New Years Eve in Dhaka

Her life would never be the same after New Year’s Eve. Monica and her husband, Rony, had decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party. This was their first year in their new house in Banani and they had decided to go all out for the New Year. Amongst the party goers was Rony’s best friend, Hasan. Hasan lived in Dhanmondi about an hour from his friend, Rony and hadn’t seen him in awhile. Recently separated from his wife, Hasan had taken it upon himself to start working out and getting back into shape before going back into the dating mode. As the night wore on, most of the party goers had decided to head on home so that they could be with their children when New Year’s rang in. By 11:30, everyone had left except for Hasan.

“Hey Hasan,” said Monica, “Why don’t you just stay the night? It is too late for you to be driving back now, plus there will be roadblocks and you won’t be able to get out of Banani”
“Thanks,” Hasan replied. “I appreciate that! I’ll just stay in the guest room.”

All Monica could think was ‘we’ll see’. Monica had always had a crush on him especially when he was married and used to take care of himself. He used to have a great physique and was always working out and spending time at the Gold’s Gym in Basundhara Mall. She remembered the times when they would go out to parties together, and they would dance and grind on the dance floor. At one time they were dancing so close that she actually felt his hard cock grinding against her legs. She was a bit tipsy from all the drinking, and now all she could think of was the night that she might actually get to see his cock some way or the other.

Her husband had always known of her attraction to Hasan, with a hope that she might actually get to have her dream come true one day. He, also, secretly fantasized about the idea of watching them together and maybe even joining them.

Monica had an idea. “Hey guys, I am going to get a little more comfortable.
This sari is smothering me,” she said to Rony and Hasan.
As Monica was getting ready, Rony and Hasan sat and chatted. Rony decided to be bold. “You know my wife is one hot woman. I am so lucky to have found her. Her sex appetite is worse than mine,” stated Rony.
“You don’t say,” replied Hasan. “I had always wondered how she looked under her clothes. I can’t help but think of her when she wears those low cut blouses and tight pants. She sure likes to tease a man.”

Rony thought for a moment. “I don’t think she realizes what she is doing half the time. She just does what feels natural. The older she is getting the more tease she is becoming, but I love it, to tell you the truth”

It had been a good 10 minutes and Monica finally came back to the living room. She was wearing a purple lingerie robe, which showed much of her cleavage and neck. It was one of Rony’s favorites so she thought it would be appropriate for the rest of the evening. Rony’s eyes seemed to pop out of his head. He couldn’t believe she was standing there like that in front of Hasan like this. Hasan, on the other hand, was starting to try to figure out how to get closer to her

“Hey Monica, what’s the deal? Are you trying to tease use or what?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Hasan. I said I was getting comfortable and this is comfortable. If you don’t like what you see, you can close your eyes,” replied Monica.

“Not to be a বদময়স or anything but I think I will just keep my eyes wide open, if you don’t mind,” Hasan exclaimed.

This made Monica smile. She couldn’t believe her luck. It was having the effect that she wanted. As she was coming into the living room, she had to walk past Hasan to sit down. Luckily, they were both sitting on the couch on each end and she could sit right in the middle of them. As she as sitting down, she ‘accidently’ tripped over Hasan’s feet and fell on top of him, allowing her robe to rise up in the back showing that she was wearing no panties.

Sorry Hasan! I am still as clumsy as ever,” she said.

“No problem. Happy to break your fall.” With a minute left till New Year, Monica was in complete anticipation. She knew she would receive a New Year’s kiss from Rony but she was hoping that she could receive one from Hasan also.

As they sat there, the time began to tick away. “10-9-8-7-6- 5-4-3-2-1! HAPPY NEW YEAR, শুভ নববর্ষ” They cried in unison. Monica leaned over to get a kiss from Rony. The kiss was long and passionate, showing her that he was anticipating what was to come later.

“Wow” she exclaimed. “What was that for?”

