over for a quickie before they got back home. I was a bit slow answering and she said, “Well, Steve your enthusiasm is a bit under-whelming.” I told her it was not that I would not really enjoy getting it on with her. Rather I was concerned that mom and Sue might come home and catch us. I said, “Jill, I can not think of a thing I would rather do than have my cock buried deep inside your pussy.” She laughed gaily and said, “Oh well, why don’t you come on over and we will see what we can do about that. Oh, bring that big cock with you,” she laughed and broke the connection.

Frank and Jill live a half-mile away and a ten-minute bike ride later, I pushed their doorbell button. The door opened a crack, enough for Jill to peek out and see who was ringing and that there was no one around to see her nudity, and opened the door wide for me. She grasped my hand and pulled me into the hallway and said, “God Steve, I’m glad you were able to get here so quickly. I’m so horny I am about to explode. Come on, let’s do it in the garage.” Jill tugged at my clothing as we talked and had me naked by the time we reached the garage.

A strange feeling of elation and a certain sense of naughtiness crept over me as I followed Jill through the house and into the garage. I had never in my life experienced such a feeling of total freedom as I did at that moment and grinned as I thought of the uproar that would ensue if I ever tried something like that at home. I was sure that Sue would probably get a kick out of it and wondered what mom’s reaction might be if she caught me following her heart shaped ass through the house with my stiff cock pointed directly at her backside and wearing nothing but a smile. I did not even want to think what dad’s reaction might be.

Once in the attached garage, I noted the large space for an automobile as well as for all the other things stored there. Yard tools and a workbench took up a lot of space but even then there was ample room for some exercise equipment and a large pool table.

The pool table was located immediately adjacent to the spot the automobile would occupy if indeed there had been one there. I thought it sort of strange that there should be a large bath sheet covering the felt surface of the table and then realized the table most likely was often used for activities other than playing pool. Pocket pool perhaps, but maybe not regular billiards, although there was plenty of room for players around the table.

Jill lifted her butt onto the edge of the table, laid back with legs dangling over the side, spread wide and said invitingly, “OK Steve do it to it. Give me all you’ve got. The way she was positioned, her pussy was directly in line with my stiff cock. I couldn’t refrain from kneeling briefly to take several licks at the glistening gash displayed so invitingly in front of me. Jill humped her groin toward my mouth as I ate her then said, “OK Steve. Enough. Right now I want to feel your cock way up inside me and then I want to feel about a gallon of hot cum spurting into my womb and overflowing out and down my legs.”

I stood, placed the head of my dick at the entrance to Jill’s vagina and pushed my way inside. I went in until our pubic bones bumped, then we began to fuck in earnest, she half reclining on the pool table and me standing between her spread thighs. I was slamming into her with such force I was making her ass bounce a little each time I reached full penetration. With both hands grasping her hips, I managed to prevent Jill from sliding away from me as I pounded into her.

I guess my earlier sessions with mom and Sue took away some of the tendency to cum quickly as it was possible to establish a hard, driving rhythm that I hoped would last and last. I was even able to change the pace whenever I felt the faint tingling that signaled an impending orgasm. In that way I was able to bring Jill off repeatedly. She simply laid back and smiled encouragement as I pounded into her. She grinned and said, “Steve why don’t you take hold of my tits and really make my day?”

She continued, “Jesus Steve, you are a terrific fucker. Better than most any guy I have ever fucked. Even better than Frank or dad and that is saying a lot for your ability to really make me feel well fucked.” I suspect, now, that Jill’s lying there calmly as I fucked her may have had a lot to do with my stamina. I’m sure that excited grunts, groans and moans would have done much to pique my excitement and get me off much sooner. Certainly, if I had been on top of her in the missionary position with my arms holding her tits tightly against my chest, I would never have lasted as long as I did.

Finally, Jill asked, “Hey Steve, are you about ready to cum? “Cause I am,” then she shouted, “I’m cumming. Oh God damn it I’m cumming. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” I was not even close to orgasm and just kept on pounding into her wet pussy that became even wetter after she came. I kept on humping for several more minutes and then she shouted again, “Jesus Steve I’m cumming again. And again, oh my God! Oh fuck, fuck. Jesus Steve keep on fucking me just the way you are.”

