Brothers & Sisters (part 08)

Later that night we were both waiting in our rooms and soon the moment arrived. Sana came in closed the door. We both jumped her. She smiled “easy guys. one at a time” I went closed to her and locked her lips in a kiss. Unlike yesterday she was much more involved in the kiss today. I she put her tongue in my mouth and i sucked it like crazy. Then she stepped back took off her shirt and trousers. She was wearing nothing below. I could see her rock hard pink nipples and her beautiful cunt with small hair on it. I went near her but she pushed me away “Aaj mere chote bhai ki bari hai (Today is my younger brothers tun)” hearing this Bilal hugged her tightly and started kissing her on the lips. I sat back and started to watch the show sitting in the same place where Sana used to watch us. Bilal kept kissing Sana passionately. this was the first time he was alone with her. Sana also seemed excited.

Bilal Stopped kissing her lips and moved to her neck. She was hugging Sana tightly and from his hands he was carressing her ass cheecks. After that he moved down to her boobs and started sucking on them like a baby. I guess he was sucking them quite hard as Sana screamed ” Aaram se baba. Main kahin bhagi nahin jaa rahi yaheen per hoon” he then moved down and kissed her belly button. Sana started laughing “hey it tingles”. After that he moved down to glory hole and as soon as hi tongue touched her cunt Sana let out a moan “mmmmmm yessssss”. She laid down on the bed with her legs wide open and Bilal started sucking on it. He was sucking her pussy lips and was rubbing her clit by hand. I wasnted to join in so i moved to bed and started kissing Sana and sucking on her boobs. As i was sucking on her boobs, Sana surprised me when sh grabbed hold of my dick and started stroking it. “wow thanks sis. your touch feels so good. she kept stroking it. Bilal started to run down his tongue from pussy to her asshole. Sana let out a huge moan ” Haan bilal yahan per hi please kiss me there” she locked her legs around Bilal’s head and pushed his head down towards her butt hole… seeing her pussy free i moved from her boobs towards her pussy and started sucking it … Sana adjusted her position and kept stroking my cock. with my new position my cock was like 8~10 inches away from her mouth and i could feel her warm breath on my cock and balls. I so wished that she would suck my cock but i knew that she wouldn’t go for it. Not yet anyway. i took her clit in my mouth and started rubbing her pussy with my hands. Sana was in exstacy. both her holes were being licked by her younger brothers. i licked my middle finger and entered an inch of her into her cunt. Sana gasped and like woke up “No naveed please under nahin dalo. baher baher se hi karo jo karna hai ” …I replied “Come on sis relax” i removed my finger and started licking her more and more harder. as she got excited again i punt the finger back in. She resisted a little but i didn’t cared. I kept moving the finger in and out and licking her clit at the same time. with every push in, i was putting more and more lenght of the finger inside her. her pussy was like an oven. it felt so soft and so hot from inside. I kept dreaming of what it would feel like i’ll put my dick inside. She was getting more and more excited and her speed of stroking my cock was also increasing. after a few seconds i felt like i was cumming so i stopped her i wanted to cum with her. Now i put all my efforts of fingering her. Bilal was like a hardcore fan of Sana’s ass as he kept licking it. i hinted him and he moved up to my position and started sucking her boobs. I took Sana’s hand and put it on Bilal’s penis. Bilal moaned as soon as Sana’s hands touched him “Aapi your hands are so soft” he said as he put a kiss on Sana’s face. I moved between her legs and started to take turns on licking her asshole and her cunt. Sana was moaning more loudly so i asked her to keep it down a notch. All the while i didn’t stope fingering her pussy. Soon i could feel that she was about to cum so inserted a second finger in. It was quite hard to put that in as her pussy was really tight.”uff naveed nahin karo bohat dard horahi. Aik ungli kaafi nahi jo doosri bhi daal rahey ho”. I kept pushing it slowly and due to all the wetness of her cunt both fingers went in after a few seconds. now i started moving both fingers in and out of her. and soon she was about to cum as her body jerked and her juices started to flow out of her love hole. her movements on Bilal’s cock got really fast and within second he shot his load on her belly. They both laid there exhausted. i was still rock hard. Sana said “O poor brother. Still so hard. Bilal come on suck him. i haven’t seen you guys suck each other in quite a while. Bilal sat down in between my legs and took my cock in his mouth

