Brothers & Sisters (part 01)

I’m naveed. I’m 27 years old. This is the story of how me, my brother and my sister got into incest. This is a bisexual story so if you guys are offended by it. You should leave now.

We are a family of four siblings. 2 brothers 2 sisters. Naveed, Bilal, Sana and Hina. Sana is the eldest then me, then bilal and then hina. I started when i was 18. I was too much of a porn freak and always wanted to watch porn and jack off. I used to watch magazines. even a girl in a bikini was enough for me to jack off. One day i got a CD from a friend. I came home and PC was being used as usual. I cursed my life for having so many siblings as to never get any privacy. I hid that CD in my school bag and waited for the night.

At night when everyone was asleep i went to the study room and started watching the movie. It was the usual a group of people fucking and sucking each other. I had no preference. I got my 6.5 inches dick out of my shorts and started stroking it. All of a sudden Bilal who was 16 back then entered the room. i was so busy jacking off and watching movie that i didn’t even notice him until he yelled ” Bhai ye kia ho raha hai”. I almost died in fear and tried to hide my dick in the shorts. He was smiling at me.
“So you do this too. I thought i was the only one” He said. I was way too confused but i saw that he was cool with it so i embarrassedly smiled and said” Yaar sabhi kartey hain. It’s natural”. He asked me where did i got this movie as at that time it was quite hard to find this kind of stuff especially in our area. I said” Yaar naeem se li hai” Naeem was a friend of mine. “Ok let’s watch”. We watched the whole movie together but couldn’t jack off as my brother was still there. And then we moved to our bed rooms for sleep. We decided that whenever any of us finds a movie we’ll watch it together.

This arrangement was working better for us as we had better cover when both of us were watching and our sisters weren’t that familiar with computers. The only problem was that we cannot jack off in front of each other. After a few weeks we watched a CD in which bisexual scenes were there. Where a guy was sucking another man. It felt weird as well as arousing a little bit. Bilal asked me “Bhai is main kiaa mazaa aata hain In Logon ko Jab larkian mojod hai to larkey aik doosrey ko kiyun chod rahey hai(Why the hell are they fucking each other when girls are there” …..

I said “pata nahin yaar. I told him i know many gay guys from school who used to fuck each other. As the movie progresses we started like this male-male-femal thing. I saw Bilal he was rubbing his cock over his shorts. I too felt an urge to do mine. So i took a little courage and started jerking off mine quite visibly. Bilal saw that and looked the other way. he didn’t say anything. So i kept doing it. he felt a little encourage too so he started jacking offf as well and soon we were both beating our meats quite hard and we both came soon in our shorts. Didn’t say anything to each other. I turned off the CD and we went to sleep. Things kept progressing and jacking off became a habit. I also started liking that bisexual stuff too but those CDs were very rare and we were only able to find a few of those. One day we got a CD from a friend which was purely gay porn. All men no women. We were watching a scene where two cute young guys were sharing a dildo in their asses. I was very horny so while jacking off i took my penis out of the shorts and start stroking it. Bilal was shocked all of a sudden. He said “Bhai what the hell” i said come on yaar i can’t keep wetting all my shorts every night. We both know that we do it. It’s been a while now. Go ahead take out yours as well. First he hesitated and then he took his one out as well. Now all of a sudden the focus shifted from monitor screen to our penises. Bilal’s was almot 6 inches while mine was six and a half. His was a little purplish while mine was more of red black. Bilal said “bhai why are our dicks smaller than those guys” I said it’s quite a normal size. Those guys in pornos are all pro and only those get the movies who have huge dicks. Just like all heroes in normal movies are strong and build up bodies. You don’t see a normal guy being hero in a movie”
So we kept jacking off and were more turned on by seeing another dick in the vicinity. As i was about to come i removed my shorts completely. We usually sleep just wearing shorts. So i grunted and cum started to jump off from my penis and started to land on my chest and my stomach. Seeing this bilal came too. After Cumming we both cleaned our self with tissues and then went to the bath room to clean up.

from that day it became a habit of ours. We both shared a room so we used to get naked watch prono movies together jack off and then go to sleep. One night while we were watching and jacking off , electricity went out. We were both disappointed. as bilal tried to get up in the dark, his hand suddenly touched my penis and a moan came out from my mouth. He said “sorry Bhai”. I said it’s Ok but i loved someone else’s touch on my penis. Now we were both looking for a flash light in the dark and for our shorts as well. As i leaned towards the bed to pick up my short, bilal was already doing the same and my penis touched the back crack of his warm butt. It was like heaven and a sigh also came from his mouth but he didn’t say anything and he didn’t move. i guess watching a couple of gay porn movies was paying off. I felt the encouragement and hugged him from behind. My dick was in his but crack and from my right hand i held his penis and started to jack him off. He kept breathing heavily and protested for a second “Nahin Bahi aisay na karen” but i said shhhshhh come on it’s ok. i started dry humping him from behind and jacking him off at the same time. He was about to come and so was i …..

He was about to come and so was i ….. I told him to turn around when he is going to cum so that he won’t come all over the bed. Meanwhile i was rubbing my dick between the crack of his ass cheeks and it was making me close and close to cumming. After a couple of minutes he turned around facing me and shoots his cum all over my chest. As soon as his cum touched my body i immediately came all over him as well. We stood there in the dark taking deep breathes, feeling a bit ashamed and excited at the same time. Then suddenly electricity came back. Seeing his body covered in my cum and mine in his cum was an arousing sight. He was more nervous than me. I rubbed my hand on his cock and with a smile said to him “Nice work brother. This was fun”. He got relieved with this comment and a smile came back on his face as well. We didn’t talk about it much. I cleaned up first and left the room and came on the roof. I kept thinking about what just happened. I never considered my self as a homo sexual but i really enjoyed what happened in the bed room. I kept thinking am I? Am I gay???? Then i imagined what will happen if i had the choice of fucking a girl and fucking a boy. Immediately my mind told me i was not gay. I would prefer a girl over any boy any time of the day. What i did with my brother was only because we were both at the same place at the same time so why not enjoy together.

That night both of us slept and didn’t say anything to each other. Next night we open the same hidden folder in our pc where we kept all the porno movies and started watching an old movie because there was no new stuff to watch. This was the bisexual movie. after 10 minutes we were both naked stroking our cocks. We were both a little tense due to what happened yesterday. I was sitting on the right.I was stroking myself with my right hand and i put my left hand on Bilal’s thigh and started moving my hand on this thigh towards his penis. he didn’t say anything so i felt more encouraged and with that i touched his balls and started softly caressing them. he started moaning and his jacking off got more fast. I removed his hand from his cock and started stroking it with my hand and put his hand on my cock. Now we were both jacking off each other. This was very arousing and soon we both came on each other. but didn’t leave each others dicks. We kept watching the movie while holding each others cocks. After a few minutes we were both hard again. bilal said to me “Bhai i want to do to you what you did to me last night”. I smiled and said Ok. Now i bent down on the chair and bilal was behind me rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. He started humping me from behind and with his right hand he started stroking my penis. I loved the touch of his dick near my asshole and started pushing myself back towards his crotch. i looked forward and i could see both of us in the mirror. that was one hell of a sexy image and soon we both came. After that we were both sweating wanted to take shower. So we both junped in the bath room togethere and started showering. he soaped my boday and asked my to soap him. while i was soaping him i soaped his penis from my one hand and rubbed hi asshole from the fingers of my other hand. he was moaning like crazy and soon erupted. This was the third time tonight that he came. After that we were both exhausted. We came back and went to sleep.

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