Brothers & Sisters (part 07)

I don’t know whether it was the sexed enviroment of the room and the extreme hotness of my sister’s naked body but seeing her boday shaking i moved closer to her, opened her legs and buried my face in her pussy …………..Her pussy smelled like a meadow to me i used my fingers to open up her pussy lips and used the tip of my tounge to poke her clit vigorously …….

Sana was already shaking she got further shocked with my behaviour and tried to remove me but as soon as my tongue touched her clit she immediately came …….

“No Naveed what the hell ……. ohhhhhh….. get off ….mmmmmmmme … oh goddd ………….. i’m cumming i’m cumming … plea……… stopppppp ali …..i’m your sis…….ter ohhhhhhhhhhh …..”

Bilal was also shocked at my moves but seeing me he got up and took Sana’s left boob in his mouth and start sucking it hard ….. Sana protested for a second but then she came and during her cumming she was barely in control of her body ….. and that 30~40 seconds were like eternity for our virgin mouth who had never tasted the flesh of a women ….. i kept licking her clit and sucking her juices when she came, she locked my head with her legs and pushed my head deeper into her pussy. Bilal on the other hand was sucking on one of her nipples while pinching the other with his hands ….. within a minute her orgasm subsided ….. and then she realized what was happening….. one of her brothers were sucking her boobs while the other one was licking and clit and sucking her juices …….. She tried to get rid of her but we were like glued to her body …….

“Naveed hato choro mujhey ….. uffffff ….. yeh kia ker rahe ho tum dono …… Sharam karo main tumhari behen hoon ( what are u two doing, get off of me i’m your sister)….. ohhhhh goddd …..” I took her clit in between my teeth and pinched it a little hard

” hai main mar gayeee …… aarey aram se kia jangli ho gaye ho tum log (You guys ar killing me… Stop acting like savages) …..

I kept sucking and so did Bilal and within a couple of minutes her protests started to get slower and her body started to shiver again and she came for the second time within the duration of 5~6 minutes ……. After her orgasm subsided, as she came back to normal me and bilal were still sucking her … she kicked me away from her and threw bilal away from her ……… In the next few minutes there was silence in the room …… All 3 of us were covered in sweat ….. my face was full of her cum ….. bilal looked at my face “is that her cum” i nodded in yes … he came near me and started licking my face and after licking it clean he said “Yummy, aapi you taste so great”

Sana had caught here senses now and understood the gravity of what had happened in the past 10 minutes ……… We were both smiling …. Her face turned red with anger and shame and all of sudden she started crying ……..

Seeing her crying the smiles on both mine and bilal’s faces was gone ……..

“You guys are assholes ….. you took advantage of your sister and ganged up on me right when i was about to cum and had not control over my body ….. this is wrong … i have never asked you to anything that you guys didn’t wanted …. i feel so ashamed now ….. in th heat of the moment i couldn’t even stop you”

I walked over to her and said “Come on Sana, please don’t cry. We didn’t gang up on you. You have to understand that while fingering yourself and pinching your boobs, you looked so hot and irresistable than anyone whould have lost his mind just like we did. And please don’t pretend that you didn’t like it… you might say that but your juices told me otherwise and twice ” is said with smile.

“I think you feel guilty for enjoying it too much which seems normal at it is a social taboo that we just did.”