I chuckled ” You know sis it would have been much better if it would have been your mouth”

Sana: “ewwww. i would never”

She stood up. came on my back and hugged me from behind. the feel of hard naked hot boobs with erect nipples on my back really got me excited. She kept rubbing her boobs up and down on my back. that was really awwesome. She brought her hand from behind and started massaging my balls. She kissed my neck and whispered”Kaisa lag raha hai mere piyare bhai”. Her touch on my balls was more than enough for me and i came in bilal’s mouth. i took some of the cum on my finger and moved it to her mouth “hey sis why don’t you have a taste” She immediately moved her head back “No way that’s disgusting” I laughed at her reaction ….

We all laid down on the bed naked for a few minutes. Sana was between me and bilal. i ran down my hand over her boobs and belly “Sis you are the most beautiful girl on the planet” Is said admiring her perfect body. She blushed ” every girl would be the most beautiful girl for you as long as she i lying naked on your bed” she said with a smile. She moved her hand to my limp dick and surprisingly held it “Yeh abhi itna chota aur soft saa lag raha hai. baad main itna bara kaisay ho jata hai (It looks so small and soft right now. how does it get so big afterwards). I replied ” tum ne aise hi pakray rakha to chota nahin rahey ga (if u kept holding it, it won’t be small for long)”. She kept lying between us and with both hands held our cocks and started stroking them. Both me and bilal got up a little and started sucking her boob. “bas bhi karo mere boobs ke peechay to tum dono pagal hi hogaye ho. That’s what breast feeding does to men. They remain obsessed with boobs all their life” she said with a naughty smile. After a couple of minutes we were both hard again. Bilal moved from her boobs to her mouth and started kissing her. She kissed her back and while doing so turned her back towards me. I hugged her from behind and started humping her ass cheeck with my cock. I opened her legs a little and my cock was in between her thighs and rubbed against pussy. She let out a moan but immediately broke the kiss and said “Naveed don’t even think about it.” I said ” that’s not what i’m trying to do sis don’t worry.” i put my dick in between her tights and asked her to closed her legs tightly. My cock was stuck between the flesh of both of her thighs. Now i started to move back and forth. Her thighs wer soft and hot and it almost felt like i was fucking her but in fact i was humping her thighs. Intentionally or unintentionally every now and then i moved my cock up a little and it was brushing her her pussy as well. she was enjoying it too. Of course she was afraid of me penetrating her virgin pussy. But this way it wasn’t something she had to be afraid of.
“wait” sana said ” i wanna see this”

She moved towards the mirror and brought th chair near it. then she bent down and held both arms of the chair. In this position she could clrealy see herself in the mirror. “Ab karo jo pehley kar rahe they” I went forward then i moved back and got some hair oild from the side table. Her thighs although were very soft but were still not like the inside of a pussy or ass. My cock was all red due to the friction. I lubricated my cock and rubbed some of that oil inside her thighs. as i was doing it i moved my finger up and entered it inside her pussy “uffffff … Naveed kia kar rahe ho”

I said with a smile “don’t pretend that you don’t like it”

Then i moved my cock in between her thighs and asked her to close her legs tightly. Now i started to move back and forth. With the lubriacation of oil it was much more wasy and pleasing.

“Hey look there” Sana pointed towards the mirror. “looks like we are fucking just like we saw in the movie” and she was right from the mirror it looked exactly like we were fucking. that was such an awesome view. Bilal was standing there watching this.

