Brothers & Sisters (part 09)

So the next night came. Bilal was very excited. As soon as Sana eneterd the room he jumped her “Aapi raat bohat wait karwaya tum ne” Sana smiled “Koi nahin meray pyare bhai. Aaj dil bhar ke enjoy ker laina” Saying this she started to get undressed. Bilal removed his trousers too. His cock was already rock hard “wow we are really excited aren’t we” Sana commented on his erection. She wented near Bilal and held him by his cock. “come her little brother” she dragged him by holding his cock from the door towards the bed. It looked really funny how she was holding him. Bial was following her like a slave follows his master. She took him to the bed and asked him to lay on his back then she held his cock and started to stroked it.

She brough her mouth near the tip took it in her mouth …. Bilal was going crazy with pleasure ……. “mmmmm aaapi bohat maza aaraha hai. please sara moon main lo naaa jaisey bhai ka liya that” sana smiled “sabar to karo. Abhi to shuru kiaa hai” she kept moving her mouth up and down. i went behind her. She was bent down on the bad with her ass upside and legs slightly spread apart. Her cute little juicy pussy was inviting me inside. But i couldn’t enter. I kept staring at her perfect ass and her two glory holes. I couldn’t control myself so i went near her and put my cock on her pussy lips. Sana immediately turned back “Naveed kia kar rahey ho yeh. Ander dalne ki koshish bhi na karna” I almost begged “Please sis. I can’t control it anymore. You are looking so hot in this position. It’s hard for me to control myself. Aur farq bhi kia parta hai. Itna kuch to ham ker hi chukay hain. Agar main ander daal bhi doonga to iss se y kia faraq par jayega” “Bohat faraq parta hai iss say. If you can’t control yourslf than i’ll leave” Bilal immediately freaked out. His first ever blow job was being interrupted “Nahin aapi please jana nahin. Bhai please control yourself” I said” ok ok relax. ander nahin daloonga. I’l just rub it against it. Sana was still worried “what do you mean rubbing against it” I said “relax. I’ll show you” Bilal held sana’s head and moved it back to her cock while i went on Sana’s back. Put me cock on her pussy lips and my right hand below that cock making kind of a hole/cavity between her pussy lips and my hand. Now i pressed my hand upwards and my cock was stuck between her pussy lips and my hand palm. now i stared moving it back and forth. with my movements her pussy lips were getting brushed with every move. Sana seems to have liked it as she started moaning slowly whenever my cock brused her pussy. i was getting too tired of chosing these awkward styles that somehow felt like penetrating her. After a few minutes of doing this i had an idea. I sat down and started to lick her pussy and entered two fingers in. I kept shoving them in and out quite fast. While continuously licking her i entered a third finger in. Sana let out a small grunt “ufff naveed it hurts a little” but she didn’t remove my hand. i replied “don’t worry sis. I’ll be gentle”. Slowly i kept pushing my fingers back and forth. After a couple of minutes my fingers were going in and out quite comfortably. I took my fingers out and moved to my cupboard. Sana felt a bit uneasy. She was just strating to get used to it and was liking it. But she couldn’t say anything as her face was stuffed with Bilal’s cock.

I opened the cupboard and brought out the dildo that i had taken from my friend. I had hidden it in my cupboard. It was almost as thick as my cock although its lenght was much more than that. I brought it and showed it to Sana “meri pyari behna. Are you ready for this” Sana looked at the cock and immeditely got worried “Pagal ho gaye ho kiaa. Yeh itna bara hai. Yeh to kabhi bhi main tumhain dalney nahin doongi” I replied “relax sis i wont put it all in” She was still hesitant “But naveed it will hurt” If it does, just let me know and i’ll stop Ok.” I moved behind her and started to rub the head of the dildo on her pussy. Sana let out a moan which made me sure that she is liking the touch of this thick monster. I lubricated on end of it and tried to enter it inside her pussy. With slight effort almost 2 inches of it went in. I didn’t push it much and kept moving it slowy back and forth. Sana started to like it which i could clearly hear ….

