Brothers & Sisters (part 10)

Both me and Sana laid there on the bed for a couple of minutes. Then Sana got up and went to shower. I was still ready to go for more but I knew this was her first time. So I wanted to give her some break. But with every passing day I was realizing that she is as much into these sexual encounters as me and bilal. Today she even talked dirty during the sex which seemed to arouse me even more. So she came out after taking a shower. She walked in the room totally naked. She looked like an angel. Seeing her like this I immediately got hard.

She went to pick her dress up and she caught a look of my erection and a smile came to her face “Har waqt tayyar hotey ho tum sex ke liye. Don’t you ever get enough of it” I replied “come on sis have you looked at yourself. How can any sane man control himself seeing you like that” She said” Main to thak gayee hoon ab. Baqi sab kal karein gay”. She said while wearing her pink panty. I don’t know what it is but seeing a naked woman wearing her bra and panties is really hot. We kept staring at her as she got dressed and then she left.

Next day bilal was very excited since morning. He knew today was his lucky day. I went in Sana’s room but it was locked. I knew she must be changing or doing something naughty. I went to the other side of the room through the thin ledge over the side wall of the house and peeked inside. “What I saw immediately got me hard. It was not Sana it was hina. She was wearing and towel and had just came out of the shower. She was drying her hair. Towel was covering from her body from boobs to her knees. She dried her hair and then dropped her towel. My heart just stopped beating. First my elder now I got to see my younger sister naked. Her boobs were relatively smaller than Sana but still were quite big for a 16 year old. Unlike Sana who very fair coloured, her complexion is a little tanned but she is very attractive looking. Her boobs had pinkish-brown nipples. The hair on her pussy were a little more than Sana. She got in front of the mirror and looked at herself. Then to my surprise she held her boobs in her hands. I got really hard seeing that and started to jack off my cock. She kept holding them for a few seconds and then turned around and looked on her back. There wasn’t any sexual activity on her part but to me it was much more arousing. She bent down to pick up her panty and I got a quite a good view of her butt. Her thighs were so fleshy and creamy. For a second I wanted to just jump in and ram my cock inside her. She started to wear her dress and I left the room. As I was coming from the backside towards front, Sana saw me. Just was just coming upstairs “Hey what hell. Kahan se aa rahey ho” I replied “Main to zara tumharey room main daikhney gaya tha.

