My Mom Sujata

Sister’s Home Coming

My name is Rohan and I am from India.

This story goes back to eighteen years. I was only eighteen years old then. My mom Sujata was thirty seven years old and I had a sister who was married and was just twenty. My father ran away from the house may be to become a sadhu. I was just fifteen years old then. We have never heard of him till today.

My mom was just sixteen when she was married. My sister Anita was born one year after the marriage. I was born two years after that. My father was a very high profile man working as a civil servant. We lived in a small town in Nasik near Mumbai. My mom continued to study even after her marriage because of my father’s encouragement. I don’t know being a civil servant how he managed to marry my under aged mom. After completing her collage my mom took up a job in a local bank.

We lived in a beautiful duplex bungalow. It had a large living room and two bedrooms in the ground floor and two bedrooms on the first floor. We also had a little garden in the front yard as well as in the back yard. In the front side we had planted flowering plants and in the backyard we had some fruit plants. We also used to grow some seasonal vegetables like bringal, bhindi tomato, spinach etc.

My father’s job was a very stressful job and he had a nervous breakdown. It was then he suddenly left the house one day, leaving us to fend for ourselves. Fortunately my mom had a job so she took over all the responsibilities.

But absence of a father figure had some other effects. My sister was already seventeen and she had a boy friend. She would often come late at night and ignored my mother’s warnings. I always used to be in awe of her as she was elder to me and often used to bully me she was always stronger than me. There was no question of me telling her anything. I knew her reaction would be violent and may even get physical.

Just after a month of her eighteenth birthday she eloped with her boyfriend and married him. Her boyfriend was a twenty five year old young man then. He was an accountant in a nationalized bank. Fortunately their marriage survived and they are now settled in Mumbai as a very happy family. My sister is also now changed after giving birth to her two kids. Her motherhood has changed her completely. She is now quite affectionate towards me and my mom now.

My sister came to our house when she was almost nine months pregnant. It is usual in India for women to go to their mother’s house for their first delivery. My mom welcomed her daughter with open arms. She was an unruly child but for my mom she was her own flesh and blood. I did not like her home coming but after all she was my sister too. My dislike towards her crumbled down. She was very humble then as the maternal instinct had taken over. So we all were waiting with excitement for the baby to arrive.

After two weeks she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She looked more like my sister. We were all overjoyed to see our family tree growing. This bundle of joy was a god send gift for us. After two years we were all together and now we were closer to each other than never before. It is amazing how a baby can change the lives of the people surrounding it.

But there was a small problem. My sister was producing very little milk so my mom was giving the baby cow’s milk. The baby was not able to digest it properly and would cry endlessly for hours. So my mom asked my sister if a wet nurse can be employed. But my sister strongly refused to do so. She did not like the idea of an unknown lady breastfeeding her baby. My mom came with an incredible solution. She offered to feed the baby. My sister did not have any problem with that. But my mom had last fed me sixteen years back and she was now totally dry. So she consulted our family doctor. The doctor advised some medication and asked my mom to start trying to feed the baby from the same day. The doctor told her that more than the medicine the stimulation by the baby will promote milk production. Within a week my mom started producing enough milk to satisfy the baby’s need. We were all relieved. The baby now only cried when she needed milk. My sister stayed with us for about six months during this period my mom had taken leave from her job. My sister left for Mumbai leaving behind sweet memories of the baby. My mom and I both cried when she left.

That day was very uneasy for us. The house looked empty without the baby. I and my mom were very sad. The day went by without the usual fun. After dinner I went to my bedroom for doing some homework. I was in the first year of engineering collage. It was about 1 am past midnight and I heard some sobbing noise from my mother’s bedroom. I quickly kept aside my home work and rushed towards my mom’s bedroom.

“Mom what is it mom why are you crying?” I asked standing outside her door. There was no response. I pushed the door but it was locked from inside.

“Mom open the door mom” I said knocking at the door.

A few minutes after mom opened the door. She looked very uneasy and was sweating. Her eyes were wet and she looked exhausted.

“What happened mom?”

“No nothing I am ok.” She said

“Mom c’mon I am also missing the baby but she can’t stay with us forever.” I said.

“I know honey I am sad for that but I have a different problem.” She said.

“What happened mom?” I asked in a worried voice.

“Rohan I am not able to get the milk out and it is paining now, I am feeling as if they will explode” she said in a painful voice looking at her own breasts.

“Let us go to a doctor mom.” I said

“At 1 am which doctor you can take me to?” she asked me in a painful voice.

She was right and the situation was grim for her.

“I tried to squeeze it out but it doesn’t come out that way” she said.

I had some knowledge in this matter. I knew that if a woman is stressful she would not lactate. She has to be relaxed to lactate. My mom was tense and was not able to release the milk the more she tried the more she would have been tensed and unable to release the milk. Suddenly my mom sat on the floor. She was sweating and breathing fast.

“Rohan bring me some water I am not able to breathe” she said in a low voice.

I was terrified I ran to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water for her. She could hardly take a few sips.

“Oh god I will die” she cried.

“Don’t cry mom I will help you, I will suck your milk mom” I said unable to think of anything else.

“Please Rohan do it before I die.” She almost begged me.

“Ok mom be relaxed and don’t worry.” I assured her.

I sat beside her on the floor. She bent my head on her lap and removed the end of her sari. Her blouse was almost at the brink of tearing off. She somehow unhooked the bottom three hooks and forced out one of her huge breast. It was swollen with milk and was quite huge. Her nipple was dark brown and was projecting out. She moved my mouth towards it. I took it gently in my mouth and started sucking it very slowly. But the milk was just dribbling and after about a minute when it received stimulation from my lips it started to flow a little. As my mom felt a little relief she became more relaxed and the milk started to spurt in my mouth. Even her other breast started to release the milk spontaneously. I was surprised by the gush of her warm milk. It was thin, a little salty and more sweet I really liked her milk. At first I only had her nipple in my mouth then as I sucked her she moved my head closer towards her breasts and lightly squeezed her breast. I then took her entire areola in my mouth and even some part of her breast. She reacted to this with a sudden deep breathe and closed her eyes. I increased my speed and emptied her breast in a few minutes. When I felt that there was no more milk left I removed my mouth from it and looked at her.

“I think it is finished.” I said.

“What about the other one” she smiled and asked me, she was more at ease now because even though I did not suck her other breast, it had already released some of the milk spontaneously. Actually it was still releasing the milk and her blouse and belly were wet with it.

“Yeah I know” I said.

“Look my blouse has already become wet so please don’t mind” she smiled and unhooked the remaining hooks and removed her blouse exposing her both breast. She then wiped her belly and breast with the end of her sari. Even though she dried her breast it was still releasing the milk. For the first time I saw her half naked. But there was no shame in her eyes. She was looking very lovingly towards me.