“Hey lil brother come here” Sana said and took her cock in the hand and started stroking it. All the while she was looking in the mirror and so was was such a turn on. I moved my right hand from behind towards her pussy started rubbing it. she took a sigh of pleasure . After a couple of minutes, Bilal’s cock was hard she asked him “Go back and fuck naveed from behind” I was a little surprised at her order. Bilal came on my back. Lubricated his cock with oil and rammed it down my asshole. i looked in the mirror and it was one of the sexiest scenes that i have ever seen even in pornos. It looked like Bilal was fucking me. i was fucking sana was fingering her pussy from behind. Sana saw that we both really liked the view. “So you guys like the view. You should thank your sister for coming up with such an idea” The view in the mirror made us all really hot. bilal started thrusting me really hard and i kept humping Sana’s thighs with the same pace and moved my hands from her pussy to her boobs and held both of them in my palms and started pinching the nipples with my fingers. Sana used one of her hands and kept rubbing her pussy and within a couple of minutes we were all near our orgasms. Bilal took a couple of hard jerks and i could feel his hot semen inside my ass. This sensation was too much for me. I was about to cum so i moved my cock back and shoot all my cum on Sana’s back. Sana was rubbing her clit really fast and in 10~15 seconds she came as well. I don’t know what got into me but i licked a couple of my cum drops from Sana’s back. Then i moved in front of her and put a kiss on her lips with my cum still in my mouth. I kept kissing her for minutes making sure she tasted my cum and then broke my kiss. She licked her lips with a strange look. I guess she was wondering what tasted different. I was standing there smiling “what” she aske me. “I said see that wasn’t so bad. and you said it was disgusting” She looked at me with surprise and the understood what i said and started yelling “You asshole. What the hell! i was wondering what’s that salty thing in my mouth” i smiled and hugged her “come on sis. We lick clean all your juices and they taste like heaven. So what if you tasted mine. It’s not that bad or is it?” “No it’s not that bad. a little salty though.” She replied with a smile
So Sana started to get dressed. I was still horny “come on sis. Itni jaldi”

Sana: “tumharey saath to saari raat bhi guzar loon tumhara dil nahin bharey gaa (you wouldn’t be satisfied even if i spend the whole night). But i have to go. the other night Hina was awake when i went back and kept asking me where i was”

“to bata daina that usay ke mazay ker rahi thi” i said with a smile

She started to get dressed and the left the room. After humping her thighs tonight i was eager to enter her pussy now.

In the morning i woke up, got ready and went down for breakfast. everyone was already there. I sat down next to Sana who was looking cute in her college dress. during breakfast i moved my hand in between her thighs under the dining table. She almost jumped. Mom asked “Kia hoa Sana”. “nothing mom” Sana replied and gave me an angry look. She tried to remove my hand but i kept it there. with my other hand i was drinking coffee and talking to mom and dad casually. I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers. Sana was getting very anxious which i could see from her face. Bilal was watching all this and he got suspicious that something was going on. He dropped his fork on the floor and while trying to pick it up he looked down the table and saw my hand buried in sana’s thighs. When he got up he had smile on his face. i winked at him. He too was enjoying Sana’s condition.

Mom suddenly asked “Sana what’s wrong. Are you ok. your face is looking all red”

Sana was confused “Mom i’m alright. there is nothing worng”

I can now feel wetness on my fingers. Confused or not Sana was definitely enjoying my touch. So i shoved my finger a little deep in. Sana almost jumped. She looked at me with her cute eyes begging me to stop. I don’t know why but i got pity on her and stopped that. i wanted to get into her pussy soon and now was not that time to make her mad. She immediately left the the table and went to her room saying “i fogot something in the room”. After a minute or so i was done with my breakfast too and i went directly to her room. Room was empty and Sana was in the bath room.