Sana: “but I wa s downstairs”
Me: “yeah I know now”
Sana look at my crotch and Saw the erection and put her hand over it “So I guess you saw something you really like”
I got confused “No it’s just that I woke up and was a little hard”
Sana smiled : “Come on. Who are you kidding here. Tell me what did you saw. Was it Hina”
Me: “yeah she was walking around naked in the room. I never realized how much she had grown up and how hot she is”
Sana smiled: “Sharam karo. Badi behen se sab kuch ker lia aura b choti behen per nazar hai”
Me: “well nobody put a gun to your head. You wanted it as much as we do. And look who’s talking. You are doing it all with both of your brothers and now lecturing me”
Sana smiled. I was a little scared that she might feel angry or jealous but she didn’t. so I got some courage. “Sis you are her room mate. Tell me is she as horny as you are” I smiled in the end
Sana held my hard cock in her hand and laughed “Look who’s calling me horny. Listen I did all that because I wanted to. I don’t want you to force anything on Hina. If she wants to join our sex games then it’s fine by me. But it’s her choice not yours”
I got her point. I said “Ok we’ll see about that. Now please help your brother and do something about my hard cock.”
She threw me away “get out of here. I’m in no mood. I just had breakfast”
I smiled at her and went downstairs. All day I kept thinking about how to bring Hina into our games. It would be perfect as both me and bilal won’t have to wait for the other. So the night came. Sana came to our room. Bilal was all ready for her. “aapi subah se intizar kara raha hoon. Finally I get to have sex with you” Sana smiled “Mera pyara bhai. Ab intizar ki gharyaan khatam. Show me how much do you want me”She pointed to Bilal’s erection. Bilal took off his pants. His cock was rock hard and already leaking the pre-cum. Sana went down and took it into her mouth. She had gotten really good at it. She sucked it real hard and almost took the entire length of it in her throat. I was amazed “wow sis. You really are becoming a slut. How did you learn to do that” Sana smiled “Well I always wondered if the girls in those porno do it with 10~12 inches cocks then I can try with the 6 inches ones.” After saying that se went back to sucking him. I went on her back and started to lick her cunt. When ever sana is bent down and her ass is up, her pussy lips are so visible between her ass cheecks. Like the petals of a flower which is ready to open up. I took as much flesh of both the pussy lips in my mouth and started to shew it like chewing gum. Sana moaned “ufffff Naveed yeh kahan se seekha hai . mmmmmm bohat mazaaa aaraha hai.” I kept sucking her and she kept sucking bilal.
After a couple of minutes they were ready. Bilal used the similar position on the bed. SanaSana. Sana let out a small cry but that wasn’t of pain. He started pumping her. Sana was getting really turned on “Yess fuck your sister. Faster …harder …. Aur zor seee. …. Bilal was really turned on by all this as he kept thrusting harder and harder. Sana looked at me and asked me to come close to her by her index finger. She held me cock in her hand and started stroking it. Soon bilal was about to cum. “Aapi main chootney wala hoon.” Sana was surprised “Itni jaldi. I need at least 2~3 minutes.” Bilal replied “But I can’t hold it that longer. Tumhare ander bohat garmi hai. I feel like my cock is melting” Sana looked t me “Naveed get ready” I went down towards Bilal. Sana yelled at me “Condom to charha lo. Mujhey pregnant honey ka koi shoq nahin hai.” I smiled “relax yaar. Tumhain to sex ke doran aag hi lag jaati hai” I wore a condom. Bilal was about to Cum and was grunting like an animal. As soon as he brought his dick out, I went in and shoved the entire length in. bilal jacked off and call all over Sana’s belly. I was now pumping her with full pace. Soon I could feel her orgasm building. Her movements increased, her moans got louder and soon she came. I was still not done so I kept pumping her and after a minute or so I came as well. We all laid there for a second and soon Bilal was ready again. This time Sana wanted to be incharge and be on top. So bilal laid down on bed and sana Sat on top of him with his penis in her cunt. Then she started moving up and down. I went on the bad and stood in front of her. Her face was in front of my cock so she started sucking it. Just like before she took the whole length of cock inside her throat. It felt fucking awesome. I kept fucking her mouth and bilal kept fucking her cunt. She was making gagging sound due to the high pace of my movements. After 3~4minutes I was about to cum so I warned her “Sana main chootney wala hoon” Sana replied “Koi baat nahin. I want it all” She moved on hand between my legs and put it on my butt cheeks and pushed the cock towards her face and inserted her middle finger in my asshole. “mmmmmm yess sis you really know which button to push” saying this I came in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could. A couple of drops leaked from the sides of her lips she used her fingers and licked them as well. She was totally behaving like a porn star in the movies. Soons her orgasm was building up. Bilal was still in action and was now lifting his ass up to fuck her with even faster pace. Sana held my head and guided it to her clit. I kept licking and Bilal’s cock which was moving in and out of it. Soon she came. I licked her juices clean. Bilal was also grunting really loudly and soon he came as well. We all laid there on the bed. I was the one who broke the silence:

Me: “Sana I think we should bring hina into it as we discussed this morning”
Bilal jumped at hearing this “What. Hina bhi. That would be awesome bhai. She is really becoming sexy every day. The other day she bent down in front of me and I got a very clear view of her boobs. They are really tight and big”
Sana smiled “Tum dono bohat hi horny ho yaar. Mujh se itni jaldi dil bhar gaya kya”
Me: ”No way. Tumhare saath to main saari umar bhi guzar doon to dil na bhare. Bas waisay hi it’s more exciting when more people are joining in the fun”
Sana: “ok so what do you guys want me to do.”
Me: “Well ask her about her fantasies. How about showing her a porno movie or a magazine. Just be careful that she doesn’t tell mom and dad.”
Sana: “I can’t just show her a porno. We’ll just have to devise something intelligently”

Ok so I was now fully thinking how to bring Hina into all this action. But first I wanted to see more of her naked body. I went to the computer market that day and bought a used camera. That was kind of a security camera which is used in super markets. I came home and showed it to Sana and asked her that I wanted this installed in their (Sana/Hina) room. Sana freaked out “No way. I have my own private life. I can’t share it all with you”
I replied “come on sis. I’ll show you the On/Off power switch. Whenever you are in the room keep it off. When you leave or Sana is alone turn it on. Come on it will be fun” After some discussion she agreed. I knew Hina Liked seeing herself in the mirror so I installed the camera hidden in a way that we could see a proper view in front of the mirror. So I installed the cabling around the room. We already had a networking cable available in the room. Sana had an old ancient laptop which she sometimes used for college work to make reports and stuff. So I did the cabling along with that cable.