“Come honey it’s this one now.” She said and pulled me towards her other breast.

I took her breast in my mouth and she took a very deep breathe. I started to suck the sweet nectar from her breast. Her other breast was lying on my chest. She was moving her fingers through my hair and was looking at me very very affectionately, just as a new mom would look at her baby. Sometimes she closed her eyes enjoying the feeding. In between she was squeezing her breast gently. After a few minutes I emptied her that breast too. She knew that but continued to hold me against her breast moving her fingers through my hair. After sometime I released her breast from my mouth. I looked at her; she was smiling and was looking very satisfied. Her wet nipple was just touching my lips she made no attempt to move it away. She gently bent down and kissed my cheek. I don’t remember when she had last kissed me.

“Thank you honey I am feeling much better now, you have saved me.” She said.

“It’s my duty mom” I said and smiled and got up. Her blouse was already wet and sticky so she did not put it back. Instead she also got up and looked in the full size mirror which was just in front of her attached to the wall. Her one end of the sari was lying on the floor.

“You are a good boy.” She said looking at her reflection.

My eyes were now glued to her breasts. I did not realize their size when I was sucking them because I was to close too them. But now I was looking at them from a distance and I realized how huge, round and firm they were besides her upper body was totally naked. I was watching her mesmerized. My dick was erect and I was excited to see her like that. My mother realized I was watching her. She then turned towards me facing me half naked.

“You are watching me Rohan.” She said as she smiled.

“Mom they are so big.” I said while keeping my eyes glued to her breasts.

“I know and all my blouses are out of size for them. Already I can not wear any of my bras with ease, they all hurt me.” She said without making any attempt to cover them. My mom was talking with me about her blouses and bras this was turning me on.

“Ok honey I need a sleep now.” She finally said pulling the end of her sari and wrapping it around her to cover herself.

“I am also feeling very drowsy mom. Good night.” I said and walk towards my room. My dick was paining now. So I went to toilet and quickly released my tension all the time fantasizing about her. Masturbation had never given me such an intense orgasm before. I fell asleep as soon as I lay on my bed. The milk had made me drowsy.

Next Day

Next day morning I got up did all my morning routines and walked in to the living room. I saw my mom arranging my breakfast on the table. She was wearing only blouse and petticoat. I had seen her only in blouse and petticoat countless of times before. She used to come out of her bathroom after showers like that. This she was doing since I was a child and I never felt anything about it. But today it was different. Now I was seeing her in a different perspective. Suddenly I felt a rush of blood in my dick. Her exposed breasts were still dancing in my memory. I was now turned on by her condition.

“Oh honey I am late today actually I got up late because yesterday you know I could not sleep on regular time.” She said.

“I know mom. But how are you now?” I asked.

“I am ok now but before you go to collage please help me out like yesterday because you will be back only in the afternoon. I don’t know if I can hold on for that long” she said.

“Ok I will” I said gladly.

So after finishing my breakfast I took a quick shower and went to my mom’s bedroom. She was not there so I went into the living room. She was sitting on the sofa watching morning news. She was now properly dressed and combed. I went and sat besides her. I was only wearing my shorts.

“Ahhh the baby is not here now and my leave is also exhausted I must return to work from next week.” She said.

“Yes we should now move on with our lives.” I said.

“But I don’t know if I could get into shape till next week. My milk production should stop or at least reduce so that I can be in the office properly.” She said.

“Don’t worry mom I think you will be ok by then” I tried to assure her.

“Let’s hope so.” She said.

“Ok mom I will leave for collage in half an hour.” I said.

“Oh honey come here and help me before you go.” She said and pulled me towards her. I went into her lap and placed my mouth right in front of her breast. She then unbuttoned a few buttons of her blouse and offered me her breast filled with milk to the brink. I latched on to her breast and started sucking her breast. She was relaxed so this time the milk immediately started to flow in my mouth. Just a few seconds afterwards the milk started to spurt in my mouth, the stimulation provided by my lips and tongue had helped her release it freely. Milk also started to flow from her other breast wetting her blouse and belly just like yesterday.

I was excited and had closed my eyes and would open them periodically to take a look at my mom and her other breast. My mom was totally relaxed and looked very happy. She was lovingly moving her fingers through my hair and occasionally squeezing her breast to increase the flow of her milk. Her sweet milk was now gushing in my mouth I enjoyed that taste and sucked her breast dry. I wanted to continue but she pulled out her breast from my mouth and pulled me towards her other breast. She unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and removed her blouse exposing herself to me.

Her other breast was now in front of my mouth. I quickly took her nipple between my lips and started to suck. I kept on sucking even after there was no milk left in it. She knew it but this time instead of pulling out she let me to continue. She was also enjoying the sensation of my lips and tongue sucking her nipple. My dick was rock hard and the bulge was quite obvious to notice. I don’t know if my mom looked at it or not but she was continuously watching me sucking her with delight. A few minutes later I released her nipple from my mouth. Her nipple was still on my lips and she was not making any attempt to move it in fact just after a few seconds she lunged forwards and moved her nipple in my mouth and pulled me towards it.

This time I took her whole areola and part of her breast in my mouth and started sucking it. I was also moving my tongue over her nipple. She had now closed her eyes with excitement and her breathing had increased. My dick was paining and it needed a release but my mom was now holding my head with her both hands and was pressing it towards her breast. I increased my speed and grabbed her breast with my both hands. She moaned and continued to moan she was excited and her initial small moans turned into much louder one and suddenly she clasped my hair tightly I opened my eyes to see her. She had shut her eyes tightly and had raised her chin she had her lower lip between her teeth.

“Shhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhh Rohaaaannnnn” she moaned loudly.

I think she had experienced her orgasm. She held me like that for a few seconds. Then slowly her grip on my hair loosened and she released her lip from her teeth and lowered her chin. She slowly loosened her tightly shut eyes but still kept them close. I released her breast and looked at her. But she was in a state of ecstasy and kept her eyes closed enjoying her orgasm. A few seconds later she opened her eyes to see me staring at her.

“What happened mom?” I asked her but I knew what had happened.

“It’s nothing honey I just felt a little pain when you sucked me in the end.” She was obviously lying how she could have admitted that she just had an orgasm?

“Are you ok mom?” I asked.

“Ohhh Yessss” and she took a sigh of relief. She was looking satisfied and happy after the session. She covered herself with her sari and went to her bedroom to change in a new blouse. I ran towards my bathroom which was attached to my bedroom and quickly released myself I was so excited that I came just after shaking my dick three or four times. I then quickly changed in to my regular clothes to go to office.

