Brothers & Sisters (part 05)

This was bugging. I wanted here to touch herself. So i asked bilal to change positions so that i can see her reflection in the side mirror. Now both our backs were towards her. Bilal was on top of me so her cock and my ass were in clear view of Sana and both of our faces were away from her. This was a perfect view for her. She started rubbing her pussy very hard not knowing that we can see her reflection in the mirror. Seeing her do that really tunrned me on. i whispered in bilal’s ear and guided his eyes towards the mirror.

As soon as he saw that i felt his dick moving faster and faster in my ass. Within a few minutes he cam in my ass. I spoke loudly “my turn now”. Sana stopped rubbing here pussy. We changed positions. Now i was on top of hime fucking his ass. I could still feel Bilal’s juices in my ass but i was trying to keep them in. I started pumping his ass and in the mirror i could see that Sana was back on rubbing her pussy. Now while fucking Bilal i loosened up my butt hole a little and Bilal’s thick white cum slowly strated to leak out from my ass to my balls to my dick and on bilal’s ass. That was a reall hot scene and as i could see in the mirror with here other hand Sana started to pinch here nipple i kept fucking Bilal hard and fast and Sana’s moves on here cunt and her boobs were getting fast. Withing a couple of minutes I can see that Sana was almost about to come as she entered her righ hand in her shalwar now still unaware that we were watching her from the mirror. Seeing that i started to cum i took my dick out started erupting my lava on bilal’s white ass. This was too much for Sana and she started to cum. I could see that she was out of this world now. So both me and Bilal tuned around. Her boday was shaking like she got an electric shock. She was shiveing, her eyes were closed one hand in shalwar (trousers) rubbing the pussy other pinching the nipples of left boob. It took her a few seconds to get her breath together then she saw both of us looking at her, smiling and stroking our cocks. She took a look at herself and saw that she was rubbing her pussy and her boobs in front of her brothers. She immediatley started to proper up her dress..

I started clapping ” Bravo Big sis. Great show. I thought you wanted to see us in action but you gave us a live show of yours as well. Thanks for returning the favour”

Her Face turned red with embarrasment. I added “don’t worry we didn’t watch just the ending. We caught the whole show on mirror” I pointed towards the mirror from where her reflection was quite clear.

She was sooo humiliated. I felt pity for her “It’s ok sis. It’s a natural reaction to such a sexy show”

“You know you can join this fun too “I started to move towards her.

“hey stay back Ok. Don’t come any closer. I still own both of your asses. Now i have to leave. i’ll see you guys tomorrow night”

She left the room leaving both of us standing their naked with our hard dicks in our hand.

Bilal spoke first “Bhai I loved watching sis rubbing herself”
“don’t worry brother. Let me take care of this and you’ll see much more than that” i said with an evil smile
Next night when Sana came to our room we were both ready. She took the usual position and asked us to start. She was wearing trouser and a T shirt. I could see by the movements of her big boobs that she was was not wearing a bra. “No braa today sis… Niceee ……..” i winked at her with a smile

“Shut up u perv” She said “Get to work”

Both me and Bilal started our routine. Got naked. After we kissing we decided to change the mode a little. Bilal laid down on the bed with his neck outside the bed. He bent his neck back and i shoved my cock in his mouth. Then i laid on top of him and started to suck his cock. We were in a 69 position.

“Nice position” Sana chuckled. I looked towards her and she removed her hand from her pussy. Her nipples were poking hard on her shirt as she wasn’t wearing a bra….

“Come on Sana. If you wanna pleasure yourself at least do it freely and let us watch. For God sake both of us are naked sucking each other. The least you can do is give us a little show for encouragement” I asked her

Sana remained quite for a few seconds then she moved her hand back between here legs and start rubbing

“Happy now?” She asked

“yes sis. You look so hot.” and she did indeed in her white lose trousers and pnk T-shirt rubbing here cunt she looked like and angel (a perverted angel though ). We kept sucking each other and she kept rubbing herself…. Now i asked bilal to lay straight on his back. I entered my dick in his ass and moved my face to his face and started kissing his mouth and pumping his ass. It was really nice. His warm ass and his sweet young lips were giving my chills. Sana really like this view and she she started pinching here breasts too. i can clearly see her nipple as she was bra-less. It was turning both me and Bilal we kept fucking and she kept rubbing and pinching herslef. We both ended up coming in each other’s asses and Sana came too a couple of time. She used to get very wild and while cumming she started to make smalle moans and noises which were really great……

Things remained quite uneventful for the next couple of nights. Sana used to cum and sit in her usual spot and watch us fuck. i was getting bored of this so the next night when she came i refused to start the show