So that afternoon both me and bilal were sitting in the room when Sana came in “Hina abhi college se wapis aayi hai. She is about to change in her room.” Both me and bilal jumped to the computer screen and turned on the webcam transmission. Hina was in the room removing her shoes. She then got up locked the door. Brought out a t shirt and trouser from the cupboard and started to unbutton her kameez (shirt). Both me and Bilal were breathless and rock hard. Hina unbuttoned her shirt and removed it from over her head. Now she was standing in her Shalwar and a bra. She then removed her shalwar too.

Bilal commented “mmmmmmm … Nice …. Hina is cute”

Hina was standing in front of the cam. The cam being old and used didn’t have that good of a resolution but it was still good enough. She was wearing white bra and panties which looked very sexy on her slightly tanned complexion. She breast were a little smaller than Sana. But the best part of her body was her firm and fleshy ass. Wow I could just fell in love with that ass. If Sana had the better boobs, Hina was definitely the winner in the ass department. She brought her hands back and unhooked her bra. As soon as her bra was removed and the image of her bare breast with ligt brown nipples came into view, bilal lowered his shorts and started jacking off.

Bilal: “Bhai we have to get hina into this too. She is so damn hot”

Hina then removed her panties too and the best ass in the universe were naked for our viewing pleasure. I was now fully turned on too. Hina went towards the mirror. Had a look at her naked body then started to get dressed. Both me and bilal were disappointed. We looked at Sana t provide us with some satisfaction. She smiled “sorry boys. I’m tired. Have to go to sleep. Will see you tonight”

So that night evening, I proposed a plan to Sana and Bilal. Sana’s laptop was quite old. It was my dad’s old laptop and he gave it to her. It was off the generation of Pentium 2. It had very small hard drive and no cd rom. That’s why we had to connect it our desktop using networking. So whenever Sana needed to copy something from a CD or something. She used it through networking. I suggested that we shared the folder keeping all the porn and Sana will access it through her laptop and left it on and leave the room. Hina is bound to see it on the laptop and might click on a couple of files. We’ll see her reaction on the cam. If she gets pissed, Sana can calm her down saying that boys watch these kind of things and they might have shared this folder by mistake. If she likes her, well then we’ll know that this evil thing runs in the family. Sana was a bit hesitant. I tried to convince her “Come on sis. If she is really our sister, I know for sure she’ll love porn” Both Sana and bilal smiled. “That way we’ll know if she is into it or not and if she is not we won’t force her.” Sana agreed and I went to her room and connected the laptop with the desktop. And accessed the folder. The name of the files were such (horny girls, big tits cheerleaders etc) that we knew that the will definitely caught Hina’s attention. So Sana went downstairs. Hina was coming up. Sana told her that she was watching some movie on the cable. So she’ll come up late. She also asked Sana “Yaar wo mera laptop on hai. Please turn it off and put in in the bag.” Hina said ok and went up to the room. Sana came to our room and told us” we turned on the cam transmission. Hina was in the room. She went to the table and took a magazine from the shelf and started reading it. She kept reading it for 15~20 minutes. We were all really frustrated. So she finished it and then picked a book.

I was furious :”God Damn it. She really is a bookworm bitch”

She took the book with her and went to the bed. On Sana’s bed laptop was on. She saw it and looked at the screen. I think she was trying to shut it down when she saw something.

Bilal said “Bhai I think she has seen the files”

Hina looked around her and then went to the door and closed it. We all smiled at her move. She definitely found out it was something naughty. So she wanted to make sure she was careful. She went back on the bed and pressed a couple of key I think. She was facing the camera so we could see her face but can’t see what was going on at laptop screen. I opened my pc to see the network connection usage. It was showing some data rate ~1 mbps. I knew she was watching some video stream. We all eagerly kept watching her for 5~10 minutes and after ten minutes we saw her hand crawling in between her thighs. I screamed with pleasure “Well boys and girls. She really is our own flesh and blood. She had just proven it” Sana looked at me and smiled. Bilal’s eyes were still glued to the tv screen. Hina kept rubbing herself while watching porn and after a couple of minutes went to the bath room.