“Bye mom I must run I am late today.” I said as I rushed out of the door.

“Bye honey but don’t rush, watch out for the traffic” she said. I did not pay attention to her as I had to run towards the bus stop to catch the bus.

That Night

That day in the collage was never ending for me. My mind was revolving around my mom. I wonder if she too was going through the same condition. Usually while coming back from collage we guys would stay back near the bus stand to hang around the girls. Girls would also leave two or three busses chatting with us. A few boys had girlfriends and I was in a process of finding one. Her name was Anuradha. As I was waiting for the bus she came near me.

“Hi Rohan.” She said

“Oh hi Anu, You look beautiful today.” I complimented her.

“Thanks and you are also looking handsome where did you get that smart hair cut?”

“Oh c’mon you can get this done from anywhere.” I said.

“Can we go for a movie today?” She asked me. If she had asked me this question two days ago I would have become crazy. I had a huge crush on her. But I wanted to be with my beautiful mom as early as possible at the same time I did not want to hurt this beautiful girl.

“Thanks Anu but my mom is sick and there is nobody to look after her and do the household work. I must go home today.” I said.

“Ok then can we go tomorrow or someday after that?” She was persisting.

“Ok I will tell you tomorrow.” I said. Just then the bus came we both got in to it. Anuradha sat by my side. She was sitting very close to me brushing her body against mine. Obviously she wanted to seduce me. But my mind was filled with thoughts of my mom. Anuradha was talking with me all the time but I was not paying any attention to her. I was only occasionally saying a ‘humm’ ‘oh I see’ etc. Finally my bus stop arrived and I said bye to Auradha and got down and ran towards my home.

My mom opened the door for me and greeted me with a smile. I removed my shoes and went to my room to change into my shorts and t-shirt. I came back in to the living room where my mom sitting on the sofa watching TV. I sat beside her. She enquired about my collage, my friends and my girlfriends. I told her I did not have any girlfriend. Then she talked with me about her days in school and collage. She told me many incidences which she had never told to anybody before. We were really talking like friends that day. Although she was my mom she was only thirty seven and nobody would have said that she was my mom. People often mistook her as my elder sister. For the first time she was talking so freely with me. I really felt very close to her that day. She told me her tightly held childhood “little secretes”. She told me about the boy on whom she had a crush when she was in fourth grade. Then she told me about her conservative parents and her forced marriage with my dad when she was just sixteen. Some of her incidence were funny some were sad. In fact she had revealed her life to me.
Our talk continued till late in the evening when she realized it was time to prepare dinner. So she went in to the kitchen. I followed her.

“Ok Rohan now you go out let me prepare our dinner.” She said.

“Mom I want to learn cooking, I want to help you.” I said

“No thanks I don’t need any help in my kitchen. But if you want to learn then today you just stand near me and watch. Watch everyday what I do and you will know everything. Then you can try making some easy dishes.” She said.

“Ok mom” I said and stood at a distance from her watching her prepare our dinner.

I was also watching her beautiful curves. She was not a typical Indian woman. She was quite beautiful with a fair complexion and big dark eyes. Her nose was straight and sharp and lips were full. She always sported a red bindi making her look more feminine.

She was quite tall with broad shoulders for a woman. When in home she most of the time would tie her sari quite deep below her naval She had a full figure with very little flab on her belly. Her waist was quite narrow and hips were wide. She had a nice round bottom and it swayed beautifully when she walked. Most of the time she would keep her hair tied. But on weekends when she shampooed her hair she would let them loose. Her hair reached just below her bottom. She was a perfect woman.

I was watching everything curiously and for the first time I noticed how her breasts and bottom moved up and down when she cut vegetables and made chapattis. I also noticed how her bangles made clinking sound. Everything she did was getting me aroused. When she was working I was asking her questions why she did this and that. She would briefly explain me the reasons. Anyway I enjoyed everything.

“That’s all” she said keeping a lid on the vessel.

“Good it was great.” I said.

“We will have to wait for sometime till this becomes a little cool” she said.

Then after sometime we had our dinner. My mom always cooked nice food. Actually it was simple dal rice chapatti and a vegetable but I always liked whatever she made. May be everybody likes what their mothers prepares for them. I think it’s her love for her children that makes the food taste good.

After we had our dinner we watched a Hindi movie on TV. By the time that movie was over it was 11 pm and was time to go to bed. But I was anticipating with excitement for my mom to call me. So I decided to go to my bed room. I wanted her to call me.

Meanwhile my mom went to the kitchen and cleaned the dishes and kept the leftovers in the fridge as usual. In the bed room I had switched off the lights and was pretending to be asleep. After about an hour my mom walked in my room. Although the lights were off the room was still illuminated by the moonlight falling on the window. My mom walked towards my bed and sat on the edge for a while. She then slowly placed her hand on my back and started to shake me very gently to wake me up. I pretended to woke up rubbing my eyes.

“Wake up Rohan and please help me.” She said in a very soft voice.

“Oh yes mom I forgot and slept.” I lied. I was about to get up and sit when she stopped me doing that.

“It’s ok. Just move away a little so that I can lay here. My lap hurts with your weight I think it will be better if I lay while you help me.

“Ok” I said, but in my mind I said “Wow this is unbelievable.”

So I moved right up to the other edge of the bed near the wall giving her ample space to lie comfortably. She lay and turned on to her side facing me and moved closer to me. I was excited with anticipation, my dick was already up and now it was stiff like a rock. She was not wearing her sari. She came to me just in her blouse and petticoat. She then began to unhook her blouse. This blouse had hooks in the back and not in the front so she unhooked the blouse with some difficulty. She removed her blouse completely exposing her breasts to me. Her huge breasts were looking absolutely glorious in the moonlight.

I was at the edge of the bed so she reached my head with her had and pulled me towards her breasts. Her lower breast was already spurting milk and it was falling on my face. I moved my mouth towards it and latched on to it. I took her entire areola in my mouth. A gush of warm and sweet milk began to flow in my mouth. Her other breast was resting over my cheek it was also releasing milk spontaneously. My mom began to wipe it with a small towel which she brought with her. Then she placed it in between her breast and my cheek. This she was doing so that the milk won’t wet me, but I would have never minded that.

She started to move her fingers through my hair gently. Soon she was moving her hand on my back very slowly. Her touch was so assuring and motherly that I can’t forget it even today. I clearly remember how it felt. There was pin drop silence in the room I could even hear her every breath. I still remember the sweet clinking sound made by her bangles as she moved her hand over my back. It was such a heavenly feeling being with my mom like that. Soon I had emptied her breast. I then switched on to her other breast. She removed the towel as it won’t be required any more. I emptied her breast in a few minutes and continued to suck her. She did not make any attempt to stop me. I knew she enjoyed this.

