A Close Family

Mike almost fell out of bed still suffering from the excess of drink from his usual Friday night out, his head was thumping as he glanced at the window, it was still dark, a quick look at the clock told him it was just after 3am, he was dying for a piss. In his semi drunken state he stumbled naked to the bathroom opened the door and walked in. Linda was sitting there a wide eyed look on her face.

“Oh! Sorry.” Mike said, and stumbled back to his room closing the bathroom door behind him. At 21 Linda was several years younger than Mike and knew what a man looked like, maybe that’s why she looked somewhere other than his face. In a drunken haze Mike waited for the sound of Linda returning to her room and then stumbled, still naked back to the bathroom.

Mike was lucky that he rarely ever suffered from a hangover so when he got up the following morning, although he looked the worse for wear he was able to prepare his own breakfast. Shortly after he sat down he heard footsteps behind him.

“Morning Mike.” Linda said, “Sobered up yet?”

“Don’t I always?” he replied, through the haze.

“Not when I saw you last night, no.” Linda said with a laugh.

“Oh shit!” Mike gasped, “I thought….did I….Fuck! I’m sorry Lyn.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not. I do see you in a whole new light though.” Mike noted the hint of sarcasm.

“Yeah well,” he said, a bit embarrassed, “Let’s forget it shall we?”

“I’ll try. But it could be, hard.” she burst into laughter.

“Yeah ok! ok!” he said, getting up from the table and walking away.

It was Mike’s habit every morning to get up, put on his swimming shorts, have his breakfast and take a swim before getting dressed. All the way to the pool he was calling himself all sorts of idiots, knowing that Lyn was going to rib him all day about seeing him naked, “And hard for fuck sake” he said out loud

For the next couple of days Linda made the most of Mike’s embarrassment, a couple of times he saw Linda and Lesley, who was 20, huddled together talking, with a giggle thrown in when he appeared. He was thankful Lee wasn’t part of the secret because she never kept things quiet, and anyway as she was only eighteen Mike would have been devastated. By the third day things seemed to have quietened down and by the end of the week it seemed to be forgotten

By Friday, Mike had forgotten all about it and went out on his usual drinking session with his friends. As usual he got fall down drunk and as usual he stumbled into bed at about 2am and as usual he got up the following morning with only a blurred memory of his night out. And as usual he put his swimming shorts on and went for breakfast.

“Morning Mike.” Linda said, “Sobered up yet.”

Mike got a sudden vision of her sitting on the loo, “Oh fuck I didn’t did I? No I didn’t, I would have remembered.” he said unconvinced

“Do what Mike?” Linda said all innocently

“Oh nothing forget it.” he said, relieved

“Forget what?” Lesley said from behind him. “That big brother likes walking around naked in the middle of the night.”

“Oh Lyn!” Mike said defeated, “You didn’t have to tell her did you? Who else knows?”

Linda moved and put her arms around Lesley’s shoulder, “Ooh Mike I think we want to keep this in the family don t we Les?”

“Too true!” Lesley replied smiling, “From what Lyn tells me i’m surprised you don’t have a constant stream of girls knocking at your door all the time.”

“Alright! Alright! you two, you’ve made your point.” he said with a laugh, “Joke over ok!”

“Oh but I keep having these nightmares about this huge ‘thing’ dangling in my face.” Linda said childishly, “Do you think I need help big brother? A therapist maybe?”

“A sex therapist more like.” Lesley squealed.

It was just as well he got on well with his sisters; he knew they were only winding him up and having a laugh. “From some of the noises I hear from your room I don’t think either of you need sex therapy.” Now it was their turn to be embarrassed.

“Oh you perv.” Linda said.

And Lesley added, “You’ve been listening at my door!”

“No….” he started.

“Now I know why you were so big in the bathroom.” Linda laughed.

“That’s it.!” Mike said with a smile, “I’ve got no chance against the two of you; i’m going for my swim.”

When he had gone Lesley asked, “Was he really that big?”

Linda smiled, “Well bigger than Colin that’s for sure, mind you he seemed enormous at that time of night.”

“God!” Lesley gasped, “How can you compare your brother to your boyfriend.”

Now it was Linda’s turn to be embarrassed, “I’m not, I was just saying. Well you asked what am I supposed to say? He’s hung like a bloody donkey?”

They both fell into fits of giggles and sat down to eat there breakfast’s

Smiling, Mike made his way to the pool. He was pleased that he had been able to turn the tables on them, not that he had heard anything from their rooms but he knew that they both slept with their boyfriends. Mike thought himself lucky that his parents ran a liberated and uncomplicated household. He had taken several girls home for the night and his sister’s boyfriends were regular stopovers. ‘Mind you,’ he thought, ‘I don’t think they would be too happy with me running around in the middle of the night naked.’ He smiled to himself as he dived into the warm pool. After his usual ten lengths he dried himself off and went back to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee, taking it up to his room where he would probably spend most of the day on his PC. He liked to get his following weeks work program out of the way by midday so that he was free for the rest of the weekend.

As he worked he found his mind wandering back to his entry into the bathroom last week. It hadn’t entered his mind since it happened, even when Lyn mentioned it he couldn’t pick out any details as he was so busy fighting his embarrassment. Now his mind picked them out, of it’s own accord. Linda sitting there, pants at her ankles, legs closed and hands resting between them, she had a thin nightdress so he hadn’t seen anything, just those huge eyes of hers shocked as he walked in and then slowly moving down to his erection.

He stopped tapping on his keyboard at the thought of what she had seen, “Fuckin hell! he said quietly, “She saw the fucking lot. Shit!”

He smiled at the thought of what must have run through her mind the moment she saw it. Had she compared him with Colin, did it turn….? “Fucking hell stop thinking like that and get on with your work.” he said to himself. He shut the picture from his mind and tapped away on his keyboard. But it was too late, the questions were flooding through his mind and he couldn’t concentrate.

Unable to keep his mind on his work he grabbed his cup and went downstairs for a fresh coffee, thankfully the pot was full so he just had to fill up. As he made his way back upstairs there was a knock at the door. Mike opened it and was presented with a clip board, “Sign ere.” a gruff voice said bluntly. Mike noticed a parcel in his other hand and duly signed. Closing the door he checked to see who it was for and seeing Linda’s name took it up with his coffee. Leaving his cup in his room he tapped on Linda’s door and without thinking walked in.

The picture before him caused him a mixture of horror, shock, bemusement and total disbelief. “I….i’m sorry….I….” he stammered. He dropped the package and ran. He didn’t have any idea where he was going just that he had to get away. He ran into the garden and slowing to a walk just kept going, he hopped over the style at the bottom and realised he was heading for the woods. His mind was flashing the picture over and over again as he walked. Suddenly he found himself at Lee’s tree house.

The structure was quite large, built into the biggest oak tree Mike had ever seen, he had been here a few times but generally, Lee was the only one who used it. She had built it herself, every last nail. It had two rooms, if you could call it that, and while it wasn’t totally waterproof it was good enough for Lee to sleep in on occasion. Fitted out with a camping cooker and stocked with coffee and tea it was a cosy private little nook that Lee loved, and right now Mike needed.

He forced the picture from his mind till he had made himself a cup of coffee. Then dangling his feet over the edge he looked out into the wood till his mind was calm. Then he allowed the picture to flood back. However he looked at it he couldn’t convince himself that he was mistaken. His two sisters’ were having sex. ‘Well no,’ he thought, ‘let’s get it straight. They lay naked on the bed together, Linda’s face about two inches from Lesley’s and Lesley was holding Linda’s tit. Was that having sex? As near as damn it. Fuck!’