” mmmmm …. naveed it feels nice.”
“see i told you. You were just getting worried” i inserted it a little bit more in and with my tounge i started to lick her clit. On the other side bilal just came which i could guess from her grunts ……. Sana stopped sucking a few seconds ago and kept jerking him off and he came on her hands and his own belly. Sana on the other hand was nearing her orgasm as her breaths were getting faster and she started to push herslef back more and more towards the dildo. No almost 3 inches of dildo were in. I didn’t want to put it all in and broke her hymen. i wanted to do it with my own cock. i wanted my sister to be deflowered by me. This was all just a way to get her ready for the real thing. Bilal got up from the bed so i asked sana to lay on her back and spread her legs. I sat in between her legs with dildo still buried inside her and kept licking on her clit. Sana was moaning quite loudly now. after a few seconds she came. I took the dildo out of her pussy and put it in her mouth. She sucked on her own juices. For a couple of minutes we were all exhausted. After that i broke the silence “So sana you liked it haan?” Sana replied “yeah it was very fulfilling. It felt really great” So i asked “So why are you afraid of letting my cock enter you” Sana replied “that’s different. You know i could get pregnant. I don’t want to take the risk”

Me: “come on sis. I’ll use condom”
Sana: “condoms are not always safe”
Me: “i’ll pull it out before cumming”
Sana: “yeah right. What if you lost control for a second and came inside”
Me: “You have any information about the pills that girls take”
Sana: “Not really. But a friend of mine is involved with some guy. She told me about it”
Me: “See people do it and using pills can even protect you”
Sana: “i don’t know. i’ll think about it”

I was getting hopeless. Sana was not being convinced in any way. I kept thinking what can i do to convince her. So that night passed. I kept thinking about getting into Sana’s pussy all night and then came up with an idea.

Next night she came in at her usual time. I had already discussed it with Bilal. She came in we all got naked. Bilal and Sana got into 69 position. She was sucking his cock and Bilal was licking her pussy. Sana was on top. I brought the dildo on her behind and started to shove it back and forth. Bilal was licking her clit. I asked bilal quitely to move the dildo in and out. And then i quited picked up my shirt and brought out a condom that i had inside. I put that condom on my cock. Bial increased the pace on the dildo and Sana was getting really wild. I moved myself behind her ass and took hold of the dildo. My aim was to replace the dildo with my dick in a swift action so that she wouldn’t feel it at once. i knew she would love to be fucked but was just afraid. Just like she was afraid of all things that we have done and we always had to push her into doing . So i slowed the pace of the dildo. Bilal locked his legs around Sana’s head to push her further down in to sucking his cock and with in a few seconds i removed the dildo and entered the tip of my cock inside. Wow it was the hottest and softest place my cock has even been in. This was the moment that i have been waiting all this time. Trust me guys the warmth and soft feel of a virign pussy and that of your sister is something truely satisfying. I wished time could just stop and i’ll be here forever inside her. Sana flet that something is different she tried to turn back and ask but bilal pushed her head down “aapi please keep sucking. i’m quite close. Don’t stop”
I started to move my cock in and out nowbut i was only pushing 3~3.5 inches in. I didn’t want my balls to smack her ass cheeks and she might get an idea what is happening. So i asked bilal and he removed his leg lock and i asked Sana “kyun sis maza aa raha hai” Sana replied “yess i’m loving it. Please don’t stop i’m quite close” I thought this was the time. I put my hand on her ass cheeks and started to push my cock further in ” Ouchhhh ……. slow down yaar …. saraa ander dal ….” she looked back and saw me entering her. She almost screamed “No shit naveed ………. yeh kia kar rahe ho …. mainey mana kia tha tumhain ……..bahar nikalo ” she tried to move but i held her firmly and kept pushing …. “Relax sis You know you loved it so just enjoy it” …. “No please naveed ais mat karo. I will never forgive you” She started crying. As soon as i saw tears in her eyes i couldn’t do it any more. I took my cock out of her and went close to her “hey hey ….. iss main roney kia zaroorat hai …. see i’m not doing it any more. Please stop crying …… i hugged her to console her … She kept crying “why do you guys have to deceive me like this. i would have done it eventually. I wanted to do it myslef too but just wasn’t ready yet.”

I didn’t know what to say “I love you Hina and i just want to express my love in the ultimate way. i wanted to be the first guy that ever entered you and wanted to you to be my first as well”

Sana looked into my eyes. I kissed her warm lips and then said “if you are not ready i can wait”. I tried to get up but she held my hand. She got up with me and took me to the bed. i was following her like someone who has been hypnotized. She laid on her back on the bed and spread her legs apart. I asked her “Sis are you sure about this” … “yes i am. Ab jaldi karo kahin mera mind change na ho jaye”