Her breast were already empty she no longer was feeling any stress because of them. So it was the time for her to enjoy now. As in the morning she grabbed my head with her hands and pressed it towards her breast. I also took her breast as much as possible in my mouth and started sucking it hard and moving my tongue all over it. I could hear her increased breathing. She then moved closer to me by grabbing my back with one hand and my head with the other. First time now our bodies were pressing against each other. She then put her thigh on my thigh and began to moan as I sucked her frantically. Her breathing and moaning increased as she was nearing the peak but she was trying to keep her voice as low as possible trying to control her excitement. But eventually she could no more hold on and peaked. She clasped my hair and pressed her thigh tightly against my thigh. I was also excited enough. And when she pressed her thigh against my thigh she had also pressed herself against me I was sandwiched between her and the wall. I could no longer hold my excitement and I too came shooting inside my shorts.

I had one of the most intense orgasms that night. I think mom too had a wonderful orgasm. She did not seem to move. She was just enjoying the feelings. She wanted to dwell on her orgasm. I was exhausted and ecstatic. Slowly my mom’s grip around me loosened but she still kept her thigh on my thigh my face was in between her breasts. She then began to pat lightly on my back as if she was putting her baby to sleep. But believe me I was so drowsy because of her milk that I quickly fell asleep in her arms.

I woke up in the morning I was alone in the bed. I thought about the night it felt like a dream to me. Then I went to my bathroom to piss and found out my penis was glued to the underwear because of my dried semen. I poured some water over it to loosen it up. After doing all the routines I returned to my bed thinking about my mom. I wanted to make love with her, but how? I knew she enjoyed my sucking and thought that may be she can give up herself to me. I was trying to find a way to reach under her waist. But then I also thought that may be she is enjoying just because of the situation which was not in her control. And if I try to seduce her she will be offended by me. I did not want to hurt her emotions as I loved her so dearly. So I brushed aside my thoughts and headed towards the living room.

My mom had already served my breakfast on the table. My mom had made delicious upma that day. I ate my heart out I helped myself three times. I thanked my mom for such a lovely breakfast.

“Honey I hope you remember your duty before going to collage.” She said

“Yes I know mom. I will be back in a few minutes” I said and went in my bathroom for a shower. I returned in the living room. My mom was waiting for me on the sofa.

“Mom you will get hurt with my weight” I reminded her.

“It’s ok. It hurts but not much. Now come to me.” She said.

I obediently followed what she said and finished my job as usual. This time she did not climax she just wanted to be relived off the burden from her breasts. It was 9 am and it was time for me to leave. This continued for a week and within a week her milk production was already reduced. She could go to her office without any problem. She needed to be relived only in the night. She also asked me to sleep with her in her bed room. She said that her bed was a double bed much bigger than my bed so it was comfortable for both. I was delighted by her offer and enjoyed sleeping in her arms everyday.

After one Month

It was a month now since I started sleeping with her. Her milk production was much less now and even if I stopped sucking it there would have been no problem. But she wanted me with her every night and offered me her breasts. I used to suck her for long periods even after emptying her. When she needed an orgasm she would pull me towards her and would press her body against mine. I would then suck her frantically till she climaxed. Other times she would just like to mother me and would pat me like her baby while I sucked her. On such occasions I did not cross the line by trying to move towards her or by sucking her frantically. I was adjusting myself as per her needs.

But now this was frustrating for me. I wanted to move below her waist now. I wanted to kiss her lips. I wanted to suck her tongue. I wanted to get connected to her. I wanted to see how my mom looks without any clothes on her beautiful body. I wanted to feel how it is to be inside a woman. I wanted to feel how it feels to be inside my own mother’s body. I wanted to make love to her.

I remember on a Friday night I was very horny and I had made up my mind to do something with my mom. That night when she opened up for me I started slowly but quickly emptied her as there was not enough milk in her breast now. I continued to suck her; she pulled me towards her and pressed herself firmly against me. I took this chance and put my hand on her back and pressed her further towards me. To this she reacted with surprise and suddenly loosed her grip on me and pushed me away from her. She quickly switched on the table lamp.

“Rohan what are you doing?” She was upset.

“Mom I love you” I said and pushed her on her back and I got on top her.

“Rohan leave me you can’t do this just get away.” She was angry now.

But I was on fire, she was already naked waist up and I was on top of her. Her voluptuous breasts were pressed against my chest. I pressed her further and tried to kiss her lips. But she turned her face away. Then she tried to push me away by placing her hands on my shoulders but she just could not push me. I wasn’t her baby as she treated me; I was almost an adult with a very good built and way too strong for her to even push me away. I then hold her hands and placed them just over her head one above another. I held the wrists of her both hands with my left hand. Her wrists were thin and I could easily hold both of them with my huge palm. She was not able to move her hands any more. Her Body was trapped below my body but she was trying to move her waist, thighs and legs. She wanted to get out of my stranglehold. I arrested her legs movement with my legs making her almost immobilized. My both legs and one hand was tied to make her immobilize but my one hand was free while she was totally captivated. Realizing that it was not possible for her to get herself free she stopped struggling and started to plead.

“Please Rohan don’t do this. I am your mother this is sin.” She pleaded.

“If this is sin then why do you enjoy my sucking” I said.

“No I don’t” she lied.

“Don’t lie mom, I know you enjoy it.” I said.

“No Rohan I only feel a relief from pain when you suck my milk.” She lied again.

“Lie again. There isn’t enough milk to cause you any pain. Mom I am not a baby I can read your expressions when you climax” I said.

“No. That’s not true.” She was not accepting.

“You enjoy your climax and leave me high and dry don’t you think it’s unfair?” I asked

“No Rohan I don’t,” She still was not accepting.

“I don’t want to argue with you mom. I want to love you. I promise you will love it” I said in a seductive voice.

“No Rohan please.” She pleaded again.

I ignored her and moved my hand towards the strings of her petticoat and with some struggle managed to untie them. She was trying to twist but could not prevent me doing my job. Then I pulled her petticoat with all my force and removed it from her body. I removed her panty in a similar way. She was now totally naked trapped under me. I did not want to force myself inside her. So I started to seduce her. I wanted to arouse her so that she would herself cooperate.

I started to kiss her neck and exhale my warm breath over her ears slowly. I had still her hands under my control. I then slowly moved my face in between her breasts and started to rub my face with them while placing small kisses frequently. I now moved my mouth over one of her nipple and started to exhale my breath over it teasing her. I kissed her nipple very slowly. I had sucked them so many times but I have never kissed them. The moment I kissed it, it became erect. She took a deep breath and raised her back and her chin with a slight moan. This was a first sign of success. I then kissed her nipple very gently again and again. With every kiss she moaned and arched her back. I moved my mouth over her other breast and repeated everything, her reaction was the same. She was now feeling the heat.

