Brothers & Sisters (part 02)

Next day i kept thinking about last night. I wanted to do more and have more fun. I discussed it with a closed friend, Naeem who has had some gay encounters with some friends. I didn’t tell him that it was my brother. I told him that i had fun with some guy from my neighborhood. He gave me a few tips. he told me to kiss the guys on the lips (French kiss) and suck his dick and have him suck yours. Sucking cocks sounded really gross so immediately said no.

About kissing i told him i have never done it with anyone and i never imagined kissing a boy could be fun. He told me that he can show me and i immediately said no. I didn’t want our friendship to go any weirder. He said “Idiot i’m not going to kiss you. I have a mate who is 16 years old. We fuck a lot. I’ll ask him to teach you.” i hesitantly agreed. He asked me to meet him after schoold as his house around 5~6 pm. So i went to his home. He and his friend were there. That boy was very girlish looking. No Facial hair and he was little heavy in weight. Naeem introduced him as Usman. Usamn was very excited to see me and wad almost ready to jump me. He started removing his clothes and ask me to get naked too. I felt a little conscious and asked nameem to please give us some privacy as i felt awkward in his presence. Naeem started laughing and then left the room. he asked us to keep it quick as his parents returned home at 6.

When Naeem left, i locked the door and removed all my clothes. Usman was naked tooo. I always had a complex that my dick was small (6.5 inches) but his was even smaller (5 inches). He had a very cute and hair less white body. he came close to me and hugged me tightly. And with his hand he was pressing my butt and rubbing my butt crack. i did the same to him. then he brought his face closer to me and kissed my lips. i let him. He asked me to open my mouth. i did and he inserted his tongue inside and asked me to suck it. i was a little confused. He asked me to put my tongue in his mouth. I did and he started sucking my lips and my tongues. That was my first ever French kiss and i was in heaven. For the next 5 minutes we kept kissing. he want to go further but i asked him please keep kissing me. We did it for 7~8 more minutes then he said. we are running out of time. So he asked me what next. I said it’s up to you. i was still recovering from my first kissing experience.

He started kissing my chest and biting my nipples. I didn’t like it that much. Then he went on my back and started kissing and biting my ass cheecks. I loved it. His warm breath near my asshole was making me crazy but he didn’t do any thing else. He came to the front side and started kissing my tighes near the penis. I immediatley remembered the gay porno movies. i knew what was coming next. and penis started jerking in anticipation. He started stroking my penis with his hands. Then he licked the tip of it with the tounge. It felt nice. he kpt kissing the penis but never actually tooke it in mouth. I was getting crazier in anticipation. After a couple of minutes i yelled at him come on man do it”. He smiled and took the whole thing in his mouth. I was like in 7th heaven. I never though that something that i thought was gross can be this much pleasure. i held his head by hand and started fucking his mouth. he kept making gagging sounds. He asked me to let him know when i’m cumming. In a few secs i was there and i told him. he put the dick out of his mouth and started jerking it off. He licked the index finger of his left hand and started to enter it in my asshole. It hurt a little but he he didn’t put the complete finger in. only used the top of the finger to stimulate me and i came hard as i have never been in my life. I almost fainted after this. He smiled at me seeing my condition. I was new at this and it was quite visible. I started to get dresses when he asked”Itni jaldi. abhi to sahi maza aana shuru hoa hai (So quickly, we have just started man”). I asked him what he had in mind. He bent down in doggy style and put a finger up his ass. “I want you to take please of this hole as well”. At that point i was up for anything. “But first you’ll have to suck me as well”. I wasn’t so happy about this but i also wanted to fuck his ass. So i sat between his legs and started stroking his penis. Then i licked the tip of his penis. It tasted salty. I felt weird. he said come on if you want to get sucked you’ll have to suck one too. It’s a too way street. I opened my mouth and took it in. It didn’t feel bad neither was it that good. I kept going up and down on it and sucking it. He started fucking my mouth and his balls were smacking against my chin. After a couple of minutes he said “i’m cumming” I stopped sucking. he took his penis out and came on the floor. Now it was my turn to fuck his ass. I told him that i won’t let him fuck mine. he said it’s ok. So he bent down in doggy style and sucked on penis again to lubricate it. Than i went behind him. he brught his hands behind to guide my cock on his asshole and asked me to push. With one push almost 4 inches went in. His Asshole was quite stretched may be due to all the action that he has been having. In the next push my whole cock went it. It was the third heaven like feeling i had today. First kissing, then having a blow job and now fucking. I was having a great day. I had seen many pornos so i needed no further directions. I kept fucking him for 3~4 minutes. while i was fucking him i heard the door lock opening from outside. I got scared but as soon as the door open i saw Naeem standing naked stroking his cock. I was now beyond all shame. he said that he has watched all the action through the window which he intentionally kept open. His penis was quite impressive (7.5 inches). He said don’t worry. i won’t make a move on you. He came in and shoved his cock in Usman’s mouth. Now he was faucking his mouth and i was fucking his ass. after a c couple of minutes we both came. Usman spit out all of naeem’s cum while my cum was oozing out of his ass. We all laid there for a couple of minutes. Then Naeem asked me “So maza aayaa”. I smiled and said “Haan yaar bohat mazaa aayaa”. Then he asked us to get dressed as it was almost 6 pm. We got dressed. I wanted to give Usman a goodbye kiss but seeing him spitting out naeem’s cum felt gross and i left without that.
So I came back home. While coming back, Naeem gave me a new CD which he told me was gay and had a lot of cute boys. It was the story a couple of boys having gay encounter for the first time. He winked at me and told me to show this to the boy whom i wanted to fuck (he didn’t knew it was my brother). I came back home and told bilal that i have brought a new CD. he got very excited. I rubbed his penis on his trousers and gave him a wink. he smiled. We were both waiting for the night.

