Sisi fuck

I am regular reader of this site and I have read almost every story that has been submitted at Human Digest. Today, I am going to share my story with you. Before this incident, I used to think that it is fine if a boy fucked her friend, or someone else to whom he is not related with but how can he fuck his own sister or mother and I thought that they only make up the story by their own imagination, as this is site for Fantasies! Nevertheless, after my sex experience I found that it could be possible that they might be right as well. I do not know about them but my story is true. This happened a month ago.

Let me introduce my self to you, I am 18 years old. I live in Lahore cantt. I have a good body as I do many sports. We are a family consisting of a mom, dad, elder sister and me. My dad is a businessperson and usually stays out town most of the time. My mom is a housewife. My sister is one year older than I am and she is a student of biology. My sister is sex goddess and has a figure of 36-26-38 has a fair complexion. However, I never even imagined in my dreams of having sexual feelings towards her as I did not knew much about sex. After completing my school, I got my admission in a respectable college. During that time, I made friends who told me everything about sex.
After that, my feelings towards my sister changed, as she was the perfect girl that I could ever dream to fuck. This happened when my father was in Islamabad and my mother went there to meet him as he hadn’t came to home for more than I month. My sister and I could not go as we were having tuitions. This was the perfect occasion for me as she and I was alone in the home. I was waiting for this moment for a long time. I used to masturbate at every sight of her and because I used to see her lot of the time in the house, I thought I might find myself short of semen when I will get the occasion. We both used to study together at home, as she was good at studies and used to help me when I needed help. That day his teacher gave her test and she was preparing for that so I also had to study with her. She was wearing a loose shirt and pajamas, as it was July and it is very hot in Lahore. I was not in the mood of study so I was gawking at her. She was busy and she did not notice me. I found out that she was not wearing a bra as I could see her cleavage. She was lying on the bed and I was sitting in front of her on the sofa. I wanted to see her boobs (which were like watermelons, trying to jump out of every dress she ever wore) so I asked her can you pass me the glass which were in front of her she bent to reach for the glass and revealing her all the treasure to me.
It was a delightful sight it was as two mountains covered with pinkish snow (as her nipples were pink in color). I was busy in staring at her boobies and after 10 seconds, I heard a scream. Hey! What is wrong with you? What are you thinking? I grabbed the glass and answered “nothing”. I drank the water and went to the washroom for one more round (you know what). I thought she might figure it out what his younger brother is up to but to my utter surprise, she was still lying on the bed with her cleavage visible. That night I was unable to sleep as all night my sister boobies were haunting me! I could not resist myself and I went to her room to see her.
When I entered, my trouble was more increased as I saw my sister sleeping in black panties. Although she had the air-condition on but still she was sleeping in her panties. Her whitish skin covered in black panty was giving a tremendous look. My 8.0” dick was erected once again. I gather courage and went near to her and gently kissed her on panty and went, as I did not want her to wake up. The next day she acted normally and had no clue what happened last night with her. We left for the tuition academy in the evening. She was wearing a T-shirt, which had a deep cut with the best pair of denim jeans. She was looking sizzling hot in that.
After 3 hours, I again saw her she was standing on ground floor waiting for me as I was studying maths. When I came down, I could feel that she was happy. When she saw me, she immediately hugged me. During the hug, her boobs pressed against my body and it seems that a current passed through my body. My dick started to get erected. I didn’t wanted her to know that so quickly broke the hug and asked what happened she replied that she had a great test.
In the evening, she said that she would give me a treat. She ordered a pizza and said me to bring a movie as could not leave the house. When I returned she had taken a shower and changed her clothes. She wore a jeans and a shirt, which had button in front. She was looking gorgeous. I told her that I have brought the movie. I gave her the movie and went to my room. She asked would you like to watch this I said I already have watched that movie. I knew she would watch the movie in the DVD player so I left a XXX movie in that so she could see that first. After 20 minutes when I came down to, I was amazed to see that she was really was watching the XXX movie and she had her one hand in her jeans. When she saw me, she felt embarrassed. When I asked her what were you doing she said bhaiya by God I was just watching it nothing else. I saw some liquid, which I figure out, was her orgasm.