This was all getting too much, first he walk’s in on Linda having a piss and then he walk’s in on her fucking her sister. The look of shock on her face though was something to remember, much worse than his. The questions kept coming to him though. How long had it been going on? What about their boyfriends? Did anyone else know? Were they closet lesbians? ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck’ he thought, ‘ what the fuck am i gonna do, how can i face them.’ All the, ‘why didn’t i do this’ and ‘why didn’t i do that’s’ went through his mind, he just kept blaming himself.

Mike stayed in the tree house for a couple of hours before he came down, he knew he had to face them sometime. He decided that he would just ignore it and go with the flow, after all they were his sister’s, it’s not like one of them was an outsider, and they were a close family. ‘Yeah but not that fucking close.’ he thought with a smile. Maybe he would milk this the way they had milked his error, but then, maybe not eh?

Keeping his eye’s open to avoid bumping into them he made his way back to his room and once again tried to finish his work. It was slow and took a lot of determination before he completed it but, finally finished he felt relieved, now he could get on with what was left of his weekend. Even though the light was fading he put on his swimming shorts and went to the pool, not his usual routine but he felt the need to hide away.

“What are we going to do?” Lesley asked, as they watched him go to the pool.

“Well i suppose there’s only one thing we can do.” Linda replied, “Come on lets have a swim.”

“No! I cant, I can’t face him.”

“Well you’re going to have to sooner or later, now is as good as any other time, come on.”

“Well you can do the talking.” Lesley said as she went to her own room.

Ten minutes later they joined Mike in the orangery. Mike looked up, a little embarrassed but said nothing. The girls slipped into the pool and Mike could hear them whispering. He smiled to himself and had to admit this revenge was much better than earlier. He would wait and see what happened.

The girls got out of the pool and grabbing a towel off the shelf sat down on the sun chairs opposite Mike. “You ok bruv?” Linda asked.

“Yeah just chillin.” he said as naturally as he could.

“We don’t usually see you here at this time of the day” Lesley said.

“No, just thought I would take it easy for a change.”

“Oh, ok!” Lesley said quietly. She hunched her shoulders and spreading her hands looked at Linda questioningly.

Linda just raised her eyes as if to say, ‘How the hell do i know?’

The girls sat uncomfortably for a few minutes and then got up and left. Mike watched them leave, keeping a straight face till they were out of view, then a huge grin spread across his face.

He didn’t mention anything of what he saw for the whole of that week, but now and then he let slip a little double meaning or two for the pair of them to read as they wished, especially when Rob came round to see Lesley. She was on real tenterhooks while they were together. Even though it was only for a minute but Mike looked at her and then at Rob and then went to say something and said something entirely different. Les whisked Rob off as quickly as she could

Monday morning. Mike went off to work having had a rather restless weekend. No matter how he tried he couldn’t get the picture of Linda’s tit in Lesley’s hand out of his mind. Even though they had there own swimming pool, Mike had never seen that much of Linda’s body before, or was it that he had never seen it in that situation before. Whatever the reason, her tit’s seemed to get bigger by the day.

During lunch break Mike always sat with Alex, one of his Friday night drinking partners, they would discuss world events and the price of eggs and other points of national importance, usually ending up with ‘What happened Friday night then I don’t remember much.’

“You’ve got sisters haven’t you Alex?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, Marcia, she’s a year older than me and Kim, younger. Why do you ask?”

“How do they get on with each other?”

“Ohh god, don’t get caught between them two. They will both join up and tear you apart or they’re tearing each other apart. What about yours? How many you got?”

“Three. I was just wondering because all my sister’s seem really close. The only one that ever argues is Lee, but then I think she should have been a brother.” Mike laughed as he pictured Lee climbing trees and playing football.

“Well sister’s are like that. One minute they’re fighting like cat and dog and the next they’re sharing clothes or even boyfriends.”

“Boyfriends? Really?”

“Well not as such but they don’t keep anything about men to themselves do they. They’re always comparing bits and pieces and sharing information. Sisters are a click unto themselves really. Women are bad enough, but when they’re your sister’s it’s horrible.”

Mike thought about what Alex had said for the rest of the day but it didn’t help him to understand what had occurred any better.

Later that week, after Mike had done his evening class, he got home to find his step mother in the kitchen. Everyone else it seemed was out. “Hi mum, how’s you, where is every one.” Although Elise was Mikes step mother he never looked on her as anything other than his mother, never having really known his real mother.

“Hi, honey!” she called, “I’m in the kitchen. I’m having a late dinner do you want some before I dish it up?”

Mike walked into the kitchen and pecked her on the cheek, “Yeah that would be great, what we got?”

“Well i’m having a chicken dinner, we have beef or whatever’s left in the freezer.”

Mike smiled; he thought Elise may have by some miracle cooked something. Not that she really had much time to cook but one can live in hopes. “Ok I’ll have the same if that’s ok?”

“Ok! Dad’s at one of his meetings and the girls are all out.”

Sometimes Elise gave the impression that she never heard you, and then, like now, suddenly give you the answer to your question. Mike sat down and waited for the ‘ding’ of the microwave. “You ok hun? You look worried.” Elise said, as she handed him his dinner. She sat at the table with him and waited patiently for him to reply.

“Mum? Well….”

Still she waited patiently, slowly eating her dinner. “Well….” Mike started again, trying to figure out a way to ask the question without giving anything away, “Is it true that sister’s have a sort of, well, special relationship. I mean as opposed to brother sister, you know sort of woman thingy….wotsit.”

Elise laughed, “Well not quite the way I would have seen it but I know what you mean. Women always get on better with women Mike. It’s just the way things are. Mother daughter and sister sister relationships are usually that much closer. Not always. Thankfully in this house I think we are all really close compared with a lot of families I know. Why?”

Mike wasn’t expecting that question, “Oh….well….it’s just that Alex has got two sisters and he says they are always fighting and asked me if I had the same problem.”

“And what did you say?”

“Well I told him the truth. That they are really close, that we are all really close and that I couldn’t ever remember them having a real all out fight, or argument, even Lee, as bullish as she can be doesn’t really fight with the others. I just wondered which the norm was.”

“Well, if I go back to my own sister I would say that he is more like the norm. Not that Charlene and I were always fighting. But I much prefer what we have.” she said, touching his hand,” I am so very proud of you all, you get along so well and help each other out all the time. I think I would hate it if you were always fighting. You just make life so easy for your father and me, never having to really worry about any of you, always knowing that you stick together. It’s nice.”

“So being a really close family is better than normal.”

“Mmmm, yes I would say so, definitely.”

Mike sat eating his dinner, “Is that it then.” Elise said, “Is that what was worrying you?”

“Oh I wasn’t worried. It’s just that what Alex was saying made me look at our home life a little deeper that’s all.”

“And what did you discover?” Elise was curious, she had never really thought about the way they lived their life, it was all just so nice but she did have to admit it wasn’t normal, in the nicest way of course but it just wasn’t. Her daughter’s were more like sister’ to her and Mike was, well Mike. Even Jack was close to his girls, it just seemed so normal to them but Elise knew that other families would have been envious of her life.

“Well from what I can make out, we seem to be extremely lucky and so very close for a family of this size, we all get on so well most of the time, it’s more like we’re a group of friends.”

“And are you ok with that?”

“Oh yeah! I just wondered why? I suppose. Or maybe why our lifestyle isn’t the norm? Everyone would be so much better off if it was.”

“I think you could be right. But then we wouldn’t be special would we?” she laughed.

“No I suppose not.” Mike replied.

They finished there meal and threw the rubbish in the bin. Mike grabbed a coffee and went to his room while Elise poured herself a scotch and switched the TV on.

Mike thought about his conversation and done a little calculating. One and one equal two. One being, sisters are always close. And one being his sister’s were much closer than usual. Two being, taking that final step to what he had seen, would have been not only sort of normal but he supposed, expected. So it was all ok.