It was obvious that her state of excitement had grown to a point where her orgasm was one long continuous convulsion and was leaving her breathless and incoherent. Finally, I could feel the familiar tingling and tensing that signaled the advent of my own orgasm. Semen was rushing through my cock and was just starting to spurt into the depths of Jill’s pussy when the garage door began to rumble as it and opened.

Jill heard at the same time I did and shouted, Steve, don’t you dare stop fucking me now, don’t you even think of it.” Her admonition was unnecessary as I was not about to interrupt my pleasure and didn’t much care who may have arrived and caught us, there was no way I would stop pumping cum into Jill. I had to continue and damn the consequences. I looked over my shoulder and noted that Jill’s mom was driving their car into it’s space on the garage floor as I continued to ejaculate a mighty load into Jill’s eager pussy.

Jill clenched the muscles in her groin and milked every drop of cum from me as her mom opened the car door and climbed from behind the wheel. I finished spurting cum into Mrs. Miller’s daughter, slowly pulled my still erect and throbbing cock from that sweet, wet pussy and turned to face the music. Jill sat up and said, “Hi mom, Steve just gave me the best fuck I have ever had, what brings you home so early?” Mrs. Miller laughed and replied, “Oh I was feeling kind of rotten and decided to come on home and see if I could take something and get into bed. I hope that I can shake whatever is making me miserable.” Grinning, she added, “If I had known you were having so much fun here, I would have been here a hell of a lot earlier.”

Mrs. Miller faced me and said, “Hi Steve. Looks as though you and Jill have been enjoying yourselves. Did you two have a good fuck?” I was too dumbfounded to reply but Jill said, “Oh God Mom, did we ever? Mom, Steve is absolutely the best fuck I have ever had. Christ he must have made me cum at least a dozen times.” Mrs. Miller’s voice expressed doubt as she said, “In just that one session?”

“You got it mom. I think that if you had not arrived on the scene when you did I might still be cumming.” Then Jill’s mom said something that was strange, at least to my ears. “Jesus Jill, I wish I was not feeling so shitty. I could use a good fuck about now and if Steve can induce multiple orgasms, ones that just go on and on forever, then I would certainly like to try him on for size. I can not remember when I last had multiple orgasms.”

Jill said, “Oh Mommy, you sure you don’t feel up for at least a little bit of Steve’s cock? Hell, I can almost guarantee you will feel better after he makes you cum a few times.”

Of course I was standing in front of Mrs. Miller with my cock starting to droop while they talked, but my erection came back up when Jill’s mom said, “Oh the hell with it,” looked at me and continued, saying, “Here Steve. Help me out of these damn clothes. She had approached to a point where I did not even have to move toward her to help her out of her blouse and bra, both of which were tossed carelessly onto the pool table once she had them off. She said, “Good. I’m feeling better already. Now help me out of this damn skirt and my panties.” Those items of clothing soon joined the other items of clothing on the table. She hiked her ass up onto the towel alongside of her daughter and asked me to remove her shoes and thigh high stockings.

Once she was as naked as her daughter and I, I stood back to take in her nakedness. Her breasts were very big and didn’t sag but just a very little bit. She noticed my look of wonder and said, “Wonderful what plastic surgeons can accomplish these days isn’t it?” She thrust her chest at me and said, “Want to check ’em out? By hand, that is.” I stepped forward and gently took a breast in each hand and she said, “I enjoy having you feel them almost as much as I suppose you enjoy feeling them, only it isn’t necessary to be quite that gentle, you know, hell handle them as though you really mean it.” I fondled, pinched and rubbed her monster boobs for a short time, then stepped back and looked with growing interest at her clean shaved pussy mound.