I asked “Sana where are you”

Sana yelled from inside: “You know you are behaving like a total asshole. Don’t ever do that again. I really don’t like it”

I smiled ” Come on sis. I think you liked it. in fact i know you did. I felt that on my fingers. Come on i know you are rubbing yourself in there. Give me a view”

She replied “yes i am and i’m loving it. and your punishment is that you won’t get to see it”

I kept begging her for like 2~3 minutes but she didn’t open the door. After 3~4 minutes she came out. her face was all red and she was sweating and glowing.

“So you really enjoyed it haan” i said as i kissed her on the lips. “you were just pretending to be angry”

She broke the kiss and said ” no i was angry. come on naveed. we have to be careful. do you have any idea what would happen if mom and dad found out about it”

I replied “But that’s much more erotic. Doing these things in front of every one. Don’t you get turned on by this”

Sana ” yeah you are right but still don’t do that again”

So i gave her a final kiss and we left for the college.

That afternoon i came home and found bilal and Sana watching a porno on the pc. I locked the room and started to get undress. Sana was stroking his cock and he was rubbing her pussy while watching the movie. I asked them why in the daytime. they told me that both mom and hina have gone out for shopping or something so. I went in the shower. After taking a hot shower i came out. they were both naked and bilal had her cock in between her thighs and was humping them in the same style as i did last night. I smiled, went in from on Sana and started kissing her. She had the softest lips. i put my lover lip below her lower lip and my upper lip above her upper lip and started to suck both her lips. Kissing her was something i could do for hours. then i moved down to food from heaven, her boobs. sucking them i had an idea. I asked bilal to lay on the bed and laid on top of her with his cock between his thighs. As he was moving up and down, i took some lotion and rubbed it on my cock and in between her boobs. She looked at me with surprise and asked me what i was doing. I sat on top of them with my cock between her boobs and asked her to press them together. She got the idea now what i was trying to do. We had watched so many pornos together and she was familiar with that “Good lil brother. Acchi position hai yeh”.

I smiled “Tum sahi jaga per to daney nahin deti ho tu aisi hi positions dhoondni pare gi (You don’t let us enter you so we have to make these kind of positions)”

Sana smiled but didn’t say anything. I kept moving my cock back and forth between her boobs. It was a sensational feeling. I thinks boobs have the softest flesh on a women’s body. i increased my pace. When i pushed my cock the maximum my cock was reaching very close to her mouth and my balls were smacking on the flesh of the lower side of her boobs. With both of us humping her body the room was full of slurpping sounds. I kept fucking her boobs and pinching her nipple and Sana’s moans kept increasing. as on one was at home so she was not controlling her voices.. We are all really turned on. I pushed my cock reallt hard in forward motion and it touches the lower lip of Sana. Sana was surprised at first but didn’t say anything. i increased my pace and thirst and now almost all the time my cock was touching her lips. I was surprised as well as happy that she didn’t object to it. After a few seconds she really surprise as she brought her toungue out and my cock head touched her tounge. The touch of her hot saliva on my cock was incredible

“Ohhhh Sana this is incredible. Your tounge is sending electric shocks in my poor cock. Sana smiled and kept her tounge out. After a few seconds when i pushed my cock towards her face and it touches her tounge, i stopped moving my cock. Now the head of my dick was in the range of her tongue. She kept licking it’s tip with her tounge. i was in heaven. her hot tounge was sending shivers down my body. I so wanted her to suck my cock.

“mmmmmm Sana please aur mat tarsao. please take it in”

Sana was a bit hasitant so i pushed my cock a little and now the head of it was in her mouth. Sana immdeitely took it out of her mouth. I started to beg “Please sana i’m dying out here” So Sana held my cock and hesitantly took it’s head in her mout.

“Ohhhhh yessss dear sis. Suck it please” I almost cried.

“Don’t you dare cumming in my mouth. Agar aisa kia to dobara kabhi nahin choosoongi” she warned me.