The following day, Thursday, Mike again got home late to find this time that Linda was in the kitchen. “Hi bruv, I’m just doing dinner, you want some?”

“This must be my lucky week. Having two meals cooked for me.”

“Well it’s not like we actually see much of each other in the week is it?” Mike’s smile made her realise what she had said, she laughed, and added, “You know what I mean.”

“Yeah I know sis, anyway I think we need to talk if that’s ok?”

“Yeah I think so too. Colin’s got the hump, and everyone else is out.” She placed a microwave meal on the table and Mike started to eat it.

“Go on then sis, what did you want to say?” He couldn’t help but put her on the spot.

“Well, it’s….about Saturday….you know.”

“Ok don’t worry; I’ll help you out ok. I won’t pretend I wasn’t shocked to see you and Les….well…. in bed shall we say. But I have thought about it and chatted to mum and I suppose its ok.”

“What!” Lyn gasped, “You told mum.”

“No! Don’t be silly, mind you I don’t think it would worry mum, dad maybe but not mum. No I just asked her about sister sister friends relationship stuff that’s all.”

“Thank god for that. Les has been frantic all week worrying that you would tell Rob or even mum. So you’re ok with it then?”

“Ok with what?” Lesley said from the door. She looked worried. Lyn looked past Les looking for Rob, “Don’t worry Robs gone home.”

“Ok with you and me Les. I thought it was about time we broached the subject.”

“I’m sorry Les if I have worried you.” Mike said, “I was a little confused and to be honest I was getting a little revenge on the both of you. I didn’t realise how worried you were.”
Lesley walked over to Lyn and put her arm round her shoulder, “You mean you don’t hate us?”

“No! Fuck me Les I wouldn’t hate you anyway. I was just a bit shocked, surprised, I mean, I never guessed that’s all.”

She threw her arms round Mike and said, “Oh i’m so glad. I was so so worried we had upset you. I would die if you hated us.”

Mike smiled and stood up. He put his arm around Lesley’s shoulder and beckoned Lyn to the other arm. “I apologise to you both.” he said and kissed first Les and then Lyn on the head. “Now I am off to bed, g’night”

As he walked away he heard them chattering away like little beavers. He was glad it was sorted out, and a little annoyed at himself for not realising that Lesley would have been so sensitive about it.

He slept fitfully for the first time all week, but still couldn’t get the picture of Lesley holding Lyn’s ample tit in her hand out of his mind, only now he just smiled about it.

The following day was drink day and Mike had been looking forward to it all week. The pressure he had put himself under was ridiculous and he wanted to wash it all away with a good quantity of booze.

As he walked to the pub he wondered why the hell he did this same routine every Friday, maybe it was time he changed it, maybe go to a club or something and get himself a girlfriend, he hadn’t had shag for months and he was sure he was wearing his hand out. But he didn’t, same old pub, same old friends, same old falling down drunk, and same old falling into bed at 2 am.

The only problem was he forgot he had brought a woman home with him. After half an hour of trying to arouse him she stomped out of the house leaving his bedroom door wide open, managing to wake Lyn in the process. If the woman had waited another two seconds she would have seen a hard on worth the wait, as his usual middle of the night piss erection came into being. He got up and promptly fell through the doorway landing on his face in the hall, mainly because he tried to open a door that wasn’t where it should be. By now Linda had got up to see what all the noise was about. As her bedroom was directly opposite Mikes, when she opened her door she could see him lying prone on the floor curling up into a ball as though he was going to go to sleep.

She looked at him for a second not sure what to do, deciding she couldn’t leave him there she helped him to stand, for the second time in her life she got a full view of his erection. However much she tried to avert her eye’s she couldn’t.

“Pull yourself together woman.” she said to herself. “Toilet is it Mike?”

Mike didn’t say anything just staggered towards the washroom. As he entered, Lyn went to return to her room but decided that she better make sure he got back to bed safely. A few moments later Mike appeared. ‘God he’s still big.’ Lyn thought. “Come on Mike let’s tuck you in.”

She somehow managed to get him back to his room and dropped him on his bed, lifting his feet up and covering him with his quilt. She felt like a drink but thought better of it, not trusting herself to leave it at one. She went back to bed and with visions of her brother’s erection fell asleep.

Mike woke up the following morning and in his usual cloudy state put his boxers on and went down for breakfast.

Half an hour and two cups of steaming hot coffee later, “Morning Mike!” Linda said, “Sobered up yet?”

Lesley laughed

It all came flooding back to him, “Oh fuck I dunnit again didn’t I? Oh shit i’m so sorry.”

“Oh no.” Lyn said, “This time you surpassed your self. If I heard things correctly, you brought some young woman home with you, and she got so annoyed that you fell asleep she woke up the whole house, lucky mum and dad are away, or it would have been them that found you laying on the landing and not me.”

“Oh no.” Mike said rubbing his face in his hands, “Was I….?” he said waving his hands up and down his body.

“Oh you were stark buck naked.” Lyn said trying to sound serious.

“And from what Lyn tells me you were as stiff as a board.” Lesley added

Both girls burst out laughing. Mike raised his head and saw them looking at him, laughing at him.

“Bit unfair though Mike.” Lesley said

“What is?” he said, resigned to them taking the piss out of him yet again.

“Well that’s twice you’ve flashed your cock at Lyn, when do I get my turn.”`Another burst of laughter.

“I can only apologise.” he said looking at Lyn

“Oh don’t apologise, I enjoyed it, did you know your almost as big soft as Colin is when he’s hard.” Yet another bout of hysterical laughter.

Mike knew he had lost, “That’s it i’m off.” he said angrily, and stormed off to the swimming pool. But this time the girls weren’t letting him off the hook, they followed close behind.

He dived straight into the pool and started swimming, when the girls came in they sat in the sun chairs watching him, whispering to each other. Mike ignored them and concentrated on his swim. He was angry with himself, he couldn’t remember bringing anyone home but he did remember what occurred on the landing, through a mist he remembered Lyn picking him up and being outside the bathroom when he had finished, vaguely he remembered her covering him up. She had seen everything, only this time she had been able to have a bloody good look, and it would seem she did, and again when he came back out, when he was soft. ‘Now i’m gonna get some grief’ he thought.’

He had lost count of the lengths he had swam, he just carried on till he felt sober and then till he was ready to handle the barrage his sister’s were going to give him. He finished his lap and shook the water from his face. Walking to the side he jumped out of the pool and slowly rubbed his face with his hands. He heard his sister’s laughing but ignored them, he was calm, and he was in control.

“Well it’s better than nothing I suppose.” Lesley said, “Hey Mike aren’t you supposed to wear swimming shorts in the pool.”

Mike looked down and realised he was wearing his boxers, they had stuck to him wherever he was wet, they were also transparent, “Fuck!” he shouted and ran to the shelf for a towel. He held the towel around his waist and said, “Ok that’s enough. I think I know how much of a prat I have been ok!” He flopped down into a sun chair, feeling embarrassed and just a little dejected.

Feeling sorry for him, Lyn sat on the arm of his chair, wrapped her arm round his shoulders and pulled his head against her. She ran her hand down his face, “Oh is big mikey feeling picked on.” she emphasised the ‘big’

Lesley sat on the other arm and pulled him over to her, “Ohhh poor big Mikey,” she said, again emphasising the ‘big’

Mike had to laugh, “Look will you two please stop with the big ok!”

Linda pulled him back, “But big mikey is so biiiiiig.”

Lesley pulled him back to her, “I don’t know how big Mikey is, cos he don’t love me as much as he loves liddle Lindee.”

“Oh come on girls I feel bad enough as it is, you know I love you both the same so can we leave with the big ok.”