I took a pillow and out it below her ass. Then i got on top of her with my cock at the her pussy lips. I brought my face close to her and looked into her eyes. Her big black eyes which had both lust and fear in them. “Ready’ she nodded in yes. “please tell me if it hurts”..
So there i was about to penetrate the virgin pussy of my elder sister …….. never in my life had i imagined that my first girl would be my sister …… I help the cock in my hand and rub it on her pussy lips with the tip of the cock rubbing against Sana’s clit ….. Sana moaned with this touch …. I put the head of the cock on the entrance of her pussy and pushed it a little .. almost 3 inches went in … Sana grunted loudly and said “please aaram se dalna “….. She was holding the bed sheet of the bed very firmly to control herself ….. but she didn’t cry that much as she had already taken in 3 inches unknowingly when i shoved her from the back ………i started to move it in and out slowly ….the warmth of her virgin pussy was making me crazy ….. i my face towards hers and started kissing her and then in one sudden jer pushed all 6.5 inches in …….. Sana screamed “ufffff mar dala mujhe ………. Naveed please bahar nikalo bohat dard ho raha hai ….. I’ll die from this pain …” but i didn’t i started kissing her to shutr he up and started pinching her nipple …..i felt some liquid on my balls ….. i move my hand there and when i brought it to my face it was blood ……… i smiled at the though that i popped my sister’s cherry ……… I started to move in and out …. Sana was still feeling some pain but it was subsiding …….i on ther other hand was out of this world ……. The inside of her pussy was showing me stars in the light …….. i gradually increased my pace and after a couple of minutes she started to enjoy it as well which i could sense from her moans ….. i kept shoving my cock inside her ..with ever push i could see her breast moving up and down … her perky beautiful breast with hard pink nipples … i went down and took one of her boobs in my mouth and started biting on it ….. she brought her hands on my back and pushed my closer to her burying my face in her boobs ……. my cock had gotten into a steady pace ….. “Kyun sis mazaaa aaraha ya nikaloon bahar ” I smiled ” she smiled and locked her legs behind my ass and kept pushing me to herslef “Nikal ke to dikhao zara. Ab to mazaaa aana shuru hoaa ab main kahan nikalne daiti hoon tumhain” she said with lustful eyes.. i really got exicted seeing her talk like that and started pumping her really hard. her moans started to increase as my pace increased …… Bilal was sitting next to us storking his cock very hard ……. Sana was near her orgasm …her inside was like a furnace ….it was my first time but now i know from experience that when a girl is hot for sex …. it’s difficult for a guy to be incharge of the situation …. i felt like i was about to cum but i didn’t wanna cum before her so i stopped, tooke my cock out …..Sana started screaming a little ” ruk kyun gaye ho … please don’t stop …. i’m about to cum …. please naveed ander dalo na wapis” … i started to lick her tits and with my fingers i started to rub her clit to keep her momentum going … i just wanted to take half a minute to calm my dick down …. with my licking and fingering she was a little satisfied but her pussy just had the taste of a cock …. it was aching for more …. “naveed agar fingers se hi kaam karna tha to andar hi kyun dala tha …. now put it back in and fuck me naaa please ” i was amazed at how horny she was …..” wow sis what has gotten into you. You want a cock haan ….. there you go … i put it back in …… she took a sigh of relief “mmmmmmm yessss ……. dobara baher nikala to phir daikhna ..” i started fucking her like a horny slut that she was just behaving like ….. soon the room was filled with her maons and my grunts …. after a minute or so her body started shaking and i felt her juices circling my cock and dripping down to my balls …… her insides were burning my cock and i was about to cum tooo … being the first time …. even though i had worn a condom i still wasn’t going to take a risk …. i took my cock out removed the condom and put her hand on it. she started stroking it and after 4~5 of her strokes i came real hard ….. the intensity of my cum was so hard that some of the cumshots travelled right from Sana’s crotch and landed on her face …. i had at least 8~9 of these shots and then i fell on her chest ………my heart was beating so fast ….. i moved up ….. Sana had the look of a satisfied girl on her face …….. that really made me pround of myself ….. she brought her lips close to min and gave me a kiss and then hugged me ….. we were both sweating a lot …… i held her tightly and we laid there for a couple of minutes ……..