“Damn. We should have one in the bath room as well” Bilal said as he turned towards us. I replied:”So now we know she is like us. How do we get her to join in.”
Sana: “may be I’ll walk in on her one day watching this”
I was excited to hear this “ÿeah maybe you two could have a lesbian fuck”.
Sana:’well I have never been with a girl. It would be fun to try it’

So the next day when we came back home from school and were having lunch, Hina asked “hey sana can I use your laptop. I have some home work to do” Both me and Bilal smiled. Sana replied ÿeah sure. But I’m feeling sleepy. If you want to work go ahead. I’ll take a nap downstairs in the guest room” Hina was happy at this. I admired Sana’s quick thinking. So later on Hina went to her room and Sana came into ours. She closed the door and got naked immediately” I’m really horny today. I need a cock and two would be better”. I took her hand and dropped her on the bed and buried my face in her thighs. Bilal opened his zipper and shoved his cock in Sana’s mouth. She was sucking it like a loli pop. She was no quite expert and used to take the entire length deep down her throat. My toungue was moving in and out of her moist pussy lips. After a few minutes we swapped positions. Bilal was no licking her cunt and she was sucking my cock. After a minute or so, Bilal put his cocked on her pussy and shoved it inside. “wait”Sana said and she changed her position. Now she was in doggy style. Bilal started fucking her from behind and I started to fuck her mouth. She licked her finger and showed it in my ass. I let out a moan. Bilal kept fucking her and she was sucking me like there is no tomorrow. I was about to cum and I told sana she kept sucking. And I shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed some of it and some was still in her mouth. She grabbed my arm and dragged my close to her and started kissing me with my cum still in her mouth. I kept licking my own cum from her face and kept kissing her. Soon Bilal was about to cum so he came in front and put her cock near Sana’s mouth. Sana hel my head and took it to Bilal’s cock “chooso isay (Suck it). I started sucking it while she started to lick his balls Soon bilal came in my mouth and Sana came to my face and sucked his cum as well. We all sat there for a second and Suddenly bilal looking at the monitor where girls room was visible “Hey Hina is opening the laptop.” We all went to the monitor. We were still naked. We had gotten quite comfortable being naked with each other. Hina started the laptop and opened the video files I guess as after a few minutes she was rubbing between her thighs. We all were excited at this. Hina got up from the bed and started removing her shalwar. Mine and Bilal’s breath got really fast. We were about to see our younger sister rubbing her cunt.

So hina removed her shalwar. Under neath she was wearing a white panty which she removed as well. I started to curse the camera as the resolution was not good enough. I could see black hair on her pussy. She reomoved her qammez and bra as well. “wow. Hina is hotttt”I scremed. Sana was stiiting on my lap and looked at me “But not as hot as you are my darling”I smiled and explained to Sana. Sana smiled as well. So Hina laid on the bed with her eyes on the screen and her hand in her thighs. She kept watching and rubbing herself. Soon her body started to shake and I guess then she came as she laid on the bed taking long breaths after it. Bilal was angry “This camera sucks. I can’t see any thing clearly”. I asked Sana “Sana this might be the time for you to go in”Sana replied “she must have locked the door. She is not stupid enough to try it without locking the door first” I said “try to karo yaar”. Sana got dressed and went to her room. She came back in a few minutes and said that the door was locked.

Me: “so what should we do now”
Sana: Well we have to think of someway in which I can bust her while she is naked and touching herself.
Bilal: “till we do I’m changing this damn camer with a better one”
So bilal brough home the next day a camera with much higher resolution and better quality. We did a trial run with hina lying naked on the bed and we could clrealy see everything. So bilal removed the old one and was about to take it away when I said “wait why don’t we let this one here as well but at the opposite angle. That way we can have multiple views of Hina about what she is watching and what she is doing” All of us liked the idea. We spent a couple of hours doing the proper cabling and then left the room. Well for the next few days we kept watching Hina. Sana kept trying to enter the room but Hina was always careful. I was getting annoyed with this waiting. One day I removed the videos from the folder and replaced it with some incest videos with file names like “brother fucking his horny sister”, “dad and daughter enjoy sex”etc etc. I wanted to see her reaction. Hina opened the laptop and started to browse the videos. She seemed surprised at the videos and then she started watching one. From her rubbing and her orgasm, I could figure out that she was way more turned on by this. That day she spent more time than before and finished all the videos. I was understanding that she is liking that stuff. Watching her masturbating I was very turned on but Sana wasn’t in the room. She was downstairs doing something. So I masterbated and went to sleep. So the next day Sana decided to take the same approach that I did. To Watch through the window of her room and catch hina like the way I saw her. I asked Sana :”what if hina asks you why you were spying on her”