When I asked her what is the liquid she said I do not know. She thought her baby brother does not know about that but she was wrong. I took my hand touched her pussy (on top of her jeans) it was wet. I said so you were fingering yourself and had an orgasm. When she heard that, she was amazed and embarrassed at the same time. She said please bhaiya do not mom and dad, they will kill me. A girl cannot do that in rules laid down neither by our religion or in our country. She said that I would do anything for you please do not tell anyone. I said would you do anything. She said yah. I said would you strip for me. She said WHAT. I said that you have a beautiful body and I want to see that. She said I could not do that. I said then I have to tell mom and dad what. She said o.k. I will do it for you. The next 5 minutes were the best in my life. After she took off her all the clothes, I saw the things, which I never even imagined in my dreams to see. A naked girl standing in front of my eyes and not only any ordinary girl my own sister that had the perfect pair of BOOBS. After getting naked, she took her clothes, which were lying on the floor and started to walk out of the room. I did not want to miss the perfect occasion so I ran and grabbed her from behind. She screamed at me and said WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I said I want to fuck you. She said are you nuts but I did not listened her started to unzip my pants. She tried to resist but I slapped her. She fell on the ground. I sat over her I was sitting in a position that she could not do anything so taking the advantage I took my dick out of my pants and entered it in her mouth. She could not do anything. She was feeling uncomfortable. I told her I would only take out my dick if she will agree to give pussy to me.
After 2 minutes, she agreed, as she could not bear my dick. She told me apply some lubrications or otherwise it would hurt her I agreed because I wanted her at any cost. I went to her room, brought a cream, and applied on my dick. I told I would like to fuck her in doggy style so she got in the positioned. She was telling me how to enter my dick in her pussy and suddenly the bell rang my heart came to my mouth as I thought it was mom. I told her to wear the clothes as her clothes were lying nearer to us and I ran to the washroom to wash the cream. After sometime, she came back with a pizza and drinks. It was the pizza man. Therefore, we decided to resume from where we left. She quickly undressed and got into doggy position. I slowly entered my fingers in her pussy and when she was ready; I placed the head of my dick over her pussy and entered it in one thrust. She suddenly screamed because she quickly realized that I had no lubrication. She was screaming to sop but I could not stop I was enjoying so much. She was in lot of pain and there was a loud scream of pain from her, which was muffled in the mouth itself followed by a fountain of blood from her pussy. She begs me not to move my shaft further inside her. I assured her that I would not move it further. I could feel the inner muscles of her pussy contracting, sucking my cock, trying to suck all the fluid of my body through it. With the last hurdle out and half of my shaft inside, I then go for a slow rhythm of moving my shaft in and out of her pussy. Within few minutes, she actively participates in the action with slow and sensational moans. Now thinking that this is the right time I with every inward stroke I move my shaft a bit more inside her.
When my entire shaft goes inside her pussy and she moving towards her another orgasm I asks her, “Should I move another inch of my shaft inside?” In spite of not able to control her feelings, she replies that I can go for it. I then told her “from where should I bring another inch?” Not going for my words, she checks herself by lifting her head over her boobs. She could not believe it herself. She told me at that time that she could feel me in her throat. I then went for a fast rhythm. The sensation I was feeling could not be explained in words. I could feel my cum boiling in my loins to burst out. I could not control myself and same was the case with Her. She was screaming louder than before.
In few minutes, I could feel her coming. She came in few seconds but I continued because I was also on the verge of explosion. I looked directly into her eyes with a question for which she gave an affirmative answer. She was again near to her next orgasm. My speed was increasing now and with few more strokes, we both came at the same time. I then ejaculated loads and loads of my cum deep inside her love hole some of which oozed out of her pussy and moved down towards her thighs and bed. I lay on top of her exhausted with my semi solid shaft still inside her. She was lying with her eyes closed and a content look on her face. Her face was glowing like a 1000-watt bulb. After sometime when my limb cock slide out of her love hole we straighten ourselves. There were spots of my cum and thick stains of blood on the bed sheet which we took with us to the bathroom when we went to take a shower. There in the bathtub we had another session of our lovemaking.
After cleaning ourselves when we came back in the bedroom, the bedroom was a total mess with all our clothes scattered here and there. We straighten up the things. In the mean time I again get aroused by seeing her moving here and there, bending to pick things up. We again had another session of our lovemaking, this time on the floor itself. When after sometime both of us came back to normal condition she told me a thing, which turned my whole life upside down. She told me that she use to love me since she was in 5th standard and from that age itself she use to fantasize me making love to her and she was not feeling any guilt for the thing happened between us. She also asked me not to feel any guilt about this thing. In the answer, I hugged her and fucked the brains out of her. I fucked her 8 times in that night and she told me later that she lost the count of her orgasm after 7. Mom returned after few days. She had no idea what had happened in her absence. After that incident, I fucked my sister many times after mom went to sleep.


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