Now I moved tip of my tongue over her nipple very gently teasing her. I began with a circular motion and then switched over to form a shape of “8”. The moment I created “8” she started to arch her back lifting her breast towards me. Her breathing was increased and her moans were louder. She had stopped struggling long ago so at this point I released her hands and moved my face over her belly and started kissing her belly slowly. She was moaning and she had placed her one hand on my head grabbing my hairs. I then started to kiss her belly frantically. She started to moan with pleasure and held my head with both her hands. She was now lusting for sex. Her resistance was now turned into a violent ocean of lust. Her ‘no’ had turned into a passionate ‘yesss yesss yesss’

I moved further down and started to kiss inside of her thighs just above her knees. She could no longer reach my head so she clasped the bed sheet with her palms tightly. She began to twist and moan with pleasure as I moved upward continuously kissing her thighs. Her moans turned into screams as I reached near her pussy. The musky aroma of her pussy was driving me mad. I placed my mouth over her pussy and started to kiss it gently but when I started to kiss it violently she began to scream and started to raise her waist.

“Sssssshhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh Ohhhhh my goooooood Rohaaaaaan.”

She grabbed my hairs tightly and pulled my head towards her. She then pulled my t-shirt over my head. Her hands were trembling her body was shaking and her breathing was erratic. She then placed her trembling hands behind my waist and pulled my shorts down up to my knees. She had closed her eyes and breathing heavily. I removed my underwear and my thick dick sprang out of it. I placed myself between her legs. She then opened her eyes to have a look at me.

“Oh my god Rohan that’s way too thick.”

Her eyes were glued to my dick with excitement. She was excited with anticipation of my thick dick penetrating her. I had never seen such excitement in anybody’s eyes. I never imagined a woman would look at my penis with such excitement. I always thought penis to be an ugly organ of our body. But here was the truth lying between my legs and staring at my dick. She was so excited with anticipation that unknowingly she parted her legs. She was all the time looking at my dick with awe.

“Mom are you sure? There is no going back after this” I said

“Rohan don’t talk. I want that thing inside me.” She almost screamed.

“Ok dear as you wish” I said and lowered myself over her.

As I was trying to find the right spot she grabbed my dick and placed it on the entrance of her pussy by parting her pussy lips with her two fingers.

“Go go go go now push it in” she said with excitement.

I pushed myself but could not go in beyond an inch then I pulled out and again pushed it inside her. This time I pushed with more force and managed to go a little further.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaiighaaa” she screamed with pain

“Mom did it hurt” I pulled out and asked her. Surprisingly her reaction was that of anger.

“Rohan don’t pull out just push it all the way don’t stop” she screamed with anger.

“It will hurt you mom” I said.

“Don’t bother about my pain just do what I told you. I want that thing inside me all the way immediately” She said in a hoarse voice. She was on fire and needed my dick to douse it.

“Ok here you go” I said

I started to push my dick inside her but the resistance was not allowing me to slide it easily. She wasn’t wet enough. I was fearful of any injury to her. So I was pushing me inside her but still not with a substantial force.

“Rip my hole apart just rip it apart tear it like a paper.” She realized I was not trying hard enough and grabbed my buttocks, raised her pussy towards my dick and pulled me with all her might. My dick went all the way inside her semi wet pussy.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaiiiiiighhhhaaaaaa sssssshhh aaaahhhh ssssshhhh aaahhhh”

She was in real pain she had closed her eyes and clenched her lips under her teeth trying to overcome her pain. I moved my dick out a little and slid it back again. I did this for a few times until my dick was coated with her love juices and it became slippery. I continued to do this gently. Now the pain from her face was gone instead she was now moaning with pleasure. My dick was clasped tightly in her slippery pussy. I could feel this tightness near her entrance. Her pussy lips were getting dragged in and out as I moved my dick in and out.

“Ohhh my god Rohan it’s feeling so good ummmmm ahhhhh”

“You are so tight mom ssssssshhh aaaahhh”

Then my mom opened her eyes and lifted her head to have a look at my dick.

“My god I can’t believe this” she was watching my dick move in and out of her body with excitement.

“Wow Rohan I have never felt so good” She was still watching with excitement.

“I love watching this, my god you are so thick.” She said her eyes still glued to my dick.

“Mom I won’t be able to hold on for long.” I said desperately.

“No honey. Hold on for me.” She said and lowered her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.

I increased my speed at the same time I began to control myself holding my breath.

“Faster Rohan faster tear me apart” and she spread her legs wide apart.

I began to move frantically between her legs. Her pussy was overflowing with our combined love juices and was slippery but still it had clasped my dick firmly. Her breasts were swaying up and down and she was moaning “sshh aahh sshh aahh” with my every thrust. My dick was hard like a rock, it has drawn blood from all parts of my body and it was now paining I was ramming and slamming my dick inside her hole ravishing her like an animal. She then started to arch her back and raise her pussy. I began to feel some more tightness around my dick.

“Aaaaah Rohaaannn this is so gooood sssshhhh aaaahhhh.”

“Aaaaiighhh I can’t hold now moooomm.”

“Don’t hold I am coming Rohaaaaaaaannnnn ssssshhhh aaaaahhhh” and she pulled me towards her and buried her nails in my back, arched her back and raised her pussy forcing it with all her strength towards my dick.
“Ssssssshhhhhh Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as I came shooting my hot semen inside her pussy.

“Aaaaaiiiiiighhhaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” she too came violently as she sensed my warm semen strike over her cervix. I shot threads after threads of semen inside her filling her pussy with it. Waves of ecstasy ran through our bodies. Suddenly the tension was released my pubic muscles were automatically contracting and relaxing ejecting semen inside her. My dick was pulsating. My mom’s pussy was also pulsating with my dick.

I was no more a virgin and I had just experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. My mom was also ecstatic. She had closed her eyes and gripped me tightly. We lay in that position for a few minutes. Then her grip loosened by this time my dick had also become soft so I pulled out. My dick was drenched with our love juices.

My mom was still lying still. Her eyes were closed and she looked relaxed and calm. Her breathing had returned to normal. She did not move an inch of her any body part. She looked very very satisfied.

I went to the bathroom and wiped off my dick and returned to the bed. To my surprise my mom had fallen asleep. I felt proud about myself. I had satisfied her to the extent that she fell asleep. This was her mute acknowledgement of my manhood, her appreciation of my lovemaking. Although this was my first sexual intercourse I lasted enough to give her climax.