Sana: I’ll tell her that I was suspicious of her behavior as the room door is always locked and I just wanted to check what’s the matter”

I wasn’t fully convinced with the argument but hey what the hell. Sana asked me to replace the videos in the folder with some lesbian sex scenes. I already had some lesbian viodes there but Sana asked me to replace all other videos with lesbo stuff. So I did that. That afternoon while having lunch Sana asked Hina “Hey hina I need my laptop from tomorrow. Are you done with your home work”Hina seemed disappointed “no my work is not finished. Can’t we share it. I’ll only use it for like one hour every day”Sana said Ok. So that afternoon Hina went into her room got naked as usual and started watching some clips. I can see from the other camera that they we some lesbian scenes. After few minutes she started rubbing herself. Sana was ready now. She had already went in the room before lunch and unlocked the window. So she went to the back of her room. Opened the window. I was watching it on the cam. She opened the window. Hina didn’t hear it I guess as window was on her back and she was wearing headphones. I guess she liked to her the noise. Even though the window was open there was still a cutain covering the room. I’ll post here what Sana told me later on. She moved the curtain and as soon as she did sunlight entered the room. Hina had her hand buried in between her legs and with her other hand she was pinching her nipples. As soon she saw the light she immediately jumped and looked back to find Sana in the window. Her face turned red with humiliation she immediately tried to cover her

Sana: “what the hell are you doing. What is that on the laptop. You are watching porn on it and you said you needed it for home work. Now I know why you’ve been locking your door every day.”

Hina had a dreadfull look on her face. She was so confused that she didn’t even ask Sana why she opened the window to peep into the room. She had covered herself with a towel now. Sana asked: open the door I’m coming in”

Hina tried to get dressed but Sana yelled “No keep the towel on. Just open the door when I knock”

Sana came in front of the room. Knocked on the door and entered the room. I was really tuned on watching this on cam. I couldn’t hear anything. All these details were told to me by Sana later that afternoon.

So sana was now standing in front of hina who was wearing a towel only. It wasn’t something new to see hina in towel. They shared a room and she had seen Hina like that. Hina was looking at her feet. She wasn’t making any eye contact with Sana. Sana felt sorry for her. So she said “so let me see what you were watching. She opened a file “hmmmm girl on girl. Are you into that stuff. You like girls having sex with each other. Where did you get these videos from”
Hina was quite

Sana screamed : “answer me damn it”.

Hina: aapi these videos are in naveed bahi’s computer.i just found them while I was browsing stuff. They were hidden in the sofwares folder. I guess he was trying to hide it.

Sana: Boys watch these kind of things. What were you doing while watching them haan. You were naked and your hand was in between your thighs. I’m so disappointed in you. I think I should go and just tell mom about it”

Hina: Please aapi ammi ko nahin batana. Main to mar jaoon gi sharam se aager unhain pata chal gaya.

Sana: Ok so I won’t tell on you. But on one condition
Hina: What ….
Sana:Keep doing what you are doing and let me watch too
Hina: nahin aapi I’ll feel embarrassed
Sana: Ok so I’m going to mom …..
Hina: Ok Ok …….. I’ll do as you say

Hina locked the door, came back and played the video and they both sat on the bed watching it. Hina was still wearing her towel. Sana moved her hand and removed it in a swift move ….

Hina screamed: “aapi what r u doing”
Sana: I told you keep doing what you are doing.
Hina: But aapi mujhe sharam aati hai aap ke samney.
Sana: Ok how about if I get naked too then you won’t feel that weird …. Sana didn’t even wait for her response and removed her t-shirt and trousers …… Now she was all naked …… Hina kept looking at her mesmerized with her beauty ……”aapi your body is perfect” ….

