Brothers & Sisters (part 03)

Next morning i wake up with a great feeling. A touch of hot saliva on my penis. I guess My brother really like what we did last night and wanted to say good morning in a special way. I said “Bilal yaar it’s sunday. Sone de naa” He said “Come on. everyone will wake up in 2~3 hours. Let’s have some fun and then you can sleep the whole day” I pointed towards his penis and said “Give me some of that”. he smiled and got into a 69 position.

We gave each other a great blow job and shared the cum in a filthy smessy kiss just like last night. He said now it’s my turn to fuck you. I said ok. Now i laid on the back in doggy style and he started to lubricate my ass and his dick. I guided his dick on my asshole and asked him to push. In one push he put the complete dick inside. I jumped of the bad. It felt like someone has shoved a burning iron rode inside my ass. I yelled “Bhainchod, kis cheez ki jaldi hai tujhey. Aram se zara” He apologised and said he was just way too excited. I tried to take it but any movement was giveing my much more pain. So i asked to saty in that position. He tood there for a minute then he remembered my technique from last night. he brought his hand from the back to the front and started stroking my cock. After3~4 minutes i started to enjoy it and asked him to start moving but slowly. he slowly started to move hi dick back and forth. If still hurt but not so much. After 4~5 minutes he was pumping my ass with his rod at ful throttle. he was also jacking me off with his right hand so i was having quite fun. After 2 minutes we both came and laid there on the bed. I asked him “happy now. Now that you have fucked me” He nodded his said saying yes. After that we both fell asleep ……


From that day onwards, it became our routine to fuck and suck each other in our rooms. Every one in the family was quite surprised as both of us were getting along very well lately. No fights no issues. My mom kept asking me sisters to be more like us instead of bitching and fighting all the time. We both smiled at this comment.

In the next week, Bilal was in his school’s annual darama club function. This was an all boys school. He had to do the role of an female student. So he shaved his face clean and wore a girls outfit with a girlish hair style wig. all his classmates were whistling at him as he really looked quite sexy. He was wearing a stuffed bar which was stuffed more than usual. his falke breasts were looking like a busty porn star’s breasts. anyways after the play i asked him to keep some of that stuff with him. he said he can’t but i insisted that he should at least keep the wig. The rest of stuff we can find at home. So when he came back home he showed me the wig. I was very happy.


After a couple of days we were both alone at home. I asked him to wear some girlish out fit. We went to our sister’s room and started looking for some dresses. After sorting through thier cabinet we found a suit that can fit him and took a bra (don’t know whose bra was that but dress was definitely of Sana’s). Now we came back to our room i removed my dress and laid on the bed stroking my cock and Bilal went to the bath room to change. I was very excited as i was getting bored of fucking a coy. I wanted a girl and a cross dressed Bilal was nearest to a girl that i could get. He came out saying that he can’t fit into this Kameez Shalwar dress. I though and in fact i wanted to see him in a sexy dress. i asked hime bring an old jeans oh his. We cut parts of that jeans to make it look like some sexy shorts that girls wear in movies. On top of that he wore a black bra (heavily stuffed and then a tight white shirt of hina (we borught that shirt later) which mad his fake boobs looks even bigger. Now he went in put some make up and wig and came out. God he was a hottie. I don’t know who but he looked really familiar with some girl. He came out trying to walk in a sexy catwalk style. I hugged him and started kissing him like a mad man. After 15 minutes of kiising i started to press his fake boobs but honstely that wasn’t much fun. Now we both moved in front of the mirror and he started sucking my dick. i don’t know why but looking that thing in mirror mad me more turned on. It looks like in fact some girl was giving me a head. i face fucked him. he asked me to be careful with Hina’s shirt as we didn’t wanna stain it. Soon i came in his mouth. Now it was time to fuck him and i wanted him to be on top of me. So we laid there in front of the mirror. he opened 2 front buttons of the shirt and the bra was quite visible. We made an additional hole in the jeans so that he won’t have to take the dress off while i fuck him. So i sat on my cock and started moving up and down. I asked him to drop the wig hair on his face started jumping up and down. I started pumping hime from beneath and kept looking in the mirror. It was a wonderfull scene and soon i came in his ass. he tried to get up but i was still hard. I asked him to blow me and make me ready again and it only took 5 minutes and after that i fucked him one more time. This was one of our best fucks. He really looked like a girl and then i knew i had to find a girl now as i was getting tired of fucking a guy……..

