Brothers & Sisters (part 04)

Sana’s back was towards window. What i saw inside got my cock hard like a rock. Sana was sitting on the chair and computer monirot was in front on her. key board was on her lap.On the screen there was a hot threesome scene. With her right hand she contolling the key board and with her left hand she was rubbing her cunt. I couldn’t see her expressions but i could feel that she was turned on. She was still wearing all her clothes though which was kind of disappointing. I started stroking my cock as i was watching my sister rubbing her pussy.

Then the scene on the screen changed and now it was a bisexual scene where a guy was on top of a girl fucking her pussy while another guy was pumping that guys ass. Sana seemed to like that one as she put the key board on the table and stared pinching her breast with her right hand. It was too much for me. i took out my cock and started jerking very fast. within seconds i came and a grunt came out of my mouth. Sana jumped from here seat when she heard the voice and started to proper up her dress and turned off th monitor. She kept looking around until she saw me in the window. She could only see my face. With anger in her eyes she came and opened the window

“You asshole. You really are proving yourself to be a giant asshole. Fucking your brother and peeping on your sis……” Suddenly she saw that my dick was hard and it’s tip and my hand was covered in cum.
“You wanker. You really have no shame do you? What if someone saw you”

I jumped inside the room. She got confused “hey what the hell are you doing …”
“Just like you said being careful so that no one can see” I chuckled
“At least cover your self up and clean your filthy hands” she pointed towards my cum filled hands
“Come on you have seen me in worse positions. Btw are you sure don’t wanna taste my love juices” I winked at her.
“Shut up Ok. Don’t try to act like a smart ass” She got furious
I took off my pants and started walking around with my dick hard again and storking it. Her eyes were glued to my cock.
“so sis i think you don’t have to act like a saint now. we are even. You were pleasuring yourslef too while watching porn” I said

“no we are so not even. it’s one thing to watch porn. It’s another thing to fuck someone else and that too being your brother and come on put some clothes on. i’m you sister for god sake” She replied

“Well bilal was my brother too. So don’t give me this sibling lecture. You can join us you know if you want too” i winked at her again

“In your dreams jerk off. I’ll call mom and she will see to it that you behave” She said

I immediately took my shorts and started wearing them.

“So what have you decided. Are you going to tell on me and bilal or what”

“Well you guys are just my bitches now aren’t you. Well i’ll see what i have to do. For now you have to keep all this porn and all the new stuff that you get in this same folder. I will keep checking it regularly.”

“Hmmmm so you got hooked on porn tooo. See it’s just human.” I smiled

She started to leave the room. My dick was really hard during this conversation. As soon as she left the room i turned on some porn, removed my shorts and started jerking off. . suddenly i noticed that her pink bra was still there. She might have removed it while watching porn. I picked it up and started smelling it. It was a wonderful sensation thinking of sana, smelling here bra, jerking off my cock and watching porn. Suddenly the door open

“Hey i think i left my bra in her……” suddenly she noticed what was happening in the room and kept standing in the door like she was frozen. I had nothing to lose now. I kept jacking off.

“You are a sick pervert you know that. Give me back my bra” She yelled

“Come here and take it. I’m busy as you can see.” I said very casually.

Her face turned red. I can feel that she was a little turned on. She came close to me and tried to take her bra out of my hand. She also took a long hard look on my cock. I was about to come and i wanted her to see that so i dodged here hands a couple of time and just as i was about to come i kept the bra near my dick. She took that bra and at the same time i came and erupted my lava. a couple of drops landed on her arm

“ewwwwwww. You piece of shit what the hell did you do yo creep” she rubbed her hand clean with my shirt and ran out out of the door.
When Bilal came came back to school i told him all the details. He was a little afraid. “Bhai Aapi ko iss tarah tang karo ge to ghussay main ammi ko bata de gi (if you kept bugging her she will tell mom)” I said “Come one. She won’t tell. If she wanted to she would have done it by now”. Anyway we kept busy in our daily routines …. At night when both me and bilal were sitting in out room watchi some hot movies when suddenly the door opened and Sana came in “My God you guys don’t waste any time don’t you”

Bilal was immediately scared. and turned off the movie.

Bilal “So aapi are you going to tell mom and dad”

Sana: “I don’t know. But if you guys obey me and don’t act like an asshole, just like naveed did this afternoon, i might forgive you”

I knew if I bugged her more she might eventually tell my parents so i asked her “Ok so what do you want”

Sana smiled “well let me think …….. hmmmmmmm …. i don’t know how about do what i tell you guys to do”

“Like what” I was suspicious …….

Sana: “Bilal close the door” Bilal went on and closed the door. “Lock It too” Bilal did …

I was getting anxious” What are you doing Sana”

“Well i really liked a couple of movies on your computer today. I thought i might wanna see the real action too. Come one start what you guys were going to start anyway in my absence”

“no way” Bilal yelled “How can you. You are our sister”.

Sana: “well well well.Who is being a saint now. You sure didn’t worried about that last night when you were sucking your brother”

I on the other hand found it much more arousing. “come on bilal. what’s the worst than can happen. She knows about us already”

My dick was already hard so i started removing my clothes. Sana’s eyes were glued to my dick. She sat on the chair next to the computer where a porno was already running.

Bilal was still hesitant. Iwent towards him and started to kiss him on the lips. I kept my one eye on Sana all the time. I wanted to see her reaction. With my one hand i pushed Bilal’s shorts down and his dick popped out. It was in semi-hard state. I guess he was started to like this audience thing too. I broked the kiss and removed his shirt and shorts. Now we were both naked we both turned towards Sana who face was getting red and eyes wide open.
“So sis how you like your brother’s dick and the sex show. Enjoying it much ???”

“Shut up and get to work. Don’t infuriate me OK” she replied.

I started kissing Bilal again. I turned hime so his back was towards Sana and with my one hand i started to caress his butt cheeks. I made sure that sana had a full view. then i entered on finger in his ass. He cried a little but i kept kissing him. my finger was moving up and down his ass. Then i started to go down and on the wasy i kissed his neck and sucked his nipples. and then went down to his cock. I took a glance at Sana and she seemed much excited at the thought of what was coming next. I started to suck Bilal’s cock and in one swift move took all lenght of it towards my throat. i kept sucking on it hard and fast. Sana was changing positions in her seat. I knew that she wanted to touch herself but was controlling her urges. Now after sucking bilal for a few minutes i asked him to return the favour. He started sucking my cock and then moved down and took my balls in his mouth. wow that was awesome. then he moved behind and started to lick my ass. Sana had a surprising look on her face

“ewwww Bilal you are so filthy” She said

Bilal wanted to reply but i pushed his face back down on my ass. I started pumping my cock. I was directly looking in Sana’s eyes, smiling and pumping my hard cock. She looked at me for few seconds and then looked away. Now i turned back and started to kiss Bilal. Now we were both looking away from her. From the corner of my eyes i saw that she moved one hand between here legs and started rubbing her pussy. This scene made my cock jump more. As we moved towards her she removed her hand from here legs. Now i bent down in doggy style and bilal rode on my back. He put some oil on his cock. My face was towards Sana and i can tell she was enjoying every second of this. Bilal started to pound me hard from behind and i started to make sounds both real and fake” Yeah bilal fuck me fuck me hard. Chod de apne bhai ki gaand aur zor se”. These words were making Sana crazy and involunteerly her hand moved to her pussy a couple of times but she removed it.

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