She smiled and said, “You like that baby smooth pussy? I just waxed it yesterday, you know.” Dumbly, I asked, “Waxed it?” Jill giggled and said, “Mom shaves it as smooth as she can then uses a coat of wax that when cold pulls all the stubble out when it is peeled away. I tried it on myself once but it smarts so I don’t do it often.” Her mom said, “Hell, I don’t do it often either but I wanted to be nice and smooth for our party with your parents tonight, Steve.” Jill said, “Steve, it is OK to go down on mom for a bit if you want. That super smooth pussy on your cheeks is like nothing else you have ever had your face next to.” Grinning, I said, “Are you speaking from experience?” Jill giggled and replied, “Of course, silly, mom and I do each other every once in a while,” whereupon I knelt in front of her mom and began to slurp juices from the bald pussy crack that was spread so invitingly close.

Each pussy I tasted seemed to be better than the one before and I knew right then that I never again would deny myself the pleasure of licking, kissing and sucking pussy juices from willing females. Jill’s mom said, “Oh God how I love having my pussy eaten, but I want your huge cock in me now.” Jill hopped down from the table and reached for my cock and tugged it into position in front of her mother. She used it as a tool and parted the slippery cunt lips, then with both of her hands on my back, shoved me into her mother’s vagina. Said, “God momma, this is almost like using a dildo on you.” When I was so far into her mother there no longer was room for her hand, Jill reached behind and between my thighs and began to fondle my balls. I quickly said, “Jill, I don’t know that I can hold out long enough to give your mother multiple orgasms if you keep on playing with my balls.” Jill quickly pulled her hand from me and I started pounding into her mother, much in the same way I had with her a little earlier. I think my balls must have been drained completely, as I was able to stand there pounding and thrusting for what seemed like fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe even longer. I rubbed and pinched Mrs. Miller’s nubbin of a clit just as Jill leaned forward to kiss and suckle her mom’s breasts and, together, we induced an orgasm. Jill’s mom shouted, “Oh God kids, I’m coming. Oh God damn it I’m starting to feel better already.” She thrust her legs straight out behind me and began to shake and shudder and moan. Mrs. Miller had the wettest orgasms of any of the four women I had fucked to that point.

Since I was just getting a good start, I continued to thrust and fuck, varying the rhythm only when I could feel an orgasm coming on. Mrs. Miller’s second orgasm was soon upon her and, as before, she thrust her legs straight out and began to bounce uncontrollably while all the time announcing to the world in a loud voice how much she was enjoying her orgasm. I continued to fuck into her with a steady pace that maintained her deep in the throes of one orgasm right on the heels of another. In a moment, the orgasms merged into a single long orgasm that lasted until, panting, she said, “OK Steve. Enough. Enough already. Hurry and get your rocks off and let me rest a minute.” I was just feeling my own climax beginning to tingle in my balls, relaxed and let it happen. The moment I began to ejaculate, I thrust forward as far as I could possibly get and let the spurts of semen shoot way up inside her flexing pussy.

After I finished cumming I felt Jill’s hands on my shoulder pulling me away from her mom. She said, “Now for the best part,” knelt down in front of her mom and began to kiss and suck on the pussy that had produced her so many years ago. Jill’s mom looked at me and said, “You know Steve, you have a gift. I think there are damn few men who can bring a woman to orgasm and keep her cumming ’til she has to beg to stop. Christ, I don’t believe I ever had to beg someone to stop fucking me, ever. Least wise I sure as hell don’t remember if I did. She laughed and said, “If I do know anyone as good as you, he certainly hasn’t fucked me yet.”

I grinned and said, “Gee Mrs. Miller, I guess I don’t know much about that. I never fucked anyone before today.” She laughed and said, “Well Steve, first of all, I think that after screwing me the way you just did, you should probably address me as Patty. Besides, you make me feel ancient when you call me Mrs. Miller.” She shook her head in amazement and said, “Christ, I can’t believe you had your first piece of ass only this morning.”