“Ok biiiig Mikey,” Linda said in her childish cheeky little girl voice, “But you is really really biiiig, to me big Mikey.”

“If you two don’t shut up I am going to throw you in the bloody pool to cool off.”

Lesley jumped up and down saying in a childish voice, “Ohhh we all go for swim all go for swim. Big Mikey get wet boxers yummee yummee.”

“That’s it.” Mike said, and jumping up he pushed Lesley so hard she fell into the pool. Mike suddenly realised that the pool was approaching at an alarming rate, too late he was under the water. Coming to the surface gasping for air he shook the water from his face.

It was clear that Linda had pushed him into the pool from behind but she was not in sight. Lesley suddenly surfaced right in front of him. “Biiig Mikey boxers very sticky to him big nuts.” she said in her little girl tone.

But Mike had a reply, “And liddle Lesley nightdress see through.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her pert little tits, the nipples standing out as hard as rocks, now it was his turn to laugh. Lesley looked down and saw he was telling the truth, she screamed and quickly dipped her shoulders below the surface. Mike heard a splash behind him. “Lyn it’s see through.” Lesley screamed.

Mike had already turned and saw Lyn’s tit’s for real, her nightdress was pink nylon and it was totally transparent. Lyn’s boobs seemed enormous, so firm they hardly moved as she splashed around.

Lyn looked down and then looked at Mike, “Seen enough?” she asked, slowly sinking her mammeries below water level.

Mike jerked his head up and went to make a comment but decided against it. Instead he swam to the side and jumped out; he grabbed a towel and ran to the house. He ran up to his room and dropping the towel looked in the mirror. “Fuck!” he shouted as he saw his reflection. He was rock hard, throbbingly hard, “Shit fuck!” He stomped into his shower and turned the water on, making sure it was cold, he stepped in. The cold hit his senses, and his erection. He tried to focus his mind on his work, but failed miserably, he banged his head on the wall but even that didn’t work, just gave him a bloody headache. He got out of the shower and quickly dried himself off; he grabbed shorts and a t shirt from his wardrobe and dressed. He took five minutes to gather himself, and then ran out of the house to Lee’s tree house, thankfully without bumping into either of his sister’s. He didn’t know what else to do, he needed time to think, get things into perspective. Hell he needed time to fuckin calm down.

Lynda and Lesley watched him as he left the orangery before bursting into laughter. “God did you see.” Les asked

“See what!” Lynda said confused.

“He was hard, I could see, he was like carrying a tent out in front of him, i’m surprised it didn’t open the door. Shit it was such a fuckin turn on. Am I wicked, oh fuck me I am so horny.” She rambled.

Lynda threw her arms around her sister and kissed her passionately on the lips. Suddenly they were both lost in a flood of lust, ripping each others clothes off they fought over who would suck who’s tit’s. It was a scramble for body parts, a scramble that ended up poolside with Linda, as always in the dominant position. The sisters had been making love for a very long time and knew each other’s bodies as well as they knew their own. With the heightened stimulation the explosion of climax came quickly and suddenly to them both. The ferocity was almost too much for them to handle and as each girl screamed in exotic pain the other screamed for her not to stop, it was a cycle of pain if you stop and pain if you don’t. It took, what seemed forever for the pain to subside and then another good few minutes before either girl could move.

“Fucking hell Lyn that was out of this fucking world.”

“Tell me about it, I am fucking bruised all over.” They sat for a while in silence gazing at the roof.

“What do you think Mike is doing?” Lesley asked seriously

“Having a wank?” Linda replied. Lesley screamed and they both burst out laughing.

“I couldn’t believe him throwing me in like that.” Lesley said.

“I thought I had drowned him when I pushed him in, and then when you said I was naked it was too late so I just asked him if he had seen enough.”

“Oh Lyn I didn’t know where to put my face, he could see everything, and then my bloody nipples just went ping and nearly poked his bloody eye’s out.”

“That’s probably why he had a hard on, I reckon he’s a tit man, he couldn’t take his eyes off mine.”

“Oh that’s it rub it in my face, you’ve got enough tit for both of us.”

“Maybe I have, but have I got enough for the three of us.” she was laughing again, as much from embarrassment as anything else.

“Linda! You wouldn’t, he’s our brother.”

“Well if you can tell me why we just had the most fucking explosive orgasm ever, and not mention Mike then ok, but I bet you cant.”

Lesley tried to think of anything that would fill the gap but knew she was wasting her time, “Well, no I can’t. But he is our brother.”

“And you’re my sister and we have just had great sex, can you honestly say the thought of even seeing Mike’s erection doesn’t turn you on.”

“Yes, but it’s not up to us is it, he must have hated us for what we did to him.”

“Somehow I don’t think he did, do you want to find out, I mean really want to know.”

Lesley thought about that for a while then replied, “Why not? He can always say no cant he?”

Linda gave a wicked smile and said, “Then we’re agreed, somehow we, and I mean we, are going to seduce our biiig brother. Come on we better get dressed before he comes back, let’s make plans.”

They grabbed a towel each and wrapped it around there naked bodies. They picked up there tattered clothing and went back to the house.

It was becoming harder and harder for Mike to stay calm, all the arguments he put up could not escape the fact that he had an erection because he was looking at his sister’s naked bodies, and nothing could get away from the fact that he was a heartbeat away from grabbing Linda’s boobs, he wanted to play with them, suck them, even Lesley’s, though smaller were too much of a temptation, he had never seen nipples stand so proud before, they just begged to be licked and sucked. Mike could feel his erection rising again and forced himself to think of something else, this time it was a plate of spaghetti. But it wouldn’t last and he knew it.

He had been in the tree house for ages and his stomach started to rumble, he knew he had to get something to eat, but even this he questioned, was he really hungry or did he want to see his sister’s again. Was it food he needed or ….No he wouldn’t go that route? He was hungry, he would quickly get something to eat and go to his room. At least there he was safe.

He climbed down from the tree and went the long route to the house, through all the nooks and crannies of the garden. He looked through the glass door before he entered the kitchen.

He felt like a thief, creeping in the back door and tiptoeing around the kitchen hoping no one would hear. He took his dinner and a bottle of wine up to his room. He was surprised to see that it was 4pm. He switched his computer on and tried to do some work. He failed miserably and in the end just gave up. He paced back and forth for ages everything going over in his head. No matter how he tried he couldn’t get his sisters out of his mind. And it was getting worse, if he didn’t do something about it he would go mad, and he would be too scared to go to sleep in case he got up in the night and bumped into one of them, in their see through nightdress. Or naked even, eager to help….”Fuck this!” he said to himself.

He glanced at the clock 7pm “Yes that should do it.” he said and made his way to the gym. A really good work out for a couple of hours and he would be tired enough to fall asleep. And that’s what he did. Bike, rowing, weight’s he did everything. Then he done ten lengths in the pool and done it all again until his body ached so much he could hardly stand up. Finally he got into the hot tub fully clothed, and relaxed.

He must have fallen asleep because one minute he was alone and the next his sister’s were in the hot tub with him, silently watching him. He quickly glanced at them and then looked them up and down.

“Don’t worry Mike.” Linda said, “We have our bikini’s on.” she stood up so that he could see. Lesley said nothing but stood up as well. It didn’t help. Neither bikini covered anything. Even Lesley’s hid nothing, her nipples staring at him, Linda’s, well hers was barely big enough to cover her nipples.

“Im bushed!” Mike said fighting hard to kill his threatening erection. “I’m going to have an early night.” He slowly got out and grabbing a towel went back to the house. ‘All that hard work for nothing.’ he thought. ‘Still there’s always this.” He had grabbed another couple of bottles of wine and meant to drink himself to sleep.