So after a few minutes she got up and for the first time looked at the pillow which was covered with her blood and her juices ……. She teased me a little “Kitne Zalim bhai ho tum …. Behen ka itna sara khoon nika dia” i smiled and said “fikar na karo meri pyari behen. next time khoon nahin nikle ga bas wohi nikle gaa jis se tumhain mazaaa aataa hai … Waisay mujhe aaj pata chala … mujh se ziada sex ka to tumhain shoq hai …. mainey aik minute ke liye bahir nikala to tumhain to aag hi lag gai” She blushed a little “Pata nahin kyun much se us waqt control nhain ho pa raha tha” I smiled “see and i was feeling a little bad that i’m taking advantage of my sister” ….. her thighs were still having some blood ……. so she said “main zara yeh blood wash ker ke aati hoon …..She went to the bath room …..i then looked at bilal “wow bilal i almost forgot you were here” …. Bilal: “Bhai ab meribari hai naa aapi ko chodney ki”
Me: “yaar not today. She is not a whore. It’s her first time. I don’t think she would like to by fucked by two guys on her very first time. Tum kal kar lainaa …”
Bilal was a little disappointed and shoed me his rock hard cock “Iss ka kiaa karoon. Yeh us waqt se kharay kharay thak gia hai”
Let me take care of that ….. i went down and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck it hard and fast …. i licked one of my fingers and rammed it into his asshole ………i could feel that he was about to cum …. Sana came out of the bath room and saw me sucking Bilal ….

Sana teased me a little: “wow men are always like this. we just had sex for the first time and already you are cheating on me with someone else’

I smiled ” Come one sis. he was getting so horny with his hard cock. I’m just helping my little brother out. Sana came on bilal’s back and and hugged him from behind. The feel of her hot peky breast was enough for Bilal and he shot all his load in my mouth …..

So i cleaned my slef up … i at least wanted one more fuck … Sana was moving towards her dress “what do you think you are doing” i asked her
Sana: “Kapray pehen rahi hoon”
Me: “No way sirf aik dafa se to maza nahin aayega. Please aik dafa aur”
Sana smiled: “Koi khayal karo apni behen kaa. Pehli dafa main hi sab kuch kardo ge kiyaa”
Me: “come on Sana. You know you want to”
Sana wa still standing ther. I went to her and brought her to bed. then i laid down and said “come on give brother some sugar” i pointed toward my cock.

She smiled and pointed towards her cunt “What about me. i need that sugar too” i asked her to sit on my face and i started licking her cunt “mmmmmmmmm yesss. ” she bent down and took my cock in her mouth ………we were in 69 position … she started to suck my cock from base to the tip …..then she really surprised me as she started to lick my balls ……. i guess with the hymen broken the evil, slutty side of her was coming out ……. “nice work sis. keep licking them” i said and then buried my tounge in her sweet and hot pussy ……. then i moved my tongue to her asshole and started licking it …… “aaah yess please lick it” she moaned with pleasure and went back and took my cock in her mouth again …. after a minute or so i was quite hard but she kept on sucking “Bas karo naa yaar Sana warna main aisay hi farigh ho jaoonga” So we both got up …. “So meri pyar behen. Ab konsi position main kerwana pasand karo gi …” sana blushed at that expression “Mujhe kiaa pata. Jo tumhara dil karay” So i decided that i’ll try the doggy style. I asked her to sit one her hands and knees on the bed and went behind her …. i put another condom on my cock a d rubbed it in the crack of her ass cheecks ….. She changed her position slightly and now she was facing the mirror on the wall. i bent down, give her pussy a final lick for 10 seconds and then put my cock on the entrance of her cunt and said “ready sis” … “yes little brother” she replied and with one pushed i shoved it all in “ooooiii main mar gayee …. aaram se dala karo kiyaa samjha hoa hai mujhe ” …. i put my hands on her buttocks and kept pumping her with full speed ….. and with my right hand i spanked her ass cheek. She moaned “aaaahhhh ” i started to increase my pace. with my hands i held her breast and kept pounding her pussy. Bilal was still sitting there jerking off his cock …. Sana called him “come here little brother. Let me help you with that” Bilal came near her and shoved his cock inside her mouth. wow she was behaving like a total slut. ever since the day she asked me and bilal to fuck and she kept rubbing herself, i knew she was horny but she really was a slut. So she was sucking bilal’s cock while i was fucking her cunt ……. i took one of my fingers and put it at her asshole and started rubbing it … She like it as she kept pushing her ass back at me. i kept rubbing it.. Bilal suddendly screamed “aapi main chootney wala hoon” Sana kept sucking his cock and he shot his cum inside her mouth. From the mirror i could see drops of semen leaking from the sides of her lips. wow that was a hot scene to see my sister’s face covered in cum…. i started pumping her more fastly. Soon i could feel her orgasm building up as she started moaning “yess please don’t stop …. fuckkk me … fuck me hard ” and then her body started shivering….. that was enough for me i was ready to cum … As soon as i felt her juices around my cock i brought my cock out and came all over her back ….. both of us were exhausted by now and fell on the bed …….

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