At night after dinner, when everyone went to their room. We came back to our room. I locked the door. We both got naked. i squeezed his penis with my hand. then we started to watch the CD. I started with a couple of guys kissing. Bilal looked at me and i looked at him. I asked him “have you ever kissed any body” he said no. I asked him if he wanted to learn. he eagerly said “yes”.

He was sitting on the chair. I went close to hime and sit on top of his lap with his erect penis rubbing aginst my ass. I put my lips on his and started sucking his lips and his tounge. he started to do the same and we were in a lip-lock. We both stood up from the chair and went to bed while our lips still in a kiss. He laid on the bed and i laid on top of him kissing him. We kept kissing for 20 minutes then i started to move down. I wanted hime to suck my cock but i knew i had to do it to him first. So i started kissing his chest and his nipples. he kept moaning. Then i moved down towards his crotch. I looked at his face and he was quite surprised. While looking at him i opened my mouth and took his penis in my mouth. Hi sbody almost jumped from the bed. And he moaned very loudly. I signalled him to keep quit and started sucking gently and increasing my pace slowly. His whole body was jerking and he was about to cum. So i stopped sucking. And started jacking him off . i asked him to spread his legs and put my left index finger on his cute little ass. As soon as i entered the finger tip in his ass he cried a little with expressions of pain on his face. but i kept rubbbing his ass slowly and soon he erupted. I went back up and started kissing him again. now as we lay there without my asking he got up and went down on me and to my surprise he started licking my balls and from there came to the shaft and started sucking it as well. All the porn watching had trained him quit well. After sucking my dick he went down and licked my asshole. I almost jumped and asked “hey you don’t have to do that” but he kept licking and inserted one fineger in my ass. then he cam back to my dick. He was suck my cock and finger fucking me at the same time. Soon as i was about to come i warned him but he kept going and i came in his mouth. My cum started to flow out of his mouth opening. He spat out all th cum on my belly then he sucked my dick clean again and came towards my face and kissed me. I felt weird as my cum was still on his face but i didn’t want to hurt him so i kissed him and it felt weird tasting a little bit of you own cum …………