I stood beside the bed watching her naked body for the first time. She looked like a sculpture. She was quite fair with dark hair and beautiful dark eyes which were now closed. Her lips were full, juicy, red and inviting. Shoulders were broad and breasts as you know voluptuous but firm. She was sleeping with her slender arms above her head. She had not shaven her under arms and they had ample dark hairs. Her waist was narrow and her hip was quite wide giving her a nice curve. There was a huge gap between her thighs where they joined her pubic area. It is because of this that her hips were quite wide.

Her pubic area was covered with thick curly black hair. The pussy lips were barely visible because of this. But I could clearly see some of my semen had rolled out of her pussy and trickled down towards her buttocks. Her thighs were fair than rest of her body and unlike a typical Indian woman her legs were quite long compared to her upper body.

I was watching this beauty mesmerized. She was a very good mother and now I realized that she was a wild and passionate lover in the bed. I wonder why my dad left the house when he had such a beautiful, passionate and faithful wife. I picked up my clothes and put them on. Then I pulled a thin cover over her. She was still asleep and was not disturbed by this. She was sleeping blissfully. Then I switched off the lamp and slept beside her.

Saturday Morning

The next day was a Saturday. Normally we would sleep longer than usual on weekends. But my mom always used to get up before me. But that day I got up before her. My mom was still sleeping blissfully. It must have been 5.30 am in the morning. The sun was not out but the sky had begun to brighten. I turned on my side and began to watch my beautiful mom. The cover had slid down to her waist exposing her upper body. I was watching that visual feast.

Just then an ambulance passed by our house with it’s siren on. This broke my mom’s sleep. She opened her eyes to see me watching her. She quickly realized that she was still naked and I was watching her. She quickly pulled the cover to cover her self and looked at me. I smiled and she blushed and kept her hands over her face. A few minutes later she suddenly moved towards me and hugged me tight.

“Oh Rohan It was so good yesterday. Thanks you did it. Actually I needed it desperately but how could I acknowledge it so flatly? After all I am your mother. Please don’t say I am a liar” She said in a very soft voice.

“I am sorry mom; I understand how difficult it is for a mother.” I said

“Good. Anyway I really enjoyed yesterdays encounter.” She said

Yes mom I was in cloud nine” I said.

“Me too” and she rubbed her nose on my chest.

“Mom you are so good at this (love making)” I said.

“You too but how did you learn? Was it not your first time?” she asked.

“It was my first time mom.” I said.

She then kissed me for the first time on my lips and put her arms around my neck.

“Rohan I had never been pulled in and out like yesterday.” She said blushingly.

I did not know what to say so I kept quite caressing her back.

“Wow you made me so fullll there, you are way too thick.” She complimented me.

“I thought you are tight mom.” I said

“No. Your dad was not that thick. I always had a baggy feeling with him. I always wished if he had a thicker penis” she said.

“Was he so small?” I asked.

“No. The length may be the same as yours but not that thick” she said

“Does it make so much difference?” I asked.

“Yes. I always wanted to spread my legs wide apart but could not do it because it made the baggy feeling more prominent. Yesterday I could do it as much as I could. I was feeling so free to part my legs without any worries and you were pulling me in and out, oh my god what a feeling it was.”

“Thanks mom I did not know anything about this.” I said.

“You will learn lot of things with me. I promise.” She said.

“Ok. Then can you tell me how you feel when you experience your orgasm?”

“Oh it’s difficult to explain honey.” She said.

“Please mom, try to tell.” I insisted.

“It starts with a feeling of ants are crawling inside, a kind of tickling sensation. Then my vagina starts contracting and relaxing and I feel to suck the penis inside it. I feel a sweet depression between my naval and the chest bone. Waves of pleasure run through my body starting from my vagina and striking my heart. I start shaking and want to dig my nails deep inside your back and after that I become limp unable to do anything. Still it is quite difficult to explain but yesterday it was mind blowing. I had never experienced such an intense and satisfying orgasm ever in my life. More than the intensity it provided me deep deep satisfaction.” She said with a very big smile.

“I see that’s why you fell asleep.” I said.

“Yes for the first time I fell asleep after having sex.”

Then she inserted her face against my chest rub her nose against it and closed her eyes. I started to caress her back. She was enjoying being loved and cuddled. We were in this position for sometime. Then she woke up and sat on the bed. I was laying and watching her. She started to tie a knot in her beautiful long hairs. Her voluptuous breasts were swaying and bouncing as she moved her hands to tie the knot. My eyes were glued to her breasts. She was giggling and watching me as she tied the knot.

“Ok honey I will make some breakfast now.” She said.

“I am not hungry mom.” I said.

“But I am. You have drained my energy completely.” She said with a smile.

“Ok” I said. I was in no mood to get up.

She got off the bed and started to walk towards her bathroom, just then.

“Oh my God” She said and rushed towards the bathroom and emerged after a few minutes. This time she was wearing her night gown which she had kept in her bathroom. I knew she was wearing nothing inside it as all her under garments were lying on the floor.

“What happened mom?” I asked her.

“Nothing honey it’s just your semen which started to roll out on my thighs” she said.

“Is it?” I asked.

“Yes, never in my life I was filled to this extent.” She blushed.

I was proud of myself. I also then got up and used her bathroom to relieve myself. Later I went to my bathroom brushed my teeth took a quick shower and presented myself at the dining table. Mom was busy preparing something in the kitchen. I was reading the news paper but my mind was occupied with her thoughts. I could not sit there so I walked into the kitchen. My beautiful mom was preparing pohay. I walked behind her and put my arms around her belly and placed my dick between her ass chicks. She just closed her eyes for a moment raised her chin and then open her eyes again. She felt good as I was moving my hands just under her breast teasing them softly. I then slowly kissed her cheeks; she had closed her eyes and enjoying the sensation. But then suddenly she pushed me away.

“Ok Rohan please let me finish this. We have the whole day and the night for this. But right now I am hungry.” She said.

“Ok” and I eased my grip allowing her to carry on and I returned to the dining table waiting for my beautiful mom. I was not at all interested in food; I was only interested in her now. After some time she came out of the kitchen and served the breakfast. I hastily finished it. She took her own time. All the time I was looking at my beautiful mom’s face. She was now embarrassed.

“Rohan. Stop it now don’t look at me like this, it is embarrassing.” She complained.

“Oh sorry mom.” I said and I put on the TV and started watching it. My mom finished her dish after some time and picked up my dish and went to the kitchen for washing.

I sat on the sofa watching TV. She came back with two cups of tea. She offered me one and sat beside me sipping her. She was sitting very close to me brushing her body with mine. My dick had already sprung into life. After she had finished her tea I pulled her towards me. This time she did not resist but gladly came into my arms. We immediately locked our lips and started to probe each others tongue. After a lot of kissing and cuddling we separated.

