Brothers & Sisters (part 06)

Sana was very excited as we saw her cum twice. she was getting more and more bold everyday. With her top body naked and her legs spread wide she gave us quite a show today. When she started to get dress both me and bilal were so disappointed that she started laughing looking at our sad faces.

“Oh you poor guys. You don’t want your sister’s boobs to go away do you”

We both nodded her head. She said “Well tough luck for you guys” She put on her shirt and started moving towards the door. As she was about to open the door she looked back. “Ok one last time” she said and lifted her shirt up her boobs and shaked them left and right for a second. Both me and bial stood there looking at the most sexy girl and the planet.

“Good night and don’t jerk off any more. Save some energy” she smiled and gave us a flying kiss and left the room.
So Sana left the room leaving both of lusting more for her. Both me and bilal were very happy at the events of that night. Never seen a naked girl before, now seeing one and that too our sister, masturbating in front of us and with the thought that we could watch this every night was enough for us to drool. Bial asked me “Bhai do you think we would be able to ask her to show us her complete body. I mean will she she agree to be naked in front of us. That would be so awesome if she agrees to do that” …

I was also thinking on same lines …… But for then i just wanted to live in the moment… we both went to sleep dreaming about sucking on the creamy boobs of our hot sister…. Next day i couldn’t wait for the night to come ….. the images of Sana’s naked body were flashing in front of my eyes ….. I got a couple of new porno CDs from a friend and i copied them in the pc. I wanted her to be super excited tonight when she watched ……. As soon as the schoold finished, we both rushed home ….. Mom served us lunch.. After that we were all sitting in the living room watching tv… Soon Mom and hina left for a nap …. Sana was still there ….. i kept shuffling channels and on one channel there a movie playing with a hot sex scene. I stopped shuffling. Sana yelled “what the hell are you doing? Mom might come and see that”

Bilal: “come on aapi. if she comes we’ll hear her coming down the stairs …..

Sana was wearing here usual sweat shirt and trousers …… I said “Hey Sis … how about flashing us in the day light …. come one give us a view of your cute boobies ….i’ve been dying to see it all day”

Sana: “Are you out of your fucking mind.. here in the living room. I would never do it”

Me: “Come on it will be so cool and so naughty ”

I said and took my penis out of my shorts and started stroking it …. Both bilal and Sana almost jumped

“What the hell bhai…. Watching movie is ok you can easily change the channel but don’t do this” Bilal was a bit afraid

I said “Come on yaar. Nothing will happen. So sana come on i showed you mine you show my yours”

Sana still refused. I winked at bilal and signalled him to follow my action. He started stroking his cock too ….

Sana was surprised “Bial you too what have gotten into you”

I sat down and started sucking Bilal’s cock … he was pleasantly surprised…. Sana again yelled “Come on guys cut it out mom can come down any time ….” Her face was gettin red

I said “Just give us a view. Come on it would be so hot.. Don’t you like the excitement of doing it all in public ….”

After a bit hesitance, she lifted her shirt up for a few seconds and gave us a nice view …. we both tooks a hard look. “Ok show is over” She said ……. “see that wasn’t so bad” … we both started to go to our room “See you at night sis”

So that night as usual she came in … took off her shirt and asked us to start we fucked like usual …. and this routine kept for almost like a week.. both us and sana were running out of new ideas …. She said one night “come on guys show some innovation .. i’m getting tired of see you two fucking each other ….. show me something new ”

Bila “Like what”

Sana: “i don’t know something exciting”

I said “What’s in it for us. We’ll show you somthing if you show us somthing new”

Sana smiled “You cheeky little bastards … i know what you two are planning to see now…. You can foget about it .. It aint gonna happen”

So the next day i asked my friedn Naeem again ” yara naeem we are getting tired of the routine. Can you please suggest something new” I still hadn’t told him that i was fucking my brother….

Naeem: “You guys can try a thresome. I can ask usman to join you two. he’s alway hung and is always horny …”

I said “No. my friend is not into being with anyone else as yet. Anything else. Some thing to spice up things”

Naeem: Ok come to my hose later. I’ll try to see what i can do”

So i went to his house. And he gave me something i never thought i see’ It was a dildo. “Where the hell did you get this thing. I thought these things were not available in Pakistan”

He said ” Well if you have been doing this kind of stuff for as long as i have. You’ll find ways and people to get these things.”