Saying all this i was un intentionally rubbing her back and we didn’t even realised that were both naked. She was still crying and had her head down.. I lifted her face and seeing her eyes filled with tear i felt like i was in love with this girl and not the brotherly love … i moved closer to her and kissed on her lips…. at first she didn’t open her mouth but soon she gave in and we both started a passionate kiss with our tounges exploring each other’s mouth …. Funny thing about kissing is that it seems tricky for someone who has never done it … but once you start you immediately get the hang of it …. i kept kissing her and with my hand i hugged her body tightly against mine. her hot juicy boobs were crushed against my chest and my dick was pocking below her belly button ….. while kissing i started to move towards bed and laid her down on the bed ……… Bilal was still standing away …. seeing 2 of us in this passionate kiss she sat on the chair and started ro stroke his cock ……. i moved my mouth from her lips and towards her ears and kissed and sucked her ear lobes and from there i moved down to her beautiful neck ……..
i moved down to her beautiful neck and started kissing it ……. Sana was laying still but i could hear her heart was beating really fast ….. moving from her neck i came down to her pink purky breasts …. i kept kissing and licking all the breast leaving the nipple and the pinkish part untouched …. as soon as my tounge came near it i moved it away …. I felt sana feeling uneasy and unstaisfied but she didn’t say anything ….. Then i moved to her other boob and did the same …. started licking it from the base and moved towards the tip …. and then left the nipple without touching it …….. sana let out a grunt of anger and unsatisfaction …. after a couple of minutes when i continued this routine she held my head with my hair and guided my mouth towards her nipple ….. i smiled … i knew she was getting hot now …. i sucked on her nipple and pinched it between my teeth ……. Sana was moaning like crazy ….. while sucking her breast i moved my hand down towards her legs and as soon as it touched the hairy part of her crotch ….. she jumped and said “nahin please yahan nahin touch karo” and she tried to close her legs ….. i removed my hand and kept sucking her boobs wildly ….. i hinted bilal who was waiting for the go ahead and he took her other boob and started sucking it ……. Sana was breathing really heavily …… Again i tried and moved my hand in between her legs ….. she was about to say something when i moved up and started kissing on her lips …… now i was kissing her with my our tounges swirling around together, bilal was sucking on her boobs and my hand was in between her thigh rubbing her cunt …… she was totally wet down there …… i took my wet fringers from her cunt brought them to my mouth and started sucking them …. she was looking at me surprisingly …….. I said “yumm sis you taste so good” she smiled at me then is kissed her and gave her a taste of her own cum ….. then i moved down to her boob kissed it for a minute and then my tounge started travelling downstairs …….. as soon as i reached near he pussy i could feel her muscles tensing…. i took a complete look at her cute, pinkish brown tight pussy with the cutest pussy lips like flower petals …… my heavy breath were making her feel my absence and she opened her legs slightly in expectation … that was all the permission i need …… i put my tounge on her pussy lips and strated licking her clit with my tounge …….. Sana let out a huge moan ……..i used my fingers to open up her pussy lips and shoved my tounge deep inside her pussy …… hear taste was heavenly …… i got up laid her on the bed …. spread her legs apart and started sucking on her pussy …….. i took her small clit in between my teeth and pinched it slightly ……. her body started shaking like someone having a seizure ………and within seconds she came …….. i licked clean all her juices ……. then i looked at her ….. “So sis you liked it i can see. Why were you crying before” She smiled and didn’t answer…. i moved face towards her and started kissing her … she was kissing me and licking her own juices …… seeing me leaving her glory hole alone bilal immediately moved there and started licking her …….. Sana smiled “tujh se zara sabar nahin hoa …. Mujhey saans to leno do . Tum log to jaan nikal do ge meri (let me take a breath please. You guys will kill me like this).” Bilal smiled and kept sucking her…. i asked her to stand up . Bilal was licking her cunt. So i moved back and started kissing her back. I hugged her from behind with my hands on her boobs…. she could feel my hard on on her ass cheecks … i kept pinching her nipple from my hands, kissing her neck with my mouth and dry humping her ass with my cock …… Bilal was sucking her cunt like there was no tomorrow ……..i took her hand an guided it towards my penis. As soon as it touched my penis she quickly moved it away…. i didn’t force it ……. i moved down on her cute butt and started kissing and sucking her butt cheecks.. then i moved my tounge down her crack and after a couple or minutes my tounge touched her asshole …… Sana let out a large grunt “Aaaah Naveed yeh kia ker raheeee hooooo …. mmmmmmm …..” I kept licking it as i knew she was loving it ….. so i was licking her butt and bilal was licking her cunt and she was going crazy … i knew this was the time to try again so i got in front of her … started sucking her breast and guided her hand to my penis again ……. she resisted again but i kept pushing it so she grabbed it in her hand …. she started to run her fingers over it as she was just checking something .. as soon as her hand touched my dick i felt like i was about to cum …. i put my hand over her hand and closed her hand around my cock’s girth and then i started moving it up and down … after 4~5 moves i removed my hand and she kept stroking my cock …..i turned to her face and started kissing her cute lipe and sucking her tounge ….. Bilal was still sucking her pussy and stroking his cock with one hand ….. she was about to cum as i could feel her hand omving fast on my cock and her breath getting heavy …. her fast movement were too much for me and i started shooting my cum over her belly ….. the feel of hot semen added to her excitement and she came too ………bilal kept licking here juices and stroking his cock and within a few seconds he came as well ………..