“Oh no reason baby,” replied Rony. “You look so hot in that outfit that I felt you deserved that kiss.”

Monica couldn’t believe her luck. That kiss had made her even wetter than she was before. She sat back on the couch breathless. Suddenly, she felt a tap from her right side. She turned around and looked at Hasan.

“Hey, don’t I get a New Year’s kiss? It’s not fair that Rony gets one and I don’t.” Monica’s heart started racing. ‘Oh my god, I am going to kiss him!’ she thought. She had dreamed of this for so long she couldn’t believe it was happening. Hasan winked at Rony and Rony winked back as a sign of confirmation. It meant he could go for it and kiss his wife. Hasan then looked at Monica.

He apparently could tell she was nervous so he grabbed her head and started kissing her like there was no tomorrow. The next thing she knew, she was lost. Lost in a dream. It was all she could do to keep from cumin right then and there.

“Wow, you sure are a good kisser,” said Hasan. “I don’t think I have ever had anyone kiss me like that before.”

“Thanks Hasan! I aim to please,” she replied.

“That’s not all she’s good at,” stated Rony. “You ought to have her suck your cock and ram her pussy one good time. You would be in heaven,” Rony continued.

“Hmm,” stated Hasan, as he pondered the idea. His cock was already hard just from looking at her and kissing her; maybe I should ask her to take care of my little problem.

“Hey Monica, I have a problem and was wondering if you could help?” exclaimed Hasan.

“Depends on the problem and how much it will cost me,” Monica replied.
“Well it won’t cost you anything except time,” Hasan stated as he grabbed her hand and laid it on his rock hard cock. Monica’s blushed but did not move her hand away.
He was huge and trying to bust through his jeans.

“Rony, Hasan has a problem over here. His cock is rock hard and trying to come through his jeans,” she said.

“Oh really,” replied Rony. “Well let’s see it.”

“See what?” she exclaimed. Rony considered for a moment and then he replied,

“I want to see you take care of Hasan’s problem. It is a fantasy we have been sharing for awhile so go ahead. And for further reference, if he ever has this problem again, feel free to take care of him anytime.”

“You don’t mind?” she replied. Rony just shook his head. His fantasy of seeing Monica with Hasan was about to come true and he wasn’t about to deter it for one second.
Monica looked at Hasan and smiled. “Well,” she decided, “you are Rony’s best friend and if I can help you take care of some of your problems, then so be it.”

She stood up and turned facing them both. After about a second of contemplating she decided to take off her robe. Slowly she let it fall over her shoulder and when she again looked at Hasan; his eyes were wide with lust. “Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Oh god yes! You’re beautiful,” He replied.

She slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. With her eyes firmly fixed on Hasan’s cock, she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his pants down. What popped out of those jeans was the biggest cock she had ever had the pleasure of seeing up close. It was a good 6 inches long and 1 ½ inches wide. “Does Ms. Monica like?” Hasan asked. “It is beautiful. Yes I like,” she stated.

Monica wasn’t sure how she was going to suck his cock. She had never sucked one so big. Rony had been known to let her suck a cock or two in their marriage but even those had never been this big. She began by licking his balls. The minute her tongue touched his balls, Hasan inhaled hard. He was in heaven. He couldn’t believe he was actually getting his cock sucked by Monica, his lifelong fantasy.

Monica sucked on his balls for a few more moments and the decided to move onto the shaft. The shaft was thick and felt like velvet to her tongue. She licked and kissed it over and over. Finally, after several seconds, she decided to move onto to the head of his cock. She started by licking it like a lollipop but was hesitant due to the massive size of it.

Rony noticed Monica’s hesitation and stated, “Go ahead baby! You can suck on that massive cock. You’re such a good cock sucker that I know you can do it.”