“Nop i’m getting tired of this now” I said
Sana: “what do you mean”
Me: “come on sis. Same thing everynight. we need something more”
Sana: “what do you have in mind”
“How about you joining In” I winked at her
“In your dreams perv. Don’t even think about it” Sana yelled
“So forget about the show. Nothing in this life comes free” I replied
Sana: ” i still own you guys. I can tell mom and dad”
Bilal got scared immediately and asked me to start
I calmed him down “Go ahead. I know you enjoy this show as much as we do. You won’t tell mom and dad”
Sana got a little confused and remained quite”

I asked: “How about a compromise then”
Sana: “What kind of compromise”
Me: Don’t join us. Just take off your clothes”

Bilal got very excited on this suggestion ” Haan aapi. Hum logon ko to aap ney naked daikh liaa hai. Hamara bhi kuch khayal karo”

Sana’s face turned red” Shut up. I’m not doing any such thing. If you guys don’t wanna do it it’s fine. I can live without it”

Both me and bilal were confused now

Bilal tried to persuade her: “come on aapi. i have never seen a real girl naked. Seeing will be even better as you are the hottest girl i know. Everyone says so. Ask Naveed Bhai”

“He is right sana. Come on. throw us a bone here. We love you being here. It turns us on more having our sis here but please we need something too. We are not actually gay you know. It just that we needed someone to screw with. Couldn’t find a girl and started with each other” I argued “Ok how about just losing the t-shirt. Come one you can do that please please … pretty please”

Both me and bilal started begging. Sana’s face was red like a tomattow.

After a couple of minutes she said hesitantly “OK but only looking no touching”

“Yessssssss” both me and bilal yelled …. “Good Job bhai” bilal winked at me and whispered

Now for the first time in the past couple of weeks now Sana was the main star of this fuck fest. She stood up and started lifting her shirt. First her beautiful while belly with the cutest belly-button came in view. Shirt went further up and till her breast. Both me and Bilal were breathless, speechless, senseless… fucking a boy is one thing but seeing a girl naked even half of her tops anything (no offence to any gay guys ) …….now the shirt was stuck on her boobs.. we can see small portions of the lower side of the breat

“I don’t know if i should do it ” She said with a smile definitely to tease us

“Please please pyari behen nahin hamari ” I yelled
Bilal cried as well ” Please aapi dikhao naaa. meri achhi wali aapi please …..”

Sana smiled and took it off in a move

wow…. this was the most beautiful sight i had ever seen in my life till that date …. Her creamy, flashy white boobs with cute pink nipples …… I don’t know what size were day 30,32, or 34 but they were perfect sized …. i don’t know what shape it was A,B,C,D but the perfect shape. We both started to walk towards her to get a better view

“What the hell you guys are doing. I said no touching” She yelled

“We are just taking a better look. Come on sis. It’s the first time we have seen boobs on a real girl. Give us a break..” i replied

Bilal was mesmarized “Aapi they are the best. Of all the movies i have seen i have never seen such beautiful boobs. You are so gorgeous and hot”

Sana blushed hearing those comments.

“Ok now you too get back to work and take a pity on this two” she pointed towards our dicks which were rock hard for i don’t know how long
So guys there we were Me and Bilal with our sister sitting topless in front of us. Her perky, milky and gorgeous boobs with erect pink nipples naked in front of our eyes. I didn’t want this view to ever end. I so wanted to kiss and suck on them but i knew that wasn’t the time …..

Bilal said “Aapi can you pinch your nipples for us”

Sana said “what the hell guys. i told you no touching or anything. I knew you would bug me more with these kinds of request”

Bial: “Just once aapi we won’t ask for more. Promise”

I added: “yeah please just once and please lick your fingers first before pinching your nipples with em ”

“All these porn has made you two really perverted” Sana said with a smile

“Look who is talking” I chuckled..

So sana relaxed on the chair. Spread her legs on the chair, licked here fingers and started pinching her nipples and looking straight at us. Wow If i ever go to heaven i think it should be like this. What a beautiful girl and that too my sister. I couldn’t believe my luck. Both of us were rock hard and starting stroking our cocks and within second we came. I so wished i could cum on her boobs.

Sana was loving seeing us so fascinated by her beauty and her half naked body. Seeing our dicks getting limp she kept piching her one nipple and moved her one hand to her pussy and started rubbing it. Within seconds we were both Hard Again

After a minute she stopped” OK guys now start the show. Enough sight seeing. And i expect a great performance tonight” she smiled

I don’t know about you guys but if you are virgin (not fucked a girl before), and a hot gorguos girl, half naked with big creamy breasts asks you to eat shit, you will do that. Trust me. She asked us to give her a good show and so did we. That was the wildest fuck me and bilal ever had. With all sorts of positions and styles. Cock sucking, ass licking, Cum swapping you name it we did it all.

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