I asked” Can you please tell me where did you get it. There might be more things there that we can use”

Naeem: “are you crazy? do you thing there is a sex shop in the market where you can go and buy these things.”

Me “So how’d you get it then”

Naeem “You know my cousin Saleem. He went abroad for some kind of training for his company. I asked him to bring me a few of these things. I also asked hime to bring a sex doll but he couldn’t take that much of a risk. He was barely able to bring my 3~4 of these”

“So where are the others” I asked with excitement

“Those are for solo action” This one will help you more

The one he gave me was a two sided one with a a base in the middle. It was almost 17 inches 8 inches on each side and was quite thick… I was barely able to fit it in my bag …. i thanked hime and promised him that i’ll return it clean in shape after a week …. He also gave me a couple of new cds

So i came back home all excited and hid that dildo in my bag…. i also showed it to bilal. Seeing so many pornos we both knew what dildos were and how can we use him. He got very excited. I asked him to let me run the show that night ………

So the night came.. She was wearin a qameez shalwar that night… she took of he qameez and sat there topless ….

We were both satnding there smiling

Sana was surprised “What’s the matter. Why are you guys standing there so happy”

Bilal “Sis we have a surprise for you”

Me: “Yeah remember how you wanted us to show you something good ”

“Yeah” she said with a little excitement ……

I moved to my bag and took out the dildo “Here you go”

Sana looked at the 17 inch dark brown two sided monster of a dildo. She was also aware of what that was as she had seen all the pornos as well…

She god really excited and yelled “Get out ……. where the hell did you guys get it from”

I chuckled “anything for me hot, beatutiful and naked sister ”

“No seriously i cannot believe that these thing are available her in our country” She was still amazed

Our society is much more perverted than you think sis. here take closer look” I threw the dildo at her …

She caught it and started rubbing here hands over it ….

“wow it’s nice …” she started stroking one end of it like she was jerking it off and looked at us with naughty smile

“so this is how you guys jerk off haan”

“Well you can always find out for real” i pointed towards my penis

“No thanks i’m fine”

So i moved over and took it from her. She relaxed on the seat and started pinching her boobs “Ok come on i’m so turned on just to see this thing. Start the show”

“Now here’s the tricky part sis” i said

“Now what” She asked with a little anger …

Me: “you know ”
Sana: “No i don’t”
Me: “lose the clothes now. All of them”
Sana: ” You have lost your fucking mind. You want me to be naked in front of you. No way. You guys just keep pushing it further and further”
Me “Come on sis what’s the harm in doing that. Both me and bial are already naked. You yourself are half naked. You rub your cunt right in front of us every night. There aren’t any morals between us”

“Still i won’t do it” She said

Me :” well then we won’t do anything either”

She sat there quiet and so did we…

“come on please don’t push i really wanna see you two fucking each other with this” she started to be a little

“No way sis. Show us something and we’ll show you somthing”

“Ok fine i won’t see. Both of you can go to hell” she yelled and started to wear back her qameez

We can see that she was very angry and disappointed … As she was about to leave i said “hey sana if you change your mind we’ll both be here enjoying this marvellous toy”

She looked at us with anger and left the rooom..

Bilal spoke first “Bhai didn’t this plan back fired. I mean even with being totall naked she was till half naked. That was better than nothing”

“Don’t worry she is as much interested in this as we are. she will come back”

But that night she didn’t come. She was also in a very bad mood during breakfast but didn’t say anything.. That night she came in the room and ask from the door. “have you gus changed ypur mind or do you still want what you wanted last night”

I said ” no sis we still want that”

She closed the door and lifted up her shirt “Are you sure you don’t wanna see these ” she said miling.. Bilal looked at me but i signalled him “No sis final decision” … “Fine … your loss” she left the room

We were both disappointed. We sat there thinking about what to do. Then after about 45 minutes the door opened with a slam “You guys are complete assholes. you really know how to push someone’s buttons. What the hell let’s do it. I’ll get naked.