I said “don’t worry. I’ll let you know”

This really was an awkward position for Sana. So she got up. I sat down on th bed. She bend down with her hands on my knees and bilal went on her back. He got in the previous position of humping her thigh and Sana started to work on my cock. She held it’s base in her hand and started to work it from bottom to top. Then she opened her mouth and licked the tip of it. she started to lick it from top to bottom and then she opened her mouth and broungt it almost on top of my cock. i could fee her hot breath on my cock. my cock was twitching in anticipation. She took the head in her mouth and and slowly started to take the whole lenght in. I let out a huge grunt. although i had been sucked before by Bilal but Sana’s mouth was something else. Her soft cut lips going up and down my cock felt great. Sana had almost taken60% of my cock in and was no sucking it like a pro. I guess watching all those pornos really helped us a lot. “kaisa taste hai Sana” i asked her. “Not that bad’ She winked at me and kept sucking. with her other hand she was massaging my balls. i was feeling an orgasm building inside so i told her. “Sana main chotney wala hoon” Sana took the cock out of her mouth and started stroking it really fast. Bilal had already cum all over her back and ass cheeks. He sat down between her legs and started fingering and licking her pussy. within a few seconds i shot my load all over Sana’s boobs and belly. This was the hardest that i had ever cum. I kept shooting it for like a minute or so. Sana’s boobs and belly was almost covered with my semen. “wow aaj to mera bhai bohat josh main hai” I kissed her lips. She hadn’t cum yet so i went behind her and started to lick her asshole. while licking her asshole i tried to enter a finger in her asshole but it was really tight. I pused it a little hard and almost and inch of that went it …. Sana screamed “Hai main mar gayeeee …….. naveed baher nikalo bohat dard ho rahi hai …. koi hole to chor do mera ….. her aik main kuch na kuch dalna zaroori hai?” i started laughing and took the finger out and replaced it with my tounge. Soon Sana was moaning really loudly and then she came. Both me and Bilal licked her clean. We were all exhausted so we laid down on the bed. Sana looked at the clock “Oh shoot ammi aur hina wapis aaney hi wale hongey. main neechay jati hoon”

So Sana went downstairs. Bilal came near me and said “Bhai you are my hero. The way you have made aapi do all these things is really incredible. I can’t wait for tonight when she sucks my cock”

I replied: “don’t worry bro my next target is to get into her pussy”
Bilal got really excited: “really that would be so awesome. But what is something bad happened. Like she got pregnant or something like that”
“Come on silly. I’ll definitely use condoms. And so will you cause she always does it with you too”
We were talking when the door bell rang. I knew it was mom and Hina. So I changed and decided to take a nap. So I fell asleep.

I woke up in the evening and went out with some friends. I came back at around 9 pm. We had dinner and then went to our rooms. We kept waiting for Sana but she didn’t come. It was around 11:50 pm and she still hadn’t come. Our cocks were aching for her touch. So I went to their room and she wasn’t there. I went down stairs and she was sitting in the living room with mom and Hina. They were showing her the shopping that they had done today and they were talking about dresses and all that crap. I hinted her asking when will be free. She replied that she didn’t know. I gave her an angry look and then went upstairs. We kept waiting for her till 2 am and then we fell asleep.