Then we talked about some unimportant topics. My mom told me my lot of childhood mischiefs. Then she told me about her childhood, the school where she went, about her classmates. She was talking with me like a long lost friend suddenly found. It was good to know that my mom was a sensual woman. She too had her childhood heartthrobs she was just like any other girl at her age. We think of our moms as an asexual being. After their marriage women devote themselves to their family their children and their self identity is lost in this process. They dress modestly speak modestly and they are just moms.

That night the sex was divine. There was no force and no rush. We made a very passionate love on my mom’s bed. Our bodies just melted into each others arms. Last night was a wild night filled with lust but that night was full of passion and desire. We made love very gently and slowly taking our time. Exploring each other’s bodies kissing and cuddling. Actual intercourse was just an extension of the whole love making process. For the first time in my life I realized that sex is not just penis and vagina. It is a much more than that. Our whole body, mind, and soul are interacting to achieve one goal, the ultimate joy of life “Nirvana”. This is a state of bliss where we lose ourselves and a deep sense of peace prevails in our minds. There is no ego, no desire to win and no fear to lose.

After that divine love making my mom started to mother me. She started to kiss me like her baby and lovingly gathered me towards her and offered her breasts to me. There was hardly any milk in it but I started sucking her like a baby she was caressing my back and planting kisses over my head. Her maternal instincts had taken over now and I soon fell asleep in her loving arms. But every time we did not make love like this. Sometimes it was wild and on other occasions it was passionate.

Break For One Month

We were now living like a couple deeply in love. We used to have sex almost everyday excluding the days when she would experience her periods. During her periods I used to massage her feet, legs, buttocks, waist, back and shoulders to relieve her of her pain. This way I won her heart. She was already mine but my love and care made her more devoted towards me. I also used to do all the cooking and cleaning so that she would get complete rest. She was also working in a bank. She used to come home after 5pm. I used to come home before her. Many times I used to cook and keep everything ready for her. She used to feel so proud of me.

I was going to collage and as a part of the course we also had to go on a yearly tour. Unfortunately just after six months we had to go on a one month tour. I was very disappointed. I did not want to miss even a single day without her. But I had to go.

During that period I kept in touch with her over the phone. As the days went by we were both eager to see each other. That month was the longest month of my life. It seemed to never end. But finally the wait was over as we all picked up our bags for the journey return home. It was Friday night when I reached home. I rang the door bell.

My mom opened the door with a big smile on her face. I went inside and kept my bags on the floor and spread my arms. My mom rushed into my arms and hugged me tightly. Soon our lips locked and we began to probe each others tongue. We separated after a while. We were both happy to see each other again.

“Oh honey why don’t you take a quick shower? You will feel better after a long journey” she said.

“Yes mom I was about to say that”

“Ok, then I will serve the dinner” she said.

“Yes I will be back in a few minutes” I said.

I went to my bathroom and shaved myself and took a quick shower. When I came out I saw mom had kept my shorts and a t-shirt on the bed. I quickly got into them and went into the living room. My mom had already served the dinner. The dinner was delicious. Mom had prepared my favorite mutton biryani and raita. After the dinner she served me falooda but she did not take it. The food was really excellent and moreover after a gap of one month I was eating home made food prepared by my loving mom. After eating everything I kissed my mom’s hands.

“Mom you are a great cook. Nobody can match you.” I said.

“All children like food prepared by their mom.” She said.

“No mom really you are the best.” I said.

“Ok honey It’s time for action, I am starving for a month now.”

“Me too mom” I said and I hugged her and kissed her lips gently.

“Ok then you wait here watch some movie while I clean up everything” she said.

“I will help you mom” I said.

“No you must be tired. Just do what I say. I will call you when I am ready.” She said.

“Ok” I said and walked towards the sofa. My mom picked up the dishes and went into the kitchen. I was waiting impatiently for her to call me. After a few anxious minutes she yelled from her bedroom.

“Rohan come in”

I switched off the TV and rushed towards her room. Just when I was about to enter the door I saw her standing in front of the mirror. I was struck by a bolt of lightning when I saw her and stopped right there. She was wearing a beautiful red sari and a red blouse. She had let her beautiful dark hair loose, which were hanging just below her buttocks. She was wearing beautiful gold bangles. She was also wearing beautiful flowers in her hair. Her sari was tightly hugging her body showing her beautiful curves. The sari was tied way below her naval and a thin line of her pubic hair was just visible to me.

“Rohan come near me.” She said.

I came out of the trance I locked the door and walked towards her slowly. I slowly put my arms around her back and pulled her towards me.

“Shhh Ahhhh Rohan. I missed you so badly” she said

“Me too, mom.” I said and started to move my hands over her back. She was just hugging me tightly and trying to feel me as much as possible. I lifted her chin and placed a small kiss on her lips. She moaned with joy. I then lifted her in my arms and placed her on the bed. I was on top of her and she was under me. Her voluptuous breasts were trapped under my chest. She was pulling me tightly towards her and I could easily see the lust in her eyes. I knew today she wanted a wild sex.

My condition was no different. I was moving my face between her breasts and she was moaning with pleasure. Today there was no point in kissing and cuddling. I removed her sari’s end over her breasts and I put my hands around her back to unhook her blouse. She lifted her back slightly to provide access for my hands. I quickly unhooked her blouse and threw it on the floor. Suddenly I could smell musky aroma of her armpits. It was too intense. I had noticed that whenever she was horny that aroma would increase. That day it was so intense that I could smell it from a distance. I always liked her aroma. So I grabbed her both hands and placed them over her head giving me a full view of her underarms with thick black hair. Then I slowly lowered myself into one of her armpit and smelled it. My god that smell was so arousing that my already hard dick started paining.

“Mom you smell so wild today” I said in a hoarse voice.

“Rohan my whole body is waiting for you. Just tear me apart today. I want you to rip my hole today, don’t show any mercy just spread me wide open and pound it and fill it with you semen till it floods.” She said in an excited voice.

I was occupied with the musky aroma of her underarms I was sniffing them in turns. My dick was paining with each sniff. I was on fire and my mom’s aroma was adding fuel to it. My mom’s hands were over her head and I was holding them down to smell her armpits. But suddenly my mom started to twist and turn and raise her waist. This meant that she wanted my dick inside her juicy pussy. She was aching for that. I released her hands and she quickly raised her back and unhooked her bra releasing her voluptuous breasts. I quickly removed her sari which was half unwrapped.