That was all the encouragement that she needed. Monica began sucking the head with earnest. As she was sucking the head of his cock continued to swell. She couldn’t get over how big it was getting. She knew her mouth was small but she was amazed she could get his cock into her mouth at all. The ideas of sucking Hasan’s cock was turning her on so much that she decided not to even think about how big it was and just have fun with it. She began by sucking on the head some more and then slowly she lowered her mouth on it completely.

Hasan was squirming. “Oh God Yes, that feels good! You’re going to make me cum!” She continued to suck him and at the same time she had to use both her hand to wrap them around his cock. Monica loved rubbing Rony’s cock as she was sucking him but with Hasan it was hard due to the size. Finally, she noticed Hasan couldn’t hold himself anymore.

“Oh someone’s cock needs to cum” she said. Hasan couldn’t speak but was shaking his head vigorously up and down.

“Well cum baby. Cum in my mouth!” That was all he needed to hear. Within seconds, Hasan was squirting his massive load in Monica’s mouth and like the good cocksucker that she was, she took every drop.
Hasan was panting and trying to catch his breath. “Oh man Rony, you were right, she is a good cock sucker.”

“I told you!” Rony exclaimed. “She always makes me proud.” Monica wasn’t paying much attention to them; she was too busy looking at Rony’s jeans. She could tell his cock was trying to bust out too. As Hasan and Rony were talking, she scooted over to Rony and unbuttoned his jeans. “Monica, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Well honey! You have a problem here too and I was preparing to take care of it. You know I can suck two cocks in one night without breaking a sweat.” That is all Rony had to hear. He allowed her to unbutton his jeans and pull his cock out. It had sprung to life and was harder than it had been in a long time. It could have put an iron bar to shame. Monica had always love sucking Rony’s cock and tonight was no different. She didn’t hesitate with this cock. She went straight for the kill, sucking his cock like she knew he loved-somewhat rough. She grabbed his cock and began by nibbling on the head.

Rony gave a slight intake of breath, “stop teasing me woman and just suck it already,” he said. With that said, Monica began sucking his soft hard cock with more passion than he could remember. All Rony could think was this would be perfect if Hasan was fucking her at the same time.

As Rony was imagining this, he turned his head toward Hasan. He couldn’t believe it; Hasan’s cock was hard again. Hasan was sitting there stroking that massive cock and watching Monica suck him off.

“Hey Hasan!” Rony exclaimed. “Why don’t you get back there and ram her pussy? I promise you won’t be disappointed. ”

“Are you sure man?” replied Hasan. Rony shook his head yes.

Monica wasn’t really paying attention to them since she was concentrating on sucking Rony’s cock; however, the next thing she felt was her being moved into a doggy style position. She turned her head around and saw Hasan on his knees behind her.

Hasan saw her looking and said, “Can I fuck that pretty pink বাঙালি pussy? Can I fuck my best friend’s wife?”

With her eyes wide with lust, she nodded yes and stated, “Please!” She turned back to concentrate on sucking Rony’s cock but soon that concentration was interrupted with a feeling of a cock head entering her pussy. She gasped, “Oh god that’s huge!” Slowly, Hasan inched his cock into her pussy. “Take that মগি”
“Wow you’re tight!” With Hasan’s cock being so big, he had to take it slow.
Monica was trying not to panic because he was stretching the walls of her pussy to the brink. She had never been stretched so much in her life. Finally, Hasan’s cock was rammed all the way inside her pussy.

Rony couldn’t help it, “থম,” he said. “I need to see your cock in her pussy!” He rose from his sitting position for a few minutes to go around back of them. What he saw, floored him. Monica was on her hands and knees with the biggest cock he had ever seen inside her pussy. It was a beautiful sight. He came back around and sat back down in front of Monica but not before kissing her and telling her, “Baby, you are so beautiful with your pussy stretched with that enormous cock in you.”

Monica was beaming. She was in ecstasy. The minute Rony had moved, Hasan had begun to ram her pussy like he had never had pussy before. He was pounding her so hard that within two minutes of Hasan entering her, she was cumin. She couldn’t believe how fast she had started to orgasm.