She closed the door. Took off her shirt and bra and then came in front of. Both me and bilal were stunned and happy at this development …… We immdeiately got naked with our cocks rock hard …. she started to unzip her jueans. under her jeans we could see her yellow panties … she started to take off her jeans when i stopped her “can you turn around while doing that so we can see your gorgeous ass”

She looked at me furiously and then turned around and started to removed her jeans as soon as the view of her white cute butt with the yellow panty came into view we both started jaking off ….. after removing the jeans she tried to sit down ”wow wooo los the panties as well ” she said “come on guys i took the jeans off. That’s something”

Bilal: “Aapi the best part is still hidden” i laughed at this comment. It also brought a smile on her face. Then she moved and started to lower down her panties. There was pin drop silence in the room all you could hear was our heart beats. trust me they were that loud. As soon as the panty was slipped from her buttocks, the view of the most perfect ass came in front of us… He soft, creamy white ass was to die for… both me and bilal kept looking at it.. she tried to turn but we asked her to stay still till we get a full view …. then she turned back with her hand in front of her pussy ……..and sat down on the chair with her legs crossed ….

Both Me and bilal were now eager to watch her pussy “Come on sis removed th hands” She removed the hands but since here legs were closed we could barely see her pubic hair ….

Bial yelled “come on aapi. Legs kholo na apni”

Sana was red I id on’t know it was excitement or shyness ….

Sana “Mujhey sharam aa rahi hai”

Me” Come on sana. Look at us we are naked too”

She held her head back on the seat closed her eyes and opened her legs …….

wow the world almost stopped for me….. it was again the most beautifull view i had ever seen… she had some pubic hair on her pussy but not a whole bush … and he pussy lips were pink and looked like full of juices …. … we sat close to her almost a couple of feet away… she was still siiting there with her eyes closed. I sat there admiring her…. her boobs her hot pussy, her fleshy thighs…. her long legs … wow ….

“Sis you the most beautiful girl on the planet” I admired her… ” i have never seen such a beatiful women in my life” Bilal was just speech less …. after a couple of minutes she opened here eyes … her face was still red …… but soon she recoved from that ……… now she sat in her usual position and asked us to fulfil our side of the bargain and start the show ………..

So sana sat there completely naked with her legs spread open asked us to start the show with the new toy that we had ….

This dildo was a brown coloured with penis shapes on both ends …. both sides were almost eight eight inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter and there was a solid square base in the middle. It was bigger than either of our dicks. Both me and bilal sucked on each end just to get it wet. Now Bilal sat in the doggy style. I lubricated the dildo and entered it in his ass. It was longer and thick than my cock which he was used it took him about 5 to 6 minutes to get used to. I left the dildo in his ass and sat down in doggy style with ass touching his ass and didlo. Now i tried to move back my hands and enter the dildo in my ass. Our plan was to have our asses slammed together with the dildo in our asses but the awkward position was not making it easy to get the dildo in my ass…. after trying this for 3~4 minutes we were getting hopeless …. we really wanted to be in this position as we watches it in a movie and sana specifically asked us to do this position …….

I looked at Sana … she was rubbing her pussy with her right hand ….

“Sis this position is not easy. Trust me i’m trying but i can get it done” I said to her

She kept looking at both of us, then i don’t know what happened to her, she got up, came to us, hold the 2nd end of the dildo, opened my butt cheeks and entered the dildo in my ass. As soon as her hands touched my ass a sigh came out of my mouth “O sana you touch feels so good” . She enetered on end of the dildo in my ass and adjusted the other one in Bilal’s ass and then moved back to her seat

“See it was simple” She smiled “Now start moving”

I was already quite turned on with her touch so i started pushing my ass back and forth, Bilal was doing the same. Now both our asses were macking each other with the dildo’s base in between separating them …. the sweat and the humping were making quite a noise …… Sana was rubbing her clit and we were both looking between here legs ….. She saw us looking and a smile came on her face …. she lick the middle finger of her right hand, used the index and third finger to open up her pussy lips and rubbed the clit with middle finger. Both mine and Bilal’s jaws opened at this view and our speed got faster … seeing us excited she did licked the finger again and shoved that finger in her pussy …. both me and bilal got mad seeing this wiew …. we started smacking our ass at maximmum speed and with our hands we started jerking our cocks ….. Sana love that view as well as she started to push that finger faster in and out of her pussy and with her other hand she kept pinching her nipples …… after a couple of minutes both me and Bilal came and shot our cum on the floor …….. seeing this Sana’s movements also got faster …. both me and Bilal sat close to her with our eyes glued to her pussy and the fingers going in it …… suddenly her body started shaking … i could feel that she was cumming

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