Sana Smiled: Thanks sis …. You are not so bad your self ….. stand up and let me look at you ……

Hina stood up and Sana took a long look at her body ………

Sana: Ok let’s watch it ……. And they started watching the movie ……. They were both sitting close to each other …. After a few minutes …..Sana asked Hina “why aren’t you touching yourself down there like before“ …..
Hina’s face turned red “ I can’t …. in front of you”
Sana: But you want to …. Right? ….. you are feeling like touching down there …….
Hina didn’t say anything just nodded her head
Sana: “Ok I’ll do that too …. Saying that she spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy in front of Hina
Hina got really tuned on by it . Hee eyes were glued to Sana’s pussy. Sana was enjoying that too …… Hina asked” aapi aap ke iss jaga per baal kyun nahin hain (Why don’t you have hair on ur pussy”
Sana smiled : Yaar I shave them and by the way it’s called pussy or vagina or cunt … I can go on”
Hina got embarrassed: “I know. But why do you shave it”
Sana: I don’t know I like it clean and it looks more beautiful. What about you. Show me yours

Hina still had her legs closed and was hesitant to open them. Sana held both her legs and parted them slowly and the view of the magnificient pussy of Hina came in view. It had thick black hair on it

Sana: “wow it’s a jungle down there”

Hina got embarrassed: Aapi you are embarrassing me
Sana: no way to be embarrassed. I looked like that too. Now start rubbing it and focus on the movie

Hina slowly start rubbing herself while watching the moving. Sana looked at the camera place and gave me a thumbs up as she knew I’ll be watching it. After a while Sana asked: “hey hina do you like what these girls are doing to each other. Have you ever touched a girl’s parts other than your self”
Hina was shocked at the question: Nahin aapi. I have never. Have you????
Sana made up a story: yeah I have been with a girl. Remember last year when I went to hostel to study with my friends during exams. I woke up one night and found them doing this to each other. Seeing me they asked me to join in and after some convincing I joined them. It’s a lot of fun.

Hina’s jaw was opened with surprise “wow aapi. You have done so much more and you were being angry with me for just watching porn”

Sana smiled: well I was just trying to force you do as I say so you can open up with me. It’s nothing embarrassing. All girls do it.

Hina asked: So how was it. What did you guys do. I mean just touched each other or did all this that they are showing in these movies

Sana smiled “ Well my dear behna I stayed there for like 3 weeks. So we did all we kissed each other. We sucked each other’s boobs. Licked each others pussies and finger fucked each other

Hina: wow you really are experienced at this.
Sana: would you like to be touched down there. Touching your self is one thing but being touched by someone else feels like heaven
Hina blushed: I don’t know if I can aske some of my friends to do it. We are not that close.
Sana: silly why do you need friends when I’m here
Hina was shocked: But aapi you are my sister. How can we do this with each other.
Sana smiled: Look at us we are naked in front of each other and rubbing our pussies. Do sisters do that with each other. Come on we are way passed that stage.
Hina was still hesitant: Nahin aapi I don’t feel right about that.
Sana moved her hand put it on Hina’s pussy
Hina screamed: aapi what are you doing …. Sana started rubbing her clit and her screams turned into moans “ssssss aapi kia ker rahi ho aap. Please stop it”
Sana smiled: You like it don’t you. Don’t fight it just enjoy it. She kept rubbing her pussy. Hina tried to move her hands away half heartedly and then gave in. She laid down and closed her eyes…… Sana kept rubbing her pussy and Hina was moaning loudly now…. After a couple of minutes Sana got on top of Hina and kissed one of her boobs.

Hina moaned loudly and open her eyes: “aapi yeh kia ker rahi ho aap”
Sana sucked on her nipple and asked: “don’t you like it”
Hina was sweating like she was in 50 degrees …. She didn’t say and anything but her face expression and her wet pussy were answering yes to Sana’s question. Sana kept rubbing her pussy and sucking her boobs and after a few minutes Hina started moaning very loudly and came all over Sana’s hands… Hina almosted fainted and closed her eyes” Aapi that was the best orgasm I have ever had” She opened her eyes and saw Sana licking her fingers. She was surprised “ewwwww … aapi what are you doing”
Sana: Tasting the love juices of my lovely sister