“এমএএজিও !!!!!” she cried. “Fuck me hard, Hasan! Fuck Me! Oh Hasan, Hasaaan” she exclaimed. Rony couldn’t believe that his wife was actually begging Hasan to fuck her. He loved getting to see Hasan fucking her and knowing she was enjoying it. Just watching them made him want to cum. Rony grabbed Monica’s head and forced her to suck his cock. He was going to make sure his wife was stuffed in two of her three holes.

As he was thinking of his wife getting stuff, a thought crossed him that maybe later, he and Hasan could both fuck her-Hasan in her pussy and himself in her ass. With this thought Rony came deep in Monica’s mouth. With cum in her mouth again and a huge cock in her pussy, Monica couldn’t help but continue to cum. Within a few minutes of Rony cumin in her mouth, she felt Hasan getting ready to cum.

“Oh god! I need to cum! Can I cum in you pussy?” he exclaimed.

“OH YES cum in my pussy! Cum deep in me Hasan baby!” she cried. Hasan felt his orgasm mount and then he came sending wave after wave of sperm all in her pussy. “Take that baby, take all of my রস ” He couldn’t believe how much cum he sent into her. God he hoped she was protected because he was sure one of those little babies would get by.
Monica was spent. She couldn’t believe her luck. She had just been stuffed in two holes at once and loved it. However, she didn’t have time to think because Rony had grabbed her and decided he needed to fuck her. Cumin in Monica’s mouth is always good but not as good as fucking her. He thought about it for a second and knew that fucking her in her pussy wouldn’t do her much good considering Hasan was bigger then him. So with this thought, he got behind her and rammed his cock in her ass. She yelped for half a second then started to moan.

“Oh God YES, জানতু ! Fuck my Ass!!!” Rony continued to fuck her loving the feel of his cock in her ass. Rony looked up and noticed that Hasan’s cock was rock hard again. ‘Man this guy must love watching Monica cum,’ he thought.

Rony stopped but not without a protest from Monica. “Hold on one second jaan! I am not finished. Get up for just two seconds. Hey Hasan come lay on the floor over here. Okay Monica, sit on Hasan’s cock. That’s it, just like that. Now hold still. I am going to shove my cock in your ass,” Rony instructed. Monica was scared. She had never had this before but she knew that if it had to happen, she would want these two men doing it to her. As Rony was getting into position, Hasan grabbed her head and began kissing her to relax her. As Rony inserted his cock into her ass, she relaxed and let them take control of her body. It took about three minutes for them to get coordinated but once they did, Monica was in heaven. She had never felt anything like this before and she couldn’t believe how many orgasms she was having.

“OH YES! এএমএকেই সিএইচইউডিও ! This feels soooooo good.” She exclaimed over and over. They continued to fuck her like this making sure that she was totally the center of attention. Hasan was sucking on her perfect round breasts while Rony was playing with her sweet pink pussy. “OH God Yes cum in me. Fill me with your cum!” she screamed. That was all the encouragement that they needed. Within seconds they were both cumin, Hasan in her pussy and Rony in her ass.

After Rony had finished cumin, he removed his cock from her ass and stood up. Monica was still sitting there on Hasan’s cock, when Rony picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Hasan got up and followed. Monica was so tired that she was almost a sleep before she was laid down. Rony climbed into bed beside her while Hasan was standing at the door.

“Well I guess I will go lay down in the guest room,” Hasan stated.

“Oh no you won’t,” exclaimed Rony, “come lay on the other side of her. She would never forgive me if I let you go to the guest room. You are now welcome in our bed anytime you want and I mean anytime.” With a smile, Hasan walked over to the other side of the bed and cuddled up beside Monica.

This was a great way to start the New Year.

One thought on “New Years Eve in Dhaka

  1. A fantastic start to the New Year and a promise of an even greater year with two hard cocks to fill her either together or separately. Lucky woman indeed.

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