I was asleep when someone woke me up. It was Sana. I was in deep sleep “what the hell Sana. What time it is” She said “it’s 3:15. I’m sorry I got stuck for way too long” I pretended to be angry “Go back to your room and sleep. I’m not in the mood. Itna intizar karwaya hai. Sara mood hi kharab ho gaya” She gave me a naughty smile “Oh my lil brother. Naraz kyun hote ho. Daikho mujhey tumhara kitna khayal hai ke main itna late bhi aagayee hoon. I could have slept in my room too.” I still wasn’t talking. She smiled “I know what would make you happy. She sat down in front of my and brought my shorts down. my cock was limp. So she held it in her hand and started stroking it. Bilal was still in his bed asleep. We decided not to wake him up. She licked the tip of the cock with her tongue. My cock immediately started to wake up “There you go. The monster is growing up” Sana chuckled. I smiled “You called this monster. It’s 6.5 inches only. Movies main daikhey hain kitney bare bare hote hain.” Sane replied “Haan sahi baat. I wonder how those women take it in their mouths and pussys.” I can teach you how to take one in the pussy right now” I winked at her. She smiled “Stop dreaming and shut up” As she said that she tooke 3 inched of that cock in her mouth. She was moving her hand from the base to the top while sucking the upper half of the cock. I was moaning with pleasure. This was one of the best days of my life. My sister’s hot mouth on my cock. I felt like the king of the world. I put my hands one her head and started to push it towards my cock. Sana had increased her pace and she had almost taken 5 inches in her mouth.. I asked her to keep her head still. I held her head with my hands and started to move my cock back and forth. I was now fucking her mouth. It was much more pleasuring than having her suck me as now I was in control of it. Sana’ mouth was making slurping sound when ever my cock reached in the depth of her throats. I kept increase my pace. Sana was really trying to put up with my pace. I looked down and saw her rubbing her pussy with her right hand. I stopped , brought her up and gave her a deep passionate kiss on the lips then I laid on the bed and asked her to climb on top of me in 69 position. She climbed on top of me and started to suck on my cock. My face was right in between her ass checks. Her pussy smelled like a meadow. I buried my face in between her ass cheecks and smelled as much as I can of that heavenly smell. Than I ran my tounge on her pussy lips and kept licking the area around it. I parted her pussy lips with my hand and buried my tounge deep inside her hole. I kept moving my tounge in and out. Then I moved my toungue to her clit and took her in my mouth. Sana stopped sucking my cock and let out a soft moan “mmmmm issi jaga choostey raho bhai. Yahan sab se ziada maza aataa hai” She said an got back to sucking my cock. I moved my tongue from her pussy towards her butt crack and started to lick her asshole. While licking her ass I kept fucking her pussy with my 2 fingers. Sana was now sucking and moaning at the same time which was making weird noises. I took fingers out of her pussy and entered on of them in her asshole. Sana ass took an immediate jerk “uffffff. Kyun iss ke peechay par gaye ho jab moga milta hai kuch na kuch dal daite ho iss main. Nikal baher apni ungli” I replied “Come on sis it will hurt only for a few seconds” She replied “ no way. Nikatley ho bahar ya nahin” I replied with a smile “nahin nikalta ki kar lo gi”. She put her face down and bit the tip of my cock with her teeth. I screamed with pain “Shitttttt ….. kitni zalim ho yaar jaan nikaal di meri … achha baba nikal laita hoon main ungli baher …..” Sana laughed “don’t ever mess with the girl who has your cock in her mouth”…… she got back to sucking me and I kept licking and finger fucking her pussy. Soon we were both about to cum so I told her “Sana I’m about to shoot my load” She said “ me too” and kept sucking. I was surprised “You are going to keep sucking. What if I came in my mouth.” Sana replied “It’s ok. I have already tasted it. It tastes fine. But I’m not going to swallow it. Soon her body started jerking and her love juices started to flow. I kept sucking and licking them. Her pace got really fast on my cock tooo and I shot my load in her mouth. She turned back and looked at me. My cum was flowing out of her mouth. She looked so damn sexy. While she had a few drops of cum in her mouth she brought her mouth close to me and kissed me. It was one passionate and filthy kiss with us sharing each other’s cum and sliva at the same time. After kissing for a few minutes she got get dressed and went to her room and I went back to sleep
So the next day i told Bilal about the adventures of last night. He got really pissed at me “why didn’t you wake me up. I was so waiting to get my cock sucked by aapi” I told him that he’ll get plenty of chances for that. In my mind i was planning how to persuade Sana to let me fuck her. Whenever i tried to talk her into it she refused.

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