Then as usual I was struggling to untie the strings of her petticoat. She was irritated and pushed my hands away and in a swift move untied the strings and slid her petticoat along with her panty up to her knees. I helped her by removing them off completely from her body. She was now totally naked and on fire. It was now my turn to undress, I quickly removed all my clothes and placed myself between her legs. My mom was watching my dick with the same excitement as the day when we first had sex. Her eyes were widened and glued to my dick. The excitement of getting penetrated by it vas clearly visible on her face. She had already spread her legs wide open in anticipation.

“Rohan hurry up I just can’t wait anymore” her voice was shaking.

“Neither can I wait mom” I said.

But I did not want to penetrate her directly. I wanted to tease her and drive her mad. I wanted her to beg me for inserting my dick inside her. So I slowly lowered my head and started kissing inside of her thighs. She was moaning with pleasure and twisting her legs. She was eager for penetration. But I continued to kiss her thighs and slowly moved towards her pussy. As I got near her pussy the aroma of her pubic region was driving me mad. This was totally different from her armpits and was much stronger as I got nearer. Her moaning and twisting was increased. I was not giving her what she was anticipating instead I was firing her up.

“Oh Rohan what are you doing honey just come inside me I want to feel you there I want you to rip that hole apart between my legs. Ahhhh Rohaaaann get inside honey just get inside your mom’s choot(pussy)” she was now aching to be loved.

I ignored her and moved my mouth over her pussy lips and planted a soft kiss over them. Suddenly her body trembled and she grabbed my hair and started to pull me towards her. But I did not move instead I started to kiss her pussy lips frantically. She was out of control and was twisting violently in the bed. Next I slipped my tongue over her pussy lips and started licking and kissing them.

“Oh my God Rohaaaannn Ssssss Ahhhhhh” she moaned loudly.

I ignored her and continued to lick her. Then I pushed my tongue inside her vagina to the extent I could and started to move it in a circular motion licking the vaginal walls. The taste of her juices and the aroma was driving me mad. It was like a slightly salty solution. My mom was now twisting frantically in the bed. Her breathing had increased and her voluptuous breasts were swaying as she twisted.

“Pleaaaaasee Rohaaaan get inside me nowwwwww” She screamed.

I had driven her mad. But for me this was not enough. I wanted her to beg. So I lifted my head and glanced at her.

“Yes my good boy now get in don’t make me wait any longer mom needs your penis desperately” she said in a hoarse voice.

“Ok mom” I said.

“Yesssss” She said and placed her hands over her thighs and tried to part her legs which were already parted to the limit. I placed my rock hard dick over her pussy lips and instead of inserting it I began to rub them with it. I pressed my dick hard on her pussy lips and began to slide it over her pussy lips and her clitoris. I was rubbing the lips very hard but as I reached her clitoris I slowed down taking care just to rub it gently or just tap it teasingly. My mom’s body was exploding with anticipation but I was not letting my dick go inside her. She was driven to the point where she could no longer hold. She was now beyond any control all she wanted was my dick inside her body and nothing else.

“Rohaaaannnn please push it in I can’t hold any longer, you will kill me” her voice was shaking terribly.

I continued to do what I was doing ignoring her plea.

“Oh my God Rohaaannn Pleaaassssee . Please Rohan get inside me.” She pleaded.

I still ignored her.

“Aaaaighhh Rohaaannn I beg you please Rohan please” This time she literally folded her hands in a begging gesture. She was on fire and about to explode and needed my dick very badly. I was also on fire by now and my dick was paining as it has gathered blood from all parts of my body. So I gently pushed by dick inside her pussy for the first time.

“Ssssshhhhhh Aaaahhhh Wow Rohan Aaahhhh you almost made mama cry” she moaned with pleasure.

I started to move in and out in her slippery pussy. Although slippery it was still clasping my dick and her pussy lips were getting pulled in and out as I moved in and out of it. As I continued to move in and out of her pussy it started to leak with her juices wetting my balls and her buttocks and eventually wetting the bed sheet. There was no time to stop and stare I increased my speed a little.

“Sssshhh Aaaah Rohaaan you are pulling me in and out wow Sssshhhh Ahhhhhh”

“Mom you are so tight mom” I said

“Aggghhhhh Rohaaann tear my hole apart I want to be ravished by you today”

I increased my speed further.

“Yesss like this Ssssshhh Agghhhh”

Her beautiful voluptuous breasts were swaying as I moved in and out of her pussy.

“Faster Roahan tear me apaaaaaart” She screamed.

I began to move my dick inside her hole frantically.

“Ohhhh mom I can’t hold any longer” I screamed.

My mom was also nearing her climax. She was arching her back and raising her waist to offer her pussy to me. She did this when she was nearing her climax.

“Do it Rohhhaaan filll me filll my choot just flood it with your seeds” she screamed.

“Ssssshhhhh Aggghhhhhhhhh”

I came inside her pussy shooting warm semen over her cervix and walls of her vagina.

She arched her back and almost screamed.

“Sssssssshhhhh Aaaaiiiiiiighhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

She too came violently. She pulled me over her body and clamped by buttocks with her legs and dug her nails in my back. She wanted every millimeter of my penis inside her pulsating pussy I could not feel her pulsations but I knew they were there. Her body was shivering and she had closed her eyes tightly. Waves of ecstasy were running through our bodies as we were melting in to each others arms. Time stood still, we were drowned in an ocean of pleasure and joy. I don’t know how long we were in that position. But ultimately my mom loosened her grip and we separated. My mom fell asleep. I knew this must have been a very satisfying orgasm for her. I had seen this happen only twice. I watched my mom’s beautiful naked body. Her hands were over her head exposing her beautiful unshaved underarms and her legs were slightly parted with my semen dripping out of her pussy. She was in a state of bliss. I slowly covered her and went into the bathroom to cleanup myself. When I returned my mom had not moved an inch she was sleeping blissfully. I put on my shorts and slept beside her.

The next day morning when she woke up she looked at me and blushed and came into my arms. She rested her head against my chest and said.

“You almost killed me with pleasure yesterday”

“You liked it na mom?” I asked.

She did not say anything but nodded her head and blushed and then hugged me tight.

We still live in the same house. The outside world doesn’t have a clue what goes inside our house. I am 36 and she is 55 but we have a great sex life. At one stage my mom wanted a baby (when she was 45 I think) but I thought it was to risky at her age beside she had to undergo a surgery to correct her tied tubes. She still rues the fact that she could not become pregnant from me.

Meanwhile I married Anuradha the beauty on whom I had a crush. I am a father of two beautiful kids one boy and one girl. Sex is great between me and my wife. But I and my mom always find a way to see each other. My mom lives downstairs while me and my family lives upstairs in the same house. Anyway life is great for us and I wish this goes on for ever.


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