Ok so me and bilal kep fucking and sucking each other for 2~3 months. We tried almost all the positions all the kinkiest things. One night i was feeling very horny so i asked him to wear the girly outfit again. He said that he can’t as everyon’s home and he can’t go to the sister’s room and get their dress. I asked him that while having dinner he can take off for a minute and get hina’s shirt and sana’s bra and that’s all we need. So after lunch we went to the room very excited i laid there on the bed naked he went to bath room and came out in sexy girlish outfit. I started kissing him and soon he was in between my legs sucking my cock i was in heaven moaning like crazy. I was about to come and i told Bilal i’m cumming.


Suddenly we heard a voice “Oh my God Yeh Tum Dono Kia Ker Rahe ho (what the hell are u too doing)”. I almost shit my pants as i saw Sana standing in the door with her eyes and her jaw wide open. I don’t know it was the tension in the enviroement or Bilal’s mouth which just left my cock’s head than my penis started erupting the white lotion of Bilal’s face. I kept moaning in pain, pleasure and guilt as Sana stared at my cock erupting lava from it’s tip. After that i sat dwon on bad covering my dick and Bilal did the same but he was more embarrased because he was wearing girl’s dress.


“Bilal what the hell are you wearing. Is this hina’s shirt? ” Sana said as she closed the door on her back. Me and Bilal were both speechless.


“Naveed you should be ashamed of yourself. being the elder brother is this the kind of role model you want to be? Doing Nasty things to your younger brother”


She Kept yelling at us for quite a while. I stood up to get dresses and she yelled “Sit your ass down. “. Now as she move in she had a look at the computer monitor where a porno was already running and a guy was pumping a girl in doggy style.


“What kind of Movies are you guys watching” She said as she went closer to the screen. I could see from her reaction that scene’s on the screen were turning her on too. I started wearing my shorts and Bilal ran into the bathroom. I came close to her and said “Sorry sana, we just got excited”

“What do you mean excited? Even if you want to do something like this can’t you find a girl? and even if you can’t at least do it with a boy who is not your brother” She said.

I had no answers to her questions. She kept talking but she didn’t turn off the movie.

“Are you going to tell mom and dad” I asked her with fear.

“I don’t know yet. i’m still very angry. Who does thi skind of filthy stuff. You 2 should be ashamed” She was very furious.


She closed the movie on the pc. Looked at the screen (she was checking the path of the hidden folder. “OK i’ll decide what i have to do tomorrow. Leave all these files as it is in this computer. I will check in the morning what kind of crap you guys have been watching.” She said and started walking towards th bath room where Bilal was hiding. She opened the door and told bilal”You 2 are in some really deep shit now” Bilal almost cried “Sana please don’t tell anyone. i’m so sorry. Please” …. Sana stood there for a second and then said”we’ll see tomorrow” after that she left the room and both of us were left there worried about what will happen tomorrow.


Bilal asked me “Bhai aapi ne ammi abu to bata dia to? (if sis told mom and dad then what?)”. I had no answer to his question. i went to bed and laid there worrying about tomorrow myself


So the next morning came. Both Me and bilal didn’t have nay morning action.We were just worried about last night. Sana didn’t went to college and faked a headache. I knew she was going to check our files on the computer. I was worried but a little aroused as well thinking that she’ll be watching all kinds of porn and what would that do to her. Bilal on the other end was scared to death. He kept asking me what’s gonna happen and i had to answer to that question ….


I was too worried about what Sana might be doing so i bunked the school to come home to check on Sana. I quitely open the gate as i know only Sana and mom were at home and i didn’t wanna alert sana. I came to the kitchen> Mom was surprised and worried “Beta khair hai itni Jaldi”. I told her that i wasn’t feeling well so i took the leave from school. I asked “Mom where is Sana”.

“She is in your room working on the computer.”

The though of Sana watching porn on my computer cause my dick to jump up. I slowly walked on the stairs. The door to my room was closed. I wanted to caught here by surprise but the window was on the opposite side. So i went into Sana’s room, climbed out of the window on the ledge and then slowly went to my room’ window which was half open.

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