I was really admiring Sana. She had no experience with girls but she was looking like a pro.
Hina was still in shock: aapi that looks weird. You tasting my juices.
Sana: Have you never tasted them. They taste heavenly. Let me help you. She moved her hand and put one of the cum covered finger in Hina’s mouth. Hina almost choked “aapi kia ker rahi ho aap. I can’t do it”
Sana smiled “ok I have another way. She licked all the cum of her fingers and moved to Hina’s face. I’m going to kiss you on the moth now and before Hina could respond she locked her lips in a deep passionate kiss. Hina tried to resist for a second but soom melted in Sana’s arms due to the hot kiss. They kept kissing for like forever. It was almost 10 minutes when Sana removed her mouth from Hina’s. Hina’s eyes were getting red like she had drink a whole bottle of wine. She was out of this world. “wow aapi that was so hot. How did you learn to kiss like that”

Sana smiled “Don’t worry sister. I’ll show you a lot of other things but first tell me how was the taste that cum. You tasted it when I kissed you.

Hina smiled: It was sweet. And then she moved and got on top of Sana. “I wanna kiss more”

Sana smiled: See it’s like a drug. When you are hooked on it you never get enough of it.

Hina lowered her face and started kissing Sana. It was absolutely beautiful to watch my 2 sisters in bed together naked. I came like I don’t know how many times. Soon there was a knock on the door. I opened it and it was Bilal
Bilal: Bhai what’s going on in Aapi’s room

I showed her the monitor and he almost jumped : wow how the hell did that happen.

I smiled: just get naked and watch the show. I’m way too horny and I need to put my dick in something. Since Sana’s not here. Your ass will have to take it. Bilal immediately got naked. His eyes were glued to the screen. I got behind him and enetered his asshole. I started pumping him and kept looking at the screen. On the screen Hina was still on top of Sana and was kissing her. Sana held hina’s hand and guided it to her pussy

Sana: Please rub my pussy too . I want to cum as well
Hina smiled: don’t worry sis. I’ll take care of you now. She started rubbing her pussy and kissing her on the mouth. She really like the kissing part I guess as shes wasn’t getting enough of it. After ten minutes, Sana broke the kiss and asked Hina: Please suck on my boobs now. I’m about to cum.
Hina lowered face to Sana’s boobs and took her left nipple in her mouth and started sucking it…..

Sana was moaning like crazy now: mmmmmmmmm yess Hina suck them suck on your sister’s nipples… that’s it …. Right there ……right there …………

It was getting way too hot for me I was about to cum. Bilal too way very excited watching this and was strocking his cock. I moved my right hand from behind and held his cock in front and started to stroke it. Soon both me and bilal came. On the screen Sana came as well on hina’s hands while hina was still sucking on her boobs like a hungry child. Sana smiled “bas karo my sexy behna. You will make my nipple sore” Hina looked down her cum filled hand. She was about to wipe it with something when Sana said “ na na na …. You have to lick it. I’ll lick it with you. So hina brought her hand to her face and they both started licking her fingers till them cleaned all of it up. After that Sana again started kissing Hina and they both lied on the bed for like 5 minutes. After that Sana sat up and Hina had her hed on Sana’s thighs and they looked at monitor screen. A girl was licking other girl’s pussy. Hina asked” aapi have you done this? Licking a girl down there”

Sana smiled: yes I have and it feels awesome
Hina: Then why didn’t you lick me down there
Sana: Because you have this jungle of hair down there. I can’t do it with that. Later tonight I’ll show you how to shave it and then we can do it tomorrow
So sana got up and got dressed. Hina was still lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

Sana: hey come on. Get dressed
Hina: Aapi I wanna do it again
Sana: Hey keep it cool. We can’t do this all the time. We’ll do it at night

Hina was disappointed but she got up changed and went to sleep. Sana came to our room. I immediately hugged her and started kissing

Sana yelled: hey I’m exhausted. You know how much time I spent with Hina
I smiled : yeah we did and we loved every second of it. You really looked like a pro while you were fucking her
Sana: Well I learn from the best.
Me: so what’s the plan? I asked her as I started removing her shirt and bilal removed her trousers:
Sana: What are you guys doing?
Bilal: Come on sis we are way too turned on seeing you too. Just help us out.
Sana smiled: Ok but only once then I’m going to sleep. So one of you gets to fuck and the second one will have to have the blow job only. Bilal immediately got on her back and pushed his cock inside her. So I took my cock out and she started sucking on it. After a few minutes both of us were done. Now we all laid there naked on the bed.