After we were done she looked at her belly where my white thick cum was spread all over ” ewwww what the hell ……. look what kind of mess you have created here ” she said …..she used one of her finger and took a little bit of the cum and started looking at it deeply …. I smiled and said “Go ahead sister taste it it’s really good” she said “you are disgusting how can i do that” … I replied “well u surely didn’t mind when i was cleaning this hole of yours” i put my hand on her cunt ….. she pushed it back and smiled. Ok guys it’s getting very late…. just give me some tissues so i can clean this mess on my body. I’ll have to go and take a shower now.” she cleaned her slef up and as she was moving to get dressed, i brought her near me, hugged her tightly and gave her a long passionate kiss on the mouth and said “Now you can go” she smiled at me and started getting dressed. We kept watching her. then she left the room. I asked bilal “so how’d you like today’s action” Bilal smiled “It was awesome bhai. I never thought i would be able kiss some girls boobs and her cunt let alone my sister’s.” I smiled “just work with me and you’ll get much more than this”
that night i kept thinking about what happened and couldn’t believe how lucky i was … Sana was turning out to be as much interested in sex as we were. I always thought girls were less into all this stuff than guys. Next morning i woke up and was getting ready for school. Bilal was taking a shower so i went out to use the other bathroom. as i was crossing Sana~Hina’s room. I saw that Sana just woke up. She was wearing a trouser and t shirt. She was was waiting for Hina to came out of shower …. “Huma jaldi karo yaar late ho rahi hoon main” … i entered the room quietly, closed the door, moved on her back and hugged her from behind “hey sexy” i whispered as i hugged her and my hand moved to her boobs. She tried to push me away “Naveed pagal ho gaye ho. Kissi ne daikh lia to. Hato peechay” she was looking towards the door. “I whispered “Ammi neechay hain. Hina shower ley rahi hai. Aur kis ne daikhna hai” i said as i moved forward and locked her lips in a kiss. She tried to move away but i kept kissing her. she threw me away “Insaan bano. Aik to saari raat pata nahin behen ke saath kia kuch karte rehte ho. Ooper se din main bhi jaan nahin chortey” She said with a mischievious smile on her face” ab jao bhi yahan se.” I said “aik shart pe (on one condition)”
“What” she asked.

“Show me the twins” i chuckled

A smile came on her face. “you are such a horny pervert u know that. Pagal ho kia iss waqt tumhain kiaa aag lagi hai.”

“Please naa meri pyaari behen nahi” i said

“Behen kiaa issi kaam ke liye hai” She smiled

I said “come on naa yaar.”

Sana: “If hina came out at the same moment”

Me: “ask her how much will it take”

Sana: “Hina kitni der hai”

Hina: “Sirf 5 minute aur”

I said with a smile” see five minutes are more than enough”

Sana smiled and moved towards the room door looked outside to see if anyone was coming then came in, closed the door and stood with her back against the door

“Enjoy little brother” She smiled as she lifted her shirt

I looked at the two most beautiful things in the world and put my hands on them and rubbed the nipples and then all of a sudden i moved and took on nipple in my mouth

Sana freaked out “yeh kia ker rahe ho aik to kehte kuch ho kerte kuch aur. Daikhney ka kaha that ab choosna bhi shuru ker dia. Hato peechay. Hina bahar aaney hi wali hai.” I sucked on each of them for five second and then kissed her for a few seconds. “thanks sister. this will be my daily breakfast now” i winked at her

“in your dreams perv. keep wishing”

I said” by the way if there is any part of my body that u wanna see, touch or suck, i’m more than happy to return the favour”

Sana started laughing “you would love that won’t you. Thanks but no thanks. I have no such wish”

I laughed and was about to leave the room when Hina came out. She was wearing a towel on her body from her chest till her knees. She looked like a beauty queen. i had never seen her like that. My dick immediately started to wake up.

“Shit Naveed what the hell are you doing here” Seeing me there, she jumped back in the bath room. Both me and Sana got confused. “Sorry Hina i just came to see if the shower was free. Bilal is using the one in our room” i tried to explain. “well at least you could have told me that you are outside. What if i would have walked wearing something even less than this”
“Sorry sis. won’t happen again. But don’t be do prude. You are my sister so what if i saw you like this” i said winking at Sana who was trying to control her smile.”Get out now” Hina yelled and i left the room.

Leaving the room i couldn’t help but think about Hina. She had really grown up and looked damn sexy in the towel with her wet body and hair……
So i left the sisters room and went to my room. took a shower, changed and went to school. On my way back i bought a couple of packs of condoms. I didn’t which one were the best but i bought the one most expensive on the shop. I thought you never know when you need it. I came back home at around 4 pm in the afternoon. i was really tired due to all the adventures of last night. i took a peak in Sana~Hina’s room and they were both asleep. So i went to my room and found Bilal watching some porn on pc “You never get tired of porn do you? even when you have this goddess of a sister who you strips for you every night and lets you touch her” He smiled but didn’t say anything. I fell asleep. i woke up late. i wanted to take as much sleep as i can so that i could enjoy more at night. I think Sana had the same idea. She also woke up late. I saw her in kitchen and while passing by i spanked her butt with my hand. She looked around and then smiled as no one was there. After dinner i went to my room and Sana helped mom in the kitchen and did her chores.

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