After kissing for a few minutes i asked him if he was ready for next level. He said whats that. I fast forwarded the CD to a point where one guy was fucking the other in the ass. “This” i told him. He said “it looks painful. I don’t think our small holes can take these dicks”. I said “it’s ok. we’ll use lubrication”. He was a little confused. I said come on “It’s as good as sucking”. He said “how do you know”. I told him about the after noon i had and i got very aroused. Now i asked him whether he wasnts to go first. he said “You go ahead and show me”. so I asked him to bend down on bed with his ass up. i went to the bath room and brought back the hair oil. After that i put some of it on his ass and some on my fingers. Now i started rubbing his ass with my fingers and inserted one finger in. he jumped with pain. I knew that fucking with a penis will be much more difficlut and painful. I had to stretch his ass first b4 fucking him. So i started fucking him with one finger. he was still feeling pain. I had to get hime used to at least 3 fingers before i can fuck him with my penis. So i decided to mix the pain and pleasure.

I asked him lay on his back. Now i sat in front of him with his cock near my face. I asked him to strech his legs. Now i started fingering him with my index finger and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. Now i was fucking his ass with one finger which was giving him pain and i was sucking his dick which was giving him pleasure. I increased my pace of sucking he was getting more excited so inserted another finger in. He yelled “Nahin Bhai Dard ho raha Hai”. I said”Bas thora dard hoga. Phir maza hi maza hai”. I took the complete lenght of his cock in my mouth to balance the pain with pleasure. I kept sucking and fingering him. So he was quite comfortable with 2 fingers. He was trying to reach my cock to jack me off. Now i wanted to insert the 3rd finger i knew it would hurt like hell. i was afraid he is going to scream. So i got into 69 position with my cock facing his mouth. He happily took it into his mouth and now were both sucking each others cock and i was fucking his ass with 2 fingers. Now i enetered the third finger in his ass. He tried to scream but his face was stuffed with my cock so his muffled sounds came out. On the other hand i started to suck him harder and harder. Soon he got used to the three fingers while both of us were sucking each other as well. I was about to cum when i felt his penis stretching. i knew he was cumming too. I wanted to stop sucking but then i thought i have already tasted my own cum. I can taste his cum too. in the next minute both of us came in each other’s mouth. after cumming we both stood up and started kissing each other with each othetr’s cum still in our mouth. This was a reall messy kiss full of cum. After this we both end to showers cleaned up and i asked him if he was ready for the ass fucking. He said yes. So we cam back to the bed ………
So i asked him to bend down with his ass up on the bed. I put the oild on his ass and on my cock. Then i came on his back and asked hime to guid my cock into his ass. He put the tip on his asshole and asked me to push. I gave it a push and the head went in. He screamed slowly “Oyee mar gayaa. Bhai bohat dard ho raha hai. I took my hand on his front and started stroking his cock to give hime some pleasure while doing that i push a little more and almost 4 inches went in. he was yelling in pain and asked me to take it out. I tried to relax him but he kept trying to take it off. I knew it was time time for some tough love. I started jerking off his penis very fast and in a swift move shove my complete penis in his ass. He was physically quite weak so i had to keep him in a fuck lock as he was trying to escape. after a minute he got a little relaxed as my jerking off was making him come to his orgasm too. As is saw him relax is started fucking his ass with more pace. Now it was giving me much more pleasure to worry about his pain. He also got used to it and was enjoying it now. After a couple of minutes i came in his ass while all this jerking has also caused him to come. We both laid there exhuasted. I was the first to speak”Are you Ok. Ziada dard to nahi hoi”. He said” Yaar start main to meri jaan he nikal gayi this. Thori der baad aahista aahista sab sahi hogaya aur maza bhi aaney laga”. I told him it’s quite late we should sleep. He wanted to fuck me too. I told him “Kal saari raat tu mujhey chod lena. Per abhi nahin. I’m really tired”. He was tired too. So we both fell asleep ……………

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