It seemed to take forever, he kept hearing the girls moving around, laughing quietly or talking, but eventually he fell asleep. A sleep filled with boobs and erections, his sister’s with lots of men, except all the men had his face. He woke up with a start. Jerking upright, unsure where he was until he looked around the familiar room. Letting out a sigh he rubbed his hands over his face. “I never thought I would say this but roll on fucking Monday, back to fucking work.”

For the first time in years he dressed before he went down stairs, carrying his trunks under his arm. He made his coffee and checked the clock. It was 7.30am. He had not been up this early on a weekend since he was a kid, but at least he felt safe, as the girls would be asleep for hours yet. He decided to take his breakfast in the orangery. He cleaned up the kitchen so it looked like nobody was up yet, even cooling down the coffee pot, and then quietly went over to the pool. He sat at the table and breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Alone at last’ he thought. But he couldn’t get away from his thoughts.

Once he had eaten and drank his coffee he went into the Gym and changed into his swim wear. He dived into the pool and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of freedom it gave him. He slowly started his routine ten lengths. Half way through he came to the turn and saw a pair of legs, slim, Lesley, he ignored them. The other end more legs, thicker, Linda, again he ignored them. He returned to the other end, legs open, swim back, legs open, swim back, body in pool, swim back, same again, swim back. He came face to face with Lesley sitting calmly underwater, he almost burst out laughing but forced himself to concentrate. Back, and Linda was sitting the same. He turned and swam, Linda swimming along side him, turn and swim, Lesley joined on the other side. He couldn’t take it anymore and surfaced. The girls stood either side of him.

“What are you two up to, in fact what are you even doing up.”

“You seem to be hiding from us, Mike.” Linda said softly

“Or are you running away.” Lesley added

“No I am not running, or hiding.” he said quietly, “I just….well….I’ve been busy that’s all.”

“You’re never busy at the weekend Mike.” Linda said firmly.

“This is because of yesterday, in the pool isn’t it?” Lesley asked

He was about to lie when Linda added, “Be honest Mike, please.”

He was silent for a while, and then he got out of the pool and sat in a sun chair. They sat each side but facing him. Waiting for his reply. “Yes!” he said, “I….I was, am, confused.” he said quietly without looking at them.

“I know this may sound stupid, but why?” Linda asked.

Mike glared at her with a flash of anger; it quickly dissipated when he saw her concerned face. “Well lets see what’s happened over the last few weeks, first I walk in on you when your taking a piss, prat that I am, then I walk in on you two having….well you know, double prat, then you have to pick me up off the floor naked and take me to the loo, triple prat and then I cant even be in the pool with you.”

“The word is sex Mike, or making love. Les and I have been, ‘lovers’, if you like, for years.”

“Apart from the pool all the rest just happened, so what’s the problem Mike?” Lesley said softly putting a hand on his knee.

“Oh come on, neither of you are that naive, you know what happened yesterday, you know why I got out of the pool and locked myself in my room, why I couldn’t be in the hot tub with you. You know!”

“You got a stiffy!” Linda said, “So what?”

“So what?” Mike gasped, “So what? Your my fucking sister’s, that’s what.”

Now it was Lesley’s turn to be serious, “So you didn’t enjoy it then. Honestly, we weren’t having fun, in the pool I mean.”

“Yes!” Mike gasped, “But you were all wet and….you’re….you were wet ok.”

Lesley leaned forward and said, “Were we or were we not having a laugh.” Although Linda had seen her sister in a debating hall, she had never seen her this determined, but she knew better than to interrupt.
“Yes we were until…. You…. until you got wet.” Mike was feeling cornered.

“You mean until you saw these.” and with that she pulled her bikini top off and sat back. Linda, not really knowing what Lesley’s game plan was followed suit and let her boobs free as well.

“Oh come on girls please.” Mike said, fighting the urge to look.

He started to leave but Lesley pushed him back into his seat and said, “Running away again Mike.”

Mike was angry, “No i’m bloody not, it’s not right, you know it’s not right.” he shouted

“What isn’t Mike?” Lesley shouted back “The fact that you like them, the fact that it turns you on, the fact that yesterday you got a hard on and that even now your cock is getting hard.” Linda couldn’t believe her ears, this wasn’t the little miss prim and proper she knew and loved, this was Lesley the cat, and all claws were on the attack.

“You fucking bitch.” Mike said, and suddenly burst out laughing, “You sit there telling me about getting hard when your fucking nipples are pointing all the way to the South Pole.”

Lesley looked at her tits and then looked at Linda. They burst out laughing; Mike couldn’t help but join in. Eventually he said, “Look girls, I am really sorry about hiding from you, but for fuck sake look at it from my point of view. You’re my sister’s for fuck sake; i’m your big brother….”

“Big is right.” Linda interjected, “Sorry!”

“I’m your brother.” Mike continued, “I can’t keep getting a hard on every time I see you, fuck me if that was the only problem it would be easy, but it isn’t.”

“What other problem is there then Mike” Linda asked, “While we’re being honest, and getting things in the open, well while I and Les are in the open.”

Mike ignored her obvious remark and said, “Like I said your not naive, either of you, and even though your my sisters your still both fucking good looking women. You wouldn’t believe the dream I had last night.”

“Did you come?” Linda asked with a giggle.

“No! Mike said, shocked “I didn’t”

“Do you want to?” Linda again, Lesley seemed to have gone quiet.

“What?” Mike gasped.

“You heard Mike, do you want to come.” Lesley said quietly, “I don’t mind helping, what about you Lyn?”

“Love to” came the reply.

Mike’s jaw dropped open, “You gotta be kidding me.”

“Why?” Lesley said sharply, “You telling me your dream wasn’t about fucking us both, fucking our brains out.”

“Well your brains Les, I don’t have any.” Linda laughed “Well Mike, I think you should answer her.”

“Yes it was, ok, now you know, I dreamt of shagging you both, but I cant and it’s fucking painful.”

Lesley got up and sat on Linda’s lap, “Looks like you’ll have to help me out then Lyn.”

“My pleasure babe.” and she ran her hand up Lesley’s side till she reached an erect nipple then as they both watched Mike she took it onto her mouth. Mike watched, fighting the urge to run, not wanting to let them make him run again. He watched as Lyn played with that hard nipple, watched as his sister did what he wanted to do. He watched as Lesley’s hand came up and cupped Linda’s breast and watched as she slid down and took it in her mouth. But then he couldn’t watch anymore. He jumped up and dived into the pool. It wasn’t running away he convinced himself as he started swimming lengths. He didn’t run away.

He turned and swam back, as he approached the end he could see Lesley sitting on the bottom, topless turning her nipple between thumb and finger, he turned and saw Linda take her tit and bring it to her mouth, licking the nipple, he turned and saw Lesley naked, one hand on her nipple the other between her legs, he turned and, nothing. He felt disappointment when Linda was not there, but tinged with relief. He turned again and as he approached Lesley could see her with her head between Linda’s thigh’s, he spluttered taking in a mouth full of water but he didn’t stop, he turned his mind racing, what next he thought, he turned, and ran straight into them, this time he gulped in water and scrambled to the surface gasping for air.

He cleared the water from his face and found Linda only inches away from him, “We want you Mike.”

He felt Lesley come up behind him, felt her body against him as she said, “Both of us Mike. Are you hard?”

He felt her hand moving over his stomach heading for his erection. That was it, he couldn’t take anymore. He swam to the edge and sat on the side, then he stood up and with a smile on his face shouted “Yes I fucking well am. And however I feel or you feel this is wrong.” he stormed through the door and went back to the house. As he left the pool he heard them laughing and giggling. He smiled to himself, ‘Fucking mad bitches.’ he thought, smiling.