I asked: Ok so what about Hina now. How can we bring her into this
Sana: trust me you won’t have to work hard. She is a horny slut. She wanted to do more today even after we spent like 2 hours together and it’s her first time
I chuckled: That’s good then isn’t it. We are all horny. Once she joins in you might get some rest too as we both keep riding you all the time.
Sana smiled: Yeah that would be helpful. Well I have to go now. I need some rest. I have to fuck Hina tonight as well. Saying that she winked at us

So she left and I fell asleep. Bilal was on computer doing something.

So that night Sana came into our and told us that she was going to be with Hina and asked us to start watching. So she entered her room locked it and came to bed. Hina immediately jumped her and started kissing her on the lips. She was just wearing a nighty and she immediately removed it. After that she removed Sana’s clothes as well and they both kept kissing. After that Sana suggested that she wanted to Shave Hina before starting the whole thing. So they both went into the bath room. It was a reall torture for us to just wait and not been able to see anything. After 20 minutes I felt a hand on my cock. It was Bilal “Bhai I want to fuck your ass. This wait is killing me” So I bent down on the chair in a position that I was still facing the monitor. Bilal came behind me and entered me from behind. He kept fucking me while caressing and massaging my balls and stroking my cock. I was enjoying it too and in a few minutes we both came. After that we cleaned up and got back to monitor. It took Hina and Sana 35 minutes before they came out of the bath room. They cam to the bed and Sana asked Hina to lay down in a position so that we can clearly see her shaved pussy on the good camera. Wow it was a sight to be seen. Her pussy lips were really swallon and brownish pink. Sana started kissing hina and then moved down to her boobs. Spent a minute there and then without waiting more time she moved her tongue down to her belly button and from there came right in front of her pussy lips. Now she started breathing very heaveily. The warm air from mouth was brushing against Hina’s virgin pussy lips and it was sending shivers down Hina’s body.

Hina: come on aapi. Tease nahin karo. Lick it. Chooso na isse jaisay movie main larkiyaan ker rahi thein.

Sana smiled and brough her tongue out and lick her clit with the tongue.

Hina’s body took a jerk like she just had an electric shock. “yesssssssssssss wow that feels amazing sis. Please don’t stop …………
Sana opened her pussy lips and took her whole clit in her mouth and started chewing on it. Hina’s started to almost scream in ecstacy. “ohhhh aapi bohat mazaaaa aaraha hai. Aap ne yeh sab kahan se seekha hai …. Please don’t stop ….”

Sana kept sucking on her clit and she took the index finger of her right hand and slowly entered that into the moist pussy of Hina ….. Hinaaa was out of this world ….. Sana kept finger fucking and licking Hina and withink 5 minutes Hina came all over Sana’s face. After the orgasm, Hina fell on the bed almost as if she was unconscious. Sana move from between her thighs and brought her face close to Hina’s and they started kissing. Hina was licking her own pussy juice from her sister’s mouth and then swallowing it. They both kept kissing and then laid down on the bed.
Hina: wow aapi that was fantastic. I never knew ke itna mazaaa bhi aa sakta hai kabhi. Mastarbation ka mazaa to iss ke aagey kuch bhi nahi”

Sana smiled: “yes sister but meri pussy to abhi bhi jal rahi hai. Us kii aag kon bhujaye ga

Hina immediately got up and sat between Sana’s legs.

Hina: what am I supposed to do exactly down here. Just guide me a lil bit.

Sana showed her where the clit is and told her to suck on it while fingering her pussy.

Hina put her tongue on Sana’s clit and started licking it and entered on finger inside her.

Hina: Aaapi you pussy is much wider than wide. I could barely take 2 fingers inside but yours look like it could take 3 or 4 fingers.

Sana replied: Well I have much more experience in this than you have. Just use as many you can. Hina kept licking it and was fucking with 2 fingers now. Sana was breathing heavily. She encircled her legs around hina’s head and shoved her face deep inside her pussy. Hina was licking and fucking her vigorously and soon Sana came as well on Hina’s face
Hina: Wow sis … your juices taste so much sweeter than mine
Sana smiled and kissed on Hina’s lips. They both kept in a passionate kiss for 10 minutes and then laid on bed. After a few minutes they both fell asleep.

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