I glanced at my watch and noted that it was nearly time for mom and Sue to be getting back from the Dr. office. I told Jill and Patty that I had better be getting on back home and Patty told Jill and I that she was going to lie down for a while and see if her headache would go away. She grinned and said, “Besides that, I want to relive every glorious second of the fantastic fuck we just had.” She gathered her clothing and, naked, walked into the house. Jill and I followed, I gathered my scattered clothing and dressed. Jill showed me to the door, still naked. Before opening the door so I could leave, she lifted my shirt and ground her tits against my bare chest. Softly, she said maybe the four of us kids can get together this evening while our parents are partying.” It was then that the light bulb burst and I suddenly recalled Patty’s statement about partying with mom and dad as well as her statement about waxing her pussy. ‘What exactly,’ I wondered, ‘is going on around here?’

I arrived back home only moments before Sue and mom arrived. Sue beamed brightly and waved a pharmacists vial of tablets as they came through the back entry into the kitchen so I knew there had been no problem getting a prescription for her pills. Mom glanced around the kitchen and said, “Gosh Steve, everything looks exactly as it did before we left. Have you been here all the time we were away?”

“No mom,” I replied, “I went over to the Miller’s for a bit.” Sue was standing slightly behind mom and while out of mom’s sight, gave me a knowing look with raised eyebrows. I nodded slightly and smiled. She lifted a fist into the air and mouthed “All right”.
I noticed that mom had a kind of serious look on her face. Her next words confirmed that something serious was on her mind. “Steve, Sue,” she said, “I don’t think it would be wise to let your father know that we were ‘fooling’ around just yet. I know I am repeating myself, but it is awfully important that none of us say a word that would give your father a clue about what we did, OK? I’m sure he will feel strongly that my pussy is his own private plaything and I suspect he would be upset if he knew you two kids have been doing some experimenting. Why don’t you let me break the news to him when I feel the timing is right?”

“OK mom,” said Sue, “I expect you may be right and I certainly am not ready to feel the effects of dad’s wrath.” I nodded in agreement while wondering again about what Mrs. Miller was expecting to happen at their party. Was she expecting some sort of sexual activity with dad while mom and Bob stood aside and watched? Perhaps she thought each couple would play some sort of sexual game while in the presence of the other. That thought brought forth an interesting vision. God, mom and dad fucking while Patty and Bob watched then Patty and Bob doing their thing with mom and dad looking on. The possibilities were mind blowing. The word ‘swinging’ popped into my head and while I didn’t know all that swinging entailed, I was quite sure it was something I wanted to know more about.

Mom noted the smile on my face while I was having those thoughts and asked, “What is it Steve?” I grinned and said, “Oh, I guess I was just thinking about your party with the Miller’s.” Mom said, “While I was talking about my pussy being dad’s own private plaything?”

“Well, I guess,” I said. Mom just smiled and said, “Well, perhaps your father will have his horizons broadened a bit before long.” Sue had a puzzled look on her face as we left the room and headed up to our own rooms. “What,” she whispered when we reached her doorway, “is going on?” I asked her to come on to my room with me and we closed the door before I started to explain. First I booted my computer and logged in to the Literotica incest story pages on the Internet as a reason for us to be together, then related all that happened while she and mom were out. “Whew,” she exclaimed, “Waxed her pussy, huh? Bet that smarted some.”

“Yeah,” I replied. Least that’s what Jill said. Sure did feel good when my cheeks rubbed on it, though.”

Thoughtfully, she said, “I can’t believe you were able to bring Jill to a series of orgasms that way, and then Mrs. Miller too. Jesus, you must be a real stud. Care to try it with your sister?” I laughed and told her that it might be a good idea to give it a rest for at least a little while. Chuckling, I said, “At least ’til after mom and dad leave to go to the Miller’s later.” Sue stood, grinned and said, “OK Bro, just a quick feel for now though, huh?” She reached for my zipper, tugged it down and dragged my cock into the open and gave me a few quick strokes. She even knelt and took me deep into her mouth before turning to leave. Just as she reached the door, she turned and grinning, said, “Steve, you might consider taking a shower, your cock tastes as though it has been in pussies all morning.” With that, she left the room.

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