Mike was quite proud that he had not given in, under those circumstances most men would have made the most of what was on offer, and there was no doubt that it was on offer, but he had survived. He had to admit though that the girls were right, he had been running away all the time and not facing the problem straight on. He wasn’t running anymore, and he wasn’t giving in, however much it turned him on, he wasn’t giving in, it was wrong.

He went into the kitchen and made some fresh coffee, by the time it was ready the girls had joined him wrapped in towels. “Coffees hot if you want some.” he said, nonchalantly sitting at the kitchen table. The girls looked at each other, a little confused at his calm demeanour, little did they know that inside his stomach was churning. ‘What would they do next?’ he asked himself.

The phone rang, ‘Hi mum’ Linda said, dropping her towel to the floor. She let Mike get a look before she turned her back to him and leaned on the work surface chatting. Lesley dropped her towel and putting her ear to the phone joined in the conversation.

Mike couldn’t believe that they were chatting to their mother naked, right in front of their brother. But the way things had gone over the last few day’s this was quite tame. However much he said to himself that he wasn’t going to look he couldn’t help it, and in the end gave up. He looked at them both quite appraisingly, comparing curve and line, again he conceded that they were stunning looking women, each in there own way. He also had to concede that hiding themselves as they were, whether by design or not made the whole situation a lot more horny, after all they were talking to their mum naked, and he was getting a hard on looking at them. ‘Fuck this!’ he thought, and went up to his room to do some work. This time he was able to concentrate, it took a lot longer than usual but he got it finished.

It was mid afternoon so decided to make the most of the good weather and do some sun bathing. He put on his swim shorts and lay out on the patio. He didn’t see the girls for the rest of the afternoon. He made the most of the quiet, taking a few beers outside, putting on lotion and turning himself often to keep the tan even. By the time the girls came back the sun was going down.

“Hi Mike.” Lesley said, “You’ve gone a nice colour.”

He sat up and looked down at himself. “Yeah not bad, it’s been a great day for getting a tan.” Everything seemed a bit too normal, “I thought mum was back today.”

“Oh no.” Linda replied, “That’s what the call was, I didn’t want to disturb you, they’ve decided to stay in Holland for a week as mum is due some time off, they met some people apparently who asked them to stay so they said yes.”

“Oh great.” Mike said, but thought it in a totally different way to how he said it.

“We got a couple of films to watch later,” Lesley said, “Thought we might go to the pub, have a few drinks and then come home and watch them, wanna join us.”

Mike looked at them, “Err….”

“Go on Mike. We went too far, it is wrong and we won’t mess around anymore.” Linda said casually, “What else have you got to do anyway, first drink on me as a sorry ok!”

She sounded sincere, Lesley had that pleading look in her eyes, but Mike wasn’t too sure. Linda was right of course, he had nothing better to do and what could they do in a pub. “Yeah ok why not?” he said, “What time?”

“Thought about eight, ok?” Linda smiled

“Yeah that’s fine.” Mike agreed.

As Mike got ready he was glad things were sorted out, he still felt a little apprehensive but he accepted their word and decided to drink the whole thing under the table. They hadn’t been out together for ages but he knew they could be a whole lot of fun when they were in the right mood.

As the weather was still hot and it was only the local pubMike dressed in shorts, compromising with a shirt worn loose. He called the girls as he went downstairs to let them know he was ready but he was a bit late, they were already waiting in the hall for him.

He couldn’t help but take a sharp breath and hoped they didn’t see, although they had been out together before he had never seen them in their glad rags, other than diving out the door with their respective boyfriends. Linda was wearing a short dress that was very low cut and had a tie belt at the waist, it was clean clingy and very thin, so thin Mike could see her nipples. But that was nothing compared to Lesley. Her skirt was so short it almost displayed everything, the split up each side showed that she was wearing stay ups. She had on a very thin, almost transparent top that came over her boobs and round the back, tying just under the bust. Her top hugged her pert little tits so tightly that her erect nipples were on full view.

“Will we do Mike?” Lyn asked doing a twirl.

“Wont show you up will we?” Lesley asked mirroring Linda’s movements.

“You look absolutely stunning, both of you.” Mike said. He had convinced himself that they were genuinely sorry for teasing him. He had decided that tonight he was going to have some fun, and make sure he remembered it.

They walked through the woods to the pub, just chatting and having a laugh, the atmosphere was light and relaxed. Still a little unsure Mike started to relax after a few drinks, and the worries about what might have happened just slid away. As the night went on more and more people joined them, in the end it was a bloody good night, but Mike couldn’t help but glance at his sisters now and then, especially when some of the other’s made comments to them about how great they looked. Linda’s top frequently came open slightly and gave anyone looking a glimpse of her well rounded boobs, some of the comments were a little lewd but both Linda and Lesley were more than able to look after themselves. Thankfully Mike stayed sober; well not fall down drunk anyway just merry. The crowd got a friendly game of dart’s going and split the group into two teams. Alex said that as Lesley didn’t want to throw darts she could score, with him if she wished, which brought a laugh, and it would be unfair for Mike and Linda to be on the same team as they were both too good, comes from having there own dart board at home.

As the game got underway Mike and Linda had a little banter ending with a private bet as to who would win. It wasn’t the money so much as man woman rivalry. A lot of jockeying for head of interference got underway. As it was getting late it was to be the best of five singles games as there were five players in each team, with Mike and Linda throwing last, the deciding game if it was a draw, which it was. Mike was pretty sure it was a set up but Alex swore he tried his best to get his ending double, so the final game was between brother and sister. Sister won just as last orders were called, and amongst a whole lot of rib taking.

Finally it all broke up and Mike walked home with his sisters. He still argued about being the better player and saying how he had only lost because people were putting him off. “If it had been the best of three games I would have beaten you easy. ” He said.

They argued merrily as they took the shortcut through the woods and across the field which led to their garden. Half way across the field there was a flash of lightening and clash of thunder. A summer storm suddenly burst from the heavens, torrents of rain and flashes of light followed by deafening thunder had the girls in fits of hysteria. They ran up to Mike and hid behind him laughing and screaming at the same time. Mike loved storms and as the weather had been so hot all day just ran around getting wet, the girls followed him like a couple of puppy dogs, screaming at him to stand still.

In the end he took pity on them and putting an arm round each said, “Come on you drowned rats, lets get you home and safe.” He was laughing as he said it, till he felt a punch in his stomach.

“You’re a bastard you are.” Lyn said laughing as he doubled up on the floor.

The storm forgotten Lesley screamed “Yes!” and jumped on him swinging her fist’s around his head, “We could have been killed.”

“All right all right.” Mike said protecting his head with his arms, “Get off me you little minx.”

As he felt a weight on his legs he realised that Linda was coming to Lesley’s aid so he twisted himself about and squirmed until she rolled off him. Linda tried to hold his arms down but he grabbed hold of her and pulled her to the floor alongside him, he managed to twist himself free and stood up laughing. When he looked down at them he was hysterical. They were both covered from head to foot in mud; their clothes all dishevelled and open, displaying naked flesh, their hair sticking to their faces. They lay on their backs propping themselves up on there elbows, either tears of laughter or rain running down their cheeks. Laughing too much to be able to speak Mike just pointed at them. They both looked themselves up and down and laughed even more.

Eventually they all stood together trying to pick bit’s of grass and other flotsam from themselves and each other. “Oh I give up.” Linda said.

Lesley agreed and Mike said, “Well if I hadn’t seen it all before I certainly have now. Come on lets get home.” He put his arms out and the girls joined him, one on each side still laughing and making no attempt to cover themselves up, after all, a wet t shirt competition would have seemed mild by comparison.

As they walked up the garden the rain finally ceased. Soaked to the skin Linda said, “I’m not going in the house like this; mud will get everywhere I’m going in the pool to get cleaned up.”

“Yeah me too” Mike said and Lesley agreed as well.

They entered the orangery and Linda just dived straight in, clothes and all, quickly followed by the other two. Lesley stripped off her clothes and threw them on the side shortly followed by Linda’s. Mike hesitated for a second and then said, “Oh what the fuck….” and threw his clothes as well.

They swam for a while and then Mike said, “I need a drink, anyone else?”

Both girls agreed and Lesley added, “I’ll have mine in the sauna.”

“Oh great idea, me too Mike.” Linda said.

“Mike wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the house. He grabbed some bottles and cans and put them in a carry bag along with some biscuits and other food stuff and headed back. When he arrived back he went straight to the sauna and put the food down and poured drinks for all. He handed them out and as he did so realised just how relaxed they all were even though they were all naked. He couldn’t help admire the girl’s bodies. They seemed opposite sides of the same coin, so exactly opposite, one well built and on the larger side and the other slim and petite. Both though were good looking, both had agreat a sense of humour and they all got along so well, he smiled as he felt his cock give a twitch.

He lay down on the seat opposite them and just enjoyed the heat, and the view. He didn’t try to hide the fact that he was looking, it just seemed so natural now for some unknown reason.

“So what do you reckon Les?” Linda said, “Was it what you expected?”

“Yeah and some.” Lesley replied with a nervous laugh.

“What’s that?” Mike asked.

“Your body Mike.” Lesley said, “Not bad for an olden.” again that nervous laugh.

Without thinking he said, “Well I have to say your not bad yourself, either of you, quite nice in fact.”

Lesley raised her head to look at Linda, who had done the same. The thought was ‘what’s wrong with him tonight.’ but neither said anything just shook there heads.

Mike had noticed the movement, “Well I cant fight it can I, even the weather is on your side, so fuck it lets be honest with each other. Your both very fine looking women.” he said.

“Mike!” Linda said mockingly, “One could almost think you fancied us.”

Mike just smiled which left one of those pregnant pauses, finally broken by Lesley. “Judging by his cock I think he does.” again that nervous laugh.

Mike lifted his head slightly and looked down; his cock was indeed slightly erect and throbbing. Still he said nothing.

“Think I need a cold shower then I’m going in to do a pizza.” Linda said. She left the sauna followed by Lesley and then shortly after by Mike. When Mike arrived in the showers the girls were stood under the same one whispering to each other. With his heart racing at the scene he joined them. The girl turned with there back’s to the wall and looked at him.

Mike felt a pang of panic but forced it down, slowly he leaned forward and kissed Lesley on the lips, his hand reaching to Lyn and ran down her face and over her shoulder to her breast. He broke the kiss and said tenderly, “Be gentle with me.”

The girls burst out laughing, Mike had to join in realising the stupidity of the situation. Lyn reached out and pulled his face to hers, kissing him passionately, Lesley stood behind him crushing her body to him and running her hands over his muscles, down his back and then his side’s slowly moving over his hips till she could reach his now fully erect penis. Mike moaned as he felt her grip him, his hand slipped behind him and slipped between her legs. Lesley was rubbing his hard tool against her sister’s quim, probing for an entry.

“Whoa, whoa.” Linda said, “Let’s get indoors.”

They pulled apart and without bothering with towels ran for the house. As they entered the kitchen Mike said, “Pizza anyone.”

“Pizza this more like.” Linda said, grabbing his erection and leading him the lounge.

“Put all the settees together.” Lesley said, “Ill get some quilts.”

Mike and Linda did as she said. When all the pieces of soft furniture were together they made a huge king size bed. As they finished Lesley appeared and threw two quilts onto the set-up. “Leather can be bloody awful.” she said.

Mike stood watching as Linda spread the quilts out. When she had finished the two girls looked at each other and then at Mike, they rushed him, pushing him back onto the makeshift bed, before he knew it they were sucking his cock, together. “Oh fuck!” he moaned. After a few minutes he reached out and finding a leg pulled it up so that the attached body straddled his face. His tongue flicked out and touched his sister’s pussy, he felt her jump so did it again, he knew it was Linda so he reached his hand down and grabbed her tit, pinching her nipple as his tongue flicked her pussy open, then as he played with her nipples he slid his tongue as far into her wet hole as he could, flicking her clit as her slid out.

Linda let out a soft mouth filled moan, freeing his other hand he reached for her other tit and, now pinching and playing with both nipples, he licked her swollen pussy in earnest, long soft licks and quick flicks, now and again tonguing her arse as well. Fighting hard not to come he worked on her until she started moving with him and then he felt her bum crack grip tight, she raised her head and quietly said, “My brother is going to make me come, nooooowwwww.” and she rocked onto his face harder and harder as her orgasm shook through her body. With moans of pleasure rushing from her mouth she pulled Lesley up and kissed her, holding all the orgasmic agony in until she could hold it no more. “Arrrrrgh. Fuck me Les you gotta try some of this. Ohhhhh fuck fuck fuck, you gotta have some.”
Slowly she came to a stop, Mike wiped her juices from his face, thankful that he hadn’t come in Lesley’s mouth, not that he didn’t want to, he just wanted to see her swallow her big brothers come, wanted to see her take it all. Nno that he was finally committed, the thought sent shiver’s through his whole body.

He didn’t have long to wait. “I wanna taste him first.” Lesley said, going back to sucking his cock. Linda lay next to him kissing him and sucking his nipples, nibbling his ears while he played with her swollen nipples again, sucking on her tit’s and playing his fingers over her bum crack.

Slowly he felt it rise, he looked down and saw his sister with his hard manhood deep in her mouth, playing it like they were old friends, the vision was too much and his juices shot up and out of his cock into her mouth, without stopping she glanced up at him, smiling and took it all, not a drop was wasted. Before he could go soft Lesley straddled him and Linda fed his semi erect dick into his young sister. “Little sister,” Linda said, “Let me introduce your cunt to your brother’s cock.”

“Oh you bitch,” Lesley moaned as she felt it slide in, “You know I love it when you talk filth, oh Mike that feels good, so good.”

“So you like filth do you?” Mike asked, starting a pumping rhythm, feeling his cock harden again.

“She likes to be had, used even” Linda said, “She just loves being fucked. And she goes mad if you spank her arse”

She pushed Les forward so her tits were in Mike’s face she watched as he gripped them hard, twisting them viciously, Lesley moaned loudly. Suddenly she screamed and jerked forward as her sister slapped her naked buttocks as hard as she could. Mike felt her struggle against it so he wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled down so her head was pinned to the bed under his arm. In this position she couldn’t move, he thrust hard into her and as he pulled back Linda slapped her again. Between them he and Linda found a rhythm, he thrust in and she slapped down, harder and faster. Lesley screamed loudly, begged for them to stop and thrashed as best she could until she let out a huge scream and dug her nails into Mike’s shoulders. He thrust even harder and faster, Lynda slapped faster but lighter, little stinging slaps.

Lesley’s scream seemed to last forever, Mike lost it in the sudden orgasm that racked his body, and he grunted like a pig at the unexpected severity of it, feeling like it had ripped the head of his cock off only heightened the painful pleasure. As it subsided he released Lesley’s head and she collapsed on top of him, they both gasped for air.

“Fucking hell!” Linda gasped, “That was fucking awesome.”

“Try it from where I am.” Lesley said, exhausted.

“I will don’t worry.” Linda replied, “But I think poor Mike needs a rest first and maybe something to eat, I mean food.”

As Lesley and Mike recovered they could smell the aroma of cooking pizza coming from the kitchen. “What is it with her and pizza?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know.” Lesley replied, “She always does though, bit like an aphrodisiac I think, I hope.” she laughed giving Mikes now soft dick a flick.

“I get the feeling she likes to be in control in the bedroom.” Mike said.

“She does, and she’s very good at it.” Lesley laughed, “She can keep me going for hours, she stands back and then pounces on you when she’s ready. Though I don’t know how she will cope with the two of us.”

“And you?” Mike asked.

“She likes to be had don’t you little sister.” Linda said carrying a huge pizza in her hands.

“Well!” Lesley said, “I do like sex. A lot.” she said. “And I just love pleasing you anyway you want me to.”

Now that the ice was well and truly broken they chatted comfortably about themselves and there sexual likes and dislikes. Neither of the girls it seemed particularly enjoyed it with there respective boyfriends which was how they had ended up with each other, although they both admitted that they had ‘played’ together since they were kids.

After a few slices of pizza and a couple of drinks Linda’s hands started to run up and down Mike’s body, Lesley settled on Mikes other side and joined in the body rubbing, kissing and foreplay. Mike slid out from between them and settled behind Linda. Lesley played with Linda’s tits while she kissed her and Mike slid down and tongued Linda’s bum crack. Between them they soon got Linda moaning with pleasure. Lesley spread her legs as Linda’s hand delved between them, seeking out her swollen bud. Mike moved down and lifted Linda onto her knees so he could tongue her arse and slide down to her wet pussy. Linda moaned loudly and slid down so that she could replace her fingers with her tongue. Lesley jerked with pleasure at her touch.

Mike watched for a moment as one sister pleasured the other then he looked into Lesley’s eyes, wide and staring at him. “Fuck the bitch,” Lesley said, “Fuck her hard like the bitch she is.”

Mike didn’t need telling twice, the sight of them together along with the look of sheer lust in Lesley’s eye’s had made him rock hard. He position himself behind Linda and thrust into her, hard, fast, without thought of pain or pleasure, just sheer lust, just the need to fuck his domineering sister into submission. He reached under her and gripped her tits using them to pull himself into her.

Lesley’s hands held Linda’s head to her throbbing pussy as she thrust onto her mouth, all the time he eyes wide, she was saying, “That’s it fuck the bitch, shag her hard, fill her cunt with your spunk, fuck her for me, do it give it to her.”

Three times he brought Linda to the verge of orgasm and three times he stopped on the edge. Linda pleaded with him to make her come but Mike waited till Lesley smile and nodded. Animal instinct took over him, the look in Lesley’s eye’s and the need to dominate came together in a violent cataclysm of passion, pain and lust until Linda screamed, or tried to, Lesley pulled her head harder to her clit and banged herself into Linda’s face.

They all exploded together in a tumble of screams shouts and passionate pleading, arms legs and bodies flying into the air to be pulled back down again until finally they collapsed in a heap.

“You fucking bitch.” Linda moaned, and looking at Mike added “And you, you’re a fucking dog.”

They laughed and hugged each other closely, seemingly glad that Linda had taken being dominated so well. “Don’t think you’ve got away with it madam.” Linda said after a while, “Get him hard, and suck him cos now he’s gonna fuck you hard.” Linda disappeared upstairs while Lesley worked on Mike’s flaccid cock. He marvelled as he realised how good his sister was with her mouth and her hands. By the time Linda reappeared he was hard and ready for whatever was going to happen.

Lesley looked at her sister with pride, “Who needs boyfriends when you have a brother that just keeps going and going.”

Linda lay on the bed and revealed what she had behind her back. As she slipped her legs through the straps Mike realised it was a huge double dick strap on, a cord leading to the middle controlled the vibrations. Mike watched as Linda slipped it into her wet hole. The look on Lesley’s face told its own story; they had definitely used this toy before. Mike wondered if Lesley could even get it into her tight little hole but need not have worried, without a word she slid onto the permanent erection and watched him as Linda controlled the speed with one hand and ripped at her sister’s tits with the other.

She’s never had her arse fucked brother dear.” Linda said, with a sneer in her voice, “So be gentle with her. To begin with anyway”

“Oh fuck Lin,” Lesley moaned, “You fucking bitch.”

“Shut up whore.” Linda said and twisted Lesley’s nipple till she squealed in pain. “Bugger the bitch” she added looking at Mike with a wild look in her eyes.

Mike waited for Lesley to protest but she didn’t, instead she raised her bum so that he could better see what he had to fuck. Again he didn’t need telling twice and positioned himself behind her. He started tonguing her arse, going all the way down to her pussy; he felt the shock of the vibe as Linda altered the speed. Slowly his tongue penetrated that tight virgin arse, the deeper he pushed his tongue the easier it was until he decided that she was ready, then slowly he pushed his hard cock into the waiting eager hole, Lesley let out a moan so he stopped, withdrawing slightly then slowly pushing back in. He did this a few times until he was all the way in and then started giving long slow thrusts into her, Linda pushed back against him. After a while, moaning with pleasure Lesley started pushing back on him, urging him on and little gasps and moans escaped from her. He let her set the pace and very soon it was a race to keep up with her, she took him all the way in on a backward movement and took the vibe all the way in on the forward movement.

“So what are we then little sister?” Linda said in that domineering tone, “Tell your dear brother what you are, what you do my little fuck slut.”

“Im your whore sister, and yours now brother, I am yours to fuck as you see fit, anytime you want whatever you want, your plaything, I’m here to service your needs and I’m….gonna come, oh fuck my arse is gonna come as well, I’m gonna piss myself, I’m sorry I’m gonna piss myself, aarrgghhhhhhh, now yes now, hard do it hard please do it to me now, now, noooowwwww.”

She was thrusting like a steam train and her brother and sister followed her, hard and fast, ramming into her arse, ramming into her cunt until they too reached their climax. As Mike shot his come into her arse he slowed down but as the vibe kept a constant speed the sisters just kept coming and coming. By the time they stopped Mike had slipped out of her arse and was watching them in their joint pleasure. Eventually Linda turned the vibe off and they all collapsed together and curled up in a ball, that’s how they were when they fell asleep.

Mike woke early and looked about him, instantly remembering the night’s enjoyment and feeling immediately guilty and somehow dirty. He got up and made a cup of coffee, taking it onto the patio to drink. The cool morning air on his naked body felt good and somehow natural. He went over his feelings. The guilt was easy to understand and to some degree the feeling dirty, but whenever he thought about specific moments with his raunchy sisters his cock would start throbbing. In the end he decided it was too late to worry about it all, and besides it had been just about the best fuck he had ever had, and he definitely wanted more. He wasn’t sure his sister’s would feel that way once they had sobered up. It all seemed to begin as a bit of a joke with them, winding him up, but last night was no joke, he fucked both of his sisters and he was pretty damn sure they had as much fun as he did.

“Wondering if it was real?” Lyn asked. She had a cup of coffee in her hand and had put his shirt on without doing it up, “I just love it like this, a wonderful day after one hell of a fucking great night.”

“Well I have to agree with that.” Mike said, “I was a bit worried you may have regrets.”

“None!” Linda said, “I haven’t ever been fucked that well, not in my whole life, and Lesley was just out of it, believe me I know her, she loved it as much as me.”

“Loved what?” Lesley had joined them; she was wearing Mike’s boxers and was still half asleep.

“Last night.” Linda said, “You getting well and truly fucked you slut.” She laughed.

Lesley pulled her injured little girl face. “You didn’t have to tell him all my secrets at once though Lyn” Lesley said. And in a more macho growl added, “But fuck me he was well worth the wait.”

“Now what have we here then.” someone said, “Naked brothers and sisters eh?”

Mike, Lyn and Lesley all turned round and looked at the newcomer in shock, “Oh fuck, Lee!” Mike gasped.


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That ends the first in this series. Still to come is: Just turned 18 Lee is the youngest of the sisters. What will she do now that she has seen them? Older Brother Tony. Will Mike confide in him or keep his sister’s to himself And what will happen if mum and dad find out

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